July 09, 2017


What is your work ethic? how is your work ethic? are you really working hard? do you push yourself to the limits? are you a procrastinator or are you a doer? be honest with yourself because your work ethic is your security. Your work ethic will be the one to save you if things go wrong. If you got fired from your job or the company closed... you will not even worry if you have a strong work ethic.

Because the moment when something goes wrong... you will find a solution right away, if the company closes... you will look for another job right away, there will be no hesitation on your part because you have a strong work ethic and you are not afraid to take steps to have a better life again.

You are secured once you have a strong work ethic, life only goes bad if you will not take actions. So if you have the credibility to take actions no matter what the situation is... you will be alright, you are secured because things will happen for you and you will make things happen too.

So even if you have a job right now but you're a bum, you're lazy on your work... you're not secured. You don't know, the company may be planning for your termination so be happy as much as you can because your days are numbered. But if you're working so hard, you're never late and your work ethic is unbelievable... the company will take care of you, you will have a special treatment.

This applies to any area of life, if you have a strong work ethic then you will never be scared anymore because you knew in yourself that you can make solutions, you can always stand up everytime you fall, you can always make a come back in life. You feel like nothing can stop you and you can always succeed at anything. Your work ethic makes you feel always secured.

Those people who are scared are just scared to work, they feel threatened because the moment they lose everything... they don't know where to start anymore. It is simply because they are so afraid of the discomfort that the work gives. They are so scared to begin again, they are so scared that they will have a hard time doing something else outside of their comfort zone.

So be honest with yourself, look at yourself and scale your level of work ethic. If your work ethic sucks then you better make a change because you will have a hard time in the future when something goes wrong. You will have a hard time making adjustments.

Those people with strong work ethic are never afraid of change, they can always adapt to situation, they knew that it is just a matter of putting the effort and making a little adjustments, they are never afraid to start again and learn something new again. They are open to change, they are open minded and they are never afraid of any challenge. Not only a strong work ethic will make you secured, it will also make you brave.

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