June 22, 2018


Chasing impossible things are more fun then doing things that have lesser risks, why? because you will feel free, you will become more creative. You already knew that it's impossible, you already knew that you're going to lose so there is nothing left to lose anymore, you will feel lesser pressure, you will feel so high and powerful, you can do a lot of things, you are not grounded.

It's impossible so why make every step a big deal, just do something, do something that will make you a little bit closer from it. It doesn't mean that you will not give your best anymore, of course you will still give your best but you will never get disappointed anymore if you fail again.

You will become more fearless because you have nothing to lose, you already knew that it's hard, that you have no chance but you will still keep trying. It's like just melting the clock because it's already over but you still keep playing. You are no longer attached with it but you are still trying, you are still believing. The idea here is you don't have anything to lose, you have everything to gain. You just don't care if you lose again today, you will try again tomorrow. You feel more free, you feel creative and playful. The pressure is gone, the expectations were gone, you simply enjoy the journey and accept what will happen. Again, you are still giving your best, you are still not taking things for granted but you just feel so free and loose, you feel that nothing can stop you.

It's impossible so why will you expect so much? why will you pressure yourself so much? learn to let go and simply enjoy the ride, have so much fun with it, never think that your world will end if you fail, just keep going and learn.

Easy goals are so boring, you already knew that you are going to have it, where is the thrill on it? it's more fun to chase an impossible goal because you will do some things that are you not suppose to be doing, you will think out of the box an try some new things that you think might work.

Do the small things that you think will work, repeat them over and over again, have fun doing it. Never think that you're wrong, never think that you're right... just have fun doing it, never stop the fun, it's all in the process, if you're enjoying it then you're on the right path, you will become successful, all you have to do is wait a little bit more time.

Impossible is really fun because you will know how strong you are, you will discover some things that you thought you can't do before. Just keep giving your best and you will win in just a matter of time. Remember that it's all about taking actions, if you can enjoy what you're doing then you will become successful for sure.

June 22, 2018


Just because your opponent in basketball is tall doesn't mean he is good, he is intimidating, he is frightening but you can still beat him. What if he is not skilled? what if all he know is to stand in the middle and serve as an intimidation? what if you're smarter than him? what if you have more stamina than him? not all frightening are strong, some are fake, some are just dummies. You can beat that tall opponent if you will give your best, trust me... you can still win even if you're not that tall, just make sure you will use all of your confidence and skills. Ignore his height, ignore his presence and you will win for sure.

Just because your dream is big and frightening doesn't mean it's stronger than you. You can conquer that dream, never let it intimidate you, you have the power to move, you have the ability to adapt and improvise. You can conquer that dream, all you have to do is try and work hard.

Just like entering a dark place, it's scary, you don't know what's in there but all it can offer is emptiness, there is nothing in it, it's an empty space that will never even harm you. Not all frightening are really strong if you will learn to face it. Some frightening things are nothing, it cannot even move you.

You don't need to be a superman to face your fears, all you have to do is face it and be willing to become scared and uncomfortable. You can have a peace of mind while facing your fears, just stay calm, breathe and keep going. It's easy if you will try, fears become stronger and stronger because you don't want to face it. Ignore it and keep minding your own business and purpose. Always focus on what you want and you will have a successful journey.

If intimidates you then simply ignore it, keep doing what you're doing. Your intention to win is the more important thing, not the things that scares you.

Just because it's big, just because it's dark, just because you don't know it doesn't mean you can't conquer it. All you have to do is try and give your best... good things will happen if you will fake your courage and move anyway. Despite of your fear do what you have to do because that's the only thing that will make you happy and fulfilled. Facing your fears will give you a peace of mind because you will never wonder anymore if you can do it or not.

Stop acting like a kid and face it, if you will not face it now then when? Stop thinking and just do it.

Never judge the situation according to its looks and how you feel, you have to test it first before you think that you can't do it. Trying will make you feel superior, facing your fears will make you feel stronger than before. It's all in the mind, it's a mental game, if you will let it get into your head then you will never win. Think of it as something small and controllable, think of it as something that is not a big deal.

June 22, 2018


You have to become excited after failing again, that is what it is all about. It's all about starting again... again and again. Failing is normal, it is nothing, it will never kill you. What matters is you try again one more time and you give your best just to succeed.

It's called reverse psychology, the weak people will get disappointed after failing that's why they will never try again one more time, they will make dramas and cry in the corner, they will accept that they will never win anymore. But you are different you should become excited again after failing, you should be itching too start one more time. Nothing should stop you, even yourself. The truth is people fail because they don't want to try again one more time, they easily get disappointed after trying, they don't know that failing is part of the process, they can never escape it.

You should condition your mind that every time you fail you need to try again one more time without any hesitation. You should be hungry for success, you should show the world that you mean business and you will never stop until you become successful.

You are not special here, you are not the chosen one. No special treatment will be given to you, you must fall in line, you will never get it fast, stand at the end of the line and wait for your turn.

Your excitement will only stop if you're looking at the destination, it's a journey, you have to enjoy the process if you want to become successful in life.

Don't be afraid to fail, you should even become happy after failing because you're getting stronger and stronger. Those tears after failing, those heart aches... you feel it because you need it, it's a requirement to become hard. Being soft will never get you to anywhere, you will only get stuck if you are soft.

Stand up quickly and continue, time is running, don't be stuck making those dramas and excuses, keep doing what you do and never stop until you become successful.

If you're not excited then stop doing it because it's just a waste of time, you should make a story out of your journey, there should be a story running inside of your head while you're on the process. Think of yourself as a super hero in the movie and you are alive to save yourself from laziness and depression. It doesn't need to be an extra ordinary story, just live it and try to make it epic as much as you can.

Depression is all in the mind, a lot of people becomes depressed after failing because they don't want to move right away. Move now, never let your mind worry, never let your mind think because the moment you do that... it's game over for you. It's all about taking actions, the more actions you take... the more you will feel better.

Your mentality should be... you're almost there, all you need to do is fail a lot of times and you will succeed.

June 21, 2018


If you want to become more productive... hide that cell phone just for once, hide it and never use it. Never use it for a day, never care if someone is calling you, never care if you will miss the post of your crush in facebook. Remember, you are trying to become great here, you are trying to change your life, you have to do whatever it takes to own your time and become more productive. Every sacrifice that you can ever do... do it, the more you get uncomfortable the more you will get rewards. The equation is very simple, it's hard but it's possible. That's what separates the successful from the failures... their ability to stay disciplined and committed.

Your cell phone is eating a lot of your time, you don't know it because you're having too much fun of it. You spend 5 hours a day using it but you don't know it because just like I said... it's a lot of fun. The video games, downloading of apps and using those useless apps, chatting with your frenemies, stalking the hottest campus crush, fighting at the comments section... your cell phone is a dangerous time eater, most of your time were spent on it. You have to be aware that it is destroying your productivity. You must only use it for important things, never use it for amusement because it will control you, it will consume your day and that is really dangerous.

Hide that cell phone and never use it if you have an important task to do, it's a waste of time, it's making you slow and dumb. Just use it if you really have a luxury to use it. Don't attached it with your daily life. Try this for once, just use it at the end of the day, never let it be the first thing that you will hold the moment you wake up. Success is all about grind, it's all about sacrifices, those little sacrifices that you can make will create a huge impact in your future. 

Some people are so addicted with their cell phones to the point where they don't want to do anything with their lives other than holding it. They invest their money in cell phones, they buy the most expensive ones rather than investing it in real business that may give them extra money. Cell phone is just a waste of time and wasting time will lead you to failure, if you really want to become successful then you will take care of your time and use it for more productive things. Look at those people who are holding their cell phones too much... they can't achieve anything, they don't have any direction. They are playing with it everyday, their face were attached with it, you cannot even talk to them.

If you want to become successful then be aware if you're wasting time or not, be aware if you're growing or not. You have to use your time wisely and allocate it to activities that will make you grow. Hide that cell phone for a long time and you will see how productive you are, don't touch it, don't look at it, hide it and focus on the more important tasks in front of you.

June 21, 2018


You don't know that you can do that too, if they can do it so as you. You just don't believe in yourself, you just don't trust yourself that's why you don't even want to try. Just try it and you will see that it's not that hard, you will see that you can also do what your idols do. You're so amazed with their talents, you don't know that they get that level because they work so hard, if you will work hard too then you will get that level too. If they can succeed then you can succeed too, just give it a try you will never regret it.

If they can become a monster then you can become a monster too, if they can become the greatest then you can become the greatest too. It's all about commitment, it's all about facing the pain and forcing yourself to give your best. If you can just work hard, be patient and stay committed then you will achieve the greatest things in life. But the problem with you is you quit so fast, you don't know the power of perseverance, just a little trouble is making you back out, just a little difficulty is making you change direction, you are always changing your mind which is not a good decision because you will go back to zero again, you will start again and there is a big possibility that you will quit again. Once a quitter always a quitter.

Just give yourself a chance to win, you can only do that by showing up and pulling the trigger. Stop thinking... just do it. Your mind can only become free if you're taking massive actions and focusing your thoughts to what is possible. How will you know if you can do it if you will not try? just try it, do it, you have nothing to lose you have everything to gain so why will you afraid of trying? You should even become courageous because you have nothing to lose. Success will favor those who are working hard, success will love the brave people who are taking risks. If you want success to come at you... work hard and never quit, copy what your idols are doing, if they can do it then you can do it too.

What are you waiting for? start now and give it a try, never stop until you succeed. Remember that you have nothing to lose, it's a win win situation for you. If you're trying, if you're moving then you're already winning. You will feel better if you will take actions, wondering what your life could be if you try is the worst feeling in this world. So give it a try, use all your knowledge and strength for it, give everything you've got. You are not born to become just a watcher, you are born to win, you are born to succeed... if your idols can do it then you can do it too. It's just a matter of believing, it's just a matter of executing, take actions now while you still have some time.

June 21, 2018


There is a good thing about entering a wrong timing, not all wrong timings are bad. The best thing about it is you will learn a lesson, you will become tough, you will learn the hard way. Just like in building a business, nobody knows what the best timing is, nobody can predict the future, if your timing is bad and you lose a lot of money so be it. What matters is you try, what matters is you didn't wait and you take matters into your own hands.

It's not a wrong timing if you are willing to persevere, just like in stock market if the you invest in the wrong time let's say the market is down.. it's not a wrong timing because if you survive a down market and your capital is somehow pretty decent then you the next phase will be easier for you.

Do it even if you feel that the timing is wrong, you never know... it maybe the last chance in your life, it maybe the best chance that you can ever have. The wrong timing will be right if you will stick with the journey and never quit.

There are lot of pussies in this world, most people have plans but they are not willing to execute it. Most people think they are right but they are not willing to take risks. Talk is cheap, planning is useless if you will not execute it. You can have the most detailed and technical plan but if you will not move then you will never achieve anything.

Wrong timing is nothing if you are willing to learn and face all the consequences of it. If you know that you will do whatever it takes to win then it will never faze you, if you know that you will not quit in the end and you are willing to die for your dreams then it's not a wrong timing, it's just a fast entry, it's a brave decision, it's a courageous start.

You can succeed at anything but you can never guess the exact time when are you going to succeed, it can be next year or next decade but it's better to start now even if you feel that the timing is wrong. All you know is enough, you don't need to study all speculations from different gurus and wannabes, you don't need to listen to them, just listen to your heart and promise to yourself that you will never quit and that's it... you are good to go.

You can make a lot of mistakes but if you are willing to make adjustments and correct all of them then you have nothing to be afraid of, because at the end of the day they only question is are you willing to stick with the process even if your timing is wrong?

Every wrong timing can be corrected, you can always make adjustments so don't be afraid to enter something because you can always make adjustments later.

June 21, 2018


The only question is.. did you listen to yourself or to other people? did you let something manipulate your mind? did you do it your way? because if not then you're not living your life, you're letting other people control your life and that is the surest path to a miserable life. DO IT YOUR WAY even if you're not sure if you're going to succeed or not, never let anything influence your mind especially if the information is making you weak and unmotivated. Because the realty is you can do it your way, you can succeed on your own way yet you're not doing it, you are letting other people dictate the tempo of your life, you are letting them lead you... that's why you're not happy, that's why you feel miserable. 

If you want to become very happy... own your life, be the boss, live on your own terms, never let other people control your life, own your time and make decisions on your own. If you want it the other way then go the other way... as simple as that. 

It's your life, you have the power to do what you want to do and what you need to do. Don't get easily influenced by other people who are no better than you. You think they are better than you because you don't have confidence in yourself. Just try to become a lion in one year and you will see how powerful you are. Be the decision maker, be the hardest worker, be the strongest believer... you will see that you are more powerful than what you think of yourself. Don't get mislead by these wannabes whose main intention is to deceit you. 

Do it your way, if you want to go opposite of the crowd then do it, if you want to use your own technique then do it, nothing can stop you, you are the boss of your own world. And if you fail so what? at least you do it your way, at least you really follow your heart and you live with your own terms. You didn't let other people take over your life and decisions. You can think, act and feel too so why let them do the biggest decision in your life?

It's time to make a stand and do what you feel is the best for your life, it's time to take control, take over, take charge. Don't let anybody control your life, don't let anybody dictate your life. It's yours so you have to own it, do what you feel is best for it. 

Do it your way or else you will regret it, if you will lose then lose your way, don't ever let somebody do the major move for you, you can also make decisions... why not do it yourself? 

Feel no regrets when you made a mistake, feel nothing if you fail because you follow your heart. You must be happy because not all people can unfollow the crowd, not all people will be against the trend. Be proud of the little accomplishments that you get because you truly follow your heart. 

June 21, 2018


Bad luck always happens, it happens everyday, it happens every seconds, it happens to anyone so who are you to complain? some people have worst luck than you but they are making it in life. It's not about the luck, it's about how will you react to any negative random even that happens to you. It's either you fight it or you cry about it. If you're always complaining in life you will attract bad luck even more. Look at the people who are always rallying... they never get lucky, they never had any good breaks just for once, they always blame the government, no matter who sits on the position as a president... they will still make complaints, they never get satisfied, their minds were full of shits and negativity.

If bad luck strikes you learn to fight back, learn to make a counter punch, is life is punching you kick it. It's not how lucky you are,  it's how resilient you are. The most successful stories has also bad luck accustomed with it, the greatest people experienced severe punishment from the world before they become successful. their lives were full of adversities and challenges, they almost quit, they almost got crazy but they manage to fight back and make their lives better than before. If you're in a bad scylce right now, keep plodding, as simple as that.

What are you going to do just cry and blame the world? get mad forever and drink beers all day? point fingers at anyone and destroy your life? everybody gets unlucky you don't have to cry about it, let it go. Fix your life, don't get mad at anyone, you have to power to change your situation, fight bad luck until it's defeated. If you keep on attracting negative situations then keep pushing, keep moving forward. Never stop working hard until you have that breakthrough, the best thing about being unlucky is you have nothing to lose, you have no other way but to go up. Every time you get unlucky... just push, just work hard and your situation will become better in just a matter of time. Have fun with the world, toy fate, mock destiny. You are here to make a difference in your life, be reckless if you need to, forget about losing, forget about getting hurt just go all out and fight bad luck.
Bad luck is just a weak point of view, everything happens for a reason. If you will not change your perspective and attitude then you will keep on getting bad luck. Never believe in luck, good or bad luck... never believe it. You get your life because of your thoughts and behaviors, luck has no role in your life. And even if something good happens to you... never consider it as a luck, you get it because you work for it and you show up. Luck is for the losers, people who believe it will never get lucky in life, trust hard work instead because it's the only thing that will give you a good life.

June 21, 2018


A lot of people wants to learn something because they thought it is cool, because they want to impress people. You will try to study jiu jitsu, stock market, karate, cooking, drifting, arts. You will try to study everything just to look cool and impress a lot of people, you want to look successful, you want to look great, you want to look "the man". But after a few months or even just weeks... you will quit, you will do something else. You will make an excuse such as you're busy or don't have time for that anymore. That's why you're not great up to now, that's why you're still a bum and cannot even finish something, you can't stick with the process, you're not taking it seriously. If you're doing something just to impress people then that's the most terrible decision you can ever do. Don't do it because everybody is doing it, don't do it because it's trending, if you will try to learn something make sure that you will do it for a very long time.

Success is not seasonal, success is not something that you will get every time you want it, it's not a past time, it's not a joke. It's a serious business, you have to stay committed and dedicated if you want to achieve something great in life. Because if you will not take it seriously then you will never become good at it, you will become a mediocre forever. Once you enter something don't exit until you'r great, don't stop until you're the best. That's why you have to be very selective of anything that you want to do because you have to do it for a very long time. Don't do it for political reasons, do it because you really love it.

Stop wasting your time learning something that you don't have any plans of becoming great. Success has no room for uncommitted individuals, it will never touch the mediocre and easy go lucky people.Seriousness is the face of success, don't start it if you have no plan of taking it seriously because you will only regret it in the end. 

Level of dedication should be on a different level, your focused should be one in a million. Trying to learn something and not going further is just a waste of time and money. Don't ever make an excuse that you just want to experience it. Don't be like other people who are just good in talking and starting, they are very poor in committing and continuing. Your level of seriousness will be the level of your success, if you want to be taken seriously then work hard and show up everyday. Stop clowning around, stop playing around and star taking your work seriously. Hardwork and consistency is the key to success, you can't be good at something if you're just doing it once a week, don't fool yourself, that kind of effort is for the midgets, it's for the losers.

If you will start something, if you want to learn something then focus and give it a lot of time, take it seriously until you become great at it.

June 21, 2018


You can execute a sneaky move, try to do it. There is always an awkward timing that might work, just do it, do something even if you have a busy schedule. For example, you will do push ups while working on a project, at least 30 push ups. It's random, it may just make a small impact but at least you're doing something to further improve yourself.

Just a sneaky move, out of nowhere you will do it, out of nowhere you will try it. Just like surprising your woman with roses, out of nowhere she will be surprised, it is a sneaky move that will end up in a delicious romance.

Just like being employed and out of nowhere you pass your resumes online, out of nowhere you walk into a company and you pass your resume to a security guard, you even talk to the manager who is on a break, it's a sneaky move, it may not work but the habit of trying is there, the habit of wanting it is there and you will be able to develop that into your sub conscious mind, you will not longer hold yourself back every time you need to do something.

You're not thinking at all when you're doing a sneaky move,  it's like you need to do it now because someone might catch you doing it, someone might stop you so you have to execute fast and smooth.

Just like being a role player in the team that doesn't have the go signal from a coach to shoot the basketball, every time you are open... shoot it, and even if you're not open, you will do a sneaky move, you will try to shoot it even if the play is not designed for you. Find a way to do a sneaky move, find a way when and how to shoot it but of course you will still give your best, it's not something that you will just try to get lucky, you are serious about it and you will do it in rhythm, you will do it with confidence.

If your boss is alone eating at the cafeteria and nobody is watching, ask him for a promotion, he may get mad at you, he may embarrass you but that's a great sneaky move, it means you're giving yourself a chance, it means you want it bad enough.

Don't just live your life taking your life for granted, give yourself a chance by doing some sneaky moves that will make your life better. Do it because you want to achieve more.

Just like working at the office, you want to earn more right? sell something, it's not that bad, don't be shy, that's a sneaky move but if you will become successful at it then you will have an extra income that you can use for another business. It's like the rats will play when the cat is away.

Sneaky moves is fun, there is an adrenaline rush, it will make your life exciting. You know something will stop you, something is against you but you will still try because you want to promote yourself. You're sick and tired of living the same life right? then do a lot of sneaky moves every now and then. Just like placing your business card on a random car at the parking lot, it may create an opportunity. Make sure you will place it on a luxury car, the owner might be a big boss, the owner of it might give you a break, you never know unless you try.

June 20, 2018


Never lose it, never lose that motivation to keep going, if you can't feel it then create it. Start taking actions again, movement create good feelings, movement creates momentum and progress. Never lose it, just keep trying, even if you fail a numerous times and it seems that you can't figure out how to do it... still do it. There is no harm in trying there is a lot of regret in stopping. Just do it, whatever step you can think of... step it. It's ok to try again, it's ok to go back from the very beginning, what matters is you don't lose it, keep it and never stop.

Don't lose that drive, keep driving it, it's only a matter of time before you become successful. It's all in your head, if you are still taking actions then you are still driven. You may feel bad, you may feel that you are not getting what you deserve but that's how the universe works, it will never give success to you unless you really deserve it. It only means your effort is not enough, it only means that you need to strive for more. Never lose that drive and keep pushing until the end.

You have to keep that burning desire burning, never lost it, stay single minded... just think about your goals and how are you going to get it, get it no matter what, never lose that focus to do things faster than expected, it's all about execution, it's all about stepping up and showing up. If you can at least show up everyday and give your best then you're on the right path. The time for being a doubter and worrier is over, you need to step up your game if you really want to win in life.

Never lose that momentum, if you did something yesterday then do it again today. Never stop, never settle, stay thirsty and hungry for success. CONTINUITY, always continue, always follow through. You're almost there, you just can't see it because you're looking too hard, you're always looking for what is missing. Once you're taking actions and you are really serious about it then there is nothing else to look for, it will come to you at the right time, you don't need to beg for it anymore.

Never lost that passion, stay creative, continue feeling the good emotions for doing it. Always push yourself to the limits, never settle for something mediocre, you can always do better ... you just need to find ways how to make things better. Stay passionate all the time, never lose it, take it seriously and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Maintain that work ethic, be the hardest worker in the planet and you will be rewarded, just work hard and you don't need to worry anymore, just give your best and you will attract success. Stop complaining and making excuses, that kind of approach will never give you anything.

You're a grown man now, you know what is working and what is not. Never lose what is already there, just enjoy the process because your time will come if you are patient.  

June 20, 2018


Starting is not that hard, you're having a difficult time because you're so confused, you can't make a decision, you feel heavy because you got overwhelmed with the tasks that are waiting for you especially if those are huge tasks. The best way to get started and get ahead is to close everything, shut down everything. It's about clearing your mind and lessening the crowded thoughts inside of your head. Turn off the TV, hide your cellphone, close every window in your computer. You need to be focused on just one thing if you want to have that strength of starting. You can't start because there are lot of things going on with your life, you're too busy being unproductive. You think you're right because you're busy but you're not because you cannot even accomplish a simple task. The one hour task takes 3 hours because you're so consumed by different things that doesn't even make sense at all.

The key here is to have peace with yourself, give your mind a breathing room and make yourself believe that everything will be alright, forget about the time remaining, forget about the number of tasks remaining...  just do it and never stop until you're done. Just one task at a time, you can be a multi tasker but you should be ok if you can't finish things fast, your time is divided so what do you expect? If you're a multi tasker then you should be ok getting stressed a little bit because it is really stressful doing things simultaneously. Talking to a client at the phone, answering emails, playing games with your cell phone... that will never work in the long run, it will make you unproductive.

The best thing to do is shut down everything, pick one thing and focus on it. Don't answer the telephone, stop chatting with your friends in facebook, stop worrying about what are you going to eat at lunch, stop switching activities, if you need to finish something... finish it first before jumping into a new task.

Never think that you can't finish it, never think that you're running out of time, just do it and enjoy the process. If your boss is rushing you so be it, if you can't finish it is he going to terminate you? no right? if you can't finish it so be it, what matters is you give your best and you enjoy the process. Do it no matter what, if you can finish it then finish it now, never slow down, never think about doing something else because you feel that you have more time left. Focus on the task in front of you and you will be amazed with yourself, you will be surprised because you're accomplishing more things in life.

So shut down everything and pick the most urgent task, finish it with class, finish it with a flair. Even if you don't like it just do it, remember that you will feel good later once you finished it. So start now and forget about everything else, focus on the urgent task and enjoy it.

June 20, 2018


Asking is just a waste of time, it's a cutter of a momentum, if you want it then go and get it, go and do it, if something stops you so be it. What matters is you have a bold decision, your mind is not hesitating to go for what you want. Asking is only for the weak, it is for people who doesn't want it bad. Are you going to ask someone if you can get your dream? be the authority, impose your will and try to make things happen by yourself. Asking too much is only a waste of energy, it creates fear, it creates doubts... you need to get it boldly and never let anything stop you.

Do it, just do it. Forget what may happen next, just do it and never ask someone if you are allowed to do it, never ask someone if they like what you are doing. Give yourself the power to decide, give yourself the authority to make things happen.

Get it without even thinking twice, get it with all your power and tenacity. Why will you stop yourself if you can do it? you will only live once so get what you want and never feel any regrets for trying. Asking is just making you look coward, it's destroying your self image, it's making you feel weak and submissive. Get it because it's yours, it's for you. Don't be shy, don't be conservative... get it like you want it so bad. You're a wild dog and what you want is a new bone from the rich mansion, get it, bite it and never let go.

Sometimes you already know the answer but you're still looking for validation, you already know that it is for you and you can get it but you're till looking for second opinion if you'er allowed to get it, that's a stupid move, that's a weak move. Show them that you own them, show them that you're the authority. Be strong, be confident... get what is rightfully yours. You are not here to just participate, you are here to become a winner.

Because if you will keep asking then you're stopping yourself to become a winner, it means you're doubtful if you can get it or not.

Get everything you want and never ask if you're right or wrong, if they can't stop you then that's their problem.

You have the power to get it, you always have, you just don't believe in yourself that much that's why the manifestation for what you want is so slow. Stop thinking and just do what you think is right, just do what you think will make you successful.

Everything is possible if you will think positive, you are born to have an abundant life, you are here to become happy and it will only happen if you will stop holding yourself back. Feel free, be the authority, never sell yourself short.

You will find a way how to get it, you don't need to worry anymore. Just work hard and you will get it, just believe and you will get it. It will be very easy if you will try. Sometimes you will get rejected, sometimes you will get disappointed because you will not get it but the trick here is try a lot of times and you will succeed.

June 20, 2018


Success is talking about someone who has the ability to take charge and take matters into his own hands. Were talking about killers here, were talking about finishers here, were talking about someone who is willing to steal the ball and take the last shot. We're not talking about shy types here, play safe people here... were talking about natural born killers who will nail it and will push further just to win in life. We're not talking about criminals, we're talking about doers and chasers, dreamers and risk takers. We're talking about someone who is willing to embarrass himself and look bad just to give himself a chance to succeed.

It's going to be tough, it's going to be a chaos but if you really wanted to win in life then you must do whatever it takes even if it means losing your mind and looking like a crazy dog.

If you're this type of person who is willing to face his fear and move anyway then you have that potential of being a killer, a finisher. You will face every challenge just to become successful, you will face the pain, you will enjoy the struggle and difficulties of every step along the way. You will not melt under pressure, you will face what needs to be faced and improvise something that will make you victorious.

You're cold blooded, you have no conscience when it comes to taking positive actions that may produce results. You don't care about how you feel, you ignore emotions and just focus on making results, even the smallest results... you love it and you are willing to make it bigger than ever because of your hard work and tenacity.

We're not talking about spoiled divas here, we're not talking about trying to look cute people here... we're talking about savages, rugged people who are willing to die for their dreams. We're talking about fast executioners, decision makers not thinkers and worriers.

We're talking about someone who is willing to embrace any negative situation and will try with all his might to turn things around. We're talking about producers not waiters.

So if you're this type of person who waits for his good feelings to come out first before taking an action then you're not a killer, you're not the person whose success is looking for. Failure is waiting for you, go and get it, go and embrace failure because you and him are perfectly matched because you don't want to take actions.

Stop being a pussy and start being a killer, go and nail it, hammer it till the bitter ends. Be a finisher, once you start something finish it no matter what, finish it even if it takes forever to finish it. Remember.... success wants people who are willing to die for his dreams, success wants people who will do everything just to become victorious. Build the habit of going further, build the habit of finishing what you've started. It may take a very long time but just finish it no matter what.

June 20, 2018


You've got to move yourself, never let yourself stay in one place that is not giving you any happiness at all. You have the right to move yourself, you have the power to do it. Don't just get stuck in a quicksand and allow yourself to die there. You should be aware that you're stuck in an ugly place for a very long time, there is no growth there, there is no evolution... only dead feelings. Move yourself to a place that is more exciting and fun, move yourself to a state where you are so pumped up to experience the best things in life.

You have the strength to do it, you have the resources, you have everything you need. It may not happen right away but once you decide that you're going to move yourself and you're willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen then it will happen. It's all about how bad do you want it, how serious you are. You only have one life why will you waste it for a place that is not worth it? why will you waste it getting the same things over and over again that doesn't excite you anymore? move yourself to a place that needs you, that will grow and succeed with you.

Start taking actions now, stop hesitating and procrastinating. Your heart will guide you, your willpower will show you the way, there is nothing to be afraid of, you should start living now before you start dying. Life is so short to stay in a place that is only making you feel bad, you have the right to wish for something, you have to right to get it... don't just wish for it, get it by whatever means necessary.

Love yourself and move yourself, you have the right to become happy. If you're not happy with your company anymore, move yourself. If you're not happy with your work anymore, move yourself, if you're not happy with your house anymore... move yourself. You can always move anytime, nothing can stop you.

Getting stagnant, getting complacent and feeling no growth is one of the worst feelings in the world, it sucks feeling it, you feel weak and powerless. Move yourself now and go to a place where you think happiness will be felt, go where to your heart leads you. It's time to make a stand, it's time to give yourself the authority to move.

Nobody will move you, nobody will do it for you, you have to do it yourself, you have to believe in yourself that your life will not end just like that. You can make it epic, you can make it more exciting.

If the people around you is not treating you right... move, no more questions ask... just move and never come back. Life is a journey, you will only know the right place for you if you keep moving. Staying in a place that sucks and has no growth will only kill you slowly, it will poison your mind, you are depriving yourself the happiness that you deserve if you're not moving.

June 20, 2018


That's the saddest truth, it's the reality.. they will only love you if you are winning, they don't care about your if you are losing. It's because losers make dramas and people hate dramas. People were so sick and tired of complaints, people don't want a man with a loser's mentality. What is a loser's mentality? it is someone who makes a lot of excuses, complaints, dramas, trying to get sympathy from other people, neediness, weakness and a lot of pointing fingers just to avoid the blame.

They will only love you if you are succeeding, that's the harsh truth, if you can't win by any means then they will ignore you, they will never respect you. If you're sick and tired of your life, if you're sick and tired of not getting respect then force yourself to become a winner. Win by any means possible.

It's easy to win, the process is very simple... look for something to do that has some benefits and go hard for it. Be the hardest worker, stay focused, stay on the grind and never look back where you came from, it's like leveling up each day and looking for that simple ways where you can win. You will feel it if you're becoming a winner, you have that pride, you will feel that power, you don't need to prove yourself to anyone else because you know that you're giving your best and you're slowly developing into a winner. You're not making dramas anymore, you're not making excuses anymore, you're so focused into action and getting things done. 

If there is a task in front of you, you do it right away without waiting, you don't need to be told on what to do, you are reliable and determined, you are pushing yourself like you never push before. 

Winners will get what they want, losers will always complain about what they don't have. If you want to become a winner then do whatever it takes to get your dream. Enough of the excuses, enough of the pity party... just get it. 

If you're not winning then it means you're not pushing hard, you're simply taking your life for granted, you're wasting a lot of your time and you're engaging with unproductive activities. If you really wanted to win then you will sacrifice your sleep and happiness for your goal. There will be times when you will only do the boring things that produces results, you will never give any useless activities some attention. You are focused, you are determined, you never care about the things that are making you slow, you only care about the growth. 

If you want some love, if you want some respect and appreciation then keep winning. You know what it is, you're not a child anymore. Stop being jealous with people who are winning and be a winner too, stop the crab mentality, stop thinking that you've been treated unfairly, you are the one who's responsible for the outcome of your life, you're the reason why you're failing. If you want to change your life then start winning now, forget the past and do whatever it takes to win in life. 

June 20, 2018


You don't want it bad enough that's the main reason why you can't win in life, you are ok getting lesser than what you want, you don't feel bad every time you fail, you are even happy achieving something lower than your original plan. It's not procrastination, it's not laziness... it's you not wanting to win, it's you not committing to your dreams, you're not taking it seriously that's why procrastination is dominating you and controlling you.

If you care about it then you will do it. But your don't care enough for it, you think that it's cool not doing it because there is always tomorrow, you're not in a sense of urgency, you don't even feel guilty if you're not doing it. It's not procrastination, it's the lack of desire, it's being ok getting poor results in life, you're not driven, you're not motivated. You're not procrastinating, you're just taking life for granted. If you really want it then you will do it no matter what, you will do it even if you feel uncomfortable, you will force yourself to take actions until you feel good about it. 

Don't feel bad if you feel that you're procrastinating, feel bad if you're not forcing yourself to get motivated, feel bad if you're not thinking about your goals and dreams. You really have to want it bad so that procrastination will be overpowered, you have to have that burning desire so that you will not even give laziness a chance to dominate your day. Focus on what you want to happen, look at it, imagine it and you will be able to beat procrastination in just a matter of seconds. Always think about the life that you wanted and never let go of that thought. 

Don't blame procrastination, blame yourself because you don't care about having a good life. If you're procrastinating a lot then it means it's ok to you if you fail again and again. If you will only take it seriously then you will move fast, you will procrastinate a little bit but you will be able to start fast and finish the most urgent task ahead of you. 

So stop searching for ways to beat procrastination, just ask yourself if do you really want it or not, ask yourself if you're serious about it. It's not going to be easy but it's possible. Just do it, forget about feeling bad, forget about the time you wasted, forget about the amount of energy remaining in your body, start it and you will find the strength to finish it. Just build a small momentum by starting and then let the next steps take care of itself naturally.

Remember that you're not procrastinating, you just don't care about your dreams, you just don't care about your ugly situation at the moment, you are ok feeling lazy, you are ok feeling unmotivated and heavy, you are ok being a failure. 

If you're already sick and tired of failing then you will do something about your situation, you will start now, you will forget perfection... you will just do it. 

June 19, 2018


Hoping that someone will help you, hoping that your life will change, hoping to go back to the past and make the right decisions, hoping that your ex will comeback, hoping that you're rich, hoping that the world is kind, hoping that everyone thinks the same way as you think, hoping that everything will be easy. If you're hoping then you're simply begging, it means you're not doing anything. If you really want to change your life then stop waiting and start taking actions. Become independent, don't look for people to help you, don't look for the right time to strike... strike now and draw the first blood. Your life will not change if you're just thinking, thinking that it should be like this, it should be like that... that's nonsense. You have to take charge now, give your best and focus on taking actions. Nobody will do it for you, that's the reality.

Stop hoping and waiting, this crap is for weak people, it's for the ones that cannot produce something. Make a move, look for something that you think will give you something and focus on it. It's all about moving, if you can move then you will be alright... as simple as that. Change your life through actions not through hoping and getting sympathy from other people. Make small changes everyday, take it one step at a time and be really patient if nothing is working. It maybe not working for now but it will work in the future if you will only believe in yourself. Hoping means weakness, it means you really don't believe yourself that you will be able to change, you're not trusting your power, you're trusting the power of other people.

Force the change, do something, do anything that will give possibilities. Do something that will at least produce a small thing that my alter the outcome of your life. Just move, don't be a pussy who's in a state of shock forever. You may feel overwhelmed, you may feel stunned but you can still move despite of feeling those emotions. Nobody can stop you, nothing can hold your feet forever on the ground. Just do it, try and try again if it's not working... that's how to change your life. You may not enjoy the process, you may not enjoy what is going on with your life but sometimes you need to do what you don't want in order to have a better life.

Change is not fun, it's stressful that's why a lot of people can't change. It all starts in your mind, if you can plan the seed of thought in your mind that you can change and you are willing to do whatever it takes to change then change will take place. It's very simple, it's hard but simple. Give it a try because you will not regret it, you will not regret using all of your power and will to forge something different in your life. Stop hoping now and start taking actions now... movement despite of uncomfortable feelings is where change will take place.

June 19, 2018


Don't give up if you have a lot of problems, let your problems give up on you, let it submit, let it know that you're not an ordinary person who gives up that easily. Your problems are nothing but challenges, they are not there to make you weak... they are there to make you strong. All you have to do is take actions and move forward, whatever forward movement that you can do, you just have to do it. Your problems can try as hard as it can, let it make you suffer but don't ever quit.

The question is who is tougher? who is more resilient? is it you or your problems? who is going to give up first? make sure it's not you, be the last person to give up and you will become successful. Everybody gives up that easily, everybody was meant to quit but not you, be different, be the most persevering man in the world.

You're tougher than any problem in the world, you can solve any problem if you will not quit. Just live this day, survive this day and don't do anything stupid, always do one positive thing at a time. Torture your problems, don't let it torture you, the more you face it... the weaker and smaller it becomes. The key here is to focus on your strength and not on your weaknesses, just do what you can do, for sure there is one very small thing that you can do with your problem and that already can make an impact. You think that a small action is not helping at all but it does.

Because if you will give up the your problems will become bigger, don't let it kick you in your face, you should be the one who must kick it. Problems is part of your life, you will experience it no matter how great you are. You can never duck on it, it will keep on hunting you and it will never stop until you face it and solve it.

Play with your problems, be creative in solving it, be bold in facing it, look it in its eyes and make it feel that you're not afraid of it. What is it to be scared of? you will just move and all of your problems were already solved. Just keep taking actions and there is nothing more to worried about.

You're worrying and laziness makes your problems bigger, stop thinking and just keep taking small actions one day at a time. Keep moving forward and you will never even notice that all of your problems were already solved.

Your problems will give up, it can never make you quit if you're decided that you will stick with the process no matter what. Make a game plan and execute it. Learn to be a tough guy, learn to be an action taker not a worrier, you can only make your problems quit if you're solving it little by little, don't rush, take your time because you don't need to be fast, all you need to do is be in the moment and face it like a real man.

June 19, 2018


You're not the one who is just a victim of circumstances, you're not the one who is just getting bullied by an ordinary person who is no better than you. You are not the one who will just take his life for granted and will let things as is, you will take charge, you will take matters into your own hands, you're not the one who will just sit and watch life come and go. You have the power to change your life, you have the power to force something to come out and remove the things that you don't want in your life.

You're not the one who should stay at the bottom and getting belittled by other people, you're not the one who should eat shits for breakfast. You can do something about your situation, you just need to think more, believe more and do more. You're not the one who should clean the shit of others, you're not the one who should follow them. Are you just going to let them bully you? are you just going to let them abuse you or use you? you're better than that, you can always do something great in your life, you can become really powerful if you choose to.

You only have one life, what do you want to be? are you going to choose to be small or are you willing to take the risk and become big?  You're not born in this world to become just a mediocre human being, you have a lot of potential, the opportunities waiting for you is unlimited.  Don't be a coward rubbish dog, stand for what you believe in, work towards your goals and begin to attract what you truly deserve in life.

You're not the one who gives up that easily, you're not the one who will run away in pressure, you will face it and play with it. You're not the one that will freak out when your life is falling apart. You're the one who can handle all things even the most difficult ones, you can adapt to any situation, you can make a comeback if you're losing big time.

Be the one  who is in control of his emotions and thoughts, be the one who will work harder when things get harder. Be the one who will fight back no matter what. Make a stand to fight for what you want and never  sell yourself short, stretch yourself to the limits, always think big and do big.

You're not born to become a slave of another person, you're not born to become a slave of negativity, you're here to make an epic life, you're here to experience the greatness of life. So don't be the one who depicts weakness, don't ever be someone who will just take what life gives you, be the authority. Ask for more, be more and do more. Remember that you have the power to be the person you wanted to be, you are free to become creative, you can be successful if you will choose to.

June 19, 2018


Don't ever think that it's already too late and there is no more point of doing it. You still need to do it because you want to do it. Even if you're too old and you want to finish your studies.. do it, it's better to do it than not do it. Doing it will destroy all of your regrets, it will give you a peace of mind.

If you're still alive, breathing and can think right it means you still have a power, even if your mind is already rusty and slow... you still have a chance, just use your willpower, use your clear vision, be patient and never mind about what people say, they can laugh at you they can criticize you but what matters is your desire to win is very strong, it should be burning like hell.

Life is all about taking chances, there is no such thing as being too late, never think that it's over until it's over. If you can still pursue your dreams, if you think that your strength is enough then go... never hold yourself back. If you really want it then you will never think about what people say, you will do whatever it takes to win in life. Just start now and never give up, push yourself until you win, take actions until you made it.

Develop a thick skin, you can't be too emotional in this game of life, if you let emotions take over then it's game over for your journey. Emotions has nothing to do when it comes to chasing success, be a single minded person and never take your eyes off from your goal. It is what it is, the world will be cruel, the world will challenge your determination, if you are easy to give up then you better think twice if you will start or not, giving up is not an option, it shouldn't even come across in your mind.

Forget about the time, forget about who is the first and who is the last, just do what you want to do and never stop until you become successful. It will never be over until it's over. Never think about if you're late or early, just think about your dream and what are you trying to accomplish in life. You can be late but if your mind is advance and your willpower is unmatchable then you still have an advantage.

You're still alive, it only means your mission is still alive, you still have an unfinished business to do. Start now and make it happen, at least you're trying, at least you're not giving up on your dream. Sometimes it's not about winning, it's about having the courage to try and see what is possible if you give everything you've got. All that matters is if you give your all and you didn't quit until the end.

Because at the end of the day... it's not failing about it that will haunt you, it's regrets for not trying. So if you don't want to question yourself in the end about what could happen if you only try, start now and try, do it!!!

June 19, 2018


If you want to become a lion then act like a lion, have a lion heart, have a lion effort. It means you will use all of your energy just to win in life. It means you will do whatever it takes to take that meat, once you bite... never let it go. If you want to become a lion then you have to act like a lion, you have to be a killer, you have to be a doer, you have to have that killer instinct. Once you see an opportunity, devour it, bit it like you will never let it go, bite it like you will die if you can't have it.

Being a lion is hard but it's a great choice, if you choose to become a lion then be ready to face a lot of adversity, be ready to face the biggest challenges in life because great power comes great responsibility. It's not something that will be yours because you want it, you have to live it, you have to maintain it and work really hard for it.

A lion is someone who doesn't give up when the going gets hard, he keeps fighting even if the enemy is larger than him, he keeps biting even if he is the underdog, he will face any problem or obstacle... he is not willing to back down. He can live under pressure, he can face any discomfort and he is willing to die for his dreams. He bring the enemy down one by one, he is not fazed by any danger, he is a risk taker and he will do whatever it takes just to win any fight.

If you want to become a lion then learn how to become relentless, learn how to give your all if you're chasing something. Never give up when it's hard, stop when you're done. Use what you can use and don't be afraid to lose. Do everything to become the king. You have to to be the hardest worker, you have to have that little edge. Work like an animal die like a beast, your work ethic should be one of a kind and you should never think about quitting if you got overwhelmed.

You should have a tremendous belief in yourself, belief that you can overcome anything. Belief that no matter what happens you will be alright and you will succeed in the end.

You never care if there is a huge pressure in your shoulders, you never care if you are hurting, you never care if you are in pain. You just know what you want and what you need to do, you will keep on fighting until the end for your dreams and you will never let go of it.

So stop putting a mediocre effort, stop being soft, stop looking for comfort too much and embrace the pain. Embrace the hustle, embrace the challenges in front of you. If you really want it then you will turn into a beast mode, you will fight until death, you will act like a lion and hunt all those weak prey. You will overcome your fears and force yourself to take actions during high pressure situations.

June 19, 2018


If you want to change your life, if you want a different challenge in life... go all out for a value. What is your value? what is the value that you want? For example, if you want to earn a certain amount of money... set it and go all out for it, do everything to get it. Let's say you want a million dollars... go all out for that one million dollars, die for it, do whatever it takes and never stop until you get it. Because that's the only time when your life will change... going to the extreme and making yourself unstoppable.

What value do you want for yourself? how do you see yourself being treated by the world? if you want to have a big value then work hard and make yourself really great. Pursue that value, take it seriously so you can have it.

People will treat you for your value, if your value is small then they will never take you seriously but if your value is high then they will respect you and listen to what you say, every action of yours has an impact to them.

It's like a reputation, it's like hierarchy, if your value is not that important or valuable then you will be left behind, people will just ignore you, they will never listen to you, they will not treat you as something important. You will be just like an ordinary thing that has no value at all.

Your value is a goal, you have to really work hard for it, it's not something that you will get easily, if your target value is so big then the amount of work needed to get it is big too. Any big value is not for free, you have to pay the price, you have to sacrifice for it.

Your value will go down if you're not taking life seriously, if you're taking it for granted and you're not handling the business very well. You should be consistent, you should work hard for it and think about it 24 hours a day. The more you work hard, the more your value will increase. People will appreciate what you did, they will see how important of a person you are.

It's all about giving your best, give your best and you will get the best value for you. If you're simply exerting a mediocre and weak effort then your value will become low, it will hit the rock bottom. But if you are pushing yourself then your value will each the ceiling. Aim for that high value and pursue it relentlessly, make it yours, own it, work really hard for it, never stop until you get it.

How you value yourself, how you value your time and your life is going to be the level of your importance. If you're always playing around, bumming around and clowning around then your value will go low, you will not even like it. Every action and decision that you did has an important role to the increase or decrease of your value.

June 19, 2018


You're living in a fantasy not in reality, that's why you can't become happy. You're living inside of your imagination, you don't know how to make it happen. You're happy taking inputs and you can't produce outputs that's why you're completely lost, that's why your life is miserable and you can't escape the rut you are in. You're always dreaming, you're not moving, you're procrastinating... you're not executing.

You're always reading the books about vampires and wolves, you're always watching the korean dancers, you're always following the series in netflix that are not even close to reality. All those sci fi movies, all those movies about the mutants and chosen ones... really? are you kidding me? you're always following a fake star in you tube, you're always gossiping about the latest pregnant celebrity, you're always dreaming about winning the lottery and buying a ferrari. You're broke because you're always focus on dreams that only happens in dreams, you're always fantasizing about something that will never happen in real life.

What is real? it's taking actions, it's grinding, it's moving forward and focusing on your own life... that is real. Your reality is your life, not about someone's life, not about your idol's life, not about those movies that takes your money.

Live in the moment, don't live in the future, don't live in the past, never believe the movies that you seen on television, if you want experience a real life then live our life and watch it evolve and grow. Focus on your own suffering not on your favorite character's suffering, focus on your own success not on your idol's success. Living in reality simple means your energy and attention is focus on your own life, you're not wasting your time, money and emotions for some other things that will not even help you.

If you want to feel alive then go hard for your own life, focus on your dreams, focus on your struggles, never give your time to other people that is making you lost your touch in reality.

So stop thinking like a child, stop patterning your life from movies that are not even happening in real life. What is real is what you're doing, what is real is your real life experience. It's your own struggle, pain, success and triumph that defines your reality. It's how how you handle adversity and stand up despite of those heartbreaking events.

Learn to live in your own reality and not other people's reality. The time for daydreaming is over, the time for a child like thinking is over, you're a grown up man now. It's time for you to think the right way. Don't waste your life for nothing, make it useful, make it successful. Focus on your own experience and make it real as it gets.

Stop following other people's story because that's not living in reality. Stop feeding yourself lies that you can be like them too, if you want to become successful then focus on your own life and try to get better each day. Reality means you're in control, it means you're the one who is in charge, you're the one who is winning or succeeding.

June 19, 2018


If you're not taking your life seriously, if you're not taking your business seriously then they will make a joke on you. They will not take you seriously too, they will think of you as something who is just a clown trying to get lucky. But if you will work really hard and do whatever it takes to win then people will start to realize that you mean business.

The reason why you can't succeed in life is because you're not taking your goal seriously, you think that it's all about fun and games, you're not making a sacrifice, you're not pushing yourself to the limits. You're just all about trying to impress people and trying to look cool, you're not even focusing.

You have to change your approach this time, you have to think about your business 24 hours a day and do everything in your power to make it successful. Again, excuses are not allowed here, you can't afford to make excuses if you want to become the best. Go hard everyday, produce little results and try to multiply them, never let your momentum die and be happy with getting little progress... that's how are you going to be taken seriously.

What if you just commit and ignore the people around you? what if you just focus all of your energy to success and making a little bit progress everyday? what do you think will be your life? wake up and do something about it, never produce a weak self image, never let other people think that you're just playing around and you will quit anytime soon, make them think that you are willing to die for your dreams so they will move out of the way and let you who you wanted to be. They will agree with you, they will follow you, they will be even scared of you.

Never waste time, treat every second as an opportunity to make your journey or goal better. Never waste a second, never waste a minute... use every time of your life to improve your situation, set yourself up for success. You're better than you thought if you will only take your life seriously.

So stop doing stupid things, stop watching TV for 8 hours straight, stop spending your time in social media, stop using your energy and emotions for things that are making you feel bad... just step up your game, level up and do everything you can to become successful now.

Ignore the things and people that are not helping you to improve, imitate the greatest ones, study their behavior and habits... follow their lead. If you don't know what to do then just imitate the life style f the greatest ones.

Don't exert an effort that is weak, make sure they will feel you, make sure they will take you seriously because the level of seriousness in your work is not a joke. It is full of sacrifice, power and hard work, it's not something that all people can do.

June 19, 2018


If you can always think positive in any kind of situation the you already know the power of the mind, you know how to use it to your advantage. Your mind is always in control, it is the only thing that is responsible for the outcome of your life. If you're thinking about negativity then you will attract the bad things in life, if you're thinking about abundance and positive things then you will have a better life... as simple as that. If you have a strong and healthy mind then you will have a better life, sometimes you don't even need to be super smart or skilled, just keep being positive and you will have a very good life. Your mind is very powerful, it can mold your reality, it will bring into life what you're always thinking about. So if you think that you have limits then you have but if you think that anything is possible then your potential of becoming successful is unlimited. It's all in the mind, something gets harder because it's all in the mind, you complain about it, you think that it's hard, you make dramas and excuses that's why it gets harder even more. But if you will just do it and think that it's too easy then it will be easier. 

Control your mind and you will control your destiny, fill it with the right thoughts, fill it with beautiful thoughts. It's impossible to become 100 percent positive but at least be 80-90 percent positive. It's easy just stay disciplined, get rid of the negative thoughts that are bothering you and making you feel weak.

If you're in trouble now always think that your situation will change, always think that everything will be alright. Never think about suffering even more, never think that it'st the ending, use your mental toughness, use your mind to overcome any kind situation. Always think that your mind will be the starting point of creation, if you can't think positively then stop thinking at all, put your mind into a neutral state. It's either you think positive or you don't think at all. Stop worrying because it will create a larger size of fear that will take over, you will be controlled by your fear, every decision if yours was based on fear and that is very bad if you're trying to change your situation for the better. 

If everyone else is quitting then use your mind to avoid quitting too, entertain positive thoughts, entertain solutions, think of something that will enable you to move. A lot of people were promising, they were predicted to win but they cannot stay alive during tough situations because they are not using the power of their mind. It's all about thinking positive and doing something to alter something. If you can just move despite of suffering then you will be alright. 

Use the power of your mind, it's full of energy that can change any outcome, focus on what you wanted to happen, never think about what you don't want... as simple as that. 

June 19, 2018


Stop chasing for it, stop making dramas about it, stop getting sympathy from other people so you can bring it back to your life. You can live with or without it, you just need to realize that it's possible and it's not that hard to accept that it's not there in your life.

You will feel better if you only know that you can live or without it. That car, that money, that dream... those things are nothing, you can live without those things. Are you going to die without those things? is your life going to end? is your breathing going to stop? life is simply life, you don't need anything to live. Just be happy and you will be alright. The emotions that you attached with something is what makes life difficult to live. You have nothing when you were born so you don't have anything to lose. All you need is your breathing and you can live, it's the air that matters not the things that you don't have.

But it's not bad to long for those things, the point here is that you can still live without those things, never feel bad if you can't have them. You don't need appreciation, you don't need attention, you don't need anything. If you don't have them before then you can still live without having them now.

You can live without your abusive partner, if the relationship is not getting any better then stop it, you will not die if someone is not there to kiss your lips, you can still breathe even if there is no one to remove your underwear, stop feeling weak because nobody is there beside you. You can still do a lot f things without your partner, show him/her that you're strong and have the courage to end an abusive relationship.

You can live without your toxic friends. If they are pulling you down so leave them, don't feel regretful, don't feel like a villain... leave them now and you will feel happier because nobody is there to make you feel bad. You can still earn without them, you can still drink without them, who are they to make you feel that you are weak without them? sometimes you are even stronger when you are alone, the right friends will be there for you if you will just choose wisely.

If you're still alive then you have the biggest reason to feel happy, it's not about the things and people around you... it's about you choosing to become strong and happy all the time. If you can make yourself believe that you can live alone then the right people and things will be attracted to you. It's because feeling powerful and independent is an attractive trait, you will become more interesting, you will become more attractive. People would love to go with you.

So stop being needy, stop being weak and dramatic. If you don't have this or that so be it. Just keep working hard and keep being yourself, you will get what you deserve if you have the right mindset.

Just be appreciative of what you have, feel happy even if you have less or you have more. You don't need what you don't have and you don't need to feel bad if you lost someone or something, all you need is your life because you can still experience a lot of better things in the future. Feel powerful without anything and you will become happier even more.

June 19, 2018


You may still be far from success, maybe you need a few months or even years more to become successful but your situation is getting better now, you are much much better than yesterday so there is no room for stopping anymore, you need to go and push yourself even more. You're almost there, you're making a tremendous progress, everything is going well. There is no room for negativity, only room for excitement and creativity. Keep grinding, keep hustling, it may sound corny and overused, this line has been heard all over the world but you need to trust it, you really need to grind and take massive actions if you want to get there... if you want to reach your desired destination.

There will be more challenges, there will be more obstacles, random events will slow you down, sometimes you will make wrong decisions but that's just part of the design, it's too normal. Stop being a perfectionist and just go back to your game plan, go back grinding again.

Because if you will stop now then you will lose your momentum, you will go back to zero. Never waste all of your efforts for nothing, if it's getting harder and harder then it means you're almost there.

You can already smell the victory, you can see its shadow, what is the point of entertaining negative thoughts and thinking that you might not be able to do it? It's getting better and better every time you move, you are attracting the things that are helping you to become closer to your dreams. Don't ever think about quitting, don't ever think about stopping... always step on the gas not on the brakes. Because it's only a matter of time before you succeed, you already worked a lot, the hard work was done all you need to do is keep moving forward and wait for it to happen.

You're already too far, you already sacrificed a lot, it's not going to be a wise move to change your mind. It might be a little bit harder, it may take a little longer but you will get there if you don't stop. So keep taking actions every now and then, stop focusing on the results because you will get all of it on the right time. All you can do is keep taking actions for now and be relentless.

Stopping is for the weak, moving is for the strong, you can choose what group you want to be with, just make sure you will never make a soft decision that is rooted for failure.

Things will get better and better each day every time you move so quit stopping and always stay in motion. Never stop, never get satisfied of what you have, keep growing everyday, keep evolving everyday, focus on the growth and progress not on the outcome. Be patient because you never know when it is going to happen, it can happen now, it can happen tomorrow but even if you already became successful... there is still no room for stopping.

June 19, 2018


Think about the next step, it's not that hard. Do it, process it, never stop moving until the previous step is done. The key in life is to figure out how are you going to move forward and do it right away, never wait, never let your mind think because that will be the cause of inaction. Once you discover the next step that will give you a progress... do it, do it fast, do it with full maximum effort, never stop until it's done.

Moving forward is the only way to become successful, it's the only way to get ahead. All you have to do is do something positive in your life, stop thinking about making an impact right away, stop thinking about changing your life right away... just continue to move forward and never stop until you become successful. Stop thinking if you are right or wrong, just move forward towards your dreams, chase it, get it, sacrifice your time for it. 

The truth is... it's impossible that you can't do anything, of course there will always be a positive small step waiting to be done, there is a next step that will make your life better. All you have to do is stop thinking and start executing, do it fast and once you finish it look for another step again and do it again. It's a never ending process, that's how life works, that's how to live a better life... always moving forward and stopping at nothing.

Be creative, use your mind, you your imagination, once you figured out what to do then move fast, never change the plan, never change your goals for the day, finish them all and enjoy the process, enjoy taking actions every second. Always think that every time you're taking actions you are putting yourself very much closer to success.

It's all about who can take more actions, it's all about who is willing to move forward even if the situation is really hard, you can become the strongest and most talented person in the world but if you're not willing to move forward all the time then you will still become a loser. Moving forward is fun, I don't know why most people can't do it but it is really fun... it's giving you the best opportunities in life, it's giving you a lot of chance to become successful and great so why not attached yourself with it?

The key here is to stop thinking that you are getting tired, stop thinking that your actions were useless, of course every action has an equivalent reaction, every action will give you results so don't be afraid of taking it, just do it.

And when you come to the point when you can't think of something to do anymore... relax, breathe, take a short rest and go back to your goal again. You will come up with another bright idea again, you will find something to do again. You will never run out of something to do, the next action is already ready before you even think about it, nothing can stop you from moving forward, you have the power, you have the control you just need to realize that you can do it.

June 19, 2018


Do it just for the sake of grinding, you are talking about grind a lot now prove it, are you really a grinder or just a talker? do it even if there is no guaranteed of results, do it even if you think that you will fail, remember you're a grinder and a grinder will keep on grinding no matter what... he will just take actions and do whatever it takes to win in life. All you have to do is move, all you have to do is give your best in any kind of situation, look at your goal, look at your vision... chase your dreams.

If an opportunity is possessing a possible success that can be get by simply grinding then keep grinding, do it... show them what you can do and never stop at anything. Grind all day long, for the sake of grinding do it, it's your style, grinding is what you'er all about so don't be afraid to grind and get what is rightfully yours.

That's what grinders do... they simply grind and grind and grind, they will take actions even if it seems like there is no chance of winning. If you wanna be a real grinder then simply do it, the default of your life should be taking actions, it's all about movement and making small progress every now and then. Never think twice... just do it again and again until you succeed. Dedicate your life to grind and you will always win no matter what. You will become unstoppable, you will become powerful.

Have no conscience in taking actions, let it be part of your lifestyle, let it be your number one priority. If there is a problem you grind, if there is an opportunity you grind, if you have a goal you grind. Let it be your culture, let it be your way of living.

You don't care if you're getting results or not, you just grind, you're not cut from a different cloth, you choose what cloth you belong and that is a cloth of grinders. You're so addicted to action, you're excited with the small progress that you're getting everyday, you are getting better and better each day because grinding gives you the knowledge and skills to become a winner in life, it's preparing you to become successful.

Grind all day and you will feel happier, make yourself busy, make yourself productive so that you will never become a negative person, focus your life into your goal, forget about what is happening around you because none of them matters. You need to be super active and focus if you want to change your life. Changing your life is very easy if you will stay committed and serious.

Most people were just waiters, they wait for something to happen, they will not take the initiative to make it happen and take matters into their own hands. Waiting is for the weak, it is for the mediocre people, if you want to succeed then you better step up your game and start taking actions now. It's going to be easy if you will start now, it's going to be easy if you will give your best every single second.

June 18, 2018


Your favorite excuse is not working at all, it's just making your life worse, it's stopping you from taking actions, it's holding you back. It's giving you a temporary comfort but it's making your life more uncomfortable overall. You are getting the comfort now by staying away from challenges that you need to face but in the end you will feel uncomfortable because you are not getting the opportunities that you needed to become successful or at least even survive.

What's your favorite excuse? that you're not feeling well? you're tired? it's not your time? you don't have money? you don't have the knowledge? you're not ready? your skills are not enough? the world is unfair? you're a little bit ill? you're not lucky? you don't have what it takes? your favorite is only killing you, it's only poisoning your mind. You need to destroy your favorite excuse now and take actions. Of course it's hard in the beginning, it's hard to start, you have to realize that sometimes that's how brain works, it is challenging you, it is giving you a hard time to decide if you're going to start now or not.

Do it anyway, despite of feeling bad, scared or overwhelmed... do it anyway. So what if you suck? so what if you fail? giving your very best and nothing but the best is already a success. The time to start is now, there is no such thing as perfect timing, create a simple process or simple game plan and stick with it, go for it everyday and never skip a day.

Forget your emotions, just start, forget about feeling good because it's the biggest sin if you're trying to become successful. You will really feel uncomfortable and scared but if you really want to change your life then you will embrace inconvenience. Just get dirty, start now and do something, but make sure you will stick with it until you make it better, until you produce a little result.

Destroy all the excuses in your head, trash them. It's only giving you a little feeling of security but the truth is it is drowning you slowly, it is destroying your life and pulling you at the bottom. Replace your favorite excuse with a little action and your life will become a little bit better.

Never look for good feelings before you start, remember that success is not about feeling good, it's not about who is the most talented or intelligent, success will be experienced by people who are willing to endure any resistance or pain and still manage to start and move.

The conclusion is... you will become a loser the more you become an excuse maker, you will never win in life because you will stop yourself from taking actions, moving is the only thing that will give you a chance. There is no other way around, you cannot avoid taking actions if you want something to happen in your life.

You don't need to make extravagant results right away, you can take it slowly but consistently, you can make progress gradually, you can win even if you're the last on the line. Destroy your favorite action now and replace it with a small positive action.

June 18, 2018


You're looking for yourself, you can't find what you want, you don't know what you want because you're not moving at all, you're too stagnant and complacent, you're not doing anything to give yourself a little growth and progress.

Stop looking for what you want, you may not see it, you need to move forward and keep pushing until you finally know what is it that you really want. Experience a lot of things in life, push yourself to the extreme, work so hard so you will see what you really want, if you are doing something and you are failing on it but you keep doing it then that's what you really want.

Just move, do something, you don't need to love it so much, just do it and see how will it make you feel after doing it. Does it give you happiness? did it make you feel alive? if it's making you feel something a little bit then you love it, if there is a little spark then you love it. Stop being too picky, stop being too dramatic and choosy... you need to be moving if you want to see what you really want in life. That feeling of uncertainty before taking actions is normal, people doesn't want to take actions because they feel too much discomfort, that discomfort grows bigger and bigger because they made it a habit.

Realize that you will never become good at everything, realize that you just need to focus on one thing at a time and see where it can take you, see what level of success can it give you and see if you have that feeling of wanting to do it forever. If you're always thinking about it everyday and you feel that somehow you can become successful on it then that's what you want. Remember that you can only see your true love if you're taking actions and doing something that might give you happiness in the future.

So keep moving, keep making mistakes, keep failing. If you're doing something but you keep on failing and you want to try it one more time then maybe that's what you really want.

Step up, step on the gas, stop waiting for the inspiration... create the inspiration, create it by moving here and moving there. Life is all about taking actions, you can only feel alive if you're going extreme, you will only feel very confident if you're taking massive actions and separating your effort from other people's effort, do something that they can't do, do something that they are not willing to do, standout by being the hardest worker in your craft. Hard wok will make you see what you really want, it will make you realize who you really are.

Don't be a pony, don't be a lazy bum ass that's wasting a lot of time and thinking that everything will be fine. Start taking actions now, move now and just live your energy. If you really know what you really want then keep moving forward, play hard, work hard, fail a lot and pursue an impossible goal, everything will fall in the right place, you will begin to see what you really want to happen in your life.

June 18, 2018


The dying process is happening now, if you are living everyday then you are dying everyday. It's true, every time you wake up... the number of days remaining in your life is diminishing. You must be aware that you are getting closer and closer to death. Even if you're healthy and free from disease, your body is deteriorating a little bit , it's weakening, it's getting old. Even if you're destined to live a hundred years... you are still not free from dying, it will happen one day, you are getting closer and closer from it.

You must be aware that everyday you are getting old, time is fast and you are running out of time. If you haven't started living yet because of laziness and fear then you better make a decision now, make a stand that you will live your life to the fullest. Living your life to the fullest doesn't mean having fun, it doesn't mean acting stupid and making reckless decisions, it means you need to give your best, it means you need to follow your dreams and take massive actions to become successful. You need to know what is possible for your life, you need to have that relentless chase so that you will have no regrets in the end.

Never take your life for granted, you should take it seriously, treat it like it's very precious and make sure you know that you only have one life. Most of you didn't know about it, you think that there is life after death, you think that you can always make a comeback tomorrow so you can do stupid things today, don't you know that tomorrow is not guaranteed? give your best now so you won't regret it in the end. Destroy that mentality of everything is cool, it's not cool if you're not doing something, it's not cool if you're too passive and you're letting the universe dictate your life.

You should be the one who is in control. Stop fooling yourself, stop thinking that you have a lot of time left. This world is full of randomness and if you're not afraid to take over then your life will drift like a useless leaf falling into the ground.

Life is short, that's the message of this article. Stop being arrogant thinking that you have a lot of time left, if you need to do something you better do it now, force things to happen. Your chilling ability is overrated, you think it's helping you but it's not, it's only making your life slower and complacent.

One life roll the dice, do everything that will make you happy, pursue real happiness not the happiness that you get from laziness, partying, shopping for no reason, impressing people, stalking the lives of other people etc. The real happiness can be found from growth, it's making yourself better each day and seeing your full potential, it's realizing your biggest dreams and pushing through pain.

Life is hard but you still need to appreciate it, don't sleep on life, always feel alive everyday because the dying process is happening now. Learn to love every single second of your life even if it's difficult and tragic. Be ok with being sad and simply focus on what really matters.

June 18, 2018


Success is all about habits, it's all about doing the right things that will make you successful. If you are doing something ask yourself.. is it bringing you closer to success? is it making you improve, is it giving you the right momentum to become very close to success? you can try to look busy, you can work hard but if it's not bringing you closer to success then it's simply a waste of time.

You need to build the habits and produce the right thoughts that will make you closer to success. You've been consume with different things and ideas that are only making life more difficult for you. Filter those things get rid of them, if you can't get rid of them permanently then just try to lessen them. Make sure the percentage of doing the right things is bigger than the percentage of wrong things. It's all about controlling yourself, it's all about making right small decisions every now and then.

Anything that you're doing is either bringing you closer or bringing you farther. It's either moving you forward or pushing you backward. You know if it is working or not, you're just not aware of it. You know what is right or wrong, you just can't accept it. If you can just accept that you're not doing something good and you will just push yourself to at least take the first step and follow it with another one and another one then you will achieve a little success. It's not about taking a huge quantum leap that will make you almost made it. It's not about being very fast to achieve success... it's about getting a little bit closer and a little bit closer each day. Forget about rapid growth, forget about turbo charging for success... take your time, feel the pain and enjoy the process.

The small things are what makes the the big things. If you can just enjoy achieving small progress everyday and not getting bored waiting then everything is possible for you, your chances of getting successful is above the roofs.

Ask yourself now and answer honestly... is it bringing you closer to success or not? The reality is... something that is fun is not giving you progress at all, it is fun but it has no content. Playing video games is fun, drinking a lot is fun, shopping is fun, gossiping is fun, hating is fun, being negative is fun, acting like a bum is fun, being lazy is fun but these things are not giving you any progress, these things are just making you broke, unmotivated and underachieving.

Hard work, discipline, sacrifice, embracing boredom... these things will make you successful, they are hard, they are hurtful to your ears but they are the ones that will make you a better person. They are the ones that will give you progress.

That's why success is so difficult to achieve, it's a long and boring process. It will make you go crazy, it will make you give up. The activities for getting it is not fun, it's hard but you have to do it if you want to become really successful.