April 23, 2018


If you want to win big time... you must lose a lot, you must keep pushing forward even if you keep on losing time and time again. A lot of successful people have lost a lot in the beginning but they never lose hope, they keep on pushing forward even if it really hurts so bad, even if it really sucks because people are laughing at them because they can't get results.

Lose a lot in the beginning, cry a lot, mourn a lot... that will make you hard, that will make you go hard. That anger because of losing will put you on fire, you will become unstoppable, you will do impossible things that you thought was not possible before.

The big prize is always in the end, you will never find it in the beginning... it's always in the end, just trust the process and keep moving forward, never stop, never change directions. Keep on losing and keep working hard... that's how to win in life.

So stop thinking about the number of losses that you have, just try again next time, try again tomorrow, try again and never get tired of trying. That success will fall into your hands one day, you will be able to embrace it, it will submit to your will.

April 22, 2018


This for sure... the winning position will change, if the Chicago Bulls were champions before and the Philadelphia Sixers were losers before... look at the position now, the Sixers were winning... the become the more dangerous team.

This belief can be applied in your life too, just because your team or place is losing doesn't mean you're going to lose forever. Just because your family is a loser before doesn't mean you will never be able to go to the top. Just persevere and work hard... life changes fast, the momentum changes day by day, you never know what may happen next.

Stay focus on your dreams, sometimes it's all about outlasting everyone until you find yourself the only person standing up for what you believe in.

The victory will not only stay in one house, it is not permanent, it may visit your house one day and if success is showing its shadow... you must be prepare to embrace it, you must be willing to give everything you got so it won't escape.

Just keep waiting and grinding, your situation will change in just a matter of time.

April 21, 2018


Try it, don't be afraid to try it... always remember that you need to learn the lesson. Even if you fail, even if you get embarrassed... you will still learn something. 

Don't be so arrogant that you already know it, don't ever think that you can make it right on the first try. Nobody can make it on the first try, you have to learn and you can only learn in the end... when the mistakes and failures already happened. 

It's not all about winning, it's about learning to win. You have to learn in the end and start winning after it. 

Never hesitate to try something, never hesitate to roll the dice. Life is more fun if you will make a lot of mistakes, just enjoy it, enjoy being lost... you will find yourself in the end if you're persevering and really working hard. 

So if you can't find the logic of what you're doing... keep doing it, you will learn as the time goes by, don't rush, be patient and your mind will expand. You will gain a lot of experience, you will become master and will make better decisions tomorrow.  

There is no lesson in the beginning, it only happens in the end so be ready to squeeze every information that you can squeeze. 

The right lessons will be served to you, you can use it to make good judgement in the future. 

April 21, 2018


A lot of people think that doing nothing is easier than doing everything. If you're not busy, if you're not doing something to make your life better then you will go crazy, you will get lost, you don't know where to go, you don't know what to do. You will feel weak and powerless, you want to do something or achieve something but you can't do it.

To be honest, moving and failing again and again is better than not moving at all. If you're not moving then you will become depressed, you will feel sick but if you are moving... your mind will become very busy and you will forget that your life is not progressing.

If you fail because you're not taking actions then you're really a failure but if you're failing but you're giving your best then you're not failing at all, you're just on the process. And you will get there, if you keep moving forward then you will get there. Just trust the process, trust that the universe is also working for you, trust that what you want is looking for you too.

If you're not taking actions, if you're not looking for small progress everyday... you will go insane, you feel like you have a problem that you can't identify. The funny thing is.. you will always promise yourself to take actions tomorrow but you will never do it. The pain grows stronger and stronger every time you procrastinate, the funnier thing is you think that your life will change without doing anything.

And if you can't see the change takes place... you will blame something, you will blame the government, people around you etc. Failing is hard because you know that you're going to fail right from the start, you know that pain is about to come and the cycle repeats itself. But if you will force yourself to become successful.... everything will be easier, it's only hard in the beginning but once you learned the pattern... everything will be in a breeze.

April 20, 2018


Everyone wants to become unique, it's because they will get noticed, they will get appreciation from other people. But there's a huge risk if you're trying to become super unique... you are not being yourself anymore, you are so focused on what other people thinks of you, are moving because you are trying to impress them, you don't feel good about yourself anymore because you have to meet their standards.

Some people are forcing themselves to behave they way they don't normally behave, they wear clothes that they don't really like just to stand out, they are trying so hard, they speak differently not because they are different but because they want to look cool.

Just be yourself and you will unique, if you are really true to yourself and you're not hiding anything then people will accept you, people will see the beauty in you. Trying so hard will make you look rude, arrogant, loud and out of timing.

That's why some people in the entertainment cannot succeed... they are trying so hard, they want to market themselves so they will fake everything in their lives.

April 20, 2018


Worrying is a pain in the ass... a real pain, it is killing you little by little, it is making you sick, it is a traitor. It is giving you thoughts that are making you unproductive, it is poisoning your mind and you can't do anything about it because you're not moving, you decide to just think about it, you're not focusing on what you can control anymore.

If you want to kill worries forever... keep yourself busy... just do something, be active, never rest, never let your mind think for a second.

The trick here is to entertain yourself and forget the time. Time is getting slower and slower every time you worry. Learn to do something positive. Sweep the floor, wash the dishes, draw a cartoon, count your money, sing, dance... just do something that will avoid your mind from thinking, keep yourself super busy. It is better if what you will do will give you benefits in the future. Create solutions, discover some techniques to make your skill better.

If you have a problem then solve it little by little by being busy, do something that will make the problem light, don't try to solve it fast, solve it gradually... take your time, have fun solving it. Don't ever try to do stupid things that will make your problems bigger... you will worry even more if you do that. 

Any positive activity will keep your mind from worrying. And if you really can't stop worrying... think deeply, ask yourself... is your problem going to kill you? is it the end of the world? will worrying too much gonna help you? Answer yourself honestly and once you feel good because of you discover that the answer is very simple... start taking actions again.

April 20, 2018


The moment you short cut the process is the start of your failure. Never focus on the result, focus on the journey itself, enjoying the journey is the trick to become successful, if you can find ways how to enjoy the process and avoid getting bored with repetition then you will become successful, as simple as that.

It make take years, decades or forever but if you can have fun with anything that you do then you're already a winner. Don't be scared of missing out some things that other have. If they can get it fast don't be afraid of getting it slow. You have your own timing, your time will come if you will work hard for everything that you want.

Focusing on the results will make you quit earlier than expected, if you can't see yourself succeeding you will go the other way, you will look for an easier path that you don't really like, you think you like it because it's giving you something that is missing while pursuing your original goal.

Always checking for results will make you feel bad if you can't see something positive. You will feel betrayed, you will feel that the world is so unfair because you're so working hard but you can't see any reward from what you're doing.

Even if the process is so long and hard, you don't have any choice but to do it. Quitting and starting all over again will only make life harder than before, you are just fooling yourself if you will start something new because when the going gets tough.... you will quit again. You will look for the easy exit again, your cycle will never stop, you're becoming a quitter time and time again. It's becoming your habit, it's already in your system, it's already in your pattern, it is embedded in your mind. The more you quit... the more you become a loser... a big time loser. So enjoy the process now and never look for results, you will be rewarded if you will be rewarded. What will happen will happen, just trust the process and learn how to enjoy it even if it's so boring.

April 20, 2018


Why is the lion always getting some food? why did a lion always catches the prey? because he is always hungry, he is always hunting like there is no more tomorrow, once he bite... he will never let go the poor prey, he will bite it until it's dead.

Have a lion mindset, once you are looking for something... feel the hunger in your system, do whatever it takes to get it. Move fast, move silently but surely. Take risks that are worth taking for. Hunt like a lion, move faster, fight harder, always think about your hunger. Never go home without having something to bring for your family. Once you see a small opportunity... grab it and never let go of it until it's yours.

Always have that killer mentality, once you got a piece of it... go for the kill, never let the opportunity escape, make it yours, bring it home.

April 20, 2018


It's hard to earn money... it's the reality, if earning money is easy then everybody will do it, you have to be realistic here, a lot of people thinks that there is an easy way to make money that's why then end up losing a lot of money in the end or the worst... they found themselves trapped in a quicksand and they don't know how to escape from it.

I discuss here the 5 hard ways to make money because this website is real, it talks about the reality and not fantasy just to get some traffic or attention.

1. Apply for a job. Apply on line, apply door to door, it's very simple... apply for a job. Apply even if you're not qualified, apply even if you don't have the skills, some companies will train you. Even if they don't train you, you have no choice but to learn by yourself. Pretend that you know something then once you're there... figure out how to do it. Don't be scared to fail, don't be scared to get embarrassed. Remember that money is your goal and not what people say. Don't be scared if they get mad at you because you can't do it... try and try and you will figure out what to do next. Even if they fire you... at least you earn something, now use that earning to look for another job. The best thing about it is you are getting a lot of inputs, you are getting a lot of information.

2. Sell some things. You don't have money right? you need it right? sell your iPhone, sell your shoes, sell anything that will give you some money. Use it as a capital to make more money. Selling is very easy, the internet is available, it's very easy to sell nowadays.

3. Sell your blood. There are some blood banks who pay good price, don't worry because donating blood is healthy. Just make sure you have enough rest. Whatever is the profit.. keep it, use it for important things only. Are you going to waste your blood for nothing? are you going to use the money to buy some shits that will only make you poor?

4. Borrow money from the bank.  There is a good debt and there is a bad debt. If you will use the money your borrowed from the bank for business then it's a good debt but if you will only use it t buy gadgets or fancy things then that is a bad debt. Always remember that you borrowed it, there are consequences waiting for you if you don't pay the bank, the security guard might shoot you in the head if you don't pay them.

5. Beg. If you're too lazy then just beg, if you don't have pride and no confidence in yourself then beg. Begging is not bad if it is effective, the only question is... did you see someone who became rich from begging?

This is the sad truth... it's hard to make money so once you have it... take care of it and always have something for emergency. Life is full of jokes, you think you are in good condition now but tomorrow you will find yourself in a garbage can. It's hard to earn money but it's possible to earn money so make decisions wisely and don't act like you're a millionaire if all you do is show your fake riches on facebook.

April 20, 2018


Just like an action star in some of the old school movies... you were beaten in the beginning, you are badly defeated and you're wounded on the ground but in the end you will fight back and show those bastards who you really are, you will carry your ass around the town and bury any problem that is in front of you, you will face all the challenges and pressure. You don't feel anything about small defeats, you just keep moving forward and make progress little by little.

Life is like that, you will be defeated in the beginning, you will dust yourself off and make yourself like a king in the end.

It's normal that you will lose in the beginning, it's ok because you can always make a comeback, you can always do what is needed to make your life better than yesterday. Just endure those early defeats, make yourself stronger and then those defeats will be converted to wins.

April 19, 2018


You've been train how to think by the society, your mind is conditioned by the commercials, guru wannabes, life coaches, teachers, bosses, parents etc. While some of their words were true... you still have a choice how to think.

Don't believe people easily, if the information is not that attractive to you don't believe it, try it for yourself, see if it will really work, don't get easily fooled by the conditioning of the society, some people have their own agenda and they will use you or control you just to get what they want.

Nobody knows the exact answer. Some books out there will teach you how to become happy, successful, courageous, slim, kind etc. Those books were so funny, some of them will not work for you. The best thing to do is do the trial and error method. Try it but don't believe it so fast, you have to test it first.

Nobody knows the exact answer on how to do things properly and perfectly, you will only know the right answer if you will throw yourself up there and experience what needs to be experienced.

You will be the only one who will know the exact answer, the answer that were purely designated for you. Go and look for it now, go and discover it yourself, you are free to try things, you are free to experiment. Enjoy the ride, enjoy your journey.

April 19, 2018


To gain advantage in anything that you're doing... you must learn a lot, you must have a lot of inputs, you cannot thrive if all you know is one thing, what if there is something you need to do and you don't anything about it? A prepared soldier will never lose a battle, a soldier with few bullets will die earlier.

You need to have a lot of inputs, you need a lot of weapons. You need to collect many inputs as you can and get rid of the most unattractive, throw away the input that doesn't make you feel good, your instincts will guide you what is right and what is wrong, if an input can't make you feel excited then throw it. Because even if it's effective... if you don't like it then you will never use it.

April 19, 2018


You know what is wrong with you, don't pretend that you don't know what is going on, don't pretend that you're sick... you know what is wrong with you. You know that you're doing right things that's why your life is always miserable, you can't admit it because you have too much ego, you can't accept that you're a failure, you can't accept that you're not that good. You always think that you're good, you always think that you're right but deep inside you know you're doing some bad thing that is making your ship sink.

Wake up and accept your responsibility, wake up and stop pretending that everything will be alright because it will never be unless you take the actions needed to change your life.

You don't need any doctor, you don't need any psychologist, you don't need any life coach that will just take away your money and take your time... you know what is wrong with you... admit it and try to change your life little by little.

It's all in the focus, what you focus upon will be your reality, if your mind is so confused and cluttered then your life will become a mess but if you're focused on what you want then you will get it. Whether it is bad or good... you will get what you want. You know what is wrong with you, change it now before it's too late.

Open your eyes and accept change, face the discomfort by correcting what is wrong. Use your willpower... it is very strong, it can even move hills, it can even freeze the river. It is not impossible to change your life if you will admit what is wrong with you and start removing it in your system little by little.

April 19, 2018


Speed is the asset nowadays, the faster you are the more you can do... the bigger the success you will get. Be fast in making decisions, be fast in making mistakes and moving on... it is what it is, life is fast so you should be fast too.

If you're not progressing, if you can't make something happen it means you're too slow, you can't even do the smallest action needed to start, you can't create a momentum because you're too slow. You're always late, you can't pass the project on time, you can't attend the meeting early.

If you want to create significant improvement... you better step up your game, you better be fast, move fast, think fast, pass all the requirements fast, finish all the task needed fast... that's the best way to stay ahead in the game.

If you will keep on living in a slow pace then the competition will eat you alive, you will lose over and over again, you will never become successful.

So start practicing speed now and be faster than yesterday, be faster than earlier, once you need to do something... do it as fast as you can.

April 19, 2018


It's not real yet that's why it's called belief, it will only become real if you keep on believing it plus you need to take a lot of actions to make it happen. Your belief can be anything, it can be impossible, it can be too easy. It is your belief, you're the only one who can make it real.

Whether it's true or not... it is your belief, it can be anything, you can be very creative in creating your beliefs, don't worry about what people say. Even if they call you crazy because your belief is too high... it's your right, that's why it is called belief... it is unlimited, it can be anything.

The best thing is... you have the power to make your beliefs come true, it is in your hands if you want it to become real or not. Your belief is your guide, it is your direction. Whatever you believe will come true if you truly believe in it and have faith in it. Your belief will be attracted to you every time you amplify it with positivity.

So keep believing because it's free, it is unlimited, protect your beliefs, it is yours, never let anything change it, never let anyone influence it.

April 19, 2018


You're almost there, you're almost winning. If you're very close to success then you will see a lot of problems, you will see a lot of challenges, obstacles will go on your way, it will block you. You will feel like quitting, you will feel like it's not worth it anymore, but it's normal, those are the stresses that you have to face if you really want to become successful.

If everything is easy then it means you're not succeeding. You must be aware if you're not pushing yourself anymore, it means you're not progressing. If everything is comfortable then growth is not presence.

You're seeing problems because you're very near, you're almost done. When you're very near from the finish line it means you will make it, it goes harder and harder if you're almost winning, you will become tired, your muscles will sore, your head can't think anymore. Just endure it, if you have a lot of problems... it means you're very close to winning.

April 19, 2018


You can become a monster, you can become greedy, you can become hard worker or it will make you lazy because you don't believe in yourself. You can become great, you can become humble or arrogant... your goal will change you, it depends on how you handle yourself. Never let your goal change you to a bad person, the transformation should always be positive.

That's the best thing about having a goal... it will change your life, it will turn you into something. Sometimes you will not be able to control yourself. You're just doing what you need to do. That's how powerful a goal is... it will control you, it will make you do things that you don't normally do. It is powerful, it can make you move, it can change your life.

So if you are aspiring fora  big goal... you will become a hard worker, it's because the amount of effort needed to rich that goal is really big, it can also turn you into a lazy person because you got overwhelmed, you will procrastinate a lot.

Whatever your transformation will be... embrace it, try to control yourself if you're heading into a bad direction. If you're changing for the better then good for you, let your goal use you, let your goal direct you to success.

April 19, 2018


Your mind is being poisoned by negativity, it is being blackened, you need to clear the negative thoughts or else it will ruin your life. How does it feel to entertain negativity in your life? it feels bad right? it's so stressful and unhealthy.

Stop poisoning your mind, stop entertaining fears. You are the one who is destroying yourself by thinking too much and worrying about the future, the future is now, the time is now. Live with the moment but don't do stupid things. A lot of people were saying they should live with the moment, they will do reckless decisions but once they need to face the consequences of their actions... they will not live with the moment anymore, they would love to jump in the future, they want their problems to go away that fast. They created it but they don't want to solve it, where is the living with the moment there?

Just think about positive things, just think about solutions, focus on improvements, focus on growth. Your mind is being poisoned by worries, worries were built through inaction, inaction is the product of procrastination, fear is the sum of hesitation plus laziness. If you want your mind to become free... always move, always do what is best for your life.

Making good decisions is very easy, people can't do it because they want to reward themselves right away, they want to buy what they don't need that's why they become broke, they want to take drugs every time they are stressed that's why they can't think right anymore, they want to be lazy every time they see that the action needs to be done is so hard. You are poisoning your mind every time you want to feel comfortable.

Protect your mind by embracing the discomfort, do what is needed, practice delayed gratification. Feel bad now and feel good later. Sacrifice is the investment, success is the profit.

April 19, 2018


Face your laziness now... face it, do it. You will never feel ready... ever. The moment you find yourself making excuses... that's the time that you should take actions. Facing laziness is like facing freedom, you are making yourself free, you are becoming better and better.

That's the main reason why you're not getting what you want... you're too lazy, you need to think right, you need to be one of the hardest workers in this world if you want to thrive. It is what it is, life is hard... no one is going to help you.

Because it's not really going to be easy, looking for easy ways will make your life even harder. You need to force yourself to move even if your body feels like there is an invincible force that is paralyzing it. Condition your mind to stand up right away the moment you wake up, condition your mind to just do it whenever you need to do it.

Facing laziness is one of the hardest things to do but you need to do it if you really want to change. Go hard for one week and let the momentum keep burning, never kill it. Go hard each day... that's the fastest way to change. Forget about anything else, stop looking for perfection just focus on the execution.

If something is bothering your mind... ignore it and just keep going. Time is fast, you will never know that it's already time to sleep if you go hard the whole day. The best way to entertain yourself is to go really hard and never stop until you get satisfied... until you feel that there is a change that happened.

April 19, 2018


The sad truth is... success is hiding behind your fears, the fear that you created is the one that's stopping you, you are the one who's stopping yourself, not other people, not other things... you are the one who is responsible for your failure.

Fear is slowing you down, it is destroying your dreams little by little, why don't you fall in love with your fears? why don't you just face it and see what is behind it? if it will not kill you then it can only make you strong. Facing fears has a lot of benefits, you just need to accept it and believe in it. It can make you mentally tough, it will make you a different person, it will make you an animal. Attack your fears and it will no longer scare you.

Just keep working even if you're scared... again, if it can't kill you then it will only make you strong... how good was that?

It's so fun facing your fears, it will make you know yourself, it will reveal your true colors, are you going to be in a flight or fight mode? are you going to crumble or stay composed? are you going to quit or are you going to keep fighting.

Fear is just an emotion but it's hard to deal with it because you don't want to face it, you overrate it, you think of it as something big and something that you can't conquer.

The moment you face your fears is the moment you see freedom, you will know that it's not of a big deal, you will learn that it's not really scary.

Be closer to your fears, do what you are afraid of and you will know the real meaning of life, you will know that it's not that hard.

April 19, 2018


The fact that you try is already an achievement, it's already glory. Trying is very hard especially if the risk is too high, trying is hard if your identity is on the line. A lot of people doesn't want to try because they think that they already have legacy, they think that they are so special. Let me wake you up... you are nothing. Even if you think that you already succeed... you are still nothing, those achievements were nothing. Whether you succeed or failed... if you try then that's already a wonderful experience. It's a very nice experience. Trying is so hard, a lot of people died without even trying.

Trying means achievement, trying means you're already there.. you're already on the journey, you just need to persevere more, do more and give your best every single second.

Failing is part of the process, this is one thing that you should know, there is no harm in trying, you will even have no regrets if you try with all your might, you will feel good if you really push yourself to the limits because you will know what kind of person you are, you will know what you are made of.

Endure the pressure you can stay with it, have pride in your work, have pride that you are trying so hard and you are willing to give your life just to become successful.

Full maximum effort is what you need to exert. Use all of your knowledge and strength to get something. Never get intimidated if the dream is so big, never be scared of something that is not happening yet. You will only know what will happen next if you try now. So don't hesitate, don't think twice just pull the trigger and try to deliver.

April 19, 2018


You do it because you want to do it, you do it because you want to feel how it feels to hustle and really grind. A real hustle is something that doesn't focused too much on success, it's hustling for the love of hustle itself, it's not complaining, it's simply working and working until success is achieved. It never ran out of patience, it can wait and work until success is finally achieved.

Just for the love it, just for the love of work and nothing else, success is just a bonus of course you still want it but if it is not coming then you are still ok, you will still grind, you will still work and never get tired.

And even if you get tired... you will just rest for a minute and then here you go again... hustling and grinding just to find something. Fatigue means nothing to you, failure either. You're like an energizer... your energy never get depleted.

You know that the action itself is the real prize, you know that making positive improvements is already heaven. You always pull the trigger, you do what you need to do to break free. You feel so bad if you're not executing, you feel like sick every time you're sleeping.

It's your culture, it's you're religion, it's natural to you. It is embedded into your system and you will die without it. You can choose a lifestyle that you want, why not choose the life of a hustler, results will come to you naturally, success will become easier and faster to achieve.

You will feel lazy sometimes, you will feel bad sometimes but will still go back to the old you... you will become a hustler again.

That's your only game plan... hustle and grind, it is very effective. Don't be like other people who talks about hustle but they don't have the track records of hustling everyday.

April 19, 2018


If you don't know how to become successful then look at some people who became successful and just copy what they are doing. Copy their lifestyle, copy their habits, copy all of their actions and thought process. That's the surest way to become successful. All you need to do is be an imitator, there's nothing wrong with that, if you don't know how to become successful then what is your plan? get lost?

If anyone can become successful then you can become successful too, other people's success should serve as an inspiration for you that you too can become one of them. Don't get jealous, don't get envious, don't feel bad about other people's success. You should rather feel happy because some people are becoming successful, feeling bad about other people's success is just a sign of weakness.

If you see someone becoming a millionaire... you can become like that too, just copy his behavior, habits and thought process. Don't be afraid to look like a copycat, if it's the only process that is working for you then do it.

You can replicate the success of your father, brother, friend, idol, neighbor, teacher. You can become successful too, maybe you cannot surpass them but you can become very close to their level. OR maybe if you really work so hard and give your best then maybe you can become greater than them.

Just trust yourself, you can become successful too. If you trust yourself too much and you are really paying the price then you don't need to look for others, you don't need to copy them. Just do it your way... everything will become good in the end.

April 18, 2018


What they are telling you is not real, if it is making you feel bad then it's not real. People will tell you that you're not good enough, people will tell you that you don't have the skills to become successful, they will tell you that you don't have whatever it takes, it's normal because you're pursuing something. Some people will really get jealous, just ignore them because the moment you give them any attention... you're done. Your confidence will go down, you will fall into their trap.

Just keep going, there is nothing wrong in taking chances, you have to put yourself on a position where you can succeed, you can only do that by taking massive actions. Be relentless and powerful, never stop until you become successful.

Every negative feedback that you are hearing... just ignore all of it, the game plan is to keep moving forward. You are the only one who has the right to tell yourself that you can't do it and nobody else.

April 18, 2018


If you're not tough, if you're not resilient then don't ever look for success because it's not something for you. Success is not for the weak, it's for people who are not strong but tough. Strong is very different from tough. Anyone can look strong especially if they are winning and everything is going well with their lives but not everyone can become tough. Toughness means you look weak but you are not quitting, toughness means you're almost losing but you still keep going, you are resilient, you are tenacious... no challenge can ever put you down.

Toughness cannot be seen if you're winning, you can see it if you're losing and everything else in your world is falling apart. You can try to look tough but you can never fake it, once there is a big problem or pressure that is touching you... what will you do? is that fake look going to save you? of course not.

Toughness can be see if you are suffering and yet you don't want to quit, again... everyone can look strong, everyone can fake strength especially if he is winning but what if he is losing? what if he is on a slump?

Choose toughness over strength, toughness will never fail you, it will never let you quit. Strength is overrated, you can see it anywhere, everyone is faking it, a lot of people were so over hyped but when it comes to seeing them perform under pressure or under pain... they look so weak, they look like a helpless puppy.

Elevate your mental toughness and everything else will follow, stick with the game plan, never quit, face challenges everyday... success is easy if you will face hard.

April 18, 2018


Sometimes because you're pushing too much, because you're working hard for so long... you want to become successful, you can't wait anymore, you want to get it now.

Always remember that it's just a journey, you don't need to feel bad even if you're not succeeding because it's all part of the process, sometimes it will really take too long to get there.

It's a journey, there will be times that it is really hard. IT's normal, it's all part of the journey. Don't feel bad if you feel like you're not progressing, it is what it is, you really need to face the pain because just like what I said... it's all part of the process, you can never escape it, you really need to face it.

April 18, 2018


If you really believe in yourself then no matter what happens... your confidence will always come back. It may go down, it may fade a little bit, sometimes you will even doubt yourself big time but don't worry... your confidence will always come back. It is normal for people to lose their confidence, were are only humans, we will get scared every once in a while but we must remember that it's just a struggle, we must remember that confidence come and go, you will never become confident everyday, it is impossible to do that but it is still possible to stay positive, it is still possible to take actions even if you're not confident at all.

Even if you're not confident now... keep pushing, your confidence will come back tomorrow, it will come back later. Just deal with your emotions now, if you're scared so be it, don't be afraid to feel it.

It's ok to become scared for as long as you know that you're scared, some people are scared without knowing it, they are rushing, they are going with the flow even if the flow is too bad. They are making poor decisions because they never know that they are scared from the start. If you know that you're scared and you're lacking the confidence then it will be easy for you to feel better, you will just stay calm for a moment and you will take actions little by little, you will wait for the right timing to execute.

Your confidence is unlimited, it will never run out, it will always comeback, it is refillable, it is bottomless. Sometimes it is weak, sometimes you can't feel it but it will always come back for sure. So stop panicking, just keep moving forward, you don't need to rush things, you don't need to even force it at all, just wait for it and it will come back.

April 18, 2018


Same habit, same process, same way of thinking, same negativity... that will never change your life. If you want to change your life then you better change your habits, change the way your mind behave, change your habits, change your discipline. Your life will only change if there is discomfort present around you, if you're too comfortable then it means you're not changing. Stress is the number one indicator of stress.

Just like removing to a different place... it is stressful right, you feel like a rookie, you feel like you don't anything. It's because change is taking place. Change will happen if you're sick and tired of your life and you want to see a different level. You must do everything to elevate your status in life.

You must forge small progress everyday. Look at your habits, look at your mind and stop doing something like that tomorrow. DO something that is much faster, better and with more benefits... as simple as that. It's really hard, you will feel like you're getting sick but that's how to change... that's how to produce something different in your life.

Look at your results, look at your habits. Your habits is congruent to the level of success that you have right now, if you don't like what is going on with your life... you better change your habits, change your mind, change your thought process. A changed habit is a changed life, if you want your life to change then you better step up your game and stop acting like everything is alright. It's not alright if you want to change, it means there is something wrong going on, it means you don't want something in your life that's why you wanted to change.

Change your mind now, change your actions, don't change anything around you... change your attitude. If you change the way you act and think then everything around you will change.

April 18, 2018


Look at the numbers that made you feel good, meaning look at the gains and not on the loss. Always look at something that is progressing, look at something that is growing, never look for something that is decreasing. It's all about focusing on what is working and not focusing on what isn't.

Because if you keep on looking at what is going down then you will keep going down, your focus is your destination. If you're looking at the loss and worrying about it then that loss will multiply, it will grow even more. But if you're looking at the gains and keep focusing on it, if you are enjoying those small gains then it will also grow bigger and bigger... as simple as that.

April 18, 2018


Don't worry if you don't know what to say... there is always an excuse when you need one. You can invent any kind of excuse, even if it sounds insanely ridiculous and unbelievable... some stupid people will still believe it, you can make other people look like a fool by your funny excuses.

BUT... there is a bog but, you can get away with it but it will come back to you in the future. Once you become a man full of excuses... you become a man full of shit. Nobody will believe you anymore, you will even lose confidence in yourself, you will never feel good every time you make excuses. Making excuses is like inviting weakness in your life.

Excuses are for losers, you can invent a story anytime you want but that story will never serve you, it will never give you any benefits. Making excuses are for people who cannot deliver, it is for people who keeps on failing.

If you will become an excuse maker forever then you will never succeed in life, you're just fooling yourself, you're making a story that will never make you a better person.

You can make a lot of excuses but the more you do it... the more you suck, the more you are losing your value. You will never become successful if you always make excuses because you will always use it just to make yourself comfortable. Always looking for comfort will make your life mediocre, you will never achieve anything if that is your kind of mindset.

You must do it even if you don't feel good, you must do it even if it is really uncomfortable.

That's what separates successful people from failures... successful people never make excuses... ever.

April 18, 2018


You don't need a guru, you don't need someone who will teach you shits. What if you can't afford someone to teach you? just be close to what you want and need and you will learn. If you want to learn about engineering then just be close with engineers, have diner with your friend that is an engineer, ask questions, buy some second hand books, look for you tube videos that talks about engineering... that's how you learn, be close to what you want and try to absorb everything that you can learn, you can learn by just looking at it and getting curious about it. You can learn through researching and preparing, actualize and act that you already possess that information.

Be close to what you want and you will learn something from it, if you want to be a stock trader... be close to the websites about stocks, look at the websites, look at the forums, look at the terms and study it one by one... you will learn a lot if you're really close to it and you put it into your heart.

Make it your life, make it your passion. Do some trial and error methods and you will learn a lot, it's ok to make mistakes, it's ok to get embarrassed but you should never make yourself not close to what you want, you should be very close from it, only inches should separate you from it.

What is near from you is what you will see, it will eat a lot of your time, you will be drawn to it. SO look at the people and things that are close to you, look at the activities that are very close to you... you will learn from them, be careful because not all that you are learning is good, some are very bad information that will never help you to make your life better.

Be selective of the things and people around you... choose what will give you growth and the right education you needed to succeed.

April 18, 2018


Never envy successful people because they have problems too, the funny thing is... some of them are creating their own problems, they can't see any problems with their lives so they create it, they are going crazy.

So don't get jealous at them, you have your own life, you can make it big too, you can also make it something special. And even if you're already successful... you will still have problems in life, challenges will never go away, it is part of your life. You just need to deal with it and accept that it will come and go.

The key to have a happier life is to accept that problems will always be there, accept that discomfort will always be there and you don't need to feel good every time. Stress is there, uncomfortable moments will always be there. Just because people are successful doesn't mean they were so happy, whether you are successful or not... you will still experience a lot of problems in life. It's how you deal with those problems that will determine your happiness, if you're ok having those problems then you will survive in life.

Don't wish for someone's life, it is disrespecting your own life, it's not believing in yourself. If you can just be ok with your situation and keep getting growing everyday then you will be fine. It's ok to dream big but don't ever feel bad if you can't make a huge leap towards your dreams. Take it slowly if you need to, take it little by little if that's the only thing you can do.

Because the moment you get your dreams... you will still have some problems, you are still not secured, you are still in trouble. It's all in the mind, if you can make yourself believe that everything is alright then there is nothing else to worry about anymore. You can be liberated if you are so comfortable being uncomfortable.

April 18, 2018


Don't ever feel bad if your skills suck, it is ok, keep practicing and you will improve everyday, you will go to a different level. It's hard to become great but it's possible if you will enjoy the journey. You may be bad but you're not the worst, there is someone out there who looks funnier than you. But that person is trying, that person is still working hard even if people is laughing at him.

Your skills will never be the same as before if you keep practicing everyday. Repetition will make you a genius, give time for the skills that you want to develop and you will become good at it one day, people will no longer laugh at you anymore. It's ok if you're being laughed at right now, there is nothing wrong with that. Just keep practicing because you have a lot of time. Never look for greatness right away because that will never happen, you need to accept that it take a very long time to become good, it will take a lot of frustrations and disappointments to become really good at something.

But  you will become good one day if you keep working hard. Stay consistent and never stop, stay with the grind, stay with the hustle. You're not the last one in the rankings, someone has poorer skill level than you. Keep climbing the ladder until you reach the top.

April 18, 2018


People are so worried if their lives were going down, they think that it's over, they think that they cannot go up anymore. Life is just like that, it's going up and down but it will never stay below forever, it will keep on going up. Just like the economy, they say that it is recession, they say that life is hard but if you will look at the people's salary... it keeps on going up no matter what. The prices keeps going up, the problems keeps going up but you are still alive, you are still breathing. It keeps going up and up and if you are not happy with the change... you will never survive in this world, if you keep on complaining then you will become broke forever.

Just like the stock market, the stocks keeps going up and down, people are so worried, people are panicking but if they will only wait for a long period of time... they will learned that in the end... they never lose, the stocks keeps getting higher every year, if not every year then every ten years... they don't have anything to lose.

All you need to do is keep your cool, watch your life go up and down but be confident that it will go up in the end. Just keep working hard, just keep doing what you does best and there is nothing more to worry about. There will be challenges, there will be problems but those are normal, it is nothing. You will survive, you will forget your problems one day. And of course... another problem will show, that is the beauty of life.. it is full of challenges, if you're not being challenged anymore then it means you're dying, it means you're lost and complacent.

So stay calm, stay collective... relax because you're in good hands, never try to always look for comfort, never try to always look for easy success. It's hard but at the end of the day... you will still become successful, you will still end at the top.

April 18, 2018


With or without it... life goes on, the world will still revolve. Don't look for someone or something to make you happy, never think that your happiness is fully attached from something because that will only make you weak, that will never help you.

It is not there before, you are happy before even without it, why are you in trouble now if it is slowly going away from you? you don't have a car before, you don't have that kind of money before, you are poor before... why are you so worried if those things feels like slowly being taken away from you? you don't have anything before, always remember that you don't have anything to lose.

Your partner left you... you think that the world is over, you think that you cannot live anymore. You're so funny because you have no partner when you were just a child, he or she is not with you before but you are happy. Why will you kill yourself now with sadness? you are alone before and you are alone now so what is the big difference.

You have nothing to lose in life, you have everything to gain, be happy of what is coming in and coming out. Because the truth is you have nothing, all the things will be taken away from you when you die so you don't have anything to lose, even your life is not yours, one day it will be taken away from you by the one who created it, you are not to live in this world forever so just try to be happy with or without that something that you think is making you happy.

You can survive even if you don't have anything, you can survive even if no one is there to support you. The default is always zero, everything you have now... you should be happy about it. There are million reasons to be happy, focus on what you have and not on what you don't have. It's all in the mind, happiness is all in the mind. People are really good in looking for what is missing in their lives that is why they are not happy. An athlete who is successful now is not happy anymore because he feels that his salary is not enough, he didn't know that he was just poor before, he can't remember that he is playing before for free. And now that he is already succeeding... he can't appreciate what is left in his life, he can't appreciate that he is still rich, funny isn't it? Try to remember where you came fro and your problems will disappear, try to remember that you don't have anything to lose and you will become more appreciative in life.

April 18, 2018


If the help already came... stop looking for more, stop being greedy, the help was there to make you feel a little bit better, it is not there to relieve you, it is not there to save you, you still need to work and make an effort to really solve your problems. A help is not something to take away all of your problems, it's just there to lessen your burden and revive your hope a little bit. So if you have a huge debt and someone gave you 200 dollars... be happy about it, don't ask for more, the helper will only get mad at you. Stop being greedy, it's already a help, it's free... why will you ask for more? that is greediness, that is unattractive. If someone gave you a little help then just appreciate it, don't complain about it... a help is a help.

Some people were already given a help but they want more, that's the biggest problem in the world nowadays... people who get some help keep looking for more, they don't want to work anymore. Just like a beggar on the street... once he get some alms.. all he want to do is keep getting alms everyday, he is not willing to work and get money on his own. Some are even stronger than you, some are young but are not willing to work anymore.

The truth is help will make you weak, help will only make you dependent, don't trust on help, don't rely on help. If someone helped you... be happy about it but don't ask for more, don't make it a habit. Asking help is for the weak, it is for people who are not prepared in life. If you're prepared in everything then you will never ask for help anymore, you will just embrace it, you will just laugh at it because you know that you can survive it.

You still need to do your part, you still need to solve your problem on your own, never trust other people to solve it for you because nobody was born to be your helper forever.

April 18, 2018


You're not new to this... this problem is just temporary, you already faced bigger problems than this, you're not a rookie anymore. You've been there a lot of times before. It's only making you feel bad, you can survive it, all you have to do is keep plodding and keep pushing forward. It's just a problem, it's just a challenge, it's nothing, don't ever panic because it is what it is.

You have nothing to lose, you're still alive, you can make things right, you can come back stronger. The universe has no choice but to conspire with you. You're almost there so don't give up, it's just a test, it's nothing more than that. You can survive anything, you can win anything if your mind is a bulletproof and it can't be entered by any form of negativity.

Keep your head up, keep your hope alive, this challenge will soon be over. You don't need to wait for it to be over, just live with it, play with it, laugh at it. A person who is not afraid of pain and process will thrive in the end. It's just a matter of who is willing to stick with it until the end.

You're not a rookie anymore, you already experienced a lot of hunger, pain, sacrifice and traumatic events before... but did you die? of course you can survive this, just find a way to succeed, find a way how to survive this day and that's it.

This life is very simple, just stay tough and committed, just hang on to that whatever you need to hang on. You can endure any pain and hardship in life, just take positive actions one day at a time, you're not new to to this anymore. Keep fighting, sometimes you don't even need to fight, you just need to stick with the process. You're not a quitter, you're a doer and fighter... keep reminding yourself about that. If you will look at your past, there are even harder challenges that you overcome, look at you... you are still standing, for as long as you're still alive... there is nothing to worry about.

April 17, 2018


Everything that you are dreaming for, everything that you are working for... it might not happen today. Success has a tendency to delayed the goods that must be delivered to you, success is a little bit tricky, it will make you wait and wait until you quit. It is testing your patience and if you're not that patient enough then for sure you will go back, you will find the easy way out.

Don't be afraid to wait, remember that life is a process, even waiting is a process. Sometimes you just need to wait because it might not happen today.

April 16, 2018


The reality is... in your life you're not the only one who is making mistakes for your life, a lot of people were making mistakes for you too. They were making decisions for you even if you can make the decision by yourself. For example, your parents decided for you to take medicine, they want you to become a doctor but you want to become a construction worker, you let them decide for you that's why you become a failure. You didn't do well in your studies, you don't love the subjects that's why you fail, if you made a decision by yourself and start being a construction worker then maybe you're successful now. They made the mistake for you, you didn't do it yourself.

The reality is... the people who are making the decisions for you will make mistakes too, they are not perfect so as you, why not make the mistakes for yourself because it is your life.

Don't let other people do the mistakes for you because you will really feel bad if at the end havoc happened. You can make mistakes too, why not do it for yourself? at least you will feel better because you made a decision for yourself.

Another example is in betting... you bet for the horse that you like but because some expert whispered you that you should bet on the horse that is popular because it is a sure win. If you listen to him and the horse didn't win... you will blame him, you will get mad at him. But you don't have the right to get mad because in the first place you allow him to take over, you give your power to him.

No matter what you do... you will still make mistakes in the future, you will still make wrong decision, why not do it yourself so your regrets will become smaller?

April 16, 2018


Every skill can earn, every skill has an equivalent cash. It depends on how good you are or how brilliant you are in marketing your skill.

If a good singer will not sing because he is not getting paid... don't get mad at him, it's his right, he wants to earn money from it, he is confident that he can earn money from it. Don't blame him because he work so hard to get to that level.

You too can put your skill into a business side. If you're really good and you know that it's worth it to pay you top dollar because of the skills that you possess then why not? you will never get anything if you will not ask for something.

Because at the end of the day... you will ask for rewards, no good singer will ask for free. Everybody wants to get paid, if you will be satisfied in giving free entertainment then you will never get rich. Understand why some people will not do something anymore, it's because they knew they have a value. Do you think Floyd Mayweather will fight for free if he can fight for Millions? of course not.

If your skill is too good then you will get paid, as simple as that. If you're confident enough that you must get paid then why not ask for it? Don't be shy, if you really work hard for your skill then why not use it to get paid? why not use it to take some money? there is a business side for every skill, you just need to learn on how to market your skills.

April 16, 2018


If you want a person to listen to you and feel something about your words... you need to over exaggerate the story. Just like your younger brother who doesn't want to listen to you, talk to him and tell him that your mother is crying secretly every time he is not listening to her. That will prick the hurt of your brother, it will make an impact on him. For sure he will think again if he will disobey your mother next time.

Look at the commercials... they are over exaggerating their commercials, they are creating lies just to market a particular project very well. They will tell that a burger is too big only to see it small in personal. They will tell that a soda has no sugar even if it is still sweet and making you fat. They will tell that the loan has no hidden charges even though it will kill you in the end because you don't know where are the extra charges coming from. If they will not do it then their product will not sell, they have to amplify the advertisement so that people will believe them.

Over exaggerate things so that people will believe in you, tell the girl that you're courting that she is your world even if she's not, tell the coach of the basketball team that you're willing to die for any ball possession even if you're not sure about it. Tell your mom that you're dying in school studying hard so that she will not pressure you so much. Sometimes you have to sell yourself so that you will get what you want... this world is full of lies, everybody is selling something just to get anything.

April 16, 2018


Sometimes all you need to do is execute and do something, if you're always watching then nothing will happen to you. A lot of people were always watching... they are watching TV, they are watching their idols, they are watching their neighbor's life, they are watching other people succeed and grow. If you'r always watching then it means you're going down.

Watching a lot is wasting your time a lot, if you're not the one being watched then it means you're not successful yet. People who are being watched are the people who are succeeding. Look at the presidents, the celebrities, the rich people... unsuccessful people are always watching them, they're always on the watch list even if they're just eating their food, people were always interested with their lives because they were too successful.

Stop wasting time, instead of watching other people why don't you watch yourself? watch yourself grow, watch yourself become successful in your own way.

April 16, 2018


Sometimes you don't need to look cute, great, professional, rich, classy or educated. Sometimes you just need to do what you need to do, sometimes you need to do what you're not proud of. If it is giving you some momentum, if it is making your life better then do it, if it is putting you on a better position then do it.

It doesn't matter if the job is not popular, it doesn't matter if the process looks stupid, sometimes all you need to do is survive this day and do what is needed to give yourself and your family a better life.

Stop thinking about what people say, just do what you can do, do what you think will somehow give you something. If it's all you can do then be proud of it.   

You need to be realistic, you need to be practical, the time for being picky and conservative is over. Have that sense of urgency, you have a goal.. you need to do everything to get it, even if doing something that not all people is a fan of. Sometimes you need to just do it, stop thinking and just go with the flow.

Whether they like it or not, they don't have any choice but to deal with it. You are in control here, you can even cut the emotion that is telling you that your work is not good, so what? if it is making results then it is right.                                                                 

April 16, 2018


The reason why you can't succeed in life is because you're playing their game, you're not playing your own game. You play by their rules, you are not creating your own rules and implementing it.

Stop playing their game, if their game is to annoy people then ignore them, once you let them feel that you're annoyed or bothered then it's game over for you. You're not going to win.

Focus on your own strength, focus on your own strategy, focus on what you do best. Use your own style, do the things that makes you feel good and at the same time that gives results.

You have your own game, you just need to discover it, you have your own pace... you just have to play it. If you will not play your own game then people will play you, they will control you, if you are reacting from what they are doing then it means you're being controlled. What angers you controls you, if if being a savage is not your game then stop playing it. If being quiet is your game then play it and then just keep being quit, they will even get intimidated by you if you're not saying any word.

So focus on your own game, study where you are good at, look for something where you can dominate and build your own kingdom, build your own sport, create your own rules.

April 16, 2018


Embed hustle into your system... this way you're not going to worry anymore, your mind will be filled with thoughts that are positive and healthy.

Hustle is the best culture that you can adapt, once you have it in your system... you will no longer be afraid of the big challenges in life, maybe you will become scared a little bit but your strength will still prevail in the end.

Hustling will make you tough, it will make you patient, you will have a stronger character that you needed to thrive in life. Hustle is so fun, it's more enjoyable than being lazy. It will teach you a lot of things, it's harder but the benefits are bigger.

All you have to do is chase success, chase success today, chase it tomorrow, chase it forever. Do the things that will give you a better life. Hustle can defeat laziness easily. Just go out, look for something to do that will give you some money, make sure it is not crime related. Make yourself rich, make yourself successful. Don't be scared to get lost because you can always find your way back home.

Once you permanently embedded hustle into your system then you will forget all of your problems, your world will become totally different. Your life will change, everything around you will change.

April 16, 2018


Don't try so hard, don't try to look unnatural, if you already paid the price, if you really work hard and make yourself better than you don't need an exposure anymore, you don't need their appreciation, it's their fault if the can't love you, it's their fault if they can't see your vision. You already give everything you have, you push yourself to the limits, what do you need appreciation for? what do you need reward for? you already prove yourself to yourself, you already give your best. There is nothing left to prove anymore.

Your work will be felt in the right time, your talents and skills will be exposed, just keep working and don't be scared to wait, don't be scared to wait forever. If forever is what it takes then take it.

If you really know in yourself that you already give everything you have then make peace with yourself. Don't try so hard anymore, stop begging for their appreciation, stop looking for their praises and positive comments, stop looking for their money. You already work so hard... that is enough, that is already the reward for yourself.

April 15, 2018


Se a goal. Look for a number and hit it as hard as you can. If you set a goal of $500K in three months... go for it, hit it as hard as you can, it doesn't matter if you achieve it... the mist important thing is you're doing whatever it takes to get it. Just focus, it's hard but it is really possible if you will believe in yourself and work super hard everyday.

People have no direction in life because they don't have anything to hit. If you're an athlete... you must have something to hit or else you will be washed up on day accomplishing nothing great. Imagine yourself winning 4 MVPs or five, it doesn't matter if you get it or not, just hit it so your career will have a direction, so that you will work harder each day and avoid making stupid decisions.

A lot of people once become successful a little bit will never work hard anymore, they thought that their journey ends there. That's why they are failing, that's why their careers were not in good terms.

Always hit something, try to hit it everyday. Do everything you possibly can to hit it.

April 15, 2018


Sometimes you will get blinded by the offering that is in front of you right now, sometimes you think it is the right offering, sometimes you will bite it because you think that's the only opportunity for you. If you don't feel good about it then think twice, think thrice... don't make decisions that fast.

Sometimes your emotion is making you do poor decision. For example in a mall, if you saw a 50 percent offering of a particular product... you will get it even if you don't need it. You will buy a television even if you already have 2 in your house, it's because the 50% sale is so attractive, it's a bad offering because it's making you spend for something that you don't need.

Your uncle is offering you a work that you don't like, and because you're unemployed for 5 months... you will accept that offering. You are still looking for a job everyday but you stop it because the job is already there, it's the job that you don't like in the first place but you thought it's a good offering. You don't trust yourself anymore, you don't trust hard work anymore, you just want an easy reward that's why you can't wait. Years will pass and you will be stuck on that job, it's because your confidence is not there anymore, you don't want to take risks because you think that it's hard to get a job that you really like. That job from your uncle made you weak, it destroyed your self esteem, you know it's a bad offering from the very beginning but you still grab it, and now your life sucks!

Always follow your heart, always do the right thing. Think deeply before you make a decision.

April 15, 2018


You don't need to be specific, you don't need to be, the only important thing is you give your very best to pursue your goal and you make yourself close to it as much as possible. If you are aiming for a $1M this year... just push yourself to be very close to it, it's ok if you only come up with $500K, it's ok if you are short of $50K, It's ok too if you only come up with $150K, what matters is you fight for your dream, you don't need to be exact. If you set the bar too high and didn't reach it... it's always ok. Just make sure that the effort is there and you didn't take any second for granted.

Don't be a perfectionist, don't worry if you can't hit... what matters is you keep hitting, one day you are going to get exactly what you set for yourself. You will hit it, at first you will not hit it because that's who life works, that's how success works, nobody gets big time on the first try.

The idea here is you must keep on hitting the target eve if you are too far, you must keep on making yourself closer to the target... that's how success works.

April 14, 2018


Success is a combination of fear and passion. You're afraid to fail but you will still try, you are afraid to make mistakes but you will still take action, you're so afraid to repeat again but you will repeat again. Your passion is keeping your dream alive, it is giving you the motivation to avoid quitting.

So every time you're scared... just feel the passion, ask yourself... you do you still want it or not? are you still enjoying the process? and if you're not enjoying anymore, what will you do to stick with the journey? what will you try to make yourself believe that you're still going to become successful?

Embrace fear because it is part of success, feel the fear and be passionate about what you're doing.