October 17, 2017


No matter how hard you cry, no matter how you promise to become a better person if you can bring back the past... you cannot bring it back anymore. What is done is done, what happens from the past stays with the past. You cannot change it anymore, you cannot do something about it even if you cry so hard or pray so hard. You cannot manipulate past, all you can do is change your present and prepare for the future.

You can hate your past, you can remember your ugly past but how does that help you? are you going to progress by doing that? all you can do is have peace with your past and bury it forever. Be happy even if your past is ugly because it's all you can do.

You are still alive, you can still experience a lot of nice things. There is no need to dwell on the past because real life is happening now. There is no life in the past, it is all just memories and thoughts. You are only making your life difficult by remembering past and giving it some life. Kill your past and never try to remember it anymore. If it is still playing on your mind then just think of some other thoughts that are happier. Overwrite the ugly memories with good memories. Create happy moments now and get rid of your past forever.

What is done is done, if you made a lot of mistakes yesterday then you can do a lot of great things today

HAVE NO REGRETS. Regrets will only make you slow, it will only make you stuck in the past. Just forget everything if you want to start again. Starting is very easy, all you need to do is look for a direction and relentlessly go for it. Never change your chosen direction anymore, live for it and die for it. Regrets is for the weak, it is for people who thinks that they can't change their life anymore. What is done is done, just accept that you made a mistake, accept that you'e been bad in the past and try to change your situation now.

No matter what your age is... even if you're too old, all you can do is be happy with your life now and try to make your life a little bit better and better each day. Even the young ones too, you still have a lot of time left in your life. There are more good things that will happen so never get too hard on yourself and forget all the bad memories from the past.


1. Pursue a goal. It doesn't matter what kind of goal it is, what matters is you pursue it relentlessly. Goals will give you a direction, it will give you a reason to wake up early and start your day with a blast. It can be a small goal or a big goal, it really doesn't matter, you just need to be serious with it and give your all so that you will be entertained and do the right things.

2. Talk to the right people and tell them about your dark past. You need someone to talk to so that you can tell your stories. Telling your past to the right people will make yourself free from it, once you tell your story... forget it and if they have good advises to you... take their advises and move on. Never tell your story repeatedly because you will only look like a moron by doing that. You are also not freeing yourself by doing that, once you tell it once... forget it. Make sure that you will tell your story to someone who will listen to you sincerely and will not make fun of you. It can be your closest friend, mom, wife, father, sibling. If you don't have someone to talk to then find free consultation online, there are lot of it. All you need to do is be courageous to talk about your dark past and let it go once you told it to someone.

3. Make yourself great. Make yourself gorgeous, make yourself rich, learn a skill where you can really be good at. If you can make yourself great then you will love yourself even more and you will be able to forget the past. You will enjoy living and you will understand the real meaning of live. It can be about business, arts or any knowledge that you can share to the public.

4. Don't ever have self pity. Never compare yourself to others, never think that you are weak. Never engage with stupid dramas because you will only get worse by doing that. Always think that you are strong and you can free yourself from traumas and bad memories. Remember that you are still living and anything is possible to your life. If your life is not doing good now... just work hard and stay strong, everything will change in just a matter of time.

5. Just persevere until you finally reach the top. All you have to do is persevere, endure the hardship of life and keep moving forward. Once you set your goal... never stop until you finally reach it. It only looks hard because you're looking at the finish line already, if you will take it one step at a time then you will find out that it's is easy as 1 2 3.

6. Move to a different place if needed. If you were so affected by the people around you... move to another place. Sometimes experiencing a different surrounding will give you a different feeling, you will be able to start fresh and forget the people that is making you feel bad.

7. Just focus on the positive. If you can make it a game to simply focus on the positive then you will really feel different. Your life will change, positive things will happen to you. Even if people are mocking you or not treating you right... if you can focus on the positive then you will have a different world. This kind of approach will make you forget the ugly past quickly. 

8. Build a new self identity. Choose an identity that you wanted to choose and live it everyday. If you were being bullied from the past because you were so passive, be aggressive this time, be assertive. Make them feel that you're a different person and you are not joking around. Be serious, they are making fun of you because they think you are soft. Choose the hard identity this time and make them know who is the real boss. 

9. Have time for yourself. Focus on yourself, make yourself grow everyday. Be alone if needed, understand what you really want and what you really need. Pick the things and people that are contributing to your life and giving you happiness, strike out the things that are making your life miserable. Choose what you really need in life, make your life simple and focused on positivity.

10. Take it one day a time. Don't force things, live your life second by second. Enjoy each moment even if that moment is not fun nor happy. Live your life slowly and progressively. Have the mindset that everything will turn out well in just a matter of time, if you are feeling bad right now... hang on, that emotion will change one day, you will become happier and you will live a better life. Situations are not permanent if you are doing something about it.

11. Join some activities or programs that really attracts you. Don't do something just for the sake of trying to look cool and impressing other people. Don't surf on the ocean if you're just trying to impress chicks because you will not do it for so long, you just wanted it in the beginning. Join activities that makes you passionate, it can be any activity for as long as it is contributing to your growth.

12. Try something new. Try a new process, try a new technique, test a lot of things and find out if it can make you happy for a long term. Try a new relationship, try a new food, reinvent yourself and just try to have fun everyday. 

Your future will only get destroyed if you will keep on thinking about past so what you must do is enjoy the moment and just try to put yourself on a better position. No one has the ability to change his past, it is what it is, if it happened already then simply let it go. Stop being bitter, stop whining, just try to produce the best life that you can ever produce.

Never use pills. Never use anti depression pills or any drugs that you think will help you. It will only help you in the beginning, your pain will subside but your life will become miserable in the end. If you get so dependent on something, you will lose your power. Never trust pills that it will save your life, you are the one who can change your life.

FOCUS ON BUILDING YOUR MENTAL TOUGHNESS. This is achieved through experiencing a lot of negative emotions. Negative emotions that has benefits. Join a marathon, exercise everyday, you should feel the stress and pain so that your willpower will go to a different level. Do the things that scares you the most, embarrass yourself, challenge yourself. Experience a lot of failures so you won't be afraid of it anymore. If you are mentally tough then you will surpass any challenges in life. Being mentally tough will make you forget your past easily. And if anything bad happens to you in the future... it will not affect you big time, you will treat it like an ordinary problem that you can handle.

Mental toughness is a great asset that you can have, if you are mentally tough then you can go further, you can achieve a lot of things, you can become successful. You can laugh at any problems that is giving you bad emotions. You will feel like invincible and extra ordinary. Being mentally tough is what everyone needs in life, not appreciation, not riches, not support... just being mentally tough will make you do better in life.

Look at the celebrities who take away their life, look at the rich people who become crazy... why did those tragic things happened to them? it is because they are not mentally tough, they were so soft and fragile. They can't handle any negative emotions. Their emotional immune system is very weak, all they want is to be happy and when they can't have those good emotions... they become depressed, they were acting like shits and becoming needy. They want attention from other people, they want sympathy and approval. They don't know that the secret in life is simply growth and endurance. If you know that you can grow from pain then you will no longer be afraid of it. Just endure it because it will go away in just a matter of time. It is not the one who is the happiest and richest that will survive, it is the one who is ok feeling the pain and understanding the benefit of it.

Life is a process, you need to make your life better each day or else you will lose your balance. You will get jealous with other people's life and you will become a needy person. Someone who is needy of help, appreciation and sympathy. You need to do it on your own, become better on your own, become stronger on your own. Embrace every kind of stress because it is a blessing, it will make you a hard person, it will make you mentally tough and capable of adapting to any kind of situation. What is done is done, have no regrets, don't complain, don't make dramas, don't make excuses... just live your life and focus on self improvement.

October 16, 2017


You need to feel good about your work even if you're feeling bad. That is the best way to become successful. Any kind of work is enjoyable if your attitude towards it is positive. People can't become successful because not only they don't love their work but they also don't want to love it. You can love any kind of work if you will work hard to learn how to do it. It is simply conditioning your mind and appreciating that you can still move and do something about your life.

You really need to feel good about it because if not... you will only quit in the middle of your journey. You will look for another work and you will feel the same way, you will only get excited in the beginning but you will become bored as the time goes by.

You can find a thought how to feel good about your work. My style is simply having the mindset that I love my work and it makes my life better every time I do it. It makes the task easier, even if I don't like what is happening... every time I remind myself that I love my work then my emotions follow. My emotions is following my brain, i am feeling good little by little.

Because if you will not feel good about your work then you will not be able to finish it fast, the process will become full of stress. You are only making things even more difficult. You will get frustrated, your timing will be off and you will only make a lot of mistakes.

Even if your work is so difficult... just do it, make it a game, have fun while doing it. Be appreciative that you can still do a lot of things.

Even if you're just a garbage collector... you can still have fun doing it. You have no choice not to have fun with your work because if you will not do it then your career will be in big trouble. You will get bored, you will look for some other things to do. And that cycle will repeat over and over again because your perspective about work is not changing.

Treat your work like a blessing, treat it like your bread and butter and you will never get bored with it anymore. Treat it like the most precious thing that happened to your life.

October 16, 2017


Why are you so afraid to do something? why are you so afraid to draw the first blood and take actions? do you think that stagnancy will give you something? do you think that freezing yourself up will make your life great? of course nothing will happen to you if you don't move, you will be in the same position as you are if you don't take actions. It is a common sense, taking action will give you progression so why be afraid of doing it?

And even if you fail by taking actions, you still grow, you still make things happen. Taking actions is far way better than not moving. If you keep moving then you will learn something, you will create a momentum. You will know what to do next time, unlike not taking actions... you simply wait and hope for something to happen, you are just fooling yourself and making yourself look stupid.

So just do it because something will happen if you do it. You have to develop a skill of just doing it and simply enjoying the process. You can enjoy any task or work if you will simply move and forget about finishing it, just let the day pass by by being busy and doing something to make your life better than yesterday.

What is the point of not doing it? why are you hesitating? you are still nothing if you don't do it. You still hasn't accomplished anything. It's a lose lose situation for you if you don't do it.

Make things happen by moving, if you will become relentless and keep pushing until the end then something good will happen to you. You will achieve something great.


1. Make it a lifestyle. If you can make moving and taking actions as your lifestyle then you're already in a good position to win. Once you need to take care of something... move right away and never stop. It's only difficult in the beginning but once you get use to it then everything will become very easy. Don't think, just move. I am telling you, moving is better than not doing anything at all, you will become stressed even more if you are lazy and acting like a king who can't do anything.

2. Feel happy for just moving. You need to feel very happy if you are moving, always be appreciative if you can finish a task because it simply means you are strong, it means you are capable of contributing something to the society.

3. Always be aware if you are not doing anything.  If you are not doing anything then you should feel guilty about it. You should be ashamed of yourself because it means you're destroying your life, it means you're just wasting your precious time. 

Taking actions will make you healthy, it will put your mind on the right position, don't be afraid to get tired because you will still feel happy even if you get tired if you accomplish a lot of things for the day.

October 15, 2017


Once you think about something... do it. Never second thought, never hesitate... just do it. It's on your mind, it's your idea, it doesn't matter if it will work or not what matters is you test it and you give it a try.

If you are hesitating too much then you will never get anything, you need to take actions as fast as you can. Because if you want to do it then you must do it. Don't think about it, just do it and forget about perfection. So what if you fail? failing doesn't mean you cannot win next time. Failing only means you need to work smarter next time and use the lesson that you've learned.

Failing can only make you better, it will frustrate you but it will give you a lot of knowledge. It will make you tougher, experienced and puts you on a different level. So if you really want to become smart... fail as much as you can, never lose the lesson and stay enthusiastic as you are like in the beginning.

If you want to change your life now... what is it that you can think of? what is running inside of your brain... do it and test it for a few weeks or months, if it is giving you small results then you have to keep on doing it, never stop it nor change plan. Do it for as long as you can do it.

You are still getting better even if you're not getting the desired results because the work ethic has been built. You are falling in love with the process, you are working for longer hours, you are turning into a workaholic which is a very good sign.

Don't be scared to try your own idea even if it is not popular or logical. Try it and see if it can give you something.

Always think that there's no harm in trying, it's a win win situation for you because you are doing something for your life. You are making your attitude better unlike other people who just keeps on talking and dreaming but not doing something to change their bum lives.

Any way is the right way if you will stand for it and take it seriously. Once you put an effort into something... make sure your heart is with it and you will give your life for it... that is the best way to make something really successful.

This is just a game, a person who can take a lot of actions will surely win in the end. He may not become so big but he will keep on progressing and achieving something as the time goes by.

If you really believe in your own work then you will become successful one day, you will not stop it nor lose hope in it. You will keep it alive for as long as you can. You will dedicate your time and effort for its progression. Because if you will not do it then what else will you do?

Always remember that you focus is your destination. The stronger your focus is the truer your dreams will become. So just keep moving and executing your own ideas, it will give you something, it will make you successful.

I know you hate other people's ideas, I know you hate other people's way of becoming successful. I know there is something in your mind and you are itching to try it. So try it now while you still have some time, forget about what people say and focus on your own energy, timing and technique. Just believe in yourself and you will be able to find a way how to become successful. The stronger your belief is... the faster you will become successful, granted that you are also executing fast.


1. Changing your life. It can be thorough exercise, hardwork, making more money etc. Once you think about changing your life... change it, moving is free. Whatever idea you have in mind, whatever process you think might work.. do it, don't be shy to try it. The world hates people who is trying that is why there are lot of failures who can't even get started.

2. Starting to learn something. If you want to learn something then just learn, look on the you tube, read some books, study some people, watch some films. You can learn if you really wanted to learn, there is no excuses allowed. You have to try to learn or else you will become a bum forever. There are lot of references that you can grab, you're just afraid to try any of them because you are thinking about learning too fast. Learning is a slow process, there are some people who were fast learners but what if you're not one of them? you can still learn the slow way so don't be afraid of having a slow and hard pace. If you will not force yourself to learn something now then you will become an ignorant forever, learn now because time is fast, you will not even notice that you're starting to become a genius if you keep on learning everyday.

3. Experimenting something. If you want to become an inventor, you need to start inventing now because one day... someone might steal your idea and he might become successful with it. Someone might look at your notes and copy all the ideas that you have on your mind. Invent something now and try to make it as big as you can.

4. Doing a very small step. May it be washing the dishes or shining your shoes.. do it, do it because you will never do it later. Do it even if you feel uncomfortable because it will make you feel good in the end. Taking actions, doing small things that will give you a momentum is far way better than doing nothing.  You will feel free if you take actions. Even if it is just a very small task.. once you think of doing it then do it. A very small action can change your life so never underestimate it. Even if it is not connected to your dream.. it will still make your work ethic very strong so do it.

October 14, 2017


It's hard to manufacture momentum especially if you're struggling or just starting. But if you keep on working hard and never stop what you're doing then you will get a momentum in just a matter of time. That momentum will never die if you keep on working, if you keep on pushing and never stop until you're done.

Consistency will keep the momentum alive. You have to do it everyday if you don't want your momentum to go away.

You feel it if the momentum is in your hands, you feel like on fire, you feel like everything you do is right. You feel that your timing is super correct and there's nothing you can do wrong.

Once you have that momentum... never let it go, keep the fire burning, keep the wheel rolling. Because once you lost that momentum... it might never come back again.

Don't be shy if you're on fire, don't rest if everything is going right. Always push a little further and never stop winning, never stop executing, you need to be a little bit greedy because that is how to win in life. You need to take every opportunity presented and win as much as you can. 

Always go for it, hunt it, devour it and never let it escape once you have it in your hands.


1. Face the pain. Face the fear, destroy your laziness, it's painful destroying your laziness because you always wanted to relax. You can only have momentum if you will force yourself to move and do little things that will put you on the right direction. It's with the most uncomfortable moments where great momentum is born. Once you feel that you don't want to do it... that's the time that you must do it.

2. Don't look for progress, just do it. Just move, forget about doing it right, just take actions and look stupid if needed. You will never see progress if you will keep on looking for it instead of taking actions. Make a guess if needed, make a wild guess and hope for the best.

3. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. You will always have mistakes even if you're the best man in the world. There is a big chance that you can go back to zero, it is normal, it is not a big deal. If you will not make mistakes then you will not be able to accomplish something. Mistakes will give you momentum because it will give you feedback, you will learn something from it.

4. Ask someone if you really don't know what to do. Don't be afraid to ask even if you will look ignorant. There is nothing wrong in asking. It is better to look ignorant for just a few minutes than to  look ignorant forever. Once you get an answer... move right away, apply what you've learned.

5. Take matters into your own hands. If someone can't do it for you then do it yourself. Be independent, you need to make a decision, you need to do something to get something. Never wait because sometimes what you are waiting for will never come, you must go after it. 

6. Take the remaining option even if it is the ugliest option. Just take an option and do something about it, make it work. Even if it is the ugliest option... you have to take it because nothing will happen to you if you will keep on waiting for the best option. You need to move now and do something about your situation. Take the ugliest option even if you don't feel good about it.

7. Never look back. Once you're moving... never look back. Just keep moving forward until you have that momentum to finish. Looking back will only make you slow, it will even destroy your momentum. 

October 13, 2017


You can't escape it, even if you don't admit it because you're so full of ego... there will always be someone better than you. The word "greatest" is just an illusion. Every record can be broken, every great achievement can be beaten. So stop aspiring to become the greatest, just be yourself and do your best.

Even if you're the greatest now... time will come and someone will take your place. There is nothing wrong in aspiring to become the greatest but the point here is you are giving yourself too much pressure. If you are aspiring to become the greatest then it means you are competing with others, it means you are comparing yourself to others, you are not focusing on yourself. The endless comparison will never end, you will be on a rat race.

If you're the prettiest girl now as what they say... don't hold on to that title too much, don't put it in your head too much because that title will be gone in just a matter of time. Someone will arrive and will mesmerize the people who were admiring you. You will no longer be their favorite. Don't get jealous because you will only feel badder if you do it, just accept it. It is what it is, there will always be someone who is better than you and no matter how much you deny it.. it is the reality.

So stop pressuring yourself that you need to be the best. Just do your best and if you became the best then it's just a bonus.

Stop looking for the title. Just be yourself and always stay natural. If you will always compare yourself to others, if you will always look forward to be the most beautiful, richest, smartest then it will only build insecurity. You will always feel bad if you saw someone stealing your throne. You will get jealous of someone who is doing better than you and you can't accept it.

No one will become the greatest forever, someone will else will break the record, someone else will steal the throne so don't care about your identity too much because it will not stay forever.

If you will not compare your life to others then you're already living in peace, nothing will bother you anymore. Jealousy and insecurity will go away. Life will become easier, you will feel free, you will become more creative and real.


Not because they are not talented, not because they don't have good looks but because they always see someone who is better than them. They care about what is trending, they care about who is popular, they care about what people will say. If you will just focus on your goals and motivate yourself then nothing can bother you anymore. You created your own insecurity by trying to become the best, trying to become popular which will never happen if you are not true to yourself. Just be true to yourself, improve if you can but if you can't do something at the moment then just accept yourself. Always grow mentally and emotionally. Try to make your mental game tougher than before, try not to become emotional with anything.

It is how you feel and how you think, it's not about the achievements or rank  in the society. If you can feel good about yourself and do what is best for your life then you're in the right direction. You will just live your life, do your best everyday and welcome success. It's very easy to do, just kill your ego, don't bee needy and focus on your own path. People will appreciate you, not everyone but some people will see your value.

THE POWER OF ACCEPTANCE. Accept what you have, accept how you look if you can't do something about it. The best thing to do is pick something that will entertain you and will give you growth, it can be financial growth or emotional growth. Do what makes you truly happy and not what gives you insecurity. Real happiness is not looking outside of you, it is focusing on what really matters. It is focusing on what is helping you to become a better person.


Look at Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player to ever live, he is not insecure. He doesn't care if people is calling him the greatest or not. He is not even joining the argument about who is the number one player of all time. He just live and do what he does best. He keep on working hard, doing his thing and he doesn't mind if people criticize him or praise him. He is not comparing himself to others that's why he is a winner. He is simply focused on making himself better each day. Nothing worries him, nothing bothers him, he is so himself that is why he's so successful.


Being needy, always seeking for attention will make you look stupid, it will only make your situation worse because you will feel bad if no one is talking about your name. You always want to be involve in a conversation and you feel insecure if no one is talking to you or talking about you.

People will appreciate you even more if you're acting natural and not forcing things, they will appreciate your value if you will not be needy of appreciation. It will come natural, don't force it, don't do stupid stuffs or any form of negativity that might affect other people. You will become the best if you are giving your best, as simple as that.


Just work hard, just go hard. If they can't appreciate you so what? if they praise you then it's just fine, it's just another normal day, don't let it go into your head, don't let it climb into your brain. Just be natural everyday, choose the right people that will give you the right emotions to become a better person. Choose the people that will sharpen you and motivate you. Don't look for them because they will come, the right people will come into your life.

October 12, 2017


Always remember that you're just a human and you are allowed to make a mistake, there is no perfect person in this world. Even the smartest and most intelligent person made a mistake. Even the leaders, presidents, most successful businessmen, star players made a mistake so who are you to think that you are not allowed to make one?

It's your privilege to make a mistake and not get executed of it yet you almost forgot that you are allowed to make one that is why you're so scared of trying something new, that is why you're so scared of failing. That kind of mindset is preventing you from being successful.

Make a lot of mistakes to learn a lot of lesson. Success is a trial and error process, if you can make a lot then you will get opportunities a lot, very simple process and very effective. But make sure that you will really learn the lesson you get from it and try to not repeat it anymore.

Making mistakes is fun especially if you will think of it as a learning curve. You must not be afraid to correct your mistakes, have the guts to right what is wrong and keep doing your thing.

The most successful people in this world has committed millions of mistakes but their motivation never went down. They still keep fighting for their dream, they still move and they never lose the sight of their dream. They were immune to what people say that is why they can still move despite of embarrassment and humiliation.

That is what you need to do... keep fighting, if you fall down then simply dust your self off and keep coming back.

Never get tired of getting rejected, humiliated and being told that you're not going to make it. Keep banging the door until it opens. Kick it, smash it, drill a hole on it... whatever you can think of... do it and never hesitate.

Life is all about moving forward, it is not about thinking about the mistakes that you did from the past and trying to correct it one by one. Have no regrets in making decisions. If you're wrong you're wrong, what is the big deal about it? are you going to make an improvement if you keep on crying about the mistakes that you did? is it the end of the world if you commit a mistake from the past?

The good thing about life is it will keep on living. Life will never wait for you if you keep on making dramas and shits. Life is so fast so never waste it just for a second. All of the mistakes that you did will be covered by a single success that you can achieve so never lose hope... ever. You always have the chance to make your life better.

IT'S SIMPLY FORGETTING. Just forget all the mistakes you did and never think that you're a bad person or incapable of doing something great. You can always change your mindset now, never believe in the past because it's just a history. Don't forget that you can forget, it's your special talent so use it. Pretend that it didn't happen and focus on the better things ahead of you.

You can only become better by making mistakes. You can become smarter, more experienced, tougher and you will have a thick skin because you will no longer be affected by making a lot of it. Experience the discomfort that making mistakes give to you, play with your emotions, just think that you're just playing a game. Have fun with it and just laugh if you're making a lot of it. You have no choice but to feel good about it, if you will make it a big deal then you will only get worse.

REMEMBER YOUR GOAL. Always try to remember your goal when things are not going well. Remember that everything is just part of the process even the worse ones. This is just a game, don't be too sensitive, take it seriously but don't ever feel bad whenever you are making mistakes and someone is not saying nice things to you. If you can remember your goal when things are not going well... you will find the hope again, you will continue working again. Your goal will be your savior.

October 11, 2017


You feel bad? so what? it is better to keep moving than to give a damn about your emotions. The best way to get head is to fuck your feelings, forget about it. If you feel bad just move, if you feel sick just move. Success has no time for divas, you will never get anywhere if you keep on telling yourself that you're tired and needs some rest.

Everyone is complaining about how they feel, if you can just destroy all of your excuses to why you are not moving then for sure you will get something.

This is life, it is pretty hard, if it is not hard then it is life, it's just a dream. But you're living in reality and reality is not perfect. Life is full of discomfort and if you're not good in handling your emotions then you will only live a harder life, everything will feel hard and everything will feel slow.

Just be patient, it's just an emotion, don't get too emotional with everything so that you can move fastly and progressively. Always keep your emotions in check and always remember that it's just a feeling and nothing more than that. You can still live feeling bad, you can still move feeling disappointed if your expectations were not met, it's not a big deal so cheer up and live your life the way you wanted it to live.

Don't invest too much with emotions because it will only drain you, just live and do what you can do one step at a time. If you feel bad so be it, don't whine, don't complain and just carry on.

Sometimes you will never be able to control how you feel but you can control the attitude towards that feeling. This life is like a game, the more you enjoy the game even if you're feeling bad... the more you will become triumphant to any situation. It may sound weird but you can really enjoy yourself even if you feel bad. That's what most successful people do. Do you think they always feel good? do you think that their lives were perfect? of course not. Their main advantage from other people is they can go through motions, they can work effectively on a high level stress environment.

Look at the successful fighters in the world... they were beaten up but they manage to fight effectively. They can still enjoy the chaos, they never shy away from the big moment even if it is painful and stressful.

NEVER FIGHT YOUR FEELINGS. Embrace it and be mindful, resisting it will only make it even more powerful. Feel it, enjoy it and just laugh at it. Emotions multiplied so fast by the way you think about it. If you're so upset about your headache then that pain will get even worse. If you're frustrated because of lack of sleep and too much work then you will feel stress even more. Just deal with your feelings and never resist it. It will go away in just a matter of time. Just hang on because good emotions will start to visit your body.

Entertain yourself with good thoughts. If you can just imagine good things then you will feel better, you will forget that you're feeling bad. Use your imagination, expect positive things in life, your emotions will change if your thoughts change. 

October 10, 2017


At least you're looking for a way. Things are difficult, life is difficult, you have a lot of problems in your life but at least you are looking for a a way how to solve your problems. You are not taking your life for granted and you're not letting your problems eat you like what other people do.

If you're looking for a way then the way will find you. Just keep moving forward and things will get better in a while. All you have to do is weather the storm, let the hurricane pass and just do your best. You can always find something to do with your situation. There is now way you can't do something about it. There is no instant solution but there is always a small solution that will make your problem smaller than what it was.

If you're looking for a way then your problems will become smaller even if you haven't found any solution yet, it is simply because your mind is staying away from worries, you are being entertained and hope is building up. Looking for a way is far better than just letting your problems become bigger and bigger each day. You are getting a momentum and you are giving yourself a chance to solve your problems little by little.

It is very easy to look for a way. You will just stand up or find something that will put you on a better position. If your problem is money and you need it now, look for the job online where you can get fast money. Don't sleep until you get one, don't stop until you get the money you needed. Remember that you may fail, you may not find it but the point here is... at least you're doing something and you are in the right direction.

Any problem can only be solved if you will move and do something about it. It will only get bigger if you will just watch it and make dramas instead of actions.

Any movement will make an improvement, you may not see it very fast, it may not make an impact right away but if you're taking actions then something good will happen to you.

What do you think will happen if you will move for one straight month without stopping? how do you think will your life change? you may not see it yet but if you will move for one straight grueling month then there will be a change in your personality. You will be able to build new habits that will set your life up for success.

It's better to look for a way and not finding it for a moment than to pretend that you are blind and can't do something. You will find it if you keep on looking for it. Being lazy, pretending that you feel bad and can't do something will only make you poorer, loser and look like a bitch.

Time is fast, really really fast. Start now and do something with your life because it's just a matter of time before you harvest the fruits of your labor. Just enjoy the process and you will never get bored waiting for success. It will come in the right time, you don't need to force it. You can force yourself to take massive actions but don't ever feel bad if success is not yet showing its shadow to you.

Looking for a way means you really want to do something with your life, it means you will get somewhere, you will go to the top and you will enjoy life even more. The way is always there, you can find a solution if you will destroy procrastination.

Every little thing and step you manage to create will contribute to the improvement of your life especially if you're consistent. So don't stop doing little things because it will put you on a better position than yesterday.

The way will show if you seek hard for it. You can find solutions, whether it is about money or any kind of problem... you can solve it if you will take it seriously and give your best.

You may not know the specific solution, you may not get the exact ideas about it but for sure you will be able to come up with something that will work a little bit and that will give you hope, that will give you a direction.


1. Look at it seriously. Don't pretend that you are looking, you have to look so hard and never stop looking until you find something. You will never find it if you are fooling yourself and clowning around, be serious, make it a point that you get exhausted because of looking so much.

2. Work even if nothing is working. You still need to work even if nothing is working, you need to work so that you will not become lazy and your mind and body will stay active, working will give you a direction, it will give you the habits to do what is best for your life. For example if you are a businessman and you're trying to sell a product... just sell it everyday even if it is not selling, because if you will not do it then what else will you do? keep working because something will show in your way in just a matter of time. It's all about perseverance and tenacity, you have to endure every challenges, heartaches and rejection. Be strong and keep working so something will work for you.

3. Try the opportunity even if it is obvious that it will not work. For example, if you're looking for a job and you're not qualified... still try to apply to jobs that you are not qualified. Just pretend that you know it, I've done it before, I lied to the interviewer, I pretend that I have experience. It's their problem if they hired you and you don't know what to do, but it is your duty to know it and study what needs to be done. You can get away with it if you will believe in yourself and work extra hard. Just have a thick skin and never mind what people are telling you. If they call you stupid so be it, you need money and a job so focus on your job and just carry on.

October 09, 2017


Motivation is very overrated, you think that you always need it in order to move, take actions and achieve something, You think that you need it everyday and without it you will not be able to push further and finish the tasks that is in front of you. That is what you think because you count on it too much.

You don't need a motivation if you're disciplined. Discipline is more powerful than motivation. Even if you feel bad, you will still take actions. Improve your discipline and motivation will come naturally.

You're always looking for a motivation but did it really come? if yes, did it stay for a long time? Motivation will only stay with you for seconds it is not there to stay for hours, it will just make you feel good for a very short time and then you will feel lazy again.

Motivation is playing you, it is making you believe that it will change your life but the truth is it will not. It is only making you feel good for a very short time then you will feel bad again afterwards.

Don't believe in motivation because it will never work, it will not save your ass that is in danger. Start to discipline yourself now and do everything you can to change your life. It's all in your hands, it's all in your power. Once you decide that you're going to do it then do it, as simple as that. Don't let your thoughts dominate you and tell you what to do. Your thoughts will fool you, it will build excuses for you to avoid taking action.

It's all about starting it and never stopping it. If you can master discipline then you're already a winner.

You can have all the talents, all the gifts and support but if you are lazy and not willing to follow through then you will never make it. You will taste a little success in the beginning and that's it, nothing spectacular or amazing.

If I were you I will start now and endure the work until you finish. The good feelings will never come, it is elusive, it is an illusion. You will always feel bad before starting. Even the champion fighters feel bad before fighting. They were nervous, they have butterflies on their stomach, they were scared and has no idea what will happen next. But they start, they do their best regardless of the outcome.

And even if you are motivated are you sure that you are going to take actions? Some people who are motivated cannot even get started. They were so excited, they will make plans, they will tell other people what are they going to do but when the time for taking actions is needed... they will make a lot of shitty excuses, they are fooling themselves.

So stop motivating yourself, stop looking for a motivational coach... just do it. If you are working hard then that is the time when more motivation will come, you will never think about quitting because you've already done a lot of things. There is no more turning back now.


1. Just start and forget about what will happen next. Throw yourself out there and forget about being perfect. Just do something, free yourself from overthinking. Move your body and just make something happen. It is easy to make a baby step if you will focus on the baby step itself. Focus on the process and not on the success. Just think that simply moving is already winning, never feel bad if results were not showing yet.

2. Promise yourself that you will just give your best. No high expectations, no hyping yourself and trying to impress people. Just give your best and forget about doing it right. Do what you know and stay focused. Giving your best will make you think that you are free, it will make you forget what people will say.

3. Promise yourself that you're going to persevere. No matter how bad you feel you can always finish something, you can always do something better, you can push through no matter what. Forget about your emotions, forget that it is hard. Just persevere and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of people were almost there, they can almost become successful but they give up in the end. Remember that if it looks so impossible then it means you're very close to it so keep moving forward and push until the end.

4. Try to look for an inspiration. Look for someone who did it. There are even some people who are less talented and skilled than you but they were able to make it. There are even some people with disabilities but are making it in life and succeeding. If they can do it so as you so never make an excuse. You are better than what you think of yourself, you can be anything, you can finish a wonderful thing.

Motivation is overrated, you will rely on it but it will never stay on your system forever. Successful people are the ones who can move despite of feeling bad and having a bad day. Remember that it's just a feeling, you can still take actions even if you are sick or you feel bad. You are unstoppable if you will not stop yourself. There is no reason why you can't move, you have a complete body, your brain is functioning, you can read and write, it just happens that you're acting like a baby who needs to be pampered. You're not a diva, you don't need a special treatment before you move, force yourself to take actions and never stop until you're completely done.

Focus on action instead of motivation, stay discipline and never cut your work. Once you start something... stay with it until it's done. Even if you are slow, even if it looks like you're not progressing... do something. 

October 08, 2017


No more long introduction, no more flowery words... just straight to the point. Try this style and you will get faster results.

If you want an increase say this to your boss "I want an increase boss, if you will not give me then I will resign today, no more excuses, no more extension. I am busting my ass and if you can't process the papers now then let's forget all the pending projects, I will pack my bags and I will go, no hurt feelings, nothing personal" I am pretty sure your boss will look like a shocked kid stunned by a scary stranger. His skin color will turn into white and his lips will look pale. He will look funny and wouldn't even know what to say. If he make excuses such as he will talk to the owner of company and discuss your request then tell him "Ok you will not see me tomorrow".

It is what it is, you want to change your life, you want something more then you should force situations. It's just business, don't get too emotional, don't get personal. Because if you will not do it now then when? when do you think will your life change? when money is not a necessity anymore?

STRAIGHT TO THE POINT BITCH! do it. You only have one life so roll the dice. What is it to be afraid of? you're already hurt, you're already in pain, people were already treating you like a garbage so what is the point of being scared right now?

If you will keep on waiting for the right timing then you're just waiting for nothing. It will never come. The right timing is when you feel so scared the most. If there is resistance then there is a chance. Say it now or else you will never say it forever. Trust me, you will find every excuses on the book to avoid what should be done. Hesitation causes destruction, you will never win if you're not going to speak.

Same as having a crush on a girl... just ask her for a date without brushing your teeth. Man up and show here that you have balls. So what if you got rejected? at least you were able to know the answer. If you will not go straight to the point then you will just fantasize her everyday. Nothing will happen to your scared ass. One day, a brave boy will ask her number and take her out on a date, they might even have sex on that day. And what will happen to you? you will cry like a bitch and have a drink with your friends to tell your stupid story. You're such a clown kid, man up and do what will give you a chance.

JUST LAUGH AT REJECTION. It hurts but at the same time you were able to experience freedom. You were able to know the answers, you were able to express yourself even if you're scared. At the end of the day, all you want is to know what will happen if you push further.

If you need to say something... spit it out. If you need to do something... do it, don't think if you're right or wrong. Just do it and never feel any regrets when the outcome is ugly. Straight to the point like a cold blooded killer who is thirsty for blood.

The more you think, the more you are frightening yourself. The more you wait... the more you are letting an opportunity escape. Time is running out boy, you need to decide now. If you don't want to do it then don't think about it again... ever.  Don't think about it tomorrow, don't think about it next week, just let it go.

TAKE TEN DEEP BREATHES THEN DO IT. Or maybe just three or five, ten is so long, it will make you think about stupid things again. Just take some deep breathes and then go!!!! Free yourself from outcome, don't think about what will happen, just enjoy the ride, enjoy expressing yourself and asking for what you want. Always remember that asking and taking actions is free, it is unlimited, you can ask as much as you want. You can do as much as you want, you're the real winner here. You have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain.

ACT LIKE YOU'RE CONFIDENT. Act like you're a one bad motherfucker. Act like you're an action star. You are the starring of this movie, you hold everything on the palm of your hands. Fake confidence until you really have it. Think about you're just playing around and let them fall into your trap. Always breathe, always relax your mind. Talk slowly, move calmly and never let your voice sound like a scared toddler. Make your voice a little bit deeper and hear everything that is coming out from your mouth. Never rush things, stay with the moment and let these people know what you want. Let them feel that you want an answer YES.

If you can develop this skill then you can experience a lot, get a lot and be a lot. Those people who can decide fast and execute fast are the ones who are making it in life. Watch yourself if you're full of hesitation and procrastination, look at your life... it is not fulfilling right? Don't bullshit yourself and act that everything will be fine because it will not be. You can only get results if you will go straight to the point. Your time is running out, you better get what you truly deserve.

What is the point of not going straight to the point? did it make you rich? did it give you some money? did your face become pretty? you're not getting anything right? so if I were you I will act now and make a dirty change in your life. It will be messy, it is stressful but the feeling after expressing yourself and doing something is priceless. You will even admire yourself because of the courage that you show.

October 07, 2017


The number one reason why you can't get what you always want is because you're not decided. You think you are but the truth is your not. You are still hesitating, you are still doubting yourself.

Because if you are really decided then you will never stop. You will keep on pushing and pushing no matter what. Even if you're not seeing any results... you will still push because you're decided. You know you can have it in just a matter of time, only if you keep working consistently.

A lot of people thinks they are ready but the truth is they're not. They think they are decided but the truth is they're not. They will simply put a little effort today and will rest tomorrow. What kind of a decided person was that? A decided person will never miss any single day doing something for his dream. He will do something even if it is not working.

If you're decided then you will place your focus and energy into something that you really want. You will never do something else other than it. You're like a man possessed and a man on a mission. You can't take your eyes off to your goal. You think about it 24 hours a day, you are so obsessed of making it. It's like you give your life to it and no one can stop you from getting it.

If you're really decided then you already have it. It is just a matter of time when you will get it. You just need to show up everyday and do your best and then you have it. There is nothing else to talk about, there is no need to worry or make a second guess. It's all yours and nobody can take it away from you.

Look at yourself and be honest, tell yourself if you're decided or not. You can't lie to yourself, you know if you are bullshitting your work. You know if you're fooling yourself. You know from the very beginning if you're going to become successful or not.

Stop laughing, stop clowning and start working. If you're really serious about making it then you shouldn't be reading this article now and you should be doing your own work. You should be pounding your ass and making your hands bleed. Because if you are really serious about it then you will never stop, you will never think about anything else. Your brain is wired into becoming successful.

Decide now if you haven't decide yet. Decide that you are going to pursue your goal no matter what kind of obstacles show on your way. Ignore every obstacle and keep climbing the wall. It is hard but you can pass through any obstacles, even the most difficult ones.

Always remember that it's only a matter of time before you get it. It's all yours from the very beginning if you're really decided. You just need to work, push yourself to the limits and enjoy every process that you need to undergo.

October 06, 2017


You don't need to listen to seminars and pay a lot of money to some self development coaches who is just playing you around and making you buy their endless products. It's just a waste of time, you don't need a coach because you know what to do. You just don't do it because you're afraid to do it. That is why you waste a lot of time listening to people who will not change your life, you will change your life not them.

There is too much time wasted, all you have to do is look for what you want and do whatever it takes to get there. Every second counts, no need to attend seminars because you are only fooling yourself. You don't need to listen, write notes and do what they say. Just follow your heart and everything will follow.

The game plan is very simple... work hard, work the hardest and have a laser focus to your goal. Do something for it everyday and forget what is happening around you. Have an insane focus, have your own world. You will become a weirdo, you will become a loner but you have to endure boredom if you really want to become successful.

You have to go all out and that's it, the game plan is very simple, you just need to follow it. You will become very successful if you go all out. Remember that if you're no taking action then you're on the wrong direction.

Stop wasting time now and just do something for your dream. Always keep in mind that it's not going to be very easy but every action is the right action and it will contribute to your progress even if you can't see it now. You will say to yourself in the future that all of your decisions are right and you're so fortunate to choose action over hesitation.

Always execute, record this to your mind. Forget about the time you've wasted earlier, forget about the steps you need to do in the future... just keep moving and progressing, you must say with the motion or else you will never get anywhere.

Make the steps very simple but consistent. Forget about doing it right or wrong, just do something that will create a little impact and keep repeating over and over again. You don't need to become an Einstein to become successful, it is really hard but possible for anyone.

Always be aware if you're moving or not, if you find yourself being stagnant... move fast and do something right away. No need to think about what you're going to do... just do it and make a difference, make this day productive.

Even if you're tired... if you haven't done anything good yet today... do something. Forget about your feelings, forget about the heavy feelings. Slap your face, bath with ice if needed. You need to make a momentum, you need to create a little progress so your day won't be wasted for nothing.

All those tiny actions will accumulate in the end, you will be rewarded. You may not see it now because it is not your time yet and the effort is not yet enough. But be patient while working and success will be on your hands one day.

Always trust the process, trust what you're doing and always choose the actions that you really love so you will be able to do it everyday. Stay with the grind, stay with the hustle and you will be able to make your life better. You will get results for sure, sometimes you will get lesser than what you're expecting but still appreciate it because you will get more in the future.

So stop listening to bullshit instructors that are only getting your money. If they really want to help you then they will do it for free like what I'm doing. I'm writing articles to make people realize that they can make success if they will just move now and forget about anything else.

This shit is free, it may not be as beautiful as other fake people's work but it is free and it will help you in some ways. This will change your bum life so keep reading it and apply it to your life.

October 05, 2017


Do it now, do it even if you think it's too late. It can still make a difference, your regrets will be lessened because you do it. You will never wonder what could have happen because you push until the end and you see everything in the end.

When I was in college and I was already late in the class for about 10-30 minutes I never enter the class anymore, I was afraid that my professor will embarrass me and the whole class will laugh. The result is I miss the lessons, I was recorded as an absent and my grades were affected. But sometimes when I found the courage to enter the room even though I was already late... good things happen, I was able to catch up with the lesson and I was able to take the quiz and copy the notes from the blackboard, I was very happy when that moment happen. I was very happy because I made the right decision to still enter the room. It happens to me a lot of times, whenever I need to do something even if it's late and I do it... good things happen, I feel very good in the end.

So if your project is already late for a few weeks... still pass it. If you think that it's too late to say sorry... still say sorry. If you think that it's too late to pursue your dream because you're too old... start now and pursue your dream. If you need to run to a drug store because your mother is sick and it's already 2am... still look for a drug store. What matters is you take chances because if you will not... you will feel bad in the end, you will always think what could happen if you do it. You will feel sorry for yourself and the people around you.

You will only lessen the regrets in your life if you still do it even if you think that it's too late. Because as I've told you... good things will happen if you do it, you will still find an opportunity, some doors will still open.

IT'S BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. It's an ugly quote because it's supporting laziness and lack of discipline. But it is what it is... you still have to do it even if you're too late, you still need to see the finish line, you still need to push to the end and see what will happen if you show up and do the right thing in life. You will still get something even if it is lesser than what should it be, positive something is better than negative nothing.

So even if it is only 20 or 10 minutes remaining.. show up, do it while you still have the chance. Give your best and face the consequences of your irresponsible behavior.

Sometimes it's not about doing it on the right time, sometimes it's about doing it even if your timing is wrong. You can't blame yourself if you're a later person, if you weren't able to do it because of your laziness and hesitation

October 04, 2017


You are stressed being more because there are some things that you are doing and not doing. You are the one who is making life difficult for you. Yes, life is difficult but it gets even more difficult because of your wrong decisions in life. You are carrying a burden that you made from the very beginning. But don't worry because if you made your life difficult then you can also make it very easy.

1. Be responsive. Don't hide from someone, face what needs to be faced right now. Respond to your clients questioning you about your work. Respond to your friends who are borrowing money from you, if you want to say NO then say no, don't let them wait for your answer. If your business partner is asking you something... respond. If you will not respond fast and make solutions, you will think about that problem all day long. Your burden will become heavier and it will only become lighter once you respond. Respond fast and make bold answers so people won't bugging you all day long.

2. Don't worry about small things. You're worrying a lot that is why your burden is getting heavier and heavier. You are worrying about the traffic, your rude co-worker, what other people say, your business, are you going to succeed or not? and the list goes on and on. This is the thing... if it will happen then it will happen. Don't worry too much because you are only missing the beauty of life by doing that. Just give your best, do everything you can and let go. If it is yours then it is yours, if you fail then you fail. But always keep in mind that your priority should be about feeling good regardless of what might happen to your life.

3. Don't expect too much. You're expecting too much that is why you're always thinking about something. You're expecting that it is going to become perfect, you're expecting that you will become very happy once you have it. And when you found out that you can't have it or it is not good as you expected... you feel bad, you're so disappointed. Don't expect too much, just go with the flow and appreciate what will come into your life. Don't wait for it too much, don't anticipate the next moment, just live your life and feel happy of what you have.

4. Stop being attached with something or someone. If you're so attached with someone who you think will help you or make you feel happy... you will only get disappointed if he didn't meet your expectations. If you're so attached with something like cars or money... you will never feel free. You will always feel defensive. For example, you are always thinking if someone will scratch your car, you're always think about what if if someone accidentally bump your car. You think negatively because you are so protective of your property which causes a lot of burden into your life.

5. Do it yourself. Do it yourself if you can. Never ask for help because the helper might only disappoint you. He may not show up when you need him, he might give you help but only little. You will only feel bad because you will feel that you've been betrayed. It is your fault in the very beginning, if you try to do it yourself then you will feel secured, the burden will go away.

6. Accept what is lacking in your life. Your life will never become perfect, not even close to perfect. Perfection is only in the mind, if you can accept that your life will never become perfect then you will feel perfect in some ways, your burden will go away. You will never focus on small things that bothers you, you will focus more on positive things. You will live happier because you knew that there will always be problems and you don't feel so bad if there is. You can cope up easily with any kind of problem especially the small ones. Never focus on what is lacking in your life and you will appreciate more what you have. You will feel so lucky and blessed. The burden of not having this or that will never make you feel less anymore.

7. Just do what makes you happy. Overwrite the feelings, overwrite the burden. Just do what makes you happy and all of your burdens will go away. Have you seen someone who has a lot of problems but seems like has no problem at all? Keep in mind that you're living in the moment, thinking about your problems is also not living because you're already thinking about the future. It doesn't mean that you will become irresponsible and not solve your problems anymore. You will just process your problem and still be happy for it. Do what makes you happy while solving your problems.

8. Pay all of your debts. Having debts is like living in hell. Pay your debts one by one so your mind will become free from worries. You don't need to pay them all at once. Just pay one by one, little by little. It is fun seeing your debts go away gradually. Having a financial freedom will give you a one of a kind peace of mind.

9. Always be honest. Be honest so you will not be hiding anything from anyone anymore. Hiding something will make you confused, you will always think about what words to say. You need to be consistent with your words or else people will call you a liar and will not trust you anymore. The truth shall set you free, forget about what they say and just be honest so you will have a peace of mind.

October 03, 2017


Will can build a skill, a skill can never build a will. Your willpower is what makes the impossible possible. You can do anything if you have a very strong will even if your skills are not that good.

Your will can create miracles. You will never give up to achieve something even if your skill is not enough. You don't care about your situation, all you know is you have to push to make something happen.

A strong will will never give up, a strong skill has a tendency to give up especially when problems is making the situation really hard.

You can develop any skill if you have a strong will because you will keep trying no matter what. You will learn anything because of your eagerness to learn. A strong skill that has no will is nothing, it is only good in the beginning but it will fail in the end because it is not immune to strong adversity.

A strong will doesn't care about the difficulty of the challenge. It will solve any problem no matter how long the time is to love it.

If I were you, you should develop your will first because everything will become very easy if you have a string willpower. You will not be afraid of anything because your endurance is so strong, you will stick with the process until the end. You will never stop until you become successful.

Your will can be develop through difficult experiences, the key here is to push through no matter what. Don't be afraid of failure, don't be afraid of getting tired. Just finish what you are ought to finish no matter what. Even if it takes forever to finish it... still finish it.

A strong will creates champions, a strong skill creates hype. If you have an unparalleled will then everything is possible for you. You can be anything because you are willing to work until the end.

October 03, 2017


If you need to take an action that is for a good cause... feel free to do it. Do it, never hold yourself back because there is nothing wrong in doing it.

If you want to look for a job and make yourself better, make your life better then do it. It doesn't matter if you are qualified or not, it doesn't matter if you were too old. The only thing that matters is you try, looking for a job is for a good cause so feel free to look for a job everyday, don't stop util you get one.

If you want to say sorry to the person you hurt... do it, feel free, you are free to do it. Swallow your pride and do what you need to do. There is nothing wrong in admitting that you are wrong. It's your fault so don't be afraid to admit that you made a mistake. Acting like you did nothing wrong is more shameful than saying sorry.

If you need to do a simple task just to make your situation better... do it. If you need to wash the dishes then do it, if you need to help your mom then do it, if you need to ask for your daddy's help then do it. You do it without hesitation because it is for a good cause, it is important and it is not a nonsense thing. Always feel free if it is for a good cause, never hesitate nor think twice.

What makes your life difficult is because you feel so heavy and hesitant whenever you need to do something right, there is something that is bothering you or stopping you. You don't even need to feel that way, if you need to do it then do it, as simple as that. Don't think twice, just think about the better things that will happen if you do it.

October 03, 2017


Prove them wrong, there are lot of haters on this planet and will make you feel bad if you are pursuing something. They will mock you, criticize you and make you feel weak so you won't continue anymore. Never mind those haters, they are hating because they can't even start something for themselves. They are hating because you are moving and they are just talking.

When somebody told you that you can't do something that is the time that you must do something. Show them how great you are or how great you can be. It's just a matter of time before you shut their mouths.

On more thing, their opinions doesn't even matter. The big question is are you willing to step up your game? are you willing to do whatever it takes to win? Start now and do it until the end and see what will happen.

You will only know if you can do it if you will try and push until the end. It will never be over if you can still do something. If you can still do a single step to make you one step closer to your dreams then do it. Even if you are slow, even if your move is not making an impact... you still have to do it because if you will stop then it's over for you.

Show them your real power and tenacity, show them that you're not a joke and you can do something great. It's all about consistent actions and improvement. You can do anything you want if you put your mind into it.

Stop listening to what they say, it's your own opinion about yourself that matters. You know if you're doing good or not, you know if you're giving your best or not so keep taking actions and use all of your power to become successful.

You are more powerful than you thought you were. You think that you have limits... that is not true. Your power and potential is unlimited, you can conquer impossible things if you will dedicate your time and energy for your dreams. It's just a matter of time before your become successful but for the moment... keep taking actions.

October 03, 2017


This is a very strong quote from Napoleon "the Great" Hill. He is the author of think and grow rich. That book has change a lot of bum life in this planet. It turns the poverty into riches, it turns the insane mind into a genius. It also changed me, I was able to buy my first car when I read that book and apply the knowledge into my life.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU KNEW YOU WOULDN'T FAIL? this is a very good question. What process will you do if you set a goal? you knew you wouldn't fail right? so it means anything that you will do that is inline with your goal is correct, any action is the right action.

Will you strive to become rich if you knew you wouldn't fail? will you strive to become a politician, an athlete or a celebrity? Remember... you knew you wouldn't fail so any dream is accepted, you can try anything and be about it.

START NOW AND NEVER LOOK BACK. Pick something now, choose your dream now and start executing. Never stop, never look back and see what is not working. Everything is working if you are moving so keep moving and keep progressing. Life is so short so you should never take any second for granted.

DO IT FOREVER UNTIL YOU BECOME SUCCESSFUL. Any process is the right process, any action that is positive will help you become successful. It's not going to be easy but the difficulty of the journey doesn't matter. What matters is are you going to push and work until the end? That is the only question you should answer, are you going to work until you become successful? because if not then you really don't believe that you're not going to fail. 

NOT KNOWING HOW TO FAIL IS THE BEST MINDSET EVER. A lot of people were quitter nowadays, a little failure makes them depressed and crazy, they don't want to try again. They will whine and make excuses that is why they haven't achieved anything in life.

Just don't quit and that's it. Work until the end and see what will happen if you don't quit. What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail? if you're going to ask the same question to me... my answer is I will try to become a millionaire, I will work until the end and see if that quote is real.

October 03, 2017


Getting rejected is one of the most painful feelings that you can ever feel. You feel like ugly, useless and less important. You feel that your value in this world is not appreciated and you don't know what to do after experiencing it. Getting rejected causes depression especially if you have a very weak emotional immune system. You will think about it everyday, you will imagine that you're not rejected yet and you're accepted. But it will only make your situation worse, remembering a negative past will only make you stuck in a mud. Here is what you need to do if someone rejected you:

1. Think that she's just an ordinary human being. You make the rejection even painful because you think that the person who rejected you is special and one of a kind, you think that she's the only girl.  You think that she's your destiny, you expected a lot that is why you feel more pain. Remember that there is a better person waiting for you and all you have to do is forget her. You are special too, think that she is the one who lost someone valuable not you. She is nothing special so you should not make it a big deal, you can find someone much better than her if you will think right.

2. Court another girl. Replace her instantly, find another sexy and gorgeous girl in your neighborhood. Fall in love with the new girl and make the person who rejected you know that you can replace her instantly as fast as five seconds. Play with your emotions, at least you are feeling something, the truth is you would rather feel pain than not feeling anything at all. Dating another woman will make you forget the ugly fast very quick.

3. Make yourself better. You should feel good so you will forget the painful fast easily. Go to the gym, lift heavy weights, go to different seminars to make yourself better. Treat yourself, well at least you will be able to save more money because you are not spending for someone. Making yourself better will make you realize how valuable you are and that the person who rejected you doesn't deserve you.

4. Focus your attention into something. Focus on something else and be very good at it. It can be arts, business or anything that will make you forget her. Be so good that you will feel love for yourself and see how valuable you are. You can enjoy life even more if you will focus your attention into something and be the best you can be. Your mind will be entertained and you will forget the person who rejected you.

5. Adapt a dog. Dogs are very loyal and will never leave you. It will be on your side forever and is willing to catch some of your burden. Adapting a dog will make you feel that love is real, you will never feel alone anymore, you will recover easily. Adapt a dog and love it truly and passionately.

October 03, 2017


It's just a waste of time, fighting with someone who has no money is just a waste of time because your life is better than his. You will never win because that guy has nothing to lose. He will do stupid things, he will become scandalous, he will explode like a man possess and he is not afraid to look like an idiot. He is not afraid to destroy his reputation because it is his gain and not yours.

What will you get for fighting someone who has no money, uneducated and has a bum life? Don't try to prove them that you're more powerful and better. There is no point in doing that, don't do something that will not make your life better. Fighting someone who has no class will only make you stupid too because you're just wasting you energy trying to prove yourself to someone who is not worth it.

Just keep moving forward and try to make your life better, that is the best way to silent critics, haters and frenemies. Be the most successful that you can be, they will be jealous of you and they don't wouldn't even know how to make you feel bad.

You will only get hurt if you fight them, you will only feel stressed, your problems will multiply and you will feel bad everyday.

Let go of the bad emotions that other people is making you feel, the truth is you are the only one hurting yourself because you're giving them too much attention. If you don't argue with them, if you don't give them any focus then you will not see them nor feel them anymore. It's ok if they tell you that you're coward, what can their words do? nothing. They are the ones who were coward because they can't do anything good with their lives.

Instead of fighting them... fight life, try to make your life better each day. Just try to become happy as you can and rich as you can.

Make sure you are fighting the real fights and not the fights that are not worth it or has no benefits because you will only regret it in the end even if you hurt your enemy.

October 03, 2017


Has it ever happen to you where you can do something but you want others to do it for you because you're lazy and you also don't feel that you can do it? You're not confident because you haven't done something like that before.

But after learning that nobody can do it for you, you do it yourself and you were able to finish it. How does it feel? you're really happy right? you are proud of yourself in a little way.

That is what doing it yourself will give you... incredible happiness. You will gain a lot of confidence knowing that you too can do things on your own.

You're just afraid to try it that is why you think you can't do it. But when you try and you gain momentum... you will learn that it is not that hard. It only becomes hard because you're too lazy to try and you want some other people to do it for you.

You can do a lot of things, basically you can do everything if you will only be patient and take time learning things. Do it because you are the one suppose to be doing it. You have strength, you can read and write, you can move... so what is the point of not doing it?

Doing it yourself will make you a better person, people around you will be happy with you because you're not bossy and you're reliable.

Finishing things will give you happiness, you will appreciate your own effectiveness and your work ethic will be build.

Unlike someone who can wash his own plate but asking for someone to do it... that guy is weak and one day will realize how weak he is. He will not be happy with his life because he cannot even take small actions. He is lazy, he cannot even create small accomplishments.

The lesson for this is... the more you are active, the more you will become happy. The more you do it yourself the more you will become a better person.

October 02, 2017


Feeling treated unfairly by the world doesn't give you the right to do stupid things. Sometimes if you feel that the world is bad to you and even if you are doing good things in life and yet the world still punished you... sometimes you are thinking that maybe you need to do bad things too. Don't think that way, you still need to think positively and do good things in life. You still need to get your life in order and take the right direction.

My daughter died, I will not tell the complete details but my daughter died and I don't know the reason for that. I felt the pain, I can destroy my life if I want to and be a person that is of no use because the world is treating me unfairly. But I am so lucky to be able to still think straight. I know that I don't have the right to do bad things and destroy my life because it will only make the situation worse, it will never help anyone and it will never make the world a better place.

I know that life is not fair to me by experiencing such a tragic event but who am I to do bad things?

If something bad happens to you that doesn't mean that you have the right to become bad too.

Don't freak out, don't lose your faith because good things will happen in the end. And that is only if you are still thinking positively.

Still be a man of value, still be a useful man to your family and friends. If you will freak out because bad things happened to you then you will only regret it in the end.

Don't let emotions control you. Shits happens for a reason, you will only know that reason in the end. But for now, stay calm, stay in control and live your life the right way.

October 02, 2017


You know what it is? it is not something that you can buy from the drugstore, it is not something prescribed by the doctors, it is not something that will make you feel good right away. It is something that you need to work for... it is called EXERCISE.

You don't need to doubt it, you don't need to test it. Just do it and it will work. It will make you feel good especially if you're sweating like a maniac guilty of something.

Make your body sweat, enjoy every movement of your body and all of your worries, stress, fears will go away. But of course it will still visit you some other days that is why you need to take this antidote everyday, exercise everyday.

A lot of people were depressed because they are not moving, they are not doing something for their life. They are so hesitant to take actions. If you are procrastinating... you will experience a lot of negative emotions even more, you will become more depressed, your mind will go crazy, you will feel like you are sick and weak even if you're healthy.

Exercise to avoid depression... move and make your body sweat, exercise is the best medication. Just move your feet and forget about any other things. Just walk, just jog, just do it never stop until you're really tired. Learn to push yourself so you will experience some other feelings other than depression.

You may not believe it until you experience it. Don't wait to feel good before you move, move while you are still feeling bad... that is they key to make it work.

Exercise will make you forget that you have a problem. You can focus your energy into it and experience a different kind of state. You may still feel bad while exercising but your emotion will become very different than what you feel before. You will feel hopeful, you will feel that your life has still a purpose, you will feel small motivation that will become bigger and bigger as you push harder.

October 01, 2017


1. Starting fast. You should start fast and finish strong. Don't strive for perfection if you want to start fast. Just do it. Just start the car and go to the place you want. Just wear your shoes and go for a business transaction. Just wear your jogging pants and run outside. Just say sorry to your girlfriend and start again. Stop thinking about what might happen, live with the moment and welcome the other things that might happen.

Starting fast will make your mind off limits from worries. You can accomplish more, you can do more. You will be able to get what you want faster than expected.

2. Making a decision and making a stand for it. Make a decision for yourself and your family. Don't let other people decide for you or else you will not love the outcome. Once you make a decision... don't change it, live it and try to process all the things that needs to be processed. A lot of people can't decide for themselves that is why they can't be happy with their life.

3. No regrets. Even if you made a lot of mistake... have no regrets. Shits happen and you can't avoid it. You may avoid it now but it will still come into your face in the future. So don't worry if everything is not going well. It will be alright if you keep plodding and doing the best you can to have a good life. No regrets if you made a wrong decision, no regrets if you are losing. Having this kind of mindset will make your style always progressing, you will not think about past anymore, all you want is to move forward.

4. Becoming a finisher. Don't just start something, always finish. Go for the kill, go further and further. Keep pushing until you finished something. It is easy, all you gotta do is finish, what is difficult about that?

5. Always look for solutions not excuses. If something bad terribly happens... look for solutions on how to fix it. Stop making excuses why you can't finish it. If you can master this habit then you will become successful fast. You will always make results, you will never be stuck in a mud.

September 30, 2017


Timing is very important to have success in anything that you do. You can become really successful even if you don't have skills and talents granted that you know what is the perfect timing. Because even if you are really good, if your timing is off then you will have less success in life. You need to enhance your timing so you will get very good results.

1. Be prepared. Nothing beats preparation, if you are prepared then you will become confident, you will know what to do in every situation. You will not panic if there is an unfamiliar scenario that is happening. You will stay calm and collective, you have a peace of mind that everything is going to be alright. If there is a sudden change in your expectation you can make adjustments easily. For example, if you are speaking in public and you suddenly you forget your lines... you can make adjustments easily and improvise if you are prepared that it's going to happen. You have a reserve lines that you can use if you forget the words that you're going to say. You have the plan B, you will able to get away from trouble.

2. Expect the worse. It's not that you are always thinking negatively but if you are prepared that worse things may happen then you will be able to stay calm, you will have a still mind and you are still in control of yourself. Your timing will never change. While other people are panicking, you are smiling inside of yourself and laughing at them because they are panicking for nothing, their minds were in a state of fear while yours is still on the right frame. Expect that everything will not become perfect, just ignore the mistakes, failures, unexpected embarrassment etc. Expecting the worse will make you appreciate small beautiful things even more.

3. Always be natural. If you are always natural, if you are not forcing anything then good things will happen. Your timing will become very smooth, people will like you more. It is like a flowing water into the river, your timing will become perfect and even if you make mistakes... you will still feel good, people will not notice it. Being natural will make you look very cool.

4. Be slow. You don't need a fast pace, be slow, be aware of what is going on around you. Savor the moment. If you are slow then you will be able to think clearly, you will be at peace. You will make decisions very good and your timing will be very smooth. You don't need to move fast, no one is forcing you to move fast, be slow so you can enjoy every movement that you execute, be slow so you will always be in control.