January 19, 2018


There will be noise in your head telling you that you can't do it, telling you that you don't deserve it. There are voices that will whisper into your ears to stop and be realistic, a voice will demotivate you and will take away your hope. There will always be noises and you can never silence them forever. All you can do is ignore them and keep pushing.

That's what will happen in anything that you're doing, especially if you're about to try something or take a risk. A bad voice will discourage you, it will build your fears and build doubts and if you listen to them... it's game over to your journey.

Some noises will just disturb you, you can't focus because of those noises. It is your obligation to stay relax and calm and go back to your work. Never let something disturb you from what you're doing.

There will always be confusion, fear, doubts, anger, disappointments, anxiety no matter what. You will never escape the noise but if you're so focused on what you're trying to accomplish... those noise will all go away, it will never disturb you even if they were so strong, it's your vision that will make you unstoppable.

Don't be afraid of those noises, they are not real. They are only testing your patience and determination. If you will not listen to them then you already won. Just keep on going and keep doing what you need to do. It doesn't matter if you're slow or not progressing at all.

It's up to you if you will feed the fears or you will feed the courage. You should pick the right choice, believe in something that will make you more confident.

You can never get rid of those noises forever. It will still visit you even if you're already confident and successful. You will still doubt yourself, you will still experience some fears but you already know how to handle them... just keep taking actions and entertain yourself with positive beliefs.

Always remember what you can do, always remember the challenges that you defeated. You are a very strong person, those voices that are making you weak are nothing, they will never control you nor make you believe them. You know who you are, you are tested, you have a vision and you will only follow the path that you believe will make you successful. You are a winner, always remind yourself about that, even if you feel demotivated a little bit... your motivation will always come back, you will save yourself from defeat, you will do whatever it takes to win in life.

Always be yourself, always display your identity, focus on your goals and what you're trying to accomplish. Always remember that you are always right and all of your actions were right, all of your movements were needed to make yourself successful. You are the judge if your actions were right or not, for as long as you're getting something... you are right.

January 19, 2018




January 19, 2018

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January 19, 2018


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January 19, 2018


There's a big danger in believing in hype. You think that it's the best, you think that it will give success and happiness only to find out that the hype is just an excitement, it's nothing but an illusion, sometimes you will even think that it's a fraud.

Never believe in something that is not proven, it will only disappoint you. While some hypes are also real but most of the are not, most of them are just for marketing strategies.

For example, a brand that is promote well on TV, the commercial says that the brand is so delicious and healthy but when you try it for yourself... your expectations were not mot, you're disappointed. It's lesser than what you're expecting.

Another example is a lottery pick in the NBA, a lot of talks about this player, they said that he is going to be the next Michael Jordan, he is going to be the MVP but when the season started... everyone finds out that he is just a bust.

If you're expecting too much, if you're believing too much in hype... you will get disappointed. You need to find facts that it is proven and will satisfy your expectations. You need to test it to yourself first before fully trusting it.

There are products, people, brands, politicians, ideas, new inventions, promises that will create a lot of hype, they will make you believe, they will give you hope but most of them are just illusion. It will never give you exactly what you need. You will only feel bad because your expectations were not met.

The most logical thing to do is just stick to what is proven, stick to something that has strong track records of producing something great. Don't believe in the new, always trust the old tradition that create a lot of memories of greatness.

But some hypes are also real, the point here is don't believe too much in hypes because it will only make you feel bad if it is not real. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Some hypes that may disappoint you:

1. Exercise machines that promises you results in 2 weeks.
2. A new coffee brand that markets great taste.
3. A young politician that promises to change the world.
4. An investment company that promises to triple your capital in just one month.
5. A new branded shoe that is nothing extraordinary.
6. A new recipe from a fast food company
7. A new reality show that looks very good only to find out that it is full of crap
8. A new cellphone technology
9. A new flavor of noodles
10. A service being offered that promises warranty
11. Insurance companies
12. An aspiring you tuber

You're old enough to believe in hypes, never give our full trust on it, doubt it a little bit so that you will never get disappointed if it didn't meet your expectations. At the end of the day, you will still be the judge if it is real or not. Sometimes it is unreal but it is still making you believe. Open your eyes and accept what is working, accept what is a bust and learn how to walk away from a hype.

January 19, 2018


Start a campaign now, start your journey now, whatever you want to achieve in life... make a campaign today, build a strong momentum and make the momentum moving forever. Whatever campaign you want...whether be it's about making money, improving your health, building a new look, building a new business, improving a skill... this is fun, you can have a lot of fun. It's like a campaign in election, you build yourself, you have a vision and you just roll the dice.

Keep improving everyday, keep getting results, keep progressing. Never stop until you win, that is what your campaign is all about. It's all about moving forward and do something for your goal, all you need to do is take actions. Any action will do for as long as it is positive and will somehow make a little impact. It's a long journey... yes it is so you have to be patient, you have to take your time and never get frustrated if results were not coming in.

Start a campaign now, be the leader and if you don't have the followers... be your own follower too. Do it all, this is the best way to live your life... giving your all for something.

It doesn't matter if you win or not, what matters is you give your all for that campaign, make sure you will cry if you fail, that is the only way to know if you give your best or not... you cry, you're emotional because you think you deserve something but you can't get it.

It doesn't matter if you don't know how to start, it doesn't matter if you don't know all the steps to get it. Just start and do something. That campaign will become your life, it will become your world. You will use all of your time for that campaign, you will not do anything else other than that.

Give your everything, give your life, give all of your time and energy. Make every second count, make every action count. Never do something that is outside of your goal, make your campaign the air that you breathe.

Have an unparalleled will and undying determination to go for what you want. Don't be shy, everything positive that you do is right, don't be ashamed of taking any action. Just give your best and let the rest take care of itself.

Express yourself, feel free, use any method that you can use. Use the crazy dog technique, whatever you can think of... do it, use it, trust it. Be proud of your campaign, work super hard on it and use all of your focus and energy to make it successful.

Some people will join you along the way especially if they see that you are producing results. So be serious about it, don't play around, take it seriously. If you want serious results then be serious about it, treat it like your bread and butter. Always remember that it's all in your hands, it's up to you if you want your campaign to become successful.

January 19, 2018


You can't stop the rain, if problems keeps on coming to your life... you can't stop it. You are the one who's creating your own problem but there are problems that will surprise you that was not done by you. Problems that are random, we can consider it bad luck. But you can't stop it if it keeps on coming, all you can do is do something for it, do something to make the problems lighter.

The rain will stop if it wants to stop, you can never control it, the only thing you can control is your attitude towards the rain. You can smile even if your problem is hard, you can keep smiling even if your problem keeps on pouring. Even if it is a fake smile, it is still a smile, it still means you're strong and you can take any hits of life.

There are some things that you can't really control and all you can do is be aware of what you can control and focus on them.

Let the challenges come into your life, for as long as you're alive... you will be alright. Those challenges will make you tough, it will make you a better person so don't be afraid of them. Be afraid if you're not taking actions or not moving at all because that's the time when your life will be in danger.

Embrace the rain, let it fall into your head, feel it. Hot or cold rain, feel it, drink it, let it know that you're not afraid of it. You don't know when the rain will stop but for sure it will stop. Don't pray for the rain to stop, don't get frustrated when it's not yet stopping, it will stop when it's suppose to stop.

All you can do is live and do something about your situation. You can't force your problems to stop, all you can do is process it and make it smaller as you can.

If the rain is there... ask yourself what you can do about it, for sure you can do something about it. It's either you take a bath on it or hide in your house. If you're hiding from the rain then you are only postponing your problems, you are only making situations worse. You need to go outside and let it touch your skin, let it wet you, let it make you feel something.

Welcome rain into your life, you can even drink it and let it know that you're not afraid of it.

You must understand that problems and challenges are all part of your life. It is there to balance your life and make you tougher than yesterday. It's just a rain, it's just a water, it's just another day in your life. It will soon go away, you don't need to get bored waiting for it to go away, just have fun while it's there because sometimes you will miss it when it's gone.

People who are so afraid to face their problems got bigger problems even more, it is because their problems are piling up, it's accumulating.

You need to face your problems now, if they are too many then you need to face them one by one, process them, let them know that you're bigger than them and there is nothing they can do to bring you down.

January 18, 2018


Don't feel bad if your friend is leaving you, don't feel bad if your child wants to do some other things and may leave you for a while... they just wanted to grow. They feel stuck in their position and it's your obligation to set them free.

If your friend is leaving the country because he sees more opportunity overseas.. don't feel bad, don't ever think that he has no loyalty to his country or whatever. He sees the growth there, you should support him and with nothing but the best for him. It's his decision, it's your fault if you can't leave your country too. He has a vision and his vision is there, it's not there in your country, set him free and give him your full support.

Never stop the growth of someone, if someone wants to move... let him move, he is always right, his heart knows where the growth is and it's his duty to follow his heart.

To all caring moms out there, if your son wants to move from the house because of a career move... let him move, he knows what he's doing. Of course he's going to get hurt but it's alright, he will face difficulty but it's alright, he can handle himself and act like a grown man. Just support his decision and never demotivate him ever. Even if it hurts you to see him going... let him go because he wants to grow, he wants to fly so don't be a burden to him.

If your teammate wants to leave your team because he sees growth somewhere else... let him go, don't feel bad, don't feel that you've been betrayed, if you're a real friend then you will let someone go even if it hurts you.

You have no right to stop someone, if he wants to grow somewhere else then just support him, you can never read a person's instinct. Of course it hurts, it males you feel bad but it is what it is... you can never stop someone from growing especially if he wants it badly.

All you can do is give your support, give your blessing. Don't try to make dramas because it's only making the person who is leaving feel bad.

How about your? are you leaving? if you don't love leaving and you feel the growth in your place then don't leave... as simple as that. But if you feel that you need to break away and find our success somewhere else then pack your bags and leave. Don't be afraid because you can always comeback if you fail, you can always accept failure and go back to your home, there is nothing wrong in failing, what matters is you try and give your very best.

If there is no growth in your place then it's time for you to leave, of course your friends will miss you, your co family members will feel bad but it's your duty to follow your heart and follow your dreams. Never stay in a place where there is no growth.

January 17, 2018


What you do is your representation, what are you trying to represent? if you're always lazy then you are representing laziness, you are representing bums, you are the role model of failures.

If you're a hard worker then you are representing success, you are the face of victory and glory.

What you are doing is your life, it is your reality. You attract all the people and circumstances by your actions. Be a representation of something great.

You are free to do anything, you are free to represent anything. You can do bad things but the only question is... are you happy showing your kids how ugly your life style is? are you proud of being a bum and your mom is crying because he wanted you to change? are you a proud representative of failure? you got to choose what you want to represent so always choose carefully.

If you don't know what to represent then you better choose now, choose something that you can be proud of.

Examples of things that are good to represent:

1. Hard work
2. Money
3. Commitment
4. Education
5. Generosity
6. Compassion
7. Success
8. Cleanliness
9. Perseverance
10. Possibilities

You are free to represent anything, choose something and make it as your identity. What are you trying to represent is your life, it's going to be your world.

Be careful of your words and actions, those will be your representation. People will know what kind of a human being are you through your words and actions.

If you want to represent wildness and failure then go ahead, it's really up to you. What you do is what you become, it's all in your habits.

Always remember that your mind and actions should be one.You can't be thinking about greatness but all you do is laziness, your thoughts and actions should be harmonious to each other. If you want to represent success then work hard as much as you can. Do what others can't do.

Representing something is a commitment, you have to do it forever, you have to be it every single day. You can't be an a wolf today and a sheep tomorrow. It's a life long commitment and you need to understand that seriousness is a must here.

That's why a lot of role models takes care of their names too much, they don't want to destroy it because they are representing success and goodness, they don't want children to see them not doing good things. Same as to you, if you want to represent something then you should take it seriously, never put a single dirt on what you're trying to representing.

Just be yourself, do what you want and do what makes you happy every single day. Whatever you wanted to represent... you are free to choose it, just make sure that you will never regret it in the end.

Make a stand for what are you trying to represent, do it even if t's hard, never quit and never change your mind if something goes wrong.

January 17, 2018


This world is a nasty place, it's survival of the fittest. Only the strong survive, if you will let your fear and slowness control you then nothing will happen to your life, the predators will eat you alive, you will be left behind.

This world is full of hungry animals, it's full of abusive leaders. If you don't know how to protect yourself and thrive on your own way then you will be eaten easily.

Always go hard, always push yourself... that's the only way to go to the top. If you're always relax and easy on yourself then you will just be forever dreaming, your dreams won't come true.

But that doesn't mean that the world has nothing good to offer, of course it has. It has many good things but you can only get those things if you're strong enough to get them. Stand for what you want, stand for what you believe in. Accept that the world is hard, that life is hard.

If you're dreaming about great things then prepare yourself to die by working super hard. Work like you've never work before, go crazy, go wild, do whatever it takes to win. That's how it is done.

There are big gorillas, there are fast cheetahs, there are wise monkeys. If you don't have any attributes then all you can do is outwork them, you have no choice but to grind and crawl your way to the top.

Life is like a jungle, yeah it is, there is no room for soft people in this world, there is no room for slow people... they will be eaten easily.

January 17, 2018


If you're going to die in a month does your fear really matter? does your worries have values? of course you will think differently. You will think more positively. You will rush to say I love you to your mom, you will force yourself to get your dreams and experience the things that you wanted to experience.

Try to think about this... does your fear going to help you? if not then why entertain it? why give it a time? just ignore it, do your thing and it will subside.

Fear doesn't matter, if life is so short then what is the use of entertaining fear? you can become scared as shit, you can hide all day long but at the end of the day... your fear will never go away if you don't face it.

If you want something then fear should have no place in your heart, you should go for it boldly and never stop until you get it.

Fear will go away if you're taking actions, if you're moving then you will not even notice that you're scared. Fear is just a state of mind, it is nothing. It's making you believe about something that is not happening yet, it is poisoning your mind so you better ignore it and just keep taking actions.

Once you feel the fear... move right away so it can't control you anymore, move towards what you need to do, move towards what you want.

Fear is only strong if you're thinking, it is only playing on your mind if you're waiting.

January 17, 2018


If you want to get back your life... you must have no life for how many months. You must live in sacrifices and delayed gratification.

If you're in a huge debt... don't buy expensive things for how many months, don't buy useless things. No restaurants, no vacation, no delicious foods, no concerts, no buying of sale items. Basically there is no life. It can be years but the good thing is... after you pay all of your debts... you will feel good, you will feel free. Being in huge debt is really suffocating, the banks are calling you, your friends whom you have debts are hating you. You're dying little by little, you can't even afford to breathe. Your air is always suffocated. It feels like you don't have a freedom anymore.

If you want to have your life back... you need to suffer, you need to do a lot of sacrifices, it's hard but you will get there slowly if you're committed.

That's how to get out of the rut you are in... you need to feel the pain, you need to suffer because that is the punishment for being irresponsible.

You have to get your head right, why will you eat in a restaurant even if it is just fast food if you have a lot of debts waiting to get paid? Stop taking selfies to impress people who blessed you are because the truth is you're not. People will even hate you more if they see you having a good time and yet you have debts to pay.

Abstain from spending, abstain from buying useless things that you will only love for a few days.

Being debt free is easy, you just need to wait, work hard and pay them all little by little. Paying them small amounts is better than not paying at all, just be patient... you will be free from debts in just a matter of time.

January 17, 2018


There will always be haters, you have to deal with it. No matter how nice of a person you are, no matter how good you are... there will be critics, somebody will always try to put you down.

The key here is stop being sensitive, stop being emotional. A hater's goal is to make you feel bad, he wants you to get emotional so he can attack you even more. He is so much having fun if he sees you reacting.

Haters will always hate, even if you befriend them or treat them nice... just one mistake and they will hate you again, you can never let them love you because they hate you from the very beginning.

If you fight them then you're in big trouble because they were too good in fabricating stories, you will be the one who will look bad in the end even if you're telling the truth.

The only way you can win over haters is to ignore them. Treat them like dead, never talk to them, never rub elbows with them, never pretend that you like them. Just ignore them and they will stop because they're looking like a fool already, they keep on hating and you will just ignore them and they already have no powers.

There will always be haters especially if you're doing well in life, even your friends will hate, even your closest relatives will hate. It is what it is, this world is full of jealous people and if you will dwell on them... your progress will stop.

Just keep on succeeding, keep on growing, you can kill haters through massive success. Always keep yourself very busy so you will have no time for them.

January 17, 2018


If they did it then you can do it too, they're just humans, they only have 24 hours a day like you. They cry and die like you, they were no different. If someone does it then you must be inspired, don't get jealous, if they did it then it means you have the right to dream about it and get it too.

It's just a matter of focus and hard work. If someone got rich then you can become rich too, if someone got popular then you can become popular too.

Just give it a try, give yourself a chance to get what you really want in life. Never be scared to follow your dreams because when you fall... something will catch you, you will fall in the right place and you can start again.

Be happy if someone become successful, don't get jealous, don't hate him nor pull him down. Make him as an inspiration to become successful too.

January 17, 2018


You're wasting a lot, you just don't know it, that's why your life is not progressing. You're wasting a lot of time, money and energy. Your wasting it for nonsense things that is derailing your success.

Success is on the way, it knows where to find you but it's getting slower and slower to reach you every time you wasted something that is important. You have a lot of resources, it's just that you're wasting a lot of it that's why you always feel less.

You wasted a lot of money buying the stupid expensive coffee just to look rich, cool and elegant. Count all the money you wasted for that coffee and you will be amazed at how big it was, you can even buy an expensive shoes if you count all the money you spent for that coffee.

You're wasting a lot of energy focusing on things that really don't matter. You focus on your enemies, you focus on negativity, you focus on jealousy. That's an energy waster, you need a lot of energy if you are pursuing your dreams so be selfish of your energy and only use it in useful things and activities.

Your wasting a lot of time watching stupid movies, you're even watching cartoons that you didn't like just to let the time pass.

You have a lot of unknown waste, you don't know ti because you're having too much fun. Be aware of what is really going on, be aware of all the wastes that you could have been use to make your life a little bit better.

Stop wasting all of your resources and reserve them for more productive activities.

January 17, 2018


Whatever world you have right now, whatever kind of life you're living... you can replace it, you can always change it. You can choose the right world for you or you can choose the wrong world, whichever you chooses to... it will be yours.

If you want to become rich now then become rich, practice the rich habits, it's all about the habits and the right thinking habits. What does the rich people do? how they interact? how they behave? it's that too simple.

What you focus upon will be your world, if you're so focused on gossips, negativity, news, poverty, problems then that will be your world but if you're so focused on positivity like abundance, generosity, rich, money then that will be your world too.

Keep in mind that you're the one who's creating your life, your environment has only small percentage of participation in it. So don't ever blame anyone or anything why your world is such a mess, it becomes dirty because you made it dirty, you ruin it.

If you want to have a new world then change your thinking, control your mind, change the way your mind behaves. Study your thought process and do something about it. A changed mind is a fresh mind, it is powerful, it can give you anything.

January 16, 2018


Let those challenges elevate you, let it make you strong. Learn from it, grow from it, absorb the knowledge the you will get from it. Never let it pull you down or slow you down, don't make it a big deal and see it as something that will give you strength. The truth is if you think that those challenges will do something good in your life then it will. It's a different kind of experience, pushing your will through hard times will make you a tough person, you will never succumb from any problems in life.

You can shine through the darkest hours, you can still live your life and thrive through any difficulty.

If you will give up then it's game over for you, you need to take every challenge as an opportunity to grow and do something great.

In those time of difficulty when a real character of a man was revealed, when it's hard then your true colors will show. What will you show during hard times? what attitude will you display? how are you going to act when things went wrong?

Let those challenges elevate you, use them to  impose you will, use them to display how strong you are. It's all about not quitting and moving forward, it's all about taking actions even if those actions were only small and looks like it has no impact at all. Just do something that you think will give you a chance to succeed.

You can rise in any given moment, never think that there's nothing you can do, always think that there is a solution, there is enough strength left in your body that you can use to defeat that challenge that is in front of you.

Never think about quitting just for a second, always keep the fight alive, keep your fighting spirit always awake and do whatever it takes to win.

January 16, 2018


You will never be ready for the rest of your life but you can face anything even if you're not ready to face it. You can look it into its eyes, deal with it and do something about it.

Face anything that needs to be faced. Face the bills, face the stress, face the problems, face the pain, face the possibilities. Face success and face the pressure, never let anything escape. If you will build the courage to face anything may it be good or bad then you will become successful in life. All you need to do is deal with it, deal with anything that is threatening you or warning you a possible discomfort.

Sometimes you're so scared to face it because it you are anticipating negative emotions, you're thinking that something might go wrong, you're thinking that it's always inconvenient, you're think about doing it tomorrow,

You know what? if you will not face it now then nothing will happen to your life, your situation will become worse. It's going to be a huge nightmare for you.

Face it, embrace it, deal with it... do something about it, improvise a solution.

You will find out that it's not that bad at all, you will find out that it's pretty easy. All you have to do is process it and finish it until the end.

If you impregnate a woman, face it. If you have debts face it. If someone is asking for your apology face it. Never leave something hanging in the air. Solve it now, deal with it now.

January 16, 2018


Discover what you can do because that is your main purpose in life, if you're just sitting all day long on your couch... you better poison yourself because you're just wasting your life. You are here to go further and see what is possible. How big can you become, you rich can you become, how great can you become. Just discover it so that you will never question how you live your life in the end. Discover your true strengths so that you will never have any regrets.

What you have now is not all you can have, you can have more, there are still millions of possibilities. Just be ready to work super hard and do whatever it takes to stretch yourself and attain what is unattainable.

Start now, start your journey now, it will take a very long time to discover what you can really do. Discovering what you can do is a a great gift, it creates true happiness. You will be surprised by the things that you can do and know.

Experience more, do a lot of things, don't be scared to try, don't be scared to dedicate your life into something even if you're not sure that you're going to succeed.

Take risks, fly high, destroy some bricks, melt the platinum. Whatever you can do... do it. You can do anything if you will take it slowly and use a high amount of patience.

Follow your heat, use your time wisely and never procrastinate, always hope for the best but never get disappointed if you lose.

Go to the unknown, trust the unknown, push harder, run faster, go after it. There is no harm in trying.

January 16, 2018


Life is mental, it's all in the mind. If you can elevate your mental game then you're already a winner. Because even if you're losing... if you can manage to become happy with your situation then you're already a winner. Some people are even winning but they can't manage to become happy that's why they still look like a loser.

If you have a strong mental game then you will be alright, you will carry on and do what is suppose to be done, you don't care about irregularities, discomfort or anything that bothers you or make you feel bad. You will just try to live your life the best possible way that you can and you will not care about anything else that makes you feel bad.

You can endure any pain if you have a tough mental game, you can appreciate the small things, you can ignore all the bullshits going on with your life, it will be easier for you to cope up with any kind of situation. You can produce solutions anytime you want, you will deal with any kind of problems and face it without any hesitation.

It's all in the mind, a tough mind is an easy life. You never complain unless you need to, you can adapt and improvise easily. You will feel blessed even if you have less. It's easy for you to get up in the morning and make your day productive. Something can hurt you but it will never hurt you for so long, you don't think about problems, you think about how are you going to solve it.

It's easy for you to take actions even if you feel bad, life is too easy even if it's hard. You're so positive and you are always thankful that you're still alive.

Mental toughness is the number one tool that you must focus upon, it's a very powerful weapon, if you have a strong mental game then you will be fine wherever you go, you can thrive, you can survive, the impossible becomes possible to you.

You don't feel anything about losing, it's like normal day to you, you don't care about feeling any negative emotion... you know ti will subside and you will feel good in a while.

January 16, 2018


It doesn't matter if you have an old shoe, it doesn't matter if your car is old, if you can appreciate what you have then it still feels like new. Appreciation is what really matters and the work to preserve it. 

Some people who recently bought a new pair of shoes only live it because it's new, after a few weeks.. they will ignore it, they will not use it like it's new, they will let the dirt stick with it and will not clean it anymore. 

I have seen an old car model let's say it's 10 years older than my car but it looks new, it's well polished, there are no scratches, it's finer than the newer model. The owner looks like he really loves his car and he is taking care of it everyday, it is a simple car but it is eye catching because it's really fine. The tires are super black, the color is still amazing and the whole car is shiny, no wonder the owner is working for his car. 

There is a some car that are super brand new but already have a lot of scratches, the dust is covering the car, it has a lot of dents, a lot of mud covering the rims, it's disgusting, if only the car can speak then it will shout at the owner and told him that it needs some cleaning.

Just like in a relationship, some guys are only good when his partner is new, he will send flowers, make the woman felt appreciated by praising here but when the woman is not sexy anymore... he can't even take her to a dinner. Relationship can be strong if both partners were working for it, anything that can stabilize the relationship.. both partners should work for it. 

So if you have something new, make sure you will still treat it like new when it becomes old, that is how to preserve something, that is how to make something last for a very long time.

You can have the oldest thing in the world but if you will love it and take care of it then it will still shine.

January 16, 2018


This is a good technique to avoid getting mad for small reasons... don't speak when you're disappointed, don't speak when you don't get what you expected. This will make you think clearly, this will make you think smartly.

Because if you will keep talking about negativity then the situation will only get worse. What is it to feel bad about? you didn't get the perfect result that you're expecting? you didn't get the right color of shirt that was delivered? you didn't get the right amount of sugar put in your coffee? your business partner didn't arrive on time? of course you will get mad, you're just a human being but it is better to say nothing at all and move on. Don't speak for a few minutes, don't do anything, still your mind and be open to the next sequence of events because that can change how you feel. If you will think about it, it's really not a big deal right? it will never affect your health, it will never cost you anything.

It's better to just keep quiet and focus on the positive things in life. Speaking bad things and hurtful words will only make the situation worse, you will even feel guilty after saying it because you hurt someone's feelings.

Being quiet, being still is ok for as long as it's only about small things. If it is really hurting you and affecting your life then that's the only time that you must speak.

Stop acting like a victim because you're not, victims are the ones who always complains, victims are the ones who always feel like someone has done something bad to them.

The truth is.. you are the one who is hurting yourself by being sensitive and expecting too much. Cut your expectations, forget about perfection and you will become happy.

The only thing that you can control is yourself, how you feel and how you think.

January 16, 2018


Most people can't live without cigarette, most people can't live without a car, most people can't live without money, most people can't live without friends or appreciation. People are so weak, they can't live without something that they think is making them happy.

If you want to become mentally tough, you should train your mind to be ok if something that use to be in your life is not there anymore.

You should be ok if you don't have this or have that, that's mental toughness to another level.

Some people are just good and confident when they have friends around them, when they have a big support that will catch them every time they fall, they can't even make a big decision on their own.

If you're really strong then you are ok if you don't have what you want at the moment, because not all the time you will get what you want, not all the time your situation is cool.

If you're so attached into something then it means you're weak, it means your happiness is too shaky and you can't adapt with what is going on.

Some people are freaking out when there is a sudden change in their lives, the funny thing is they're not dead so what is it to get mad about?

The key to living a happy life is to accept change, accept that not all the time you can have what you want. Not all the time there are some good things going on, there will be times when a surprise even might happen.

Be ok with not having everything, if you are ok with it then life will become pretty easy for you. But that doesn't mean that you will become lazy and not work for what you want anymore, of course you will still work for it but if you can't have it at the moment... still make yourself happy by appreciating what you have.

January 16, 2018


Work hard and you will feel proud of yourself, even if you don't talk about it... you will still feel proud, you will feel that somehow you're better than them. It's not being arrogant but you feel disgusted when someone is lazy, you feel bad for someone who is taking his life for granted. Because deep inside you know that hard work alone can make anyone successful.

Your pride becomes bigger, you know that you can do a lot, you know that you can do something big. You will never orders from people who is lazier than you because you know you are better than them. It's just like there is an invincible energy surrounding you and you know that you can always get what you want so you don't need any orders from others.

Not all people can work hard, not all people can dedicate their lives into something. If your hard work is real then you love every single detail of it, you love doing it everyday and you don't mind if you get tired or super exhausted.

They have no idea what is the magnitude of your work, they have no idea what you're trying to accomplish. You know that possibilities are endless for you and you can become the best in just a matter of time. You don't care about bullshits anymore, you don't care about things that will never make your life better.

You feel so confident, you're an energy that is hard to ignore because you represent possibilities and accomplishments.

You know you can finish things, you know you can beat deadlines.

If what being offered to you is not fair... you will reject it, you know you can always find something better because you're a hard worker, you can get anything you want because hard work is making you powerful.

January 16, 2018


You have to think less and do more if you want better results in life, thinking more but doing nothing is a bogus process, you shouldn't be doing it. Life is not about dreaming and planning... it is about living it, it is about executing and doing the right things. Always thinking about something will make you stuck in a mud, it will make you unproductive, you can only escape the rut you are in if you will take actions, do more, be more and achieve more.

If your mind keeps on thinking about negative things... you better stop doing it now and start taking actions, there is no other way around to turn your life around... just keep taking actions, become relentless. Massive actions equals infinite results.

Why are you thinking too much? will it help you? is it going to make your life better? of course not. Life is a journey, it is a process, you need to move. It's not about being stuck into depression. You can kill depression and any negative emotion by pursuing a goal and moving relentlessly.

It's more fun to be moving rather than doing nothing. Start moving now and forget about what will happen next. Start fast and do whatever it takes to make your life better.

Most people are spending too much of their time thinking, that's why they can't make results. You know what, life is not about making results at all to be honest, it's all about enjoying the process and giving your best. Push yourself to the limits, stop acting like you all have the time in the world spending too much time thinking. Time will never wait for you, you have no idea how big you can accomplish if you will start taking actions now.

Think less, stop freezing yourself.

January 16, 2018


Life is like stocks sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down, it will never be stable forever. Sometimes your business is clicking and sometimes it's not, it's alright you don't have to make it a big deal, don't panic, just give your best and you will be alright. If you're still moving then there is nothing to worry about. Worries will start to build up if you're not taking any action, fear will start to set in if all you do is entertain negative thoughts.

Always be ready for anything, if it comes then it comes... you have to embrace it and try to do something about it if you can.

Your emotions were like stocks too, sometimes you feel alive, sometimes you feel dead. It is what it is, just embrace those emotions and try to always stay positive. If you can be 80 percent positive in your life and only 20 percent negative then you will be fine, you will do good, you will make very good decisions.

Sometimes you're on top sometimes you're at the bottom, what are you going to do if you're at the bottom? cry about it? complain and make dramas? Stop making excuses and just keep moving forward, always remember that if you're moving then your situation will change.

Just like in feeling bad, if you are experiencing any negative emotion right now... just do something and you will be entertained, do something positive, something that will put you on the right direction.

If you're on top right now...try to maintain it as long as you can, never get arrogant, stay humble and keep working hard. If you will not maintain the level of hard work before you get there... you will fall down easily.

Life is like stocks, you never know when will you peak, if you're at the bottom right now, just keep pushing until something show on your way.

January 16, 2018


Your journey makes everything flow, it is the center of your life. You think it's not giving you anything? you're wrong... it is your everything. If you keep on pursuing something and you can't get high quality results from it... keep doing it, if you will stop it then everything will stop in your life.

For example... if you are always chasing money, you are doing a lot of business yet you're not succeeding, keep doing it, if you will not do it then everything will stop in your life. Maybe you're not seeing any big results yet but if you will stop it then you will never get any result at all. It is making your life run, the center of your attention will be your world. You only think you're no getting anything from it but the truth is... you will not get anything if you will not do it.

Just like in studying in school... you're studying a lot of lessons, you think it is useless because you can't see the benefits from it yet but the truth is... you're simply investing, the moment you finish school and you have great grades, company will go after you, you will not be denied. If you didn't study then where do you think will go?

If you're selling something and you can't sell it... keep selling it because it makes everything flow, it creates your work ethic, it attracts the right people to make you successful, you may not attract it now but you have to keep selling to attract it. It is making everything flow, it is slowly becoming your life.

If you keep practicing and yet you can't see any results... just keep practicing because it is making everything flow, it is preparing you to become successful one day, all of the opportunities were already lined up, you will just select them one day. If you are doing something then an energy is flowing, the equivalent reward for it is going after you. What you are seeking is seeking you.

January 16, 2018


If you suck then what's the big deal? you made mistakes, will that make you a badder person? will that make you as someone who shouldn't be given another chance? will that make you poorer? if you suck at something, that doesn't mean you will not become better at it.

If you bum on stage, if you can't speak in front of a girl, if you got bullied by someone and everyone laughs... it's not the end of the world, you still have a lot of opportunities to become better next time. It's all about swallowing it and never get tired of trying again.

It's not about how good you are or how perfect you are... it's about embracing what is in front of you and not showing any signs of intimidation. You suck, you're ugly, you got embarrassed... if you will pretend that you're cool with what's happening then they will somehow feel that you're someone who has guts and can become better in the future, they will see something different in you, some will even get impressed with you.

Just keep continuing what you're doing and you will be fine.  Never be scared if you suck because the most important thing here is you never quit, if you keep getting embarrassed, if you keep failing then just keep going... you will be fine, you will succeed if you persevere.

A lot of people sucks in the first try, some people even sucks even if they are doing it for a very long time, some people are slow, some people can't even have their rhythm.

But... that doesn't mean that you can't be good at it anymore, that doesn't mean that you will never improve, you can always change the way you do things, you can always become better at something.

Just work hard and that's it, keep repeating, keep looking ugly. Trust me... if you will stick with your work and beliefs... one day you're going to become successful. This is not a race, it's a marathon. It's not how strong you are... it's how long can you hold on to that strength.

January 16, 2018


If you will make a decision with a high level of emotion then most of the time your decisions are wrong. Never make a decision if your angry because the result will be bad, it is either you fight someone, you punch someone or you make a terrible decision that you will regret in the end. Never let your emotions control you, always stay relax even if you're angry, stay in control and never burst in anger, never let emotions run your decision making skills. If you're angry then it means you're out of control, you're out of your mind, you don't even know what is happening.

Always be aware if you're angry. If you know that you're angry then you can cool down fast, you can cool down in just a matter if minutes. If you're angry then do nothing, be still, say nothing, never take any single action. Stay quiet on a while, wait for your anger to go away before you speak. Stillness is the key for making a very good decision. No need to rush in making decisions, anything can wait, just wait for your mind to settle down before you do anything.

Never make decisions too if you're happy or excited, the tendency is you may always say yes even if you don't mean it. If you see a brand new shoes at the department store and you get excited... you will buy it even if you don't need it, you will purchase it even if you don't have an extra money, this is a bad move because you let the emotion get the best of you, the result is you don't have an extra money anymore, what if you need it tomorrow?

Never answer a request if your happy, you will say yes even if you don't want to. When your friend borrow some money from you and you feel happy at that time... you will say yes, what if you don't have an extra money? it's a wrong move.

Wait for your emotions to tone down a little bit before you make a decision, wait for your feelings to subside, sometimes you will not think the right way if your emotions were too high.

January 16, 2018


Are you changing because some people are forcing you to change or are you changing because you want it whole heartedly, which is true?

If you are changing because someone is forcing you to change for whatever reason then you will never become successful, change must be decided by you only, no one can change you because you are the one who is always in control.

Change because you want to not because people wants you to. You should be the one who decided to change, that is the only way to make it happen. Change because you really wanted to change, change because you want a different life.

You must love what you're doing even if it is hard... that is where change will happen. If you will just change because you are being forced then change will never happen, you must surrender to change without any resistance.

You will change for a little while then you will go back to your old bad habits again, that is what will happen if change doesn't come from you.

January 16, 2018


Don't be surprised at how life works for you. If it is hard then don't be surprised at all, it's hard... what is the big deal about it? You will still survive, you will still thrive. Problems, challenges, difficulties, tragedies, defeats... they are all part of your life. That's why you don't have the right to take your life for granted because you don't know when will it end. You don't know what might happen in the future, all you can do is live with the moment and try to become happy everyday.

The good thing is... you can also become happy, victorious, satisfied, fulfilled, stress free and successful. You can also experience the positive things about life, it is up to you how are you going to deal with life and interpret the way things happen to you. Sometimes life will joke you in unexpected ways, you may get lucky, you may get unlucky, life is full of randomness... that's how life works, it's full of circus.

So while you are still living... don't be scared to try all the things that you haven't tried before. Don't be afraid to experience those positive emotions.

If you don't want to feel bad then you're being delusional, you will always feel bad especially if you're not thinking deeply, if you will just think that life is so short then you will never always feel bad, your patience will become longer.

Life can hit you so hard and you will think that you can't stand anymore, but the key here is to just hang on and never give up. Every pain will subside, you will feel better in a while.

You will never understand the complete meaning of life, you may understand some portion of it but not everything, you will always look for answers but that's ok, you are not suppose to know everything, you are not suppose to experience everything.

Life is not perfect just deal with it, if you're always looking for perfection and completion then you will never achieve it, don't look for comfort instead look for the strength to do things and overcome different situations.

January 16, 2018


It's the ability to walk alone, the ability to amuse yourself in anything that you do, you don't care if no one is there to have your back, you don't care if someone is there to help you. You will just do whatever it takes to become successful.

A real alpha male can carry himself, he doesn't need to please people, he doesn't need to impress people nor seek for their approval. He doesn't need any validation from higher authority.

A real alpha male is not afraid to get humiliated in front of a lot of people, he will still be himself, just like I said... he is not afraid to go alone, walk alone or work alone. He will produce results by himself, he is ok with taking all the responsibilities.

He is not afraid to feel bad or feel fear, he will embrace all the emotions that he can ever have. His goal is very important to him, small or big goals... he will get it today or get it in the future.

Some males are pretending to be alpha, they feel confident and powerful when everything is under control but when the situation gets salty... they were always in a state of panic, they don't even know what to do. A real alpha male doesn't crumble, he will take full responsibility of what is happening.

If you want to become an alpha male then you shouldn't care, never care if you have enough weapons with you, never care about what's going to happen next, never care if you suck, never care if you're totally failing... just keep moving forward and always remember your purpose, that is what it's all about.

An alpha male is not afraid of any bullshits, he can adapt and improvise with any kind of situation, he doesn't care because he has nothing to lose. He will carry the pack, he will be an energy that can control any kind of situation.

January 15, 2018


Sometimes it's hard to come back especially if you came back from a long vacation or let's just say you procrastinate for how many day, its very hard to manufacture a little momentum. But there is one very simple and effective way how to get it done... just do a mediocre effort. Don't strive for perfection... just become mediocre for a while.

Let's say you've been exercising for one hour for one straight month and suddenly you stop for a week, you can only come back by exercising for a few minutes. Exercise for 15 minutes a day then when you already feel good and you feel that you already have the momentum... go back to one hour routine.

Bring back the momentum again by simply doing something, even if it produces an ugly result or no result at all... just do it. Do something. Don't be afraid to start, start slowly then progress as time goes by. It is easy to get lost but it is also easy to get back if you will just do something that is related to your goal. If your goal is to become a writer then just write something after taking a vacation for a few weeks, write an ugly article like this one.

If your goal is to become fit and you stop exercising for a month... go outside and walk, do the easiest step that you can do, exert a mediocre effort until your momentum goes back and you can go hard again. It's all about doing something, stop striving to become perfect and just do whatever it takes to get back on track.

The conclusion is... you will only get back on track once you take actions, small steps will get the job done, it will make you feel better, it will make you confident again.

January 15, 2018


Too much play, too much enjoyment will make you stupid and broke, you will become weak by doing it. It's true that you must have dun in life but having too much fun will put you into trouble.

Look at those people who party all day everyday... they were broke, they don't have money, they don't have any career. They think the are cool but the truth is they are so weak, they can't live their lives without having fun. The dangerous thin about playing everyday is you will never learn anything, you will never grow. You think you're having fun but in the end you will discover that you've already wasted a lot of time.

Growth can only be achieved through pain and boredom and you will never get it through partying, taking vacation, shopping, acting wild.

You will be played in the future, someone will play you because you don't know a lot of things, you don't have the experience to do something. When something bad happens to you... you don't know how to react, you will be stunned.

So starting now, learn to sacrifice, learn to face the pain. Do something that is hard and will make you bored, do something that has benefits in the future so you will become experienced and you will gain a lot of experience.

Stop playing around, this is the time to get serious with your life, stop looking cool in social media posting how good your life is. You know it's not true, you know you're broke. If you don't have at least a $2000 savings then you're broke.

You love feeling good, you love easy task that you don't know how to work anymore. You're easily annoyed by simple jobs that you can do in 30 minutes. You can't stick with the process for a very long time.

You will be a slave of somebody if you don't know anything, if your life has no direction. You will be played if you don't have money to use for a better purpose. You better be stop playing now or else someone will play you in the future, they will ask you to do what you don't want to do.

January 15, 2018


Don't buy useless things for one month and see how will you feel, don't buy shirts, shoes, mugs, key chains, cellphone accessories, soft drinks, coffee etc. in one month and you will be surprised at how much of a money you've saved. It is very easy, you want a financial gain... do it. Stop acting like you're rich even though your salary is only $1200.

You have no idea how much you can save if you will only control yourself and practice delayed gratification. You don't really need it, you're just tempted, you're seduced. You think you will become happy after buying it but it's just a short term high, it will only make you feel good for a few minutes. Sometimes you will even have regrets after buying it.

Stop pleasing yourself too much, stop trying to look rich by buying a lot of stupid shits that will only make your financial status bad.

Stop buying anything for a month. Just buy foods and pay the bills and that's it. Sop buying bottled water, just bring a small water jag with you and drink it every time you get thirsty.

It's a one month training to train yourself for financial growth, it's disciplining yourself to save more money instead of burning it. I'm telling you... it feels better if the money is coming in instead of going out.

Once you develop the habit of saving then you will become rich that easily, stop spending too much because you are making yourself poor by doing that.

January 15, 2018


Looking for stress relievers will only make you more stressed. Stress is not something that you should strive to get rid of, it's something that you should embrace, something that you should feel.

Stress happens when you want something to happen but it's not happening. For example, you want to traffic to flow fast, you want to go home fast and stop dealing with your boss, you want the noise outside of your house to go away, etc. It happens because you want to feel good fast, you want the pain to go away. It will not happen, stress is something that you should embrace, it's something that you shouldn't be afraid to feel.

If you will always want to feel good then you're in trouble, you will always feel stress. Look at those bum stupid drug addicts... they always wanted to feel good, they want to escape their problems that's why their problems are getting bigger.

Embrace the stress, be one with it, it will go away anytime soon. If you will numb the pain through eating, smoking, drinking or taking any drugs or energy drinks... you are only destroying your body, you are making your mental game weak, your mental toughness is lowering down. It's all about embracing the pain and enjoying it, have dun with it, laugh at it.

Not all people know that all discomfort will soon go away, you don't need to get rid of it as fast as you can because every time you do it... you will power is getting weaker.

Stress relievers are for weak people, all you have to do is stay calm, keep moving and that's it. Sleep if you need to but don't ever take stress relievers because it will make you weak even more.

It's all in the mind, if you are very good in controlling yourself then you will become very successful, your endurance will become stronger, you can withstand any pressure, you can do any hard task.

January 15, 2018


You think that it's hard but the truth is.. it's not hard . If you will start now and take it step by step then you will found out that it's a little bit easier than what you expected. It's hard because you want an easy work, it's hard because you're not willing to undergo the process and keep working until you're done.

Just try it, begin and forget about being lost, forget about not making it right on the first try. Keep working, forget the time, forget the money, forget about being successful. Just work and you will never even notice that you're already done.

It's not harder than what you think if you will give your best, be patient and time will run so fast. You will never notice that you're already on the last stage of the task.

If it is hard, it will become easier if you will not think that it's hard. It will be easier if you will not complain and just live your life.

Go harder if it is hard, never think about finishing so fast, never think about making it right away. If it is hard then simply go harder and faster.

You will even be surprise that it's that easy, you will even be surprise that there is nothing to do anymore.

It's all about doing what is needed, doing what you know and not being afraid to face every step needed to get the job done. Do it one by one and you will find out that it's super easy.

January 15, 2018


You can become successful if you have good looks, you can use your charm to charm people and make them follow your hidden agenda, you can use your looks to deceive people and get what you want. There are lot of gold diggers out there who become rich because of their looks, but listen... there are only few of them. Good looks will give you an advantage but not all the time, it will only give you a slight advantage because people love people with good looks. If you have it then you will always get a special treatment, you can use it to become successful too. But still you need to work and put some blood, sweat and tears. Because not all the time... you can use your good looks to your advantage.

But what if you don't have good looks? what will you do? all you can do is develop a skill and take it to the highest level. Pick a skill, something that will give you money, something that will give you happiness and become very good at it. That's the only way to thrive if you don't have a charisma.

Yeah, you will have special attention if you have good looks but what if you can't do anything? you will still not thrive, people will still laugh at you. But if you have a tremendous skill that you can use for your everyday living then you will have a good life, you don't need appreciation from other people, you don't need to look good anymore. The growth you are getting from that skill is already a happiness.

But what if you have the looks and also have the talent? that will be a complete package, you will thrive in life even more. For sure you will go far.

But the lesson in this article is... whatever you have use it. If you have the looks use it, if you have the skills make it better each day and use it to get what you want.

January 15, 2018


That's not your story, you've been reading a lot of biographies about hollywod celebrities that are fake. You know everything about them, you even know what's their favorite hobbies that you almost forgot your own hobby. You've been reading a lot of stories about vampires and shits, the question is did it really made you happy? did you earn something from it? did it made you a better person?

Write your own story, create your own story. Focus on your own life and not with other people's lives. They are taking away your focus, they are eating a lot of your time. You could have been great by now but you choose not to because you focus on other people's lives.

Make your story epic, conquer different challenges, conquer yourself and be the best that you can be. Climb the highest mountain, earn millions of dollars. You have nothing to lose here because even if you didn't become successful... you will still be happy because you live your own story.

Your story is more fun and enjoyable, you're the director, you're the star. The best thing is... you got to choose what is your ending. It is really up to you how to end your story. If you want to end it tragic then be lazy and follow people's plans. If you want to end it happy and epic then work very hard and pursue your own goals.

Make your story grow, make put a lot into it. A story is much nicer if it has a lot of challenges that you overcome, if you were able to do impossible things that not all people can.

Your story should be unique, it has no duplicate. Make it something special because you only have once chance to create it.

Never tear any pages of your book, even if it is an ugly part... still be proud of it because it is part of your life.

January 15, 2018


Focus on the small growth and progress that is what being successful is all about. Weather it is about financial, mental, physical or emotional growth... focus on it and make it stronger each day.

Do something, do something small or do something big... if you're progressing then you will be fine. It doesn't matter if you already feel successful or not, it doesn't matter if you're getting richer or not... just move and focus on your own growth and progress.

If you're doing something positive for your life and you're guarding your self development then you will be fine, you will become very successful one day. Be consistent and focused.

A lot of people were going crazy because they cannot see the growth in themselves, they were so depressed because they feel like everyday is the same day. They were so sick and tired of their jobs, they were so stressed because they feel like they're on a rat race.

You can find growth in anything that you're doing. It's just a matter of finding it and being serious with it.

If you're just an ordinary employee and you feel that you're stuck in your own cubicle... you can still find the growth. Aim for a promotion, work harder, work faster. Make sure they will feel your work. If nothing is going on no matter how hard you work... invest your money, save money as much as you can. It's hard because you will wear old clothes, you will never eat in a fancy restaurant, you will take extra jobs but it's all worth it, it's all good.

You will be very happy if you see something growing in your life, whether it's about your muscles, a simple blog, your collection of things that has value, your experience etc. If you're focused on the growth then you will never feel the stress.

January 15, 2018


You are unique, you have your own set of skills and talents, you are gifted. There is nobody else like you. Have some confidence, be yourself and stop idolizing people who doesn't even care about you. Your more powerful than you thought if you will just become confident and trust yourself a little bit more.

Forget about wishing to be a superman, a super star athlete or a celebrity like anyone else. You have your own path, you have your own journey and it's your duty to live your life like a rockstar too.

Work on your craft, develop your skills, pursue your own goal and you will feel very powerful. You will have a fan base, you will have loyal followers too. Especially if you're working super hard and making progress every now and then.

If you are copying someone's path, if you will just watch somebody doing it his way and wishing to be like him then you're completely wasting your time, you're wasting your life and it's a bad thing because you only have one life. Your time is running out and you haven't started a true journey yet.

All you have to do is believe in yourself even if you suck in the very beginning, just keep grinding, keep working and never stop believing in yourself. You too can shine in your own way, you too can feel good and become successful. It's all about creating your own identity and focusing on your own project, believe in your own brand, believe in your own energy.

Being yourself is being unique, just be yourself. If you're simple then be simple, if you're a grinder then be a grinder, if you're dirty then be dirty... as simple as that.

What matters is you're not trying hard to seek for attention and you're not being needy. Believe in your own power and never try to impress people.

January 15, 2018


Do your work, pursue your goal and exert a real effort. Dream real, be serious. If it's real then it will never stop., if your dream is real then you will pursue it forever, you will never stop until you get it. Be real, make your actions real, stop faking work. You know what is real or not.

If you're not real and just fabricating your work and stories then you will never succeed. You will always fail because the work ethic and seriousness is not there, you're playing around, you're not giving your all.

If you want something then you should want it so bad, a weak desire will never attract success. The consistency and will should be immeasurable, you work should stand out from others. Even if you fail a lot of times.. you will still try one more time because your journey is real. It's not a make believe journey, it's not a pipe dream.

You will do whatever it takes, you will face all the challenges and destroy all the obstacles because you're real.

Don't be like others who are making a faking work just to make a fake story. If you want real success then be real, show them who you are, impress the universe by exerting real effort, an effort that is very hard to emulate.

January 15, 2018


Being bullied is not a big deal, it becomes an issue because someone is making dramas about it. Yeah, it is true that it's bad and nobody has the right to bully somebody but the point here is... everyone was bullied at some point in his life. The only question is.. who will fight back? who will cry like a bitch? who will just ignore it?

The only way to stop being bullied is to fight back, it is either they kill you or they stop bullying you... that is the only thing that will stop bullying. Yeah, it is easier said than done especially if the one who's bullying you is strong and can ask for reinforcement from other people easily.

Just ignore it, stop retaliating if you can then the bullying will stop, stop associating yourself from a bully because the more you get near from him.. the higher the chances of you being bullied again.

Everyone was bullied from the past. Some fights back, some make dramas and some just ignored it until it's not an issue anymore. It's all up to you how are you going to react.

Some people are using it just to get sympathy, they were already not experiencing it but they still keep on telling it to everyone just to get sympathy, they use it for their hidden agenda.

I was bullied in the past I still remember it up to now but I am not making dramas about it, yeah it feels bad to get bullied but sometimes you have no choice but to accept it and forget it.

Stay relax if the bullying is happening. Just live with the moment, if the bullying was verbal then just laugh at it and try to pretend that you're not affected. If it is physical then fight back, bullies were afraid to see blood because they know they are in trouble. It is what it is, you need to fight back or else the bullying will never stop.

If you can ignore it then ignore it, if you can tell it to the authority then tell it. Don't make dramas because bullies love bullying more if they smell weakness. Dramas is weakness, you need to stay away from it.

BE ALONE IF YOU NEED TO. Don't be afraid to be alone, powerful people are not afraid to be alone but still survive. You don't need a company if they are bullying you, be alone, never be afraid to live on your own terms. Just survive this day and you will be alright. Make fun with the pain, it's the one who can endure is the stronger.

Bullies were only strong because they have company, if they are alone then they will feel weak. You are stronger than a bully because you're not affected even if no one is there to be by your side.

January 15, 2018


The best thing about hard work is you will never get zero, you will always get something, you will never come home not bringing anything with you. You may not get everything but for sure you will get something. And that's a good consolation prize already. Getting something means your hard work pays off. So don't be sad, don't feel bad, even if yo didn't succeed big time... you still get something.

Hard work will never fail you... ever, it may disappoint you because you may not always get what you're expecting but for sure hard work will give you something you can use, something that will enable you to survive and keep your dreams alive. Hard work will make the momentum alive, it will keep you going and it will keep your dreams running.

It is unlimited, you can work as hard as you can, anytime you want, anywhere you want. It is for the chosen few, there are few people who work really hard, that's why only few succeed.

You can never fake it, a legit hard wok is the only thing that gives results, fake hard work will only give you failures and disappointments. It only means that if you're not getting the results you want then your hard work is fake or maybe it is missing something, it is not complete.

Hard work is your only ticket to success, it can give miracles, it can create unexpected opportunities. So work hard now and trust it to the fullest, never doubt it, never ask why it's not giving you results.

Hard work is very easy to do, you'll just have to endure it and keep pushing.

You can do anything you want for as long as it is related to hard work. Any process will work, any technique will work for as long as you pair it with hard work.

January 15, 2018


If you can still work, if all you still do is positive things then you're not that sick, your mind is not sick at all. People may look at you as someone who has a sick mind because you're so in love with your dream and you work super hard. Never mind them, they don't know what is going on. Even if they call you sick... at least you're still working, at least you're still doing some positive things.

For as long as you're not hurting anyone, for as long as you're not committing any crime... your mind is still functioning well.

You may look weird, talk weird and do things differently because you're getting too hooked with your dreams, you are doing something they can understand because they don't know what is going on with your life, they don't know how bad you want it.

If they tell you that your mind is sick so be it, a sick mind is still a working mind. For as long as you can produce positive results... keep going, keep pushing. Work hard as much as you can.

Your mind is still working so use it, it maybe focused to your dreams too much that's why you're acting weird and they cannot get your ideas but it doesn't matter if they understand you or not, what matters is you are still committed to your dreams and you will do whatever it takes to get it.

January 14, 2018


Doing the basics and going super hard in it is smarter than doing the advance but not giving your 100 percent effort.

Mastering the basics is very powerful because you can't go to advance level if you haven't master the basics yet. The truth is... you don't even need to master the advance if you already mastered the basics, just do the basics consistently and you will be fine, you will attract a different level of success.

Just like in building muscles or strength in your body. You don't need to steroids, you don't need those complicated program.. just lift weights and your will produce results. What if you do 200 push ups a day, what do you think will happen? mastering the basics will give you results... as simple as that.

A lot of people know the advance methods, most of them are talking about how detailed their plan is but the funny thing is... they can't even execute, they are not consistent which leads to failure.

If you want to develop a skill... just master the basics and go the super hardest. If you want to be a fighter and no one is there to coach you because you don't have the money to pay them... just practice punching a million times and you will become confident a little bit, at least you have something to use. Practice a million times and you will become a super hard puncher, you can knockout anyone.

Basics is very easy to learn and easy to master, once you mastered it... you can go to a different level. But again, there is nothing wrong if all you know is the basics... you will still succeed in different ways if you know the right timing and know when to use it.

The good thing about basics is you don't need a teacher to teach you how to do it, you can learn it by yourself. Every basic move is right, there is no right or wrong, that's the beauty of it.

January 14, 2018


Make sure you can't open your eyes anymore before you sleep. Make sure you're depleted, make sure you're super exhausted. It means you're pushing yourself to the limits, it means you're really serious with your work. If you're not exhausted or wasted it means you just wasted your day, it means you didn't reach another level. You must hate hard work and still do it to become successful, you must hate it because it's a big responsibility but you're still committed and you will still work hard no matter what.

It's all about pushing yourself so hard that your system shuts down automatically, you don't even know what's going on.. you're just in an auto pilot mode doing what must be done.

A real work means you're almost dying, it means you're still moving even if your body is telling you to rest. It's brutal, it's grueling but you have to do whatever it takes to become successful, you have no choice but to push so hard because that's the only way to reach another level.

You can pretend all day that you're working hard, you can fool the people but you can't fool yourself. If you're talking about hard work then you must really work hard and give your 100 and ten percent.

Because you can always rest after working hard, you can always get back your energy and work hard again tomorrow.

Use all of your energy, never reserve anything. Your energy is unlimited, all you need is rest and you will become stronger again.

Giving everything you've got is the greatest feeling in the world, you will feel very powerful, you will feel like a different human being. It's like there is something more that you can do even though you don't know it, it's like having super powers that can achieve anything.