March 21, 2018


You started it so you better squeeze something out of it. When you start a business make sure you will finish the business, make sure you will get something because you're completely wasting a lot of time if not.

You need to get results from it, for example if you started playing basketball... you need to squeeze something out of it, it's either you become a professional player or you make a business out of it. Get something from it because you are completely wasting your time and energy if you will not take it seriously.

Grind it, pound it, squeeze it... go hard and take it seriously, show your passion and drive. Get something from it, get the rewards. You can only get the rewards if you are getting better each day and you can show them something they haven't seen before.

Why will you do something if you can't get something from it? why will you watch tv if it can't pay your bills? if you will watch TV... use that information to your advantage, get the information to create business. For example, you are applying for a job and you can't get one, watch a TV program that will tell you techniques on how to get a job.

If you are playing guitar everyday and your mom is annoyed at you because you're too noisy and lazy because of it... why not take a video of yourself playing the guitar and post it on you tube, learn how to monetize it so that you're not just playing, at the same time you're also earning.

You can squeeze something from something if you are creative enough and will use your imagination, you can become squeeze a little success, all you have to do is take it seriously and bring it to another level.

You can earn money, you can become great at something, you can use it for your advantage, open your eyes and try.

March 21, 2018


You know why your confidence is going down? you always give up, when everything becomes hard... you will give up, you give up on small things, you give up on bigger things, you develop yourself to become a quitter and not a fighter.

You are killing your spirit by giving up, you feel that you can't accomplish anything anymore. Even opening the bottle of a soda... you will ask someone to do it for you if you can't open it. That's a weak attitude, it will never take you  anywhere.

Most of the time you give up but you don't know it. You give up your dreams, you give up reading a book because watching tv is easier, you give up courting a girl because you don't feel being welcomed, you give up trying out on a varsity team because you see taller applicants, you give up studying something because someone told you that it's hard, you give up applying for a job because it's too traffic, you are giving up every now and then but you don't know it.

Every time you decide to not do it anymore... your spirit become weak, your mental toughness is going down.

If you're not successful now, look at the things in the past that you give up. Even the smallest things... it makes an impact to your soul, it makes your soul weak, your character is diminishing bit by bit.

Every time you need to do something... do it, don't think just do it. See the ending, finish it.

Your confidence will soar high every time you finish something may it be a small or big task, you are becoming a finisher, you are developing a killer instinct. You will stick with the process even if it gets harder and harder each day.

March 21, 2018


You need to focus on the small things so that you can achieve your goal easily, you're so focus on the bigger picture, you want to get it fast that's why you can't become successful. Your mind is so consumed by different things, you are complicating the process.

Focus on the baby steps, what can you do to make you one step closer to your dreams? what can you do to make your life a little bit better?

For sure there is something that you can do. Small steps can create small results. All you have to do is execute fast and never wait for the time to weaken you before you move.

A lot of people were taking shortcuts, they want the destiny they don't want to enjoy the process that's why they end up always failing and when they fail... they will never try again for one more time, they will make excuses and do the blaming to other things just to avoid looking like a loser.

Focus on the small things, even if it looks like it will not make an impact.. still do it, do it again and again until it give you something.

Small things will give you momentum, it will give you direction, it will give you confidence because doing something will make you feel superior, you will feel better once you take a small amount of action, it will make your hopes alive.

If you're not doing anything then you will produce a negative vibe, you will become lazier and lazier each day. You are heading to a wrong direction.

March 21, 2018


It's all about the numbers, it's all about the numbers you create. If you can create huge numbers then there is a big chance that success will come to you. 

For example, if you're trying to get stronger... make 100 push ups everyday, as simple as that. For sure you will become stronger, the speed of the development depends on the speed of execution and consistency. The more you repeat it the more you will become stronger, as simple as that. It's that easy, all you have to do is repeat a million times and you will become stronger multiple times than your normal strength.

If you want to make money... create multiple efforts, create a lot of products, work more than 12 hours a day. If you can create more numbers then more numbers will come. The formula is very simple, all you have to do is apply it, all you have to do is follow it. Choose a number and try to make it grow everyday, make it bigger, do something to add more and more and more until you become successful. 

So if you want to win a lot, if you want to experience multiple number of championships... create number of practices, create multiple number of preparations. As simple as that, if you put in the number of hours of work then you will produce multiple winning experiences. Use numbers to create numbers. 

You can use number of failures to reach a number of victories. Let's say fail 100 times and win 3 times, are you going to take it? make failing as habit, fail now, fail and fail again until you win. 

March 20, 2018


You think it's hard, he think it's easy. You think it's easy, he think it's hard. Everyone has his own version of what a hard is, everyone can make excuses, everyone can do something about it. The only difference is... yeah, sometimes it's really hard but are you just going to accept that it is hard? are you not going to do something about it? are you not going to change your belief system and at least try with your very best?

If someone is telling you that he can't do it because it's hard... don't push him, you don't know how he feels, you don't know the level of fear that he is experiencing.

That's why there are some great and there are some weak. Weak people always see the difficulty in any kind of situation, they will make excuses, they will blame the system. They will point fingers to anyone just to excuse themselves.

Don't judge that it's hard, this is the best way to do something without suffering too much. Just enjoy it even if you don't like it, learn how to have fun with it, learn to excel from it, master it.

March 20, 2018


You think you really believe something? you think you really can make it? you think you're already tough mentally? don't be so sure, you will only know if the belief you have is real once you experienced a big failure, if you really believe it then you will never stop doing it even if you fail big time.

Once you experienced an embarrassing moment or a heartache or a deep wound because of failing and still you decide that you're still going to continue the process then congratulations... your belief is real, it's legit.

A lot of people thinks they were already tough and can win, they think that they were unstoppable but once they experienced disappointments... their beliefs will change, it will go down, their courage will turn into cowardice, they don't know what to do, they were panicking.

If you really believe it then you will never stop it even if the world is melting, you will still continue even if it is raining with fire, you will still move forward even if you haven't eat for 2 weeks. You will still do it no matter what, even if you've been rejected for a million times... you don't care, you just don't care at all, you're not even bothered... that's what a real belied is.

So test yourself, go hard and expect for a big success... once you fail and you still continue... you have a real belief. Big failure equals the birth of a real belief.

It's easy to believe in the beginning when everything is going well, it's easy to act like a winner, it's easy to become arrogant but the question is... will your arrogance stay once people saw what you are losing? can you still stay on the game? can you still walk proud and do something about your situation?

If you want to really test your belief... keep failing again and again, never stop, never stop dreaming and acting. If you didn't change directions... your belief is real.

March 20, 2018


Forget about winning, forget about being successful... just do something. Try something, pursue something and never stop. Entertain yourself, because at the end of the day... you still need to take massive actions in order to become successful. You have no choice but to enjoy the process, if you're not doing anything now then you are failing but if you're doing something then you have a bigger chance of becoming successful.

Move, take actions, take super massive actions and let's see how far can you go. What makes you stuck and slow is you always look for results, you wanted to become successful now which is too impossible because the moment you check your status... you're not moving anymore, you stop the moment you check if you're succeeding.

It's all about having something to do, you need to keep the momentum alive, you need to keep the fire burning. Never stop... ever.

You will become impatient if you will always look for success, you will become frustrated if you can't see yourself winning, that's the time you will stop taking actions, you will feel depressed and hopeless.

Entertain yourself through taking actions, if you are really working hard then it's very impossible to stay losing, you will win one day, just believe in yourself, believe in anything that you're doing.

A lot of people have great dreams but they are always thinking about becoming successful, they don't want to do the next step, the were stuck because they were so eager to win. Winning mentality is not about wanting to win, it's about doing something to win.

Focus on taking actions and you'r already a winner, do something right away, take one small positive step at a time. Do it now, do it and do it and do it.

March 20, 2018


A lot of people wants to try something because they think it's cool, they think that they will become successful on it, they think that they will become victorious on the first try. They don't have any idea about failing a lot and winning in the end. All they know is they need to try it and expect for results that fast. Just because you fail in the beginning doesn't mean you will never win anymore. Keep on failing until failure is sick and tired of your face.

You have to try again one more time and if it doesn't work again after trying again... you have no choice but to try again, that is what it's all about... trying over and over again. Never try something if all you expect is one time big time, never try to enter something that you are not willing to suffer for.

Real strength will be seen through time, real skills will show if you are willing to repeat a million times. It's really hard, sometimes it looks so boring but the only choice you have is to try one more time if you really want to succeed.

It's like a video game, you have to play again and again with a bleeding character, you have to fight until the end, you have to force yourself to reach the highest level, reach the last stage... that's the only choice you have if you want to finish.

Enjoy repetition, make your mind believe that the more you repeat something the more you become stronger, wise and experienced... you are more likely to succeed if you repeat it a million times.

Time is fast, life is fast, you will never even noticed that you're too old and cannot do a lot of things anymore, if you will start now and try and try again then you will go far.

It's not too late, you still have a lot of time to try again, you can make it if you persevere enough. Chase greatness, chase excellence... you will never regret it in the end.

March 20, 2018


To become great means to practice repetition a million times, it's practice, there's no other way other than that. Repetition is the key to success, if you can repeat something for a very long time then success will be rewarded to you.

Do it as much as you can, never stop, never slow down, never quit. Keep repeating everyday and see where will it take you. Repetition is genius, it will take you to another level that you haven't experience before. You will become great at something, you will possess something that they cannot possess. There's no need to worry anymore, all you have to do is do it and that's it. No need to think, no need to worry... just do it.

The key here is to never get tired of repeating. Always think that every time you repeat something... you get better and better, you will never lose, don't ever think that you're just wasting your time because you're not. It's a win win situation for you because you keep on leveling up.

The one who can do it a million times is the one who will succeed, as simple as that. People are afraid to repeat because they want instant success right away, they want to get it fast. This kind of mentality will never work, it is a mentality of a loser.

Never give up, even if you can't see any result... keep repeating, do it as much as you can... that is how to win in life. Because if you will never do it again, how will you be able to know the right steps? how will you be able to progress?

Just do it and never get tired of doing, it, never feel ashamed for repeating.

Make it as your habit, make it your life, you will be surprised one day at how far did you go because of simply repeating.

March 18, 2018


If your business is struggling it only means you're not serious about it, you're playing around, acting like a fool and pretending that you're earning some money. Just because you have a business doesn't mean you're doing well in life. Some people who are just working 9 hours a day are earning more than those who have a business.

Just be serious about anything that you do and you will become successful for sure. Prioritize the most important things, never waste a lot of your time, you have the luxury to rest but never wast a lot of time, never get addicted with resting. Rest for a little and go hard again, that's the best formula to become successful.

Be serious, turn your game face on, have that insane focus, have that insane drive. If you will not take things seriously then you will go down, you will go to the list of failures, you will be the number one list.

Just work harder, work for longer hours and that's it. Never be lazy, even if you can't move... you have to force yourself, you really need to take it seriously if you want to become victorious.

You don't need to be talented, you don't need to have a well detailed plan, all you need to do is be very serious about it and never stop until you make it successful. Whatever you are doing in life, you can make it successful, you can revive it if it's in trouble if you are serious about it.

Just do whatever it takes to win in life, just do everything you can, use all of your powers, use all of your knowledge to become successful.

If you will focus all of your energy into something then for sure it will be saved.

March 18, 2018


It's real, what you're doing is real, it will give you something in the future. It will give you money, it will give you success and happiness, it's real because you keep on doing it, if it is not real then probably you will stop yesterday. But you're not, you're still doing it even if it's hard, you're still doing it even if it's not giving you any results at all. It only means it's real, it only means you only need to do it for a very long time and then success will come after you.

You're real, your works are real, your beliefs are real, never doubt yourself because the moment you do that... that's the start of you becoming fake. You're a fake if you don't believe in yourself.

So keep believing, keep working because one day all of your sacrifices will work, one day you will be recognized, one day you will experience success.

Just persevere and never stop, if it is true then it will never stop.

Real dreams will never give up, it will keep on fighting even if it is underdog, it will keep standing no matter how many times it fall.

Be the realest you, show them that you are for real, never stop working, never stop moving forward.

March 18, 2018


Everything has a power, all you have to do is summon it and know how to use it. Every dream has a power, believe in its power, let it move you, let it guide you, let it control you... make it your life, use its power.

Ignoring has a power, you ignore all the bullshits in life, you just move forward, you ignore the critics, you ignore all of your negative emotions, you just do what is needed, you will never stop, you ignore all the things that are slowing you down. It's powerful, you need to use it.

How about rejection? it has a power too, reject the people that you don't need, reject the people that are making you feel bad. How about getting rejected too? it is powerful too, get rejected all the time so you will know a lot of lessons, get rejected all the time so your confidence will go high, you will feel nothing about it anymore, rejection is powerful if you will have a different perception about it.

Fear is powerful too, use it, use your fear to make yourself move, use your fear to scare yourself and be in sense of urgency. Fear of failure, far of being a loser... use this to work hard and put yourself on a better position to succeed.

Everything has a power you just need to see it, repetition has a power, keep repeating something and you will be very good at it, you may not see the results yet, you may get bored always repeating something but once you see that you are improving then you will love to repeat over and over again, it will become a routine, it will become a habit.

The power of being hungry... you are always failing, you are so hungry, you will do whatever it takes to win, yeah your situation is hard because you're not getting anything but the more you fail, the more you get hungrier, the more you will do whatever it takes to win in life.

Everything has a power even the weak has a power, the weak doesn't want to become and look weak forever so it will do everything in its power to become stronger.

Everything is powerful, all you need to do is look for it, find the power behind something and use it.

March 18, 2018


If you are feeling something, whether it is negative or positive... be happy with it, it's an indication that you're still alive, it's a proof that you're still living and breathing and you're still alive, you can make your life better, you can do a lot of things with your life.

So don't feel bad if you're scared, stressed, worried or problematic... these emotions are part of your life. If you can't entertain negative emotions anymore then it means there is something wrong with you, you're not normal, you better go to a doctor and ask what is wrong with you.

Embrace any kind of emotion, even if it is almost killing you, just embrace it, feel it, don't worry about it because it will go away anytime soon. The more you resist it the more it will stay within your system, so just be happy about it and feel it as much as you can.

So keep feeling, keep living, any emotion will change, if you're feeling negative now you will feel positive later so don't worry.

Be scared if you can't feel anymore because that is not normal.

March 18, 2018


Which do you think is better? which do you think will get more results and make more progress? a doer or a thinker?

You can think about the most detailed, plan you can read all the books, you can attend all the seminars and learn as much as you can but if you will not apply it in your life... where do you think will you go? you will remain in the same place before, you will never evolve nor make a momentum.

Thinking is for people who doesn't want to move, they just want to think and pretend that they're doing something, they are pretending to be busy. If you will always take baby steps rather than thinking about big ideas then you will achieve more.

Thinking will not give you anything, it will only eat a lot of your time. It will give you worries, doubts and fears... that's why it's called analysis paralysis.

MOVE NOW! do something now and never wait for the perfect moment. Be a doer not a thinker, a thinker will only create hype, it will only create fake news. A doer will always achieve something, he will reach the top if he is persistent enough to follow his dreams.

Be a doer, just do something, never think because you are only making your life even difficult by doing that. Be a doer, do more, do it now, never hesitate nor procrastinate.

Life will be easier if you will take massive actions, it will become hard if you will always think about what is the perfect plan to execute. Just take actions and that's it, moving will give you happiness, it will take away all of your doubts and fears.

March 18, 2018


It's always to move forward and ignore. Do something and ignore. Take actions and ignore. Pursue your dream and ignore the people around you, ignore their suggestions, ignore their critics... just be yourself and take as much actions that you can.

Moving forward and ignoring what happening around you is fun, you're like a crazy person, you will feel free, you will feel loose and creative. It's the best way to live your life, it's the best way to become successful.

Just work hard and have a vision, forget about the difficulties of life, ignore the minor problems and focus on the solutions, focus on becoming successful.

If you lose you lose, what matters is you try again, you don't listen to them and you try again with your very hardest.

Never lose motivation, never stop taking action. It's like playing a video game, you're the main character and you keep climbing different stages until you finish the game.

If you will always stop when someone is barking you... you will never arrive in your desired destination, you will always argue with someone, you're just wasting you energy.

So focus on taking actions and never stop, keep progressing everyday, keep improving everyday... this is the best game plan ever.

March 18, 2018


The best way to get rid of your fears is to have fun with it, treat it like nothing, treat it like a bitch, when you're scared... you have to feel like growth is around. Fear is just a negative emotion, it can never harm you, it can immobilize you but it can never kill you. Once you feel that you're scared, make a move, do something, don't just stand there and let the moment control you, control the moment, take charge.

If you want to become successful in life then you should know how to deal with your fears, you should know how to manipulate it or else it will eat you alive.

Successful people are scared too but the difference is they can handle fears, they can play with it, they turn it into excitement, they were scared but they are much focused on performing.

If you don't want fear to play you and have fun with your and make you look stupid then have fun with it, embrace it and don't let it control your mind. Treat it as your friend, bully it, let it run into your body but don't let it run the show, you're still inc control of your brain, all you have to do is accept fear, don't panic even if you're feeling it. Always remember that it will be gone in just a matter of time. It can be seconds or minutes before it go but for sure it will go. Don't try to run away from it because the moment you do it... you're making the fear bigger even more.

If you're aware that you're scared then you will be able to control the situation, feel the fear and move despite of it. It's just a feeling, fear has no knife nor a gun, all it can do is enter your brain and feed you scary information that are not even real. If fear can it you so you can eat it too, have fun with it, feel your body while feeling it, look inside of you and you will learn that fear is not of a big deal.

March 18, 2018


The problem with you is you always choose a problem without a class, you always choose a problem that no meaning or will not even make you a much better person at all. All of us has our own problems, some problems are small, some problems are big but the difference between a successful person and a failure is the successful person always choose a problem that has more class. They choose a problem that will give them something, for example... they choose a complicated goal such as building a big business, building a house, purchasing a car (from loan)... these are all problems because it will give you headaches but these problems are all worth it once solved.

We all have problems in life the only difference is successful people choose a more classy problem, they created a problem that they know they can solve. Poor people chooses problem that are out of their control, they are problematic about their neighbor, government, boss, problems of the country, traffic, high prices of different products etc.

Problem is all in your mind, if you will not consider something as a problem then it's not a problem, as simple as that.

Choose a classy problem, a problem that will give you achievements in the future.

March 18, 2018


You have a new car, you're just a new driver, how will you learn if you're not driving your car everyday? don't be afraid to get scratched, it's during those stressful times that you will be able to acquire some knowledge, those ugly experiences will make you a better person. Don't be afraid to get scratched, don't be afraid to get scared while driving, you will only learn if you will face your fears. The formula is simple but the process is hard but you have to do it if you want to succeed.

You want to become a fighter but you're so afraid of blood, how will you win? how will you become a champion? don't be afraid to get cut, don't be afraid to have a broken nose, if you really want that path then you have to endure all the pain, endure all sacrifices to have a winning mentality.

At one point in your life you will get scratched, no matter how good you are, no matter how careful you are... you will still bleed, why not bleed now and be familiar with it so you will become braver next time? Face it, get scratched, get wounded, lose a lot of times. If you want to become great then you have to willing to face all the difficult challenges ahead of you. You can never escape that process, if you're so soft and careful then nothing will happen to you.

Go hard, go faster, risk more, set yourself free. If you're not afraid to get scratched then you will feel absolute freedom, you will become more creative, you will be able to decide for yourself and fight for your dreams.

Scratches and wound will all heal, they will disappear. But if you keep on hiding from it then you will never evolve, you will become weak forever, you will never learn anything. Face the scratches now and don't be afraid to get scratched again and again.

March 18, 2018


Sometimes you have to know when it's over, you have to know when to stop holding onto something that is giving you too much pain.

You have to know when a person doesn't want to you anymore, you have to stop hoping because your're only looking stupid, you have to stop expecting because you're only hurting yourself, it's over the person wants somebody else so you need to move on and look for a another love.

You have to know when your body can't take the pain anymore, you keep on competing but nothing is happening, you keep losing, you're always injured, nobody wants you around anymore, it's time to rest, it's time to do some other things that will make you happy. You've been competing for a long time, you're already a winner, stop punishing yourself too much because that can make your life worse.

You have to accept defeat and look for another journey, look for something that will make you happier even more. Your word doesn't revolve to only one thing, look around... there are many things that you can try, try to explore, look for different options.

It will be over if it's over, if there is nothing going on anymore, if your body is deteriorating and you know that you're not progressing then it's over.

You can win or become successful in something else, if it's not yours then it's not yours, accept defeat so you will become a winner again.

If the pain is not worth it anymore then give up and don't think about it anymore, give up if you know that your physical and mental health is already taking enough damage.

March 18, 2018


Everybody is looking for a peace of mind, everybody is looking to channel their stress into something, everybody is trying to make an escape. Some people will go to food, procrastination, rest, vacation, watching TV, alcohol to find peace only to find out in the end that it's only giving them short term pleasure but long term pain.

If you want to have a peace of mind... always look for progress, always make a move, for as long as you're moving you will be alright, your mind will be at peace. You will no longer worry about your problems, you will feel fear but you will be able to forget it easily.

So keep moving, keep taking actions, never stop until you're done, never stop until you accomplish something great, accomplish something that you will be proud of. Don't look for results, don't look for something that will make you feel good, just enjoy the process and treat it as the only thing that is giving you a peace.

It's fun to move, it really is, have you ever watched TV for 12 hours and still feel bad, you feel lazy right? you feel weak and tired even if you're just lying in bed.

If you're moving it means you're on the right direction, it means success or progress is waiting for you, if you will only make it as your number one habit then you will have a happier life. The reason why you always feel bad is because you're so scared to move, you feel so lazy, you don't want to conquer yourself.

You will only have a peace of mind if you will not rest. If you have a problem then do something about it instead of thinking about it, that will give you a peace of mind. If nothing is working them just keep on grinding, you will forget that you're having a hard time.

A little progress will give you a big peace, it will quiet your mind, it will keep your sanity in check. Just like being lost in an unknown place... your worries will only go away if you keep moving forward.

March 18, 2018


Don't look forward to achieve your dream, look forward to be at least a little bit closer to your dream. If you're always looking forward to win and you lose then you will lose motivation, you will get sick and tired of the process.

But if you're focusing on being a little bit closer from it then you will always do something to produce a little bit of a positive momentum.

Push yourself to be one step closer to your dreams everyday, that's the best and simplest process that you can do. Always be aware if you're just wasting your time, be aware if you're only doing stupid things. Push the dream, keep moving forward, do something and never stop.

Climb it, take baby steps, one step at a time and never care if you're doing right or not, just be closer to it, give yourself a chance to become very close to it. Always produce something, always try something. Never give up, this is a journey not a destination, always try to remember that.

Never waste this year again, every second is precious, every second is a chance to make yourself closer to success.

Whatever push you can do.. push it, make a run, take it seriously. The main reason why you can't become closer to your dreams is because you're always clowning around, you're bumming around and not taking things seriously. You're always playing around and thinking that you can always try tomorrow, but the sad truth is you don't know if the sun will still shine on you after wasting a lot of time.

Treat it as your business, treat it as your only bread and butter. Be closer and closer to it, if you persevere enough then you will be able to touch it one day.

March 18, 2018


Look at yourself and honest yourself honestly... are you moving forward or not? that's the only question you need to answer honestly. Are you doing something to make your situation better or are you doing something that is only making your situation worse? you know the answer, you can never lie to yourself. Moving forward is simply working hard and doing something that will give you an achievement in the future, if it's giving you anything then you're only moving backward, you better make an assessment and reject the things that are making your life difficult.

If you feel that you're not growing, if you feel that your life is stuck in a mud then you're not moving forward, you better change your habits. You should grow a little bit, you can grow financially, physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally. There are lot of things where you can grow.

Just take one positive action at a time that has a direction and will give you something in the future and that's it. No need to make plans, no need to think about a perfect execution. Just pick something where you can grow and focus on it... as simple as that.

If you're not growing then you're dying, if you're not moving forward then you're moving backward. There is no such thing as maintaining, it's either you are going up or going down, there is no middle. Because if you feel stuck then it means you're going down, you're not happy, you feel unaccomplished.

Keep moving forward, keep pushing and that's it, there is always something you can do, you have a lot of energy, you have a lot of time. Don't ever waste your resources, keep the momentum alive, keep the fire alive.

March 18, 2018


You can copy anyone's work, song, work ethic, attitude, style, way of speaking but you cannot copy him 100 percent exactly, why? because he's not you, you're not him, everyone is different. A lot of people are saying that they are different, they want to say that they are different from the others but the truth is everyone is different and we don't need to stand out anymore, just be yourself and you're already different.

You have your own style so you need to use it, discover it, enjoy it and be proud of it. You don't need to imitate or copy anyone because that is only an insult to yourself. You're not using your own skills and abilities if you did that. 

Be original, follow your heart, compose your own music, make your own fashion statement, speak naturally, behave naturally. If you'reborn quiet then just be quiet, you don't need to follow other people.

Stop being an imitator, just follow your instincts, follow what you really want, use the process that you're enjoying. You're not being yourself because you want to copy someone else's success, once you see someone succeeding.. you will copy him , you are not giving yourself a chance to succeed in your own way. The funny thing is... you will never be able to copy him, you will look like a copycat, a second great trying hard, you will look cheap.

You cannot copy someone exactly because everyone is different from one another. There is always an original, everyone is unique, everyone is different. Some people cannot realize their uniqueness because they are afraid of being judged by other people.

You can do something that nobody can copy exactly, you can discover something first, you can produce a technique that nobody can emulate. You can create a set of movements that nobody can imitate, you have something that nobody can copy no matter how hard they try.

You are free to copy anything but if you will compare the original and the imitator, the imitator always looks like a loser and weak.

March 17, 2018


You need to keep looking for answers, that's how to become successful. Keep looking for answers, seek for a process that will show you the way. Be curious, unleash your curiosity, keep asking, there is nothing wrong in asking.

Because if you will not look for answers then you will never get an answer. Keep looking for what is missing, what is missing in the process? what do you think will give you a little bit of success?

Answers are placed everywhere, you will see it once you look hard enough. Look around you, open your eyes, you can't see it because your eyes were closed.

Be serious, if you will not look hard enough, if you will not focus then you will never see it. Maybe the answer is inside of your heart or maybe it is just beside you, you just can't see it because you're thinking about other things, you're not taking it seriously, you're not passionate about asking.

BE PATIENT. Take your time, you may not see in in the first try but you will see it later. Just stick with it, never stop looking, never stop moving forward. There are millions of answers for a single question, you will never run out of answers if you keep on searching for it. 

OR MAYBE... Invent your own answers, if you're too shy to ask because your confidence is tiny as a grasshopper, why not CREATE YOUR OWN ANSWERS! Make a guess if needed, what else can you do? you have to create desperate moves or else you will drown in fears, you will be stuck in a mud.

You will get lucky if you create your own answers, you will even thank yourself because you sve yourself.

March 17, 2018


You're in hell right now, you're suffering, you're almost going crazy, you don't know what to do next. You're lost, you feel uncomfortable, what will you do? quit and give up your dreams?

Of course you will experience hell at one moment in your life, you will feel it, you will burn, you will fail, you will eat mud. But once you overcome those challenges and hardships in life... you will arrive to the next level. Life is hard, success is hard, everything in life is hard but what else can you do? cry and make excuses?

If you're in hell right now keep feeling it, keep burning, keep learning. You will overcome all of those difficulties if you will trust yourself and set yourself free. We all experience hell, it's time you give yourself a chance to see heaven, to become wealthy, to experience all the beauty of life.

And don't ever think that you will just ignore it and everything will be fine, you have to deal with it, you have to experience it and do something about it.

JUST KEEP PLODDING, keep doing your best and never stop until the hell is over. Just weather the storm, do everything in your power to stay positive. Entertain yourself by taking actions, forget about the results because it is not giving you strength, commit on taking actions because it's the only thing you can do.

The good life is waiting for you, be patient and never get tired of waiting, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Just focus on what you can do best and forget the outcome, forget about what may happen next. Just live in the moment an have fun with the process.

March 17, 2018


It's all in your hands, they can tell you whatever they want, they can criticize you, mock you or put you on the mud but they can never tell you to stop, they don't have the power to stop you nor make you quit.

Why will you quit? because of critics? because people are telling you that you can't do it? Even if they tell you that you're no good and you're not skilled or you don't have any talents or whatsoever... don't stop, ever. They can say whatever they want, they can pull you down and make you feel bad all day long but at the end of the day... the decision is still yours, it's still up to you if you will stop or not. If you feel that you're progressing a little bit then that's already a big reason to continue. Never stop because the moment you stop is the moment your dreams die.

They are telling it to your face because they don't want you to succeed, they don't want you to rise. If you're really nothing then why the hell are they giving you some attention? why are do they bother to criticize you, they are affected by your actions so it means you are something.


All you need to do is keep taking actions, keep moving forward, never listen to what they say, never listen to something that doesn't empower you. You can become really unstoppable if you choose to become unstoppable.

Just use your strength, just move forward. Being strong is not being about dominant, you can bleed, you can cry, you can rest but you should never quit. The only thing that should be in your mind is moving forward and nothing else.


Commitment is what you need to become unstoppable, you need to commit, you need to do it without hesitation, you need to do it even if you feel bad and you feel like you don't want to do it. It's only you that is stopping yourself, you're always quitting, you're always listening to them, you don't trust yourself anymore.

March 16, 2018


Everybody is happy at first because the beginning is always exciting, it's new, it's fun, it's full of dreams and ambitions, it's full of nerve wracking moments, it makes you blush, it makes you wanna live with it forever, it's so full of high hopes and you feel like floating in the air.

It's a new beginning... just like what they say, it's a new life, you can start fresh, everything feels perfect. But after a few years... what happened? why did your feelings changed? why you can't you feel the love anymore? Nothing has changed too much but your feelings changed, why is that?

It's normal, the love is not gone, it's just that feelings really change, sometimes you feel that you're not excited anymore. Sometimes you feel that you're not in love anymore but that's not true. The passion may diminished a little bit but the love is still there, you just need to feel it and you will see it again.

But... you perseverance has its own way of bringing the passion back, if you have a mindset of sticking with someone or something until the end... then you don't love anymore, you don't need to look for it, it will come back, it will make you feel again.

Are you someone who is only good in the beginning? you're only good when everything is cool, when you're happy, when you're excited. Everyone can feel confident and happy in the beginning but not everyone can become happy in the end. It's all up to you how do you wanted to feel.


Always remember that your feelings towards something will change, in the beginning you love your shoes so much but in the end you're cursing it and wanting to replace it. If you feel good towards something in the beginning, that doesn't mean that you will like it forever, there will be days when you're sick and tired of it and you want to replace it but that's not what real happiness is all about, real happiness is when you stay by its side until the end, real happiness is when you build a foundation and you will never destroy that foundation, you keep on doing something to make it stronger and stronger.


Don't ever think that you need to become excited and passionate everyday, a lot of people here are always changing their minds that's why they can't become successful, that's why they can't become happy in the end. Never change your mind, what you pick first should be your pick forever. The idea here sis you're making something grow, your're growing from it even if it is sometimes painful.

It's like building a company, if you are really serious about it then you will die for it, you will live for it, you will try to survive it no matter what. There will be times when you want to give up, there will be times when you want to quit and start another company, but the lesson is... if you keep on starting over and over again... you will end up being a failure. Once a quitter will always be a quitter.

Just like in a relationship, you think that always changing partners is fun? look at the celebrities... they're always changing partners from time to time, did they become happy? The real strength of a man is when you don't know how to give up, it's when things are boring and difficult that you told yourself that you need to become stronger and wiser. Giving up is for losers, giving up is for people who will have a lot of regrets in the end.


If the situation is difficult.. that's the time you need to get stronger, that's the time you need to make yourself better. You need to make your heart and mind stronger, it's all about sticking with the journey no matter how hard it is. It's all about training your mind to see good in every situation, it's all about shifting your paradigm and staying positive all the time. Of course it's hard to do but it's still possible, you can still feel hopeful when everything is turning into sour.


You need to work to become happy again, you need to put an effort. If you want to save a relationship, a business, a goal or simply a friendship... you need to work for it, do something to make it exciting again, reinvent, try something new. But if nothing is working... never quit, that's they way to have a happy ending. Because you one way or another you will still become happy. The truth is you don't need anything to become happy, you just need to stick with it and have pride for never quitting. The power is always yours, it's your fault if you can't become happy, you can always control your emotions and decisions. Your biggest problem is... you can't appreciate that things that are happening into your life. You always look far, you didn't know that the happiness is on your side and you can always choose to be happy anytime you want to.


Most people are only happy when things are going well, they are only happy in the beginning. They are only happy when everything is new and fresh, when everything is running smooth. Husbands were only happy in the beginning of their marriage... while they're wives are still sexy, while there is no problems yet. They cannot appreciate their lives when everything is breaking down.

Dreamers where only happy when they started their dream, they thought that they will just exert a little effort and that's it. When big challenges are there, they will quit right away, they were not happy anymore.

Most people are only happy in the beginning, it's simply because they cannot embrace change, they cannot embrace fear and difficulty. They only want what is delicious, new and less complicated. When hardship is already there... they will walk away from their responsibilities.


No matter where angle you look at it, no matter what kind of manipulation you do... perseverance will always win, it will never lose. Perseverance will give you everything, all you have to do is work hard, wait, stay patient and grow everyday, make yourself better everyday. The happiness will always belong to the most persevering, there is no other way around. Never label yourself as a quitter, you're better than that. If you want to save something, if you want to preserve something... persevere until the end. The universe will reward your for sacrificing.


How many times do I have to stress this out... emotions will change, it can change anytime, you will feel happy now and you will feel sad tomorrow. It is what it is, but what shouldn't change is your vision, it's your willingness to stick with the journey or process or however you wanted to call it until the end. Never look for the destination, life and happiness is a step by step process, it's all about falling in live with the steps everyday. You will become happy anytime, you don't need to wait for it because it will come. Happiness is for everyone, it is not for the chosen few. Your time will come, your time for celebration, success and happiness will come, just wait for it while you make yourself getting better each day.


Most people are weak nowadays, they will quit once they feel that it is difficult, they will quit once the critics and humiliation are attacking them. If you are mentally tough then nothing can defeat you, nothing can put you down. If you want to become really mentally tough then face all the obligations that you need to face, endure, eat sacrifices, be the man who will do whatever it takes to put his position better than yesterday. Mental toughness is all about not quitting, it's all about finishing until the end. You can endure any type of problem if you are mentally tough, nothing can bother you, nothing can make you quit.

Just be serious with what you're doing, be serious with what you're going through, don't be a joke like others. A lot of clowns were living in this planet, they support that word "YOLO" too much that they don't know the true meaning of it, they thought that it's all about happiness, partying, staying in love and doing whatever you want. They don't know that life is more than that. Life is all about embracing the pain, fear and letting happiness come naturally. It's all about embracing responsibility and taking things seriously. If you can't show something that you're serious then it will never last, it will only be at your side for a couple of years or just even months.

It's ok to feel sad in the middle of your journey, it's ok to have a hard time. Always remember that you're just being tested. Having a hard journey is better than having an easy one time success because that success will never last for so long, it will be taken away from you because you didn't work for it, you don't know how to handle it. You will just taste it for a while and it will be gone.


If you will go the other direction is all up to you, just remember that the one who will stick to the end will always win, the one who never quit is happier. Never prioritize your emotion, always think about what you build in the beginning, always think about what are you trying to accomplish. You care too much about having fun that's why you can't make a huge leap in your life. Stop thinking about having fun and being happy all the time, you need to embrace whatever kind of emotion is running in your system.

The goal is to make something survive, it's to make something alive until the end. Don't try to look cute here, establish an empire that will last forever, face all the difficulties and boredom... that's how to make something alive until the end.

If you become happy in the beginning then you can also become happy in the end. Again, it's all about perspectives, it's all about not caring about how you feel but caring about what is really important. If you can stay for ten years in a relationship then you can stay forever, if you can survive your business for 2 years then you can make it grow forever. Again, you need to work, you need to endure all the pain and sacrifices. A great accomplishment takes decades to accomplish. Don't be someone who is only good in the beginning but really bad in the end, you're better than that. Of course there will always be challenges along the way but there is no challenge that you can't overcome.

So if you want to achieve a real success in life... do something for a very long time, give your heart and soul into it even if it's really difficult. You need time, a lot of time. Don't be afraid to do it over and over again because you will learn a lot through repetition.

Don't ever believe that you're tired, you can always give something more, there is enough energy, passion and love hiding deep inside of you. Just pull it out, dig deeper, there is always something you can give, never hold yourself back.

Great companies, great businessmen, successful relationships, friendships, successful goals became really successful not because they change, it's because they stick until the end no matter what they are going through, they never give up, they keep fighting for what they love.

March 15, 2018


You're so relaxed nowadays that's why you're always left behind, that's why you can't make a significant progress in your life. You need to hurry a little bit and make things happen. You need to force a miracle in your life if you want to have a better life. Look at yourself... you're procrastinating a lot right? you want to become great but you're always supporting your soft side, you're always training your lazy side. If you want heavy success then you need to take heavy actions, there is no room for soft people nowadays. Stand up and do something, don't make lying in bed and watching TV as your number one hobby. You're better than that, you can always do better and live better. The choice is always yours, if you think that your life will never grow anymore then you're right but if you think that you can still grow and become successful then you're right again.


Because you always want to have fun, you think that life is all about having fun, you want to do the easy things, you don't want to sacrifice. You don't know that you can have a lot of fun working hard, you can make hard work as your world, you can make sacrifice as your hobby. If you will only program your mind that working is better than resting then you can become more successful than 90 percent of other people in this planet. This planet is full of lazy people with no ambitions, they think that happy go lucky is the right way to live. They will never push themselves to the limit but tin the end they will always complain about how hard it is to live in this world.


You made it a habit since day one, you think that it's alright being slow, just because you're earning a little money and you have a job... you think that you're already secured. You think that it's cool to be slow and doing things late.

Once you wake up... stay out of your bed. Stand up fast and do your tasks immediately. Don't think, don't dream, there are lot of time you've been wasting because of staying on your bed for so long and daydreaming. Even if you're dizzy a little bit... stand up and do your thing. Even if you feel so heavy and lazy... stand up, that feeling will change the moment you start what you're suppose to do. Just keep moving forward, that is the best life style in the world... to always stay in motion and never patronize laziness. Once you have something on your mind... do it, do it without hesitation. Your life will become happier and easier if you're moving.


Time is so valuable, a lot of people are wasting it because they think that they have a lot of it, they don't know that time is so precious and they can't replace the time wasted anymore. Time is not gold... it's everything. If time is gold then it can be replaced but it can't. Hurry now, push yourself and never think about what may happen next. Just do something positive one day at a time, do something that can make your life better. It can be anything, you know what is good and bad, you know what can give you results in the future. Treat your time as something that is so expensive that nobody can by, treat your time as the most important thing in the world.

Don't ever think that you're slow, you're fast. No matter what age you are... you can still become fast if you will push yourself and believe in yourself, just always believe, believe that you can do it, believe that you can push it. There are lot of things that you can accomplish if you will hurry a little bit.


Treat everything as an urgent matter, if you need to do something regardless if it is really important or not... do it right away, do it fast, never think twice, that is the how to develop a habit of moving fast. Put pressure on yourself, always think that something bad will happen if you don't do it. Think that there is a knife on your throat ready to cut you if you don't move. It is what it is, it's not fun but if you will not put yourself on a sense of urgency then nothing will happen in your life, you will remain as a loser forever, do you want to be a loser? Nobody wants to be a loser but not everyone wants to work hard, only a few are willing to take their lives seriously. Only few people are going to become successful.


If you're always uncomfortable then it means you're on the right path, it means you're setting yourself up for success. You are pushing and you are playing outside of your comfort zone. If you're too comfortable then you're not working, you're just relaxing and taking your time for granted which is not a good thing if you're pursuing some level of success. Most people wants comfort, they think that being comfortable is really comfortable but the truth is they are only making their lives worse by doing that. They want comfort through laziness, not playing outside of the box, asking help from other people, shopping, consuming, eating a lot of food. If your life is always about comfort then you will never evolve anymore, you will deteriorate, you will get lost and slow. You can only learn and grow through stress and pain, you will only evolve if you're suffering a little bit.

Hurry because not all the time your life will wait for you, life is short, just a blink of an eye and it's over. You have to get what you really want and go for it fearlessly, and even if you're scared of getting it.. still get it because not all the time you have time, time will come and your time will be over. You have to hurry now, you have to think now and move before your campaign is over.


1. Consistency - even if you're slow in moving, if you're consistent enough and you're doing it everyday then you will look fast, you will accomplish more than others. You move slow but you're not wasting time, you never let a day be over without doing something that will make your goal reachable. Consistency is powerful, you will never notice that you're already succeeding because of it. Being consistent means you're embedding something into your system forever.

2. Wake up early - Never stay on your bed for too long, once your eyes were open... stand up and do something for your dream, forget that dizziness and laziness... just wake up and do something for your life. Sometimes you thought you're already awake but the truth is you're still sleeping, you're still lazy, you're still slow. If you're awake then show the universe that you're awake so he won't be sleeping on you. Show the universe that you really want it, impress it and you will be rewarded. Set your alarm clock to 3 am and once it ring... never go back to sleep again.

3. Destroy all the distractions. Destroy any activity that eats a lot of your time, get rid of them. The key here is to be aware if you're wasting time or not, if you feel that a lot of time has been wasted then it's time to change your habits, it's time to change the present activity. Do something productive, never engage on something that will never make you move forward. There are lot of bad habits that you have, you just don't want to admit it because you're having too much fun with them, you think it's good for you because you're enjoying them. It's time to become weird and boring, it's time to do something special, you can only do it by sacrificing a lot.

4. Repetition. If you want to become fast in anything that you're doing... you have to repeat it again and again, repeat it even if you'r so sick and tired of it, repeat it even if you feel lazy. Repetition is genius, just like a child learning how to play a guitar, once he repeat playing the guitar everyday for one straight year... he will become very fast, faster than an adult guitar player. Never underestimate the power of repetition because it's too powerful than you know, you think you are getting bored and lazy by repeating but the truth is you're improving a lot.

5. Don't think. You're thinking too much that's why you can't start something, you're thinking a lot that's why fears and worries were building up. Don't think... just do it, thinking is a sin, it will make you slow, it will make you scared. You want to do it then do it, you will do it anyway so why not do it now?

You need to hurry now, you're enjoying too much but the truth is you want more, deep inside of you I know you want more and you want it now. But you can't have it now, you have to be patient, keep your cool but never relax, stay calm but never slow down. Hurry up before it's too late. Time is running, it will never stop, it will never wait for you. You will never get it fast but you can move fast, you can take actions fast and make momentum fast.

Life is fast so why will you slow down? time is running, you will never be able to stop it, all you can do is become faster than it. Time gets faster and faster everyday, the more you get older the more your time will be lesser. So stop holding yourself back and do what you are suppose to do. Never think twice... just do it. Put your heart into it and you will find a way to succeed.

A lot of people are rushing, but they are rushing the wrong way. They rushing because of traffic, they are rushing at the mall to but the sale items, they are rushing to become rich. They are rushing for things that doesn't even matter in the long term. What you need to hurry about is taking actions for your dreams, taking the right steps to reach your goals. Stop rushing for activities that will make you one step backward. The movement should always be forward, you should be evolving and progressing everyday.


It's not too late for a change, you can change your life now, you can create habits that will make you successful and faster. Even if you're old you can still learn, you can still manipulate your brain to operate the right way. As long as you have time, you still have time, you can still become a winner. But you need to force yourself to get out of that old version of you, kill your weak version, destroy your slow version. Unleash the best inside of you, show your true strength. I know you're so sick and tired of being a loser so it's time to become a winner.

Work hard on yourself, be hard on yourself and blame yourself if you're not getting the results that you want. Hurry now while you're still alive, while you're still strong and capable of taking heavy and bold actions. Go all out and don't be conservative. Upgrade your mind, upgrade your work ethic, increase your speed, it's time to see a different side of you... someone who is willing to get full steam ahead, someone who will not step on the brakes, someone who is unstoppable.

March 14, 2018


Life is all about happiness and sadness, nobody told you that you can become happier everyday. Nobody told you that once you become successful then you will never become sad anymore. If success is the basis of happiness then why are there some successful people who are sadder than poor people?

Happiness and sadness are partners, life is not normal if it is all about happiness, it is not normal either if it is only about sadness. So don't ever feel bad if you're sad now, your emotions will change later. Just live and carry on, you will become happy in just a matter of time.

And don't get too cocky if you're happy now, maybe later you will become sad again. Just a commercial on the television can make you sad, just a small conversation that reminds you of something sad in the past will make you sad. You can become sad anytime even if you don't have a problem. Sadness and happiness are random, they will visit you anytime they want to.

Be ready for any kind of emotion, at any given moment you may feel sadness or happiness. You're just a human being, that's the beauty of being a human... you will feel any kind of emotion. Feeling is a blessing, you move because you feel, you stop because you feel. Whatever feelings you have right now... remember that it's just a feeling, it will never kill you.

Learn to process the emotions, learn how to deal with it... that will make your life very easy.

If you want to become happy everyday then lower your standards, laugh at something that is corny, laugh at something that is not laughable at all. Appreciate your child giving you a candy, appreciate your dog licking you, appreciate that your mom is scolding you because she cares for you. Don't be too picky when it comes to happiness, happiness is easy to achieve. People give it a deep meaning that's why they can't become happy at all, a lot of people think that they will only become happy once they have that salary increase, big house, car, promotion or anything that is hard to achieve.

Don't get me wrong... those things will also make you happy but the point here is you can become happy at any given moment. Just remember a happy memory from the past and you will become happy. Happiness is not that hard to achieve if you will not complicate your life.

You can erase sadness anytime you want, just look around you and appreciate what you still have, you still have a lot, there is still someone who loves you. And even if you think that nobody loves you anymore... be happy because you are still alive, you can still do a lot of things, you still have a chance to love and be loved.


 Because you're human, because it is life, life is all about a roller coaster of emotions, we are here to feel everything. We are here to feel sadness, depression, happiness, excitement, guilt, nervousness, joy, bliss, lust etc. That is what makes life even exciting... you don't know what type of emotion that will come next. Don't be surprised if it's your birthday and you're sad. You're sad because your father didn't greet you, you're sad because your mother didn't give you a gift. It's really up to you how are you going to create your own state. You can become happy even if your dog is dead, it is really up to you, it's possible to create the emotions that you want or need. Ever wonder why there are some people who are so relaxed under pressure? it's simply because they know that the key to thrive under pressure is to stay relaxed and calm, they want to succeed so they manage to relax even if the situation is really scary.


You will feel it, even if you think that your life is perfect... you will still feel it. Look at those people who have a life style of always partying... one day you will see them really sad and depressed. Why is that? they have a lot of money, they have a lot of friends but one day you will see them crying and going crazy. It's because they're looking for happiness too much, they think that life is all about parties, food, romance, money and craziness. They don't know that in order to have a balance life... you still need to feel some pain. And once they feel the pain... they are panicking, they want to escape that kind of emotion right away, that leads them to taking illegal drugs or alcohol abuse, that makes them depressed. So never feel surprised if yesterday you're so happy and your heart is singing but today you're already sad, it's normal, life is just like that so get use to it.


You don't need to become popular to become happy, you don't need to be rich to become happy... once those things are not in your hands anymore... what will you do? how are you going to feel? Never think that your happiness relies into something, you and your life alone can make you happy. Your journey can make you happy, all the challenges in life... once you overcome all of them then you will become happy. The simplest things and untouchable things in life can make you happy. Don't be like others who needs a lot of things to become happy, once they can't have it... they are so depressed.


If you're happy then cherish it, if you're sad so be it, if you're scared... embrace it, embrace any kind of feeling and be comfortable during times f discomfort. Just remember that any storm will soon pass away. Don't panic if you are depressed, just feel it but don't make dramas, always keep in mind that your emotion will change, a pain will not stay in your life forever. It may stay for days or weeks but just hang on and you will become happy again. A lot of people commits suicide because they think that their depression is permanent, if they only knew that their emotion will change later then they will just wait for it to change, they will just wait for happiness and hope to visit their system again.


1. A simple chat with an old friend.
2. A favorite dish cooked by your wife or mom.
3. A simple video clip from the past
4. A simple line of your favorite comedian
5. Cleaning your room
6. A joke or meme
7. Listening to your favorite song (mine is a christmas song, it really makes me feel good)
8. Just feeling the air and sunlight outside.
9. Reading your favorite book.
10. Learning a new skill
11. Helping people who deserve some help

There are lot of things that can make you happy, all you have to do is look for it, do something that will entertain you. Remember that sadness is all in the mind, if you can occupy your brain with things that will divert your emotions then it will be easier for you to become happy. Happiness is easy to achieve, if you're sad now... just wait and never do anything negative, you will become happy in a while.


Is it the end of the world if you're sad? are you going to die if you're sad? be thankful if you're sad because it is a sign that you're still sane. People who can't become sad anymore are crazy people, they are the ones in the mental hospital. Sadness is just a sign that you're just a human being. It's a sign that you will become happy later, remember that feelings will change... you will become happy later just endure what you're feeling now and be patient with yourself.

Don't get jealous if others are happy and you're sad, it will only add sadness. Their life is different form your life, they are happy now but they may feel sad later or tomorrow. Emotions are changing, there is no permanent feeling.


If you can't make yourself happy then just make other people happy. Make your parents happy, make your siblings happy, make your true friends happy. Once you see your love ones happy then there is a big chance that you will become happy too, happiness is contagious, if you associate yourself with people who are happy then you will become happy too. DO simple things for them, give them something that will make them happy or smile a bit. List all the people that are very close to you and try to make them happy by giving them some time.


Make yourself busy, this this is the best way to forget sadness, focus your time into something that is entertaining. Pursue an impossible goal, waste your time improving yourself and making yourself better than yesterday. You can forget sadness if your time is fast, if your enjoying in something. Sometimes you have to fool yourself and pretend that you're enjoying in something just to make your time fly away. If you're too busy everyday then you will easily forget the problems that you have, you will even have fun because you can do a lot of things, pain will give you extra boost, it will give you extra energy to do more things.


Run and make yourself tired, exercise. Studies reveal that exercise can change your mood, it can shift a depression into happiness. So when you wake up in the morning... run for 2 hours or more then sleep. You will forget your problem with that kind of lifestyle, you will see yourself getting back in shape and getting stronger. Endurance will make you mentally tough so just keep pushing yourself and your emotion will change. Sometimes sleep is the only thing you need to rest your tired mind from entertaining a lot of sad thoughts.


If you can't really forget your problems then stop thinking, just do something productive and stop thinking. It's all in the mind, just take actions and you will forget that you have a problem. The more you think the more your problem will become bigger, if you're not thinking then your problem will go away by itself. Thinking too much will make your mind crazy, replace thinking with acting and your life will change. You should know if your thoughts are against you, you should know if your thoughts are making you weak... stop thinking now. If you can't stop your thoughts running then just let it be, never fight it but don't put emotions on it. Just let the thoughts come and go but don't make dramas, you can separate thoughts and emotions, you can feel neutral even if sad thoughts keep coming.


This is sad but true, your happiness is the root of your sadness, if your partner left.. you will become sad. If your business go down... you will become sad, if your dog died, you will become sad. Once the things that are making you happy is gone.. you will become very sad. The key here is to detach your happiness from everything. Never think that you can only become happy once everything is playing out well according to your wishes. It's possible that you can become happy without people around you, it's possible that you can become very happy without the things that are making you happy before. It's all in the mind, you can entertain yourself, the best thing to do is pick a goal and die for it... in that case your life will have a direction again. If you have something to live for, if you're waking up for something everyday then you will become happy again.

Always try to be happy no matter what, just be appreciative because you're still alive and you can experience life. Not all people live long in this world. If you will dwell so much on sadness and problems then you're just wasting your life.

March 13, 2018


You're just a human, you need help too. Even if your're so strong and great... there will be times when you really needed help. It's ok, swallow your pride, never think that you're invincible because there is no such thing as invincibility. Nobody is immune from defeat, pain and tragedy. Sometimes you need a helping hand to comfort you and make life easier for you. You need help to lessen the burden that you are carrying.

But sometimes relying on help too much is making you weak. It's because you will not believe in yourself anymore, you will just rely on them, you will not use your strength, you will never take risks, you will not take matters into your own hands. You will hand your fate to someone and he will control your life.

If you want to grow... stop always looking for a help, do it on your own. Learn to fail and learn to succeed, make yourself, don't let others create you.

Help will com naturally, you don't need to ask for it. For the meantime... if you can do it on your own then do it.

Come to think of it... if there is no one to help you then you will help yourself, you will be forced to take actions. So program your mind and always think that nobody is there to help you.

You are on your own, you have to discover your strength and weaknesses. Don't be scared because you will only become stronger and stronger the more you do things on your own.

Cut all the things that are helping you, stand for your own life and make your life epic. You will never grow if you will always ask for help.

March 12, 2018


The reason why my writings were too repetitive is because I'm s tired. I don't know what to write anymore, I'm so tired, I want results, I want money, I want success but it's not coming yet.

Now I know the true lesson... I have to climb it no matter how high it is. The journey is the real destination, if you're focused on the journey then it means you're already winning, you have to have fun in the journey because that's all you can do.

There's no more in your mind but you still need to write, there's no more energy in your body but you still need to work and give your best.

There will be times when you can't feel anymore, you will feel that there's no more left inside of your brain, there's no more energy left in your tank. But what can you do quit? what do you think will happen if you quit? there is no reward in quitting. But if you stick with the process and have fun with it... the process itself is the reward.

You have no choice but to keep going even if you're so sick and tired of it. There is something behind that pain, you can only see it if you push yourself to reach the final stage.

Push yourself little by little, you are allowed to move slow, you are allowed to rest a little bit but you're not allowed to quit.

Never think that you're useless and you can't do it anymore, never think that it's time to give up, never think that it's time to let go. You'r feeling it because you want to become successful, taking the journey passionately is already a success.

March 12, 2018


There is a process for everything, the greatest thing about life is we get to choose the process that we want, we can choose the path, if it feels good then we have to choose it. But why are there some people who can't choose the right process? They don't believe in themselves, they are not willing to take the risk, all they want is to have a safe route.

Once you pick a process on your own... stay with it and never change it, do it over and over again. You will be rewarded one day for sure, you will never regret that you trust your own process, you will never regret that you work hard for it.

People can't become successful because they're always changing their minds, they don't know that sometimes it takes years to make something successful, sometimes it even takes decades. You have to be patient with your chosen process and trust it to the fullest.

Trust the process and do it everyday, consistency plays a major role in becoming successful.

Don't worry if your process is not yet working in the moment, it will work in the future for sure. Just keep working hard and keep pushing even if it's too painful.

Some people will tell you how to do something, I don't know why can't they focus on their own lives, they think they were better than you, or maybe they're just confusing you.

Never change your mind, it doesn't matter if you're failing or winning, what matters is you stick with the process, persevere and you will win one day.

March 12, 2018


Do you react easily? do you get mad easily about the small things that will not even contribute to your growth? if you react so fast about different things then it means you're being played. You're not winning, you're only setting yourself up for bigger trouble. Reacting too much will create negative emotions that will make you unable to think clearly or make better decisions.

That's why you're enemies are winning... they are annoying you, they are making you react, once you get mad then they are really happy.

Never react so fast, use your brain, always use your composure. Why will you react with things that doesn't even matter at all? why will you fight for something that has no contribution for your growth?

The best thing to do is keep your calm, value your peace, never let anything bother you. You are here in this world to enjoy life, if something is tempting you to react... it means they are inviting you to play their game which you will never win. They are playing with you if they are annoying you, they want you to get mad, they want your attention so that you will be disturbed in anything that you're doing.

March 12, 2018


Just be patient and you will succeed, just be patient and you have nothing to worry about.

You're always searching for the right answers, you're always searching about what to do next. You're always worrying if you're right or wrong. If you're patient and you will give time for the journey to develop then you will know the right answers, you will know what to do. You may not know it know because you're so new to it but if you give yourself the time to learn, make decisions and make mistakes then you will become wiser.

You're so worried if you're going to succeed or not, you haven't given everything yet, you need to simply give your best and wait. Believe in yourself, be patient, never rush the results... it will come if it will come, as simple as that.

The more patient you become, the more successful you will become. A lot of people were good, talented, skilled and gifted but they don't have patience, they want it right away, they don't want to stick for something for a very long time.

If you can wait for a very long time then it will come... no need to panic, no need to worry, no need to become scared. Patience is a virtue, patience is a great skill. If you're patient enough then you will get everything, time is powerful, time will make you great... you just need to use it properly and consistently.

The goal is to move forward and be patient, everybody will quit in the end, everybody will make excuses but if you are patient enough then you will be able to beat those frustrations and disappointments.


March 12, 2018


Don't you get it? everyone is right and you are wrong, they are telling you what to do. Your family knows what is best for you, they are giving you advise, they are forcing you to do something that you don't even love.

Everyone is telling you what to do, everyone is giving you an advise, they think that they are always right and you are always wrong. Well, look at them, what did they accomplished? where are they? are they really successful?

It's time to make a stand and unfollow all of the naysayers, it's time to believe in yourself and do what you think is best for your life. Decide now, stop listening to people who doesn't even know what is best for their lives. They don't even have an evidence that they are successful, they are stopping you from growing. Now, what you need to do is make a stand and stick with your newly invented process forever. You may fail but at least you follow your heart, at least you were able to build the confidence that you may use in the future.

Everyone thinks they are right, look at the social media... everyone is arguing, everyone thinks they know what is the best for the country and the economy, everyone thinks they know who is the right president to be appointed. They don't know that they are only being played by the government.

Everyone is arguing about how to do this or do that, they are perfect and you're not. Now listen... are you going to let them dictate your life? or are you going to live by your own rules and regulations?

What if you're right and they are wrong? what if they are wrong and you are right?

It's time to follow your heart, make a stand and believe in yourself. Just work hard and that's it, never stop until you're done and they will see that they are the ones who were wrong.

March 12, 2018


You're closer, keep taking steps, keep pushing, you're so close so don't ever stop.

Every time you're taking an action it means you're closer. Why will you take it if you're not close? your body and mind is already in an auto pilot mode, you're taking actions automatically. It means success is attracting you, it means you're being magnetized by victory. You are getting closer and closer from it. So don't stop, don't quit, keep pushing forward even if it really feels bad.

Just keep taking action, make it a habit, never stop... be relentless. Always keep the push alive, it's better to be moving than stopping. Make your goal active, make it moving. Doing something is better than resting, one is always better than zero. If you're doing something every now and then then you will go further, you will reach the top of the mountain.

So look at yourself, what are you doing? are you lazy or working hard? are you doing something or are you just waiting for something to happen? if you're taking actions then you're on the right path. It means you're getting closer and closer to success.

Don't be ashamed of moving even if nothing good is going on, taking actions means you're training your mind and body to become successful. You're developing a very strong work ethic here. If you're moving then it means you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain.

Push yourself if you feel lazy, slap your face if you're frozen, move your hands and feet, make your brain work.

Your body is built for moving and not for resting. That's why a lot of people dies when they are not moving anymore, they feel weak and sick if their body is not active.

March 12, 2018


Most of you think that your life will get better once you have this or have that. You think that you will be happier if you get something that you are wishing for for a very long time. The truth is you will become happy for a short period of time but you will go back to your original state. Your life will only get better if you are satisfied of what you have. That doesn't mean that just stay being poor and stay being lazy. It's not what I mean, what I mean was you don't need anything to become happy, you just need yourself, you just need to realize that nothing can make you happy except yourself. Not other people, not a dog, not a car, not a house, not a fancy shoes, you are the only one who can make yourself happy.

So if you can't have your dreams...just be happy, still go for it, still push for it but don't ever feel depressed if you can't have it. If it's yours it's yours, all you can do is give your best and never stop until you win.

Life is very simple, just make it simple, make it less stressful, train your mind to appreciate everything that you have and try to grow from them. Try to evolve, learn and become wiser each day. Don't ever let a small thing bother you or disturb you.

Your life will only get better if you're treasuring all the experiences in life and learning from it. You don't need something to make yourself happy. You can create an emotion if you want to, you can become happy by just simply thinking about happy thoughts. It's really that simple, people are making the "word" happiness complicated, they attached it to something that's why it's very hard for them to achieve it.

Your life is already good, you just need to grow everyday to make yourself happy. The definition of growth depends on you, it depends on how you feel about it.

March 12, 2018


You have your own journey but you keep on watching the journey of others, you're more excited seeing other people that you don't even know succeed. You're more excited for their life rather than focusing on your own life. You know what? maybe you should give your life to them because you're not using it, you're not utilizing it to the fullest. You want other people to succeed that you almost forgot that you have dreams too.

You're so happy when your idol is winning, you're so sad when he is losing. What about your life? aren't you sad because you're not winning in life.

If you really want to become successful then you must follow your own journey, forget the journey of others, forget what they're doing. You need to focus on yourself now because time is running out.

Forget about what they're doing, never care if they are hurting. You're wounded too, you need to heal yourself first before caring about anybody else.

Maybe you don't know that you only have one life, maybe you don't know that life is short and if you will not act now then you will regret that you didn't give your best. You will cry when you're already old and can't move anymore.

Give everything you've got for your dreams and never stop, be relentless, push yourself to the limits.

Get excited with your own journey and focus on it until you become successful. Stop caring about your idol, stop caring about your favorite team, stop caring about celebrities. You will become more happy if you will focus on your own journey.

March 12, 2018


Why will you stop? you've been working hard for so long, you've been grinding for years and expecting great things to happen. You've been killing yourself and almost die because of pushing too much, why will you stop now? you're almost there, it's so difficult that's why it only means you're almost there.

Don't waste all of your efforts in the past, don't waste all the sacrifice and the heartaches and the pain. You have to keep going and try hard to reach the finish line. Because if you will not do it... you will only have regrets in the end.

Why will you stop if you can move forward? you can always do something for it. I feels like it's not worth it anymore because you can't see results but you need to keep going if you really want to become successful, it's better to do it forever than to stop now and keep wondering what could have happen if you only continue.

If it's getting harder it means you need to go harder, you need to be tougher and hungrier.

You will never win if you stop so why stop now? you already experienced a lot of difficulties in life, you're never new to that pain, you already felt it in the past.

Stand up, get out of your bed and work again, even if you don't feel it anymore... you still need to keep working. It's the only option you have... to work and see what is possible.

It's still possible, trust yourself a little bit more, the more frustrated you become the more tougher you become. You're almost there so keep pushing. Don't be like everyone who will quit when it's hard, be like you... you will keep pushing no matter what.

March 12, 2018


Sometimes you need to be realistic here, sometimes you need to aim for one small goal. You've been targeting big goals for a very long time, you want to be a millionaire fast, you want to become a one time big time fast but did it happen? it's because you want it but you can't see it. You want to touch it but you don't know how to get there. When things gets difficult... you're panicking, you're quitting, you will make a lot of excuses.

You need to be realistic this time, if you want to become a millionaire... you will get there but you have to take it one step at a time. Push yourself to earn as much as you can everyday and repeat it as much as you can, repeat it over and over again until you earn one million... that is how to become a millionaire. It may take too long but it is realistic, unlike wishing for it, giving yourself a deadline of one month but you don't even know how to earn a million in just one month.

Take it slowly if you need to, you need to have a lot of patience here. ONE REALISTIC GOAL AT A TIME. Pursue a goal that you know you can achieve and repeat it again and again until you become great, until you become big.

Taking realistic goals is better than taking impossible goals, if you keep winning everyday then that's the time to adjust your goals to another level, keep adjusting it until you reach that big goal that you're dreaming of.

March 12, 2018


You've been dead for how many years, you're not working, maybe you're working but your work is not enough. You feel dead, you feel you're in jail and you're seeking for freedom but you can't have it, you feel hopeless and weak, you feel that you're stuck in a mud forever.

But how are you going to get out of that grave? how will you be able to change your life? the answer is very simple... GO ALL OUT!!! push so hard, push yourself to the limits, take massive actions. I know these lines were too old and you don't want to hear it anymore but that's the only thing left, that's the only choice you have left... punish yourself by working hard.

It's better to die by working hard than to die seeing your life going away. It's so tiring even more to see your life going away without seeing something good about it.

GET OUT OF THE GRAVE. Do something for your life, feel alive, push yourself and take risks with greater rewards.

You're not here for so long, one day you're going to get old, you're really going to die... why not revive your life now and do something special, something that you haven't experience before. Go to the unknown and do your very best until you become successful.

Most of you were just breathing but deep inside you're dying, you want something more in life but you can't have it because you're not afraid to do it on your own, you're so afraid to take the risk, you want to become successful but you're not willing to put the effort to become successful, you just want it.

Wanting it will never get the job done, you're only fooling yourself if you're just wishing for it, you need to work for it, work for 18 hours a day if you need to, if you really want to get out of the grave... you must have an insane focus and determination.

March 12, 2018


Take the responsibility, be the go to person, be the person who never quit during high pressure times, be the person who is willing to take the blame. Be that person who will work super hard until the job is done.

If you want to become successful, you must offer something that they can't offer. You must possess a strong work ethic that can save a project, you must work well during times of pressure. You must handle tight deadlines very well.

A lot of people doesn't want to handle big responsibility, they don't want to take the blame, they don't want to feel uncomfortable, guess what? success is hiding behind discomfort. The more you make yourself uncomfortable, the more you are likely to succeed.

Be the got to person, be the one whose companies, clients, big projects, contracts are looking for. Be the one who will grab a dangerous opportunity.

You are deserving to be the go to person if you will work really hard and you have a tremendous focus, you are deserving of it if you are willing to die for it.

Because it's the only way to elevate your life, it's the only way to become successful... to set yourself apart from others and do something that they can't do. Be willing to take the blame, be willing to fail, be willing to do whatever it takes to win.

It's hard in the beginning, it's really uncomfortable, there will be times when you wanted to quit and take a safer route but once you get familiar with it... you will love it, you will even want to take higher risks. Always remember that there is no challenge that you can't handle if you are willing to persevere and do whatever it takes to finish it. Just commit, just focus, as simple as that.

March 12, 2018


You choose to become scared, you cater that feeling, you nurture that emotion that's why it keeps on growing stronger and stronger each day.

If you will think about negative thoughts then you will become scared but if you will think about positive thoughts then you will become more hopeful and confident. Fear is a choice, you choose it, it never choose you but you always choose it over being positive and optimistic. You choose to worry about simple things that aren't happening yet, you choose to scare yourself even if you have the ability to fake courage.

Stop choosing fear, instead choose courage. Everything is a choice so it means you are choosing fear over bravery. You are choosing laziness over working hard, laziness will create fear, it will make you ignorant, it will make you not updated, it will make you lost.

At the end of the day... you will feel something, why not feel invincible.

March 12, 2018


If you keep repeating something everyday... it is tiring right? you feel that you don't want to do it anymore, the passion is slowly going away, you don't feel progressing, you don't see yourself improving. But that's what you think, if you're doing something everyday then you are getting better everyday. Greatness takes a lot of time, you may feel that you're just wasting your time but you're not/ Successful people will do something even if they don't want to do it anymore, they will repeat something for a million times if that's what it takes to become successful.

You are getting better everyday, you can't notice it because you're so sick and tired of what you're doing, you want to become successful now. You think you've given everything you have and yet you're not successful.

The truth is the more you do something the more you get better at it. Just enjoy repetition, you are getting better whether you like it or not.

Always stay patient and committed. You will only see success if you're willing to stick with the process even if you feel so tired of doing. Do it even if you lost the appetite, do it even if you don't know how to enjoy it anymore.

You are getting better everyday and the more you get better the more success will be attracted to you. It will show itself to you, you just need to grind more and push yourself a little bit more.