February 21, 2018


The key to have a more successful and happy life is to absorb everything that life throws at you. It is easier if you will not become very sensitive and emotional, life is tough, it really is. If it is not tough then why are there some rich and popular people who commits suicide? why are there some successful people who cannot be satisfied with their lives. It is because people are thinking too much, they want comfort and security, they don't want change, once they reach a certain level of success... they want it to stay forever which will never happen.

Absorb it all... every critic, every hate, every stress, every problem... just absorb it and grow with it. You will never die if you absorb everything, all you have to do is ignore it and play with it, have fun with it. It's nothing, it will not even hurt you if you're mentally tough.

Be tough, me mentally tough... absorb it all. Even if you're not mentally tough right now, you will become tough later if you will absorb everything, live in the moment and never try to rush things if pressure is so high. Just feel the pressure, it's like your're driving in a highway and you're on the wrong lane and the car behind you is using his horns a lot against you... you just keep calm and do what is necessary, you never panic, you never execute a move that is not sure. Stay calm despite of storm, keep moving forward even if your movement is so slow.

Absorbing the pressure, absorbing the pain and negative emotions will make you an invincible guy. Just absorb it and try to process it, process the pain, process that negativity and bring out something positive from it. Because if you will shy away from it, if you will refuse it... you will never grow, you will never become successful. Success is hiding behind a difficult path, just because it's difficult doesn't mean it's not doable, it's possible if you will never stop.

BRING IT ON. Whatever is along the way... don't be afraid to face it, face every problem, every challenges just make sure it is worth it. Don't face something that has no benefits in the end. Don't take risks that will put you into jail or something, never focus on something stupid like fights or anything that will derail your progress. Absorb anything that will put you on a better position in the future.

Be like a hungry wolf who wants to eat everything and willing to eat everything even the bad and spoiled meat, it will just devour every opportunity presented and will never care if someone gets hurt.

Absorb it like a sponge, don't be afraid of the feelings you might get by absorbing it. Don't give it a bigger meaning, just treat it like ordinary, never get overwhelmed because if you think you're outclassed or disrespected... it's over, your journey will be controlled by someone. Be someone who is willing to take the hit that is thrown at you.

February 21, 2018


There will always be a work, no matter how you get rich, no matter how you become successful or big.. there will always be a work. So don't ever think that if you become successful then there will never be an amount of work tomorrow. Of course it does, there will always be another work.

The work will never be over, you will only stop if you die. If you die... you have the eternity to rest forever so while you're still alive... keep working, keep falling in love with the process, keep doing what you do best.

Because even if you get rich and successful... you still need a lot of work to do, you need to maintain your business to stay on top. You need to take care of your health to live longer and enjoy the fruits of your labor, you need to take care of your family and give them some time, you need to take care of your friends and give them some time, the work will never end, it is a forever process. Even the riches and most successful people work... that's how life works. Your work will never be over, you will always find something to do and you need to do it. If you will not do it then you will feel bad, you will be stressed. Moving is better than stopping or resting, taking actions will make you stronger. A person who is running 30-45 minutes everyday has a healthier body and mind than a person who's not running at all.

So be happy if you need some work to do, you are blessed if you have a lot of tasks. People who don't know what to do go crazy, they do something stupid. Be happy if you can do a lot of task and don't ever complain about it because most people nowadays cannot even move, some are sick, some cannot move for different reasons.

Just avoid being lazy and you will have a good life, that formula is very effective. It's effective before and it's still effective now... stop being lazy and keep working, your life will be in he right place if you adapt that philosophy in life.

DOING THE PROCESS MEANS INVITING SUCCESS. If you stay committed with the process then you will attract success, some people will work hard for a few weeks and then they will quit, that's why the can't become successful, that's why they can't change their lives.

You will still work even if you finished something, after sweeping the floor and make it very clean... you will still sweep it the next following days, it will become dirty again even if you stop people to step on the floor. The work will never be over, you're going to sweep it forever if you want it to look clean. What gives you the illusion that the work will never be over? of course it will not. There will always be a work waiting for you and that's the sad reality of life, all you can do is enjoy working and never stop until you die.

February 21, 2018


If you're committed then you don't need to work hard anymore, you will feel that it's not a hard work, you will think of it as a responsibility, something that you need to do everyday. Stay committed to your goal, always do something for it everyday and you will never feel that it's hard work, you will move naturally, everything will seem to be effortless. With enough commitment you will have direction, you're on the right path, you will have patience, you know that you will become victorious in the right time, all you need to do is stay committed and put in a very consistent work. If your commitment is true then you will destroy all the obstacles along the way, you will be able to move without feeling heavy and lazy. Everything feels so easy, of course you will be stressed in some days but your commitment will make you energized, your vision is giving you the enough energy to keep fighting.

If you are dedicated enough then nothing is impossible to you, you will flow like a river, you will wait until your time come, you will ignore all the difficulties along the way. You just have this mindset that you will win if you keep working and keep being patient. Your commitment will become your life, it will become your reality, you just move towards your goal and you never change any direction. You don't care if you're right or wrong, you will just do it no matter what and you're not wasting any time for procrastination. In other words.... you're all in.

If you're committed then you don't have to worry anymore. You will face challenges, you will be tested but you will never give up. During those hard times you will still take actions, even if nothing is going on right... you will still fight. Your level of commitment should be unbreakable, it should stay until the end of time, that is how to become a winner in life.

Anything you wanted to have... you can have it for as long as you're committed. Anywhere you wanted to go... you can go there if you're willing to get lost and find the right way. You can find it, you will find the right way, it;s just a matter of sticking with it and keeping moving forward.

Hard work is good too but sometimes it will burn you out, sometime you would love to give up. You will feel that you've been treated unfairly because you keep working hard yet you can't see any result in life. But if you're committed... you will never look for result, you will never whine about it nor complain about it. You just know that you need to keep moving, you need to keep taking actions until you become successful. Commitment is something that will keep you going even if it is really hard. You're locked in, you're tied up with that goal and you will do whatever it takes to get it.

February 21, 2018


You need to fail now, fail fast, fail over and over again... that is the fastest way to succeed. People were so scared to fail that's why they can't succeed, they were so scared to try something new, they have ideas in their minds but they were so scared to try all of them. They were waiting, waiting and waiting until they get old and grey and cannot move anymore. It's all about trying as much as you can, collect failures, collect heart breaks, you will win in just a matter of time. "Failing is not an option" is a lie, of course you will fail, nobody is immune from it, everyone fails, even the greatest ones fail a lot of times. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, don't be afraid to get an emotional trauma.

You will find the right process because of failing, you will become very good because of failing. Don't get sick and tired of it, the universe will give up in just a matter of time. If it sees that you're deserving and you're already ready to handle it then you will have it. But for the meantime you can only prepare yourself through failing. You can become very strong because of failing, you can become very mentally tough because of failing, failing will put you in a different level. Your emotional immune system will become really strong. Just enjoy the process of failing and do it everyday, one day you will see yourself as a totally different person. Someone who is really great, someone who is really strong.

If you're failing you're moving forward, as simple as that, you're not moving backwards. The real meaning of moving backwards is someone who is playing it safe, someone who is afraid to make a mistake. The one who is not failing is not making any progress in life, they think they are ok but they will find out that they are not happy because they want more but they cannot even take actions.

Failing is a blessing, it will give you something that you don't know for the moment but you will know in the future. You think it's a curse or bad luck but the truth behind failing is you will become a better person if you will take it positively. Don't be afraid of failing because it will never kill you, it will only make you grow, it will give you some knowledge that you will use in the future to become successful. Failing is fun, it will challenge you, it will make you hungry, it will make you mad, it will make you more motivated.

THE MORE YOU FAIL, THE MORE YOU WILL BECOME BRAVER. It will train your mind to fight again and again, it will mold you into a different human being, someone who is not willing to quit until the end. Failing is temporary, it is a requirement for success, if you keep on trying and never give up... you will learn that if you didn't fail then you will not become the person you are today. So keep on failing, keep on trying... your fate will change in the right time.

February 21, 2018


There is nothing left to lose, you will never lose anything if you take actions, all you have to do is think that you will never lose if you take actions. You already lose everything, you're already in pain so why not take that pain to another level and become successful? Moving is easy if you can fore yourself to move, move despite of feeling heavy and uncomfortable. Winners are very good in moving despite of feeling the pain. They can move even if they are sick, they can move even if they have a hangover, they never make excuses because they know that every time they do it... bad things will happen.

You have nothing to lose, if there is what is it? you were born with nothing on your hands, you're here in this world to experience happiness, to experience something great. You will only experience those things if you're willing to work hard and give your very best.

What's so difficult about moving? you will just move your hands and feet, you will just use your brain a little bit. What makes it difficult is you want to finish fast, you want to have a perfect outcome, you are not willing to take the process and enjoy it while it's going on. If you can learn how to enjoy any kind of process then every movement will be very easy.

The more you take actions, the more you will get something. You will learn, you will get a momentum, you will have a clue on what's going on with your life. Life is easy if you're moving, you don't have anything to lose, you have everything to gain so why stop yourself from moving? Always think that you will get a lot of benefits if you will move.

You're always thinking that you have a lot to lose that's why you're not moving, you're always thinking that you might wasted your effort and get nothing, you're always thinking that you might get tired, you're always thinking that you might lose a lot of time doing it and not getting it.

There is nothing left to lose, you're empty handed when you were born so all you can do is gain something, you can only gain if you are willing to face the pain. Beat procrastination, face the pain, do something magical, force yourself to move... that is what it's all about. If you are  not willing to force yourself to move and take the necessary actions then you will never win in life, you will remain as the same person as yesterday, your life will never change.

Face the pressure and try to give it a different perspective, give it another meaning, think about it as something that will make you grow, because the truth is pressure creates diamonds, great people were built through pressure and fire and not through flashes and magics.

Just do it, don't think again and just do it. Don't try to be special, be the truth. Don't try to be perfect just be a man with the identity of moving fast and making decisions fast.

February 20, 2018


There are only three types of person in this world... a winner, a loser and a tryer. Yes, a tryer... someone who keeps on trying everyday, someone who is not giving up, someone who will keep on trying until he win. So even if you're not winning, you will not be considered as a loser if you keep on trying, you will be called a tryer. It's better to be a tryer than to be a loser. You will never ever be considered as a loser if you keep trying. I'd rather try a million times than stop trying for the tenth try. If you keep on trying then for sure you will win in just a matter of time, just try one more time if you're about to quit then you're not a loser anymore. A loser will just accept that he already lost even if he can try one more time.

If you're still trying then you will not be considered as a loser, it's because you still wanted to win, and if the desire is still there... there's no valid reason to be considered as a loser.

So keep trying again and again if every time you fail, that will give you the integrity of not being a loser. All you will do is try again and that's it. Try today, try again tomorrow. The good thing about being a tryer is you will adapt the habits of a winner, your level of perseverance will go high.

Losers are quitters, they will quit when the going gets tough. They will give up their dreams, they will never dare to try again one more time. If you can't become a winner then at least don't be a loser, choose to be a tryer. If you keep on trying then it means you're on the verge of winning, winning is next in line in your journey. Trying is not that hard, you will just take actions even if you are depressed and feeling down, once you try again... you will feel better again, it's so easy.

Winning is hard but losing is harder, you will even feel bad if you give up but if you keep trying... you will stay motivated, you will be happier, you will have hopes, your dreams are still alive. So keep trying and stay away from the loser's lane. Losers are not moving anymore, they are just waiting to die. They are just waiting for the blessing that will never come... ever.

Everybody wants to become a winner but they will never try again for the second or third time. Great winners have tried a million times just to win once. You just don't hear about it because all you see is their greatness, all you see is the cars, houses and money. You didn't know about their pain.

Fail again and try again, this is the surest and best formula for winning. You have to keep trying until there's no more air left in your tank.

Just be a tryer today, forget about being a winner, the day of being successful will come in the right time. But for now... all you can do is try so that you will be able to avoid the loser's lane.

February 20, 2018


You can rely on luck but first you need to work hard, you need to use every energy you have EVERY SINGLE DAY just to become lucky one day. Luck will never visit a house of someone who's not trying hard, luck will only come to you if you're willing to put on the blood, sweat and tears just to become successful. Luck is very elusive especially to someone who is just clowning around. If you're something special then you will experience luck and you will only become special if you're trying so hard and almost killing yourself just to become successful.

Some people were relying on luck, they are wishing for luck but they are simply acting lazy and just waiting for it, they are not doing something to attract it. Luck is to be attracted and not something to wish for. You will become a luck magnet if you are pushing yourself and doing everything you can to invite the best opportunities in your life. In other words, luck is to be pursued and not something to be waited for.

Luck is easy to get but you can only get it if you're not hoping for it, you should work for it and make it get attracted to you. Luck will follow you if you're a risk taker and hard worker. It will never give you any attention if you're a lazy bum ass who all does is be a fan of instant gratification. You still need to work even if nothing is working, have fun doing the process and luck will be attracted to you easily.

Luck will only visit you if you deserve it, some people got lucky fast, they get it without working but they lost it easily. It is simply because they don't deserve it. All the lottery winners, are not happy, some of them became broke again. While there are few who can handle it but most of them are not thinking smart, it's simply because they were not smart from the very beginning. They thought that it's all about spending. They can't maintain the level of success that they have. They thought that life is all about having fun, they think that life is easy and you are suppose to spend everything you have. That's why they became broke again, luck is to be maintained if you have it, never let it go, never let it run out because it may not come back to you again.

If you will rely on luck then you should rely on hard work first, that's the best way to make luck come into your life. The harder you work, the more you become lucky. That's the simplest rule of luck. If you're not working for something then don't wish for luck, you are only waiting for nothing by doing that. Luck works in mysterious ways, sometimes you think you're unlucky but if you keep on working hard... one day you will be surprised at how luck already changed your life.

February 20, 2018


The best time for being creative is when you feel the pressure, it's when you're already losing, it's when you don't see hope anymore... that's the best time for being creative. You go all out, you feel free, you let yourself loose, you try everything, you don't feel like you're making mistakes.

Everyone can become creative if they feel that they are winning but creativity will come our more if you're losing and having a hard time, if your back is against the wall. You will become very creative if there is pressure because you will be forced to move, your mind will operate on a different level. So don't be scared if you've got nothing left, you will become very creative if you will think positively.

Just like a fighter who is being beaten badly by his opponent... he can start punching differently, he can move awkwardly and make his opponent guessing, he has no choice but to become really creative because his style was being beaten, he needs to create a different style.

Just create, try something different, you're already losing so there's nothing left to lose anymore. You can go all out, you can try weird things, you can produce your own style, invent a new process or technique that will make you win.

Because most of you are getting complacent if you're winning, so the best thing to do is put yourself under pressure, never relax, always work hard and be creative. Work hard and try something new even if you're winning, don't feel that you're the number one, always put strong pressure in yourself so you can perform better and better each day.

See, there is a good thing happening even if you're losing, you can become very creative, you can become one of the best. You can try something new and have the mindset of nothing to lose, as simple as that. It's a win win situation for you.

So don't feel bad if you're losing, don't feel bad if you're failing and feeling the pressure. When things are going hard, it's a sign that you must become creative, you can be very creative, you're already free to try something new, you can try what was not been tested before. It's like having a breathing room even if you're suffocating, it's like having a little hope even if nothing is working in your life.

A lot of people became successful when they're almost on the brink of elimination, they were able to turn things around when everything is hard and they can't think of something. They became great even more when they found out that no one is there to help them.

So if you find yourself not progressing and being stuck in a rat race... feel creative, try a lot of different things, never stop creating, feel free and feel light. Just do what you think will work and if it didn't work... try something new again. Try and try until you make things happen. Be creative and hopeful, never fail to create every single day, have fun in your journey.

February 20, 2018


Push yourself for one month, work hard, die for your dreams, take massive actions, never stop, never think about anything else other than your goal. Push yourself for one month and be surprised at how much you accomplished. Sometimes you don't have to trust the outcome, you just have to trust all of your actions, you need to feel happy while you are pushing, you need to feel secured if you're taking actions without expecting any result. Don't expect that everything will turn out great right away, that first month should be brutal, it shouldn't be easy. Once you go really hard for that one month and become unstoppable... the habits will be installed in your system, it's the habits that you should be worried about and not the outcome itself. Just push yourself, if you find yourself being lazy... slap yourself and do something that you can do. Do it for one month and see your transformation, see your life changes. One month is so fast, you will not even notice it, don't wait for it to pass... just enjoy everyday of the month pushing and grinding and disciplining yourself.

Because if you will not do it then nothing will happen to you, you will be the same bum 5 years ago. It's like you're wasting your time, you're wasting your life because you're not progressing at all. If you can't take your life to another level then it means you've been wasting a lot of time, you've been clowning around, you think you have a lot of time? you think you're going to live forever?

Just one month to build the habits, just one month to test yourself. Be in a grid where hard work, progress and success is running around. Don't get caught in a grid where failure, laziness and procrastination is playing around. It's all about what kind of activity and energy you are engaging with. It's like creating a different world, building a different atmosphere, something that is different, something that you haven't experience before. If you want a different outcome then you better push yourself, push like you're very powerful and your energy is unlimited.

Stop being soft, stop being slow, stop thinking... just push yourself and never stop. Your movement should always be forward, you should always stay active, stop being passive... always stay aggressive. Stay thirsty, stay hungry, never exert a weak effort. Make sure that you will exert a different effort for one month. You can rest but once you feel a little stronger... push harder.

Those who can push will live a better life, those who can push will see better things in life. Those who are afraid to push will always wonder what they can accomplish if they only exerted a better effort. Taking actions is not hard, all you have to do is move and be happy moving. Being tired and giving your best is better than resting and just thinking what you could do. Resting will never get the job done, moving does. So push yourself and never have any regrets doing it, never think that you're just wasting your time, always think that it will work.

February 20, 2018


Push your mind and the body will follow, you have to convince yourself that you can do it, you have to convince your mind that you will outlast challenges, you have to create thoughts that will make you motivated during hard times. Push your mind, I know negative thoughts will come in, I know destructive thoughts will start to take over but if you will push your mind to believe that you can win then you will succeed. It's really that simple, all you have to do is be aware what you're thinking of and face the stress, face all of the negative thoughts that are making you quit and manipulate them, replace then with positive thoughts. Push your mind, make yourself believe. Make yourself comfortable with stress and tension, get comfortable with friction. All you have to do is move despite of feeling bad and exhausted. Don't be afraid of feeling like you're stuck in a mud, it's just a feeling, you will really feel like there is no progress but you will see it in the coming days, everything will be good again, you will see the results. It may not be a big result but it will make you feel better.

It's the mind that will control the outcome of every situation, the calmer your mind is... the more you are likely to make yourself better. Mind is a powerful tool, if you can use it the right way then right things will come to you. Feed it with beautiful thoughts, push it to push yourself. If you can push your mind and believe that you can do any thing then your body will follow, it will move, it will never get tired, it will never stop until you're done.

Invest in your mind, always think what you want to happen, feed it with the right thoughts that will push your body, feed it with thoughts that will put you on a better position. Make it healthy, make it powerful, make it enduring. Being mentally tough is all you need, if you can push while others are all tired then you will thrive, you will win in the end.

If you have a tough mind then you will never quit, you will be the last man standing, you will never care if you're exhausted, you will never even bother if you're on a tough spot. Those who are mentally tough always wins, they never lose and even if they fail... they have the ability to stand up again, they will try again.

Because even if you have all the talents, support, comfort and advantages in life... if you will not be able to push your mind then you're still nothing. You will always come up short. Remember that it's always in the mind, it's never on how you feel. You can feel good all day long and be confident but what if you feel bad? what if something is bothering you? what if something is making you uncomfortable? what will you do? you will be in a state of panic for sure. But if you can push your mind and reach for the thoughts that will give you an advantage then everything will be alright, everything will be in control.

February 18, 2018


So it while you still have some time, how can you know if you still have some time? look at yourself, if you're still breathing then it means you still have a lot of time. If you can still think clearly and move all of the parts of your body then it means you  have a plenty of time. Age doesn't matter, if you have a clear goal and you can think about it everyday then it means there is a lot of time remaining. So stay focused and committed, commit to the improvement. You have a lot of time, you just think that you don't have enough time because you already wanted to quit. Forget about quitting and you will feel better, you will feel that there is a lot of time remaining and there is a lot of actions that can be done.

Do it now while you still have some energy left in your body. Never think that you're too old to do things, never think that you can't do it anymore. Of course you can do it, all you need to do is commit and promise to yourself that you will do it. Take it one step at a time, be consistent and be patient. A lot of people thinks that they have lesser time because they were too impatient, they want to finish it fast.

Work until you can work, that is how to win in life. A lot of people are saying that never do the things that you don't want to do, but what if you can't think of another way? you can only have power to do the things that you are most passionate about if you're already successful, if you already have a lot of money. So while you are still young and you can't figure out how to win in life... do the things that will put you on a better position even if you don't like it at all. Become successful first before thinking about fantasies and easy life. You have a lot of time doing that later, but first you need to establish yourself first and make a foundation that is very hard to destroy, make a foundation that will give you security and flexibility.

Time is the most important element for success, if you will just waste it then you're only setting yourself up for failure. Time is very sensitive, it should be taken care of very well because once you squander a lot of it... you're in danger, your life will be in jeopardy. You will have a miserable life in the future.

So take care of your time very well, never waste any second, never take any minute for granted. Always do something that will make your life a little bit better. Fall in love with the little progress that you can make. Keep working everyday and stop thinking that you're getting tired. Once you have 5 hours of sleep then you're good to go.

February 18, 2018


You're not the only one who's dirty, you're not the only one who has a dark past, you're not the only one who has shortcomings in the past. There is no perfect person here. Just because you have sins, mistakes or failures in the past doesn't mean you can't change your life anymore. You can still make your life better, your life is not perfect and it will never be. All you can do is live your life, give your best and forget the past. Life is too short and if you will always dwell on your ugly past then you will never be able to move forward. Everybody has a junk in the trunk, everyone has an ugly past that they are not proud of. Always remember that you're allowed to make mistakes, you're allowed to not look perfect. Accept your ugly past or whatever mistakes you did and move on, take your life to the next page. Forget everything that is making you feel bad. You can never tear any chapter in your life bit you can ignore them and unread it.

There is no perfect in this world, there are some even criminals who turn their lives around and make their lives better, they were even successful. So don't ever feel guilty if you made a terrible mistake in your life. You're just a human being, you're allowed to make mistakes and commit sins.

All you can do now is focus on what is ahead of you and make your life better than yesterday. Never repeat the same mistakes again, learn the lessons and apply greatness to your life. Don't waste your life and time thinking about what went wrong. Of course you will always have wrongs, you will always commit mistakes. Even if you look bad, even if you're a bad person... you still have a chance to straighten the bend parts of your life.

It's all about the focus, if you will just focus on the positive things then you will have a better life now. Keep making mistakes but never repeat the mistakes, I mean all of your mistakes must be different from one another so you will learn a lot of lessons. Because if you repeat the same mistakes again, it means you're not taking notes, you're not learning. Make mistakes but make sure it's always something new, something that you haven't committed before.

Accept your past and forget all of it, never think about it anymore again. You have a bright future in front of you and you need to focus on it. Your future is what matters the most. The present is given so you don't have to worry about it anymore.

Life is full of garbage, failures, shortcomings, imperfections, mistakes... get use to it. You will create a lot of junk and you have to always remind yourself that you're just a human.

If you can avoid mistakes then much better but don't get too hard on yourself if you can't make a progress right now.

February 18, 2018


If you're always looking about what is missing in your life, if you can't seem to figure out what you need then all you need to do is look for what you don't see and get it. If you don't have a car then go get a car, if you don't have a house then go get a house, that's how simple it was. If you can't see the money in your pocket then go and get some money. You know what you can't see, you know what you want, if you don't have it then get it so your life will have a direction.

It's time to get a little bit ambitious, it's time to dream about things that you don't have. You have the right to dream, you have the right to demand. Always think that you're deserving of something. Don't just come here to participate, come here to dominate. You only have one life so why not strive for everything that you want. Sometimes it's not about getting it, it's about pursuing it. At least try and try to get it, give your very best so you won't have any regrets in the end. Drag yourself to take actions if you need to. I know you want a lot of things, you're just afraid to get it. Stop hesitating and just do whatever it takes to win in life. Choose to become a winner and not a loser. If you don't see it and you want it then get it. Get it whatever means necessary. Use any kind of style that you know, it doesn't matter how you get it what matters is you get it and you win.

If you want it so bad then you will be able to do the impossible things, things that you can't even imagine. So condition your mind, create habits that will make you a winner. GET IT, get it no matter what, get it even if the stakes were so high. Nothing is hard if you will fight hard for it. So stop hesitating, stop doubting yourself... go all out and see what is possible for your life. Give yourself the chance to win because just like I said, you only have one life, are you going to waste it because of fear?

You can see it one day, you can hold it in your hands. You may not hold it now but in the future you will. So be confident and forget about making mistakes, forget about losing. If you're moving then you will never lose, just keep trying, keep pushing and one day you're going to become a winner.

Admit that you want it, don't pretend that you don't want it, stop being humble, stop being conservative, stop holding yourself back. Called it greed, call it trying hard, call it however you want to call it but never quit, never stop the chase, chase it everyday with all your heart. Use your will, leave everything on the line.

February 18, 2018


Don't feel bad if you forgot that idea, you can always replace it, something that is better. Don't feel bad and get angry about it. There is always a better idea coming, just believe in yourself and you will find another idea again. If that idea is gone then it's gone, as simple as that. Don't cry about it, don't whine about it. There are zillions of ideas in this world, it will never run out, all you have to do is think again and try again... as simple as that. And even if someone stole your idea, you can always replace it with a better one, it's always a win win situation for you, you can never lose.

Replace it now, create a new idea again, a fresher and better one. Ideas will come and go, you can become very creative in creating it. Your brain will never go empty, the only problem is are you going to execute your idea. There are lot of people who have great ideas in their minds but they never execute it, they were too scared to fail, they were too scared to get humiliated.

Just try it, be aggressive, so what if you fail? failure is a gift, it means you're trying, it means you're learning. Failing is something that you should embrace. The critics, the humiliation, the negative feelings... these will strengthen you. You just need to keep pushing and pushing until you have what you want. Be fast in making mistakes, be fast in failing... that is what it's all about. Fail fast then move on fast, take actions fast, never think. It's like kicking the metal door until it opens, you don't mind if you get hurt, you don't mind if you get tired.

All you have to do is try one more time, try that idea one more time. Test it, believe in it. don't be afraid if you lose that thought, don't be afraid if you can't remember it anymore, you can always replace it with something new. Ideas are unlimited, it is infinite.

So go ahead and try it now, even if you feel that it's a weaker idea... still try it. Try your very best. Make it fruitful, make it successful.

That's the beauty of life... you can try as many idea as you want yet people are not taking advantage of this advantage. They were hesitating, they were too afraid to fail. If you're afraid to fail then you already fail.

You can even copy someone's idea and tweak it a little bit, it's already yours, no one will notice that you imitate. Imitation is powerful, if you can't get an inspiration then try the idea of imitation. There's nothing wrong with it for as long as you work hard and add some flavor to the idea you imitated.

Try every idea that feels good to you, there's no harm in trying, no one can stop you. It's all about execution and sticking with it until it become successful. Be a tryer, try a million times, if that's what it takes to become successful then do it. Never be afraid to try again because the next try might be the game changer. It's all about enduring the failure and standing up over and over again, you can stand up a million times. You have the legs, you have the strength.

February 18, 2018


You're in big trouble now, you're not allowed to stop anymore. Once you pursue something and you work hard for it, if you already worked for months... you're not allowed to stop anymore, you have to keep doing it until you become successful. The harder you work, that harder for you to stop. You don't want to waste all of your efforts so you need to keep going. There is no more turning back now, you already started it so you have to finish it. You're not allowed to quit, you have to keep taking actions even if it seems like nothing good is happening.

You talk about it, you dream about it so now you're not allowed to stop because people will call you fake if you stop, they will call you a loser or a quitter. You're not allowed to stop because stopping is like killing your momentum, it is depriving yourself from being successful. You are allowed to breathe, you are allowed to rest but you're not allowed to stop. It is the hard truth about pursuing success, if you really want it then you have to live it 24 hours a day. No vacations, no excuses, just simply work until you're done. You can make mistakes but you're not allowed to quit... ever.

Always quitting, always stopping, always starting something new again will just put you on a rat race that you will never escape, if you want to change your life then commit, give your life into something... never stop until you succeed. It's like a punishment, once you start something... be serious about it and never stop, always do something for it. It can be a little action, it can be something that will just give you a little hope and momentum.

Just try again, never get sick and tired of trying, you will experience some set backs, you will experience some bumps on the road but the more you try... the more you will have a thick skin. You will no longer be afraid of failing again and again because you don't feel bad about it anymore. You will even treat a big challenge as something that is normal in your life, you will never get intimidated with it.

Allow yourself to be unstoppable, be relentless, be powerful. You can take massive actions, you are very much allowed to do it. Taking massive actions and failing is better than thinking what could have happen if you only try your very best.

So stop acting like you have a lot of chance and you can let the present opportunity go, you never know... this maybe your last opportunity so you better get your head straight. Focus on your dreams and try to make it happen this year, push the hardest, summon your indomitable spirit.

Do whatever it takes and never let this chance go, there is no second chance, you have to make this happen now. Never think about next year, never think about tomorrow, you have to fight like your life depends on your dream.

February 17, 2018


If you're broke you don't have the right to become happy, you don't have the right to have pleasures, you should live dead so you can bring back your life. Never spend anything, never eat on a fancy restaurants, never buy stupid stuffs, basically there should be no life... that is the only way to bring back your life on track. It's hard, sometimes you have to live like this for years but after the suffering comes real happiness, you will be able to live normal again. Because if you're drowning in debts it means you've been a stupid spender in the past, it means you're decisions were all wrong. You have to be serious now, don't try to look cute, don't try to be soft. You have to be tough and enduring, you have to face the pain or else you will never bring back your life again.

Before you have no debts, before your tummy is small, before you're not sick, before you have a lot of energy. You have to be able to enjoy sacrifices in order to restore the old life that makes you happy. Don't drink sodas, stop eating sweets, stop eating a lot, stop consuming, stop being lazy... work hard so you will be able to invite more opportunities in life. Live dead so you will become alive again later, you have to abstain, you have to make sacrifices, you have to feel pain, all you need to do is climb your way back on top. Spending money, being lazy, impressing people, trying to fit in, doing nonsense things will never get the job done.

If you have to have a happier life then you need to control your mind, you need to become more disciplined. It's all about enjoying the boredom and practicing delayed gratification... that's it, as simple as that. You need to live different than others, you have to be a little bit weird here.

The solution is always there, all you need to do is stop looking how to feel good, stop looking for comfort, you really need to make yourself uncomfortable... that's how to win back your life. Always looking for fast fixes will only make the damage even bigger.

It's not that hard if you will embrace it, rich and successful people loves hard, they love sacrifices that's why they became a winner. Poor and loser people wants it fast, they were big time practitioners of instant gratification that's why they can't win in life.

You will only live dead for a few years, sometimes you just need a year to bring your life back. Get rid of your debts, work hard, make sacrifices, discipline yourself and that's it. One years is very fast, you will be amazed at how big you can accomplish in just one year.

All you need to do is stick with the process and never give up, make yourself hungry, make yourself deserving. Being successful is not that hard if you will only do the basic, simple and most effective steps. Just endure, just suffer and you will become a winner in the future. Never try to act like rich if you don't have money, never try to act like you have the right to have a lot of fun. Remember that you're broke, there is something wrong with you so you need to suffer and punish yourself.

February 17, 2018


You're not wasting your time trying to make something work, it's not a waste of time. Even if you're not seeing any progress... just keep working because your habit of working is the one that is being honed here, you will become better and better each day, repetition will make you a genius. SO keep working, keep grinding and never stop... as simple as that. Force yourself to work hard, never think that you're just wasting your time because you're not. Don't look for fast results, just work, just enjoy working and that's it. It's better to be working than not doing anything.

Don't ever think that you're just wasting your time, if you're loving the process then it's not a time wasted. Don't ever think that you're wasting your time especially if what you're doing is for your goal. Always remember that if your intention is right and positive then there is no time being wasted. You only think that you're wasting your time because you're not been rewarded yet, you want to see the outcome. You want to become rich, you want to become successful and if you can't see it then you think that you're just wasting your time which is not true.

Never think about time, forget about it just focus on taking actions, never stop, stay committed... keep moving forward and always give your best... that's how simple it is.

You are wasting your time if you're doing something that has no direction, something that has no destiny. Things like taking drugs, playing video games too much, partying all day long... these things has no directions, it will not give you anything in the future so it's a complete waste of time.

So keep doing it, stick with the process and never stop growing, never stop experiencing things. That is what it's all about. Keep trusting yourself, keep believing in yourself.

Always look for the actions that you think will give your progress, even if that progress is very little... trust it and keep repeating it. Repetition is the key here, never get sick and tired of repeating something that is giving you something.

It will all work out in the end, trust me, every sacrifice and effort will pay off, it's impossible that you will not be rewarded, you will always be rewarded, success is guaranteed. If you're serious in your work then you will become a winner. All you have to do is wait and keep working.

You know if you're using your time the right way, stop pretending that you don't know what you're doing, you're always in control, so use your time correctly and never do stupid things that will only derail you progress.

Time is really precious, if you're wasting a lot of it for nonsense things then you will become a failure, always be aware if the activities you are engaging with are profitable. Always see to it that you're doing something that will contribute to your success and development.

February 16, 2018


You're buying a lot of crap that is only making your life harder. You buy a lot of displays, a lot of cute little things that you need but in the future you will find out that you just wasted money. Don't ever get fooled by cute little things, souvenirs, in demand gadgets, popular stuffs etc. It's just there, you will not even use it, it's on your desk or cabinet or in your living room but it's not even contributing to your growth. You only need less stuffs, you only need a house, a couple of clothes, food, car. Sometimes you can even survive without a car if you're not a spoiled brat person.

If you want to get ahead in life... don't buy a lot of stuffs, practice minimalism. Don't try to impress people, be in a circle that will support you and accept you, be in the circle of the same interest. Look at your house you have a lot of displays, garbage, stuffs that you only use once.

So if you will buy some stuffs... make sure you will use it everyday, make sure it is really a necessity because if not.. you're just wasting your money and energy, you're only setting yourself up for failure. Getting rich is very simple, all you need to do is spend your money wisely an practice delayed gratification. Appreciate the growth of your money, count your money everyday and never stop trying to add something to your financial growth.

A lot of people were so easily attracted with the buy one take one promo, they thought that they were saving money but the truth is they are still spending, they are still decreasing the count of their money. They do it because they were easily tempted by the beauty of what is being displayed, that's why they make decisions so fast. They are not thinking about the future, they're always looking for the short term pleasure that will only last for a few hours.

It's not hard to save money, all you have to do is stop spending it, make saving as your addiction and you will be surprised a how much can you save in a year.

Always look for the long term, don't get fooled by things that you will not love forever.

Focus on the growth if you want to become successful, saving small money is a growth already. You don't need to complicate things, achieving financial freedom is very easy if you have the discipline and if you're willing to practice delayed gratification, master it and you will see that saving money is not that hard. All you need to do is surround yourself with the right people, never focus on feeling good about spending. Always feel bad if you're about to spend your money for useless things. Never think that money is just there, the reality is sometimes reality will hit you and it will give you financial troubles. Not all the time you can earn money easily so be careful in spending.

February 16, 2018


What if you were able to convince your mind that it's doable? what if you really believe that you can do it? what if you don't believe in the word "impossible" anymore? how will you stand? how will you take actions? what are the words that are you going to use? how will you perseverance look like? how will your life look like?

You will only know that it is possible if you will go to the extreme, if you will push further until you make it. You will never know the answer if you keep stopping and doubting yourself. It's doable, just do it and never stop, never stop until you win, it will never be over until you win. It is impossible until you did it. Don't stop  because you are only making life difficult for you if you're stopping. The only question is... are you a quitter or not? are you a joker or not? what is your perspective in life? if you want to become different then you must pursue an impossible dream, you have to take every step that you can take regardless if it is working or not.

What if it is doable? what if you can take one more action now? are you going to take it? what if you can still do something even if you're bleeding? are you going to do it? you're the one who's holding the power here, no one is holding the power for you... you have the power in your hands to make things happen. You can always take the next step, you ca always do something and improve your situation yet you're not doing it.

Even if you set the bar so high... you can still do it, it is really doable. Patience is all you need and the willingness to push forward no matter what. People can say whatever they want to you but if your heart is fixed to success then nobody can stop you. It's all about finding the next positive step that you can take and doing it... it's really that simple. Never think about getting it fast, take baby steps, take small steps, take your time. Move fast if you can but never rush and never get frustrated when things are not going well.

Your patience will be tested here, sometimes you would love to cry and quit but if you work too hard for something.. you will never quit anymore, you will still do it even if it is really painful, even if it is not giving you anything anymore.

Everything is doable if your mind is set on it. You can do the impossible things, you will bear the unbearable pain, you will basically just do whatever it takes and you will never feel bad even if nothing is going right, you always knew that everything will work well in the end. 

So don't quit... ever, what if it's doable? what if you can really make it if you keep pushing forward?

February 16, 2018


Why will you be afraid of the normal things? why will you feel bad about something that is normal? traffic is normal, you experienced it everyday so why be afraid of it. The solution for traffic is not the widening of the road, lessening of the vehicles, etc. Those things will help but the real solution is your mindset, it's mental toughness, if you're mentally tough then no traffic will scare you, just enjoy what's going on with your life, you will be able to survive anything. If you can feel that you're growing from any kind of stress then no stress will scare you anymore. It's all in the mind, never be scared of something that is normal, you experience it everyday and you will experience more of it in the future so there is no reason to be afraid of it anymore. Use timing, travel during the times with no traffic, if you can't do it then go back to plan A... just make your mind tougher, make it having the ability to handle any kind of stress or tension.

Disrespectful neighbor, annoying people in your circle, abusive boss... these things are normal too. Don't be afraid of them because the more you are cautious... the more you will become unhappy. You are the one to choose what problems to focus upon, instead of focusing on small problems that has no benefits why not focus on bigger problems that will give you success? why not focus on business, work, goals, or anything that will give you achievements in the future? you are so focus on things that will not even contribute to your growth that's why you're not happy in your life. Your focus is your reality, as simple as that.

Small problems are normal things, it will not kill you nor make you broke. You experience it in your daily life so never be afraid of it. If you will always prioritize your emotions then you will have a hard time to become happy in life. Stop being too sensitive, stop making a lot of dramas in life, it's your duty to enjoy life, you owe it to yourself. Never look for happiness and comfort because it will always come to you naturally.

Getting overwhelmed, getting stressed, getting humiliated... these things are normal, it is nothing new, it is not a new discovery. You will experience this again and again so don't be afraid of it.

Having financial problems, having no food on your table, having only 20 bucks in your pocket... these things shouldn't bother you because the truth is you can always survive any problem, no problem can break you nor put you down. You will only go crazy if you focus on the hardships in life. The real problem is something that may kill you such as dangerous disease, accident, calamities, these are the real problems. But if something can't kill you then don't even bother on it, just keep moving forward because life goes on.

February 16, 2018


If you want to become rich then everything that you must do must make your rich. Always put yourself on a better position to become rich. If it's not helping at all then don't do it, if there is a possibility to earn money from it then focus on it. What you focus upon is what are you going to get, as simple as that. If you focus on earning money 24 hours a day then you will earn some. It's a matter of how hard you work and how much are you willing to sacrifice. What are the things that will not make you rich? don't do it, as simple as that. You know all the activities that will give you money, you're just lazy to admit it. A simple work can make your rich, don't ever underestimate a blue collar job. Some blue collar jobs pays more than some white collar jobs. It all depends on how creative you are and how are you going to take your money making technique to another level. 

Look at what you're doing now, I'm pretty sure that watching TV all day long will not even give you some small dollars. What if you sell something? what if you look for a part time job online? what if you invent a technique or process that will give you small money in the beginning and will give you large pile of money for the coming years? what do you think will happen to your life? 

Making money is all in the mind, if your mind is occupied with poverty thoughts, hatred and insecurities then you will never make money. But if your mind is occupied with abundance, appreciation, love and positivity then you will make a lot of money. It's very simple, all you have to do is concentrate your thoughts and actions to something that will give you money and focus on it for a very long time. You can do it, it is very possible. 

IF IT WILL NOT MAKE YOUR RICH THEN DON'T DO IT. Sometimes all you need to do is stop acting stupid and think smarter. You're smarter than you are, all of the small things can become bigger things in the future. Always practice delayed gratification, sacrifice a little bit now and harvest a lot in the future. Learn to save, save everyday, save as much as you can. Stop buying stupid stuffs that will make you poor. Practicing delayed gratification is just a habit, all you have to do is stop yourself from burning your money and start saving it, try to invest it if you have the guts, try to make it roll, make it big by using it in business that has lesser risks. 

Never think about getting rich so fast, just make baby steps that will add some income into your life. It's all about the baby steps, sometimes you don't even need to do business, all you have to do is save, live simple, stop impressing people, join the right circle and that's it. It's very simple, money is not there to spend, it is there to give you freedom and you can do it by saving a lot of it. It feels much better when money is coming in and not going out isn't it?  

It's easy to look rich, it's easy to impress people, you will just spend your money for useless things and that's it. What is hard is enjoying saving, a lot of people can't enjoy saving that's why they are broke. Once they earn some money... they will spend it right away, they never think that they can make that small money bigger and bigger. 

Once you have the mentality of adding something for your savings each day... it will be easier to have more money. You can become more creative, you will be more flexible. Now think about your situation, are you broke? it only means all of your activities were not making you one step closer of becoming rich. 

February 15, 2018


It's ok to believe in yourself too much, just make sure that you will pair it with actions. A belief without action is just a false belief, it is nothing, it's a dream. If you really believe then you will take massive actions, you will never stop even if people are thinking that you're going crazy. Believe in yourself too much, believe that you're going to succeed. Even if you fail a million times, still stand up and try again one more time. Never mind about what people say, they were too good to give you advise or mock you but they can't even prove anything in their lives. So go ahead and focus in your progress, never stop working, never stop believing. It's not a sin to believe in yourself too much, you will not be killed nor assassinated. It's better to believe in yourself rather than doubt yourself. Because at the end of the day, you will feel much better in believing in yourself rather than doubting yourself. A real belief comes up with actions, you can talk all day long but if you're not moving then that belief will soon fade away, it will be gone, you will doubt yourself again .

Don't interchange arrogance and belief, arrogance is simply talking but when the going gets tough... that arrogant person will quit, he will make excuses. A real belief is tenacious, it will never quit... ever, it will keep going and going until it becomes successful. A real belief will never change, nothing can make it quit, it will persevere until the end. A real belief will do whatever it takes to win in life, it will persist when the going gets tough, it will stick with the process until the end.

Sometimes you will even doubt yourself, even if things are going well... you will still doubt yourself, it's normal, you're just a human being. But what matters is your belief will soar in the end, you will still do what you're good at and your belief will keep leveling up everyday.

No matter how they call you... just believe in yourself, if you don't believe in yourself then you will never achieve anything in life, you're simply wasting your time. Believe even if there is no reason to believe, work even if there is no reason to work. That is what it's all about. No one kill you if you believe something so much, you will even have a long life if you're believing in yourself and everything that you do.

It's better to be believing rather than doubting yourself, if you have full of beliefs then you will take actions even if you're lazy because your belief is like an enforcer that will force you to make your dreams come true. Your belief will only become stronger and stronger if you're moving. So take your beliefs to a different heights, make it soar as much as you can and you will never have to worry abou it anymore.

February 14, 2018


You are only allowed not to go to school if you have an idea, if you have a business idea or something that you will die just to become successful. Some people, were talking about young people.. they think about the idea of not finishing their school or even cutting the whole school thing and just become successful. Guess what? success doesn't work out that way, success will test you and if you're not tough enough then you will crawl down to your knees, you will cry like a baby and go back looking for your mama. That's how tough life is, I'm not a big fan of schooling but it's a good fall back, it's a good plan B, it's something that will save you if you fail. It's something like a backbone, it's an invisible support that you can get, you may not believe it now but you will regret that you didn't finish your studies once you fail.

But if you're really an ambitious and hard working guy who will persevere no matter what, someone who will die for his dreams then stop school now and pursue your journey, if you're thinking about a million dollar business and you're willing to work and wait for it for decades then you're the man, you will become a huge success one day.

So stop being arrogant now if you don't have any idea where you are going, stop acting like you can become successful one day because success will not be that too easy. Success will make you suffer, it will really put you on the verge of quitting, you will go down the wire and you will sometimes doubt yourself if you can do it or not. Success is not all about fantasy and easy road, it is something that is very elusive and sometimes you will even think that it's impossible to get it.

So if you're thinking about leaving school then make sure you will leave everything on the line. Make sure you will die for your dreams but if you're just dreaming but is not willing to make big sacrifices then you better forget everything. Go back to your notes, go back to your professor and follow everything he say.

School is boring, you may think that it's time consuming and unimportant but we're talking about the diploma here, were talking about the bigger things. If you're ready to get killed trying then you're right leave the school now but if you're second guessing and your mind is not that decided... you better go back to school and take it slowly, figure things out, you will discover what you really need to do if you have a momentum.

Schooling serves as a stepping stone, it is important but you can still become successful without it. Only if you're willing to give your life for your dream, but if you're just wishing and trying to become lucky then you better think twice. It's a hard road if you will leave the school so you better prepare yourself mentally, you need to become really tough because it's not a play anymore.

February 13, 2018


Speed is the product of pain. Why are there fast runners in the world? I mean world class athletes, olympians, champions, gold medalists. They use pain, they train hard, they make sure that they will get exhausted before they stop. Their muscles and metal toughness where built through pain. That's why they're fast, that's why they were tough. If you're runner and you exercise your legs everyday and feel the pain... you will become faster, your speed will increase to a different level. So don't be afraid of pain, use it, feel it, it will make you faster it will make you stronger. Pain can be your friend or your enemy. It's up to you how are you going to use it. If you're complaining about it then it will make your life miserable but if you will understand that rewards that it can give to you then you will be on a different level, you will become stronger and successful. 

If you've been diagnosed by a deadly disease, how will you feel? of course scared and threatened right? it is painful but that pain will make you have a sense of urgency, you will work harder and faster to have money to pay for the doctors and medicines, you will become like an animal who's trying to survive. You will become happier, you will live life faster, you want to do a lot of things because that pain is alarming you that life is too short. 

If there is no pain then there is no gain, you have to feel it, if you will try to escape it then you will never grow. Deal with it, always remember that it will give you something. Just like in learning a new skill, take driving as an example, it is painful in the beginning, you feel lost but if you keep dealing with the pain then you will become faster and faster, face it everyday and you will become a better driver... as simple as that. All pain can do is make you faster and nothing more than that so be happy if you are feeling it. Don't be afraid of it... embrace it.

If you recently got broke because your spending habits is too bad... if you will take that pain as a signal to work harder then you will will work harder, you will work faster, you will look for a job that has a higher pay, you will look for an extra job, that pain is pushing you to act faster because you don't want to become broke anymore. Pain is really stressful but if you will face it then you will grow faster than ever. Always remember that it's a blessing, it's something that you shouldn't be afraid of. Learn to face it everyday and you will become a totally different human being, you will become an animal... as simple as that. You will become fast, you will operate on a different level, it's all about surpassing that negative emotion and turning it into fire, facing pain is like tasting freedom, your fear is dying little by little and courage is building up, confidence is taking over into your system. 

February 12, 2018


You need to feed your dreams everyday, you need to make sure it is full. The problem with you is you're feeding a lot of things that is not even making your life better. You're feeding negative thoughts that produces negative emotions. It's what you feed that grow, if you're feeding your anger then you will explode, if you're feeding your jealousy then you will just focus on other people and watch them grow while you're failing, if you're feeding your fear then you will have a phobia, if you're feeding your sickness then you will die in just a matter of time, if you're feeding your laziness then you will become a procrastinator and you will become forever broke. It is very simple, what you feeds everyday will grow everyday.

But if you're feeding your dream, if you're thinking about it, dreaming about it and doing something for it then it will become real one day, you will hold it in your hands. Feed your dreams, that's all you need to do to change your life, feed it with real good meat. Make it full, make it satisfied, but make sure it's going to become hungry again tomorrow so you will feed it again, the cycle goes on and on again until your dreams come true.

What do you wanted to feed? what are you feeding? if you're feeding something that is not profitable or has benefits then your life will be in jeopardy, your life style will suck, do you want it?

If you can just do small things for it then do it, don't be shy, don't be conservative, never think that it will not make an impact. Every action will make an impact for sure so you better believe that all of your actions will accumulate in the end.

Feed it like a hungry wolf, never stop feeding it. Make sure you feed it with some good food so the fire of it will never die. Actions is the food of your dreams, the more you take actions the more you are feeding it, the sooner it will become real.

You can feed anything for as long as it is positive a action. For as long as it is making you progressing a little bit... do it. Don't be afraid to do it, always think that every positive action is the right action.

Always be consistent in feeding, never miss a day not feeding your dreams. If you can't feed it today then it only means you don't really want it, you want something else. If you're really serious about it then you will feed it with everything you have including your own food, including all of your money, time, belief and energy.

Feed it more often and time will come and it will be the one who is feeding you. Just be patient for now, work hard for now, it's like investing. Time will come and you will be rewarded... big time. Time is your number one capital here so use it wisely. Never waste it just for a second.

February 12, 2018


The one who controls the traffic is not the one who is fast in driving, it's the one who is more relaxed, in the moment and slowing things down. If you're not an experienced driver... you can have control over the traffic by using the speed that you are most confident. Don't ever drive fast and keep up the pace with them if you're not confident about it. You can slow down, you can cause a traffic, you can make their pace slow by slowing down... now who is in control? you or them? if you are following your speed then you will be the one who is in control because they are following you. They will honk you, they will get mad at you but if you stay calm then it means you're the one who's in control. It means you give yourself more time to think, just like in changing lanes... you cannot change lanes so fast, you cannot rush it because you're an inexperience driver. But if you will take it slowly then you will be the one who's in control, again they will honk you, they will horn you a lot, they might even shout at you but if you give yourself more time to relax in changing lanes then you will be the one who's in control. You will avoid accident, you will have power over them because you cut their pace, you stopped their momentum. They can't do anything about it, they will even find away to stay away from your lane... now who is on control? they or you? who has the power? they or you? It only means that you need to give yourself more time to think, react and be in the moment.

Just like a person who is working in a company for 5 more years, this guy has a power over the rookies, he can even contradict a new idea from a newcomer with higher position than him. That's how powerful time is, if you dedicate yourself into something and get serious at it... you will have power. It's because you know the operation, you know what is going around, you spend more time in the company, other people will respect you, newcomers will respect you... as simple as that.

Just like in saving money... you can have more money if you're giving it some time, just wait, save consistently and you will become rich.. as simple as that. Time is powerful if you will use it the right away, it will give you anything if you are willing to wait, work and be patient. You can have power by giving something more time. If you are focused and not rattled then you will get what you want.

Legends were created not by success but by time they dedicated for something. You will only become a legend if you stick into something long enough. If you work for so very long and never give up on something then you will become a legend, people will respect you, people will recognize you.

So if you're doing something for a very long time... you will become very good at it, you will master it, you will have power.

February 12, 2018


Here is what you need to do if you can't express yourself... look at those show off people. Look at them, they were not that good but they keep on expressing themselves even if they suck. They think they are the best, they even feel like the whole world is impressed at them. But look at what they have... nothing, all they have is big mouth, they were noisy, they feel like they are the king but if you will dig deeper and see what they really have... they have nothing. Those people are so confident even if they really have nothing, what more if they have something?

So if you are feeling unconfident about yourself look at those people who thinks they have a lot, look at those people who thinks they are entitled to make a noise... if they can express themselves and impose their will so as you. You can become arrogant too, sometimes you need it, you need to become arrogant just to make people give respect to you. Sometimes you need to become loud too. But always remember that it is better to become cocky if you can really prove people that you can do things, if you really have something special. If you're cocky but you don't have anything then you're simply wasting your energy and time, you're just fooling yourself. If you will make a hype then make sure that you can really do it, make sure that it's nit just a hype but it is real.

If people who are undeserving can show something then you can show some stuffs too, you too can do something magical. You have the right, you have to ask for something big and show something big, you also have the authority to become loud. If they can do it, you can do it too. If you work hard on your craft, if you really grind and put in huger numbers of work then you have the authority to become loud. Do what you need to do, never be afraid to express yourself. If your intention is to elevate your status in life then do it, if it will help your business or journey then do it. Don't be afraid to get a little bit cocky so people will give you attention.

You gotta do what you need to do, don't be afraid of what people say, don't be afraid of what people might say. It is what it is, some people are loud even thought they don't deserve it. Sometimes you need to get loud too to accomplish something, sometimes you need to get a little bit arrogant so that people will see you and they will treat you with some respect.

Do whatever it takes to win in life even if it means destroying your identity. Don't be afraid to look bad, always remember that success is your only goal and nothing lesser than that. If you want to win in life then you need to be assertive, you need to express yourself.

February 11, 2018


Divert your attention and do some other things. Entertain yourself with some activities that will make you happy. Fake happiness, fake the laugh, fake it a lot of times and it will become real. Fake it till you make it, it's all about faking it. Fake that you're alright, stop making dramas because it is only making your situation worse, it's only making the problem more evident. It's all about manipulating your mind, it's all about filling your mind the right thoughts that will make you forget about what happened. Repetition is the key to move on, keep repeating habits that will make you a little bit happier. Build a thought pattern that will erase all the hurtful moments from the past. Moving on is very easy, just stop making dramas and find ways how to entertain yourself. Always think that it's all in the mind, what you're thinking is giving you the emotion. If you're thinking negative then you will feel negative, as simple as that.

LOVE YOURSELF. Try to make yourself happy, always remember that at the end of the day... yourself is your only company. Yourself is the only one that can make you really happy. Not other people, not anything... if you love yourself then you will force yourself to feel good because feeling good is better than making dramas and sympathy getting activities.

If the pain is not going away, keep feeling it but still do your job, do something to make your life a little bit better. Improve your look, learn a skill, try to pursue a goal and never stop until you get it. Pain is only temporary, keep feeling it and it will go away. It's just a feeling, it's just an emotion, it's not bigger than what you think.

You think it's the end of the world? oh common, life is precious. Life is tough, life is hard but it has a lot of promising opportunities that may happen. You can become anything if you play with your life the right way. All you have to do is have fun and stay positive and that's it. Always try to have fun, always try to live life to the fullest because that is what it's all about. What good is your life if you're not having fun with it? it's all up to you if you will stay with your dramas or you're going to make your life adventurous.

You're not the only one who is hurting, you're not the only one who's in pain. Some people has experienced a traumatic experience that is worse than yours but they still manage to do well and recover in life. Even if it's about love, career or any embarrassing moment... always try to move on from it, never take your life for granted, never waste any second. Be happy because life is very simple if you will play it the right way. All you have to do is give yourself the chance to become happy, give yourself the chance to succeed.

February 11, 2018


It didn't happen for a reason, it happens because it has a beginning. Your car was repossess by the bank because you didn't work hard to maintain it, your house didn't get old and weary... you take it for granted, you didn't repair it, you didn't maintain it... basically you didn't do anything to preserve it, it has a beginning... your laziness and not caring about it. It all starts in you, your habits and useless priorities makes everything you have ugly and breaking down. You're the one who's starting anything that is happening in your life, no one is responsible for it.

Just like your fat belly... you did it by yourself, you eat unhealthy foods, cholesterolic foods, you eat even if you don't need to it. You make yourself ugly, you did the damage. Don't blame the genes, don't tell people that your family's genes is like that that's why you're fat, you love gluttony... that's the best explanation for your fat belly.

All the successful and rich people out there... they begin in small beginnings, they were also poor before, they also don't have anything before but they work hard and persevere. They do whatever it takes to win in life that's why they are so successful now.

The good news is you can always begin anytime. You can begin now, it is much much better if you will begin now. Begin to create your empire now, don't be afraid to start slow, don't be afraid to get lost. You need to start, how can you accomplish something if you will not start? it's either you start a positive thing or you start a negative thing, the choice is always yours.

You're the one who's creating your destiny, there is no other person responsible for your life. You are living what you started, it's either you are getting the benefits from it or you're life is miserable because of it. But even if your start is not good you can still turn things around, you can still make your life awesome.

So don't ever blame somebody if your life is not good right now, you started it, you're the one who did something to produce it, study your past and you will see that it's really your fault. If you want to change your life then admit your mistakes and do something about your situation, change for the better not for the worse.

Don't wait for the right time to come before you start something great, the right time is always now, if you will always wait for tomorrow then you're dead, it will become your habit, you will never be able to change your life. Start now, start fast and never stop. Time is running, time is fast, it's only hard in the beginning, it will become easier in a while. All you have to do is keep taking actions, be consistent and you will find your own style, you will find your momentum, you will do good in life.

February 09, 2018


The word no is very powerful, it has a different meaning. People think of it as something negative but if you will use it correctly then you will get a lot of benefits from it. Say no to drugs, say no to debts, say no to procrastination, say no to vices... using the word no and rejecting things and activities that are useless will make your life better, as simple as that. You don't need to become great, just be discipline and you will become successful in life, the word no is a very powerful tool to discipline yourself. No is hard to follow, but if you follow it then you will grow. If you say no to video games because you have an exam tomorrow, if you say no to drinking and partying now because you have a job interview tomorrow, if you say no to sleeping too much because you need to work overtime, if you say no to temptations then you will be able to save your marriage. Don't underestimate the word no, if you keep on using it then you will go further, you will make every potential a reality.

SAY NO to a friend that is using you. Say no to a proposal that is not attractive to your eyes, you can say no, you can always use it. Don't be afraid to offend anyone. If you really need to reject an idea then reject it, why will you allow something that will only hurt your future? why will you allow something that doesn't serve you? reject it right away and say NO. Once you say it never regret it, never take it back, move on as fast as you can and change the subject. Don't be afraid to reject a lot of people even your friends. Saying now means you have the courage to stand for what you believe in, it means you're man enough to follow what you really want, it means you're the authority and you have the confidence to rule.

Say no to your fears, never believe it, believe in yourself, ignore all of your fears. Always remember that fear is not real, it's just an illusion. Say no to your excuses, if you need to do something JUST DO IT. Say no to laziness, it is making you slow, weak and unproductive. Always stay productive every single day. Saying no to fear and laziness will make you a better person, do it now, never believe in the word later. Say not to thoughts that are making you slow, never entertain them.

If a lot of people rejected you, if a lot of girls say no to you... use that pain to stay motivated, use that pain to strive for greatness so that people can't reject you next time. If you will make yourself better, if you will strive for greatness then they will be the one who will follow you, they will kiss your ass. Once you become successful then it will be a lot easier to get a lot of things. Opportunities will come to you, you're like a magnet that is attracting everything you want. Use those rejection as a motivation to become the best version of yourself.

February 09, 2018


Look for something will make you suffer, it is the best way to change your life. Something that will make you suffer but has benefits in the end, something that will make you successful, something that is profitable. You're suffering the worst way, you're suffering for something that will not even give you something in the future, if you have to suffer make sure you will get something from it. Stop wasting time for nonsense things, stop involving in battles that will never make you a winner. You're too much involved with activities that will only make you weak and sick, you never care about your future anymore. Everyone is suffering everyday but the wise people will choose a suffering that has good reason.

Suffer in your job and take the highest position that you can take, suffer in your business and be the richest person that you can be. Everyday feels like hell, it really is, especially if you're thinking too much or worrying too much. You're suffering with negative thoughts that's why you're having a hard time dealing with life. Why not suffer for a great cause? suffer reaching your dreams and goals, suffer making yourself better each day. Be wise is choosing your suffering because it will mold your life, it will dictate your future, where your focus goes... your life flows.

Why not suffer to buy a house or send your children to school? why not suffer to build an empire that will last forever? why not suffer to make your life meaningful? instead of wasting your time suffering in gossips, battles that are nonsense, altercations that will only make you feel bad etc. You need to suffer for a great cause, use your life for something that has deeper meaning. Make your life epic and make sure all of your suffering were worth it. Make sure it will give you something that you will be happy about.

Life is painful, yeah it is, it is hard but you are the only one who's making it even harder. You're the only one who's making it tougher by consuming your brain with thoughts that are useless and harmful to your health. You're already in pain everyday so why not choose the right pain? why not choose the pain that will give you everything you want? Be wise because your time is running out, if you will not think right now then you will have a lot of painful regrets in the end.

Sacrifice will always give you something if the sacrifice is right, it will lead you to a better life. So stop suffering for something that will make your life even worse, it's time to think straight and follow what is the right thing to do. Just practice delayed gratification, every positive thing that you're doing has a benefit in the end, suffer now and celebrate later, choose the wise suffering not the stupid suffering. Suffering like lifting weights, studying, establishing your own business, creating your own brand, improving yourself, making yourself rich... these are wise sufferings.

February 08, 2018


It's your perception towards something that makes you feel bad, it's your judgement and negative thinking towards circumstances and people that makes you feel bad. The truth is... you're the only one who's hurting yourself, you're the one who's making your world darker by entertaining negative thoughts. What if you think of something as something good instead of something bad? what do you think will be the outcome of your life? of course you will feel happier, you will feel better. You're always thinking that something is not right that's why you can't have a peaceful life. Don't look for perfection, instead appreciate that you're still alive, be happy with everything that you have. You are always in control of your thoughts, the moment you think bad about something... that's the time that you will feel bad about it. Just relax and have a good life, have an easy life, you can make your life easier by thinking positively and focusing on good vibrations.

You can create the state that you want, it's just a matter of disciplining yourself to entertain the positive thoughts that will give you an advantage. You can become happy anytime you want to, happiness is a choice. Just appreciate the things that you have and you will become happy. You're luckier than you think. Sometimes you can't see how lucky you are because you can't appreciate what you have, you're always thinking about complications and perfections. It's not really that hard to become happy, just think about happy thoughts and that's it.

Stop blaming the neighbor, stop blaming the traffic, stop blaming the weather and your boss why you always feel bad. Anything bad can happen to you, someone may disrespect you but it's still in your hands if you want to feel bad. You can feel happy towards a negative thing, you can still stay positive even if bad things are happening to you. It's all in the mind, it's all in your perception. Change your thinking about something and that something will change. You thoughts can shape a lot of things, it's only up to you how are you going to use your mind.

If you can make yourself feel bad, you can also make yourself feel good, this can be done easily by focusing on the positive things in life. It feels better if you're thinking positively rather than thinking negatively. Always think that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What you are experiencing right now is only making you a better person. If you're dealing with a lot of stress now... look at the benefits of it, it is making you mentally tough, you're always in a win win situation.

Choose happiness, choose to be happy, it's not that hard. Just appreciate everything you have and always feel blessed. Happiness can be achieved mush easier if you will focus on simplicity and basicness. Always appreciate the basic things in your life, always consider every second as an opportunity to become happy.

February 08, 2018


You can produce any kind of number that you want to, big or small numbers... you can have it. It's just a matter of wanting it bad and sacrificing everything to have it. You can make an increment everyday, you can level up, it only depends on the amount of hard work you are willing to put in. It's just a number, a one million bucks is just a one million bucks, you can reach that level of money. Just save everyday, work super hard, take double or triple jobs. The key here is just be patient, always practice delayed gratification, never get tired of waiting because people who are impatient usually fails. Don't get intimidated by a huge number because you can also conquer it, all you have to do is take it step by step, stay focus and never give up. For example, if you need to push up 100 a day, if you're just a beginner then you will be overwhelmed. But if you will take it one by one and just give your best, if you will divide it into small parts then you will be able to finish it... as simple as that. You can conquer any number, it only depends on how focus you are. Any number is achievable, the question is your will, is your determination enough to have those numbers that you're wishing for.

If you have a quota in your work and your boss is telling you to sell 20 cars a month and if you can't get it then you will fired in your job... don't ever worry, it's just a number, you can reach that quota, you can win in your job. All you have to do is focus, always take baby steps and be consistent. Just think about selling one car and repeat the process over and over again. Any big number can be reached, just believe and do your best, don't ever forget to take it one step at a time. Be fast but don't rush.

So if you owe a huge debt... don't panic, don't ever think that it's the end of the world. Pay them one by one and you will be financially free again, all you have to do is pay what you can pay now, forget about paying it all. Be a wise spender and take your time paying your debts, pay what you can pay now and pay what you can pay next week or next month. It's just a number, ignore all the hurtful words that the lender is telling you, even if they are pressuring you and making you feel bad... still pay them, pay them all and never miss any single debt.

Always remember that any number is conquerable, any number is possible. You can think about earning millions of bucks and you can earn them if your focus is so strong and you're working hard to get it. You can get any number you want, it's all in the mind, focus on what you want, be patient and you will get it.

February 08, 2018


It's ok to feel fear, embrace fear, being scared only means that you're growing. Being scared means you're trying despite of feeling overwhelmed and insecure. It means you really want it, being scared is a sign that you're building courage little by little.

If you're just learning how to drive of course you will be afraid of accident, you will be afraid that some random car might bump you or might bump them. It's a sign of growth, don't be afraid to hold the steering wheel and just drive forward, drive as much as you can, you will still arrive at your desired destination. Have a heart, as simple as that. Just take it slowly if you need to, don't force the issue but always keep moving forward, always give your best and be aware of what is going on.

Feel happy if you're scared because it only means that growth is in front of you, it means that you need to do it, it is a sign that you need to take an action before it's too late. If you're no longer scared then it means you don't have to do it anymore, it means comfort has already taken place because you see a helping hand or the risk is not higher anymore. Embrace fear, eat it, love it, it's just a feeling... it will never kill you... ever.

If you're really scared then don't think at all, just enjoy the process, forget about the people around you, forget about everything, forget about what might happen and you will feel free. Ignore all the noises, ignore all the bull crap that is happening. Just keep growing, you can have it by daily experience, you can have it by living life and facing all the things that needs to be faced. Time is so fast, if you will let fears eat you then you are wasting your life.

Keep being scared, that is what it's all about. Being scared and facing it means you're growing, it means you'er leveling up. You need to experience those experience and if you will not face that fear now... there is a big chance that you might not experience it again in the future. Try to stay calm and relaxed, everything is going to be fine.

If you want more growth... you need to face the pressure, you need to face the pain and fear. There is no growth in comfort, you need to feel uncomfortable to be able to withstand any pressure in the future. Just always remember that you will never die, just keep moving forward because after you face that fear... you will be relieved, you will feel good, you will feel successful and fulfilled, you will become proud of yourself. There is nothing that you can't do if you will face it.

Those who did well in life has faced a real amount of pressure, they eat fear everyday, they are willing to become scared just to move to a different level. They don't mind failing, they don't care being criticized, they are willing to fail over and over again just to become successful once.

February 08, 2018


Weak work will never work... ever, your work ethic should be your number one priority if you want to succeed in life. If you can't see any result with your project, journey or whatever you're pursuing, it means you're working weak, it means you're too soft and you're not doing the right thing. Going harder and harder each day is the only way to make an impact, it's the only way to get things done, if you will never work hard then you're simply wasting your time, there is always another level, there is always another step that is needed to be done. Go hard and push harder, even if you got hurt... don't worry about it because the reward in the end is very satisfying. Shut your mouth if you haven't done any great thing yet, keep quiet while working. Just open your mouth when you already succeed. If you're not successful yet then keep working hard because you have no choice but to punish yourself and keep pushing until the end, never stop until you're dead... that is the best way to become successful.

Starting today, discipline yourself to do the strongest effort that you can do, leave the weakness in your system and replace it with a stronger one. Only the strong survive so if you're not making yourself stronger, if you keep on exerting a weak effort then stronger people will eat you in the future. Always see to it that you're making a strong effort, make this your habit. You're only using 50 percent of your strength everyday, sometimes even lesser than that. Realize that you have more inside of your body. If you're really aiming for something, you have to be serious about it, you need to use all of your energy everyday. It's time to change the loser's mentality and replace it with a killer instinct. You have to nail it every single day. Trust hard work and never doubt it for a second. If you're so comfortable now it only means that you're not doing something that will give you a tremendous progress, it only means that you're satisfied. If you need to crawl then crawl, but always make sure that you're moving forward. Because that's the only direction that will work.... always move forward.

If you want to become a winner then you have to work harder, promise to yourself that you will give your best, if there is something that you need to do... do it without any form of hesitation. If you want to become a winner then outwork everyone, make sure you work the hardest so you will become the biggest. Destroy laziness because it is making your progress slow, you have to be consistent, you have to show up every single day, you have to move as fast as you can and become one of the people who has a very strong work ethic. Hard work will give you confidence, hard work will give you power, it will give you everything. So destroy a weak effort now and always see to it that you're really working.