July 19, 2018


You're too comfortable that's why you're not being successful. You think that you will succeed by simply working soft and not pushing yourself to the limits, you think that being lazy and just relaxing all day long will get the job done, you're wrong... that kind of style will only make you weak, it will never give you anything positive.

Your comfort zone is the most dangerous zone, there is no growth in there, you will remain the same bum if you will stay there for a very long time. Pressure creates diamonds, it's the only thing that will give you progress, if you're not pressured for now then it means you're having an easy life, an easy life that will lead to a broke life.

Work as hard as you can... that's the key to success. Out work everyone, be the fastest, be the baddest. Never think about the results, just keep working and working and working. Never stop until you're done.

Don't be afraid to feel the pressure, don't be afraid to feel the pain... that's the place where you can grow, you will never level up if it's too easy, easy path is the path that will make you fail.

So don't ever feel bad if you're suffering, don't worry, don't panic, it only means you're growing.

Stay out of your comfort zone because that will only make you weak, it will baby you, it will pamper you which is so bad if you want to become stronger and tougher.

A place that has no growth and a mind that is not competitive will never go further, it will stay on the same place as it was before. So if you want to level up then get ready to face the pain, get ready to suffer and feel the pressure, there is nothing wrong with it, it's the best place to make a progress.

Keep pushing, keep working, never stop until you become great. Never stat in a situation that is very easy because there is no growth there, you feel comfortable but at the same time you also feel weak. It's because you're not using your strength, you're not using your power, you are not in a sense of urgency, being that state is like dead... you will not feel alive there.

Always keep moving forward even if it feels so uncomfortable, it's ok... you will feel better in a while. Once you get comfortable in that uncomfortable place, it means you already grow, it means you're already on a different level.

Always put yourself in a hard situation, always go harder and harder each day, don't worry because you have the luxury to rest once you succeed, you can always stop whenever you want to but you should only do it if you can't really move anymore. Just keep moving forward and that's it, there's nothing to worry about, no need to think about anything else anymore... just move forward... you will be fine, you will succeed.

Be happy when you're getting uncomfortable because it means you're succeeding.

July 18, 2018


At the end of the day... you will still do something, you can't be procrastinating forever. If you will do something why not do it now? why not go hard now and give your best? why not do something positive that will make your life better?

You can't be stuck in a mud forever, time will come and you will still take an action. You feel lazy now, you are comfortable now, you think that it's alright? time will come and you will need to take an action, you have no choice but to move.

If you will do something later then you better do it now, stop wasting time, stop thinking that you can still do it some other days. The perfect time is now, not tomorrow not later. If you will not do it now then there is a chance that you will not do it forever.

DO it now while you still have some time, do it now while you can still do it. Do it while you still have some power left in your body, one day you're going to worn out, one day you're going to get old.

Even if you're the laziest person in the world, time will come and you will still do something, why not do it now? why not use your energy now? life is so short buddy, this may sounds cheesy but it's true, you have to rush now, you have to force yourself to take actions now or else you will become a bum forever.

Choose action over inaction, this is a simple formula to become successful, choose movement over worrying. You're worrying too much about what will happen if it didn't work, that kind of mindset will never make your life better.

At the end of the day... you're still blessed because you're alive, if you're not moving then you're dying... as simple as that. So celebrate your life by taking massive actions, push yourself to the limits and never stop until you get what you want.

Just take it one step at a time, enjoy every action that you are doing, enjoy every second that is passing. You have to be appreciative of life, you have to feel blessed that you can take actions even if you're so busy.

Any work can be fun if you will change your attitude towards it, never think that you're suffering. Have a mindset that you're really loving what you're doing and you will be rewarded in the end. Always think that you will get the prize one day even if the price is so high.

Chasing success, having a good life is really hard but it is possible... too too possible. All you have to do is take actions now and forget about what may happen tomorrow, just take actions now and never stop moving forward. If you will not move forward, if you will not do anything... you will go down slowly.

Do what you need to do, do what you want to do, do it fast and finish fast. You have the power to change your life if you will stay committed, if you will keep the grind alive. Don't look for the results, look for the action, look for something you can do that you think will make your life a little bit better than yesterday. It's too simple if you will believe, it's too easy if you will not stop.

Always push forward no matter what, it's time to take charge, it's time to use all of your power.

Those who can take actions will be blessed, they will get what they want, they will have a happier life.

July 17, 2018


1. Cry. Think about what happened, assess the past, cry and feel the pain, have peace with it, understand that it's just an emotion and it will never stay in your system forever. Tell it to the closest person in your life, someone whom you can trust, tell it to him, cry, just express yourself, you need to release it so that you won't be holding it forever. Cry, there is nothing wrong with it, all humans cry. If you're not crying then you're not normal, people who are bragging that they don't even cry are fake people. Don't be afraid to show your emotions, don't be afraid to deal with it.

2. Detach from it. Always think that life is just a game, you win some, you lose some. Even if you lose something valuable to your life... you should still learn to detach from it, always remember that you really don't have anything in life since you were born, you only borrow everything, you can never retain something forever, you can never hold it forever, enjoy it while it's still yours.

3. Try harder. Try harder this time, you have to outwork everyone, you have to do those small things that you think will not matter. If you want to gain your confidence back then you need to prepare, you need to do the things that not all people can do, you have to be one of a kind, your effort should stand out.

4. Prepare yourself for failure. If you are prepared to fail and you have a mindset of nothing to lose then you will become more confident, you will become relaxed, loose and creative. You should be prepared for the worst case scenario so that you will never worry about losing. It's like you don't care whether you win or lose you will just give you best no matter what and have fun with what's going on.

5. Go back to your goal. If you have a goal then you will become more confident, you don't care about anything else, you know your priorities and you will go for it, you will never give time for things that doesn't matter into your life. 

July 16, 2018


If you want to be a star then you need to go far, you need to go further and further each day. A lot of people will never push themselves to the limits, they were so satisfied of being a mediocre, they will never give themselves a chance to become successful.

Just one push at a time... that's how to go far, you don't need to become strong you just need to become patient. Being a start means flying so high, exert an effort that will never be matched.

Go further, push stronger, you need to be at the edge of your skill if you want to become a star. Never waste time, just keep getting better each day and make yourself like a king.

It's not easy but it is very simple, all you have to do is take actions and take your journey to another level. Keep pushing and never stop, most people can't move anymore once they saw that the journey is hard.

It's all about facing the friction, it's all about beating the pressure. Once you feel that you can't move... move.

Focus on yourself, focus on improvement, focus on moving. If there is something you can do that you think will make a little bit impact... do it and never stop. Never hesitate, go far if you want to be a start.

It's a must that you shouldn't be in the same place as yesterday, you need to have at least .001 improvement, even if the improvement is so slow... still appreciate it.

Most people were good, they have talents but they can't go further that's why they can't become a star.

Star players works harder than everybody else, star actors rehearse longer than everybody else, star singers practice more than everybody else... if you want to become a start then you need to do what other people can't do, you need to be on a different level and you can only do it through repetition.

Repetition is the key, never get tired of repeating something even if it's too painful already.

Always keep in mind that every time you move good things will happen. You are becoming a different person every time you do something positive.

Just focus on doing one step at a time, enjoy every action that you're doing, feel lucky because you can still move, some people can't even move anymore. Appreciate that you're still wrong and you can chase your dream of becoming a star.

Never get tired of waiting, never get tired of taking actions. If you want to become the number one then you must be the hardest working person in your field, nobody should outclass you. Do something different, separate yourself from others through hard work and perseverance.

Do it now, do something now... never take your time for granted because it's all you have. Go further if you want to become a star. Never stay in the same place forever, you need to be moving forward everyday.

July 15, 2018


If your weak admit it... admit that you can't do it today then try again tomorrow, admit that your power is enough but don't give up.

You may not have the ability and power to do it now but you can do it tomorrow or some other day. Sometimes your strength is not enough but you have to admit it and try to become stronger next time.

Just because you are weak now doesn't mean you can never get stronger anymore, of course you will still become strong if you do the right preparation. Not all the time you are weak, not all the time you are a loser. You can go to another level if you will give your very best and try for a million times. It is what it is, sometimes it's really hard, you will never get it on the first try because you're not strong enough but just keep going because your strength will adjust. Just keep trying again and again because every time you do that... you become stronger and stronger.

Weakness is the starting point of strength, don't be ashamed if you are weak now... you will change in just a matter of time if you keep persevering.

Don't be scared if you are weak, don't be scared if you can't make any progress. Remember that it's not about who is strong, it's not about who is dominating, it's about who will play the game until the end, it's about who will remain standing in the end.

So if you are ready to endure anything... you will win for sure, you will thrive in the end.

Being weak doesn't mean being a loser, being weak doesn't mean you will never become strong anymore. It's just a wake up call, it's just a sign to put your mind in a state of urgency and become stronger than yesterday.

Never admit that you can never grow anymore, never admit that it's all you can do... of course you still have a lot of potential waiting to be developed.

Admit your weakness so you will see where you need to become stronger. Admit your weakness so you will improve yourself. 

Be open minded, kill your ego. Never think that you don't need to improve anymore. If you're struggling too much and you can't make any progress... it means you're weak.

But be happy if you're struggling, it means you're developing. You're weak but you're slowly getting there.

Don't think about dominating right away, it will never happen. Being great is a slow progress, it will eat a lot of your time. There will be a lot of days of frustration, you will never have an easy road... that's who greatness works, greatness has a cost, it is not free nor sale... you need to work hard for it because it is not cheap, the stakes are high and the effort you must exert is really unimaginable.

One day you will become stronger, don't worry about your level, just make sure you will never quit.

July 14, 2018


You don't need a lot of energy for working, all you have to have is the mindset. The mindset that you will finish no matter what, if you set a goal for your work let's say you told yourself that you're going to finish 150 documents today.... finish it, finish it even if the world is melting, finish it even if the sun is going to explode... that's how to become effective, you push yourself to take actions no matter what the situation is.

It's hard, it's exhausting, it's stressful but that's what separates the great from the mediocre... the willingness to go further and finish what was set.

Do it and you will have an energy for it, you will be rejuvenated, you will be energized. Start it now, stop thinking that it's hard, stop thinking that you can't do it. Just do it and never stop until you're done.

Don't ever underestimate yourself thinking that you can't do it. Of course you can if you will use your willpower and tenacity to overcome those difficult steps along the way. It's all in the mind, stay focus with the grind and the grind will quit, it will become easier later. No work is difficult if you are willing to work, it's all about moving, you can move slow but be consistent and never take a lot of breaks.

Most people can't become productive because they are taking a lot of breaks, they were making a lot of excuses such as their hand is hurting, their heads were aching, they were hungry, they were so fatigued. All of those excuses will never help you, excuses is what makes you slow and unproductive. It's not your lack of strength, it's not your inability to do the work...it's because you're so focused on making excuses instead of taking actions.

You have a lot of energy, it is unlimited, you may weaken a little bit because of long work but it will come back, just pause a little bit, pause for 30 seconds and then go back working again.

This is what greatness is all about, this is what legends are made of... the ability to persevere and believe that they can do something great.

Don't look to finish it, look to continue it. If you're always looking forward to finish your work fast then that will be the start of your stressful state, you will feel bad whenever you see that you still have a lot of work waiting.

You can always tap that energy, there is a reserved energy waiting to be used. There is a second, third or even fifth wind. Just persevere, just keep doing it, continue it no matter what.

Stop acting like a diva and keep pushing, stop focusing on your weakness instead focus on your strengths. Stop acting weak if you can act like you're strong. Time is running out, don't ever think that you can still do it tomorrow, your situation will only change if you will face the pressure now, do what is needed and never look back.

July 14, 2018


Focus is a choice, it's something that you choose, it's something that you forced to inflict upon yourself. Focus is a state of mind, if you are not focused then you will never go further. It's hard because mind is so cluttered with different thoughts but it's your duty to stay focused if you want to become successful. Focus is so powerful, it can give you anything, it's all about placing your energy into something and fully committing with it.

It's a habit, it's a discipline,  if you can become really focused then nothing will be impossible to you. Just think of something you wanted to achieve this day and you will have it, think about it all day and do everything you can to get it... you will get it for sure. Nothing is impossible with focus, it's a very powerful tool to give you a different level of success.

A lot of people were not born great but they become great because their focus were so strong.

Once you're focused and you really want it... you will get it no matter what, you will do whatever it takes to get it. Step by step, inch by inch... you will never get tired of working. You can even work all day long and make your dreams possible.

Train yourself to become really focused of what you want, think about it and then do everything to get it, do everything to make it possible. There are million ways how to get it, all you have to do is be committed and do everything in your power to become very close from it.

Just stay focus, forget about everything else. Distractions are part of the journey but you must aware of those distractions and never give them any attention, always stay committed, hold on to what you want and defeat all the distractions that are making your life difficult.

Once you start it then go and get it, do everything you can to make it possible. You need to be patient here, you need to face the pain of doing something for a very long time.

Stay focus, stay committed, stay with the grind and the hustle.... it's not that hard but it's really simple. All you have to do is take massive actions until you get it, give a full maximum effort to make it yours, as simple as that.

So if you can't get something.... it means you're not focused, it means there is always something that is bothering you and you are letting it take away your energy.

Keep focusing, put your mind and attention into it, never do something that will only make you slow. It's a lot of work, it's a million hours of work but what can you do? you want it so you need to make a lot of sacrifices.

Once you make focus a habit, once you mastered it... everything will become easier, you will be able to finish task faster, you will be able to do more and achieve more... everything will become a breeze. Life will become faster, success will come to you faster.

July 14, 2018


Success is not easy, let's face it... you will not become successful if you will always look for an easy way. It's all about who can do it until the end, it's all about perseverance and endurance. Don't be afraid to work hard, don't be afraid to work for so long. Don't be like others who loves shortcuts, always think that life is a process success is a process, you can never skip the hardship and challenges, you have to face all of it so you will learn a lot of things and do the right and most effective ways in the future.

Only few become really successful because only few are willing to work hard and push themselves to the limits.

If you already accepted that you really have to work hard then that's the only time you will become successful. Never believe in shortcuts because it will never work, it will only give you a little hope but it will disappoint you in the end. Instead of believing it... just believe in hard work, believe in yourself. Never think that your suffering has no ending, always think that sacrifices will give rewards... Big rewards in the end.

Never shortcut your work, never look for an easier path. Endure hardships and just keep moving forward. Life is very simple if you will give your very best and stop complaining.

Life is hard, success is hard... if it's not hard then that's not life.

Just keep on trying, keep on pushing... even if you're already too repetitive, just keep repeating and never stop even if you're super tired. Just push yourself a little bit more. The more you push yourself the more you get better, as simple as that. SO feel happy if you're getting tired because that means you're improving, that means you're leveling up.

Don't be a quitter like everyone else, grind, squeeze your body and mind. Keep taking actions every now and then, do everything to improve yourself.

Shortcuts are for lazy people, all the lazy people will not be rewarded.

It will be a long road, it will be a long journey. Just accept that it's not going to be easy, accept that you may have to work hard forever.

It's ok if you're suffering, there is nothing wrong with that, it's making you better... it's making you super mentally tough.

The way will be shown naturally if you will keep working hard everyday. Stay consistent, stay hungry, always look forward to finish.

Nobody knows how much effort you needed to become successful, nobody really knows it. All you can do is keep trying and keep putting hard and truth effort to your work.

Destroy the idea that there is a shortcut or magic pill, the more you look for it... the more you you will have a harder life. Instead of looking for it why not work? why not give your best? the time that you are using looking for that shortcut could have been used to make your life a little bit better, you could have use that time to set yourself up for success.

July 14, 2018


Motivation is not about consistency because you will never repeat the exact amount of effort everyday. Motivation is not about being perfect, you can never win everyday. Motivation is about forcing yourself to move whenever you need to move, and when do you need to move? everyday. Motivation is fighting yourself to kill laziness and procrastination, you can be late, you can be less but you will still move and you will still give yourself a chance to win.

Motivation is not about feeling good and excited, it's facing the pain and making yourself take actions even if it is really uncomfortable. Motivation is a journey inside of your body, sometimes the feeling is so weird, it's not good, it's unknown but you still keep moving forward, you don't know if you will become successful but you never stop the fight, there is a different spirit inside of you.

Motivation is not about winning all the time, it's about not quitting all the time. You force yourself to fight even if there's no more fight left in your mind, it's looking for a way how to get the job done. Motivation is not a good feeling, it's an uncomfortable emotion, there is a war happening inside of your head and you have to choose the thoughts about taking an action over the thoughts of procrastination.

Motivation is something that triggers your mind, it's not guaranteed that you will take actions, it's just a small thought that will make you think... it's still up to you if you will make a decision or not. Motivation will not always work, it's only giving you a chance, if you will believe it then you have a bigger chance of winning.

Not all motivated people will win but all motivated people will fight, they will give their very best, they will go further as they can and they will never hold themselves back.

Motivation is not feeling good, it's about taking actions every time you don't feel good... that's it. Motivation is facing the discomfort. It's forcing yourself to take actions even if it's really hard, it's dragging yourself even if you're sleepy, even if you feel like not doing it.

Motivation is action, it's not a recitation nor a ritual. A lot of people thinks that they need to get motivated first before they take an action. Motivation will only be felt if you will move now. Look at those people who were always looking for motivation... they cannot move even if they feel motivated. It's because they thought that they need more of it, the secret here is... take action and you will get more motivation.

So stop looking for a spark, stop looking for something that will push you... just push yourself, that's what greatness is all about.... moving even if you think that you can't move anymore. Great people will never stop until they succeed, they will push no matter what. They will write even if they can't think of some words to say, they will play even if their legs were so burned... they will never stop until they win.

July 13, 2018


Hard work and simply moving forward is the only plan that will work... nothing else. You don't need to think about it, you don't need to complicate it... just work hard and you will be alright. Just work hard and opportunities will be attracted to you... as simple as that. You don't need to look for something else, you don't need to worry about what's going to happen.

Just do anything that will give you a small momentum and that's it, just do something that will make you progress... any action is the right action, don't ever think that you're on the wrong path just keep on moving forward and forget about everything else.

One step at a time, never stop pushing forward, never stop pressing on... it's ok to have a slow pace for as long as you're still moving forward and you have no plans of stopping.

You're thinking too much that's why you can't make any significant progress, you're thinking about different things that will not even help you, you are entertaining fears a lot.

If you're really working hard and giving your all then you will be rewarded in the end, no need to question your capabilities, no need to doubt the process... just do it, just go further and see where will your belief take you. See how far can you go if you use your willpower to move one inch at a time.

Stop entertaining other plans, just see to it that you're moving forward, just make sure you are not getting complacent and you are committed to improvement.

Life is progress, you will only feel that you're improving if you're working hard and busting your ass just to keep that momentum alive.

Even if you feel like you're not progressing at all... just keep moving forward, the best time to take action is now, never wait for the perfect timing, if it's yours then it's yours... as simple as that.

It may look like it's not working but it is. No need to compare yourself to others, no need to look for what is missing, everything you need is already in your life... you just need to find a way how to capitalize.

JUST DO IT. Every step that you can think of... just do it, never hesitate nor think twice, just do it. Go hard, go all the way.

Never feel bad if you can't see results for now, never think that you're just wasting your time. Of course you're not, if your intention is good and you're passionate about it then it's not a waste of time. Just keep the hustle alive, keep the grind burning... you will get there if you will never stop.

Even if most people are going on a different direction... never compare your path to them, just do what you think will work even if you're scared a little bit. Fear will always be there, fear will try to deceive you but if you will just trust hard work and nothing else then you will be fine, you will become successful in the future.

July 13, 2018


You are always changing your system that's why you are confused, that's why you can't make a progress. You're always going back to where you belong. You're always changing plans, you're always changing techniques... you don't know what to do anymore. You don't trust your own system, you don't have confidence in yourself.

If you want to become successful then stick to your system, you can tweak it a little bit but don't ever change the core components. Trust the system, trust the process... never look for an easy way out. Success is not going to become easy but it's worth it.

You have to push yourself, you have to push your system and make it work no matter what. Even if the world is against you... still work on your system and try to make it very successful.

If you hear good news about someone about his newly found system... never copy him, never ask him what's going on, just stay on your own lane and work until the end.

It's all about who is willing to work until the end no matter what, it's all about who will persevere and make a stand for his dream. Once you choose a system... make it work and accept all the adjustments needed just to make your system successful.

Never get jealous if someone is becoming successful, never panic if you're left behind... just keep moving forward no matter what. Your journey is different from their journey so don't feel bad if you're slow.

Be a single minded person, always look at your goal, always look at what you wanted to happen. Never doubt your chosen process, you have to make it work and do whatever it takes to become successful.

Just do it over and over again, never get tired of it, never get bored of it... find a way how to enjoy it so you will work like an animal that is not willing to stop until he become successful.

Patience is the key here, if you are too patient then you will find a way how to succeed. If you are patient then you will be able to improvise something that is needed to take your situation to a different stratosphere.

Successful people are not the ones who are the most talented, they are the ones who trust their own system and work hard like there's no more tomorrow.

You have to want it so bad if you really want it, you have to do some unbelievable things that most people are not willing to do.

If you want to have a peace of mind, if you don't want to get confused then make your system run and fully give your whole faith on it. Never change it nor stop it, do it even if it's not working, do it even if the world is mocking you because you're not making any results at all.

It's all about the commitment, if you're really serious about it and committed to it then you will win in the end, you don't need to question yourself anymore.

July 12, 2018


All you can do is persevere if you already made a mistake. That's all you can do, there will be times when you think that you can never correct your mistakes anymore. You're already there you should not quit anymore, just persevere until your situation becomes good again. Making a mistake is part of your life, it is part of the process... don't panic if you already made one, you can make adjustments later, you can make your life great again.

Don't stop when you made a mistake, don't feel bad about it.. it's ok, nobody is mad at you, nobody is watching for your next step. You have the power to persevere, never think that you're not progressing, never think that it's all over because it's not. Once you made a mistake... don't feel bad about it and just keep working, everything will be ok in the end.

Your only job is to push, that should be your mindset, never stop just because some problem is challenging you, never stop because you made a terrible mistake... you should become motivated even more and keep pushing because you already started it, there's no more turning back now, no more going back now, you have to finish it no matter what.

Stop being conservative, stop being a perfectionist, just a simple mistake doesn't define your personality.

Everyone creates mistakes, everyone is not perfect, so what if you're constantly making mistakes? that doesn't mean you're dumb, it only means you really want it and you're willing to do whatever it takes to win in life.

Just ignore it and just keep moving forward, if they can't stop you then that's their big problem.

It's not about perfection, it's about taking action, you can whine all day long and feel bad because you're not perfect but that won't take you anywhere, it will only make your situation worse. But if you will cover up all of your mistakes with action then one day you will become really successful.

It's all about moving forward no matter what, you should keep that in your mind... you should take massive actions even if nothing good is happening, you will have a break through one day, you will become successful because victory belongs to the most persevering. That's the biggest question in life... are you willing to work until the end? are you willing to push through no matter what? Face the pain, face struggle... you're bigger than your pain, nothing can stop you if your mind is decided.

Because at the end of the day... it's not about the talents, gifts or how lucky you are... it's about how tenacious you are. You can have a perfect situation now but are you willing to work really hard and never give up when things seems to go wrong?

Ask yourself... are you willing to work until the end? it's not about how fast you are making the progress, it's about commitment to your journey, it's about giving everything you've got even if the odds were not in your favor.

July 11, 2018


If you really want to change your life, if you really want to make an impact because you're so sick and tired of your life... EAT SHIT FOR A YEAR. Meaning all you will do is work hard, save money and give your best to make your life better.

It's all about sacrifice and feeling not so good, it's all about taking the uncomfortable path and slowly trying to make it comfortable by getting small results every now and then.

If you want to change your life then you must become really good at something. You must master something, you must be focused because changing your life is not a joke, it should be taken seriously.

There should be a friction, there should be a struggle, if there is none then change will not happen. Change will only happen during the hard times of your life, if your life is already hard and you wanted to change... make it even harder. Nothing is easy... success and change are not easy, it's not a walk in the park, it's not something that you will just think about and then it will happen... there will be a lot of obstacles but you will be able to overcome all of them if your willpower is really strong and your desire to change is on a different level.

It's just one year, during that time span you will develop the necessary habits, thoughts and work ethic to make you successful. During that time period you will pay all of your debts, erase all of your loans, delete all of your bad habits and simply work hard to produce a better life.

One year is fast, you will never even notice it that's why you have to take it seriously. Leave all the people that is making your life hard, leave all the habits that are making you lazy, do face all of your responsibilities... never run away from your problems.

Go hard for one year, sacrifice hard for one year, take massive actions and never stop until you finally saw the change in your life. And once your life already changed... maintain it, try to improve it even more. Just because you already changed doesn't mean you can afford to become lazy, you need to push harder even more and keep the momentum alive. Because success is hard to get but it's harder to maintain it, some people go down and fail again once they tasted some level of success in their lives, they feel that they were already the king of the world, the are not working anymore that's why they become a slave again.

Enjoy the boredom, enjoy the suffering, just keep in mind that every time you sacrifice... your life becomes better and better, you became smarter and stronger.

It is what it is, you have to pay the price if you want to get a different result in your life, you can't be just wishing for it but not doing something to get it.

July 11, 2018


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July 10, 2018


If you can just ignore all the negativity surrounding you and focus on taking actions then you will have a better life. You have to accept that negative things and people will continue to disturb you and if your mind is not ready for it... you will have a hard time coping to it, you will have a hard time adjusting. The key here is to don't deal with them, just ignore them, you can never ignore them all but at least ignore 90 percent of them .

Just keep moving forward. Ignore the critics, ignore the haters, ignore the obstacles... find a way how to break through, entertain the most lighter thoughts that will make you happier and more positive. It's all about controlling your mind, it's all about focusing on the thoughts and things that will give you a better life. If you will focus on negative things then negative things will be attracted to you.

You will have more peace of mind of you can ignore the negative things surrounding you, the first step is to detect what is negative label them and simply ignore them. Even if they keep on disturbing you... simply ignore them, once you learned how to ignore them easily then they will not hurt you anymore, you will not even see them. Just think that it's a waste of time and energy giving them some attention, you will only become weak and soft.

Replace the negative thoughts with positive ones, ignore all the disturbing thoughts... they are not healthy for your brain.

Your life begins with your thoughts, any situation you attract... it's all because if your thoughts. If you can't neutralize your negative thoughts then you're in big trouble, you should always be aware if you're entertaining negativity or not.

It's better to think positive than to think negative, negativity will never give you anything good, it will only make you feel bad, your confidence will go down every time you engage with it. Being negative means being a loser, it means you are attracting sadness and misery into your life.

Fill your mind with the right thoughts that will give you a better life, thoughts about abundance, thoughts about winning and success, never entertain any weak thoughts that will will only make you slow and unproductive.

If there is something bothering you and you cannot control it... just ignore it. You don't need to waste your time and energy on it, you can do something that has more benefits and will make your life better.

It's hard in the beginning because negativity is too attractive but if you will only become disciplined to focus on the positive things then your life will change. The reality is... you will feel better if you're thinking about positive things.

There are more beautiful things in life, all you have to do is look for it and place your eyes on it, appreciate the beauty of life, you can live happier if you will only focus on the positive things

July 09, 2018


The best decision that you can ever do is to don't quit. You can rest, you can stop for a while but don't ever quit. Quitting is for losers, it is for people who pretending that they made an effort but deep inside they don't really want it.

It's normal to struggle, it's normal to face the difficulties in life, there is nothing wrong with that. Don't hit he panic button when you're suffering, it's ok... face the struggle and keep moving forward. You will find a way no matter what if your mind is so positive and enduring. It's all about who can stick with the process until the end. Most people are quitters, they want something but they are not willing to work hard until the end.

There will always be a breakthrough for every suffering, it will end in just a matter of time and you will rise like a phoenix, you will thrive like an action superstar. There is no way your situation will not change if you keep working hard and keep believing in yourself. All you have to do is don't quit, keep persevering, keep working and that's it... the formula is simple yet a lot of people can't get it. It's because they want to become successful right away, they want to take shortcuts, they will feel bad if they can't see any progress. That's not how success works, success will test you, it will challenge your mental toughness and if you're not strong enough mentally then you will quit fast.

So stop thinking about changing your path, stop thinking about what to do next. All you have to do is decide to not quit and you're already good. You will find that next step, you will find a way how to get it don. All you have to do is survive this day even if it's too damn hard.

Failing a lot of times is just part of the process. You think you're struggling? you think you're just wasting your time and energy? of course not. There is a progress that you can't see, there is an improvement that is going on even if you can't feel it yet.

Promise to yourself that you will stick with it no matter what. It looks impossible because you're always complaining and looking for results. Don't look at it and just focus on taking actions, you only have the right to complain if you give everything you've got and you still don't succeed.

The truth is... you only have just given your 50 percent, you still have a lot more to give. So stop making dramas and keep working, always one foot forward... this is the best play that you can do.

You can make ad decisions, you can make a lot of mistakes but the best decision that you can do is to never quit. Quitters are for losers, are you a loser? If you don't want to be labeled as a loser then quit the idea of quitting, make a declaration to always move forward no matter what. Look at yourself, if you're not moving forward then you're on the wrong direction. Just move forward even if the movement is so little, one day you will get there, one day you will get it.

July 09, 2018


How far can you go? what can you do for your dream? can you eat shit? can you go further until you can't see where you start? 

Your job is to see what you can do, its your responsibility to go to the extreme. If you will not do it then you are simply wasting your life, you are taking your once chance for granted. You only live once... why will you waste it for nothing? your life is so precious, you can do a lot of things with it. You can become great, you can become the number one, you can be anything you want. 

Test yourself, test your strength. You're stronger than what you think of yourself, you can maximize your power and achieve great things if you will only test yourself seriously. Anything can happen, anything is possible so give yourself a chance and never sell yourself short. 

Your potential is unlimited if you will push yourself and force yourself to take massive actions everyday. You will be surprised with how big you can become if you will only put your head into a right direction. 

Just do something, do something everyday to become better, do something to put yourself on a better position than yesterday. It's all about committing to greatness, it's all about making yourself a little bit more successful. 

Commit to make a little progress every now and then, make progress as your addiction, make a little upgrade to your business, skills, goals, dreams every now and then. If you do one positive thing now... you're not the same person as yesterday anymore, you improve a little bit. Keep making those little improvements until you become really big. 

How far can you go? are you willing to test yourself, this journey is not a joke. If you will not take it seriously then nothing will happen to you, just be fast and give your very best... that's it. 

Because if you will not test yourself then you will have a lot of regrets in the end, you will never see your prime, you will miss a once in a lifetime opportunity. Your life is your chance, it is your precious gem, never waste it for nothing, never take it for granted. 

If you will go further and further if you will only move forward everyday, never stop, never get satisfied of the little success that you are getting. You can always move forward if you want to, nothing can stop you, you are the only one stopping yourself. You are the one who is being lazy, you are the one who is procrastinating. 

Get excited with your own journey and see how far can you go, never care about other people's lives, never care about their journey, just focus on your own journey and make your life epic. It's never too late to test yourself, never think that you're too old. And even if you're still too young... you can also test yourself, use your youth to your advantage, never relax, never get complacent and comfortable. 

July 08, 2018


That's the biggest question... are you for real? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to win in life? Are you willing to give nothing but the best? Because if not then stop dreaming and just go back to your work that you don't love. Chasing success is not a joke. You should take it seriously or else you will never go anywhere.  

If you are for real then you will never stop, as simple as that. So if you are not for real then stop thinking about millions, stop thinking about the biggest things in life. You only have the right to dream big if you are for real. 

It's time to get serious, if you want to be taken seriously then stop acting like a clown, stop bumming around because succes has no time for people who are not willing to take risk and work hard. 

Work hard, be real. Be the hardest worker and see what you will accomplish by having that kind of mindset. You have nothing to lose if you work hard, you have everything to gain.

You are only real if your work ethic is real. You can lie but numbers don't if you really work hard for it and you sacrifice a lot then it will show on then reaults that you are getting, as simple that. So don't look for what is missing, don't look for something to blame if you can't succeed then it means your effort is too weak. 

Being real is being serious it is being driven and passionate. It's not something that you just want it's something that you want bad enough, you must be wiling to die for it or else it will not pay off.

Hard work doesn't always pay off hardest work does. So if you're not the hardest worker on planet... you don't have the right to complain.

July 08, 2018


There are more inside of you. You can do more you can still continue despite of feeling a lot of pain. Nothing can stop you if you will not stop yourself. You are the only one trying to make things difficult for yourself. If you will just keep moving and stop focusing on dramas and weakness then you will succeed.

Trust yourself a little bit more. Never stop until you become successful. You are in control here.

Keep grinding keep pushing. There are more opportunities, more chances it will never run out.

There is a plenty of energy waiting to be used, it can't come out because you don't want to try. It can't come out because you're so focused on your fears.

There are more you just need to believe it. Believe in the abundance of life, believe in your will power.

All you have to do is keep pushing. All you have to do is one step forward and never look back. Make a little progress every now and then.

What if you just give your very best? What do you think will happen? What if you don't stop believing in yourself?

There are more if you will give yourself a chance. There are more if you will not stop. Always belive that there are more, you can find it, you can get it, what you need will be given to you.

More more more... it will never run out. You can't see it by now but you will see it later. Just stay with the game, stay with the process and you will become successful.

July 07, 2018


Never care if you're just wasting your time... just do it, never care if you will get results or not... just do it. What matters is you are moving, you may win you may lose but at the end of the day you still give your best and you did not take your life for granted.

Never care if all of your efforts will be wasted so what? you can start all over again. You can waste more time giving your very best. At least you're focus in something and you're willing to do whatever it takes to get it, sometimes you need to get frustrated before you become successful, you need to doubt yourself, you need to question yourself if you still need to continue or not. 

It's ok to fail, it's ok to waste time pursuing your dream, at least you are doing something positive in your life, at least you're serious in getting it and not being like everyone else who are wasting their lives for nothing.

Just do it, if your heart is telling you to do it then do it, don't stop, don't settle, don't get satisfied... keep doing it again and again until it gives you something, until something shows on your way. If you will not do it then you will have a lot of regrets forever.

Focus on the process not on the success, if you're looking at the success a lot then nothing will happen to you, you will not progress, you will keep on thinking about it and you will get mad or depressed if you can't see yourself getting it.

Just focus on yourself, focus on taking actions, never mind what is happening outside of you, never care if you are going up or down, just keep moving forward because that is the best thing to do, that will make you feel alive, that will solve all of your problems.

Most people can't do it, most people can't pursue their dreams that's why they are not happy, that's why they feel like a bum, if you're too lazy and you're not doing something for your dream... that will be the end of your life, you need to trust the process even if the process takes forever.

Go all out, never settle for less, give everything you've got and always push yourself to the limits, don't be afraid to get tired, you will become tired even more if you're just daydreaming in your bed, you have to train yourself to start taking actions right away and never wait for the perfect timing to come... it will never come, you have to force yourself to take action. Slap yourself, take a bath, drink 10 cups of coffee, inject some red bull into your veins, do something to keep you going.

Because at the end of the day you will ask yourself if you give everything you've got or not, you will have regrets if you exert a weak effort, you will start to feel sorry for yourself if you can't move anymore.

July 06, 2018


Do you have that big heart? do you have what it takes to succeed? or are you just like others pretending to be brave? will you crumble during pressure times? or are will you stay calm and confident? the only question is... who will fight until the end? who will keep moving forward until he can't move anymore? can you? what is the size of your heart. Everybody can say that he is brave, everyone can proclaim that he will never give up but when the going gets tough... that is the reality, how will you handle a very difficult situation? if your heart is small as of now and you keep quitting every now and then... you can make it big by simply trying again and again, keep working, keep failing... your heart will expand, you will become courageous if you're simple focused on taking actions and doing whatever it takes to win in life.

It's not about looking like a savage or letting people know that you are brave, it's not about getting loud and intimidating somebody. It's about fighting and taking positive actions even if you're scared, it's about NOT GIVING UP when the going gets tough. All you have to do is stick with it and never stop and that's it.

Having a big heart means you're willing to fail, it means you're willing to accept any result that might happen, you just don't care at all, you just want to give your best. You don't care if the task in front of you is very difficult or impossible to finish, you just know that if you keep fighting hard and if you keep pushing then something good will happen.

If you have a small heart then try to make it big, develop it, fill it with courage, fill it with joy and hope. You have to test it if it's growing big, if you're always accepting challenges that are worth it and you keep on giving your best then your heart is growing... as simple as that.

Don't be a good talker, be a good executioner... keep taking actions even if you feel that you're not going anywhere... just do it, people will recognize all of your efforts one day, you will become successful one day, all you have to do is focus on taking one small step at a time, you will attract opportunities and success gradually.

So if you are failing and if you feel that you are not even making a small progress... just keep going, be like an ant... someone who just keep on moving forward no matter what. An ant doesn't mind if you're trying to kill him, he will get that food no matter what, he has one thing on his mind and that's it to get some food, he's not thinking about anything else other than that.

That big heart can be yours, anybody can get it if he is willing to take charge and face all the consequences of his actions. Keep taking risks that are worth taking, do it... pull the trigger and never settle for less. You can make it happen if you really want to make it happen, never entertain any excuses in your head and just get your goal. FORCE THE ISSUE.

July 05, 2018


It's not an excuse that you have a problem so you are allowed to not give your 100 percent best anymore. You must be a professional here, you must do what you are suppose to do. Being sick, having a personal problem, not in good shape, not in a mood, bad weather, bad timing, heart problems, family problems are not a valid excuse. You must still perform at your best and you should not act like there is something wrong with you. 

Stop making dramas, this world is not for the weak, only the strong survives. Stop making lame and soft excuses, if you need to drag yourself then drag yourself. Force yourself to make things happen. You need to work for things to work, the reality is you can still move even if you're hurting, you're just being lazy and dramatic that's why you can't give your best. 

Your problems will only get bigger if you will not move now and do something. Give your best and never think about what might happen in the future. If you lose you lose, if you win you win... what's the big deal about it? 

Ignore your problems and just focus on the task in front of you. Problems will come and go but the opportunity that is happening right now may not come back again. Be smart, ignore the bad feelings because it's just normal to for a person to have problems, it's part of your life so don't make it a big deal. 

Make it a habit to always giving your best and you will become the best. The best people will always give their 100 percent even if they are not feeling well, even if they have problems. They don't mind dragging themselves to take action. They simply knew that they will  never feel perfect all the time, they knew that it's not going to be an easy task if they want to reach a certain level of success. 

You can move anytime you want to, you can give your best anytime you want to. The greatest ones never make excuses, they have pride, they never ask for sympathy or something... they will push until the end and get what they think they deserve. 

Any kind of problem should never stop you, small or big problems... it is nothing, you are still in control, you can still think right even if you're in pain, you can still push yourself to the limits even if you are enduring something. Just try to give your best every single second and you don't have to worry anymore. It's ok if you're not perfect, it's ok to have mistakes, what matters is the effort... the desire to become successful and the fire burning inside of you. 

Because if you will not give your best now... it will become a habit, you will never give your best even if you feel good, you will be satisfied of becoming a mediocre, you will always exert a weak effort. If you really wanted to become great then give your best and never hold yourself back, stop focusing on excuses... focus on winning, focus on taking actions.

July 05, 2018


The reason why you can't have it is because you're so afraid to lose it, you're so afraid that you might not get it. You will not even try because you don't want to fail, you will not push yourself because you don't want to get tired, you don't want your efforts to look wasted.

Why will you be afraid of failing? you don't have it from the very beginning, you don't have anything when you were born, you have nothing to lose here.

Just give it a try, you have everything to gain if you try, you are giving yourself a best chance to succeed if you try. Nobody will remember that you fail, people don't care, the reason why you don't want to try is because you don't want to get judged, you think that people will say some ugly things at you when you fail. That is not true, the moment you fail... people will instantly forget you, they will not even talk about your performance, they will only put you on a conversation if you are succeeding.

Just work, never stop until you get what you want... that is how to live life, that is how to set yourself free from procrastination and worrying.

You are suppose to challenge yourself, you are suppose to push yourself to the limits and see what is possible. Again don't be afraid because you have zero possessions from the very beginning, don't be afraid to lose because you have nothing to lose.

Everything in this world is just temporary, you may hold it for a little while but it will not be yours forever, it will be gone when you die. It's not about being negative, it's the reality.

Just try to have it, try to experience it, there is no harm in trying. It becomes painful because you're expecting too much, you want to get rewarded right away, you don't want to waste some energy. But success doesn't work that way, you will only become successful if you really work hard and give everything you've got.

You will have it if you are fearless, you will have it if you're not afraid to lose it. Don't be too hard on yourself if you fail, failing is normal, it will make your grow if you think that it is an essential for your development. Fail as much as you can and your percentage of succeeding will also go up. Failing is not a big deal, it happens to anyone.

Just do it, just try it, never hold yourself back, put yourself on a best position to succeed. You can produce results if you will allow yourself to become successful. So get uncomfortable working, face the pain of trying, face the unknown and never sell yourself short. Never settle for weak results, always strive for greatness and never exert a weak effort, you are better than what you think about yourself, you just need to have some self confidence and the tenacity to not give up.

Don't be afraid because life is just a game, the winners in life are the ones who are not afraid to fail.

July 04, 2018


Once you produce a little success today... keep pushing, never celebrate, never think that you already made it because the momentum will die if you do so. Once you feel that your'e doing something right... do it over and over again, never stop, never get complacent.

Momentum is a very powerful tool to become successful, you always have to strike while the iron is hot. Don't be shy, don't get conservative, you must be able to smell blood and have a killer instinct, know when to attack, know when to make a calculated risk.

Don't be very cautious about how you feel, ignore discomfort, just keep going and never stop... that is what it's all about. Greatness is about continuous improvement, it's a way of life, it's a life style, you need to have a very strong motor, if you don't want your momentum to die then focus on the goal and never stop until you have it.

So once you are feeling it... never stop, keep doing it, keep pounding it until it's not working anymore. It's so fun having that momentum, it's on your side, it is your friend, don't be afraid of it.

And when the momentum is not on your side anymore... don't worry because you can do a lot of maneuver, just read the situation and study what do you need to do. It's all about adapting and improvising.

The idea here is to keep moving forward, momentum will go back to you if you have no plan of quitting anytime soon. You will know if you have the momentum or not, don't panic if it's not on your side, just keep going, stay calm and relaxed... the right time to strike will come.

WHAT IF NOTHING IS HAPPENING? It's time to force the issue if you can't see the momentum going back on your side, do something crazy, do something that has a chance to make an impact. You can never force momentum to go back on your side if you're just watching and waiting for the right timing.

Momentum will be on your favor if you are brave enough to create it. Don't be afraid of creating it, never wait for the right timing for so long because that will make you stuck in a mud, it will make you waiting forever.

Once there is something good happening... focus on it, never stop it, repeat it even if you're so tired. If you feel confident that you can do it then do it, never hesitate and even if you're not confident at all... still try, still roll the dice, don't be afraid to make mistakes because having that kind of mentality is a big sin. Don't you know that making mistake is also part of getting the momentum back? just because it looks bad doesn't mean it's not right. It looks bad for now but once you learned what to do next then it will become good in just a matter of time.

The momentum is always on your side if you have a positive thinking, you will see the opportunities, you will attract small success that will lead to larger success.

July 03, 2018


The magic of just moving forward is very powerful, you will get results, you will get opportunities, you will have more fun in life. You will forget all of your problems, you will be a man on a mission making little progress every now and then. It will be an enjoyable journey. Of course there will be struggles, there will be pain but you will be able to overcome all of it if you believe in yourself and you simple move forward. You feel unstoppable, you feel relentless, you feel like an unstoppable warrior that has the exaclibur sword, you feel nothing can take you down at all.

All you have to do is do what you know, do what you can do, use your power, unleash the beast in you. Look for the goal, it can be today's goal, long term goal or a simple task that you know if you finish will make you feel good and free. Just one step at a time and move forward, no backward, no going back, no acting like a coward. Of course there is something you can do and you have to do it now or else that fire inside of you will die.

A lot of people can't just move forward that's why they are lost, that's why they can't become happy. Little progress creates happiness... remember this and it will be easier for you to become happy.

It's hard to start because you're always looking to finish fast, you are always looking to become successful fast, you want results right away. You will only get results if you were able to enjoy any kind of process. Never care if you're progressing or not, never care if you're making big results or not... just do it and never stop until you become successful.

Don't be hesitant to move forward because it will set you free, it will make you find your sanity back again, it will make you feel good. Doing something feels so much better than doing nothing. You will have no regrets if you give your very best today, you will feel really accomplished once you do what you don't want to do.

You will only sacrifice for a little time and you will reap the rewards for a very long time. Sacrifice now and do what is needed. If it's hard then be happy because you're on the right path, if it's hard then it means the prize is bigger.

So keep working, keep moving... that's all you need to do, this is a journey. Don't be afraid to fail, don't be afraid to make mistakes, it's all about movement, it's all about adjusting and adapting with the situation.

Moving forward means you are doing the right thing in your life, it doesn't necessarily mean that you need to be perfect and do the smoothest execution, you just need to move and give your best every single day.

So do it, keep doing it, do it again and again... move forward until there is no more room for moving forward. Keep looking for that little space, search that small improvement, gather those little growth. Moving forward has a magic, it will show you the way, it will give you what you need.

July 02, 2018


How to improve everyday is simply doing it everyday, doing it without any hesitation, doing it even if it's uncomfortable. Doing it at the edge of your skills, you need to force yourself to really give your best or else greatness will not come out . Consistency is the name of the game, always remember that no efforts will be wasted, all of your sacrifices, works will be rewarded in the right time. Stay being  patient and stay committed to the grind, never waste time, never skip any day... keep working and working until you finally get there.

Just do it now, don't wait for the right time, don't wait to feel good before you do it, you have to do it over and over again so that you will feel comfortable doing it without any resistance.

A winner never wait, he simply win at all cost, he simply win by doing whatever it takes and using all of the resources around him.

Pound it, grind it, do it, finish it. Never listen to the voices screaming you that you can't do it, of course you can do it. Just take action and that's it. Improving is just being consistent and repetition, repeat a skill that you want to master, never mind if you got so much bored of it... just do it again and again and you will improve.

Patience is the key for improvement, you can't be looking for results right away, that's a big sin. If you want to really improve then you need to trust time, you need to take massive actions, you need to enjoy the process even if it looks like no results are coming. Improving needs dedication, you need to be mindful of yourself, you need to watch yourself closely and practice discipline in order to gain rapid improvement.

A mistake doesn't mean you're not improving, a failure after another doesn't mean you're not improving. If you're taking actions and giving your best every single day then you're already improving, don't look for the finish line, just focus on enjoying every action that you're executing.

It's all about the focus, it's all about the willingness to get better. Improvement can happen to anyone, if he is willing to dedicate a lot of time for the process and have the vision to move forward no mater what.

Never compare yourself to others, that kind of attitude will slow down the process. Never think about what other people are thinking or doing, mind your own business, just do it and do it and do it. You will make mistakes every now and then but never forget to keep the lesson.

Find the next action and the next one and the next one... never stop until you become successful. Always keep in mind that there is something you can do to improve. Never settle for less, always be at the edge of your skill, train yourself to give your best everyday and to keep working harder than yesterday, it's all about in the effort that you put in, you can improve as much as you want if you're desire is so strong. No matter what age you are, there is always a room for improvement. So keep on training, keep on working and never think that your time is being wasted if you can't see any progress, just trust the process and believe that you will become successful in the end.

June 30, 2018


You think that's the best you can do, you think you can't push anymore and cannot even go further... that's what you think. You're not giving your best yet, you're still acting like weak, you're not giving yourself a chance to see what is possible if you really give everything you've got. Trust yourself, just do something positive, do something that you think will make an impact, don't be shy, don't be afraid just do it and do it again tomorrow or later. It's the repetition, it's like destroying the wall using your fist, you need to try over and over again until the begin to crack.

You think $100,000 dollars is all you can get? you think 100 push up is all you can do? you think that you're just a supervisor and cannot become a manager anymore because you're too old? what if you push yourself? what if you don't stop? what if you do whatever it takes to win in life? You're only using your 80 percent power, you're not done yet, you're not exhausted yet, there is still a big fight left in you. You need to believe that you can do more and be more, produce more and get more. Think big, never think small.

Don't be afraid to lose, don't be afraid to try, it's all about trying and avoiding regrets, you can only avoid regrets if you really give your best and didn't take any second for granted. Value your time, value your focus, only do the things that will give you results... that will make you progress a little bit. There will be times when you wanted to give up, there will be times when you think it's over but don't believe that weak thought, don't believe in your fears, never entertain an idea that doesn't empower you.

You are the only one who can predict your future, you are the only one who can create your life. It's up to you if you will give your very best or not.

If you really wanted to see what you can do then give your very best, never settle for less, never think about weak ideas, never entertain hopelessness. It's about time to make yourself great, it's about time to become the best version of yourself.

Dream more, do more and achieve more. See it in your eyes, make it real through your actions. Don't just believe it, don't just dream it... do it. Take massive actions, it's all about being consistent, it's all about continuity... never kill the momentum, make it stronger everyday.

You are what you think about yourself, if you think you can't do it then you will never make it but if you think there is a possibility then you must try with all your might. Never stop until you succeed, and once you become successful... go to another level right away. No rest, no complacency... motivate yourself to work harder even more.

Grind all day long, hustle and commit to greatness, commit to winning the biggest battle of your life.

June 29, 2018


A lot of people were so scared to fail because they hate the feeling of failing, they were so scared because the think that it is painful and humiliating, yeah it is painful but you can always recover from that pain. That pain will teach you a lesson that you can use in the future. That pain will make you stronger and tougher. So if you haven't felt the feeling of being down yet... you should feel it now, try something, take risks... do something that is scary and don't be afraid to fail.

At one point in your life, you will become a failure, everything that you are doing is not working, you will feel that it's the end of the world but if you manage to survive and rise up... congratulations, you're a new person now, you're tougher than who you were yesterday. Never let your psychology control you, control your psychology.

If you're down for a long time you will never be scared to fall even deeper, you know the feeling of it, you're not afraid to feel that depression, sadness, stress and weakness again. You know how it feels, you're not a virgin to it.

That's why NBA players who were really broke during their child hood made it to the top, they don't have any direction anymore other than going up. They were down for so very long so they weren't afraid to take risks anymore. They give everything they have for their craft that's why they were so very successful.

So if you are feeling down now... don't panic, don't be scared of it, it's normal, your situation will change if you will just embrace it and take one simple action at a time.

If you're down... you have no choice but to go up, you have no choice but to become strong and fight back, there is no pressure anymore because the next sequence will be all about winning and thriving. Because there is no other direction waiting for you, there is no other path available for you. You're already down, you can't go down even more.

So keep trying and keep working because you have nothing to lose. You have everything to gain, what is left to lose in your life? you've been suffering for years, what is it to be afraid of? you know how to struggle, you know how to lose... use that pain to become victorious in life.  There should be less pressure on your side because you know that failing won't hurt you anymore. You've been there a million times, it can never shake you anymore.

Being down is not a bad thing, actually... it is a blessing in disguise, it will mold your fighting spirit, it will turn you into a beast. All you have to do is give your best and that's it, you should be at the edge of your skills, you should never take anything for granted, never exert a weak effort... ever. Always remember that the cards dealt to you are always good, even if it is a low card... use it to your advantage.

June 28, 2018


You don't need to be great, you just need to be effective. Greatness is very deep, it is very hard, it has a lot of resistance, some people think that being great is the only key to happiness and success but it is not. Stop chasing greatness, look at your strength and just strive to become effective, look for what is missing. You may just know some basic things but you can produce better results than people who knows advance.

It's about being effective, a star player can do a lot of things, he can carry the team but if he don't know how to operate under pressure then he is still nothing, there are some other players who operates well under pressure than him.

You can know little but earn a lot. A lot of people thinks that they are smart, they think they know everything but when it comes to getting rich.... they don't know anything. They cannot even accept that a person who is not smarter than them is earning more. It's all about the effectivity, look for what is working in your life, look for what you enjoy the most and focus on it.

It's easier to become effective than to become great, once you're effective you will know how to become great, you will never touch greatness unless you are producing something that is giving you some confidence. Your effectiveness is the barometer to greatness. So if you feel that you can't become great then just strive to become effective, always look for what is clicking, find the process that will give you a momentum, find the technique that will give you happiness while doing it and never stop doing it.

You will reach another level if you focus on what is effective and you never know... that path may lead to greatness one day. Always focus on what is working, focus on what is giving you motivation while taking actions.

A lot of gurus knows everything but they are getting poor results, a lot of self proclaimed greats can talk about great things but they are producing poor results. Look for effectiveness not for greatness, greatness will happen if you keep on being effective everyday. They can say whatever they want, they can say that you are too plain, basic and simple but if you are constantly making great results then you still have the last laugh.

What are you waiting for? look for what is working, look for what is giving you happiness and small progress, focus on it everyday, be happy with it and try to make it grow as much as you can. Remember that you don't need to become great just to become happy, you just need to become effective.

You get better and better while doing what is effective, you will go to a different level, greatness is waiting for you at the top.

So stop comparing yourself to others, create your own effective path, create your own journey, never mind if you are great or not what matters is you are making results every now and then.

June 28, 2018


People are making happiness as a big deal, they are freaking out if they can't get it. They are getting depressed if they can't feel good. They were so jealous with other people who are so happy.

To be honest with you... happiness is not that valuable, it's only a 5-10 minutes feelings but it will never stay in your system forever. Happiness is just an emotion, you're always looking for it that's why you can't get it, you always think that there is something missing in your life, you always think that you need to have something new or experience something different just to become happy.

You think that food can make you happy, you think that buying a coffee at the starbucks and posting it in your social media accounts makes you happy, but after doing that how did you feel? you feel empty right? you feel like looking for something else again.

Happiness is not valuable, don't ever think that it's the only think that is important in your life, you can live without happiness, you can focus on something else that will entertain your life. Continuous pursue of happiness will make you depressed, you will get lost. Did it ever happened to your life when you really wanted to become happy but you don't know what will make you happy? you feel like a child lost in the park, you're almost going crazy, you are losing your sanity.

Forget about happiness, it will come if it will come. It will come on the right time, it cannot be forced, it's just a feeling why will you make it a big deal?

Life is not all about being happy, you can still live even if you're sad. Don't ever make happiness as a big deal because it is really not. If you'r sad now you will become happy later and if you're happy now there is still a big possibility that you will become sad later, there is no permanent emotion.

Most people will say that their happiness is their car, family, jewelry, vacation, house etc. Their happiness were purely based on the outside and not on the inside that's why they were always sad, they were always attached from something that's why they don't know what to do every time they are sad.

It's all about embracing your emotions, it's all about not panicking every time you feel bad. Finish your task even if you're not excited or motivated, do your job even if you don't feel happy at all. Actions creates positive emotions, you have to keep moving forward if you want your emotions to change. Stop making dramas, stop acting like your're entitled of happiness. Just move forward and never stop until you finally feel good. Moving will make you feel good, progress will give you confidence.

So don't quit on your life, don't ever think that you have no chance to become happy anymore, just suck it up, if you're feeling bad and negative now just embrace it keep embracing it and you will learn that it's not that bad. Stay calm, stay relaxed and just live your life. Remember that happiness is not of a big deal, everyone can achieve it, the only question is who is willing to appreciate any kind of emotion that he is feeling right now? if you're one of these people who is ok with any kind of feeling then you are likely to become happier in the future.

June 26, 2018


There is something that is stopping you... and you need to break it, you need to push yourself little by little. You need to find that little progress, you need to step out of the line of boundary... you need to become unlimited. That boundary is stopping you for so very long. You need to do something about it... ask yourself what are you doing right now that may take you to another level? are you doing the right thing? or are you simply being like others not being able to fight the temptation? Just a little TV show shouldn't bother you, just a call from your friend shouldn't take away your focus, just a little noise shouldn't make you feel bad. If you really want to take your life to another level then keep working, never stop. 

All you have to do is keep moving and find a way how to make something happen. Hard work is necessary here, you can't be hoping and expecting things to happen if you will not work hard. Work hard as much as you can and treat your work as a serious business. If you want break through, if you want to change your life then you must break that boundary. It can be a small improvement, it can be a small change... once you break that limiting belief then you are good to go, you are ready to become a big time. 

It's like punching a door, it may hurt you, it may break your hand but the door is getting destroyed little by little. This is a slow process, this is a grind, you will cry because sometimes it's really painful, you would love to quit because you can't make any results. 

Just do something you know, do something you can do and never think if you're progressing or not, sometimes you will feel that you are not progressing because you can't see massive results. 

You really have to choose if you want to grow or not, if you will evolve or not. If you will choose improvement then be ready to face the pain, be ready to punch every huge rock that is blocking your way. 

It's a grind, the best way to get ahead is to stop caring if you're feeling good or bad, stop caring if people are laughing at you or judging you that you are wrong... just keep moving forward and never stop until you break that boundary. 

Any boundary is just an illusion, you created that inside of your head. Procrastination, laziness and indecision created that boundary but the good news is... you can still break that boundary, you can still thrive, you can still rise. Stay committed to the process, give your best every single day and never quit. Why will you settle for something less? why will you get satisfied with something that you didn't like from the very beginning? you can do more, you can achieve more, you just need to believe yourself more. Go and break that boundary, punch it, kick it, cut it, break it, do everything to destroy it. 

June 25, 2018


You've been talking a lot these days, you're bragging about what you can do and how good you are, you're talking like a king telling everyone how sure you are that you're going to become successful. But where is that swagger now? why are haven't you made any results yet? why are you hiding? why are you not moving? the bragging is over, it's time to make a move and give everything you can.

That's it? that's so weak, everybody can do that, everybody can pretend that he is working hard but in reality he is only giving his 50 percent or the worse is even less. If you want to have serious results then you should do what you've been telling to the people. If you want to be taken seriously then be serious in anything that you're doing. You've been telling them that you can earn millions but how come you're just earning hundreds? is that the best you can do? is that what you are made of? you can lie but you numbers won't.

Be the real deal, everyone is talkers nowadays, everyone is acting like they can do something but when they discover how hard it is to become successful they will change their minds, they will make excuses just to avoid taking actions.

Your laziness is destroying your success, you're always prioritizing your laziness, you're always trying to feel comfortable that's why you can't even make a small progress. You're hyping yourself up too much but you're not really doing what is supposed to be done.

It's time to grind homie, it's time to leave the fake version of you, make an effort now, take massive actions and never exert a weak effort. Do what you said and never make excuses whenever things get uncomfortable, chasing success is not a joke, it's not a game, you have to be more than yourself if you want to become a huge success.

Remember what you've been telling everyone, remember who you are and never exert a weak effort. Always give your 100 percent or even more all the time.

You can do more if you are willing to take actions and be patient, the key here is stop looking for results and focus on taking actions all the time, make little progress every now and then.

Don't waste time, every second, every minute is an opportunity to take action. Make a move now, start fast and finish strong. Make it a habit to always work hard, make it a habit to prioritize progress than rest. You'er talking too much in the past, now is the time to take charge and do what you are hyping about yourself.  Be real, subtract the time of talking and increase the number of actions. You know if you're giving your best or not, you know if you're clowning around or not. If you are really serious about being successful then do whatever it takes, never rest until you're done, never rest until you achieve your goals.

June 25, 2018


It's not about winning, it's not about how great you are, it's not being above others... it's how tough you are. Because at the end of the day, you will lose everything, you will become a failure at one part in your life. And if you're not ready for the worst... you're in big trouble my friend. 

Everybody is good and acting confident when they are winning but they are acting like a worst loser when they are down, they are panicking, they are freaking out. That's what will happen if you're always looking for comfort, that's what will happen if you think you already think that you're tough but you're not. Even the greatest ones feel depression, some of them are even quitting. 

Choose toughness over looking good or looking like a winner, everybody can pretend to be a winner but toughness... it's something that you can never fake, faking toughness is looking like a clown, people will see who you really are. Because at the end of the day, it's not about who is winning but it's the one who is not quitting. Winning is very easy but enduring is very hard. What will you do if your life is falling apart? what will you do if you cannot control the situation anymore? That's why in this world... you have to experience the worst so you have no pressure anymore, if your mind is ok with experiencing the worst things in life then it will be very easy for you to become successful. You will not feel bad when something is bad, you will never feel uncomfortable when something is threatening your comfortable life. You just knew that it will end in just a matter of time. 

So never mind if you're not winning in life, just keep working hard and make your personality tough, make your mind tough, it's all about toughness. Because if you can survive this day and keep trying your best... victory will fall into your hands.

Never let any pressure melt you, never let any tragedy make you crazy... just survive this day, breathe and keep working... as simple as that. If you can take actions and keep moving forward while you're suffering then life can never belittle you, life can never scare you. 

Toughness not greatness creates success, it's the intangibles that creates results, it's the incognitive traits that will make your triumphant. 

So forget about comfort, forget about looking like a winner, just practice being tough every single day. 

Because at the end of the day... everyone will quit, everyone will complain, everyone is sick and tired... all of them will look for comfort and they will freak out once they can't see it. But you... you are a different animal, you don't care what your situation is, you just know that you are alive and you're so appreciative of it. You're so satisfied with what you have and you just know that your situation will become better if you keep moving forward. 

June 25, 2018


If you want to have an easier life... never care if you're having fun or not, just work and do what you're suppose to do. Most people can't succeed in their lives because they are always looking to have fun, they are always looking for that temporary highs and they don't care if what they do is bad or will have a bad consequence, they will just do it because they think that it's fun.

You care so much about fun that is why your life is not having any good direction. You're a happy lucky guy, you're a bastard... admit it or not but you are weak, you easily fall into temptation, you never care about the consequences of your action. You're so impulsive, you're so easily seduced by the things that will give you fun now but misery in the end.

Success is not all about having fun, it's not about having good emotions... it's about doing what is necessary, making sacrifices for a better tomorrow.

Sacrifice now, do the work now and never care if you're having fun or not. Having fun is all in the mind, if you can have fun doing your work then you will finish a lot of things. This life is very simple, success is very easy to get if you are focused on doing the right things that will direct you to a better life.

Caring too much about having fun will never change your life, it will only become worse. People care because they care too much about their emotions, they want to have a lot of fun everyday. If you're looking for fun and comfort then you will never grow, you should look for discomfort.

Just go hard and push yourself to make a little bit progress everyday, choose the difficulty. Set a small goal and attack it right away, it can be a small amount of money, it can be small steps to make your health better, it can be doing small tasks at a time. It can be anything,

You can change, you can make results if you will not care about having fun or not, it's not about having fun, it's about accomplishing something may it be small or big.

Never get jealous with other people if they're having too much fun and you're not, remember... life is an emotional roller coaster, they are having fun now but they will feel bad too after that. If you are having fun now, you will be stressed again later. Nobody is born to become happy every second. Life is not about happiness, it's about balance and how are you going to handle your emotions to give you an edge in life.

So never care if you are enjoying your life or not. If you're sad now, if you're suffering now... it will change later, just think positive, just appreciate what you have and you will become happier. The more pain you are willing to endure, the more happiness is waiting for you.

June 23, 2018


There is no real project here... you are the real project. You think you are doing something to finish it, you think it will make the owner project happy? you are the real project here, every time you give your best you are getting better, every time you push yourself you get better and you achieve more things in your life. Stop thinking about finishing your project fast, start focusing on yourself, are you really getting better by doing that project? did you learn something? did it help you to become a better person. Some people are doing something but they are getting worse, they don't care about the project they will just do it for the money, they really don't know what is going on... they will just finish it without even thinking if it is really making them better.

So look at yourself carefully, are you improving while doing that project, did you become mentally stronger? did you become more skilled? did you stretch yourself? were you able to reach another level?

The real project is you, not the building that you are building, not the project from your client, not the business that you are trying to grow, not the goal that you are pursuing, not the dream that you are chasing, not the house that you are building... the real project is you, are you growing by doing that? If the answer is yes then keep doing it but if not then why are you doing it? it's useless, if you feel that you're not improving while doing something then stop it, it's a complete waste of time because it will never go anywhere.

Stop building that there is a real project here, the real project is you, you are building yourself everyday, you are making yourself. You are not creating masterpieces, you are not creating buildings, houses or airplanes... you are building yourself. It's either you improve, you learn or you become worse. It all depends on your attitude towards your work, it all depends on your perspective. If you're just looking for the money and you're not giving your best then you're making yourself worse.

But if you're passionate about what you do and you are taking it seriously then you are slowly getting better each day. You are learning more, you are getting closer to success.

So stop being concerned about the project, be more concern about yourself. Ask yourself if you are becoming a better person, ask yourself if you're learning something. You know it, you can feel it, you can never lie to yourself.

Focus on becoming better, focus on growing and you will be happier in your life. Instead of focusing on what is needed to be done... focus on yourself. How are you going to get better? what will you do to and what will you think to have more fun in your work? what are you trying to achieve, did you really want it? what will you do to make yourself better than yesterday?

June 23, 2018


You are not suppose to be here anymore, you are suppose to be there... to the place where kings and queens are living. This is your starting point, it's been years and years... why didn't you achieve any significant thing yet in your life? a lot of time has passed, you are suppose to be big by now, look at you...still acting like a bitch, still playing around, still clowning around, it's time to take things seriously.

You are suppose to be successful by now, this is not your place, there is a better place waiting for you. Stop selling yourself short, stop thinking that it's the only thing you can do, you can do more and achieve more... stop fooling yourself.

If you will only work hard and give your best then you're not here anymore, you will be somewhere else where you can grow better and achieve a series of wins. But it's not yet over, you can still win in life, you can still turn things around all you have to do is make a little adjustment.

Get out of here, force yourself to go somewhere else where you can grow and achieve more. There are better things waiting for you, there are bigger opportunities waiting to be explored, all you have to do is have the courage to face all the challenges that are blocking your way.

Change your attitude, change your mind, change your habits and you will change your life. It's just a matter of changing something to get something new. If you will practice the same style again and again then nothing will change. 

The reason why you can't move is because you're not moving, you think that your actions are not right, you're always selling yourself short, you think that your first step is nonsense and will not make any impact at all.

Use the power of consistency, do something for your dream everyday until you get it. It can be a 30 minute work, it can be a 1 hour work, what matters is you never skip a day, you should do something for it everyday if you want your momentum to not stop. Keep pushing, every time you push... good things will happen, you may not see it now, you may not feel it now but trust me... something good is happening every time you push.

If you want to go there then go there, take the first step now, stop hesitating. It's really uncomfortable to start but once you get started you will feel good, you will feel happy. People who are sad are not moving, they are stuck in the same place, they are not taking risks, they are not willing to work hard that's why they are stuck in the same place for years.

You are better than what you think of yourself, you can only see improvement if you are moving, move now and never get satisfied. You have unlimited potential, you only need to unleash the beast in you, you need to get uncomfortable working hard and pushing yourself every now and then.