April 21, 2017


Never skip anything, never hide anything, don't be afraid of anything. Deal with anything that is in your life. Any problem you have... deal with it. Any mistake that you did...enjoy it and have fun with it. The idea here is to not make life perfect but to enjoy it even if it is ugly and imperfect. Because anything that is not nice that is happening to your life is still part of your life, it is still part of who you are, you cannot delete it, it is already there, you can forget it but it is better if you will just appreciate it even if it is hard.

You can become happy anytime you want, most of you didn't know it because you are so consumed by what is happening around. Happiness is just a mental state, it is not about money, fame, big houses, appreciation from other people or any external things. Happiness is is very easy to achieve if you are willing to accept it and make things simpler than it was.


Just accept it, accept that it is part of your life. If you are getting embarrassed, if you are being humiliated, if you are failing, if you are losing, if you are crying... Accept it all. Accepting it will make your life easier, accept that it's all part of the book of your life. Every chapter is important, every chapter means something.

Because if you will not accept it then things will become more difficult, you will have a hard time adjusting, you will become worried, crazy and you will entertain a lot of negative stuffs in your life. Just enjoy every second of your life and try to make it a masterpiece. Enjoy breathing, enjoy moving, enjoy suffering.


It is still up to you if you want to feel good or bad, it is up to you if you will worry or move. Making a little bit of movement will give you joy, it will make you forget that you have a problem so the best thing to do is just take actions even if it is not making a big impact to your life. You can choose how you feel, it depends on your perception. If you think that everything happens for a reason then you can move on so fast and forget everything bad that happens to you. If you think that you are being cursed and you have a bad luck and life is unfair then you will stay with that ugly grid even more.


1. Think about the better things that might happen if you think positively. Just always think that life is a roller coaster, you maybe down now but you can go to the top tomorrow, you can always improve your life and make it more meaningful. Remember that life is not permanent, you maybe sad now but you can always become happy tomorrow. Your emotions will change if you will think positively and do the right thing.

2. Remember that life is so fast and short. It is a stupid thing to worry about life and dwell on the bad things that are happening because you can always choose to think positively and be happy about you life. Life is so short, if you will not use it to become happy then you are just wasting it. Don't ever think that you have a lot of time because by doing that... you will begin to become lazy and take every second of your life for granted, you will become more irritable, hot headed, impatient and rushing in life.

3. Always feel blessed. Just breathing freely without feeling anything bad is a blessing, just being able to walk, talk and live life is a true happiness. Yet a lot of people can't appreciate it, they were looking for some other things. They don't know that happiness comes from the simplest things like laughing, joking time with family and friends, pursuing a goal, being creative etc. A lot of people are blessed, it is sad to think that they don't know it.

4. Never look at your situation, look at your feelings. Why are you feeling bad? why are you being rattled on small things that won't even kill you? why are you being affected by people that doesn't matter to your life? look at your feelings and study how you feel. You will be able to see that you can still feel good if you will kill your ego, you can always feel better if you are not rushing and looking at other people's lives. Just look at your life, take care of your own business and emotions. Learn how to control your ego, learn how to stay relaxed and you will be able to experience life even more.

5. Life is just a game. It is how you play it, it is how you look at your life and choose the best steps that will make your position even better. Life is not a race, it is a game. The game of life should be played very well, you should play it to give you true happiness not temporary happiness. You design your life, you play it, you tweak it. You can do anything if you will only do the right steps. Life is to be enjoyed and not to be cursed. Play your life very well, play it while you still have it.


Forget hating, forget your ego, forget that you've been treated unfair and that you deserve more. You will get what is for you if you are patient enough to work for it and wait for it. Acceptance is very easy, just accept everything that is happening and let go. Remember that you can't carry anything with you once you're dead, remember that none of these things matters. All you need to do is be happy with your life while you're still alive.

April 20, 2017


If nobody is giving a shit about you now... don't worry you will become famous later. You only need to work hard, give super nice insights or ideas and then disappear. People will miss you if you disappear, it's not that you are going to die or something. Just take a vacation and never come back.

If you leave a world with something useful and can help them in someways, once you're not producing those things anymore... they will miss you, they will ask for more, they will ask for your comeback.

For some reasons, people can't appreciate you now, your works are not getting money or rewards but it's ok, those things doesn't matter, what matters is you are enjoying what you are doing and you are contributing something for the world. You are giving them ideas and outputs that will make their lives better. If you can touch people's lives then you're already a winner, you're already successful, you don't need anything else.


It can be anything that will make other people's lives better. It can be a blog, an organization, a livelihood program etc. It can be anything that will contribute to the society. You can can make a difference, you can set a perfect example. They may not appreciate you in the beginning but for sure they will in the end, especially if you are getting successful in what you're doing.

Sometimes it takes time to be appreciated, it takes a lot of patience to earn something great. It is what it is, you can't rush time, you can't force results to happen if it is not the right time yet. All you can do is create something valuable, create more and more, never get tired of creating.


If you retired in what you're doing and they miss you then it simply means you are valuable, it means your works really mean something. Your disappearance will become your existence, they will look for you and ask you to do more, they will miss you badly, they will appreciate you even more. But it's ok, you can come back anytime you want... that is if you still want to come back. You can come back again and this time people already knew who you are, people already have a high respect to you.


1. It is not the right time yet, everything and everyone has his own time, your time will come if you are patient enough to wait for it. Just keep working and working, learn to enjoy every second of your work so you will not be bored waiting for your time.

2. It hasn't peak yet, your works has not reach the level of greatness yet for it to become popular. You are not that great yet. Yeah, maybe you are good but not good enough. You need to work harder, practice more and dedicate your whole life for your work so that it will give you the results that you want.

3. You are not focused. You will work for an hour then will stop for 2 hours, you will work for one week then stop for one month. You are not being professional, you are acting like it is ok to become not focused in your work. You should work like a river that keeps on flowing, you should not stop, you should be very consistent and take your work seriously. A small effort here and there will not get the job done, you must be all out when you are trying something.

4. You easily give up. You will try a process for one week and if it didn't go well... you will quit. You will try another process and another one until your mind goes crazy and you don't know what to do anymore. Don't give up so fast, life is not about winning, it is about not giving up. If you don't give up then you already won, as simple as that. A lot of people almost made it but they give up even though they are almost there. Always remember that it keeps getting harder when you're almost there so if you feel so tired... it means you will win in just a matter of time.

5. There is a missing piece. All you have to do is find that piece, you can only find it if you keep on working and working. Always remember that you only need to become right once, once you find the right formula then everything will become very easy. Look for that missing piece, it's there, you just need to seek harder than before.

6. You are looking at other people's work. If you keep on comparing yourself with the work of others then you will never win. You will not become true to yourself, you will even copy some of their moves and strategies. You will never reach your true potential, the result is failure.

7. You are absorbing the wrong information. When someone says how to do things... you will believe him and follow him, you never trust your own instincts. You get easily hypnotized by fake advisers. Be careful whom you listen to, be careful of what information are you absorbing so you can make your stuff work. Never listen to a lot of people, and mostly... listen to your heart.

8. You really don't believe your work. There are some doubts in your heart, you don't believe your work with all your heart. There is a voice whispering in your ears that you can't do it and you often listen to them. When things gets hard... you are being hopeless and unmotivated. You must believe your work to the point where you feel invincible and number one. You must feel that you are the greatest and you can't make any mistakes.

9. You are procrastinating a lot. You have a lot of side activities going on. You are wasting your precious time that is why you can't make it work. Cut all the bullshits in your life and you're already on your way to success.

April 19, 2017


Sometimes you think that you already gave your best, sometimes you think that what you did is all you got. You don't know that you have a lot of hidden strength in your body, your strength is unlimited. Even your mental power... it is unlimited, but you can only discover your hidden strength if you are willing to push yourself to the limits.

If you're not pushing yourself it means you're not using your strength, you are being lazy because you don't want to get uncomfortable. But guess what? successful people are not genius, smart or even talented. They are just willing to push despite of discomfort. They are willing to push the envelope and discover what hasn't been seen yet. They are using all of their strength to point where they were so exhausted and they almost died. The near to death experience is what will make you grow, it will make you know who you are. That insane focus and determination will give you accomplishments that you haven't experience from the past.


1. Take it slow. Pushing yourself doesn't mean you will go all out and berserk like a wild dog that is out of your mind. Just take your time, if you will rush and use all of your energy then you will likely fail because you will be out of tuned, your timing will be off and you will get frustrated easily. Take it slow, little by little, stay out of your comfort zone slowly. If you feel tired then you should set a good pacing. Pushing yourself means you are still moving despite of being tired, it doesn't mean you have to act like crazy and use all of your energy in a one big blow. You can push yourself while being slow, it is just a matter of moving despite of tiring.

2. Relax while pushing. Calm your mind, breathe deeply and slowly. Take a consistent action, once you find yourself stopping then that is the time that you should move. Be aware if you are getting lazy, you should be in a steady and constant motion. Don't hurry because your main goal is to keep moving and not to be the fastest to accomplish something. Just relax because everything is alright, you already have the momentum on your side, you're already winning.

3. Focus on what you are doing. Never try to escape the situation because that kind of approach will make you quit. Always be in the moment. What you're doing should be the only thing that you're thinking. Never look outside, always look on the inside. Never think about the other things, never think about doing some other things. Just focus on one task at a time. Discipline yourself to finish what you're doing at the moment.

4. If you are getting tired then slow the pace even more but don't stop. Just remember that it is ok to slow down but don't ever stop. Keep getting slower and slower if you are getting tired, you will find that energy again, your strength will come back in just a matter of time so don't worry.

5. Always think positively. Never think about quitting, never think about losing. Find ways how to motivate yourself while you're doing something. Think about your favorite quotes, movies of motivation, inspirational stories. Entertain the thoughts that will give you a little boost of energy.

6. Be in an auto pilot mode if you can. It is like turning into a robot that is programmed to do something. You just do it no matter what, you do it even if you make mistakes, you do it even if you think that you are wrong. Turn into this mode so you will keep taking actions. Just move, move and move... there is no other way around.

7. Think of the things that you will get after succeeding. Think of the comfort that you will get, the money that you will get, the things that you will get after succeeding. Think about all the things that you want so you will become motivated even more. Think about the beauty of life and the better life that is waiting for you once you succeed.


When you're already dead... that is the time for quitting. You can't quit now, you can't quit tomorrow. You can only quit once you're dead and you can't move anymore. If your sanity is still fine and you can still move all of the parts of your body... you can never quit. A lot of people quit when they're almost there, they stop when it hurts so much. What they don't know is that when it hurts so badly then it means you are very near. When it looks so impossible, it means you're at the final stage. So never give up because once you think about quitting... it means you're already winning.

You can rest for a while but never quit, ever. Once you regain some energy... go back to work and do something to win. Do everything you can, you can always do something, push and push and push. Never pull back, never think about starting some other things. It is a do or die situation, it will never be over until you succeed.


When it's comfortable it means you need to put yourself into something uncomfortable, you need to do some things that will challenge you. Comfort means stagnancy, discomfort means evolution and growth. Avoid comfort so you will always grow and win. Always look for the thing that scares you, it is the path to success. Comfort are for pussies, comfort are for people who always fail because they are not willing to push themselves.

Pushing yourself is the only way to know more about yourself and discover what you are capable of achieving. It is the only way to achieve extraordinary success. Push yourself while you can, if you are not pushing yourself it means you are not using you strength.

April 19, 2017


You can always find what works for you, what is the best for you and what you will do forever. You can always find it. Some people can't find what they want because they are not looking for it. They just accept what other people is giving them, they just accept that it is their fate and there is nothing they can do about it.

Sometimes you think that it is working but if you feel bad about it... it means it is not working. If you feel so stressed about it everytime you do it... it means it is not working for you. What works for you should have a lot of fun, it should be happiness and it should be the one that gives you motivation everyday.


1. You love to do it everyday. You don't want to miss doing it, not even for just a single day. It makes you energetic, it wakes up your blood, you are so excited to do it and it makes you young. It gives you the energy to keep going, time flies while you are doing it and you don't care about anything else other than it. It becomes your lifestyle, your day is not complete if you haven't do it yet.

2. It gives you the small amount of progress each day. You feel like you are growing everytime you do it, you really feel the growth even if it is just a small thing. You feel like you have a direction and you feel that you can really become big if you keep on doing it.

3. You don't need the approval of others for doing it. You just do it, you don't care if they like it or not, you do it because you love it and you honestly feel happy about it. You don't care if they are mocking you, you don't care if they are laughing at you. You just do it no matter what, you do it for the sake of pleasing yourself and not others. You don't ask for permission, you just roll with it and do it until the end of the day.

4. You don't care about the money. You don't care if there is no income for doing it, you don't care about the money because you know it will come one day. You don't care if your budget is being sacrificed for doing it, you care more about the happiness and not the money that you can get. Even if they are paying you low or nothing at all, you will still do it because you are so passionate about it.

5. You feel proud while doing it. No matter what it is... they cannot make you feel inferior for doing it, you feel so proud of it and you will not exchange it for anything. You feel so accomplished, you feel so successful for doing it.

6. You feel so special. You feel so unique, you feel so special while doing it. You feel like you're on top of the world because happiness can't be measure while doing it. You can't describe the feeling, you feel invincible and at the same time you feel like flying.

7. You can endure the adversity. Even if things get hard... you will still do it and finish it, you don't care how hard it gets, you just keep plodding and plodding until you finish something. Anything that makes it hard feels like normal to you, it feels light to do something for it, it feels effortless.

8. It's making you forget your problem. If it is guiding you in the right direction and making your mind think the right way... it is working. You forget you problems because you are so much having fun with it, you don't even know that you are sick if you are doing it, you forget that you are in a one million dollar debt. You basically feel that your problems were solved while you are doing it.


1. You don't really like it. You're just forced to do it because of money or maybe because of peer pressure. It's not working because your heart is not there, it belongs to somewhere else. You do it because you are forced to believe that it's the best thing to do, you do it to please people and to avoid being judged. It will will not work because there is no fun and love.

2. You want to finish fast. It will not work because you're already looking at the destination, you are missing a lot of things because you are not enjoying the journey, you don't trust the process. You immediately want the final result and if you don't get it... you are freaking out. You are missing a lot of things, you are missing the fun, you are missing the smallest details that is why you commit a lot of mistakes... you are taking every second for granted.  Don't rush because life is not a race, it is how you enjoy every second of movement that will make you very happy and successful. It is not about who is the first or last, it is about who wants it more and who is doing more.

3. You are not focused. If you are not focused then you are already ruining the whole thing. A small effort here and there will not get the job done. You must be focused on something if you want bigger results. If you have a laser focus then you will achieve things faster than expected.

4. You have no patience. You are willing to work hard but you are checking everyday if the results were already there, and if you don't see it... you're always thinking about quitting. You want to get what you want in your specified date, you don't want to wait any longer and that is why it is not working.

5. You are not reviving your motivation. Even if you are so passionate at something, there is a tendency that your motivation will die sooner or later. It is your duty to revive it and find ways how to become super obsessed again. Your motivation may die but it can always come back. A lot of successful people also experienced motivational breakdown but they knew how to make it stronger again so they can go back working hard again.  They keep on reviving their motivation that is why they can stick to the process until they succeed.

April 18, 2017


My cousin told me that driving is hard. I don't know what is his purpose for doing that, maybe he is just trying to impress me because he has been driving for so long and he wants me to respect him. But all of a sudden I lost respect in him because I found out that it is not that hard, it is hard in the beginning but if you will just take your time and relax while driving... you will not have a difficult time doing it. He is telling me a lot of techniques and different scenarios, I almost forgot all of them because they were too many. I am confused and worried because most of those stories were negative.


This thing is normal, everyone will say that it's difficult because they were so jealous that you are starting something and they are not doing anything. They will give you stupid advises, they will scare you if you let them. They will try to manipulate your mind for unknown reasons and if you are wick enough... you will believe them and be scared. And when you believe them.. that is the start of your falter, they will even feel good about themselves because you believe them and they will think that they are right.


You will feel a little resistance if you are trying something new. Of course you are not familiar with it so you will be confused, get nervous and feel anxious but when you learn to familiarize yourself with it... everything will run smoothly. Accept that it is hard in the beginning and you will be free, you will not be overwhelmed with stress, hardships and mistakes. Accept that in just a matter of time... you will improve and begin to see the path of mastery if you commit to just doing it everyday and never stop until you become familiar with it. No one who has ever started something has become good at it in just one try, even the geniuses are having a hard time in the beginning.


If you want everything to become easy then you must persevere, it is the only way, it is the surest way. Just be patient and keep moving forward even if everyone else is hating your, keep moving even if other people are not happy with you, there is no other way around. Everything else will become easy as the time goes by. Perseverance creates deliverance, you will become free if you persevere,

you will know everything, you will become good at something.

How to become courageous and forget what everyone else say

1. Don't look around. Focus on taking actions, forget where you are, who you are and what are you trying to accomplish. Just live with the moment and look for the next easiest step, look for what will make your position better and that's it. Pretend like a deaf because you don't hear what they say, pretend like a blind because you don't see the obstacles on your way.

2. Just laugh. Just laugh when you are making mistakes, laughing will make you feel invincible, laughing will give you comfort and it will make any pressure situation ease a little bit. It will remove the tension in your body, it will make you relax, it will help you remind yourself that everything is alright and there is nothing wrong in doing wrong.

3. You can be dead tomorrow. It is not about being negative but the truth is... you can sleep tonight and might not wake up tomorrow. All you can do is be happy now, enjoy now and forget what everyone else is trying to say. There is no time to waste, if you feel scared now... you should be aware of it and try your best to change your state because tomorrow is not a promise. You should feel free every second because life is supposed to be enjoyed, never focus on something that makes you feel bad.

4. Stop thinking. Just stop thinking, as simple as that. You can do it, even if there are thoughts playing inside of your head... just stop thinking. This will make you calm and it will make you go back to yourself. It will make you realize that everything is not a big deal and it doesn't matter if you are perfect or not.

5. Make every movement of your body slow. Breathe slowly, talk slowly, walk slowly, answer slowly, react slowly, make everything slow. This will make you experience life even more, this will make you very calm and collective. Run your own pace, never let them dictate your pace. Even if everyone else is getting mad.... they can't do anything if you are allowing your own speed to take care of itself. They can't control you and force you to do things that you don't like. Be slow and take your time... this will make you confident and feel yourself even more.


1. They want to look good. They want to make you feel that they know a lot and they already have a lot of experience on the same thing that you are doing. They want you to feel that they are better than you and you must follow their commands.

2. They were so full of insecurity. They also want to have what you have but they can't have it because they were so scared to try.

3. They don't want you to succeed, as simple as that. Seeing you succeeding will make them feel like a failure even more, they don't want to see you winning so they will discourage you from the very beginning. They want you to remain the same as them... a failure who can't even try.

4. They really think it's hard because they're just pessimist. Some people will say it's hard because they haven't tried anything in their life. They thought that a big dream is impossible to achieve. They think that everything is hard because they they don't want to take actions, even the easiest things... they think that it's hard.


You will discover that it's easy because you already conquered your fears, you will laugh at yourself when you remember the day that you don't want to even try. It will become very easy when you are progressing and you are managing to do it by yourself. You will even wonder why are you scared from the very beginning.

April 17, 2017


You are competing with others that is why you can't win, you are always comparing yourself to others, you don't believe in yourself. You don't know that you don't need to compete with them because it's just a waste of time, it will only make you weak, unfocused and not serious to what you're doing. If you're really serious in your own brand, craft, goal or project then you must have no time watching other people in the same field as yours. You must have a laser focus so that your progress will continue to go faster and stronger.


It doesn't matter if they are doing good and you're not, it doesn't matter if they have a big lead at you. You can still win if they are doing better than you. Is knowing their status gonna make you better? is knowing what they are doing going to make you stronger, smarter or more disciplined? And even if they fail, is that happening going to make a difference? Never concern yourself if someone is winning or not because it will not even contribute to your growth, nothing will happen to you even if you know it.


1. It builds insecurity. You will feel insecure especially if you know that someone is doing better than you. You will feel jealous, you will feel that someone is more special than you which is not true. Especially if the people were hyping the other person and you are not getting an equal attention. You will just feel bad and unmotivated so stop competing with others and just do your own thing.

2. It destroys your confidence. It destroys your confidence in a way that you know them more than you know yourself. You know a lot about them, you don't even know what your status is, how much growth you accumulate and where are you headed to. You will lose confidence because you are not interested anymore with yourself, you are more interested with other people's stories.

3. It's a total waste of time. The time you use for seeing if someone is doing better could have been use to make yourself better. You don't know that you are wasting a lot of time and energy spying to other people's life, training and status. Remember that every second matters and you cannot afford to lose a lot if you really want to go to the top. Use your time wisely, stop that insecurity.

4. It will only add pressure to you. If you know that you're behind.. you will feel more pressure because you want to get the lead back. You will lose your focus, again your focus will go to other people and not to yourself. You will not be yourself, you will become desperate, you will hurry that will make you commit errors and mistakes.

5. You will become arrogant. If you know that you are ahead of others... you will become arrogant because you will feel that you are a lot better than them which is not true. Being arrogant will make you lazy, it will poisoned your mind. You will stop working hard, you will start to build ugly habits that will slow you down. You will feel invincible in a wrong way.

6. Your pride will be stamped on. Once they learned that you are competing with them and they are so ahead of you... you're in big trouble, they will mock you and humiliate you. Your pride will be torn because you will feel so bad. You would love to make a revenge but you can't because your mind is so poisoned, it is not wired to become successful anymore. It is full of greed and ego.

7. You're not living your life anymore. You are not being yourself anymore, your happiness is based on their weakness. You cannot be happy if you are not winning, you are doing some other things that are not needed just to prove them that you are the greatest. It is an ugly life because any actions they execute... you want to know it, you can't even sleep in peace because you are thinking of other people a lot.

8. You will look like a dumb. You will look like a fool or a dumb because you are competing with other people even though they are not competing with you. You are celebrating for something that doesn't even exist from the very beginning. You will not look natural, you will look like a fake winner.

9. You will forget your real purpose in life. You are too busy on spying on someone's life. You forgot that your real purpose in life is to simply do what you love and be happy with it. If you always compete with others then you are not enjoying your own work anymore because you need to see other's work first and once you see that you are better than them then that is the only time you will become happy, your happiness is to shaky, you don't know who you are anymore.



Whether he is your enemy, opponent or a nemesis... be happy for him if he is winning. This kind of approach will make yourself free from competition that is not needed. You will have more freedom, you will become yourself even more. You will not feel bad if you are losing. In other words, you are enjoying your life even more. If you can't be happy for someone then just shut up and don't say anything bad, just focus on your own thing and try to win in your life too.


This is a style of weak people, if you are truly great then you will not hope for someone's failure. You will not get insecure with someone because you know you can also win by yourself. Hoping for someone's falter will make you a failure too because you will be focused on failing. You are happier if someone is failing, this will put you on a loser's grid. Your mind will be wired for failure and not for success. Hoping for someone's failure will only make you look like a loser. Your words and actions will be all about losing and the funny thing is... you are not aware of it.


This is the best way to make yourself a winner... compete with yourself. Beat your records yesterday, study yourself if you are not doing well or not. Always make it a point to give your best, make your effort now stronger than yesterday. This is the fastest way to succeed. Because the truth is... the only competition is yourself. If you can beat your inner demons, if you can discipline yourself to focus on getting better each day then you're already a winner.

April 16, 2017


Successful people were once lazy too, they were bums too and are not doing anything good in their lives. It just happens that they wake up and they feel the sense of urgency before its too late. They manage to change their life by committing into something and making it work no matter what. They were lazy too like you before so don't feel bad and hopeless if you feel so lazy now. You can still change but you have to decide now if you will make a change or not. Because if you will still believe on the word tomorrow... you will use it forever, you will never make it. You will be the same bum 20 years ago, what a sad story.

Successful people were once lazy too, it means they were not perfect so don't be hard on yourself if you're not doing fine today. Don't feel bad if your situation is not perfect because everyone has his own ugly past. Just because you're broke and lazy today doesn't mean you're not going to make it in the future. All you have to do is start now and become unstoppable, never rest, never take a break, take consistent actions and be closer to your dreams little by little.

Don't get overwhelmed and think that successful people were perfect and they started perfect. They too have a rough start, they too doesn't know what to do before. They were in the same situation as you were before, you're not the only one who is in the bad spot. They too were once in a bad spot, confused and wondering what to do with their lives. They were suffering, always lost and doesn't have the motivation to change their lives but they did it, why? They come to the point where they were so sick and tired of getting the same result over and over again, they were so sick and tired of not achieving anything.


Just dare to dream, dare to take actions and make a non stop commitment of pursuing your dream no matter what. Whatever it takes, do it. Whatever process you need to invent... do it. Taking actions is painful especially if you are lazy but not taking actions is more painful, it will make you crazy, it is like killing yourself little by little. You feel like there is a big stone trapped in your chest and that stone gets bigger and bigger each day you procrastinate and take every second for granted.

Everyone is not perfect.

You don't need to be perfect to start. You just need to have a changed mind, a mind that will never give up no matter what, a mind that is willing to take numerous hits and keep going even if everything is not going on your way. Everyone has a rough start, nobody become successful right in the beginning. You need to know that it is really difficult and that's just the part of it. If it is not difficult then it is not worth it.


A lot of people can't change because they can't admit the fact that they are not lazy. They keep on telling everyone that they work super hard but the truth is... they are just bumming around. Admit to yourself that you are not doing good in life and that you need to change right away. Change will only happen through self acceptance. You need to know what needs to change in your life to make the change happen. Once you locate the change that needs to be done, make the change little by little, take it one step at a time. Don't wish for change to happen fast because you will only become frustrated once you see that the process is very slow. You need to have a lot of patience and enough determination to make the change happen truly.


1. Deal with the problem. Never try to escape any problem that you have, a problem can be a simple task that you repeatedly postponed. Deal with it even if it feels uncomfortable, deal with it even if you feel like puking for taking actions. You just thought that it is hard because you're not taking actions but once you started... then it's game over, you already conquered laziness, everything will be easy and smooth.

2. Don't look for instant rewards. A lot of people doesn't want to move because they want rewards in exchange for their actions. They want instant money, instant success, instant everything. They want an assurance that they will get paid for the little actions that they did. Never look for instant rewards because it will come naturally if you really deserve it. Looking for instant rewards means you don't love what you're doing, this kind of style will give you poor results.

3. Take it slow. You want to finish fast that is why you keep on getting lazier and lazier, you got too much overwhelmed once you see that the project is too long and you can't finish it in just one day or a matter of minutes. Be ok in moving slow, detail by detail... do it. Don't rush nor look for an easy way out. Because the tendency is... if you will take shortcuts then you will only repeat your whole work in the end because you will commit a lot of mistakes. Take it slowly and learn how to enjoy every action that you take.

4. Shut down what amuse you at the moment. May it be a television, video game, favorite show, social media... close all of them. You are becoming lazier and lazier because there is something useless activity that is eating your time. You must be aware that your time is flying and you haven't take the first step yet. Close everything that amuses you and go back to your work. You can have fun later once you finish the most important task that is waiting. It is more fun to have fun if you know that you already completed the most important tasks in your life.

5. Warm up if you needed. If you need to exercise then just simply do a few stretching exercises to shaken out the laziness. If you need to study then just simply open your notebook and read a few lines in your lessons. If you need to work on your project then just simply do the easiest steps. You don't need to jump in right away and be in a full force for taking actions. Do some warm ups so you can feel what you need to do.

6. Put a one minute hour glass in your table. It serves as a reminder that you should start right away once there is no more sand that is going down. It serves as a time limit for your laziness. Once all the sand goes down.. .start right away and never stop.

7. Slap your face. Sometimes you need to feel a little pain to make yourself move and put your mind in the proper direction. slap your own face and feel the pain for not moving. This will wake up your blood, you will feel alive and more alert.

April 15, 2017


Problem is just an illusion, you created it, you think it is hard, you think you will die or get hurt if you face it. Your problems become real because you're not facing it and the consequences for not facing it becomes bigger and bigger until it scares you to death. You become totally scared, you think you will not be able to solve it that is why what you do is you numb your fears with alcohol, procrastination, drugs and any other activities that will make you forget your problems. But the only question is... did your problems go away? did it become smaller?

Anything that needs to be deal with... if you don't deal with it then that is the only time that it becomes a problem. A problem is only a challenge in the beginning, it only becomes a problem because you make it hard for yourself, you're so full of dramas and shits, you're so full of excuses that makes the situation even worse. What if you just face it? what do you think will be the result?

Face your problems now while it is not yet big, while it is not yet threatening you or scaring you. Face it while you still have the little courage to face it because if not now then when?

Because if you will not face it now... you might get crazy, you might lose your mind.

April 15, 2017


It's not working yet but it will work in the future for sure. You just need to be a little more patient and keep working, keep improving and do your best every single day. If you really believe in what you're doing then you will never stop it.

Failure is not a real failure, it only becomes failure because you see it as a failure. If you don't see something working... you will quit right away and will never persevere until the end. You're a quitter, you lack determination and the ability to stick with the process until it bring results.

If it is not working it only means it lacks something, it can be the effort, a simple step or maybe it is not time yet. Sometimes you just need to do it until it give you something, sometimes you can't force results, it will come by itself in the right time. Sometimes all you need to do is work super hard and wait for your time, it's all you can do.

Everything will work if you will make it work, if you have the will and determination to make it work. Don't be like a pussy like everybody else who will complain and make excuses after not getting what they want. Don't be like everybody else who keeps getting the same thing because they are doing the same thing.... they quit when nothing is working in what they are doing, they will try something else but when the going gets hard again... they will quit again.

Life is not a race, it is a marathon, it is the one who can endure the most will win the most. Make a stand and have faith in everything that you do. It is not working for now but it will work in the end.

April 15, 2017


You can always quit, especially if you're not 100 percent sure. There is nothing wrong in backing out, there is nothing wrong in reversing your decision. Because at the end of the day... it is our happiness that matters and not the happiness of other people.

If a saleslady assisted you so many times and she is expecting you that you are going to buy an item from their store... if you are not so sure that you want the shoe or shirt that you are trying... don't buy it. Never buy it because you feel so sorry for the saleslady, never buy it because the saleslady is getting angry. Only buy it if you are 100 percent sure that you like it, never buy it just to look nice or you are trying to please someone else. It is yourself that you should prioritize and not other people.

Just like saying yes to someone who ask for your help... if there is a sudden change in your life and you needed more your time and money... then quit, make an excuse and never try to apologize. Because you can always say no without feeling bad. Any decision that will make your life bad is bad. Remind yourself that you can always quit if you are not 100 percent sure, there is nothing wrong in turning down someone's expectations, you don't owe them anything so don't feel sorry if you didn't give them what they want.

You know in yourself if you are sure about something, you know in yourself if your decision is right or wrong. Because at the end of the day... the goal in life is to minimize regrets and never feel bad with the decisions that you made. So if you still have the chance to turn down something for the sake of your own good... do it, do it before it's too late.

April 15, 2017


They don't even have the highest position in local government to tell you to stop, they don't have any power. They were not archbishops, they were not presidents or even mayor, they were not generals or the biggest businessman, they were not the most successful person in the world so who are them to tell you to stop?

Just keep doing what you're doing especially if you love it, if they can't stop you then that's their problem.

You are the only one who can stop yourself, you will slow down if you listen to them. For as long as you believe in what you are doing and it is somehow working a little bit... don't ever stop. Don't tell yourself to stop, don't let them stop you.

No one has the right to stop you unless he is feeding you or supporting you and even if he is the only one who supports you... if you really want to become successful your own way... you will separate your life with him and you will carve your own path. You will boldly go to a different direction and prove to yourself that you are right, your decision is right.

So if someone is telling you to stop or mocking you because your ideas are so weird... don't listen to him, don't let him stop you. Just do what you think is right for your life because your heart can never go wrong, it is always right, it is whispering you the right decisions that you must made, it is guiding you the right path that you must take.

You have the power to make yourself successful, you are also the only one who owns the power of stopping yourself. Sometimes it is not them that is stopping you, it is you who stops yourself by giving them the power which they don't have.

If what they say is not making you powerful or motivated... don't listen to them, ever. Just keep going, keep pushing because your time will come if you don't let them stop you. Just ask yourself this "who are them to stop you?"

April 15, 2017


Decide now if you are going to be a good example or a bad warning. Either of the two will help everyone and give them the proper inputs on what to do with their lives, you are giving them an information by the person that you've become the only difference is... you can give them inputs by your failure or success.

Are you a bad warning? are you making other people aware that it is bad to do such things and never copy the bad habits that you have? are you making people scared to copy the decisions and actions that you did from the past? there is nothing wrong with your past mistakes, the funny thing is.. you're guiding them through your shortcomings and miserable life. You're a perfect example of how a life could be so ugly if they did the same thing as yours.

People like addicts, gamblers, criminals, lazy, spoiled brats, heavy drinkers, excuse makers.... these are bad warnings. The good thing is they are showing what life will be if some people follow their path. They were broke, jailed, miserable and not happy in  life. So if you want an ugly and depressed life... follow them, as simple as that.

Or do you want to be a good example or a role model? do you want people to follow you and make you as their guide to success? It is very easy... just work hard and give your best, stay consistent and persistent, as simple as that. I don't know why a lot of people are having a hard time living. Life is very simple if you will just stick with the process, be patient and always stay positive.

People were good in destroying their own life, they were good in making excuses, they were good in doing things that will make them broke.

Check yourself where you are headed to. Are becoming a bad warning or a good example?

Be honest, you know who you are. If you have children, do you want them to be like you? do you want other people to copy your path for their own success? or do you want them to make you as a warning to not do the same stupid mistakes that you did?

April 15, 2017


Be careful who you are associating your life with. Some people will manipulate you for their own selfish advantage. Some people are only good if they can benefit something from you, they will pretend that they are kind, they will pretend that they care because just like I said... they can get something from you.

But once you can't give them something anymore... their true colors will be revealed, they will show their true attitude and you will feel bad because you feel that you've been manipulated and used. You will feel that you've been treated unfairly. It is a disgusting feeling because you will feel dumb, stupid and unintelligent. You will feel that you've been betrayed and you will begin to doubt your confidence.

So start reading people's behaviors, start being cautious if they are using you or not so that you will not feel bad in the end. Don't be an accessory to someone's success. Don't get manipulated by people who is not even close to you or doesn't have any special place in your heart. Always learn to say no when needed, never do something a favor if you think that it will not help you to become successful.

Be aware if someone has a hidden agenda if he is trying to be close to you. It is not about thinking negatively, you're just protecting yourself from users and manipulators.

April 15, 2017


The only skill you should master is HAVING TO FORCE YOURSELF TO MOVE EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT. If you can move even if you are tired, even if you are scared, even if you have doubts in yourself then you can become very successful. A lot of people will only move if they are in the mood, their emotional immune system is so shaky. They want a perfect timing which will never come. That is why procrastination is so dominant nowadays, people give so much importance on how they feel, they were like spoiled brat little divas.

Don't worry if you feel so bad or if you feel so lazy. That feeling will change right away once you made a move. Your emotions will change if you are seeing a little progress to what you are doing. Your laziness will become worse if you will keep on postponing something. Your fear and doubts will become bigger if you will never do anything about your situation. You want something... go and get it, go and start moving.

Never think that you have a lot of time because that myth fails everyone. If you are not yet in a sense of urgency then you're in big trouble. This world is moving fast, the economy is moving fast, the competitive people are moving fast so if you are still ok with yourself for being slow... you better think again because the competition will eat you alive.

So think about the most important thing that is pending in your life.. do it, do it even if it feels uncomfortable, do it even if it feels like it's killing you, don't worry because you will feel alive in the end.

Come to think of it... you will only become happy, you will only have progress and satisfaction if you will move, you will only have a peace of mind once you move so why not do it? Do it even if it is scary, do it even if it feels so heavy... you will feel light in the end.

Master moving even if you don't feel it and you're already on your way of becoming successful. It is a very strong skill because action is all you need to reach the highest mountain, you don't need to get fancy, you don't need to get flashy.

It is not the smartest or the strongest who always win, it is the one who can move despite of experiencing a lot of negative feelings.

April 15, 2017


If you're in debt with someone.. pay him, pay him even if the payment is not yet complete. Pay him a little if you can only pay little and apologize to him because you can't give the full payment, then pay him again once you have money, pay him little again if it is all you can pay. Don't stop paying, it doesn't matter if it is incomplete for as long as you are keeping it running. The one who lends you money will be even happy for you because you are paying and you are showing him that you are serious. It is better to give something little than to give totally none.

If you have a project, a big big project and you got overwhelmed because it takes a lot of time to finish it... just do something, dissect it, just do the parts that you can do and never stop. You can't finish it all at once, it doesn't matter if it is not yet complete. Just keep it running, keep doing something for it.

Because you can always complete it in the long run, you can always finish something if you are consistent and not stopping. A lot of people wants everything to be complete so fast that is why they are always getting frustrated once they can't see the completion. Life and success is all about patience and continuity. Never rush something if you can't do it right away, never look for completion because it will only frustrate you and will make you quit. Just keep something running and do something to make the momentum alive, never kill it, never stop it.

April 15, 2017


The reason why you're losing is because you have a lot of option. You give yourself the option that is ok to lose, you give yourself the option to quit everyday. You have a lot of options but those options were outside of winning.

When you get tired you give yourself the option to rest instead of going a little more, you rest then you will never go back fast, you will rest for a long time and when you feel like not going back to what you've started... you will start something else and then you will do the exact same routine.

You also give yourself not to be consistent. You will work on your project when you just feel it, you will never force yourself to take actions everyday which is needed. You're so happy not taking it seriously, you are pretending that it is your main goal but your focus is on pleasures and making yourself comfortable every second.

You have  a lot of options in your life and those options are not forcing you to do what is needed, those options are making you soft, undisciplined and not dedicated. Those options are veering you off from the path that you must take.

What if winning is the only option you set on your mind? what do you think your life will be? what if you quit those options that are making you lazy? Give yourself no choice but to win, give yourself a chance to become the hardest worker in this planet and let the results come in.

April 15, 2017


A lot of rich people have all the money, cars, houses, girls, relationships, business but they are still not happy. They feel like there is a hole in their life that they need to fill in but they cannot make it happen. They cannot fill in the hole, the hole becomes bigger and bigger everyday, they cannot make themselves happy, they were so full of dramas and shits.

So even if you're not rich in material things, if you're the happiest person alive then you're the richest. Rich people can't find ways how to make themselves happy but you can do it in just a matter of seconds, you can amuse yourself, you can be satisfied of what you have. You don't need any approval, you are free to do things, you are not tied to anything or anyone, it means you are very rich. You have a lot of time and you are not afraid to destroy your name, you have the most authentic freedom in the world.

Rich people will even trade all of their money to happiness but they can't do it. They were so dependent from their money, money is their happiness only to find out in the end that it is not true. Now they were so lost, they don't know what to do with their lives. They feel like nothing can make them happy anymore that is why they are destroying themselves.

Just think of happy thoughts and you're already happy, as simple as that. Don't be attached from anything or anyone that causes you misery. Just feel free, feel that you are flying, stop worrying because any problem will not even kill you. Just face your problem and do something about it and that's it.

If you can amuse yourself and make yourself happy then congratulations... you found the real meaning of life. It is not about detaching yourself from reality because the truth is... no matter how much money you have, no matter how many places you travel... you will still be sad in the end. The best thing to do is learn how to manipulate your mind and emotions and think that everything is alright, this is life, it will end no matter what. The best thing to do is be happy that you're still alive.

April 14, 2017


The truth is... you have a lot of things in your life that you are not using for your own good.You have a lot of means but you are not using it to make your life better. You take your things and life for granted and yet you are still complaining about how ugly your life is.

You have a lot of stuffs in your house that you are not using, those stuffs can make your life better, it can change your life but you are not using them because of your laziness. You just wasted your money for buying those stuffs.

You have a running shoes that you bought for 175 dollars, it is even 25% sale. But how come you are not using those shoes? you are so proud when it is new and you even posted on facebook that those shoes will change your body, you are even show off in facebook and telling everyone that you will run everyday. But what happened with those shoes? it becomes old even if you are not using it. The soles were not even scratched, you let time make it old for not using it.

You have a thread mill that you bought for 2 thousand dollars. Then how come you are not using it for a year? do you really know its use? or you think that it is only a display? if you will just use it then you are healthier and have a very sexy body right now. Yet you are still looking for other programs or things that you think will make your body better. Or maybe you are just looking for an easy way out?

You have a computer and an internet but you are not using it to gain more knowledge and when the time comes when someone will interview you for a job.. you are not confident because you are not prepared. You don't know anything because you didn't even touch your laptop to at least make your brain sharper. You are too busy pressing the remote control of your television that is why you have a rusty mind.

You have a lot of things but you are not using them to make your life better, you keep on complaining that you don't have this or that but the truth is you have a lot. You're just nor appreciative because you want more but you want to work less.

Look at the things around you, there are lot of means that you can use to put yourself in a better position. Open your eyes, work and don't be stupid.

April 14, 2017


If you are delaying something... it will never happen, ever. You think that not doing it because you don't feel it works huh? sometimes you need to do something even if you don't feel like doing it because it maybe the only chance for doing it. You may not get any chance next time, there will be no more next time.

How many times your dad promise you that he will bring you to disneyland, but did that shit ever happened? it is not because he don't have enough money, it is not because he is too busy. It's simply because he believe in the word next time. It is better not to promise and just do it if you have a chance so the opportunity will not escape. It is better to do it even if you have doubts because at least you have the initiative to try.

It will only happen if you will do it now, it will only happen if you will not think about what could happen next and just live the moment. It will only happen if you will erase the fear inside of your head that something could go wrong.

If you want to do a lot of things and accomplish a lot of things, you should remind yourself that tomorrow is not guaranteed. It is not about thinking negatively, it is just putting your mind in a position where it must make a decision and move. It is about just giving yourself another perspective so that your fears will go away and you will begin to feel the sense of urgency.

Say I love you now, say sorry now, do it now, pursue your dreams now. It is not about getting it, it is about doing it and living with it. Life is a journey, it may sounds corny, cheesy or this phrase has been used too much but it is true. You know it but you're not living it, do it now, start the journey now.

April 14, 2017


A lot of people nowadays were big time excuse makers, they whine like a bitch that was entitled to get everything in life and if they don't get it... they freak out.

If you have an irresponsible parents and they can't give you what you need, you don't need to blame them. It is still your life, you can still make decisions, you can still improve your life if you will take your actions. Your parents is all you have, you have no other parents so why blame them? if they can't help you in some ways, I am sure they can help you in some other ways. But if they are really punishing you for no reason and not treating you like their own child... then leave, enough of the blaming, enough of the finger pointing... just leave and make your own destiny without them.

Yeah, maybe they are wrong, maybe they are the reason why you are suffering but if you will keep on thinking that way then you will not be able to change your life, you don't need to change your parents, you need to change your perspective. Even if you have a very good parents, if you will not take actions then your life will still be miserable. You can move, you can always do what you want so enough of the blaming and start moving.

If there is a big traffic problem in your country... don't blame it for your miserable life, don't blame traffic as the reason for not being happy. It is your life, you can do something about it. It is either you accept traffic as it is and learn to manipulate your emotions towards it and change your perspective towards it or complain about it everyday and make live even harder for you. The choice is still yours. And one more thing, you can even adjust your life to traffic, you can make the necessary adjustments to lessen the pain that the traffic does. Don't blame your country because it is the only country you have, if you don't like what is going on then LEAVE, as simple as that. But if you don't wanna leave then start changing your attitude.

Stop making inexcusable excuses that are only making you look like a fool. The truth is... you can always do something about your situation if you will only make an effort. You can always do something with what you have and use it to make your life better.

If you have weak teammates that you think is the reason for losing... don't blame them. They are all you have so why blame them? why blame something that can also be the reason of your success. Have you look at yourself and assess yourself if you're really strong? did you do everything you can to win so you already have the right to blame anyone?

Everything you have, appreciate it if you can because it's all you got, if you can't then don't blame it because it will be the reason for not taking chances, it will be the reason for always thinking negatively.

April 14, 2017


So what if your skills, properties, talents, education, achievements are all mediocre? there is nothing wrong with it. What matters is you are still trying to improve everyday, you are consistent and you are on your way to greatness.

Mediocre is a very underrated word, if you pair it with consistency then it is already greatness. Because you're already on your way. Repeat a mediocre product over and over again and it will turn into greatness, it will turn into excellence. Everything starts ugly, everything starts as mediocre.

A lot of people were talking about greatness but they can't even start the process. They love a great work, they love a great talent. They will humiliate a mediocre work but they themselves cannot even produce something mediocre.

So be proud if you're just on a mediocre level because there is nothing wrong with that. Just keep working hard and do your thing because you will reach greatness one day. Never compare yourself or work with others because it will only make you feel bad once you see that what they have is better than yours.

The most important thing here is you are working and you are moving consistently. Other people have reach the greatness status but they stop working so they go back on the mediocre level.

Accept mediocrity and try to push a little bit each day. Always try to improve because it is the only way to greatness.

Never mind if people call you mediocre because you have a game plan. And that game plan is to produce mediocre work everyday until you become great.

April 14, 2017


A lot of you folks wanted to be a hero, a lot of you want to save other people's lives but the truth is you can't even save your own life. How dummy was that.

Don't try to act like you're the savior of humanity if your life is full of tragedy.

You will lend someone some money even if that person is not that close to you just to avoid being called selfish and bad. You want to look kind and heroic even if it will affect the life of your family. Your budget will be ruined, you don't know where to get a food tomorrow but you still lend someone money. That was a stupid move on your part, if you will help someone and your life will be affected then how can your life improve in the long run. You have to think smarter than that. And the truth is... that person you help is not even helping himself, he's is a complete bum trying to outsmart other people by begging and asking for help, he is not even pushing himself to the limits.

You have to help yourself first before helping someone. It is not about being selfish, it is about preparing yourself to succeed so when the time comes that you must help someone who is deserving... you can help him without your life being affected.

And sometimes when you helped someone do you really feel good? I know there is a little bit regret on your part because you know that your life is shaken a little bit, you know that you are worrying a little bit because you don't know if your money will still come back.

Help someone if you have the means to help, if you will not worry if the money will still come back. But if it is affecting you and just stressing you... then don't help at all, as simple as that.

Another example is doing someone a favor. Giving them a helping hand even if they can do it on their own. Sometimes you will act like  a "yes man" just to look nice again. But how about your schedule? I know it is affected, I know it is distracted. If you can say no then say it. If you can't say no then say it still. Don't feel so bad for rejecting somebody because it is still your choice, it is your life, do what you think is the best for your life. If not helping someone will put you in a better position then do it.

April 14, 2017


You still don't get it don't you? you still don't get the game of life. The game of life is about confidence, emotions, acceptance and being ok being uncomfortable. If you can just accept that your nationality, looks, diction, moves, posture, teeth, face, body, status in life is not perfect then you're life will become pretty amazing. You will not feel envy, fear, jealousy, insecurity and inferiority.

Being perfect is all about emotions, it's all in the mind, it's all about having the emotional stability and not being concerned about your situation or looks. It's about not being insecure with other people and not comparing yourself to others.

If you can just accept that your situation cannot be perfect no matter how rich you are then everything will become smoother, you will not look for what is missing in your life instead you will appreciate everything that is happening in your life, you will appreciate everything around you even the baddest things. Because if you will always aim to become perfect then you'll never be because you will always see the flaws, you will always see the tiny ugly things even if it is close to perfection.

Just accept everything about you, accept your looks, accept the ugliness about you because if not... you will live a miserable life everyday. You can change it if you can but if not... just be happy with it, show it and be proud of it.

Accepting that there is something wrong in your life is the path to real freedom. You will not be hurt if someone criticize you, you will not feel bad if someone is laughing at you. Your ego is dead. Maybe you will be hurt a little bit but it cannot stay in your system forever. It cannot break you nor make you feel bad for a long time. It's like forgetting a negative thought right away.

I'm not saying that don't try to improve everyday, still do your best and be the best version of yourself. Still try to grow and make yourself and your life better than yesterday.

But don't pressure yourself too much to reach perfection because it is just a complete waste of time and energy. Accept everything in your life now if you can't change it. Appreciate everything in your life because it is all part of your life.

April 14, 2017


You want to win but you don't even want to get sweaty, you don't want to lose but you are so focused on your fears, you don't even have the initiative to at least move your hands and feet or at least talk to just change a different outcome.

What do you really want in life?

You wanted to win? you wanted to become big and successful? then what is the freezing of your body and brain all about? what is the laziness all about? don't make excuses if you want success, as simple as that.

Become scared but still move, don't be immobilized by fear, fear is a liar, fear is not real. Fear is making you the person you don't want to be. So move now while it's not too late, move now even if you can't move your body, move now even if it feels like you're going to die if you move.

So just decide if you're going to move or not, if not then don't expect to win, don't expect to become successful, as easy as that. You only have the right to expect winning if you are moving.

Because you are only punishing yourself if you wanted to win but you don't want to do something.

Accept that you already lost if you decided not to move, accept that you already won once you take the first step.

April 13, 2017


If you feel that you already had enough and you can't go anymore... then it's not for you, just quit and go home tell your mom that you give your best, it wasn't just for you. Your mom will listen to you, he will dry your tears and pamper you. But what does it mean? can it change anything?

Pursuing something big is painful, sometimes it is really making your body and mind quit but that's they way it is. You need to make sacrifices to get big things.

Remember that pain doesn't count. It doesn't matter how many battles have made you suffer, it doesn't matter how many wounds have left scars into your body. Pain doesn't count, all that counts is success. All that counts is the results that you are making everyday. Success doesn't care if you're wounded and cannot breathe anymore. So don't ever make dramas that you're so tired and you can't go anymore. I know you are hurting but those hurts, those whining and bitching can't give you anything.

Never count your pain, just keep moving, only count your success and progress.

If you're hurt, if you're tired then rest but don't talk about it, don't make dramas because that shit won't help you. It is only weakening your mind, it only means you are weak and you want to get sympathy from other people. You're still alive so what are you complaining about.

Successful people doesn't make excuses, they don't talk about their injuries, traumatic problems, adversities etc. They don't talk any of them, they were so focus on taking actions and making results. They were so focused on making a progress even if that progress is too little.

So stop making dramas and start executing your game plan. Don't have a self pity, make yourself angry, make yourself motivated and driven.

April 13, 2017


If you can improvise in any areas of your life... you can dominate life. Improvise the thought, improvise the feeling, improvise the means, improvise the technique, improvise the way, improvise everything if you don't have anything.

Being able improvise without feeling any doubt means freedom. In life, you can't have everything and that's ok if you are willing to improvise. Sometimes for an unknown reason... the world will be cruel to you, the way will be against your way so all you can do is improvise and try to win with your very best effort.

If you can improvise anytime then you will thrive even on the hardest situation. You can breath in deep waters. You can always turn things around, make a comeback and surprise people.

Even if your knowledge and skills are limited, if you can improvise and give your best then you can still become a winner, you can win in life, you can succeed at anything, you can dominate the game.

A lot of people can't become successful because they keep telling themselves that they are not enough, that they didn't finish studies or they were not given a chance to somehow study something that will give them the opportunity. The truth is.. you don't need any of those things if you can improvise. You don't need a teacher, you don't need things be handed to you. All you need to do is think of a way that will make your present situation better.

Accept your situation, accept that nobody will help you unless you help yourself.

So if you don't know what to do... just improvise and see if it will work. See if it will give you results. The best thing about improvisation is you can invent a method, you just need to follow your instincts. You can guess, you can discover something that wasn't discover before.

April 13, 2017


There are lot of desire in your life that is stopping you. You think that wanting something so bad is good? it is good if there it is not giving you too much pressure, it is good if you still feel good if you didn't get it. But if that desire is controlling your emotions and life, if that desire is the only basis of your happiness then that desire is not healthy, you should let go of that desire before it eats you.

Some people desired to be popular and because they want it so bad... they are doing things that are making them look bad, they are doing things that are outside of their true personality, this kind of way backfires at them. Their desire is stopping them, they let that desire control their head and do stupid things that is only pushing them backwards not forward. They want attention so they create a noise that is not making their marketing value go high. Instead of going up they go down.

If you want to get rich so bad... of course you will do everything to get it. Whether impressing your boss to get promoted or working super hard to make your business more popular. But sometimes, trying so hard is only making your life hard. I am not saying to not work super hard. But if you're working hard and it is making your life miserable... then that desire is stopping you from growing. That desire is the number one reason of your stress. You will get sick, you will get weak, you will get depressed because you can't have it.

The solution for this problem is to let go of that desire. It doesn't mean that you don't want it anymore, the point here is take it easy sometimes. Don't do something because you are forced to do it. Do something because you love it, because it is making you stronger. Don't do something because it is making you weaker because you will quit in the long run. You will be exhausted, you will feel like nothing is happening and you will stop what you're doing.

April 13, 2017


I truly believe in the path of least resistance because it is always working. But it literally doesn't mean that you don't have to do anything and you will get everything. It simply means, you need to find a path that you will enjoy more so that you can stay with that path for a very long time. If you enjoy a specific path, the hard will become easy and the easy will become effortless. The result is more results that you will get.

If what you are doing is too easy, you will wonder if it is working and that thought alone is a resistance. If you got too bored of your job because it is too easy... it is a resistance too, you don't want to do your job anymore because you feel like the time is really slow and you're not being challenged anymore. You feel like you're not growing, you feel powerless and dumb.

If what you're doing is too easy and you feel good then it is good for you, there is no resistance there especially if you feel like you're growing but if your job is too easy and you feel bad about it then you better do something else because there is a lot of resistance growing there.

Look at those people who have an easy job... they feel stupid, even if they were not doing anything... they even feel a lot of resistance.

The key here is to find what you really love, if you love what you are doing... even if the resistance is big... you will not feel it. You will enjoy any kind of resistance if you love what you're doing.

April 13, 2017


If you don't know what to do then just do an ugly step to create a little progress. The reason why you can't begin is you always wanted a perfect execution. You wanted everything to be perfect right away, you are looking for a smooth ride that will never happen. You don't want to make any mistakes and that is the number one reason why you are stuck in a mud and feeling bad for not moving.

Whatever step you can think of... do it, even if it is ugly, even if it looks so funny. Do it, it is like freeing yourself from chains of procrastination. It is like giving yourself a chance to start something and finish something.

Because once you move... even if what you did is wrong, you will able to know what to do next. You will be able to give yourself the right momentum to keep going and finish until the end.

There is nothing wrong in being wrong for as long as your intention is right. It is hard to escape procrastination if you are always looking to feel good before you start. Just start even if the feeling is ugly, just start when things are getting ugly.

Whether it is about calling someone randomly to look for a job, passing an ugly and unprepared resume online. Just walking around and see if there is an opening job, creating an ugly portfolio and exposing it as much as you can. Do an ugly step because you can make it nicer later once you gather an enough momentum. The purpose of this kind of approach is to not make you successful right away but to make you moving right away and put yourself back on track.

April 13, 2017


It is ok to level down, it is ok to downgrade, it is ok to look like you're weakening a little bit, there is nothing wrong with that. It doesn't mean that you're really getting weak, you're just doing lesser things today to do greater things in the future.

If normally you can make 200 push ups a day but today you really can't do it because your back is aching or you are experiencing a little fever... Just make 100 or even 50. It is not about making excuses. Making excuses means not doing anything. You still do your routine so you should still be proud of yourself, you need to do it less so you can recover from illness.

If you can send your children to private and exclusive school before but suddenly your business is going down for whatever reasons, transfer them to a cheaper school. There is nothing wrong with that, your life will become worse if you will still do what you can't do anymore. You can transfer them back once the earnings of your business returns to normal. You need to get a breathing room so that you can move freely, you need to give yourself a little bit of a rest so that you can come back stronger.

Sometimes you need to accept that you are getting a little bit weaker so that you can have an easier life. A lot of people were so full of pride and they can't admit that they can't do something anymore. They want to prove to other people that they were still strong, rich, deserving, capable and has a special place on earth.

It is ok if you will step down a little bit, it is ok to take things lightly a little bit so that you can prepare your body and mind for a big comeback. Just learn to enjoy the rain for a while and wait for the sunshine to come back.

April 13, 2017


Yesterday you said you're going to say sorry to your mom, ask for forgiveness and will change your life, but what happened? where are you? what are you doing. You're still the same bumshit as yesterday. You talk about what are you going to do but when the execution time is there... you're hiding like a turtle on his shell, you're too slow, you're making a lot of excuses. Excuses will derail the progress. Stop talking about your aching tooth, headache or stomach and start moving your hands, feet and let your mind operate at its fullest.

Don't talk about what you're going to do unless you already did it. 98 percent of the people in the world will talk about their goals and mission but when execution time is there... they can't even move, they are hiding, they are scared for unknown reasons. If your're really brave then you should make a stand to pursue what you really want and do the walking instead of the talking.

Talking is just a waste of energy, it is a momentum buster. It will never bring you to a different place. So stop talking about what you're going to do because most of the time you will never do it.

Why talking will prevent you from taking actions:

• Because you're already satisfied in talking, you will feel that you already accomplished something. You feel that you already impressed people and for you that is enough.

• Sometimes you will feel guilty because you really can't do what you talk about. This will result to endless procrastination that leads to zero results.

• When people don't like what you just said and criticize you... you will feel unmotivated, you will start to believe them and stop taking actions. You will not even start.

April 12, 2017


Just a little bump along the road... forget about it, just enjoy it if you can. Never mind if you feel bad about it, just get rid of that negative emotion right away. Life will be very easy if you will not let petty things or even big challenges bother you. Have an iron will to keep living happy everyday because you deserve to be happy. You are just the one not giving happiness to yourself because little things are bothering you, what more of the big things?

Any hardship in life, if you can just learn how to enjoy it and ride with it even if it is painful then you will have an easier life. Don't make dramas, don't make statements that is main aim is to just get attention from people. Learn to endure the hardship in life and have fun with it, it may sound crazy but it is the best way how to deal with life that is full of problems and hardships. Don't think about it, do something about it.

Most people are having a hard time dealing with adversities in life because they get hard on themselves. They feel unlucky, unblessed, they feel that the world is unfair. Basically, they were full of shits and excuses, they want an easy life but they are the ones who are making their life uneasy.

Treat every scenario as a normal scenario and it is all just part of your life. No one has an easy life, even the richest and the most successful ones have a hard life. They also experienced some problems and adversities.

The one who can enjoy adversity the most is the one who will thrive and become happier in life.

April 12, 2017


If you think you've hurt someone, if you think you've offended someone... think about the lions.

What are the lions doing? they are hunting preys, they eat weak animals without conscience. They don't care if they hurt another animal for as long as they stop the hunger of their stomach. They don't care at all that is why they are always victorious.

I am not saying that become brutal like them and hurt people, what I am trying to say is don't get too much sensitive on other people, be nice but don't treat them like babies, don't treat them like fragile individuals. Be yourself  and never mind if you offended someone with what you say or do for as long as you know in yourself that you are always trying to be nice as much as you can.

There are lot of dramatic people out there who will cry like a 7 year old toddler when their demands were not meet, they will complain and whine once you accidentally say something not nice to their ears. Forget about them, this world has no room for soft people. If they think that they were offended then too bad for them. Just keep moving and focus on your dreams, focus on what you're doing. Don't be nice too much or else you will be the one who will be eaten alive.

Think like a lion and move like a lion, be sharp and stay focus with your goals. Whatever it is on your mind... don't be apologetic about it. Don't feel sorry for other people who are weak and are always making dramas every now and then. They just want sympathy, they want to be babied so they can have an easy life. Be bold and single minded, don't let anyone get on your way.

April 12, 2017


If the rules is stopping you, if the rules is making you unsuccessful or it is not helping you in a way then forget the rules and make your own rules. Even if you're not a lawmaker, you can create your own rules if you are confident enough and you decided that you will follow it and use it until the end of time.

Sometimes, forgetting the real rules will give you a way, you will become more creative in a different way, you will know more of yourself and you will see a path that other people are afraid to take because they thought that it is risky and it will give them pain in the end.

But you will never know unless you try, sometimes the rules you created is the right rules, it is giving more benefits to other people and also to yourself. Sometimes you have to disobey the rules of the mainstream so you can create success in your own way. There is nothing wrong with creating your own rules for as long as it gives you the life that you are dreaming of.

Sometimes the mainstream rules is very dramatic, unfair, one sided and will not help you at all. So the best thing to do is to create your own rules and be successful with it.

Creating your own rules will make you confident, independent and intelligent. Intelligent in a way that you believe your own beliefs and implement it all the way.

April 12, 2017


Just like what Chris Weidman (former UFC champion, the fighter who beats Anderson Silva for the first time in title fight) did at UFC 210. Chris Weidman pretends that he was badly hurt after receiving a knee from Gregard Mousasi (correct me if my spelling was wrong). Weidman thought that the knees were Illegal so he pretends that he was hurt. He is acting like he can't continue anymore so that he will win by disqualification. The commissioners asked him if he can continue and he said that he can't. He thought that he can get an easy win but wait.... no no no no... Things turned out differently as he expected, the fight was judged as technical knock out because he can't continue anymore. What a sad story for him even though his acting was a little bit good and can be nominated for Oscar's awards night.

The lesson is... if you are looking for an easy way out then you will be knocked out. You can't leave anything from the hands of judges. If you are acting like you're entitled for something then you will never get something. You have to earn the victory the hard way. Never pretend that you got hurt or something so you will get something in return. Fight and work the real way. Don't try to get lucky and never expect help from other people, as simple as that.

April 11, 2017


It is easier to look for another job with greater pay if you have savings in your bank account that will enable you to survive for at least 5 months. A savings that will compensate all of your bills, food budget, emergency budget etc. It is easier to take risk if something will catch you.

It is easier to jump to another ship if you know that you will not get drowned once you accidentally create a mistake in the process of jumping. It is easier to take risk if you have plan B, if you have something that will catch you once everything doesn't turn out well.

If you are planning to build a business, make sure not all of your money will go there, make sure you still have some money left to use once your business didn't click.

Because it is easier to become successful if you are not worried, it is easier to make decisions and make risky moves if you know that your lifestyle is not in danger.

Whatever plans you have in mind, whatever risk you are trying to try... make sure there is something left for you to use once you didn't succeed. Make sure your family is secured so it will not be difficult for you to make a comeback once you fail.

April 11, 2017


You are taking things easy because you think change is easy right? you think that you can just decide to change now and your whole life will change right? that is what you think. If you can change right away then why are you not changing now? if you think that change is easy then why are you so afraid of doing it?

Accept the reality that change is hard so you can change. Take it seriously and face the pain of doing it. There is nothing wrong in being humble or starting slow, what matters is you are committed to change and you will never change directions once you decided to change no matter what.

You are entertaining your vices now because you think tomorrow you can change right away. But why does that tomorrow never come? why do you keep on postponing the change? If you really wanted to change then you should take the process seriously. You should not postpone the change, you should not use the word tomorrow.

Stop bumming around and clowning around, it is time for you to take things seriously. If you are willing to endure the pain of change everyday then you already changed, as simple as that.