November 17, 2017


Everyone is already planning for a new year's resolution. They will make a very strong, detailed and loud plan again. They are so excited, they will post their new year's resolution plan in the social media, will try to look serious and motivated but wait for a few weeks and they already gave up.

It is not yet the end of the year, there are few more weeks to go. You can do a lot with the remaining weeks, you can build a very strong momentum or... if you are too ambitious and strong willed, you can make things happen this year. Nothing is impossible if you will become focused to your dreams.

They are making a new year's resolution as early as this stage because they already quit, they think it's alright to just do something next year because they believe that they can really do it. But how long have they've been doing this stupid style? I think 10 or more years, they will tell themselves at the late stage of november or first week of december that next year they will give their best, they will become relentless only to find out that the year is ending again and they have to fool themselves again that they will do better next year. The cycle never ends, they become older and older achieving nothing and getting the same shitty results.

HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: Even if you think that your time is running out and you can't do something great this year because you think it's too late... still give your full maximum effort. Still give your best and never give up on your dream. Earlier this year, you set a goal and it's your obligation to fulfill that goal, it's your obligation to pursue it relentlessly because if not... you will be in the same cycle again. You will always set a goal on January 1 and you will give up on November, as simple as that.

Even if you think you can't win now, you still need to push yourself, just build the habits, forget about the goal... your focus should be the habits, habits is the only thing that can make you successful. Your thinking habits, your working habits... those are the only things that will give you success. So forget about winning, forget about if you can make it or not... build the habits now and start winning little by little.

If you have the winning habits then you're already successful, as simple as that. You can have a lot of big goals but if you don't have the habits then you will always fail. So stop making a new year's resolution and not fulfilling it as a habit, be a doer and not a dreamer. Make taking actions as a habit. Don't think, don't plan... just do it.

A lot of people were partying now, they were making excuses that they need to rest now because they work all year long but the truth is... they are just faking that they are working, they are just pretending that they are working hard because if they are really working hard then they will still work hard until the end of the year. A real hard worker doesn't care about time, he doesn't care about celebrations, he is a hard worker from the beginning until the end.

So stop making a new year's resolution now and build the habits, just move and make progress, make this year different, finish this year strong. Win or lose... just finish strong, stay focused. Never let Christmas and New year destruct you. If you really wanted to win then you will do it now, you will never care if your time is running out, you will start now and see what is still possible to accomplish before the end of the year.

November 17, 2017


Be ready, don't hide like a bitch, don't pretend that you don't know anything or can't do anything. Face it boy, face it. If you are willing to face anything then you can be anything. Face the biggest challenges, face the deepest pressures, never back down because that is what life is all about. It's all about embracing what is presented in front of you and trying to make everything epic.

But of course don't face anything that will never even give you a good life. Never face something like trouble or a fight, these things are not worth it. You need to face the challenges that will give you a good fortune, you need to face the problems that you created yourself or problems that comes naturally into your life.

YOU'RE ALWAYS READY, YOU'RE JUST SCARED THAT'S WHY YOU THINK YOU'RE NOT READY. Don't worry if a challenge or a problem comes into your life unexpectedly. You can always fix it, you can always do something for it. You can always do something, you just don't want to do it because you're a worrier. If you think you're not ready then just do it, you will become ready once you take actions. It's not all about how you feel, you will always feel bad, it will always feel something wrong, you're just a human... humans wants to become comfortable all the time but people who can do extraordinary things are the one who are willing to become uncomfortable.

ALWAYS THINK THAT BEHIND DISCOMFORT LIES A GREAT REWARD. If you face the discomfort now and do what you're suppose to do... you will be rewarded, you will get something. Always remember that sacrifices will give you something, you will get what you need. You just need to trust it. So forget about always feeling good, put your mind into a state of no worry, move despite of feeling a little bit fear. It's just a feeling, you need to be a very good manipulator of feelings. If you can make yourself believe that moving while feeling bad is good then you can achieve a lot of things in life.

Be willing to face anything because you can always get away from it. Everything will flow, everything will be alright, you need to face everything that will put you on a better position. If you are dreaming about something, you need to face every step that you need to do, you need to do every process that will make you one step closer towards it. You will just deal with it, what's difficult about it? you think that it's hard because you don't believe that something good will happen to you if you face the discomfort of facing it. Deal with it and never stop until you get the right answers, never stop until you make your life better.

You don't need to be super courageous if you want to face something, you can even be scared facing it. Once you face it... your courage will start to level up, you will find that hope, you will see yourself doing better and better each day.

So any challenge in life, any adversity, any discomfort, any responsibility... be willing to face all of them because that is the only way to make you successful. Even a small opportunity, even an opportunity that looks impossible... face it because you never know what might happen next, you never know that facing it will make you successful. Just give yourself a chance and be brave enough to deal with any situation that needs to be deal with.

Life will become much easier if you are willing to face anything, ask if you need to, be willing to get rejected, be willing to have a hard time... it will even be harder if you will just hide in your comfort zone and take everything for granted.

November 16, 2017


Start something, build the basics and keep tweaking it until it becomes great.

You don't need to become really good at something to build something great. You just need to start, stay focused and do something for it every single day. I repeat... EVERY SINGLE DAY. No excuses, no absents, no dramas... just do something for it and it will become big. It will become great, useful and can give you a good life.

The owner becomes lazy. He is not doing something for his business anymore. He only feels good while he is earning something and when there are no more earnings... the will get frustrated, he will feel bad. He no longer wanted to do something about it. If he will only tweak it then for sure something will change. The tweaking starts with the mindset, just think that you're succeeding every time you do something for your business. Survive it one day at a time, sometimes it's not about winning sometimes it's just about surviving. Survive it today and try to win tomorrow or the next day. If the winning is very hard then go for the easier option which is surviving. Then have time for tweaking while surviving, do something crazy, do something that will alter the momentum that is going on. It doesn't matter what you do, just keep tweaking and surviving until it becomes great.

Same as developing a skill or making yourself better. Just know the basics and keep tweaking everyday. For example if you're learning a particular musical instrument... just know the basic notes, know the easiest way how to play it and then keep tweaking it everyday. Keep learning some new tricks. You can even invent your own notes or rhythm if you are confident enough to do it. Just go for the roots and find something that will make you a little bit better than yesterday and that's it... you already set yourself up for success.

KEEP IN MIND THAT THE WORK WILL NEVER STOP. Just because you become a little bit successful today doesn't mean you have the right to stop. Once you stop then it's over for you. The work should never stop same as the improvement. Greatness is a commitment, success is a forever journey. Look at those people who thinks they already made it and stop working... the fail in the end, they were miserable, they were lost. They don't know how to get back on top. Once you reached the top... you can only maintain it by working harder than yesterday and keep improving a little bit.

Success is a long road, it is a journey and not a destination. Don't feel that you already succeeded once you earn pretty good cash and made a dramatic improvement in your life, you still need to work hard and find the little tweaks that will give you an advantage. Accept that the work will never stop, you need to keep working everyday or else you will go down.

MOVE SLOWLY WITH AN INTENTION TO LEARN. You can learn slowly, it's fine. But the intention to grow and make a progress should always be there, the level of commitment to success should be very high. Being slow but committed is better than being fast but just bumming around. Simply enjoy the process, you can do this by being patient and believing that no matter how slow you are... you will become successful one day. Enjoy every step of the way, enjoy what is going on with your life and always keep your vision to your goal clear.

Again, you don't need to become super extraordinary in the beginning, forget about greatness and simply trust the process. If you will keep tweaking yourself, if you will keep improving a little bit everyday... you will achieve a different level of success in the future so never stop working, always grind and keep the hustle alive.

Your tweaks may sometimes work and sometimes may not. Not everyday is Christmas, not everyday you will see a progress and improvement. No matter how hard you work today, you may still feel that you didn't achieve any small progress. It's normal, not everyday you are lucky. But you still need to work in order to keep the momentum alive. Once you get frustrated of not seeing results then it is over for you. Always be in a patient mode, always be in an active mode... never stop doing something to make your project better than what it was.

BECOME ADDICTED WITH LITTLE IMPROVEMENTS. Any little improvement will make you one step closer to success. An improvement is simply doing something with passion and heart. It is simply believing in your intention to become successful and pushing yourself to reach another level. It may not be another level but at least very close to the next level. Even if it will only give you a .009% of improvement... still do it.

Because reinventing something will produce a different result, it will alter a habit or a cycle, it will change a stagnant motion. You will start to rise once you are falling, you will start to have hope again if you're slowly eaten by frustration.

You will become successful once you keep going and make adjustments constantly, there is a lot of room for improvement so you have to grab it once you see one. Make it a habit of tweaking everyday or at least doing something for your dream. You need to make it alive, you need to keep it running. Once you don't give it any attention and energy, that is the time when your dream will die.

Being successful takes time, it is a commitment so you need to be very patient. The blueprint is very easy... change something if nothing is working, never quit and survive your dream one day at a time. Think of your dream as something that you need to do and improve everyday or else it will die, it will leave you.

November 15, 2017


Living in the moment is the best thing in the world. It means you are really living life and you're making the best out of it. It feels like you have no problem and all of your worries go away.

1. You don't worry about money but you are making smart decisions. You don't worry about money because you know that life is really like that. Sometimes your money is going up and sometimes it is going down even if you work super hard. You don't worry about it but it doesn't mean that you are over spending. Living in the moment doesn't really mean just having fun now and doing all stupid things. You don't worry about it because you know that it's not the only thing that will make you happy. You just do your best today and make money as much as you can, you don't care about how much you make, you just love the process of creating it.

2. You know that you are feeling bad but you're ok with it. You don't care about your emotions, even if you feel bad... you still find the thoughts that will make you happier. You know that you are dealing with a negative emotion but you are not frustrated because you know that it will go anytime soon, you know that emotions are not permanent and it can change if you are putting your mind the right inputs to become more positive. Feeling bad is not a big deal to you anymore, you know what are the things that are more important, you know where to use your energy. A little dizziness, a little stress, a little depression, a little negative emotion from traffic, a little hit on your ego - these things doesn't matter to you anymore.

3. You never rush to solve your problems. You know that life is a process, it is not about feeling good right away and solving your problems in seconds, you deal with it like a grown man. you never shy away from it and you never try to escape from it. You solve it second by second. And even if it takes a long time to solve it... you are still ok with it. You know that even in solving problems, you still have to live in a moment and never rush things because doing so will only make you go crazy. You deeply understand that solving problems is part of your life and you can find a way how to enjoy it. `

4. You are enjoying breathing. You simply enjoy breathing because you know that life is all about breathing. You don't need stress to breathe, you don't recognition to breathe, you don't need riches to breathe. You simply breathe deeply and appreciate the air going in and out of your lungs. You know that breathing is reminding you how simple life is and you don't need to complicate it, you can make it epic but you know that you don't need to dwell on failures and shortcomings. Just breathing is reminding you how lucky you are and you don't need any other things that will make you happy.

5. You're not being needy of anything. You're not asking for help because you know you can get away with it by yourself. It's not that you have a lot of pride, it's just you are confident that you can do it by yourself because you are willing to get uncomfortable solving your own problem. You are not an attention seeker, you're not making dramas nor looking for sympathy. You don't care if someone appreciates you or not, you just live your life the way it is.

6. You are very appreciative. You appreciate the small things or the big things. You know that life is so short and anytime it can be taken away from you so you choose to be happy and appreciative. It may sounds corny but you appreciate the air, the sunlight, the little gifts from people, the cheapest things around you and also the big ones. You are a big fun of small or little success. You don't get jealous because you know that you are just wasting your life by doing that. You appreciate everything even the challenges because you know that at least you are still living your life.

7. You're not thinking about what will happen next. You're so spontaneous, you just go with the flow but of course you know what you want. Your focus is to always feel good, you're not forcing it, you're allowing it. It seems like you're very confident that everything will be alright and you're not worry at all. You feel so secured and you're enjoying everything that is happening.

8. You're not worried about what you can't control. You're just focus on what you can control but at the same time you're not controlling it too much. You don't care about the external forces, you're simply looking inside of you, you're never concerned about other people that is not doing any good on you. You're focus on your improvement, you are simply happy growing little by little each day. You don't care about the things that is outside of your territory.

November 12, 2017


Everyone wants to become successful but not everyone is willing to pay the price. You can't get something without giving something in return. If the dream is so big then the effort should also be big. A small effort will only bring small success, sometimes even nothing at all.

If you want to become successful then be ready to give your all, be ready to make sacrifices. Do something that you haven't done before.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE EFFORT. How much effort are you willing to give, are you ready to use all of your strength and will to create something? or are you just going to put a mediocre effort and play safe?  it is up to you cowboy, it's all in your hands. If you are willing to push further then you will go further, as simple as that. So if you are not succeeding yet, it only means your effort is weak and low, it only means you're not really working hard. Because if you are exerting a true work... then probably you're a millionaire right now, but you're not. It only means there is still lacking in the process that you are working in, you still need to try harder and work longer.

DON'T BE AFRAID TO GO HARD. Hard work will never kill you, it can only make you a better person. Don't be afraid to work hard, you even need to devour the opportunity that you can work hard because not all people can do it. They have a lot of time but they are doing some bullshits that ain't even working for their lives.

The truth is... the one who can work the hardest is the one that will become the most successful. If you can be the number one hard worker in the planet then you already take the number one spot, you're already non the top.

Succeeding is not that hard if you will make hard work as a habit. What's the difference between working hard and not working at all? NOTHING. Your time will still run, the world will still revolve, the time you are in this world is still diminishing. You are dying every second so what is the point of being afraid to work hard? what is the point of being afraid to make mistakes? You're still going to die one day regardless if you play safe or not.

You will succeed every time you take an action, it is the right path, it is the momentum builder.

FAILURE IS PART OF THE DESIGN. Every time you fail, you should take it as something that is nothing. It is only making you learn something so every time it happens to you, you should always remember the lesson. You become a better person every time you fail so don't be afraid of it. Embrace failing, do it everyday and you will become a winner one day.

November 11, 2017


There is more life if you experience more pressure and the more pressure you conquer.. the more rewards you will get. So don't be afraid of pressure, it is there to make you a diamond. Pressure will not kill you, it can only make you quit. If you will learn to love pressure, it will reward you with a lot of things that you thought were not possible.

Don't shy away from it because the more you become near from it the stronger you will become. A lot of talented people out there trying to make a name for themselves but once they feel the pressure... they can't do anything about it anymore. They were stunned, they can't even move and think correctly.

If you don't want to feel pressure then do nothing, don't dream about big things. You can only get the bigger things in life if you are willing to take a huge amount of pressure that will almost kill you. It can't kill you physically but it can kill you mentally.


It is nothing, don't be afraid of it nor get bothered by it, it is just a feeling. Any feeling can't kill you and never will. Pressure is there to guide you, once you feel it it means you need to face it. Deal with it, feel it a little bit and don't panic once it is running in your system. Embrace it because it will be gone in a while, once you become ok with it... you can do anything, you can be free, you will feel loose and creative.

Let pressure make you push. Some people will stop once they feel the pressure and some will push even more. Make is as a signal that you need to go harder. Use pressure to enjoy the challenge even more. Play with it, have fun with it.

Always think that there is a reward behind every pressure. It will make you tougher, it will give you a different kind of experience that will make you a better person. Face it and conquer it, you will find out that it is a blessing. 

November 10, 2017


You need to celebrate the smallest victory in your life because that will keep you motivated, that will make you more determined to win, that will give you the momentum that you are looking for.

Even if you just earn 20 dollars for guarding the whole subdivision for 24 hours... celebrate it. If you just won 500 dollars in your first MMA fight and your nose is broke... still celebrate it. If you just got lucky winning 2 dollars in a lottery ticket, celebrate it. You should feel like  winner and you can only do that by celebrating.

You don't need to host a part or say it to the whole world, just be happy about it and be proud too.

A lot of people can't appreciate the smallest victory that they made that's why they can't create a big victory. You must start from being small first before becoming big. You have to crate something small first before create something great, if you can't create or appreciate the smallest things then how come will you be able to achieve bigger things. Your appreciation is your destination.

Celebrate it, drink whine on a goblet, tell it to your mama and papa. I am very sure they will give you a round of applause. Be super excited about it. If your names was just listed on the list of people who is qualified for a promotion... be happy about it. You may not get the real promotion but at least you win in a small way.

A small victory is still a victory, you work for it so you must celebrate it. There is no reason for not celebrating it because you sweat for it and you exert an effort. 

Once you have the habit of celebrating the smallest victory everyday, one day you will become big. Those smallest victory that you celebrate will accumulate in the end.

November 09, 2017


Don't feel sad, don't feel bad if you're not getting the credit you think you deserve. Life is really unfair, sometimes you really work hard but your hard work is not paying off. I don't know but sometimes life really works that way. Maybe it is because your hard work is not yet enough. Maybe because you are still missing something. If this is happening to you, if you are working hard but you can't see the results... ally you can do is keep going, just be happy doing the process.

Maybe there is no reward, maybe the reward is the process itself. Because if you can be happy with just moving and doing the process then you're already successful. The money and other trophies are just bonuses. Taking actions and not getting bored with it is already a reward, because in life if you will not move then you will die slowly. You need to keep moving to maintain your life, you need to have a lot of fun doing something so that your body and brain will function properly.

You don't need a credit, you just need to enjoy what you're doing, you just need to have a lot of fun so you will feel successful. Just fall in love with the process and that is a success already. It doesn't matter if you get paid or not, it doesn't matter if you get popular or not. Just be happy, just keep getting better each day.

Do what will make you feel a little bit happy, it doesn't matter if it is 100 percent happiness, just do something that will make you feel a little bit better. What are you feeling now? do you feel bad, do you feel frustrated? think about something that will make you a little bit happier. It can be anything, it can be a simple step, it can be simply reading something or doing a little step for your goal.

Forget the credit, who needs it anyway, just find the love in the process, just motivate yourself to keep taking actions forever... that is happiness.

November 08, 2017


You can be good in basic things and you will become successful already. In class, if you're not smart... just be good in going to classes, don't be late, don't be absent, complete all the requirements and you will already pass. It's not about being intelligent, it's about doing the right things. It's very easy but a lot of college students fail because they were always late and absent and at the end of the day... they will make out of the world excuses, they will even blame their professors and call them terror.

You can be simply good in ignoring and you will become successful. Ignore the critics, ignore your boss who is making you feel bad, ignore the hate, ignore the noise outside, just focus on your work and you will become successful.

Just be a professional and you will become successful. Always be on time, respond fast, do what is needed, never be absent nor late, work like a real professional and clients will love you, they will even look for you.

Sometimes you overlook the small things, you ignore what you can do and focus on what you can't do. Just do what you can do and give your best, wait for the results to come in. You don't need to overthink, just focus on your strengths and success will be attracted to you.

November 07, 2017


You will fail not because you lack the skill, not because you don't have talent or great support system, you will fail because you're afraid to attack what you fear the most. 

Your biggest fear is the key to your success. You're talking about hard work but the truth is it is your biggest fear. Yeah, you heard me right, your biggest fear is hard work, you're so afraid to get tired, you're so afraid to commit because you're afraid that it might work in the end. You're so afraid that you're only wasting your time for nothing. If you're afraid of hard work then you must work hard because it is the key to your success so attack it.

You're afraid of your boss not knowing that he is the key to your success. You're afraid to talk to him and ask for a promotion or an increase in salary. He is your biggest fear so you should attack him, be closer to him, tell him what you want to happen, if he didn't agree so be it, at least you give yourself a chance. Take him out to dinner and tell him that it's your treat, serve him the right food and tell him what you want. Attack him because he is the key to your success, success is an all or nothing thing, you shouldn't be afraid to deal with uncomfortable moments if you want to make results. 

If you want to become great then you should fight the greatest ones, you should never shy away from challenge because that is they key to greatness. Attack what you fear the most because it holds the key to your success, it holds your freedom. 

What is the thing that you are afraid of? go and attack it now. 

November 06, 2017


Another technique that I recently discover that will make you do more is STOP FINISHING IT. If you found yourself doing some activities that is not related to your success.. stop finishing it and start doing your process of becoming successful right away.

If you find yourself watching your favorite show and you know there is something else that is important, stop finishing the TV show, go and start the first step of the more important task. This technique will make you more discipline, it will improve your decision making ability. You will become more mature and of course... you will have more time for the more important activities.

If you find yourself using your cellphone a lot for video games, if you're already on the last stage of your favorite video game... stop it, stop it and start working on your goal. Don't feel bad if you can't finish the video game, it is nothing, it will not even give you a good life. Choose what will give you a good life because it's the one that makes a lot of sense.

You must know what is the right thing to finish and what is not. Why will you finish something that is not even a needle mover? Finish what matters, success is only about finishing the right things and finishing it as fast as you can.

So stop finishing the bullshit activities, it is only putting you on the wrong direction. It feels good if you become aware that you are doing nonsense and immediately cutting it, it means you're discipline is on a different level.

You're only a human, you will be tempted with useless activities but it's your duty to stop them, it's your duty to be strict with yourself and just engage on more useful activities.

It's a battle, you have to choose between what is right or wrong. Of course the wrong activities are more fun but only in the beginning, it is not fun anymore if your life is going down. The right activities are more boring but has a lot of benefits, behind it is a good life waiting for you.

November 05, 2017


You can see greatness if you want to. You can take a sneak peek of it. The only thing that greatness requires is consistent hard work. It is very simple, you don't need to become a genius to become great. All you need is dedication and patience. Keep working and working until you produce something.

Don't be afraid to be the last on the race, life is a marathon not a race.

You can only see greatness if you are willing to persevere in the end. Forget the time, forget how old you are, forget all the mistakes you did from the past. The most important thing is now, you still have time to chase greatness, you still have time to stick with the process and take home success.

There is nothing wrong in chasing greatness, everyone can try it. It's sad that most people will not even try, they don't know that trying is free and it will never kill them.

Just try every possibility, push your will and never give up. If you work hard you will realize that greatness is not easy but trying to have it is worth it.

Once you see it, once you have it... never let it go. Make it yours forever, keep working forever. Getting it is almost a lifetime, maintaining it is a forever work.

You only have one life why will you not try to see greatness? it is worth it, chasing greatness is what will make you experience what life is all about. It's a lot of pain and sacrifices but the journey is worth it.

November 04, 2017


You like to be called the best because you know in yourself that you're not the best yet. You want to be called a womanizer because you feel you have less girlfriends in the past. It's hard to admit it but it's the true. Because if you're that person already then you will never die to be called like that.

Don't die for praises and appreciation, don't seek for recognition because if you're really good, if you're really that person you wanted to be... appreciation will come to you naturally. They will give you great names, they will respect your achievements because they know you are for real and not just someone who is pretending.

Do what you need to do and become the greatest that you can be. You don't need their applause if you really know who you are.

November 03, 2017


Any pain will end in just a matter of time. Any wound will heal, any punishment will end, any sin will be forgiven, any bad movie will end, any heavy traffic will end, any misunderstanding will be fixed.

You just need to wait, sometimes you don't even need to do anything. Just wait and it will end. Stop worrying, stop crying, any pain and suffering will soon be over.

Just live with the moment and never forget to stay positive. The more you get mad about it the longer the pain will stay. Stop making dramas, stop complaining because it is only alleviating the pain. You need to continue to live, you need to continue to breathe.

Everything has an ending, even happiness has an ending. Even your life has an ending, it's sad but no matter how hard you stop it... it will end.

If you're having a hard time now, don't worry it will be over in a while. If you're lost and you don't know what to do... you will find a way. Everything has an ending, just wait for it and keep moving.

November 02, 2017


You must feel free. You must be creative, being creative means being free. It means nothing is holding you back, it means you don't care about the outcome.

Because the truth is... you can invent your own shits too. You can invent a process, you can invent a technique, you can invent an idea, you can invent an invention. If other people were inventing stupid shits and the are selling, you too can do that. Just feel free, don't care about the result and just enjoy the process.

You can create your own book, you can build your own gym, you can create your own philosophy in life. You have the freedom and you must celebrate it. Nothing or nobody can stop you, you are the only one who can stop yourself. If other people are thriving, you too can thrive in your own way. Success and greatness is for anybody who will try to pursue it.

Hard work and commitment is the only key, you have to keep grinding the process and never stop until you become successful.

Just keep in mind that your situation now is only temporary and it will change it just a matter of time. Just make sure that you are willing to pay the price. Any invention can become successful if you paired it with hard work, passion and tenacity. Keep pushing, move fast, forget about what is happening around you and focus on inside of yourself.

Have faith that it will work in the end, have faith that everything will be alright. After all, trying is the most important thing not success. Trying is more important than winning. Trying will erase all the regrets.

Start now and invent something, create something and feel free. Use your creative mind. It's not about trying to become perfect and successful right away, it's about expressing yourself and executing your own ideas.

November 01, 2017


You're not lucky, you work hard for it that's why you get it, you put in the work, timing and effort that's why you became successful yesterday. And the good new is... if you were able to accomplish something like that yesterday, you can repeat it today. You can repeat it again tomorrow, you can repeat it as long as you want.

There is no such thing as fluke if you work hard and prepare, if you produce blood, sweat and tears then you really deserve it and you can repeat it again. So if you just earned $500 yesterday, you can do it again and tomorrow, you can do it over and over again, you can even double the $500 in one day. Don't think that you just got lucky yesterday, there is no such thing as luck, it will not happen if you didn't show up and work. So all you have to do is show up again today and work. Double the work if needed to ensure that you will get the same outcome.

It's all about being consistent and having the same mindset that you have yesterday, if you become successful yesterday then don't change the thought process, don't change the work ethic, never change anything.

Believe in yourself that you can repeat a great achievement, don't be too humble and be a little bit greedy. You need to push yourself to repeat the best outcome that you produced, that is how to become successful.

Sometimes it will be harder to repeat something but it is what it is, it's part of the process, it's part of being successful. Sometimes you need to work overtime and you have to be ok with that.

Don't be afraid that it will not happen again today because it will. Just trust the process and expect success.

Expect that it is going to become harder but also expect that you can repeat the same results yesterday.

November 01, 2017


I've been failing a lot of times this past few months. This blog is not earning good, the rank is going down, the visitors are not consistent but that doesn't mean I have the right to quit. That doesn't mean that I will give up. I have this mindset that the more I fail, the more I will push harder.

I don't care if I fail over and over again because I knew that one day my time will come. I will become successful too like other people.

I love to try, I'm not like any other people who will just quit whenever they fail. I am willing to fail a million times and still not quit. This is the mindset that I have, it's like failing is only making my will power stronger.

I will chase success until it chases me in the future. People may laugh, people may doubt. But one thing I have is belief, my belief will never change. Even if it seems impossible... I will push until the end.

October 31, 2017


If you are thinking about what other people think of you then it is game over, you already lost, you already give away your power. It's none of your business to think about what they are thinking because it will only make you weak, it will make you unfocused.

If they are thinking that you're not good enough to succeed so be it. Don't dwell on it, don't fight them, don't argue with them. Your main goal is to succeed and you can't achieve it if you're trying to control what other people think of you.

And even if they are praising you... don't think about it too, don't let it go up in your head and feel satisfied about their praises. It's your mission to keep going, it's your mission to fulfill your mission. Regardless if they say something bad or good to you... you still need to take relentless actions.

Because that is what success is all about, it's not caring about what other people think of you because it will only make you slow. If you will be happy with their praises then you will become soft, you will never go hard anymore, you will feel successful already even if you're not. If you will feel bad about their critics... you will not be able to focus, you will get mad and that will destroy your momentum.

You cannot control what other people thinks of you. It's their freedom to judge you but never let those judgement affect your work.

October 31, 2017


It's not being smart, intelligent, talented or gifted that will make you successful. It's not what you say you can do or your potential... it is endurance that will make you successful. It's not the cognitive skills, it's the non cognitive skills that will give you glory into your life. 

You can become talented, skilled or gifted. You can even label yourself as the chosen one but if you don't have the endurance and stamina to push further to become successful then you will never become successful. 

Take your mental toughness to another level, always practice your willpower, make your work ethic super strong and you will become successful one day. A man can become super wise or talented but if he can't persevere then will never go far. Because challenges and obstacles will always test you, once you need to do something hard and you don't want to do it... it's over for your journey, you already failed. 

Not all the time you will have the luxury to only do what you wanted to do. Not all the time you can act like a king and feel like everything is in control. There are times when you need to force yourself to do something you don't like in order to get something you need. Keep in mind that not everyday is Christmas, sometimes you need to push through pain and discomfort to achieve a different level. 

You don't need to become smart to push until the end, you don't need talents to decide if you will still continue when the going gets tough. You don't need special gifts and traits to be able to work 16 hours a day or even more. It's your endurance and willpower that will save you, it's your willingness to keep working until you become successful that will make you successful. 

So don't feel bad if you're not talented or smart. Those traits are not needed. You only need mental toughness and perseverance. 

If you can work more and do more until the end then for sure you will become very successful. 

October 31, 2017


You need to do what you are talking about, you need to be real this time. All the talking, all the imagining, all the dreaming... those days are over. It is time to perform and show them what you really are. Show them what you can do.

Everyone can talk but not everyone can perform. What is the use of your words if you will not prove it?

The reason why you can't become successful is because you are fake, you are pretending that you are working hard, you're pretending that you're serious and one day you're going to make it. You're making a lot of stories and you let it fool you. You believe that you can become successful one day but you don't know exactly how are you going to do it.

Be real, do what you are boasting to other people, stop selling wolf tickets now and force yourself to become successful.

You are good in talking before but the moment you felt that it is hard... you can't talk anymore. Where is that flashy person who's trying to make people believe that he can become successful?

Do what you said from the past, prove them that you can prove. There are lot of fakes in this world, don't be one of them. Be different, talking is easy but executing is hard. Choose the hard path because it is the right path to success.

Are you for real? do you want to be called real? stop clowning around and trying to impress other people. Do what you are always saying, it's time to act differently. This time you need to cut the talking and increase the doing.

Because if you're not real then success will not be attracted to you. It will never show on your door, success will only come to people who are real and not pretending to be someone who they are not.

October 30, 2017


The reason why you can't become successful and free is because you always watch other people's lives. Remember that you have your own life and it's your life that you should place your focus upon. You almost forgot that you should help yourself to become successful and not focus on other people's dreams.

The reason why you can't make it is because you're too much generous with your time. You are giving your time away for free. You will watch other people's journey, you memorize their habits, their favorite food, favorite color, you know what is happening with their everyday life, you know their dramas and shits. You don't know what to do with your life anymore, you're completely lost.

If you want to be in control then you must watch your own life. Watch your growth, watch your own progress, make a very good story of your life by working hard everyday. Watch yourself if you're not doing well and make adjustments, watch yourself if you're taking your life for granted.

Make your own movie about your life and direct it very well. You are the director and you are the start.

Stop watching an ordinary person making it in life and getting jealous with him, stop idolizing someone who is no better than you. You can become anybody if you will work hard and focus on your own work.

You can only become free of jealousy, hatred, laziness and hate if you will watch your own life. Work to improve your life, strive to become better each day.

You can make extraordinary accomplishments out of your life if you will take things seriously and stop being a fan of other people.

Everyday you are growing old, everyday your time is decreasing. Don't wait before you get so very old before you take actions. The right time is now... execute and make your dreams come true.

October 29, 2017


Being smart is simply being simple, you will just do what is needed and that's it. You will do things on time, never delay what you promise and always give your best. It is basically just doing the right thing, doing it better and focus on getting it done.

You don't need to be a genius or something. Just do what will make your position better and that's being smart already. 

JUST DON'T DO STUPID THINGS. Don't do stupid things and that's being smart already, a lot of people thinks they're smart, they want to do cool things but they cannot even do the right thing. They will impress other people, act savage, show their swagger but in the end they find themselves in trouble. Just stay away from trouble and that's being smart already. 

You don't need to be intelligent, you don't need to look intelligent. Just do the right thing. If you're a student in college, you just need to do your assignments, listen to your teacher, never miss a class and that's being smart already. Stay away from temptations, stay away from so called "friends" that will make your life miserable and will teach you vices. Just do the basic and you will do fine, as simple as that.

Being smart means putting yourself on a better position or at least giving yourself a chance to succeed. You don't need to look cool or dominant, you don't need to look flashy or loud. Just do the basic things that will make your life better than yesterday and that's being smart already. 

If you're doing something that will give you a better future then that is smart. 

You're smart if you will choose delayed gratification, you are smart if you will choose sacrifice over bad pleasures, you are smart if you will simply do what is best for your life. It is really easy to become smart... just do the rightest thing and never do stupid cool things that will only stop your progress. 

October 28, 2017


If he is making results, if he is making it in life... that is how to know if a person is really working hard.

If a person is working really hard and he is not progressing financially... it means he is not working hard on his financial lessons. He is not studying something that will improve his financial status. hard work have different layers, it is not purely working hard physically, you have to work hard mentally too. You have to work hard in every areas of your life.

You have to dream hard, you have to work hard. You have to study hard too and be courageous enough to study yourself why you are not progressing.

If you are really working hard then you will get results for sure but if you are not getting what is expected of you, it means your hard work is not enough, it means you still need to do something else. Sometimes a single decision can change everything in your life.

Look for what is missing, if you can't see it then it means  you're not looking hard.


If you already have a strong work ethic then you're already good, you can become successful already. If you feel that the results you are getting is not enough, it only means you need to make adjustments. It is either you stop something or you start something new. Don't be scared of something if you are working hard, if you are really working hard then you're already secured, you don't have to worry about anything else.

HARD WORK NEVER STOPS. A person who is really working hard is unstoppable. He is not someone who will just work today and will rest tomorrow. If he can work hard forever then he will do it. He is not someone who will work and always expect something in return, it is in his DNA, he will do it forever if needed. It is already embedded in his system, he is not afraid to get tired, he is not ashamed of doing it even if the results were not showing.

October 28, 2017


Everyone has a hidden strength inside of them. They just don't know it or maybe they are pretending that they don't know it.

You can only make your strength come out if you will move, if you will challenge yourself and push yourself to the limits. Set a goal and use every ounce of your strength to get it.

You will never know how strong you are if you will not face the discomfort. Real strength will come out if you are weakening, if the hope is not there anymore. Your real strength will show if there is a lot on the line and the stakes are very high.

Real strength will show during pressure times. Some people are only good and can show their brilliance when everything is comfortable, when they are winning and there is no big problem that they are facing.

If you wanna know how powerful you are... you must take risk, you must face the unknown and give your best during hard times. Once you get comfortable during uncomfortable moments... you will be surprised at how good you can be, you will be surprised with what you can accomplish.

What you can do at the moment is not all you can do. You can still do a lot of things, you can push, you can achieve more. It's just a matter of deciding to become strong and giving all you've got no matter what.

Real strength is having the ability to move despite of fears, despite of discomfort and big obstacles on the way. The more you move during problematic times, the more you will become stronger. Your mental toughness will soar to another level.

I've seen a lot of talented and skilled people that were expected to become successful that only crumble during pressure times, they don't know what to do anymore, they freak out when everyone is mocking them. That is weakness, that is a sign of a fake strength. You can all have the hype in the world but at the end of the day, they will know if you are really strong or not.

October 28, 2017


Some people are working hard but they are wasting it. They are taking their hard work for nothing. It seems like they're on a rat race and they can't get away from it. Why is that? I thought hard work will always pay off, but not all the time especially if you're wasting you hard work.

People will work hard for a month, they will work for 9 hours a day, some will even work for 12. But after that one month of hard work... they will only burn their salary for stupid things, they will make wrong decisions in handling their money that will result to debts and sometimes even giant debts. They wasted their hard work, it is better if they don't work at all.

If you will only treasure your hard work then it will never be wasted, you can make a significant progress in your life, you will go to another level easily. The reason why you can't change your bum life is because you will work hard and you will waste it. You will work hard in your office, you will impress your boss by doing charity work but after your shift... you will go to starbucks and buy some expensive coffee so that you will really feel like a professional that is earning a lot. What kind of a stupid decision was that?

Another good example... you will exercise for one straight hour, you will force yourself to sweat like a kid constipating in the toilet. You will do a lot of difficult drills but after your exercise... you will drink soft drinks and eat a lot of sweats, you will treat yourself with hamburgers and fries because you think that you deserve it. That will give you no progress, you will go back to zero, your body will not change, the funny thing is it might get even worse.

If you work hard.. make sure that you will gain something from it, make sure you will save your money or will make your situation a little bit better than yesterday because if you keep working hard and not getting any significant progress.... you will quit in the long run, you will get frustrated, you will look for what is wrong not knowing that you are the only one who is wrong.

October 27, 2017


Pushing too much is not good for you. It is not good for your body, mind and usually it will not produce your desired outcome. Because it means forcing things, using energy and strength even if you don't need it that time.

Sometimes you have to make something breathe. For example, if you are flushing the toilet bowl repeatedly because your shit won't go away... you can't be flushing it successively because the circulation of water will stop. You need to wait for a few seconds or minutes so that the flush will become strong again, you need to let the toilet bowl breathe so that it will become stronger next time.

Just like building your muscles, you can't be lifting weights 7 days a week, you need to make your muscles breathe so it can recover and become stronger next time. If you will go to the gym 7 days a week without rest... you will become depleted, you will feel weak and tired, you need to relax a little bit and rest your muscles. It will grow faster if you will rest it and give it time to grow.

Another example is studying for an exam, you can't be studying 24 hours a day, that will make you go crazy, you will forget all the information you put inside of your head. You need to relax for a few hours, sleep for a few hours and then go back studying again. You're just a human, you're not a machine. You need to give your brain some breathing room so that it can function better and can memorize words faster.

Just like in thinking about problems too much, if you will do it everyday... you will lose sanity, you will hear voices that is not suppose to be heard, you will become crazy, you need to give yourself some time to do some other things. You need to detach yourself from that problem and make your mind breathe. You will be bale to think clearly and find better solutions if you will let your mind breathe.

Same as pursuing a goal, you can't be pushing 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, sometimes you need to rest so your body will be able to recover. Sometimes pushing too much is pulling you, it is making life difficult for you. You need to relax a little bit and be mindful of the things that are happening in your life, trying hard too much will make you hot headed, you will make a lot of mistakes.

Rest is still important but not too much rest, it's ok to work hard and grind but sometimes you need to make yourself breathe so that better things will happen. It's not advisable to keep pushing even if it hurts too much, sometimes you need to think smart and rest what needs to be rested.

October 27, 2017


You have no choice but to face it. Face that fear, no fear cannot be conquered if you face it boldly without hesitations. Once you feel it... face it, don't think, forget about the danger. Always remember that if your life is not in danger then there is nothing to be afraid of.

Even if you scared that fear so much... it will subside if you face it. You might get embarrassed, humiliated, rejected or disrespected for trying but for sure you will still feel good because you faced your fear.

Just count from 1 to 5 in your mind if you're going to face it or not. If the countdown ends and you haven't decided yet... don't do it anymore and totally forget it, don't regret it, don't feel bad about it. The fear is also destroyed by ignoring it and not making it a big deal, but make sure that you will not think about it anymore because if you do... it means you are regretting not taking actions. But if you decided that you are going to do it then so be it, embrace it and never look back. Enjoy the fear, enjoy the process of facing it while taking actions. Embrace that negative emotion, enjoy being scared because it will go away little by little the more you face it. Remember that it's not the end of the world, you are not dying, you are just making yourself better by facing fears.

Any strong fear can become weak by facing it, it only has a power because you think that it will hurt you emotionally. And that's true, the fear's main objective is to make life painful for you by not facing it. The more you hesitate and procrastinate, the more fear will become stronger. Fear will eat you alive if you keep thinking about it and not taking actions. The best thing to do is move little by little, face fear little by little until it is fully destroyed.

Your courage will grow stronger and stronger the moment you face fear. Come to think of it, is fear a physical thing? can you see it? can you touch it? it is nothing right? you only build it inside of your head by worrying and thinking about what might go wrong. Just power through and force yourself to take actions and fear is already destroyed. Any kind of fear is the same, it is mocking you, it is treating you like a bitch, it is freezing you and intimidating you. The best thing to do is face it, look it into its eyes, laugh at it and treat it like a bitch too.

October 27, 2017


Any path that you take.. if your intention is good and to make your life better then it is the right path. 

Your parents or friends or partner may tell you that it is not the right path because it's too dangerous and irrational but just stick with it, work hard and never change path... you will become right in the end. They will see that you are right, they will regret that they didn't support you in the beginning. 

All you have to do is endure, make yourself a little bit better each day and you will become successful one day, success may not come fast but it will come big once it come. 

You will look stupid or weirdo in the beginning, you may look like you're out of your mind to many because they don't know what is running inside of your brain. Bust just don't listen to what they say and just keep working. 

It is right if you will stand for it and believe it to the fullest. It is right if you will die for it and work for it until the end. Every positive action that you take is the right action, just be consistent and you will see results in just a matter of time.

Sometimes that path that you choose is hard but don't worry because it will become easier in the end. Just stick with it no matter what, don't give up. Sometimes you have to force things and enforce your will, if that's the case then do it. Never be afraid to go all out, that is what will make your path the correct path. 

Sometimes you will feel that you choose the wrong path, it is normal especially if things are getting harder. But don't worry, if you will keep on taking actions then you will find momentum as the time goes by. 

October 26, 2017


A king is someone who will outwork everyone, a king is someone who is always in control of his life, emotions and thoughts. A king is not someone who just command people and do nothing. A king will always work hard and serve as an example for people. If you want to become the king then you must work he hardest, you must be a good follower so that people will follow you too. You should set the bar so high and become a good role model. No one will follow a lazy king, if someone works harder than you then you don't deserve to be a king. A king as a big responsibility, he is committed to improvement everyday.

A king is someone who isn't afraid of pressure. He is not afraid of confrontations, uncomfortable moments and stress. He will impose his will and take charge when everyone else is afraid to take charge.

A real king will never crumble, he is unshakable and he can decide and move during hard times. His mind is always still, he can even meditate ruing chaos. He can enforce his will and speak his mind, he is not afraid to offend somebody for as long as it is for a good cause.

A king is reliable, when he say he will do something, he will do something. If he promises you something, he will fulfill it. He will never break his word, he has a tremendous amount of self reliance, you can trust him to perform and exceed your expectations.

So if you see someone who is acting like a king but is so lazy, stay away from that person, never associate yourself with that person because he is a fraud. He will only make your life difficult, he will command you with anything even though he can do it on his own. He will act like a tough guy, he will intimidate you with his swagger that was not real. Only follow a real king, you can even be the king of your own world. Just work hard and build your own empire.

October 26, 2017


You're not special, you can only become special. And that status will be attained if you work hard and become successful.

You are not special but you can do special things, you can produce special results. Even if you were born with no skills or special talents at all... you can still shine if you work hard and become committed to something that will bring bigger things in the end.

Even if you don't have special support system that will make life easier for you... you can still become special if you keep grinding and busting your ass day in and day out.

It's all about focusing on something special and becoming special to have it. Focus on winning, focus on making yourself better than yesterday.

Never get jealous with other people who has an identity of being special. They can tell themselves that they are special, other people can call them special but if they can't win in the end... their specialty is still useless. There are lot of hyped people out there that were expected to win only to fail in the end because they don't work hard, they never persevere until the end.

You can become special if you are serious in winning in life. It is hard to transform yourself into something special but it is still possible. You can be anything you want to if you will give your life into it.

Start doing something special now, make a special run. You're just an ordinary person but you can do extraordinary things.

October 25, 2017


Any upgrade that you can do with your hobby, business or skill will help. If the intention is to grow then that will help. Any upgrade is helpful because the intention is to become better, and you will become better because you're exerting an effort, especially if the effort is so consistent.

Upgrade your body. Any run will do, any exercise will do. It can be yoga, calisthenics, aerobics, sports or a simple walk will do. Any upgrade will make your body better. Just wait for it and be patient, time is the key to become successful. Doing something doesn't mean you will get something right away. Of course you have to endure the boredom of repetition but don't worry, once you are seeing progress... you will become more motivated and have more fun. Any process will become effective if you will do it for so long, you will get improvement in just a matter of time.

Upgrade your mind. It can be a simple meditation, reading books that are positive, reviewing lessons, solving mathematical problems. Anything that will make you think is effective, your brain will become sharper, you will know more, your knowledge will expand. Any upgrade will help, if your purpose is to grow then you will grow if you keep taking positive actions.

Upgrade your financial status. Just save money and you already upgraded it. Do something that will make you earn money, do something that will give you more dollars rather than bills. Not spending is also upgrading because money will keep on entering your piggy bank. Sell something, work, invest, make sure that your money is growing little by little. Remember that any positive action will work.

Growing, succeeding a little bit is what will make your life more fun. If you are seeing progress in your life then you will become happier and more fulfilled. You will live life with a purpose. Look for something that you can upgrade in your life and upgrade it. It can even be your car... repaint it, change the wheels, shine it, anything will do and will work. You will love your car even more, you will appreciate it and will love to drive it more.

Life is all about growing and expanding, if you can look for something where you can focus your energy then your life will become pretty amazing.

Focus on the growth and improvement, that is how to make your life even better.

October 25, 2017


Time will come and your motivation will go down, you will feel frustrated, you will feel like nothing good is happening in your life. It is normal, emotions come and go. Sometimes you are motivated and sometimes you are not. Sometimes you feel like quitting, sometimes you don't want to do anything anymore, all you want to do is make dramas and excuses.

That is the reality of life... you will feel unmotivated, you're just a human being and there is nothing wrong with that.

1. Don't panic. Just relax, motivation will come back again. Remember that motivation is just a feeling. Your feeling of laziness, heaviness and frustration will go away in just a matter of time. Just weather the storm and you will see the sunshine later.

2. Keep taking actions. Even if you feel lazy.. do something, never stop. Even if it is just a mediocre action... do it. Never care if you are progressing or not, never care if you are making results or not, what matters is you keep taking actions and you are still focused with your goals. Taking action will change your emotion, you will feel good in just a matter of time.

3. Watch 3 motivational movies and read one inspirational story. Looking too much for motivation will make you a bum, there is a big chance that you will procrastinate longer. Once you're done watching 3 motivational stories and reading one inspirational story... move right away, start taking actions and never stop.

4. Never think about the remaining steps that you need to do. Forget about finishing, forget about how long it takes for you to become successful. Just keep taking baby steps and that's it. Forget about being perfect, forget about your slow pace. Just keep moving forward, feel relentless and just push through no matter what.

October 25, 2017


Delayed gratification means you will not have instant pleasure at the moment. It means you will sacrifice a little bit for the bigger picture.

Practicing delayed gratification will make you a better person. Your will power will become more powerful. Once you see an opportunity that will make you temporary happy but you know in the end will give you misery... don't grab it. Just do what is necessary, do something that will put your life on a better position in the future and not what will amuse you for a very short time now.

If you're making your body slimmer... don't eat a piece of cake in your refrigerator. Don't even look at it, throw it if you can. Eat the healthier foods... that is how you practice delayed gratification. It is hard to resist temptation but once you were able to ignore the things that will make life more difficult for you... the change in your life will happen.

If you want to have a different life, you must be willing to sacrifice a lot. That's how you do it. It is hard, you must be consistent, you must be good in ignoring temptations. Delaying gratification is like building a muscle, the more you do it the more you become stronger, you will be in full control of your life. You can out muscle any problem, you can over power any challenges in life.

That is the difference between a successful person and a failure. A failure never practice delayed gratification, he always bite the temptation that is presented to him. He always spend his money for useless things, when he saw something in the mall that has a discount... he will buy it. When someone invited him to the party... he will go without hesitation even if he has some more important things to do.

Don't be scared to practice delayed gratification, do what is needed first and get the rewards later. Study hard, don't eat a lot of junk foods, keep your money, stop watching too much TV and work more.

Once you see a temptation... forget it right away and focus on the better things that is waiting for you. Always think about the best things that may happen once you delay the gratification.

October 24, 2017


PUSH FORWARD, use force, forget about anything else. Forget about your body that is deteriorating, it will heal in the right time. Forget about the people that were offended, it is their fault if they were too sensitive. Just power through because that is the only way to become successful. Push yourself if you feel so tired.

You always have a second or even third wind, there is still a hidden power inside of you and you can use it when you feel hopeless and powerless. Push through no matter what, overpower laziness and heaviness. Force yourself to move even if the pace is very slow.

October 24, 2017


Whether it is just about typing 10 pages of report for your boss or making him a coffee.. be proud of it. It is still a work, it is still contributing something to the world. If you are moving then you are contributing something, it may not look impactful but certainly you made an impact.

Because if you will not be proud of your work then you will lost motivation to do it again. If you think that your work sucks then you will never do it again next time, you will get sick and tired of it.

Be proud of any work that you did, it is still a work even if it's  a shitty work. And it will never be a shitty work if you give your best. It may look shitty to some people but who are them to judge you? you will be the judge of your own work. If you know that you take it seriously and you face a lot of stress by doing it then there is nothing else to talk about. You don't need to argue with people that you really give your best in your work.

If you exert an effort, if you sweat for it then you don't need to feel ashamed about it. It's your work, be proud of it and if someone ask you how did you do it.. tell the complete details. Be serious in telling your story.

Because if you will not be proud of your work the who else will? if you are not proud of your work then people will not believe in you. They will feel that your confidence is low and won't buy any story that you tell.

It's not about being arrogant, it's about giving respect for yourself and for the effort that you did. Be confident and never belittle your own work.

The universe will believe you more if you believe in your work and you have the narrative in your mind that your work has a value.  If you sweat for it then never be shy for it.

October 23, 2017


Sometimes you will be threatened for whatever reasons. People, situations, bad news, stress, unfamiliar surrounding, overwhelming intimidation from other people, unexpected events etc. You will be stunned, you will be shocked, you don't know what to say and how to react.

There is only one thing you should remember if you feel threatened... you are still alive. If you're still alive then there is nothing to worry about.

JUST BREATHE. Move in a very slow motion, pause for a while and always remember that you are still alive. This is life, you will always feel uncomfortable and if you are ok with that then any threats will never shake you.

Don't talk, just breath, don't react just think. Think of the best thing that you can do to improve your situation. If you don't need to move then don't move at all. Sometimes just being still will solve any tension.

It's life, there will be instances when something or someone will make you uncomfortable. It is what it is, you don't need to control everything. Just focus on what you can control. Just don't panic and everything will be alright. Focus on your emotions, all you need to do is forget thinking about what they are thinking. Focus on your own thoughts and you will feel invincible.

Always be aware if you are panicking or not, if you are panicking then stop. Don't do anything, make everything around you slow, remember that it's just emotions that is making you freak out and not what is happening around you. You have to control your emotions, emotions is everything, it will make you or break you.

It's ok to look stupid, always remember that. Look stupid for a few seconds and then try to make your emotions a little bit better and a little bit better. It can only be achieved by trying to stay calm, aware and confident. Breathe deeply and slowly, condition your mind that it is life and everything that is happening is just a challenge. Remember that you don't always need to win, you just need to make yourself feel better. What they say and what they do is none of your business, your only goal for the moment is to protect yourself and feel good.

October 22, 2017


Don't ever feel guilty if someone is not making it in life, don't worry about other people's lives because it's their own life, they are the ones responsible for the outcome of their lives. You can't control everything, you can't make everyone happy, you're not a super hero or something, you're just a human who can do what you can do, you can never create a miracle and make life super beautiful for everyone.

Don't feel guilty if your parents hasn't experience a very good vacation yet, don't feel guilty if you can't give it to them. Because they can do it if they want to, it's their choice, even if you want to give them something.. it's still their choice if they will appreciate it, sometimes you are even giving them or offering them something but they can't appreciate it, it's their fault if they can't be happy with their lives, it's their fault if they don't do something about their lives. It's not about being bad or selfish, it's the reality, you're a good person and you know that, it's just happens that you can't make everyone happy even if you want to. Let them live their lives, you know in yourself that you want them to become happy, and even if you do everything to make them happy... it's still their choice if they will choose happiness or not. At the end of the day, even if you don't give them something that they haven't experience yet, it's still their choice if they want to become happy. They are in command of their emotions so never feel guilty if you can't give them a perfect life.

If your friend is suffering from from different kinds of problems... such as financial and emotional problems, don't worry about him, give him help that you can give but don't every worry a lot because he is the only one who can solve his problems. You are only creating your own problem if you worry too much, give him the assistance that you can provide and let things happen naturally. After all, it is his fault if he is having a lot of problems, he created his life, he can't blame anyone because he is the one responsible for his actions and emotions. He feel something bad because he is dwelling on his problems too much, he can't move on and change his bum life because he 's not taking actions. If you already give him all the help that you can give then stop worrying about him anymore. Again, this is not being selfish, this is the reality. You cannot control all the emotions, decisions and actions of people. If they are  full of dramas and shits so let them be. All you can do is live your life better than yesterday and do everything you can to live your life to the fullest. You already did your part so stop worrying a lot anymore.


You're not a savior, you're not a Messiah or something, you're just an ordinary human who creates a lot of mistakes. You are not perfect and you cannot control everything. You cannot control how they feel or how they think, all you can do is give them help when they ask for it. For the meantime, just be yourself and do what is best for your life. Focus on your life and become great so you can help a lot of people. Don't ever feel bad if you can't give them what they want. You can only do some things, not everything.

They were already grown up and it's their duty to make themselves happy and successful. It's not your fault if they cannot evolve and learn things on their own. Just be a normal person who is worry free and is not thinking about the problems of other people. You have your own problem and you have to solve it first before trying to help some other people.

You are only hurting yourself if you are thinking about the suffering of other people. You have your own suffering and if you're thinking about them then you're only doubling your suffering. There are better thoughts that you should entertain and not how other people think or feel.

October 21, 2017


Even if your style is not perfect, even if it has a lot of flaws, mistakes and ugliness... if you are having fun doing it then it is right, there is no need to change it, no need to listen to other people. Because at the end of the day, even if you are doing right... if you can't have fun with it then it is still a mistake.

Have fun in anything that you do and life will become very easy for you. If you're having too much fun then you will become more creative and loose. You will feel that it is very easy to move, you will feel that you have the authority to express yourself. Everything will become smooth and easy.

So if you are currently doing your passion and yet you're not on a higher level yet, let's say you're just a beginner... don't worry if they are laughing at your work, don't worry if they are always criticizing you. Remember that having fun is the number one priority and not what other people say. If you love what you're doing then you will become really good at it one day, granted that you take it seriously and you never stop.

Always look for the fun in anything that you do, even if you're just washing the dishes... you can still have fun with it, you can become creative with it, you can add twist on it. For example, you will put a timer on your dish washing activity, let's say you make a goal of washing 50 plates in just an hour or 20 glasses in just 5 minutes, set a timer in your cellphone and let the game begin.

They can say that your way of doing something is right, they can say that you're technically wrong but if you're so much having fun with your own style then why change it? their opinions doesn't matter, your feelings is what matters the most. You need to take care of your feelings, be aware if you're having fun or not, if not then it is time for you to do something about it, it's time for you to look for something that will make the activity fun to do. You can change something, you can add something, you can add story in what you're doing.

If you're just starting to learn something and you're having a hard time... add a story in it. Imagine that you're training to become the greatest in it. Manipulate your mind to become motivated and excited.

You can have fun even when you're just drinking water. Drink the water slowly, taste the taste of it, enjoy the water running in your throat. Enjoy the coldness of it, never rush, feel the water entering your body.

You can have a lot of fun if you're always on the moment and aware of what is going on around you and with your life. Life is fun, just enjoy every process even if it is just a small thing.

The truth is you are the only one who is making your own life difficult, it is your thought process that produces pain and suffering. If you will only think that life is very easy then your life will going to be easy. If you will just do the right things that will put you on a better position to win then you don't need to worry about anything else anymore.


1. Take it slowly. Don't rush it, rushing it will only make you go crazy. Move slowly but consistently, try to enjoy your senses. Enjoy your movement, enjoy everything you see that is related to your task. Even if the current step is hard... you can still enjoy it by slowly moving forward and doing what you can do. It is all about finding the small step that you can execute and doing it. Any process can be really fun if you will have a positive attitude towards it.

2. Think about the reward after getting it. There is always a reward after finishing a particular activity. You just need to look for it, it can be money or a simple development in your personality. You get better when you finish a task, you just need to appreciate it and really feel it. Every time you force yourself to do an urgent task that you don't like... your mental toughness becomes better, you become a better person, you become more responsible and trustworthy.

3. Make it fun. Put a playful side on it. If you're at the office and you're really bored doing your work... make it fast, be faster than anyone. Do more than anybody else, it's not that your competing with them, you just want to play and see how more can you do. Look at them, they were all bored because they are not pushing themselves, they all hate their job because they can't play with it. Anything will become easier if you will treat it as a game.

4. Reward yourself after doing a boring task. Make sure that you will not get the reward if you haven't finish the task yet. Reward yourself with a delicious snack or a simple playing time with your video game after finishing the task. The reward system will make you more productive because you know that there is a pleasure waiting for you.

5. Strive to become the number one. If you're just a janitor and you are getting bored with your job... strive to become the number one. Have the most number of toilets you clean in one month, have the most number of floors you clean in one month. Be the hardest worker, be the number one. Of course it is tiring, of course you will burn out but the good thing is you are having more fun. And one more thing, don't expect for promotion, just let it come naturally. If your boss can't see it, the universe will see it, you will be rewarded in the right time. Just work hard and rewards will come to you, just have faith. 


1. They are doing the things that they don't love. They were forced to do the things that they really don't like from the very beginning. They do it just for the sake of money, they thought that money alone can make them happy and satisfied only to find out in the end that not doing what they love is making them sick, doing something that they don't want is making them stressed, weak and unmotivated.

2. They don't want to look for the enjoyable moment on a specific task. Every task can bring joy to you, it is up to you to look for it. It is up to you to add spice in what you're doing. You can become creative, you can imagine things, you can make tweaks but you're not doing it because you're bored and you think that there is no more hope, you think that there is nothing you can do with your situation. 

3. They're too lazy. If you feel so lazy, if you want to finish your work fast then you will really get bored. Lazy people are rushing, they want to go home early, they want to get their salary early. They want to fast forward the time that's why they can't enjoy the moment. If you want to enjoy your work then simply try to enjoy every second of your life, enjoy every movement that is happening. Never look for the finish line because that will bring stress to the process.

4. They don't have a reason for doing their work. If you have a reason for doing your work then you will be able to love it and value it. Some people will just work to get money and then repeat the cycle over and over again, they don't have any direction. Some people love their work because they use it for some other reasons, they have a goal with it. Some people work because they are sending their children to school, some people work because they will use the money they earn to build a business on their own, that makes them enjoy their work even more because they know that their work will serve as an instrument for better things.

5. They are thinking about anything else while working. Their mind is flying, they are not focused. They are doing something but their mind is not there, that is why they are making a lot of mistakes and they get frustrated because they have to repeat their work. If you are doing something, be totally engaged with it, stay focus and never let your mind wander to different places.

If you are not having fun with your work then don't do it, if you have no choice but to do it then look for some ways how to make your work enjoyable. Having fun should be the number one priority because it will make your life easier. Forget about anything else, just be concern with you emotions, always check if you're having fun or not.

If you are stressed with your work, pause a little bit and find a thought, find a way that will make you have fun a little more. The control is always yours, you can push the button of happiness and enjoyment anytime you want to. It's all in your hands, it's up to you how are you going to make your life harder or easier.

Because life is all about having fun, even if you're just working... you still need to have a lot of fun. You only have one life so why are you going to use your time for more stressful activities? why are you going to let stress take over if you have the power to make your life more enjoyable?

Do what makes you happy, engage with the thoughts that will make life easier for you. It's not a hard task, everybody can do it. What most people don't know is they can control their mind and emotions, they can study how they feel and manipulate it to feel much better. It's your obligation to become happier every second of your life, you are only wasting your life if you can't feel good right now. What is the purpose of your life of you will just feel bad every now and then? Life is so short, life is too fast, always try to have fun right now in anything that you do.


You can always have fun anytime you want, you don't need to complicate it, you don't need to give a deeper meaning to it. All you have to do is accept it and don't get too much picky. Have fun in simple things, have fun in simple movements. You can set the rules in what is fun and what is not, you have the power to put fun into anything.

If you will not control your emotions then your emotions will control you. You will have a hard time doing things, it feels like you're dragging something. It feels like time is slow and everything you're doing is hard, you will make a lot of mistakes, everything is a mess.

Don't get too deep and just try to make it simple, appreciate that you're still living and commit yourself to hardwork. If you can go all out then that is fun already, forget about what they are trying to say, it's none of your business to listen to their comments. Just have a lot of fun and let success come to you naturally. If you can only have a simple purpose why you are doing something then you will never get bored, ask yourself why are you doing it. Is there a bigger benefits in the future for doing it? are you going to get better? if not then why still do it?

October 20, 2017


How many times you heard this phrase before from different people "I don't have money" but when it comes to spending for their luxuries and bad habits, they have something to pull off from their wallet. They keep on saying they don't have money and that is the reason why they can't become rich in life, if you keep on saying that you don't have it then you will feel that you don't have it and that results to manifestation of reality. What you always tell about yourself will become a reality, it will become your life.

Don't say that you don't have money if you have one. Even a single cent in your pocket is considered as a money, it is literally having a money, is single cent not a money? So if someone ask you if you have money and you only have a single cent in your pocket... answer him yes.

Words are powerful, the more you say something about something... the more it will become a reality. Muhammad Ali keep telling himself that he is the greatest that is why he became the greatest. But of course you still need to work, you can't be just speaking words without working, that is fooling yourself.

If you can't say that you have money because you think that people will call you arrogant then just shut up, but don't ever say that you don't have money because that will condition your mind that you really don't have one, it will become your life. Look at those people who keeps on complaining that their salary is very low... even if it is already Christmas and they have a bonus, they feel that their money is still not enough. Their money just flew away for nothing, they can't even hold it for so long.

Money is very magical, if you know how to play with it then it will give you a very good game. If you know how to take care of it then it will take care of you. Money will give you back how you treat it. If you disrespect it then you will never get a lot of it, if you save it then it will save you. If you speak abundance about money and work for abundance then your life will become very abundant. You get what you give for money, if you work hard for it then it will work hard for you. So don't ever speak scarcity about money because it is a mortal sin if you want to become rich. If you don't want people to borrow money from you then just shut up and never tell them that you have money, but also don't tell anyone that you don't have money because that thought will be attracted to your life.


1.They don't want to look arrogant. There is nothing wrong in telling the truth, if someone ask you if you have money then just answer yes, because it is the truth. Even poor people have money, it just depends on how much money they have in their wallet. Telling the truth is not arrogance, it is being honest. Be honest with yourself that you have money so you can have more.

2. They are afraid that some people will borrow money from them. No one can borrow money from you if you don't allow them. Even if you don't have enough money, people will still borrow money from you. Don't be afraid to tell someone that you have money because you really have. It depends on you how will you spend it and if you're going to let someone borrow it.

3. They simply don't have the abundant mindset. You can even have an abundant mindset even if you don't have a lot of money, you can still feel good having only 20 dollars in your pocket.  But the reason why your money is not multiplying is because your words are not abundant. You keep on talking about less, you keep on thinking about scarcity.

4. It is real that they really don't have money. It is their reality, it happens because they keep on telling other people and themselves that they don't have money. It's is their reality and it becomes even worse because they keep on telling it.

5. They are simply afraid to admit to themselves that they have money. They are scared for no reason, their mind is simply program that way, I don't know but maybe their parents thought them how to think about money or maybe they learned it from someone.

6. It's their strategy. It's their strategy, it's their way so that people will have sympathy for them and give/lend them some money. Sometimes it works but most of the time not. If you will keep on telling yourself and everyone that you don't have money then that will become your cycle, you will never be able to escape that rut forever. Do you know someone who always tell everyone that he has no money? he is annoying right? he has a bad energy. His life never changed, he remain as a bum forever who can't find success.

7. They always feel less. They can't be appreciative of what they have that is why even if they have a lot of money... they still feel that they don't have. They can't be happy and satisfied. They feel like poor forever, I don't know if they're just trying to look humble or maybe they really have poor minds and poor thoughts.

Money is sensitive, it is emotional. If you always say that you don't have it then it will never show itself to you. It will hide from you forever. So always be aware of how you talk about money because money can always hear you. It is guarding you, it is watching your words and deeds.

Instead of talking about scarcity, instead of talking about small money then why not talk about abundance? talk about millions instead of hundreds. Talk about prosperity instead of scarcity. It is easy to do yet a lot of people don't want to do it, maybe they were afraid of money, maybe they don't really like money, what do you think is true? If you can't talk about abundance then don't talk about scarcity. Better not to talk at all than to talk about negativity and weakness. You can talk about abundance with the closest person in your life, someone whom you know will never laugh at you.

But of course you also need to work super hard if you talk about abundance. If you're talking about riches and you're just lying on your sofa while eating some burgers then you're completely lying to yourself. You are only wasting your time, you're only setting yourself up for failure. You need to pair abundance visualization with hardwork, real work not just make believe work to impress people.


Don't curse money, don't tell everyone about your money problems. If you have problems about money... don't broadcast it, solve it. If you keep telling everyone that you're having financial troubles then those troubles will only become bigger. Train yourself to talk about the possibilities of money, how it feels like to have a lot of money. Ask experts about how to make money on your own. Align with people who are experts in making money and has proven records that they can bag big cash every now and then, ask them... they will give you advises because they have the state of abundance. You can tell if a person is rich or not, a real wealthy person is not afraid to share his knowledge to everyone, he is not afraid of competitors, he is not afraid that you might compete with him. For him, making money is for everyone and success is to be shared not to be hidden.


If you think that money is hard to get then you will have a hard time getting it, but if you think that it is always there and all you have to do is feel good about it and work hard then money will come to you easily. Don't ever think that it's hard to earn money, yes it is hard but if you will pair it with a weak emotions and thoughts then you will really have a hard time getting it. Manipulate your mind, always think that earning money is easy as 1 2 3. You can always control your thoughts about money. You can still think that you have a lot of money even if you only have less. It's all about conditioning your mind for success. Rich people can earn money easily because their brain is wired for making money easily. All they do is think about it, plan how to get it and work hard as much as they can. The formula is very simple, all you have to do is follow your plan and think positively. Never think about failing, always be on the thought of winning.


1. Never borrow money. If you always borrow money from other people then you will not feel abundant, you will even say bad words about money. You will say that earning money is hard that is why you are borrowing it. Avoid borrowing if you can and create your own money instead. Borrowing money will only make life even more difficult for you. It's just a temporary reliever, it will bring a lot of pain in the end.

2. Never gamble. Gambling is a big mistake, it will avoid you from speaking about abundance. Because if you feel abundant and satisfied then why are you still gambling? Gambling means you don't have enough money and if you are always losing... you will tell yourself that you don't have money anymore.

3. Never lend someone who is known to be a bad payer. It comes to this, when you are already having a hard time getting your money back, you will make dramas and tell the person who borrowed money from you that it is hard to earn money that is why he must pay you. You will make a lot of dramas about money. Never lend someone so that you will not come to the point where you have to talk about scarcity and difficulty of life.

It's alright to speak about big money, it's alright to dream about big money. Just make sure that you will work really hard and you will give everything you've got to get it. It's better to dream about big money rather than to think about the small ones. It's better say something good about money and appreciate it rather than cursing it and feeling bad about it. Your words are really powerful, money will believe everything that you say about it. If you say something bad to it then your financial status will not be in good condition, if you always say something good about it then it will be attracted to you even more.

Don't be like others who keep on complaining about their money because that is their attitude from the very beginning, if they complain about small money then for sure they will still complain even if they have big money already. It is your attitude towards money that you must change not the amount of money you have and willing to have. Change your belief and treatment about money and your life will change, change positively and you will get positive results. Money is easy to earn if you will treat it right, work hard and never speak anything bad about it. You can let it flow into your life, it depends on your perspective on it, it depends on how you talk about it. Watch your mouth and thoughts about money and also your actions... it is your barometer of becoming rich.