February 22, 2017


Thoughts are what controls a man. a man's thought is his life, future and condition. So if your life sucks now it means you have a troubled thought, you have a disorganized pattern of thinking and you must act right away if you want to save your life.

There are millions of thoughts that you can entertain but you can only entertain one at a time. You can't be thinking about winning and losing at the same time, you will only go crazy by doing that. You only have one brain, it can only process one information at a time.

But the good thing is... you can choose you thoughts if you are mindful about it. You must be aware if you are processing negative and useless thoughts and replace them with a more positive one. It is possible to filter a thought that is only making you weak and sick, You just need time and practice.

Rather than thinking about losing, you can think about winning isn't it? Even if you are down with a large margin, even if it looks like impossible to comeback, you can still think about winning right? it may sounds irrational but you can still think positive even if the situation is negative.

So be picky when choosing what thoughts to let in. Thoughts are very powerful and if you will not be aware of what thoughts are running inside of your head... you're in big trouble. Situations and people can control you, you will be played, you will not be able to make good decisions and execute right actions. In other words... you're not being yourself.

Always entertain thoughts that will make you feel better and think clearer. You can choose your thoughts, you can control your mind, don't let it control you.

You have a lot of options but you are not using it. If you cannot control the thoughts that are entering your brain, prepare a back up thought that you can use later to overpower the negative thoughts.

February 22, 2017


The greatest reward of hardwork is the person you become. It is not the money, it is not the fame or flashiest things but the personality that you developed by simply working hard. You become a better person, you will value time so much and you will know its greatest importance. The money, success, fame or expensive things are just extra bonus. The greatest reward of hardwork is you became the best version of yourself.

With hardwork you will have more time for yourself. A lot of people thinks that working hard will give them less time for themselves which is completely wrong. You will have a lot of time for yourself because you are so focus on doing your own thing. You will refuse to go to parties, you will refuse to watch TV, you will refuse to look for other people's lives because you are so focused on your own stuff.

You will know yourself even more. You will know how good you are, you will know how strong you are and that you are capable of producing great things. You will become very good in your field, you will see greatness in you.

You will gain more confidence. If you know that you work harder than your competitors then you can easily dethrone them. You know that success will be on your side and will always be on your side because success always favors the people who works really hard.

Your confidence will go higher and higher as you work harder. Sometimes you will even feel invincible because your knowledge, skills and strength keeps on leveling up. Working hard will never make you feel that you are less, you will always feel more and abundant. You know you work hard and you know you will be rewarded more.

February 22, 2017


If you want to arrange your life, if you want to have a right direction then remember the worst thing that happened to you. Remember the bad fortune that you get for making a very bad and immature decision.

So if you are feeling lazy now, try to remember what is the worst thing that happened to you when you become lazy. Based on my experience, what happen when I become lazy is I was burned by a huge debt. I have debts from my family members, banks etc. But I am so glad that I was able to recover and I pay all of them. Up to now, I am still working hard and I can't forget the lesson that I got from being lazy. You can do it too, once you are feeling lazy, try to remember the worst thing that happened to you. I am sure you will take actions because you wouldn't want that to happen again.

If your friend is inviting you to a party and you are having a hard time resisting because you are thinking of having fun but you have an important appointment tomorrow, here is what you need to do again, remember the worst thing that happened to you when you drink but you have an important meeting on the next day. It could be you're late, your client go away, your boss get mad at you, you didn't perform well because your body is still invaded by alcohol etc.

Once you remember the worst thing that happened to you by making such a bad decision then for sure you will do the right thing. It is all about remembering the lesson and remembering the feeling of failing. Your fast failure will let you know what is the move to do to put your life in a better position.

February 22, 2017


Why are you so afraid of failing? why are you so afraid of not making it work? don't you know that you can try again? yes, it's a good news, you can always try, your number of tries will never ran out. You can try as many as you can, you can try fast, you can try again now, you can try again tomorrow. That is the beauty of life, your number of tries will never ran out, you are allowed to try anytime you want. But this game will only be enjoyed by people who are persevering and will never quit until they win.

The losers never knew that they can try again, they will stop immediately once they've tasted a defeat. I don't know why but maybe the reason why they will never try again is because they think they will get the same result. If you fail now and you try again next time... for sure you will get a different result, you may lose again but your performance will become better because you already gained an experience. You already know what to do and you are more confident because you already saw the challenge. You already knew how it feels so that is a very big advantage.

Keep trying because no one can stop you. They can make fun of you and tell you that you are trying hard so much but it is better to try hard than to not try at all.

Immune yourself to failure. Once you try a lot of times and you fail, you will never be scared of failing again, it will never make you feel bad again because you already surpass the depression that you can get from failing. You will not feel bad anymore when you fail, you will be toughen, you will become stronger than before. That is what trying a lot of times can give you... it will give you a thick skin, you will never feel bad even if they call you a failure.

So enjoy trying and trying again, it is a journey. Success has no choice but to submit itself to you once it saw what you are deserving. Success will have a heart and will give you what you want.

February 21, 2017


Don't think about your goal, don't think about the number, don't think about the difficulty, don't think about the time remaining to accomplish something. Just move and do your best every second and that's it.

Because once you learned that you have a long way to go then that is the time when you will be demoralized, you will become unmotivated and you will feel the weakness even more. You will feel like you don't want to continue because time is running out and it is really impossible to finish the task or accomplish your goal. Let's say you want to make 50 posts in your blog in just one day but it's almost 11 pm and you haven't at least reach the number 35, what you need to do is don't think about the numbers remaining, don't think about the time remaining. Just keep doing your best and keep moving.

That is what pushing is all about, it is not about winning, it is about hoping to win and still giving your best despite of big pressure on your shoulders. Because you will be stuck once you found out that it is already impossible to win. So if you wanted to have a relentless push then stop thinking about succeeding, instead think about moving and making it very far as much as you can.

It is like giving up but you still move and do your best. You let go of the things that are making your feelings heavier, you let go of your ego and not wanting to lose. You only entertain thoughts that will make you commit to actions. Don't rush, don't panic, don't think, just do your best and simply focus on one step at at time. It doesn't matter if you make it or not what matters is you keep pushing.

February 21, 2017


Real happiness is not telling the world that you are happy. A real happiness doesn't need to brag or be proud or have a big exposure. If you are really happy then you don't need other people to be happy for you. Real happiness comes from the feeling of appreciation, you appreciate anything that you see, you appreciate anything that is happening in your life. Real happiness doesn't need riches, popularity or appreciation from other people. It comes from inside of you, you can create it or even manipulate it. Just think of a happy thought and you're already happy, as simple as that.

People give a lot of deeper meaning to happiness not knowing that it is very simple. They thought that you have to go to different places to become happy, they thought that having billions or big houses or fancy cars is the source of happiness. If that is the case then why are there lots of millionaires who have big problems and not happy with their life?

You can create you own happiness by simply remembering what it feels like to be happy. Be satisfied with what you have and just think of the simple things and people that are making you happy. You don't need to complicate happiness because it will only give you misery. Just simply looking at the picture of your family will give you happiness. Just simply kissing your wife will give you happiness. Just simply being thankful that you are still alive will give you happiness. Happiness is in the thought so just entertain thoughts that will make you smile.

Living with the moment is happiness, not looking for what you don't have is happiness. You can be really happy if you're not needy and you don't try to please people. Stop impressing people, stop looking for popularity, it will come if it is yours but always stay natural and genuine.

If you truly wanted to be happy then stop thinking about what is not yours and start appreciating all the things and people that is in your life. You have a lot of time, don't compare your happiness to other people's happiness, just focus on your life. Try to make yourself a little bit better everyday, make a small progress every now and then and always follow your heart.

February 21, 2017


What is pain? it is just a feeling right? it is just an emotion. Pain can strengthen you or weaken you. But whatever your definition of pain is, make sure you are feeling the pain that is worth it. Make sure the pain that you are letting in to your system has benefits.

A lot of people were so afraid of pain but they don't know that in the past, they instill some pain into themselves that were completely useless.

Some people were afraid to run a marathon because they keep telling that it is painful and their legs will only hurt but how come they were able to endure the pain of having a piercing on their nose? or having a tattoo in their ass? The even drink some liters of beer to impress their friends that causes them a painful headache in the morning. Some people were just completely idiots, they invite pain into their body that will just make their lives miserable.

If you will entertain a pain into your body, make sure that pain will turn into glory and not into misery. Some pain will multiply in the future and those are the pains that are wrong from the very beginning. Pain such as entering a wrong relationship, if you have an abusive partner and he is giving you a lot of problems then you should stop that pain because it is not worth it. If he is giving you a lot of pain mentally and physically do you think he is worth it? you should stop the relationship now because it will just multiply in the future.

A lot of relationships were painful but some were beneficiary, these are the relationships that will last forever and a relationship that is composed of love, understanding and sticking with each other forever. Yes, sometimes it will give you pain but that pain is worth it.

Some more pains that are worth it are lifting weights, studying hard to the point where your mind will explode, sacrificing for a growth, dieting, practicing hard for something. These pains are hard to endure but it will give you benefits in the future.

So choose what kind of pain will you entertain, is it something that will give you more pain or something that will give you glory in the future?

February 21, 2017


If you wanted to be successful then you must learn to love the process of being successful, because you're already there when you do it. Being successful needs a lot of undergoing of process so you need to stick with the process, love it as much as you can and then let some other things take care of itself.

No need to worry, no need to rush, no need to compare. Just do what you are supposed to do, have fun while doing it and your time will come. It is guaranteed, you don't need to ask a lot of questions, you don't need to doubt or entertain fear. Success will come into your life if your faith is strong enough.

There will be times when you will get tired of doing and waiting. But that is the challenge, the challenge is to bring the belief back and go back doing the process. The challenge is never the challenge itself, the challenge is how will you have fun while doing the process. Because having fun will give you strength, having fun will give you the motivation. All of your actions will be inspired actions and not forced actions.

You can have all the money in the world, you can have all the trophies but if you are not happy with what you are doing then you will still feel like a failure, you will feel incomplete and insignificant.

So find what process you can enjoy and stick with it no matter what. Your fire may die while doing it for a long time but for sure it will come back to life again because you love it, the fire needs a rest but it will not be gone forever. Find the process that gives you excitement and will wake you up without using an alarm clock. Any process will do, any process will work, for as long as you love it... it is the right process, it is the right path. Your source of happiness can never go wrong, it is 100 percent accurate.

February 21, 2017


Getting tired is normal, be proud of it and don't be scared of it. If you are getting tired it only means you are trying and you are giving your best, it means you are making a progress and your life is getting better every second. People were so afraid to get tired, I don't know why. They were so allergic to sweat, late sleep, headache, sore muscles and stress. But why will you be afraid of something that will make you grow?

Getting tired will make you stronger, it will make you experienced, it will increase your speed and durability.

People who are so afraid to get tired are lazy and wanted instant gratification. That is why they can't go far. Once they feel a little heaviness on their body... they will stop, they will complain and will decide to rest for a long time. If you really wanted to become successful, you must only rest if you can't move your body anymore. A little tiredness must not stop you.

You can take a nap, take a very shortbreak but don't wait for your tiredness to go away because you will be stuck in a mud and your momentum will be cut. Just take a very short break and then go and grind again.

Getting tired is not something to be afraid of, you need to embrace it and move still despite of feeling bad. Be happy if you are getting tired because it means you're almost there, it means you are very near to finish line.

Look at the champions, you never see them getting frustrated even if they were so tired. Because that is what winners are made of.., they were made to conquer and push until the end.

So if you are getting tired and you wanted to quit already, always remember that it is just a feeling and you can always find the second up to 5th wind. You will never ran out of energy if your will to win is very strong.

February 21, 2017


If you just get $20,000 dollars this year and you think that it is not enough... don't worry about it, if you know in yourself that you gave your all and you gave your best then there is nothing to worry about. That s the only amount you can get with your strength and skills so be happy with it. You can do better next time, what matters is the habit of giving your 100 percent is there and you constantly make an improvement.

If you lose in a game, if your business never click, if your relationships with the people around you is not doing well... don't worry about it, if you give your best to win and make other people happy then there is no debate needed, you don't need to feel regretful because that is all you can do. You're just a human, you're not immune to failure.

If you waste a second, if you didn't give your best then that is the only time you must feel bad about yourself. But if you give everything and you can look at the mirror and honestly tell yourself that you give your all then you should be proud of yourself.

Life is not all about winning, it is about trying and giving everything you have because you will only be satisfied in life if you use all of your power to live a better life.

You can fall short, you can fail a lot of times but you will never feel bad if you knew that you give your life for something and you use all of your might to get what you are trying to accomplish.

So stop wasting time, stop expecting to always win. Just simply give your best and do everything you can do to win in life. You're a winner if you utilize all of your knowledge to accomplish something. Just push everyday, stop looking for an answer just strive to make your situation better.

February 21, 2017


Your life is all about your position. Your style of living now is based on what position you have. You choose your position and you live it, don't ever think that it is the only option you have and there is no way you can't change it because you didn't finish studies, you are poor, less talented or whatever excuses that runs in your brain. You always have the option, you are always free to choose and make a decision. Your position now is not your position forever if you are willing to change it.

1. From watcher to doer. You can achieve a lot of you will convert yourself from watcher to doer. You've been watching NBA games everyday, why don't you play basketball yourself and see how far can you go?. You've been watching your neighbor succeeding and making it in life, why don't you stop watching them and create your own wealth? you've been watching your boss getting rich and commanding you to wipe his ass, why don't you work really hard to become a boss too and live the life you want? Convert yourself from watcher to doer, it is easy, all you got to do is do it and do it. Never mind if you're not succeeding yet, what matters is you are doing and not watching. Stop watching because you will always be left behind. Do whatever it takes to become a doer and not a watcher, you know it in yourself if you're not doing anything, you know it if you're letting your life commanded by others.

2. From the commentator to the person who gets comments. Are you always making comments on other people's lives, works and achievements on social media? it only means you are not getting anything in life, it means all you do is just talk and talk while the people being commented upon is doing something to make his life better. You are so good in making comments, you feel like you know everything and you're a genius. If that is that a case then why didn't you achieve anything yet? Stop making comments now and be the person who gets comments.

3. Change your life default from resting to work. You're so addicted to resting that is why you're life is not progressing. Everyone's default is rest, they rest more than they work, that is why they keep getting less. If you can just rest for 10 hours a day and work for 14 hours a day, what do you think will be your situation? of course you will become richer, stronger and healthier. This is a basic logic, the harder you work... the bigger you succeed.

February 21, 2017


So if you want something positive to happen then you must build a positive lie. Even if you think it is over, you must still believe in order to keep going and at least create a miracle.

An idea is just a lie until it becomes true. But sometimes you have to fool yourself and make yourself believe that you can still do it, that there is still hope and you can still succeed or recover from something.

If you are in huge debt and you don't know what to do anymore. Build a lie inside of your head. Imagine that you are a millionaire, imagine that you can earn big money. Imagine that you are in a state of abundance and you have no debts at all. Imagine that good feeling and never let it go. Let it stay in your system for a very long time. Once you do it and pair it with actions, soon you will see that little by little you are making it in life, little by little your debts were gone and you are starting to feel rich. This is not a hoax or something, what you feel and what you think is your reality.

Because mind is a powerful thing. If you entertain thoughts that makes you feel good then your reality will follow and it is true. It is 100 percent proven. That is why there is a high rate of poverty in this world... people always think about negative things, people always watch the news and focus on the dangerous and scary things. That is why they can't think of something that will make their life better.

Focus on the excitement, even if it is not yet happening... build something inside of your head that you want to come into reality. Even if you are lying to yourself.. do it.

Build positive lies rather than negative lies. Because sometimes you are building negative in your head that is not even true that is why is is happening. What you focus upon will come true so be careful what thoughts you entertain.

Imagine that you're a winner even if you're not. Imagine that you're succeeding even if you're not. Never be scared to play with your imagination because it will guide you and it will become a reality once you are focused and determined.

February 21, 2017


You don't want to do what you are supposed to do now because you promise yourself you will double your efforts tomorrow, but did it happen? did you really work harder than yesterday? were you able to compensate the work that you miss? of course the answer is not. Because promising yourself that you will work harder is just an excuse. Once you make an excuse and you feel good about it... you will repeat it over and over again until it becomes a habit.

Don't let a day be over without doing what you are suppose to do because promising to work harder tomorrow and double your efforts is just a myth. It will never happen because:

1. You will get overwhelmed. For example, you are suppose to run for 30 mins yesterday and you promise that you will double it now, do you think you can run for an hour? I am very sure you cannot because you cannot even run for 30 mins then how come you become ambitious to run an hour?Maybe you will start but once you feel that you have a long way to go... you will stop, you will be satisfied if you run for only 30 mins.

2. There is no momentum. There is no momentum so you cannot double your effort. You will even have a hard time starting because you already stop your habit yesterday. You will procrastinate even more because you don't know how and when to start again. That's what you get for enjoying yesterday too much and thinking that you can work harder today.

3. You're lazier today. You're already on the side of laziness. Yesterday you were already lazy but you are lazier today because you haven't done anything yet. You will have a hard time getting back on track because you believe that you can afford to be lazy and nothing bad will happen.

So if you have something to do now... just do it because if you allow yourself to make excuses, you will use it again and you will become lazy forever. Laziness is hard to stop once you start it so you better act now while your lazy attitude is not yet worse.

February 21, 2017


What most people don't know is they can have fun while struggling. Struggling is no different from making a progress. If you are struggling it means you are still moving, the only difference is you feel bad while moving, you feel like you've been suffocated and you are having a hard time making an improvement. What makes it even more difficult is you are rattling and you want to escape the situation, you want to end your suffering but you can't because you are so much focus on your negative feelings, you are making it a big deal. You are so worried, you feel like losing, you are not having fun, you can't find a way how to make your situation better.

Your struggle will only end if you can appreciate the moment and have fun while struggling. It is possible, you are the one responsible for your emotions and the not the people or things around you. Even if you are in a bad situation, you can still have fun and make the best out of the moment. You can manage your emotions and stop the suffering right away.

Just laugh at it. You can laugh at any situation, even if you are down, even if you feel really bad... once you laugh at your situation you will feel good a little bit. You will also begin to realize that it is not really bad and you can still feel better during hard times.

If you can have fun while struggling, your situation will change fast. You will begin to see best opportunities, you will have hope and your motivation will go up again. It is simply because you are not worrying, your mind is still operating at its best. You will look invincible because only few people can smile during hard times.

Struggling is not bad, it is normal and everyone struggle. The more you struggle, the more you become stronger, only if you don't give up and embrace it.

Embrace the pain and think of it as a no big deal. If you are not struggling it means you are not progressing nor trying.

Only people who are ok with struggling can make it. Just remember that struggling has an ending and it will only end if you are moving.

February 20, 2017


I've recently found this technique that is very effective to strengthen your discipline and willpower. It is doing ten pushups before and after sleeping. It is effective because you will develop a consistency and mental strength to finish a task no matter how long or short it is.

Why will you do ten pushups before sleeping? It is to remind you that you're on a mission, it is to remind you that the hardwork that you put in for the day will carry on for the next day. It is a reminder that your day is finished but hardwork will never end for the next days to come.

Why will you do ten pushups after sleeping? it is a reminder that you have to continue and grind again. It is a connector of yesterday and today. It means you are continuing your journey. It means you are still strong and you can grind again. You will do it so your streak will never end and the consistency will remain alive.

You can also apply this technique on some other things. You can apply it to any habit that you want to develop. If you want to develop a habit of reading positive books everyday then read one page before sleeping and read one page after sleeping. You have to do the habit you want to develop before you start and end your day. Just simply take a little portion of that habit and then do it before and after you sleep. It doesn't need to be a lot, just a portion of it will do.

Because a very strong habit starts in doing it little but consistently. If you will not start and end your day with that habit then there is a tendency that you might forget it. Just be patient and do it no matter what. This technique is very effective and can change your life the way you want it.

February 20, 2017


Don't be scared to take any job. It can be a blue or white collar job. For as long as you love it... you will be fine.

A lot of people is having a white collar job with pretty decent pay but they are still not happy because they don't love it and they were only forced to do it... the results is stress and feeling unsuccessful. So the conclusion is... if you want to become really happy then you must love what you are doing and you must not involve money in your job. You must not look for the money, instead you must look for happiness. It may sounds ridiculous because we all know that money is important but how come there are millionaires who are committing suicide? it is because they don't know the meaning of their life anymore, they were so stressed and they can't escape the rat race that they are in. They were always rushing, panicking and they never get satisfied, they never feel that they are successful because just like I said... the don't love their job.

If you're a plumber, be proud of it. If you're a garbage collector.. be proud of it. There is nothing wrong with it for as long as it is feeding your family and you're not doing anything wrong that may hurt other people.

A job that will give you happiness and the feeling of success is the right job for you no matter what kind of job it is. You can be a dancer, painter, carpenter or even a porn star. If you really love what you are doing and you have no regrets or hate while doing it then stick with that job. Be the best at it and more opportunities will come to you.

If you are very good in your job then more money will come to you naturally, you don't have to worry about it, you don't have to cry for it. It will come in the right time. All of your hardwork, love and dedication will be rewarded. Just stay happy and keep doing your job.

February 20, 2017


All you can do is to be yourself. Being yourself every second will give you happiness. Being yourself means you are not scared, tensed, anxious and you feel free to do anything.

Your biggest problem is how to be yourself without thinking about what people will say. You were so scared to express yourself, you feel like there is knife in your throat and you will be cut if you take the courage to speak up or do whatever it is that you wanted to do.

If there is a big pressure on your side and you need to perform to the highest level.. people will pressure you even more. They will make suggestions on what you should need to do, they will point out your mistakes, they feel like they know better than you. That is the time when you need to be yourself even more. Listen to your gut, listen to your heart and not on what other people are trying to say. If you follow them and you still fail.. you will regret it in the end that you didn't follow your heart. But if you follow your heart and you become yourself every second, you will become very happy even if you lost.

If you are confused, if you feel weak, all you need to do is be yourself. You know who you are, you know what you can do. Your inner strength will guide you and show you the way. You don't need to follow someone's advises because your heart can never go wrong.

If you have to choose, if you have to make a decision... again, all you need to do is be yourself, Make decisions according to what your true self is saying. Make a decision based on what you really feel and not on the expectations of others. Your true personality will become your default, your true self is the only thing that will tell you the right answers.

It is all about how you feel. If you feel good something about it, if your excitement is triggered then that is the right path. No thinking needed, no questions needed to be answered.

When it is all said and done... you will regret the times that you didn't follow your heart. You will regret the times when you didn't show your true colors.

February 20, 2017


Worrying will make you sick, it will make you stuck. I don't know why a lot of people were so addicted to it and they can't help but worrying a lot. Or maybe they don't know that they are worrying, they let their minds control them and that is the main reason why they are having a miserable life. They were focus so much on what bad may happen, they were so addicted to negative thoughts that made them stuck. They don't know that taking actions and moving are the alternative to avoid worries.

Focus on one task at a time. Don't think that your time is running out, you have a plenty of time. If you have a lot of things to do, just focus on doing it one step at a time. Finish the present task and then move on to the second task. Just simply enjoy the process and you will be alright. There is no need to worry if you can finish all of them or not, what matters is you are

Forget about solving your problem fast, embrace it and make baby steps to solve it. Your anxiety will grow bigger if you want to solve your problems very fast. You will make mistakes because you are not thinking right. You will become frustrated especially if you are not seeing any progress. Take it slow and always breathe. Life is a marathon not a sprint so you should take time to embrace your problem and forget about finishing fast because it doesn't matter, you will be able to finish it anyway regardless if you are slow or quick.

Always remember that you can be dead tomorrow. There is a possibility that you can be dead tomorrow so just enjoy what you are doing now and have fun of it. Don't take it as a joke because a lot of people haven't awake even if they don't have any sickness. Life is crazy and your life can be taken away from you without knowing it so you better be happy now and enjoy life even if you have problems.

Keep in mind that there is no problem that can't be solved. No one has died because of problems. Any problem can be solve if you are willing to solve it and do something about it. Just take actions, even if you are not sure about your actions... take it. Once you made a mistake and you know that you are wrong then you will know what to do next time. Believe in the process of trial and error, it can be a lot of work sometimes but for sure it will give you answers.

Exercise. Exercise is the best medication to any problem, just run for a few minutes and you will feel good. You will have an energy to solve your problems, your health will improve too. If you will take a look at the world... you will see that those people who never move are more problematic than who always keep moving. Make your body active, the more you sweat.. the more worries you let go.

Divert your attention. Focus on the funnier and happier side of life. Just don't think about your problems and it will go away. Watch some comedy movies, do something productive but of course the best solution is to face it. Don't think about it, just focus on making actions and making your problem smaller than it was before.

Let go. If you really don't know what to do and you don't want to take actions then simply let go. Give up but don't regret giving up, letting go means you are totally detached from it and you will not think about it again just for a second. Let go of that bad emotion, just simply quit and take another route. If your car is about to get by the bank because you can't pay the monthly payment anymore... let go, let them get it and never regret losing it. Letting something that hurts you go is better than holding to it because by doing so, the pain only becomes bigger and bigger.

Remember that it's just an emotion. Everything is just a feeling, remember that all the problem does is to make you feel, only the feeling is negative. It is just an emotion because even if your worries come true... you are still alive and you can still improve your life. Don't make it a big deal, it is nothing, problems will pass, it is just an emotion and if you can control your feelings, if you can still become happy despite having a big problem then you will have an awesome and easier life.

February 20, 2017


It is normal to think about negative things, it is normal to feel negative and let bad emotions run inside of your body. But sometimes negative thoughts are very hard to control and you can't get rid of it right away.

What you should do is fight negative with negative. I am very sure you haven't heard about this, this technique works and it will put you in a much better and more controlled position.

So if you are thinking about you can't do it anymore and you can't go on because you're so tired. What you need to do is think of a negative thought. Fight negative with negative. A thought of being stressed and tired is already a negative, so you must think of a negative thought again. Thoughts such as you will become broke if you will not move, you will fail and you will have an ugly life if you will not take actions. I am pretty sure, that you will feel something about it and you will be forced to move and make the proper actions to improve your situation.

Because sometimes being optimistic too much will not force you to take actions. Having the thoughts like "it will be alright", "take it easy" are so soft and it will make you lazy. Sometimes you have to think of something that will trigger the fire in you and will make you move your lazy ass.

Negative thoughts can be replaced with another negative thought but more useful one. Not all negative thoughts are useless, some will make you feel the sense of urgency. Entertain negative thoughts that will make you do actions and not the ones that will freeze you.

It is a matter if manipulating your mind and feeding it with thoughts that will motivate you.

Because sometimes being positive will make you procrastinate and over confident. You will think that you can do it later or tomorrow and that never ending delaying of something never stops. You have to wake yourself up and scare yourself if you are having a hard time taking the first step.

February 20, 2017


No matter what happens, no matter how big of an adversity strikes you... if you are very passionate in what you do... you will still do it.

If you are doing something that you really like, let's say for example singing or dancing, sometimes there will be people who will pull you down, say nasty things to you and make you feel bad. They will criticize you and will tell you that you are not good enough. Sometimes you will believe them, sometimes you will be affected but what can you do? you still need to do what you need to do because that is what your heart is telling you so. You don't have any choice but to do it if you want to succeed. Just like the bird singing everyday in your window... even if other people were annoyed at their song... they will still sing because they love it, they don't have any choice but to follow their heart.

If you've been embarrassed big time, you don't have any choice but to show up again next time. Unless you wanted to quit and do some other things. But if you still want to continue then you have no choice but to put yourself in a position where you can get embarrassed again. It is what it is, you have to do what you have to do or else you will not be able to get what you want.

If you feel lazy, if you feel just like watching some TV program that will make you relaxed but you have an exam tomorrow.... you don't have any choice but to study because you want to pass so badly. Even if you were so sleepy and your eyes cannot open anymore... you have no choice but to fight that sleepiness unless passing the exam is not important to you.

You don't have any choice but to do it. Even if it is so hard and negative emotions were eating you... you still need to do it. Because you wanted to win and winning will only happen if you take actions.

February 20, 2017


It is not talent, smart or name that turns on success... it is desire, consistency and focus.

You can attract success if you are so focus on what you are doing. When I say focus it means you are consistent and you are doing something everyday to be at least one step closer to your goal.

You've got to have a burning desire that burns other weak desires in the world. You have to standout not because you are trying hard to standout and doing some crazy and useless things but because the world can't ignore you because of the work ethic that you are showing. Success is easily turned on to people who are working like there is no more tomorrow. In other words, you can attract success if you're a work horse because you have a strong momentum going on and you can easily produce results. You will become very lucky if you work relentlessly and no one can change that rule.

Just be consistent, one step at a time, move your ass and force yourself to move even if you are lazy. Just make baby steps even if you feel like not moving, soon you will get your rhythm and you will be back on track again. Success will fall in love with you if you are showing up everyday and doing what you are supposed to do. Success love people who doesn't want to absent.

What turns OFF SUCCESS?

Living like a submarine. What do I mean by this? submarine means sometimes you are showing up and sometimes you are not. Sometimes you are working hard and sometimes not. You can't be just working whenever you want to. You should avoid acting like a star, you should be strict in your schedule and devour any opportunity presented. Because success will stay away from you if you are irresponsible and unreliable. You should always be connected and aligned with your work if you want to make it big time. It should be on your mind 24 hours a day.

February 20, 2017


The power of will can open any doors of impossibilities. It fears nothing, it just keeps moving until it get what it wants to get.

It is not scared of getting tired, hurt or stressed. It is not scared of discomfort or unknown situations. The power of will can conquer an adversity, it can make miracles and break records that are very impossible to beat. The power of will finds a way, it can show you the correct path to winning, the path may be hard but it is the correct path, it is the surest path to success.

Don't underestimate the power of will because once you have it, even if you don't have enough skills or knowledge... you can still succeed. It will make your body move even if it is badly wounded. It can make your mind think of solutions during pressure situations. The power of will is very powerful, it can bring you to the highest mountain. It can make great comebacks, it can surprise people.

So if you think you are not talented enough or skilled enough... don't worry. The power of will can make you better than who you are. It can escalate your skills to another level, you will be surprised of the things that you can accomplish if you use it. The good thing is.. the power of will never ran out, it is always full, it is always ready to go, it can last forever.

It doesn't matter if you are undergraduate, poor, uneducated, old, sick, disable or broke. If you have the power of will then you can make a dramatic change in your life, you can become victorious, you can make the kings kneel in front of you. There is nothing you can't do if you have it. It is the most powerful weapon in the world.

The power of will can make you triumphant. While everyone already quit.. you are still moving, you are still believing and making your situation a little bit better than yesterday.

You can make anyone or anything submit by willpower, you can enforce it and make everything bend according to your rules. You will become invincible, you will make the difficult look so easy.

So make your will stronger everyday, do it by simply challenging yourself to last longer than what you normally do. Endure the difficult challenges, persevere until you become successful. Forget everything but not your will power.

February 20, 2017


There are two kinds of headaches in this world, one that will give you benefits and one that will only give you pain and burden in life. It is up to you what kind of headache will you choose.

You can choose a headache that was caused by doing something for the benefit of your future. Activities like studying too much for your exams or just to improve your skills, thinking about your strategies in business and in life and of course executing them, pursuing an impossible goal, enduring the long hours of work just to improve your life, etc. Those activities will give you stress and headache but the only good thing is... you can reap the benefits in the future. Those headaches will turn into glory and for sure you will not regret that you choose those kinds of headaches.

Another headache was caused by stupidity. Activities like drinking too much even though you still have work tomorrow, your hangover will make your life worse and it will affect your work, that was a solid headache and your day will be ruined. Another source of headache is thinking too much about your problem and not doing something about it, that kind of act will simply make you grow old fast, it will give you a very huge amount of stress that can kill you if you will not do something about it. Another source of headache is thinking about the people that you don't like. People such as enemies, haters, bashers etc. Not only you will have a headache, you will also have a heartache because you will feel bad emotions, you will feel like you are burning because of the anger and hatred that yo feel.

So be smart when choosing what kind of headache you will entertain. You cannot escape stress but you can choose what kind of stress to entertain in your life, is it something destructive or beneficiary?

February 20, 2017


You feel sorry for someone because he hasn't eat yet, you feel pity for him. But what can that sorriness do? can you help him? can you give him some money? all of your worrying does cannot help. You can feel sorry for anyone but if you are not willing to help or to change his situation then just shut up because you are not even trying to make the situation better. Wanting to be a saint is different than making actions to be a saint. You can tell the world that you feel sorry for anyone, you can tell the world that you are praying for someone but what the fuck does that action contribute?

You feel guilty if you are throwing your food in the garbage because your parents are always telling you since you are a kid that a lot of people were getting hungry so you must not waste food because the blessings might stay away from you. But the question is... can you give your food to them? If you can't then don't feel sorry because you will only make yourself feel bad. You can't do anything so stop whining and bitching.

Feeling sorry but not doing anything is only a form of stupidity. You should feel sorry for yourself because you know what to do but you're not taking actions. You know the solution but you focus on procrastination.

And the truth is... if you really feel sorry for someone then you should do something to help him, you should do something to make him feel better because if not... then you're just making dramas for yourself. You're just wasting your time and energy.

So instead of feeling sorry.. act now and try to change the situation, try to help. Don't just stand there and watch... do something!

February 19, 2017


Genius people doesn't exist. There is no such thing as a man born with great talents. Only lazy people without dreams and doesn't believe in themselves believes that genius do exist.

But you can reach a genius like skills if you have a laser focus mentality. You will become really great if you are doing something for a very long time. For example, if you are playing guitar for more than 20 years for 3 hours a day then you will have a ridiculous skill that is incomparable. People will think that you are born talented, they will think of you as a genius type of person. It is simply because they don't believe in hardwork, all they see is the output and not the process to reach that level of skill.

If you wanted to be called as a genius you must have an insane dedication and work ethic. Your focus must be unparalleled, you must pick something and dedicate your life for it without questions asked and without complaining for a single second.

You can pick anything, it can be about sports, music, business, technology, politics etc. You can be a master in something if you are willing to commit your self for having the super skills that will make you stand out from the rest.

If you will listen to successful individuals, they are saying the same, they are talking the same, their methods were the same... they work like hell and they commit to mastery. They never admit that they were smart, talented or gifted. They talk about their struggles, patience and countless hours of hardwork that made them reach the top. They were even disappointed if someone calls them lucky or blessed because their hardwork was being overlooked.

So forget about the word "genius" because that is not real. Anyone can become great at something if he will sacrifice his life in exchange for greatness. It is up to you if you want to see your best version or you are completely satisfied being a mediocre. There is nothing wrong in being a mediocre if you are really happy being that. But if you are not... then you must do something to achieve greatness too.

Focus is the only key to mastery, never get tired of the process, be consistent and never take away your eyes off from your goal.

February 19, 2017


A lot of college students were so worried about their thesis. They are so worried because they are entertaining the thought that what they did may not be enough and their professor might ask them to repeat the whole thing. But why, why are they so worried? why are they so scared of something that they can repeat again. They can change the whole thesis and make it right next time so why are they so worried? maybe it is because they don't want to work hard again.

You don't need to worry about something if you did it wrong because you can repeat it again. Don't be afraid of the process, be afraid of your laziness. If you are ok of taking actions then there is nothing to worry about. Don't be afraid of repeating because all it does is teach you. You just think that it is making your life difficult because you don't want to take actions anymore, keep in mind that repeating will make you better, stronger and smarter.

If your business suddenly go bankrupt for unknown reasons... don't feel bad, you can cry for just one day but don't let that failure ruin your life. You've been successful before, you know how it feels, you know what it takes so it only means you can repeat that success again. You can repeat it over and over again. So cheer up and build your empire again, take it one step at a time, start building your brand and never look back.

If you audition for a talent show and you were not pick because they see someone else... again don't feel bad because you can audition again, you can try again and maybe next time you will be picked and you can show your talents to everyone.

Trials never ran out, you can try as much as you want, repeat as much as you want. Never let your heart get tired. Your body may become tired but never let your heart give up.

There is no harm in repeating, all it does is toughen you and make you a better person so never make it a big deal. Feel blessed if you are repeating because it means you are strong, it means you are never giving up.

Just enjoy repeating over and over again until you become successful, until you get what you want.

February 19, 2017


You've already passed a lot of test. You've already surpass a lot of battles, you've already conquered a lot of obstacles so this is not the time to feel weak. I know that what is in front of you is too hard and too difficult to conquer but you've already come too far so you can't be quitting like that and feeling weak like that.

If you feel that it is impossible then it means that you are very near of succeeding. Take a rest, take a deep breath if you must but don't ever feel weak.

You feel weak because you're just scared. You are so scared to lose so you are playing not to lose. You must play to win and have that sense of urgency. Summon your fighting spirit and show them what you are made of.

Feeling weak is just a feeling, it is not true. You have a lot of power and you can do whatever you wanted to do. Always keep moving forward and never submit to anyone or anything.

This is the last stage, this is the final moment. Put your mind in the right place and never stop moving. Greatness will find a way, you are great, you just need to believe in yourself.

Summon that power inside of you. You can do it by simply moving and making little steps, you can do it by simply relaxing and living with the moment. Appreciate your movement, appreciate our breathing and that's it. You can feel powerful if you are relaxed and not rushing. You need to feel great first so that you can think clearly and make steps towards your goal.

Some people can't recover from the feeling of weakness because they worry so much about winning and making it. Free yourself from the outcome. Once you are moving and making baby steps then you will be fine.

This is not the time to feel weak because you're almost there, you're just only a few steps away from winning.

February 18, 2017


You just didn't come out from your mom's womb to do nothing. You are here for a reason, you just don't realize it yet because you're too busy bumming around and rubbing elbows with people that will not even contribute to your growth. You have a purpose in this world and it is your duty to find out what that purpose is.

You are not here because of luck, you are here to become something great so stop wasting your life for nothing. Find out what it is that will make you a contributor to the society. Explore what passion is right for you that you can share to everyone.

You are here to do something that will make your life meaningful, you're not another bum like others so think highly of yourself and let go of the things that are stopping you. You are here for a reason, you are here to inspire people.

You can only find your purpose in life if you will rearrange your life and step towards the right direction. You are the only one who can know what is your reason for being here so start exploring and stop procrastinating.

You can be a hero to other people or just to your family. You can become a big contributor that a lot of people admire.

So stop doing stupid things and start directing your life to the right way. Life is a journey, it is a forever process. So don't accept your situation now because you can always do better. If your life sucks right now, don't accept that you will be in that situation forever. There is always a chance for a change, there is a better place waiting for you.

Better things and opportunities are waiting for you, you just need to manage your thoughts and actions and do what is necessary. So start now and find your purpose in this world.

February 18, 2017


If your belief is still strong? You have to always check your belief. If you are trying to achieve something great, you must have a very strong belief so you can go further and you can reach the final stage. If something bad happens to you, you must check your belief if it is still strong or not, your belief is what will keep you moving and make the right decisions in life. You have to keep feeding your belief so it will go stronger everyday. You must filter the negative thoughts in your head and completely removing them right away. Always check your belief and make sure it is fed properly with the right thoughts that will motivate you and make you think the right way.

 Are the thoughts inside of your head right? Are you entertaining positive thoughts or negative? always check the thoughts inside of your head and make sure no idea or information is dominating your life in the wrong way. If there is a bad information in your head and it keeps running and running, try to replace it with a more positive one that will make you stronger and mentally tough. It is just a matter or conditioning your mind and processing the right information that will motivate you and will bring you closer to success.

Are you still working hard? You must check yourself if you are still working hard because if not... you're in big trouble my friend. The moment you get soft... that is the start of your decline. You should make it a habit of working hard everyday so you will always have a strong momentum, so you will always stay in shape and sharp to overcome any unexpected situation. Working hard will make you stay on top, working hard will make you a winner in life. So if you are losing and nothing good is happening in your life... the answer is very simple, you are not working hard enough. So stop being soft and do your best everyday, outwork everyone and make sure you will dominate the competition.

Are you making little progress everyday? Progress equals happiness, are you making progress everyday? if not then you better do something about it. A little progress is still a progress and still creates happiness. Addict yourself to progress everyday so you will enjoy your life more and you will be able to see what you are made of. Progress can be about financial, health or just a simple goal. You will feel it when you are making a progress, you will also feel it if you are stuck in a mud. You are the only one who can create your own progress, just start with something and keep doing it consistently until you become better and better.

Are you still happy in what you are doing? Even if you are making a lot of money, if you are not happy with what you are doing anymore... you better stop it because you are only destroying your life. Do what makes you happy because life is too short and it can end anytime. Have the authority to choose what path you want and be bold in taking it.

What are the voices you are listening to? Are you listening to people who are making you stronger and pushing you to the top or are you listening to people who pretends that they care but the truth is they don't? Listen only to people who makes you stronger and better. Listen to the right voices, stop entertaining people whose agenda is just to pull you down. You know who they are, you know the right people in your life.

Are your relationships good? Always check your relationship with the most important people in your life. Sometimes, pursuing success too much makes you forget. You have to keep the most important relationships in your life healthy and updated. Because when it is all said and done, when you're already successful... you will still look for the people who once touch your life.

February 18, 2017


Don't wait for the perfect time before you take the risk and pursue your dreams. The right time is now.

It is a good thing if you are still single or not married because you don't have kids to feed yet. You still have a lot of time and your obligation is only little. Because time will come and you will get married and you will only have less time for yourself. You will not be able to focus on your dreams and you will be forced to do things that you don't want to do just to earn money. I am not saying that you can't pursue your dreams anymore if you were already married, the point here is you have to work like hell while your life is still comfortable because it is harder to achieve your dreams when you are in the uncomfortable position. I am not saying that it is impossible, it is still possible but only harder.

If you have obligations you will become careful and conservative because you don't want the people around you to suffer by taking risky decisions. You will have to consult your family first if you have to take decisions and for me that is a bad thing because you are not making decision 100 percent by yourself. It means the decision is not genuine and it has some factors outside of you.

So don't get too much comfortable if you are still young and you don't need to work hard yet. It is everyone's responsible to work hard and make his own life better regardless of what his age is.

If you get so use to living a comfortable life and you are just bumming around doing nothing... time will come and an adversity will test your character. You will have a very hard time dealing with it because you are not familiar to adjusting and hustling. You are so addicted to comfort and you will not be able to know what to do if hard times starts to enter your life.

So test your character now while you are still living in comfort. Train in at peace so you don't have to bleed in war.

February 18, 2017


The saddest feeling in the world is when you know you can do better but you didn't give your best. The saddest feeling in the world is when you still want to do something but you can't do it anymore because you were already too old, tired and cannot even walk anymore. The saddest feeling in the world is when you waste your life and you didn't do something to at least do something great or push yourself to achieve what you think you can achieve.

Regretting something you think you can do is the worst feeling in the world. You should open your eyes while you still have some time and try to give your best to achieve your dreams. It is very simple, you will just take actions and do your best. What is difficult about that? yet a lot of people can't figure out what is needed to do because they are worrying so much. They don't believe in themselves and they were always thinking of some better ways to do things. The best way to do something is to simply give your best with the skills that you have. Just push a little harder and think a little deeper and that's it.

Because if you will not take chances, if you will not use all of your skills, if you will not spend your time for the things that really matters then you will not achieve satisfaction and happiness. True bliss can only be experienced if you leave everything on the line and you use all of your strength and powers to get what you want. Nobody will get it for you nor it will not come to you if you will just sit there and do nothing about your situation. If you want to become happy then do what is necessary. Never quit until you have nothing more left in your tank. Never surrender until your gas is empty.

A lot of people wants to turn back time and they promise themselves that they will do better next time. But sorry for them, they can't do anything about their situation anymore. All they can is wait for their death and hope that there is still a second life where they can follow their dreams and correct their mistakes from the past.

So if you still have strength and you can still think clearly, ready clearly and walk... do something that will make you happy. It doesn't matter how old you are. The important thing is you do what you need to do and you try to lessen the regrets in your life. Life is very fast, tomorrow is not guaranteed. You have to take actions now, use all your power to make your dreams come true regardless of how you feel, what you have or what you think. Step up your game and make a move. You only have one life so don't ever waste it because it is the most precious gift that you receive from above.

February 18, 2017


Be a slave to nobody. Never follow somebody's command especially if your heart is against it. It is time to promote yourself and do what you think will put you on a higher position. If your boss is yelling at you, if he is abusive and not treating you right... smack him, demote him and promote yourself. Be the boss, show them what you are made of.

But if you do that, make sure you will never go back, make sure you will make your own path and never bow to anyone again. Make sure you will work super hard and produce results by your own.

Nobody wants to be a slave to anybody right? Some people don't have a choice but to follow somebody else's rules because they leave themselves no choice. They don't give themselves the authority to become their own boss. Be your own boss or else you will just be an accessory to someone else's dream. You have to follow your own dream and live the life that you want.

Promote yourself now, make money by your own now, have your own philosophy and follow it. Have your own personal economy and make it grow everyday. Because if you will not do it on your own, somebody will do it for you and trust me... you will never like what you will get.

The only way to promote yourself is leave your current job that you don't love and follow your heart. If you have an idea on your mind that you truly believe that will succeed... do it, execute now, improve everyday, improve your network and make it grow forever. Hardwork will be your assurance that you will win, if you work harder than anyone else then for sure you will thrive, you will be able to command people and build your own empire. Harwork will never fail you, it will always prevail, it will bring you to the top.

So stop following your lazy boss that you know is not better than you. You know you are better than your boss, you know you can work harder than him so leave the company right away and make your own destiny.

Because there is no other way around, if you want to become really happy then don't let other people tell you what to do. You know what to do and you can do it. It is your life, it is only one and you have to make sure you use it to the fullest and you live by your own personal standards.

You can get any amount of salary that you want, you can associate your life with the people that you really want if you are confident enough and you have high belief in yourself. It is hard in the beginning but once you get that momentum... you will become unstoppable. It is just a matter of decoding what is needed to be decoded. It is just a matter of learning what is needed to be learned and then all of the things that you need will fall into your hands naturally.

If people can't give it to you then give it to yourself, as simple as that. Just commit to becoming successful, find little success everyday and then keep repeating and repeating until you become big.

February 18, 2017


1. Using credit cards. You got excited because the bank send you a credit card so you immediately approved the activation of it. What you don't know is that it is not a credit card, it is a death card. The moment you get addicted using it, that is the start of your falter. Using credit card is like inviting troubles in your life, it is an instant gratification and what it does is make you spend without having to work for it first. Your life will just revolve on paying credit cards and you will feel like someone is always hunting you, you will feel like your one feet is buried on the ground and your can't make a progress in your life.

2. Gambling. Gamblers still don't get it that this shit won't make them rich. Any form of easy money without work will not make you rich. You may win sometimes but you will lose a lot of times. No one who hopes to become rich at gambling has ever made it. They always fail. Always remember that there is no shortcut to success, you need to work like hell and accept that you need to be patient and wait for some time to become rich. Wanting it so fast will make you go broke. You need to gamble in life but not by using your money, gamble by taking your chances and risking your life for every best opportunity that is knocking on your door.

3. When you got excited too much. You got excited when you see an opportunity that talks a lot about making money so fast. Opportunities such as MLM marketing, investments that promises to triple your money in 2 months, etc. etc. You got excited so you don't check if the said opportunity is fake or real. You immediately jump in and using all of your money. And what you see in the end? it is all fantasy, it is all fake marketing that main purpose is to steal your money. You also get excited too much when there is an item sale on the mall. You buy the product even if you don't need it, you use all of your money even if it is already budgeted for some other necessities. If there is something that triggers you to spend your money, you can't control yourself and that kind of attitude will make you poorer than a rat if you don't control it.

4. Envy. If you saw your neighbor or friend buy something, you buy it too. You don't want to be left behind, you are always competing and wanting them to think that you have money too. You were so envy if you saw your friend buy shoes or clothes or any other things. You want to have what they have, you don't want to look poor, you also wanted to look rich and that makes you even poorer. You are faking your identity. You don't want to look like you are suffering so you are putting a fake mask that you think will save your ass. But in the end, you will still be a loser because you can't use something when an emergency suddenly visits your life.

5. Watching other people's success. You are too busy watching other people grow, progress and make their lives better. You were so updated of what is going on with other people's lives. You wish you also have the kind of success they have. You don't have time for yourself because your energy were so focused on giving attention to other people and what kind of activities they are doing. You admire them, you wish you were like them, you don't invest in your own growth.

6. Not taking care of your health. You can have a lot of money but if you are not taking care of health then you will go back being poor. If you are on a roll, if you have a strong momentum going on and money is entering your life easily... make sure you still check your health because health is wealth and you can earn more money if you are strong and doesn't need a doctor in life. What is worse is people who were already poor but still not taking care of their health, these kinds of people will die poor and will not even taste the beauty of life. They will remain in the rat race forever for not being responsible.

7. Acting like you're already a big time. You just taste a little success, you just earn some pretty decent cash and you're already acting like a millionaire. You spend too much, you're always on a vacation, you buy things just to please everyone. You are little by little spending all of your money in your savings account and then one day you found yourself having no more money. Stop acting like you're on top of the world, if you become successful then maintain it and don't be lazy because not all the time luck is on your side. You have to maintain that fire and act like you're not successful yet.

8. Being lazy. And last but not the least, the root of all poverty... laziness. You can make a lot of excuses, you can tell the world that you didn't finish your studies or your parents were irresponsible that is why you remain poor. But at the end of the day, your work ethic will still be questioned. If you are a lazy son of a bitch then for sure you will remain poor forever. There are hundreds of stories about rugs to riches and all of it has nothing to do with luck. Successful people say you don't need to finish studies in order to become rich, you just need to have a vision and work really hard. So what is your excuse?

February 17, 2017


In everything that you are doing, you always wanted to look flashy, elegant, great and invincible that is why you always look bad, that is why you position is always bad. You have a reputation to take care of and you can't be yourself. You are very conservative, you always play safe that is why your position is mediocre and doesn't stand out.

If you want to win in life you must be willing to look bad, you must be willing to look like a failure first then work everyday to make your position better. Be willing to look like you are suffering and facing big problems, be willing to look like you are struggling and you can't find a way to win. That is the way how to do it, not caring about what people thinks of you. Just simply struggle and struggle and find a way how to win.

Your position will only be good, if you are willing to accept that it is bad and you have the initiative and urgency to make it better.

A lot of fresh graduate students don't have a job because they are not willing to take a position that is lower than their standards. The want to have a big salary right away, they want to become a boss right away, they don't want to look bad taking jobs that are outside of their specialty that is why they can't find a job.

In life, sometimes you must willing to take a lower position first in order to have a higher position in the future. You can't let your ego eat you. Even if you came from a well know family or university, even if you are rich, you still need to look bad in order to look good in the future.

If you need to do some things that you don't like... do it. Even if you hate what you are doing and you are so disgusted with it.. do it.

You don't need to care about how you look. You don't need to look rich, elegant and good smelling. Sometimes you just need to be practical and do what needs to be done. Sometimes you need to endure and make sacrifices so that your life will become better.

Because if you will always care about how you feel and how you look... you will become soft, you will not achieve anything. Life is not all about wearing nice shirts, shoes and jewelries. It is all about making results, making yourself better everyday and doing whatever it takes to win.

If you always want to look fresh, perfect and clean then you will never succeed. You should be tough, strong willed and will always try to do something that will put you in a better position. Looking good is one thing, feeling successful is another thing.

So stop focusing on your looks and make your hands dirty, don't be afraid of what people say and just do something that you think will make your status in life better. You will look good in the end if you become successful. Stop focusing on dressing like a rockstar or super model. You can have the fanciest outfit in the world but if your pocket is empty then you're still nothing.

February 16, 2017


This is common sense, if you are doing what you don't want then you are not being yourself. You are not following your passion and you are forcing yourself to do something that will not give you happiness. If you are doing something just for the money then for sure you will not be able to do it for so long. You will quit in the middle of your journey, you will go back home when difficulty struck you.

The only way to become yourself to the fullest is to do what you really want and do it everyday. Don't hold yourself back, be free to move the way you wanted to move. The more you enjoy what you are doing, the more you become great and see the deeper version of you. You will see the other side of you that you thought was not even possible.

If you are writing an article the way you wanted to write it without following any rules or technicalities then you are truly following your heart, you are becoming yourself even more. You are expressing yourself regardless of what people will say and that is what do you call truly living life. You don't care about the rules, you don't care about the tradition, you are just being yourself and doing what your heart tells you to do so.

A lot of people can't be themselves because they can't do what they want. It's not that they can't really do it but they are not giving themselves the authority to be who really they are. They were so afraid that other people might judge them and criticize them so they play it safe and keep themselves away from negative comments.

But even if you play it safe, even if you try to be nice and perfect... some people will still judge you, some people will still say nasty things at you so you are really not safe with that kind of approach. You are just depriving yourself from being happy by following other people's rules and ideas.

Do it your way, follow your passion, execute your natural movements. Follow your heart because it can never go wrong, it may look wrong to other people's eyes but you will see it in the end that you are right. It only looks wrong in the beginning but it will always be right in the end.

Reasons why you can't do what you want:

1. You are following an authority. If you're just a follower then chances are you cannot be yourself anytime you want. You should set your life up for a position where you don't need to follow anyone but still living a good and prosperous life. It is possible, you just need to look for an idea and make it big as much as you can. You should be the boss so no one will order you commands that you don't want to follow.

2. You don't have confidence. You don't believe in yourself that what you are doing is right. Belief is the most important element if you wanted to be yourself. You should trust yourself and stop worrying because everything will be alright if you trust your instincts.

3. You want a safer path. You don't want to take risk. You want a safer path because the layout is already there, you don't need to think anymore, you don't need to push anymore. The only bad thing about is you are still a follower and you cannot express your own ideas.

4. You are afraid of embarrassment. You are afraid or rejection, you are afraid of humiliation. You are always thinking about what people will say, you don't want to test your limits. You are always focus on the outcome but the outcome that is running inside of your head is failing and not winning.

February 16, 2017


If you are wondering which is better... quantity or quality, the answer is both. No one is better than the other. Both have pros and cons and both are effective. If you have to choose what to use between the two, the best pick is... what works for you.

Quantity is good because if you are focused on making a lot of outputs then suddenly you will produce something that has a better quality. Well, maybe at first you will produce rubbish outputs but because of the experience that is happening to you everyday, you will learn to adjust. You will discover what works and what does not. You will be able to produce something faster and better. It is like just you are practicing and at the same time producing something. You become better and better everyday by producing more and more, you didn't even notice that you are on your way to greatness.

If you will rely on quantity, make sure that you will still do your best but of course your main goal is to produce as much as you can. Don't try to aim for being perfect, just produce huge numbers but still take things seriously. Your priority is massive action but you are still careful and you must not produce garbage products.

Relying purely on quantity will guarantee you success. Your outputs may not be close to perfect or greatness but a habit of working harder and faster than the others was built in your system. You will be addicted to producing results, you will work very hard and that is a good thing. You will become addicted to seeing your numbers grow, very high numbers that can give you the success that you are dreaming of.

You made the right decision too if you will go with the quality. Everyone loves a well polished work without any form of faults or mistakes. But sometimes being careful too much and chasing perfection will make you produce results very slow. Some companies wanted a very fast worker because they they were so in love with the numbers, a lot of companies believe so much in the numbers. They knew that every number can become a turning point.

Sometimes you just need to produce something so that you will see what is the next step and what are the adjustments needed, sometimes you just need to work and produce as much output as you can so you will gain a momentum and you will be able to reveal what is working or not.

Choosing quality will make you slow but for sure your work will be loved the only bad thing about it is you will produce low numbers and sometimes you will be behind in the competition. But for sure you will also have some success because any work that is taken seriously will produce very good outcome.

It is up to you what do you wanted to choose. If you pick quality make sure you will really give your best and you will chase perfection. If you will pick quantity make sure you will take massive actions and produce high volume of results. Like I said, any of the two will give you success, it is up to you how to use them for your success.

February 15, 2017


If you want to have an easier and more fun life... you should apply this principle everyday and make it a part of your daily life. It is called the "NO THINKING POLICY". You don't think, you don't worry, you don't over analyze. You just do what is needed, have fun in your journey and never think about failing nor not making it to the top.

If you have a task to do, you just do it. You don't care if you are doing it perfectly or flawlessly, you just do it and wait for the final result. You just wait for the prize that will be rewarded to you for the effort that you did. No more worrying, no more doubting yourself, no more negative thoughts because it will only make you slow, it will only make you inefficient.

Because you are here in this world to enjoy life, you are here to create and not to procrastinate. If you will entertain your thoughts before you make an action then for sure you will not do it. Because your thoughts will control you, fear will be created and it will stop you from taking actions.

If you have a list of tasks for the day. Just do it, don't think. Start checking them one by one and never stop until you're done. Too much thinking is more stressful than taking massive actions. Even though you're body is not moving... you will feel very tired because not moving will make your body weak, it will poisoned your mind and you will be confused, doubtful and unmotivated.

You just need to know what you want to do and then do it. No thinking is required. No long plans, no stupid day dreaming and wishing. Just move your ass and simply enjoy the process. Enjoying the process will give you tremendous success and happiness. Make it simple, just make taking actions as your default and stop entertaining other thoughts that will only slow down your success.

Life can become great if you are not thinking too much, if you are not worrying about anything else that doesn't make sense. It is not that you will do stupid decisions by not using your brain. My point here is once you decide what you are going to do... you just do it and you will keep moving forward until its completion. You will move faster than your brain. A lot of disturbing thoughts will slow you down, it will make you weak and scared so the best thing to do is make the game plan very basic and execute it. Because adjustments will be done as you keep moving, you will naturally made a course correction once you have a great momentum. And you will not have a hard time making adjustments because you are not thinking too much, you just change your actions if needed and then you go back on the right track again.

It is like moving without guilt, you are very free to take actions the way you wanted to do it and you never feel hesitant or doubtful. You have no conscience in making decisions. Your mind is not stressed and all you think about is winning and becoming successful, Your mind is fixed to progress and bliss, everything is smooth, you are making dramatic improvement in your life.

You will have a very big advantage if you are not thinking. A lot of people worries a lot, they think a lot, they are not living in the moment that is why they are feeling bad and they always make bad decisions in life. If you are not rushing, if you are just living your life they way you wanted to live it then you're already successful.