May 22, 2018


You don't need to advertise your brand, you don't need to try hard to build a fake marketing campaign to advertise it and make people discover it. If it comes from hard work then it has wings, it will fly, it will be known. People will see your effort, people will feel your suffering, they will see the passion in your work so they will talk about it and use it.

Your brand will be known even if it is unknown. It will be seen anywhere, it will be heard.

So work hard as much as you can and try to make your brand one of a kind, if ti comes from real hard work then it has a soul, it has real content, some people will like it and they will be the ones who will advertise your brand. Focus on the work not on the marketing.

May 22, 2018


Because you have something to do, you have something to focus on to. Some people are lost because they have no goals to chase. If you have a goal then you will be fine, you will have a direction, you will have a sense of purpose.

Anyone can leave you, you can lose anything but if you have a goal then you are ok being alone, you are alright. You have something that is really yours. Chase that goal so that you will have fun when you're sad, chase that goal so you will be entertained if you have problems. Your mind will fly, your time will fly... you will not even notice that you're already old. Your hair is white but you're still fighting, your knees were weak but you're still running. That goal is making you feel young, it is making you feel good. It is making you move everyday and the good thing about it is... it is giving you something, it is giving you money and direction.

All of your problems, worries and fears will be washed away by your goal, it is your weapon for sadness, it will entertain you and make you happy every time you're down.

May 22, 2018


Don't feel regretful if it didn't work, maybe it's not the right process for you, it didn't work but it has still a use, it is the bridge to another work that will work. If you didn't do it then you will never have a momentum, you will never look for another process that will work for you.

Everything happens for a reason, if you already give your best and you still fail then it means something better is waiting for you, it means the next process will work and it will give you the results that you are waiting for.

No work is wasted, you only think that that work is wasted because you didn't see any reward from it. The real reward is the momentum that you get from it, if you didn't do that work then you're still wondering what you should do right now, you're still lost and don't know where to go. That work is the turning point, it is the pivotal move of your journey. That work is a bridge to another work that will work so be happy that you did it.

May 22, 2018


For all those who wanted to resign in their work because you have a shitty boss and a low salary... resign now, all you have to have is a little savings and big belief. That's what I did, I came form a company that is similar to hell, the company is shitty, the boss is rude and I don't like the surrounding. I manage to survive, I was able to find another job that pays really well, all I did is save some money... good for 5-8 months, I just believe that I can find another work and it works for me.

You can never resign if you don't have savings... that is suicide, that is going to a war without any weaponry. You have to prepared for the storm because the moment you resign... you are cutting your source of income, you will struggle. You will never get lucky because finding a job sometimes will take months. You have to endure the struggle for some time but don't worry... you will find another job if you have that big belief in yourself.

Be confident and relentless, never rest. Once you resign... go and look for another job right away, if you resign now then hunt the job that is waiting for you tomorrow. Stop acting like you are entitled to rest, you don't have the right to rest because you're unemployed.

You are free now from that shitty company, you better be careful in spending your money because it may run out anytime soon. Just keep on hanging there, appreciate what you have and never regret the decision for leaving that company. Keep persevering, you will find that job in just a matter of time if you will never stop.

May 22, 2018


The good news is... you have a choice and it can be anything, it can be a good choice or a bad choice but the point here is... you have freedom, never waste that freedom, never make a bad choice because it can make a large impact in your life that you may regret forever.

Your choice can be anything, you are free you have the authority. It is your life, you can do whatever you want with it.

You can choose your style, own process, own belief... it can be anything. But make sure that you will choose the options that will serve you and not something that will bring you down.

This life is so good yet a lot of people were not taking advantage of it, they were jailed by the mainstream, they will follow the crowd to avoid being left behind. They don't know that in order to become really successful you must create your own belief, technique and ideas. What people don't know is they have the right to choose anything but they prefer to choose the safe route, a route that is full of people who have the same beliefs, a belief that is not giving them an extra ordinary life.

Remember that you have the right to choose anything, it all depends on your taste, it all depends on your instincts.

May 22, 2018


Yeah I am trying hard, my style is so weird and unlikable, my style doesn't entertain everyone. I'm like a weird child that keeps on trying even if my style is not working. I am really trying hard to make my dreams come true, people will hate me, people will stop me but this is who I am, no skills, no talents, no support... I am just being myself and doing whatever it takes to win in my life.

Sorry if I am trying so hard and annoying you, sorry if I will never stop, I really don't want to quit, I am not a quitter. Never will I quit nor will I submit... ever.

So odd, my style is really not for the crowd, but what else can I do? this is all I can do... just use my style that was developed through pain and experience, this is all I can do so I will keep doing it. I am not the best and I know it and I love it, that's why I am so dangerous and full of possibilities... I don't care about my identity, I just wanted to win but I am never afraid of losing.

I never get tired, I will never stop until I win.. that's the only style I know, that's the only process I know. Even if they laugh at me because I am not making any results... I don't care, I will keep moving forward until I get it.

May 22, 2018


I'm struggling everyday just to get some money for our food and dreams. Me and my wife, working hard everyday, loving each other. We've got each other's back. This is my world, like a scavenger in the internet world trying to make some money from graphics and writing  crappy articles like this one.

It's a struggle but I consider myself a grinder so I was able to accept that my life is really hard. It's painful, it's grueling but I'm ok with it. Our dream is still alive, it will never die because hard work makes it alive, my work ethic and belief makes it breathing.

My energy... it is all allocated for the grind, it is all reserved for a dream. I believe that one day I will be rewarded for the shitty works that I created in the internet. I'm a dreamer, I'm struggling but I will never give up. I'm a dreamer and at the same time a doer too. I don't just dream, I give my best to make it happen.

It's been a boring life and I'm so happy that my wife is still supportive for my dreams, she believes me so I don't have any choice but to make this idea successful. I don't know what it is, I don't know where it is going... I just keep on searching for an opening, My heart doesn't want to rest but my boy is already rallying for a rest.

I don't care anymore... to be honest, I really don't care. If I die hustling, at least I die with honor, even though they don't know what the heck am I doing, I know in myself that I give my all, I don't have any regrets.

But I know I will get it, there is a part in my heart that says never give up.

It is really hard, how many times I almost quit but I'm so lucky that I am the most persevering person in this world. Not talented, not skilled nor gifted but at least I own a niche... perseverance and endurance. If I am not for real then how was I able to write 4000 articles? how was I able to maintain the passion for writing for 10 years without earning anything?

May 22, 2018


I hate to say this because I hate it too but it's the only thing that will make something work... consistency, if you can't be consistent then stop dreaming, stop chasing your dreams because it will never happen, you have to be really consistent... it is what it is, it is hard but you still have to do it even if it is so hard.

Do it everyday, same amount of effort, same amount of will. It doesn't matter if it gets too repetitive. Just do it time and time again... look for the finish, look for the killer move. Be consistent so that your momentum will never die, so that you will never miss any opportunity to grow.

Working hard for 17.8 hours today and not working tomorrow will not work, you are killing your momentum if you follow through. Follow up hard work with another set of hard work... that's how to become successful.

It's better if you will just work for 5 hours a day but you have to do it for 365 days in one year rather than working today and taking a day off tomorrow. If you keep on skipping work, if you will prioritize rest then success will never be achieved. The moment you stop, your momentum dies, you go back to zero again.

Being consistent means you're really serious about it, it means you really want it. Every time you work, every time you follow through... you keep getting better and better, you level up like a super mario who eats the mushroom, like a luigi who picks the flower that enables him to throw some fire.

It's only hard in the beginning but once you do something for at least one month without miss... it will be very easy, it will be in your system forever.

It will be hard to stop it, it will be very hard to get rid of it from your system.

May 21, 2018


Change this miserable day, I know something bad happened, I know something disturbed you or bothered you but a miserable day is still part of your life, you can never get rid of it anymore.

Change it by doing something that is fun that will change your mood, change it with simple activities that will put a smile on your face. Life is so short to be destroyed by a single day, it's just another day... you can still turn things around.

You have the power to change a miserable day, all you have to do is choose to be positive. Forget what happened and move on... move on so fast.

Never let a single event ruin your day, wake up... it's just a small thing, it's not even a life changer.

Smile when things are not well, cheer up if things are so hard. Make it easy on your mind if you can't make it easy in reality.

May 21, 2018


Do you think that greatness can be achieved without paying the price? do you think you can only exert mediocre efforts and expect greatness to be bestowed upon you? greatness is not cheap, you need to put a lot of energy, time and different resources for it. It is not something that can be achieved by anyone. Greatness is something that is elusive, you will only experience it if you put in a lot of work and sacrifices, you have to choose it more than anything else.

If you want to be great then learn how to make small sacrifices everyday, learn how to be patient and dedicate your life for something. It will become your life, it's like investing your future into it, you don't give it cheap things and cheap efforts, you are always all in and focused.

Greatness can be achieved by anyone but it is not for everyone because not all people are willing to take massive actions to get it.

Greatness will make you cry, it will put you down on your knees, you need to be really tough to achieve greatness. It is like a forever sacrifice, you need to give everything you got, you need to go all out and leave everything on the line.

Because if you really want it then you will make time for it, you will give it what it needs. Greatness is something that you need to take care of, it is like a sensitive baby, if you don't give it a lot of time today... it will die.

The price is so high, greatness cannot be bought by money only, it takes more than that. It takes more than hard work and dedication, there is so much you need to do to achieve it. You can't just wish for it and wait for it to happen, greatness is to be pursued, it it not like a toy at the store that you can wish for your mom to buy

If you want to experience greatness then go for it, hunt it, never copy the action of other people because they are not great, if you want to become great then you must be something weird, you must be different, your actions must be different from everyone else.

May 21, 2018


Be early because an early bird always catches the worm, being early is better than being a hard worker because if you're early then you can do more and catch more, if you're only a hard worker but always late then you still don't have any edge.

There are lot of benefits if you are coming early, just like buying fish in the market, you will only catch fresh fishes if you will come early, while there is lesser buyers. You need to become earlier than anybody else so that you will have a chance to prepare and choose what is best for you.

You will still come, why not come early? why are you always choosing to be late? being late will make you get fewer options, it will make you the last person on the line. So if you want to get what you really want... come first, never be the last, never choose to be the last because that will only put you on a bad spot.

So if you want to win, if you want to have an advantage... always come first, never come last, put yourself on the best position to succeed.

May 21, 2018


You've been dreaming about millions but you can't even earn a single million. You can't even work hard everyday and put yourself on a position to succeed. You're all about dreams, a multi million dollar dream is nothing if you will not take actions now and find out what will make you closer from that dream.

If you want to become a multi millionaire then you have to make unbelievable sacrifices, you have to start working now because your dream is not just an ordinary dream, it requires great amount of effort and sacrifices to make it happen.

Be realistic here, you can dream about those things but the question is are your actions congruent to your dreams? Before you dream about big things make sure you are taking massive actions and you're getting small results that will give you some momentum to make your dreams come true.

May 21, 2018


Don't be scared to become scared, don't resist fear. It's just a feeling, it's ok if you feel it, be one with it and never try to break away from it. The more you resist it... the more it will scare you, you will not be able to control it and understand it if you fight it. Just let it run inside of your system, let it run inside of your head but never believe it. Feel it but never agree with it.

You have to be scared a lot of times so you will understand what your fear is all about. It's just a visitor, it's just an emotion that is checking you if you deserve success or not. Everybody becomes scared the only difference is a successful person is not afraid to become scared, he is willing to embrace fear and be one with it, he is willing to feel it and find out what is behind it.

Behind fear is success, behind fear is opportunity, behind fear is freedom. The more you face it the more confident you will be. Be scared a lot of times so fear will not disturb you again, feel it so you will become very familiar with it. Fear is nothing but a feeling that will test you if you can still go on, what it plants in your head is not real, it is only creating an illusion so that you will not continue anymore.

Be happy if there is fear, it means you have a mission, it means you need to do something. Face it because there is always a reward waiting for you for facing it.

May 21, 2018


You have to be uncommon, you don't have to be something special, phenom, genius or something like that. You just need to be uncommon, you need to do what other people can't do or unwilling to do. You have to be something different, something like people haven't seen before.

You must be willing to really push yourself and never stop until you're done, be willing to sacrifice everything in your life just to get that goal that you've been longing for.

Uncommon in the sense of you will die for your dream, you will work harder than anybody else, you will try a million times just to win... these are simple things but not all people can do it. They underestimate hard work too much, they even believe in shortcuts more than the believe in hard work.

Being uncommon means working hard even if hard work is not working, it means going the extra mile, it means believing that something will happen if you give all you can.

Look at the common people... they watch the same movies, driving the same car, share the same ideas, doing the same routine, going to the same places... they never try to be different because they don't want get judged, they will never try their hardest because they don't want to fail.

May 21, 2018


Never ask yourself if you can do it or not because the answer will always be "I don't know" your real self is afraid, you are scared, you don't want to face discomfort, you are not willing to fight at your hardest but your fighting spirit... it will determined if you can do it or not. If you're fighting spirit is a real fighter then it will do whatever it takes just to win. But if you're fighting spirit is weak... you will never even reach the final stage, you will quit when the going gets hard, you don't even have the plan of continuing.

Ask your fighting spirit if he is willing to fight. Ask him if he is willing to do whatever it takes, if he said yes then it's a good news for you... you already won the battle.

Your fighting spirit is the issue here, not your skill level, not your talents, not your status in life. If you have a very strong fighting spirit then nothing is impossible to you... you will fight no matter what and finish what you've started.

May 21, 2018


Ready or not, when the opportunity calls you you must be ready to take it, you must be willing to devour it even if it feels don't right. Because that maybe the only opportunity that is waiting for you, other opportunities may not come again. Never take it for granted, it maybe the break that you are waiting for.

Stop making excuses now because successful people never make excuses, they will do whatever it takes even if that dream requires their lives. Stop acting like a spoiled kid that needs to get pampered before you move... move now, let taking action be your identity, let it be the energy that is dominating  your life. If you will not do it now then when are you going to do it? never think that you're not ready, you're always ready if you're willing to take it.

If you're a risk taker then you're ready, if you have a thick skin then you're ready, if you want it bad enough then you're ready, you don't need to have tremendous skills or knowledge to get ready. Some people even have everything but they can't see it because they were too soft, they were acting like there is another better opportunity waiting for them. Being ready is all in the mind, if you want it then you will take it even if you're not prepared.

Readiness is only in your head, once the opportunity is there... grab it and never let anyone take it from you, you have to show the universe that you want it more than anyone else.

You will be able to adapt and improvise if you want it, you will be able to invent a way in the fastest possible time. All you have to do is be confident and never let anything stop you. Never care if you are ready or not, just ask yourself if you want it or not.

May 21, 2018


You're thinking too much that's why you can't produce anything, why are you thinking? are you a genius? are you some kind of an Albert Einstein that needs to study all the formula in physics? Are you some kind of a scientist that needs to explain everything?

Thinking too much creates worries, it creates procrastination. Why will you think if you can take actions?

Move right away, thinking is for worriers, it is for losers who are stuck in a moment. They can't even move their smallest finger, all they do is worry, make plans and never follow them.

Not thinking is so much fun because you will be able to take a lot of actions, there will be less resistance, you will never feel heavy anymore. You will just do it and do it and do it, nothing will stop you or will ever stop you.

Stop using your brain and just move, forget if you are right or wrong... just move, you have to keep moving if you want to go further, thinking too much will only take you too far, you will never escape the boundaries if you're thinking too much because you will always pause and calculate things, you will create problems for yourself, you will let fear poison your mind.

You better be moving now, don't engage into thinking too much, once you decide.. go all out and never stop.

Go go go till you can't go no more. You're not a genius, you're not something special, stop pretending that you know a lot. Replace your thinking with actions and you will find out that movement is better than talking or planning.

May 21, 2018


Your body will follow your mind, you don't need an alarm clock anymore if you're so focused on what you're doing and trying to achieve something great. Your body will stand up automatically. It will stand up right away once it feel that the time for sleep is over. If you set your alarm clock to 7am and you sleep at 3am... you will wake up at 6 am, it's because your body is so excited to work again, your will is waking you up. You don't need to worry anymore because you will wake up at the right time. No alarm clock is needed, just think of time when you need to stand up and you will wake up.

This will only happen if you are insanely serious in what you do and you are pursuing your goal like a relentless animal, the universe will wake you up so that you can follow your mission. It's like magic, the more passionate you are the more the invincible alarm clock will work. Everything is on the perfect timing, you will just stand up and everything that needs to happen will happen.

May 21, 2018


Say hi to victory, greet success because it's almost there, you can see it, you can feel it, you can smell it, the only missing piece is touching it. All the hard work is paying off, all the sacrifices and sleepless nights are giving you something in return.

Prepare yourself because once it is there you might get overwhelmed, stay prepared and stay ready... you might miss the action. You can almost take it home, success is 90 percent yours.

But don't get too cocky and confident, if it is not yet officially yours then keep working hard, stay with the grind and never stop until you win. That victory is still elusive, if you will get complacent then it might escape from your hands.

May 21, 2018


You don't need to run a small business and look like cheap.. you already have a savings but you will do it because you want to do it, you will do it because you want more, you want to achieve more and you want to make your life much much better.

You don't need to work hard and stay late at night... you are only making yourself tired, you are only making yourself sick. But you will do it because you want to become great, you want to have what others don't have, you know that hard work and pushing yourself is your only ticket to success, you will do it because you think that it's the only way to have an edge from others.

You don't need to look like poor by saving your money and not buying flashy things but you will still do it, you will sacrifice because you want to become really rich, you are targeting an amount of money and you will sacrifice your looks and joy just to get that amount, just to get that cash, you will save a lot of money and buy only the most important things. You can afford to buy anything you want but you are always looking at the bigger picture, you are prioritizing the bigger goal.

If you want to get more then you need to do what you don't want, you need to make a lot of sacrifices, you have to do what others are not willing to do to get what most people can't get. You don't need to do it but you are doing it because you want something so bad that you couldn't sleep without it.

May 21, 2018


Keep running, keep chasing your dreams, never let it go, never take away your eyes from it. Hunt it, do whatever it takes to get it because if you will never move then you will regret it forever. You will regret that you never take an action. Chase it like an animal, go hard, never sleep until it's finally ours, run fast, never walk... just run.

Go all out, always bring out your A game because that's the most logical thing to do, why bring our B game if it's all about your dreams? never take a brake, always hustle and grind, repeat the process everyday, repeat it as much as you can.

What is the use of your life if you will not chase your dream? don't waste it for nothing, don't die achieving nothing. That is the only way to appreciate the life that was given to you... push as hard as you can and see what it can give to you.

You will never run out of strength so don't be afraid to go hard. Again and again, the process will never stop, the chasing will never stop... if you have to do it forever then do it. Chase it and once you see its shadow... never let it go.

May 21, 2018


Don't be afraid to lose something because nothing stays forever, change is always happening, if you will attached your emotions with someone or something then you will always lose, you will feel bad and miserable. This is life, nothing is permanent, it's either you move on and face the future or you hurt yourself by thinking about the past.

You can replace your business partner, don't even be threatened that he is the best one, if he is not respecting you anymore and cheating on you then replace him, you can find someone who is better, there is always someone who is willing to give you what you deserve, don't think that what you have is the best one because you can still find the finest of them all.

Don't be afraid if your property will be taken away from you for whatever reason, don't be mad if it gets scratched... you can always replace it. All you have to do is look for a replacement, work hard and trust that you will get it, you will get something better. If you are not afraid to lose anything then you can replace it with something better.

Never feel threatened by what is missing or will be missed in your life. Focus on your confidence, focus on your ability to find something finer. There is always a replacement... always keep this in mind and you will be free from attachment.

May 21, 2018


Getting rejected in a job application, getting rejected by a girl, sitting on the bench and not entering the game, losing some money in business, getting hungry because you can't use your money instead you use it for your goals... these are just small things, these are nothing.

Have no pity for yourself because you're doing fine, just a little embarrassment, rejection or failure will not define your legacy, you can still thrive one day, you can win another day. Endure the feeling now, treat it as nothing because it really is, it's just another part of your incredible journey.

You make it a big deal, you make dramas from it, why not make yourself tough and let them know that you are for something, you are for real, you mean business and you're not going to go out just like that. Fail with class if you will fail, fail big time if it is about to happen. Give your best and nothing lesser than what you are capable of.

Not getting what you want is just a small thing, it will never even affect your life, if it can't kill you it can only make you strong. Don't make it a big deal, don't cry like a baby because of it, it's not the end of the world. For others it's a big deal but for you it is nothing, that's why everything is possible for you, that's why you have nothing to lose, that's why you are dangerous because you don't feel anything from something.

Your perception about something is what makes it big, if you will just laugh at it and celebrate your life then you will become happier, you will never feel incomplete. That is the game of life, who is not affected will always win, he will move on so fast, he will get more opportunities. So stop being sensitive and just give your best. Even a big thing... treat it as a small thing and it will never put pressure on your shoulders, you are ok to lose it because you know you can replace it anytime you want to.

May 21, 2018


If you can't make the results that you are expecting it means your effort is too low, it means your effort is weak and meaningless, it's only making a small impact. It's time to make a change, double your effort or even triple it, put an effort that is very hard to ignore so you will get a different output.

You keep on exerting the same weak effort everyday that's why you can't win, you are hoping... you are not taking matters into your hands. Sometimes you really have to force the issue, if the flow is not flowing correctly then you need to push it.

Push yourself, you can double, triple or even quadruple your effort if you are really willing to win. Because if you really want it then you will do whatever it takes to get it, you will never care if it is easy or difficult, you will never complain, you will never make excuses, you will push harder as you can and get the results that you are expecting.

The formula is very simple... if it is not working then work harder. Harder and harder to get the results faster. Don't change the process, change the effort. You can't succeed because you're too slow and passive, change your approach... just a little adjustment will make you succeed.

May 21, 2018


You know why you are not winning? because you really don't know yourself, you don't know your strengths, you don't know who you are. You don't know where your strengths are coming from, you don't know what to do when you're facing a different kind of situation, you don't know how to call your powers.

If you want to become successful you must know how to channel your inner strength every time you face a terrible and scary situation, you must know how to handle different situations with class and calmness knowing that you will be alright and you can thrive of it.

You must know who you are, know what you can do and what must do.

Your strength can be intangibles, it can be a simple mental toughness. It can be the ability to adapt with any kind of situation. Learn how to find and know your strength and you will win in life.

Personally, my strength is about endurance, I will never quit no matter how tired I am, I will find a way, I will use my willpower to win and survive any kind of situation. I know that every time I use my will power and don't quit... I thrive in any kind of situation.

Study yourself, discover where you are good at and become a master of it. It can be anything, for as long as it is giving you results and making you survive, you can use it to any kind of situation.

Know who you really are, know yourself... never get lost just because something uncomfortable is happening.

May 21, 2018


Beware of fake campaigns because it will not give you the service you needed, it will only take away your money or take away anything from you that they need, they will make you believe them, they will get your trust and when they think that it's the right time... they will attack you, they are like venomenous snakes that will never let you get away alive.

1. It is too good to be true. The benefits are so big, it promises huge money in just a matter of days. You will be attracted to their proposals because it's too easy and requires no effort at all.

2. It's consistent.  They are not responsive, sometimes they are answering you if you have questions but sometimes they are not, you will wonder if they are real because they answer questions inconsistently, they will make you doubtful from the very beginning because of their inconsistencies, you will even feel that they are not working.

3. They don't have any great history. They don't have successful history in the past, they just come out fast and making hypes all over the town. If you will make a research about them you will see nothing in google.

4. They are rushing you to make decisions. They were too pushy, they were rushing you to make decisions because they were so thirsty of your money, they want to get something right away without providing good services first.

5. They were just full of hype and arrogance. They were always talking about how good they were, they will show results but those are not legitimate, they will hype themselves just to make you subscribe their product. They will not even tell the consequences that might happen if something goes wrong, all they know is how to impress you.

May 21, 2018


You don't need them to believe in you, you need to make yourself believe in yourself. Impress yourself, please yourself, believe in yourself even if nobody does.

Because trying to please them will only make life harder for you, you will never be able to control your brain. Because even if they believe in you but you don't believe in yourself then it will be useless, you will still fail but if you believe in yourself but they don't believe you... you will still win. It's all about believing in yourself and never letting your fears eat you.

Stop thinking about their perspectives about you, focus on doing your work, focus on trying to make it work.. that is what it's all about.

Even if you're right, some people will still doubt you and disrespect you, you will never get their respect, you will never please everyone.

The only one that needs to believe in you is yourself and nothing else, if you can't believe in yourself then it's game over, nothing will happen in your life anymore. You're already done, you will never succeed anymore.

May 21, 2018


You deserve to lose, you don't deserve to win because you're not giving your best. You are just pretending that you're working but deep inside you know that what you want is to get that money, you just want to win without suffering for it.

Work first, put in the real work, be the hardest worker in the planet and let's see if you will not be rewarded. You're a loser because you're not aiming for greatness, you're too happy losing, you're to happy exerting a very weak effort. You always let a day pass by without doing something great for it, you think that wasting time is ok.

You deserve to lose because you don't have the mentality to win, you deserve to lose because you're not making yourself uncomfortable, you want something but you're not willing to die for it.

Don't blame anyone if you're losing, you did that to yourself, you allow that to happen in your life, you're a loser because you didn't even allow yourself to win, you're a loser because you didn't give your best when you have the chance.

May 21, 2018


There are some things you can control, you know that right? you can never control your earnings if you are entrepreneur, you can never control the flow of money because your income is not fixed, you can never control how people decide, you can never force them to patronize your product but there are some things you can control and that is your production. If there is a quota in your work then you must surpass that quota, if your boss is telling you to finish 10 papers then finish 20, you can always double your production, you have to set the bar, don't be like others who can work more but are working less.

Stop producing midget numbers, if you can run 30 minutes today then run 35 minutes tomorrow, keep adding the minutes until you see some incredible results.

The truth is you can always do more but you're lazy, there are some numbers that you can increase but you're not doing it, I don't know what is wrong with you. if you can't push yourself then you will remain the same, nothing will change in your life, you will remain the same bum low achiever forever do you love that?

Star producing scary numbers now, stop holding yourself back, stop acting like it's enough. It will never be enough until you win. If you can work 9 hours a day then start working for 15 hours a day, that will double the results in your life. There is nothing wrong with that, you are not abusing yourself, you are even roaming around in facebook for 5 hours a day, how come you can't add some hours for your real work?

Midget numbers is for the weak, what is the definition of midget numbers? it is a number that everyone can produce, it is a number that everyone is comfortable with. If you want to separate yourself from others then start producing the real man's numbers now. Unleash the beast inside of you and show them your true potential.

May 21, 2018


The most powerful mindset ever is knowing that you can make a comeback, knowing that even you struggle a lot you can still win and turn thins around. Because even if you fail big time... you can still come back and rise, you can still make a big come back and prove everyone that you can still win. Because it is the truth, life is just like that... you will win, you will fail but the most important thing is are you going to force yourself to make a comeback? are you going to stand up again every time you fall? 

Because if you can fail over and over again and not losing your confidence then you will win, as simple as that. It's just a matter of when will it happen. It's just a matter of trying to make it happen.

KNOWING THAT HARD WORK WILL WORK. If you believe that hard work will work then you have nothing to worry about, you will thrive little by little. Yeah, it maybe hard but you're still going to make it. No need to worry, no need to over think your situation, just keep working hard and that's it. Keep pushing forward until you make it happen.

You're unbreakable if you have this kind of mindset, you don't care if it's difficult, you just do it and make progress every now and then.

So keep losing until you win, fail again and again and never lose motivation. If you can't win then win by losing again and again, repeat it a million times until the universe gets tired of rejecting you. It's like kicking the door that is locked everyday until it breaks, you just kick it, kick it super hard and you don't care if your foot gets hurt, you just don't care at all, you know that that simple effort will make a difference one day. It's for you to lose now because you believe that one day is going to be your day.

May 21, 2018


It's time to create a different story, it's time to change your approach. You're talking about your success before but did it work? did you get something from it?

Do something different this time, talk about your struggles, talk about how hard it is. Never talk about success because anyone can talk about that, everybody is confident when they are winning but they were so shy when they are losing. Talk about your struggles so people won't put pressure on you, they will not get interested at you, you don't have any choice but to go up. But every time you talk about your winnings... what if you fail? you will feel unmotivated, you will be shy to tell it to other people because you're so full of hype and arrogance.

Talking about your struggles will make you look humble, you will feel like an underdog and you will work harder because you don't want to stay at the bottom, on the other hand... talking about success will make you not work hard anymore because you already feel successful, you're already happy impressing the people in your circle.

It's time to to have a different approach, don't be like others who keeps on talking about winnings, talk about your losses and try to improve your status. See if this style will fit you, test if it will work for you.

May 21, 2018


When you're suffering... you would love to quit and to avoid quitting you must have something to entertain your mind, you must think of a thought that will make you happy, your suffering must be diverted into a different topic so that you will forget it.

It's all in the mind, suffering is only in the mind, if you can enjoy your struggle then it's not a struggle anymore, it will be a challenge, a challenge that you can conquer.

Think about things that will keep you going while the struggling is happening. For example if you're lifting heavy weights in the gym and you can't push anymore, look for a sexy girl that will pumped you up even more. That's freeing some spaces in your brain that were occupied by stress. If your business is going down... just count the money that is coming in, never count what is coming out... that will make you happy even if you're struggling, you will feel that you're still blessed because money is still visiting your life.

Don't look at the situation if you're suffering, look at your mind. Entertain your mind, feed it with thoughts that will make you forget that you are having a hard time at the moment, input it with positivity and happiness, it's all about tricking it to keep your body moving.

May 21, 2018


Are you a finisher? or just a beginner? are you just good in starting without pushing yourself to finish it? are you just good in planning, talking and intros? when it becomes hard what will you do? just going to leave it like it is and pretend that you have other priorities?

You have to finish what you've started no matter what, you're so arrogant in the beginning where is your arrogance now? you keep telling everyone that this is it then what? what happened? where is that dream you are talking about?

Finish it, don't be a pussy, don't be someone who will just leave and look for comfort when the going gets tough. You have to finish what you begin, never stop until you're done. Winners will keep fighting even if it's so obvious that they will not win anymore, they will fight no matter what, they will never stop until miracles happened.

Don't even begin if you have no plans of finishing it, you're just wasting your time and energy, don't start something just to impress people and make them love you. Once you start something... make it grow, enjoy the journey, keep learning and find a way how to win. 

If you persevere and never give up then you will be able to finish anything, even if it is so hard, you will find a way no matter what.

May 21, 2018


Biting off more than you can chew is a very deadly sin, if you will not get rid of this habit then you will fail. The deadly thing about this is you think you are gaining, you think you are progressing because the numbers keep increasing but in the end you will learn that you're screwed big time.

If you can't entertain all the things that are coming into your life and not taking care of them... you will lose more, you will feel bad, you will have a lot of regrets.

Buying two cars instead of one, your debt goes higher, the banks were already calling, you're going crazy because you're afraid that your neighbors will see your car getting towed by the bank.

Entertaining clients that you cannot handle, you already got the down payment but you haven't shown any work yet, you keep lying, you keep telling your clients that you already started, in the end... your clients will withdraw because you cannot show any signs of progress... you're screwed again, the client is asking for a refund.

Making 3 babies but you can only feed one, what kind of a parent are you? you purely rely on living with the moment and come what may, you don't have any plan, you're life is tearing piece by piece, your family is suffering because you bite off more than you can chew.

Drinking 12 bottles of beers just to impress your boss but normally you can only drink three, now you can't walk anymore, who will drive you home? you're screwed up because you think you can handle what you haven't experience before.

A lot of people were so arrogant these days, they think they can do this, they think they can do that without weighing the possible outcome first. They don't have plans, all they do is attack and attack and when the problems are there... they will try to escape it by just ignoring it and not doing anything, what a stupid move.

The lesson is be humble, never try to bring something into your life if you cannot take care all of them. Just entertain what you can entertain, never take something that you will take for granted.

May 21, 2018


If you're thinking about going all in... you should not be afraid to lose, your mind should be ready to accept anything that might happen to you. Because if you're not ready to lose then you will have a lot of regrets in life.

Go all in if you really have the confidence that you will accept the decision no matter what. Some people are trying to look brave, they will go all in and when the lose... they will have a lot of regrets, they will find someone to blame.

Not being afraid to lose means freeing yourself from expectations, it means you are confident that you can always come back even if you lose big time. You feel invincible, you know that losing is just part of the process and you can still win in the future.

Because the reality is... you don't have anything to lose, you only have everything to gain. You don't have anything when you were born so what gives you the illusion that you really have something to lose?

Go all in and after making that decision... never expect about anything else, have no regrets, accept that may happen and continue to move forward.

May 21, 2018


Caring about how others feel will make you a failure. It is stopping you from progressing, never mind if they feel bad, never mind if they get too emotional, for as long as you're not doing anything wrong and you're focused on your dreams... keep moving forward. Maybe you offend them sometimes, maybe you didn't say the right words but it is what it is, you need to move forward or else you will be left behind.

Everyone feels about something, it depends on how they handle their emotions, if they feel bad and they are sensitive then it's their fault, it will never be your fault... ever. Your responsibility is your growth, never mind if they feel bad because of you, focus on taking actions and you will forget how they feel, stop caring about them because you are only living one life and that is your life, you are not living their lives, it's their responsibility to take care of their own lives.

They may feel something bad, they may not like what you are doing or thinking but it's not your problem. They may not love their decisions but it is what it is, what is done is done, it's their problem if they can't stop you. After all... you will feel something, why not feel good about yourself and decision makings and just move forward?

May 21, 2018


Building wealth is so simple, it's starts within your psychology, if you want to have a lot of money and become rich.. money should run inside of your head twenty four hours a day, it should be in your system and you should take it seriously. Every cents, every penny, every dollar... you should feel it, you should feel the abundance. Think of some ways to earn money and do everything you can to multiply it.

The reason why there are poor people is because their brains were not wired to make a lot of money, they will buy something once they have money on their hands, they will not even try to multiply it. And their mindset is like that forever that's why the can't escape the cycle of poverty.

It's all in your mind, the more money you can think and the more you work... the better. Money will be attracted to you once you have that momentum. Keep dreaming about it and keep working hard for it, let the money run inside of your head, let it be your focus... that's the only way to build wealth. Your savings should be more than your spendings. Let your money grow, grow it everyday and do everything you can to add something to your savings, as simple as that.

Time is not an issue here, you can succeed by being slow, what matters is you are enjoying the process and you never get tired of growing your net worth. Abundance should start in your brain, it should never start in your actions of spending and shopping at the mall.

If you know and you believe that you are getting richer everyday because you are working for it and you are sacrificing not spending then you will have a lot of money, you will be able to multiply your money that fast. So take care of your brain, protect your money from negative thoughts, never entertain thoughts about being broke, suffering, overspending etc. Your mind should be filled with abundance, smart decisions and ways how to grow your money. Money is very easy to attract if you will entertain the right thoughts and make the right decisions about money.

May 21, 2018


Life is all about action, it's all about movement, it's all about growth and pursuing something so that you will have a reason to wake up. Life will become very difficult if you are not moving, you want something but you're not doing anything to get it.

Life is very simple, you are the only who is making it complicated. If you need to work then work, if you need money then go look for some money, never do anything else, never engage in any kind of activity. What you must do now... do it, the problem with you is you have a lot of side activities, you think you can do everything, you think you're great and you can produce something in the nick of time.

Make your life simple, just live and stay with the basics, do what is urgent and you don't have to worry about any other things anymore. If you need to eat then just eat.. don't run, don't walk, don't watch tv... just eat. Don't do something and then thinking about the other thing... that will make your mind confused, it will create havoc inside of your head.

Take actions one day at a time, prioritize what needs to be done first and after finishing it then that's they time you can think of something else to do.

Focus on the urgent task, focus on what matters, you can't be doing a lot of things and then expecting that everything will be alright. Focus your energy and strength to what matters. You can make your life simple and easy by focusing on the things that will make your life better.

May 21, 2018


You will make bad decisions in the heat of the moment if you let your emotions take over. Don't ever take actions if you're so angry because it will make you take actions that you will regret forever. Don't be too emotional, it's just an emotion... you better think thrice before you explode. Most people regret their actions after the consequences were already there. You don't know the miserable life that is waiting for you after that outburst.

That's why people go in jail, that's why people committed crimes, that's why there are relationships that are broken, that is why failure is happening... if you will decide when you're angry then for sure you are deciding the wrong way because the result will be very bad, you will not like it.

Control your temper by always thinking about what will happen if you do it. Be aware that you are angry, if you know that you are angry then there is a chance that you might be able to control your temper.

Don't speak, be still, don't move. Look inside of yourself and ask yourself what are you being mad about. Did someone hurt you? did he stab you? did he stole your money? remember that it's just a misunderstanding, it's just words... it's nothing more than that.

Your ego is making you angry, you think that someone is disrespecting you and stomping on your pride. Never give meaning to everything, if you can stay calm then you will win. Never be a slave to your anger because you will regret it in the end. It's better to just keep quiet and do what you're suppose to do.

Just walk away, there is nothing wrong in going home, it's better to look like scared and go home rather than fighting for useless arguments. If you're still alive then you're very lucky, the real brave man is someone who can control his temper.

A lot of people were trying to look tough by trying to look like a savage but when the punishment is there, when the consequences are there... they look like they can't hurt anyone.

Always remember that what angers you controls you, don't get too emotional because it will make you go the wrong way.

May 21, 2018


1. You are not buying stupid things that has no value anymore. You know that the sale items at the mall has no value, you know that you didn't save any money from buying those items. You're smart now, you don't easily get fooled by the advertisements and different marketing strategies, you are only buying things that you will really use. 

2. You are investing and saving money. You love it now, before you only love spending and satisfying yourself with buying foods, things that you really don't need. But now you are different, you love investing because you know that your money will grow one day, you love saving because you know that it's the logical thing to do and you are developing a habit that will make you richer. 

3. You are looking for passive incomes. You are smarter now, you know that it's hard but you're still looking for passive income, you love it and you always look for it. You know that you can't work forever so you're starting to look for ways that will give you money while you're sleeping. 

4. You are building your own brand. You are taking risks, you are starting to build your own brand, you are dreaming about building your own company. You are more confident now that you become rich with your own idea and you will do whatever it takes to make that brand successful. 

5. You are thinking about money 24/7. Money is in your DNA now, you are thinking about it all day long. There's nothing wrong with that because it means you're so focused. You're so obsessed with making money, it is your life now, it is yo

6. You are focused on your net worth not monthly salary. You are more patient now, before you are just waiting for your monthly salary and then you will spend it right away but now you are so focused with your net worth and you are trying so hard to grow it day by day, you are a smart spender, you love keeping money rather than spending it or throwing it away. 

7. You are valuing your time. You know that time is money, you know that you can make money every minute so you are valuing your time. You don't waste it for nothing, you use it for opportunities to make some money may it be small or big.