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There comes a time in your life where you want to start all over again. Your toxic environment has polluted your life a lot. You are drained emotionally, physically and mentally. it feels like you want to explode and end your suffering. You wanted to escape your situation and go somewhere else where nobody knows you.

You want something new, you want something fresh. You want to start all over again so your problems will all be gone and you can do better right from the beginning.

BUT THAT IS NOT THE SOLUTION. The best solution for your problem is to continue, just do what you can do. Solve one problem at a time, do your best every second and that's it. There is nothing else to worry about if your mindset is to just keep going. Yes there will be bumps along the road, there will be a lot of problems but if you keep going then those problems will dissolve or evaporate little by little. There is no problem that is bigger than you, there is no challenge that cannot be overcome so keep your head up and persevere until the end.

Because starting something new is just fun in the beginning. The moment you reached the middle of your journey... you will also experienced hard challenges, you will experienced being very stressed again just like what you've experienced in your last journey. You can never escape challenges because it is part of your life. And what will you do if you feel that you are so drained again? are you going to start fresh again? are you going to move to a new place again and start new things? your cycle will never end if you keep doing that.

I have a friend who is so ambitious. He wants to do great things, he wants to become big but when he reached some level of stress that he thinks he cannot tolerate... he will quit. He will make a lot of excuses like this and like that. He will find a new place to start again and then when the stress strikes again... you know what he will do, he will quit. His life revolves in that kind cycle, he tries a lot of things and when he cannot handle the situation anymore he will look for an exit door. He will never try to survive the journey that is why he hasn't accomplished anything in life.

Quitting in something and starting a new journey means you are just setting up yourself for a failure again. The only difference is you will fail on different thing.

Some people wants a new start because they always thought they can do better next time. But how can they do better if they didn't do better in the past? If you can't finish something then it means you can't finish other things. Life is not about starting it is about ending.

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You are complaining a lot about your situation, you are making dramas everyday and make yourself look like a helpless victim. And what do you get by doing that? There are lot of people whose situation is worse than you and yet they are still being positive and doing something to make their situation better so who are you to complain?

You are complaining about your salary but you are not working hard. There are some people out there who works 12 hours a day and still earning very low yet they are happy in what they are doing so who are you to complain?

You are complaining about the food that you are eating. You are making your mom feel bad by not eating what is served on the table. Don't you know that there are millions of people who died in hunger? who are you to complain? So eat what is on the table and just appreciate what your mom serves you, enough is enough.

You are always complaining about your playing time, don't you know that there are some players that cannot even make it to the roster? there are some players that can't even join the team? if your playing time is so little and you think you deserve more then you have to prove it. Practice the hardest, stay focus and committed. Make yourself better and you will see that all of your efforts will be seen and you will have your chance. When you have your chance then never let it go away, make yourself shine and do everything to prove yourself.

You can't complain because there are more people whose situation is worse than you but still they are having a positive outlook in life, they are doing better than you and making more results than you.

If you will just use the energy you used in complaining for a more beneficiary activity then I bet you are on a better spot now.

You are not entitled to have a special treatment in this world. Nothing will be given free if you don't work hard. Everyone is having a hard time in their lives, everyone is suffering. Everyone has their own problems. So stop complaining and just do the right thing.

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Well, people nowadays were very attractive to expensive things. I cannot blame them because I've been in that situation before. Expensive things will make you feel good. It will make you look rich and successful. It feels like those things have an attached power in it that will make you superior in some ways. You feel like a king in some ways, you feel like you're in a royal family.

I personally believe that you can only patronize expensive things if you are really rich and it doesn't affect your financial status if you buy super expensive things. It's like you're spending thousands but it feels like you're only spending cents. But some people didn't get it, they will still buy expensive things even if they were spending more than they earn.

There is nothing wrong in buying cheap things. Wearing it will not make you look cheap. It depends on how you feel. If you feel confident about it then it will look expensive. There are even people who tries so hard to buy expensive things but they still look cheap when they wear it because they don't really like it, they just want the brand name and the impression of people who will see them wearing those expensive things. They want the "entitlement" that really doesn't exist.

Expensive things looks elegant but not all. Some big brands still produces ugly products, they just fool people by attaching their logo to the products so people will still be encouraged to buy.

Pros of expensive things:

1. It is more durable than cheaper things. The materials used were stronger and finer. It lasts longer than the cheaper things. The products were perfectly made and well polished because there is a lot more budget allocated for these products.

2. It really looks elegant. The expensive things looks more classy, of course the attached name of the brand plays a major role. It makes the products very attractive. The owner of these expensive products will feel proud while using it. Some people were just after the brand names and not the quality itself.

3. You can resell it. This is what makes the expensive things better, unlike the cheap things, you can resell it. If you don't want the product anymore you can resell it anywhere especially online. You can be sure that your item will be bought especially if the brand is very popular. Some people who can't afford to buy brand new will settle on the second hand. Instead of buying cheaper products they still prefer to buy the branded products even though it is a second hand. Because their perspective here is "who knows it is a second hand if it still looks brand new?".

Cons of expensive things:

1. Robbers were very attracted to it. Beware because robbers might hunt you if you look like a mannequin covered with expensive products. These rubbers were not choosing their victims. Once they saw someone who wore a lot of expensive things, they became interested to that person and might as well do not so good things to him. So always stay alert if you are wearing expensive items, especially in crowded places.

2. You will become more careful. Because you are using expensive products, you will be very meticulous in taking care of it that takes more time. For example, if your shirts were very expensive, you will not use washing machine for washing it, you will do handwash instead.

3. You will attached emotions into it. Because it is expensive, you will feel bad if it is damaged. How will you feel if your brother damages your newly bought branded shoes? you will get angry right? but if your shoes is cheap, how will you react? you will even tell your brother to go ahead and destroy it even more.

4. Costs a lot of money. It is very hard to buy expensive things especially if you are not a big earner. Some people will patronize branded products just to look good and in the end they were having difficulty in maintaining their lifestyles.

Pros of cheaper things:

1. There is no so much emotional attachment to it. If it is accidentally damaged, you will never feel bad. You believe you can replace it anytime you want because it is affordable.

2. You can save a lot of money. This is what smart people does, they buy cheap things so they can save a lot of money. And when they feel that their financial status have room for buying expensive things, that is the only time they will do it.

3. You are loose. You will never care so much about your things when they are cheap. You can use it everyday without worrying that it will worn out so fast. You can even let others borrow it without resentment.

Cons of cheaper things:

1. It is less durable. Its lifespan is not that long because cheaper things were built by cheaper materials. What do you expect by buying cheaper things, it can be use forever? No. Expect that anytime it can breakdown or worn out.

2. It can never be resell. Usually people buy second hand products because of the brand name so if you have plans of reselling your things that aren't branded... it may take forever to find someone who will buy your things. My advise is just use it until you can use it.

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In anything that you do... if you want results or progress, you have to feel it. There is no best way in doing something other than feeling it. If you are doing something without emotion it is almost like doing nothing. You're like a walking dead that has no purpose.

You have to feel the pain, you have to feel the joy and the struggle. Because that is the only way to make your work magnificent. That is the only way to give justice to what you are doing. Just like what the real artists does.. they put a lot of feelings in their works that is why they produce magnificent results.

For example if you are running because you want to lose weight or make your stamina stronger... you can't achieve extra ordinary success if you will not feel the pain. You can gain something by feeling every step that you make and doing a little push. Make yourself a little bit uncomfortable. You give all of your strength in any movement that you execute. That is how to make results... being serious about it and cherishing every pain that you feel.

Look at those chefs who can't produce a very good dish... even if they spend a lot of hours in the kitchen they still fail. The reason for this is they rush, they want to finish cooking right away. There is no labor of love in what they are doing that is why their dish tastes awful.

If you are working on something, you have to feel it. You can't jump onto the finish product right away because you will not love what will you see. A great work was done with a lot of emotions.

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Everyone is so obsessed of having a lot of fans or followers. they love being appreciated, they love being praised and treated like an idol or something. They love the likes, the cheers, the comments and endless support of fans. What they don't know is that those fans are really not fans, sometimes those followers are just following the trend. They just follow so that they know what is the talk of the town.

And one more thing, just because it is your fan doesn't mean it will be your fan forever. There are fans who are not as loyal as you think. There are fans who are backstabbers and bandwagoners.

And sometimes your confidence purely rely on the number of your fans. If no one is appreciating you anymore because you got too old and you are not as good as before... you feel depressed, you feel you are no longer existing. You feel powerless and useless. A lot of celebrities and popular people experienced this kind of situation and they can't be happy anymore in their lives.

All you need is just one fan, you don't need a lot of fans. Seeking for appreciation and followers means you are weak and your happiness is limited. Your happiness is based on the external and not on the internal, you let other people control your happiness.

That one fan can be the closest person in your life. It can be your wife, sibling, parents, relative, bestfriend or any person that truly loves you. That one fan is enough. He or she will never leave you. You will be appreciated forever even if you are not doing good anymore. So stop looking for a lot of fans who were not really fans. What you need is a single person who will appreciate you forever and will appreciate you no matter what.

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Everything has an end, there is no forever in this world. Sometimes the ending comes naturally but sometimes it happens by the use of will.

It is up to you if you want to end your streak or not, if you want to continue it or not. It is really up to you but one thing is for sure, your streak will end in just a matter of time.

So if you are in a streak of losing let's say you are applying for a job and you've been rejected 100 times straight. Don't worry because that streak will end. If you continue on applying for a job.. at one point in your life there will be an employer who will hire you. They will see something in you that others didn't see so keep on looking for a job. The logic is very simple yet a lot of unemployed people can't get it, your losing streak will never end if you will not do something about it.

If you've been rejected by women for 50 times straight then the 51st might go out on a date with you. Your losing streak will end if you want to end it. So never lose hope because your situation is not your situation forever, how you feel is not how you feel forever. There will be changes in life and it will only happen if you will take full responsibility.

Even if your losing streak is very long and it seems like it will never end... you still need to work hard to end it. You can find a way how to end it. If a winning streak ends then the losing streak too, the only difference is the winning streak may end naturally, even if you work very very hard to keep your winning streak... at some point it may end.

All you need to do is try again. There is no other way to break a losing streak but to try again. All the praying won't work if you will not try again. You can't just hope for it to end so it will end, you need to bring your faith back and do your best for the next try.

Sometimes you will really get sick and tired of it but it is what it is. You have to stick until your situation changes. Any streak can be broken for as long as you keep it open.

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If you really can't let go, if you can't express how you feel, if you can't speak up for yourself then this MIND manipulation method will surely help you to become yourself.

IMAGINE THAT IT IS NOT YOUR LIFE. Imagine that you are living someone's life but you are still giving your best. Imagine that you are trapped into someone's body and that body is your body right now.

People were so afraid to destroy their image that is why they can't even take the first step. They can't take the biggest risk in their lives. So imagine that you are not you. You are just the brain and you are the one controlling the body.

So what will you do now? how will you react now if you have nothing to lose? you don't have an image to protect because you are hiding in someone's identity. I am very sure you will say what you wanted to say because you are just like playing with someone's life. I am very sure you will become stronger, braver and you will do what you haven't done before. You will not be afraid to take any hate because just like I said... you are just the mind, you don't own the life.

And the reality is... your life is not yours forever. You only borrowed it and you can't keep it forever. So why not do what is best for you now? why not take the biggest risk because you will not live in this world forever. Life is very short, life is very fast. You can't be forever holding back because you will miss a lot of opportunities. You will miss a lot of moments that could be yours. You will miss a lot of success, you will miss a lot of joy, basically you will miss everything.

So forget about your identity. Forget about what people might say. Do what you wish to do for a long time and do it now.

If you cannot be yourself then just pretend that you are not yourself.

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Just keep on failing so you will know how it feels to be a failure. How does it feel after failing? you feel like a loser right? you feel so low, you feel so useless, you feel devastated. Just repeat it, repeat failing, fail one million times. Endure it, feel it. Once you get very familiar to the feeling of failing then you will no longer be scared of it because you knew it is nothing but a feeling, it only makes you better.

People fail because they were so afraid of failing. They were even afraid to try, it is not that they don't have skills or whatever. They were just afraid of the feeling that failing will give to them. So then, the only way to erase that fear is to face it over and over again. Make yourself numb in the feeling of failure. Once you reach the state of mind that you are not afraid to fail... you will be able to do amazing things, you will get loose, you will feel free, you will feel there is nothing left to lose in your life.

Failure is the key, victory is the destiny. Victory cannot be the key to success because it is the one being pursued. You cannot become victorious right away. If you succeed without failing it means you are one of those lucky people who were given everything since they were born. These are the children of millionaires and any other big personalities. But look at their lives... it is still miserable. They were not happy because they don't have balance in life. They never felt the pain, that is why they were looking for it.

Once you you are not expecting to succeed right away. Once you are not giving big expectations to yourself then there is a chance that you might succeed. Because the more you want to become successful and force success to come to you... the more it will become elusive. You will feel that your hardwork is not being rewarded and that will make you quit.

Just keep on failing because at one point in your life you will succeed. It is not being optimistic or hopeful. It is the truth in life. No one is a failure forever, if he keeps on trying... the universe will noticed all of his efforts and he will be rewarded, rewarded with more than what he deserve.

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So if you really wanted to change then you must start with a very strong, fast effort that will make you overwhelmed. Change is starting fast, it is done without hesitation at all. It is like jumping into an ocean with no safety equipment attached into your body. It is like jumping in without thinking.

You just do it. If you really wanted to change then you just do it. No conditioning, no warm up, no long ceremony, no delays... you just change.

The world doesn't care if you feel bad or not, if you feel overwhelmed or not. If you will not change now, you will get the same shitty results over and over again. You will be trapped in a vicious circle. Your life will be a messed up, you will have a lot of regrets in the end.

Start it with an aggression. If you want to quit being a video game addict then smash your playstation, hit it with a baseball bat, stomp on it, burn it. Sometimes you have to become violent in order to change. If you want to quit smoking then throw all your collection of lighters, throw all your cigarette pack. Feel the pain of changing, yeah it is uncomfortable, it really feels bad but you have to experience it if you really wanted to change.

If you're a fat ass son of a bitch then run. Run now, even if you don't have shoes for running...just run. Even if it is 12 am just run! You can run in your house if you are afraid to go outside, you can do running in place so there is no excuse here. Run with aggression, hate yourself, hate the fats surrounding your body, be wild! It is like being sick and tired of your life so you want an evolution right away. Do the change everyday, do it consistently without missing, make a streak. A streak that you will never break!

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This is the best way to achieve extra ordinary success. KEEP THE NUMBERS RISING. You practice 2 hours yesterday then you should practice 3 hours today, then 4 hours on the next day and so on. Continue expanding, never stop.

You earn 20 dollars today then you should earn 50 dollars next week and 100 dollars the next next week. The progress should never stop, keep on leveling up until you reach the highest level. This is how you will attain success, you should have a mindset of keeping the numbers rising. Working harder than yesterday, this will get the job done.

You are unemployed... so you pass 100 job applications today then tomorrow you should commit to passing at least 150 job applications. Make the numbers rise, believe in the law of averages. Don't try, retry!.

If you keep on increasing your numbers everyday then success will be easily attracted to you. It will submit itself to you because the numbers you are showing is unbelievable and undeniable. No one else can produce numbers the same as you so you are one of a kind, you are wanted in this world. Everyone would have to have you on their team.

Keep the numbers expanding, keep it bubbling, keep it growing. The evolution will never stop. You will never stop breaking your own record. You will never stop setting a record, that is how to get the job done.

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If you are choosy because you always think that you are perfect and you also need perfect things then this is a method that is best for you. If you are having a difficult time choosing what is the best to buy because the choices are there, there is already an item that is catching your eyes but you still think that there is still a better thing that you haven't found yet.

You are so confused, you are worrying what if you buy something then you found something better later. My friend, you better check your meds, you are having a mild psychosis. Drink some pills that will make you calm because you are making problem on your own.

Just choose the item that excites you the most. Even if the excitement is not that strong, even if you are not totally convinced that you really love it... just buy it. Because at the end of the day, when all of the lights in the mall were turned off and you haven't bought anything yet... you will feel sad, you will regret that you become choosy because you don't have anything to bring at home.

The love for a thing is not forever. Why do you buy things? it is simply because you love the look of it, you want to use it, you want to impress your friends with it, you love the color, the features etc. But the reality is... that love won't stay forever. There will be a time when you don't want that thing anymore, you will just treat it like an ordinary thing and won't give too much attention to it. You love it because it is new but when it becomes old... it doesn't give you an excitement anymore.

So don't be afraid to pick things that you don't love so much because that love won't even stay forever. You just need to act before you think. Buy something that gives you a little bit of feelings then think about if you really love it later. What else can you do? you already have it, you have no choice but to love it. Feelings can be commanded, just pretend that you love it so you will not have the feeling of regret by spending money for the things that you don't like.

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If you've been trying a million times and still you can't get the job done, always keep in mind that the last try may work.

A lot of people quit because they think they can't do it anymore, they never risk for the last try because they cannot endure the pain anymore, their emotions are controlling them. But if you want to become successful... you can't be too emotional, you can't be soft as a cotton candy and weak as a cockroach.

The mind should always be restarting. Restart your mind every time you fail, every time you face a big challenge, have the ability to restart your mind. Because your body is not getting tired, for some reason you must rest it but what makes you think that you want to quit is because your mind is too tired. It is always thinking about the hardship, the effort that you think that has been wasted. Your mind is convincing you to quit so you better check it. You better guard it because it will make your soul weak, never let negative thoughts dominate your life because if you do... you may never be able to move again.

The last one may work, the last push may show you the results that you want so don't ever quit.

The good thing about deciding to try one more time is you don't know if it is your last try. There is always a last try, it never ends. The last try is unlimited. You can say that today you will try for the last time but tomorrow you can try again for the last time and the other tomorrow and so on. It will never be over until you win.

So don't ever feel tired to try one more time. You've already been humiliated, you've already failed, people already laughs at you so what else will be lost? There is no harm in trying, there are regrets in quitting.

Never accept that you are a failure. NEVER. So stand up and try again, do it for the last time.

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They say you have to become very optimistic to become successful and get big things in life. But sometimes people don't want to even work anymore because they think that everything will be fine. They always say "I will just do it tomorrow because I knew I can do it, there is no need to worry." They were so addicted in positive quotes, motivational movies, inspirational speakers etc. That they don't even know how to work hard anymore. All they do is dream, talk about their dreams, motivate people and do nothing in their lives. The funny thing is they don't noticed themselves not progressing anymore because just like I said... they were too positive.

Sometimes being optimistic will make you weak. You will get soft. For example a fighter will not train so hard because he knew he can beat his opponent. He was so optimistic that everything will be fine and he will become victorious in the end. He is not anticipating a big challenge ahead of them that is why he falls short in the end. All he thinks is he will dominate his opponent and raise his hand after the fight, he is not anticipating adversity. So when the going gets tough... he was stunned, he can't do anything, he was not prepared because all of his training days were taken for granted.

You have to become realistic in life, it is not an easy merry-go-round thing that will give you anything you want if you become optimistic and have a positive outlook. You need to work hard and be prepared for any adversity that may come. You can't be dreaming about winning without working.

Being optimistic without working hard is like wishing for a pot of gold to fall from the sky. Yes you are being positive but you are not realistic. And that is what make things impossible... wishing for it without suffering for it. It is ok to become very optimistic but you also have to become realistic.

8/26/2016 07:48:00 AM


A lot of people loves to travel they were so blinded with this quote "we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us". I immediately laugh when I read that quote. So does it mean if you are not travelling then you won't experience the "real life"? This is crazy, this is one of the most bullshits I've ever heard. While it is true that there are benefits in travelling, the funny thing is people were so blinded by it. They thought that it is the only way to make them happy. I even wonder if they were just travelling so they can impress people in social media at how adventurous they were and how rich they were, sometimes I wonder if that is really the case why they are travelling.

The big question is how far they've got by travelling a lot? They still go back to their homes after travelling, the worse is... they go back being sad again. Especially if their bills on their credit cards were so big. Did travelling made them successful? did travelling really fill the hole in their souls? I've known a lot of people who travels a lot and then they become depressed again. The bad thing here is travelling is what makes them sad. They put their happiness on travelling, if the cannot travel then they feel incomplete. They become addicted to that shit and they don't know how to become happy anymore by just being present.

The reality is travelling will lead you to nowhere because you will go back to your home again. You travel a lot but you still can't find yourself. Some people travel to forget their problems but when the trip is finished... they become problematic again, funny isn't it?

If you will think clearly... travelling is just for fun, there is no other meaning behind it. It is not a real journey because the real journey is the path that starts inside of you. The real journey has nothing to do with the external things around you. The real journey is something where you start and then you will not go back home anymore, it has a real destination, not a destination of bullshits and facebook posts. Even if you travel around the world, you can't still be forever happy because there will still be problems ahead of you. Traveling will just make you forget your problems for a while, but it cannot completely erase your problems. And also, traveling involves a lot o f money, so you mean to say if you don't have money you can't be happy?

Travelers were overrating travel so much as a very happy activity. Yes it is happy but what does it add to your life? experience? you can gain a lot of experience everyday by just looking around and doing something positive. You can gain a lot of experience by choosing a purpose and pursuing it everyday. You can only go very far if you will pursue your own journey and not stopping taking steps everyday to arrive at your destination.

8/26/2016 05:26:00 AM


Be careful what you wish for coz you might get it. You've been complaining all day, all week, all month and all year because you are working so had yet you can't be successful. And you have the right to complain because you are really working hard but still you are failing. You don't know why, even the universe don't know why.

You are waiting for so long, you wanted to give up but you couldn't because you've already come so far. You can't go back because there is no more place to go back. You already risked a lot, and that is why you are complaining too much... you have the right to complain.

But one day, all the things that you are waiting for will come to your life so fast... you couldn't even handle it. You are are just waiting for hundred thousands but you are rewarded with millions. You are just waiting for one success but multiple success is swarming you. You don't even know what to entertain first. Be careful what you wish for because you might get stressed in handling all the blessings that are coming to your life. You will even ask yourself "where are all these success hiding for so many years?".

It happened to a lot of people, they were working very very hard and multiple success comes into their lives. They don't even know what to do with their lives that is why they end up being miserable. They end up being broke again... a failure again.

So don't rush things, take it easy. Make slow progress everyday, just be patient because the right timing is just waiting for you. You just need to work everyday, make your work super hard and then success will come to you automatically. No need to doubt it, no need to curse it, all you have to do is trust it. Prepare your mind for the big success to come so that you will not get overwhelmed and crazy when it knocks on your door.

8/24/2016 05:21:00 PM


The world is so unfair but you can be fair to yourself. You can make a decision based on your own instincts and without the influence of others. Even if someone will get hurt emotionally, you can still decide for your own good. You can be fair in making decisions that will favor you because you paid your dues and you know you deserve more.

Be fair to yourself, it is unfair to yourself if you will lend someone who is so irresponsible in handling his own money. You are not buying expensive things, you are being thrifty, you are saving money everyday, you are eating the shits that you don't want because you want to achieve financial freedom so it is really unfair to yourself if you will feel pity for someone who knows nothing but instant gratification. You sacrificed, you felt the pain and now someone wants to escape punishment for his irresponsible behavior because he wants to borrow some money from you? Be fair to yourself, don't have a soft heart always. It is time to think for yourself more, don't ever let someone borrow money from you if they don't deserve it.

Be fair to yourself, you've been practicing everyday, trying to make yourself better, you've been working hard and nobody can outwork you. And now you are letting someone take your position because he is more confident than you? you are letting someone be the star because he uses politics? it is time to make your self evident. DO whatever it takes to take the spotlight. Claim what is yours, enjoy the stardom that your hardwork can attract. Think nothing else other than being the man. Be fair to yourself because you deserve it. Never let fear distracts you from being the star, you have what it takes, claim what you think is yours.

The reason why you can't become successful is you are not being fair to yourself. You always think of other people. You are thinking if you are hurting them, you are thinking if you are being mean.You already paid the dues, it is time to think big and avoid being super cautious. If you don't want to unintentionally hurt them then you will hurt yourself in the end. You will regret it in the end that you did not act courageously and put yourself on the top. You become what you think about. If you think that you don't deserve to be happy then you will not.

8/23/2016 07:58:00 AM


The is dedicated to all people who were bullied before. This article is a sentiment that the position of powers is not permanent. You can be powerful today but that power will not stay forever if you use it in the wrong way. You can abuse your power, act like you're the authority but that attitude won't last forever. Just wait and you'll see... you will be bullied too in the future.

Look at the african americans, where are they now? they were slaves before, treated like animals. They were treated like they were not humans by the white americans. Everyday they were hungry, they were not paid right, they were abused and used. But look at them now. It seems like the position has changed.

There are lot of black americans now that are rich. They were dominating the music industry, business, sports etc. They prove that they can become powerful too. They were bullied before but now they were the ones who are bullying.

So don't worry if you are being bullied now. Your situation will change for as long as you work hard, stay positive and have the right attitude. Just be patient, endure your situation, place your mind in the right place and never look for trouble. Your time will come so be patient. There is no need to create havoc because of the bullying that you are getting, it will only make your situation worse. Just become the best that you can because one day the people who bullied you will pay.

There are lot of big personalities today that has been bullied too in the past. But it doesn't destroy their confidence. They keep on working until they reach the top and now nobody can bully them anymore. So if you don't want to get bullied forever make sure you will achieved a certain power. A power that can't be touched nor moved by ordinary people who thinks that they are great. A power that will protect you and make people realize that you are not just an ordinary person.

8/23/2016 03:33:00 AM


You think you've done enough, give enough and leave everything on the line.

You are looking for success but you are not even trying. Look at your work, look at it very closely, be honest to yourself. did you really give your best?

You are not even trying, you are producing mediocre work, you are exerting mediocre effort. You work just to produce something and make everybody believe that you are working. You are not even tired, you are not even trying. Be honest, is that the best you can do? are you pushing yourself to the limits? Did you almost die pursuing your dreams?

If you think you tried everything and yet you didn't succeed then you are hallucinating. Trying never ends, you can try something else, you can try something new, you can try harder next time. Trying is forever, you are not even trying to try for the rest of your life.

Look at your life, look at what you are earning... are you even trying to make your life better? or are you just trying to make an excuse?

That's not the best you can do, you can do better than that. Accepting your situation will avoid you from evolution.

Try your best, try your hardest, try your fastest, try your earliest, try everything you can try. That is the only way you can say to yourself that you try.

8/23/2016 02:26:00 AM


If you want to become great at something then make it your game. Make it your hobby, make it very enjoyable, have the mindset that it is really a game and you are having so much fun with it.

The millionaires make money as their game. They love making money everyday. They think about it everyday and play with it everyday. It is their game, they are having too much fun with it. They do everything to earn money and of course in a positive way. They take calculated risks and not stupid risks such as gambling or investing in a scam that is too good to be true. They work hard but it seems like they were not working because just like I said, they considered it as a game.

So what is it that you want to be good at? it can be about music, sports, business or any field that catches your interest. Choose now and make it a game. It is like leveling up everyday. Playing with it, finishing some stages to go to another stage and simply overcoming some challenges. But take note that not all stages are easy, there are some difficult stages but every stage can be finished. When you were young and you are playing your favorite video game, is there a stage that you didn't finished? of course the answer is none, even if the stage is difficult you display patience to finish it. You even finished the whole video game.

Considering your passion as a game will make it very easy, you are just playing around but of course you are also serious with it. You play with it everyday, and by doing so your level continues to rise up. You become better and better everyday, you became the game master. You can have a lot of fun but there will also be some frustrations, but don't be afraid with it because you will find the technique how to overcome adversities. Look at those people who were great at something... it looks like they were just playing, they were too much having fun even if what they are doing looks very difficult. They became a master of their game, they love it and they dedicated their lives to their game.

So choose your game, choose wisely. Play with it everyday and finish it.

8/22/2016 07:10:00 PM