January 23, 2017


The only thing you should be afraid of is if you are not taking actions, that's it. There is nothing else to be afraid of because you own your life and you can still do anything you want to do with it.

If you're not taking actions then you're done, you're dead, nothing will happen to you, you ill live like a bum forever, do you want it? You will have a lot of regrets and you will feel really really bad.

The truth is no one can stop you from taking actions. You can walk anytime, try anytime, pursue a goal anytime, change your life anytime yet you are not making the best out of your chances. You don't see every second as an opportunity. You are underestimating the power of taking actions. Consistent baby steps alone will take you further, you don't need to make a quantum leap or jump right away to your dreams, no one can do that. Only lotto winners does that, those lazy lucky bastards that didn't work but became rich (but not successful).

So watch yourself if you are not taking actions, watch yourself if you are just bumming around doing nothing. If you found yourself in that position then move right away, make baby steps until you make a momentum.

If you're not taking actions then you will not be able to produce conclusions, as simple as that. Only movement can help you, it is the only thing that can make you happy. Taking actions holds they key to happiness and success so you better stand up and bust your ass until you produce some results.

Even if you're in a bad spot, you shouldn't be afraid if you can still take actions. Making movements will free your mind from fear. You will feel better and your hope will become stronger. So just move and stop thinking. Make movement as your default.

It doesn't matter if your actions were the right ones, what matters is you are moving and you are striving to make your situation better. Because you will be able to figure it out in the end only if you keep moving forward and stop thinking backward.

Not taking actions is very scary, it will make your mind rusty, your confidence will go down, you will be outdated of what is happening around you. Your skills will be downgraded and you feel like going crazy because there is no progress happening in your life. You should really be scared and do something about it before it's too late.

Look at those retired oldies... they don't know what to do with their lives anymore after stopping working, they become weaker and weaker because all they do is rock their chair all day long. I think they are just waiting for their death to arrive, it's sad but it is the reality.

I have a neighbor who is a retired fireman. Everyday he is just reading the newspaper while smoking his cigarette. I feel sorry for him because it seems like he don't know what to do with his life anymore. He just watches people pass his house, chat a little bit with the neighbors and then will repeat the whole process again for the next coming days. I feel so sorry for him because his inactivity is making his life miserable. I can feel that he wants to do something but he doesn't know where to start.

So if you want to have a better life whether you are old or young... you should take actions, much better if you will choose positive actions. Because resting and not doing anything is easy but will make you go crazy. Stagnancy will create insanity.

January 23, 2017


If you will just treat everything as a practice then less pressure will be felt by you. You will be free, loose and will be able to express yourself to the fullest. Don't ever think that if you made a mistake then it's all over. You can try again, this is just a practice.

But of course you still have to be serious in doing something, don't take it for granted but the idea here is don't get too much attached with it. Don't feel sorry if you are not making it perfect. Keep in mind that nothing bad will happen to you even if you made a mistake. It doesn't matter if people laughed at you, it doesn't matter if you are displaying awkward outputs. What matters is you are enjoying what you are doing and you are never scared to shine on the bright lights.

You can own the big stage if you will just treat everything like a practice, you will feel light, you will feel faster, calmer and stronger. Your confidence will soar on a different level and everyone will be amazed at how fast you can execute actions.

Because the truth is there is nothing to be afraid of. You should stop making it hard on yourself if you weren't able to perform at your best because the more you become angry at yourself, the more you will lose momentum. You will feel unmotivated and depressed.

Work harder but don't take it seriously to the point where you almost lost your mind. Just feel happy moving and making small improvements everyday.

If you are competing and you are infront of a large audience... still treat it just like a practice. Having this kind of mindset will take away the pressure in your shoulders. You will be able to think clearly, all of the negative thoughts inside of your head will go away. You will feel like you are floating and you have all the freedom in the world to decide what will be the best for you.

Even if you made a mistake, you will just laugh at it and execute the next steps. You are taking things seriously but you are not afraid of making an error. Because you know that your purpose in life is to just feel happy, grow and express yourself.

People made a lot of mistakes because they thought that they only have one opportunity in life. The truth is you have a lot of opportunity if you are still alive. You can try as much as you want, you can repeat anytime. You can come back stronger and more prepared so you must see every opportunity as not the last but rather an experience to grow and expand.

Your goal in life should always be giving your best and putting less pressure on yourself because the more you feel free, the more you feel good and light... the faster you will become successful. You will have a happy life if you are just moving forward and not caring about what errors could happen.

January 23, 2017


Always keep in mind that life is not all about winning, sometimes you will lose but you still feel good because you try and give your best. There are some people living their lives full of regrets because they feel they can win but they didn't even try, what a shame, they just waste their lives.

If you are focused on trying then you will never lose, you feel like you are just playing and you know you're going to win in the end no matter how many lost you experienced. You just keep on trying and trying without expecting anything. Little results were attracted to you and you are ok with it because you feel like those were just a bonus and trying itself is already a reward. 

If you are focused on trying then you will never quit, you will never feel the pain of losing because winning is not important to you, taking actions makes you happy already and you are satisfied with just experiencing different things that makes you grow. You never get frustrated because winning doesn't matter to you, but of course you still take things seriously and you are still open for winning but trying is simply making your soul contended. 

Because if you keep on trying and trying then eventually you will win, it is just a matter of time. If you don't give up then at one point in your life you will win. Because what most people don't know is that losing streak ends, it is never forever so if you keep on trying and you don't stop then success is already guaranteed to you. 

A lot of people can't win because they were so focused on winning, they wanted to win right away without working hard and making sacrifices. Life doesn't work that way. You will only win if you are deserving and you have the track records that you put in tremendous work in the past. To secure winning, you must work like a workhorse and never regret that you work so hard. 

Trying is free and it is unlimited so never get tired of trying. It will make you grow, it will make you a different person. Treat life like a game, you have unlimited tries and you will go further by simply trying and trying. 

If you are simply focused on trying then you will enjoy life even more, you will feel less pressure and you will be totally engaged with the process, you will never get tired and you already have an advantage from others. They love to win, they want it right away so when they fail... they will be disappointed. But you, you just keep going and do what is necessary to put yourself in a better position that is close to being successful. 

You will become unstoppable, your tenacity will be on a different level because you will feel like you are already winning by simply trying, and it is the truth. You don't need trophies, money or position if you are trying. Those things were already yours if you have the mindset of simply trying over and over again, you just need for a little more time to get those things.

Trying is more fun than winning, there is less pressure, you will be in the moment, you will be keen to details because you are not forcing yourself, you simply give your best and you are loving every experience that you are gaining. Unlike if you are focused on winning... you will rattle, you will rush, you will force everything that will lead to poor decisions and less fun experience. You will tire easily if you are always expecting to win, you will quit fast because you will be very hard on yourself, in short you will be a sore loser.

January 22, 2017


If you are constantly saying "I will" then you will never do it, that phrase is bullshit and was widely used by people who are just trying to make an impression that they will really do it. A doer will never say "I will". What they constantly say is "I am already doing it".

How many times did you say "I will" and how many times did you break it? I bet a million times right? You say you will cut weight and follow your new year's resolution but what did happen? You say you will change your life and pursue your ambition but what did happen? You say you will stop smoking but what happen? you say you will try to become a better person but what happen?

Don't say you will, just do it, stop broadcasting to everyone what you are going to do because people don't need promises, the world don't need hype, they need results and evidences.

If you say you will but you will do it later then chances are you will not do it anymore. It's a 100 percent guarantee that you will postpone what you promise to do. The worst is you will just forget it and do something else.

So do it now, stop talking, stop promising... just do it. All you need to do is move and sustain your movement, what is difficult about it?

Doers never talk, they just produce results, they never give hope rather they give assurance.

So which side do you belong? is it the talker's side or the doer's side? if you will just make excuses then you're already on the talker's side. You need to pull the trigger if you're on the doer's side. You need to smell blood and have a sense of urgency. It is like forcing yourself to do it even if you don't want to do it. Slap your face if you can't move, call yourself a bitch if you can't take actions. Make yourself angry, learn to summon a motivation that will keep you moving.

Having a habit of always saying "I am already doing it" will make you transform from talker to doer. You will just start fast, make momentum and finish strong. You will hate people who always say "I will do it" because you no longer belong to their group. You're a different animal now, you already have a killer instinct, you hate talking and you love doing.

What is the point of saying "I will" if you will just think about something else after saying it, if you will just postpone doing it and do something else that is easier. Your are just making yourself low, you are turning into a fraud who can't keep his promise.

So never say "I will", just make a bold decision on your mind of doing it once you have a chance. If you really want to change then start as fast as you can. Don't hesitate, just look for the first step and execute it right away.

January 22, 2017


You are constantly improving everyday, you just don't know it. Your habits are constantly getting wilder, stronger and legitimate. 

Using every single day as a capital for success is very effective. You don't need money, you don't need any talents or knowledge, just use every single day to change your present situation. You can make dramatic improvement or disaster to your life because just like I said you are constantly improving everyday even if you notice it or not. 

For example if you keep hating people everyday, you are becoming a very good hater. You can turn positive into a negative, you can't appreciate a good situation. And even if something is really good, you still able to find flaws and imperfections. You will be very good in hating if you keep on hating everyday, all you will see is negative, you are constantly improving but the sad thing is it is about hating. You will hate the people who are succeeding and even the ones who are failing, you just hate everything about life because you do it everyday and it becomes your natural attitude, it is not a habit anymore, it is already natural in your life.

Another example is a construction worker, don't belittle those workers because they can do something that you can't. They were very good in doing construction tasks and whether you admit it or not, you will admire some of them who can really do complicated tasks. It is because they are improving everyday, they do that job everyday so they learned a lot. Sometimes they just don't know that there is growth in their job because they are not proud if it. But the truth is the are still growing and they are also improving. They are getting stronger, they hammer stronger, they mix the cement faster, they build buildings faster and nicer.

You can use every single day to become better, it is very powerful yet a lot of people underestimate it. Time is powerful, it can build you or destroy you. 

Look at yourself and see what you are doing everyday, that will become your future. So if you keep on complaining everyday then maybe you will become a rallyist or an activist one day. You will become very good in complaining and disagreeing, you will see a lot of mistakes in every situation, you will become an expert in criticizing and complaining, that is what you will become. 

Even if you are not good at something, let's say your drawing skills sucks but you keep on doing it everyday and you love doing it then you will become a very skilled artist one day. There is a big chance that you can become a national artist, granted that you don't stop making arts and you consistently draw everyday. Time can make you great, time can make you something, it can mold you, it can define your future. 

A lot of people can't become great because they don't know that the secret ingredient is just time and patience. You will just pick one hobby and do it everyday even if it is raining, snowing or the world is melting. You just do it no matter what, keep your streak alive and let time handle the business. 

January 22, 2017


If you are weak in math just like what your teacher told you, it doesn't mean you are really weak and stupid. You just don't like that subject and you have something else that you want to study. It's just not part of who you are that is why you cannot resonate with it. There is a designate subject for your personality and it is your job to find that subject. That is why there are some students who just love the subject science or english, they don't want anything else because some subjects are not part of their personality.

But that doesn't mean that you don't need to study the subjects that you don't like anymore, there are some process that you have to undergo to achieve a certain goal. Sometimes you have no choice but to do something. But the point here is don't believe other people that are telling you that you are weak in this or weak in that, never believe them. You are not weak, you just don't like it. You have strengths, it just happens that it is not needed for the moment.

There are some things that you really can't do, or let's just say you can do but you are not interested with it that is why you are producing mediocre results. You cannot do everything, you have to accept it, but you can do something about it.

But if you are confident enough that you can just do what you want and study what you want but still being successful then go ahead and do it. Just make sure that you can prove to everyone that your decision is right and you will never go back. You must stand up for your decision and never change it when everything is not going well.

Some people are successful because they know their strengths, they were so focused on where they are good at and they never do anything else. Look at Michael Jordan, he knew his strength and that is in basketball, look at him when he play baseball and other sports... he sucks. It is not that he is weak in some other things, it just happens that those are not his things.

Don't be hard on yourself if you can't do things well, maybe it's just not part of who you are. You need to relax and know what you really want. You need to decide what path you want to travel.

So if you are struggling in making something work, know yourself first if you really want it or not. If you want it then go ahead and struggle, you will eventually make it work in the end. But if you don't feel good while struggling then you have to decide if you still want to continue or not. Because a struggle without love will never produce any good results.

The key here is to know your strengths and focus on those strengths, never focus on something or do something just because everyone else is doing it. You don't need to copy success, you can make success on your own by believing in yourself and trusting your skills. You have gifts still left unopened, make sure you have the tools and knowledge for opening it.

January 22, 2017


You don't need a specific skills to become successful, you don't need to be a genius or something. You don't even need to worry if you master these two skills... it is called MOVING AND RECOVERING.

Just be good in moving, be fast in taking actions and you will be able to reach some heights that hasn't been navigated yet. It's forever movement that will never stop until you reach your goal. You will climb a mountain and you will keep on climbing and climbing until you reach the top. And when you become successful in some level... find another goal and pursue it relentlessly again. That is how to live life. Goals will give you directions, it will give you happiness, challenge and a purpose in life. You will never be lost because you know you are doing something that is giving you life.

You need to start right away, no thinking, no doubting, no more ceremonies. Just start and make momentum, forget about being tired or feeling something. Remember that you are mastering movement and your focus is to make a move every now and then regardless of the circumstances.

Just let go of your body and thoughts. Make your system work and don't worry about anything else. The next step will always be revealed if you are taking actions consistently. A lot of people have all the skills, talents and support but they can't move for whatever reasons, they were thinking too much and they were very poor in making decisions. The logic here is if you can just move right away and enjoy the moment then it means you are in the right place, you have the right thought process and you are on the right path. Because you can never go wrong if you are taking positive actions in life, you are always right if you are taking steps to satisfy your needs.

But it also doesn't mean that if you can always move then everything will be alright. Of course you will experience some rejections, failures, heartaches and defeats. But if you can recover fast, if you can heal your wounds and forget the bad memories from the past then you can pretty easily go back on track and try again. You have to take very steps seriously but don't take defeat seriously. Look at defeat as another day in your life, it is nothing special so don't give too much attention to it.

Master recovering fast. Heal your wounds like it is just some kind of a scratch. Recovering fast will make you accept the lesson easily. A lot of people, after experiencing some serious obstacles in life will keep on making dramas everyday that is why they can't learn the lesson from that experience.

Recover fast so you can move fast again and go back to your journey. Make a run again, make your life better again and always try improve as an individual. It is very basic, just move and recover, mover and recover, don't forget to learn the lesson, always strive to improve.

January 21, 2017


You have 3 running shoes on your shoe rack but why are you not using any of them? did you just bought it because it was sale or the brand is popular and you want to look good? What is the use of it if you will not use it? Go and run lazy human being! wear your shoes and destroy it by running a lot. Don't waste your money for buying those running shoes, use its purpose, make yourself fit by it. Don't wit for it to become old and unusable before you touch it. Wear it on your work so your mind will be programmed that you have to use it. Wear it on your work so you can run when you go back home and you don't have to remove it on your feet anymore.

You have a treadmill in your room but who the heck is using it? it is becoming rusty and old because no one is touching it. You buy it for a couple of hundred dollars because you thought that it is the one that will make your belly gone. But what happened? you're too excited before you buy it, you think that you can use it everyday, you tell yourself "this machine is going to make my body sexier". But what happened? What is the use of that treadmill if you will not run on it? was it just a display? or maybe you are conserving it so it will become an antic and you can sell it for higher price one day?

What is the use of your smart phone if you will not use it for smart activities? You use it for gossips, bullshits and any other useless information on the internet. If you can't use your smartphone for creating money then it is not a smartphone, it is a dumbphone. It's so expensive so you should take the money back you spent for that phone by working on it, there are millions of ways how to make money using smartphone so never make an excuse.

What is the use of your skill if you will not use it to become happy or make a living. You are good in singing then why are you not singing for a living? or at least take it to another level by joining competitions or make an album. Don't wast your skill because not everyone has skills like yours. Make the best out of it and try to reach your highest level.

What is the use of your feet and hands if you will not use it to do any kind of work? you use your hands for pressing the remote control of the television and how does that help you to make a living? You use your feet to kick your dog when your angry instead of using it to look for a job. You are using your resources the wrong way that is why you are having a bum life for a very long time.

You have a brain but you are thinking the wrong way, you always make poor decisions that you know from the start will not do you any good. It is better if you will just give your brain to a dog so the dog will become more useful and tricky.

You have eyes with clear vision yet you only use it to read useless articles that won't even make your situation better. You use it for watching movies that will never even inspire your life. What if you use it to watch tutorials that will improve your knowledge and skills, what do you think will be the difference that it can bring into your life?

January 21, 2017


If you are experiencing some problems about your confidence, if you want to something but you think you can't get it because you think you are not deserving then there is only one thing you should do... work very hard.

You can only become very confident if you put in a lot of work and grind everyday. There is no other way around. You can become cocky but your colors will be revealed in the end once you see yourself not capable of doing something. People will see that you are not really confident, you are just pretending so that they will believe in you.

There are lot of cocky, arrogant people who thinks that the can do this or do that but once they felt that the task is really difficult... their confidence will go down, they will quit and will make a lot of excuses. The reason why their confidence go down is because they don't have track records from the past that they work hard. Their minds cannot see a pattern of achieving something from the past and bringing back that memory to the present. They cannot find any references that they are really confident and has the skills to do something.

If you want to have a lot of faith then you have to work really really hard. You have to know the meaning of hardwork. You can fake them that you work in the past but you know in yourself if you are for real or not. So don't fool yourself and fool other people, you are just making life difficult. If you really don't have the confidence then work for it, don't fake it nor fabricate it.

Champions before don't have any confidence in themselves too. They were so scared, they were lacking the killer instinct. But they change themselves by working really hard and committing to self improvement everyday. They work tirelessly and they never stop until they achieved that confidence that they are wearing now. And the funnier thing is they never get satisfied, they want to become better and better everyday that is why their confidence is soaring high, they never stop growing.

Some people who have confidence before already lost their confidence because they are not working hard anymore. That is why there are some fallen champs, they lost their confidence because they are overconfident that they can win anytime they want. They begin to develop bad habits, their heads becomes bigger, they literally think they were invincible. That is why they fail, they thought that confidence is permanent. Confidence will only stay in you if you never stop working and that is the reality, you have to work forever for it.

The formula is very simple, have a goal, work very hard for it and then your confidence will soar high. Of course you cannot see the results right away. Confidence will gradually improve as you work harder and harder each day. You have to keep improving, you have to keep working.

January 21, 2017


Mental toughness is the best weapon, asset and attribute that you can ever have. It is connected to willpower and motivation. If you are mentally tough... you can be anything you want, you can have anything you want. A brilliant mind can only go too far.

A tough mind is better than a brilliant mind because it can withstand anything, it can power through, push through and keep operating until the end. It can endure any tough challenges and still make your body move and operate at its best. A brilliant mind can have a lot of knowledge stocked in it but when it gets stunned... it will never operate at its best, it will panic and entertain a lot of negative thoughts that will make the situation worse.

A brilliant mind can be easily overwhelmed because it never experienced any though challenges from the past. Yeah, it can be creative sometimes and manage to pull some unique ideas but when the going gets tough... it crumbles and gets anxious that will put the owner of it on a very bad spot.

So if you have to choose what kind of mind you can have, always choose the tough mind because it can survive any situation, it can push until the end and thrive even if the situation is very uncomfortable. It can operate at its best and use its full capacity. Unlike a brilliant mind, it is only good when everything is running smooth. It is only good if it has a momentum but when a sudden unexpected event happened... it will be useless, it will shutdown or even break down.

A tough mind can dream everything and pursue it while a brilliant mind can only see what is possible and rational, it will never go outside of its comfort zone. It is always playing safe and looking for fast solutions. It is so scared of taking risk and going all out, it can only go to the places that it already knew from the start.

If you have a tough mind then you will never quit no matter what, you will keep taking actions until you are done. A brilliant mind is always full of hype but known for quitting, it is only good in the beginning, it doesn't have any killer instinct, it can't go any further once it is stressed.

A brilliant mind is full of ideas, plans and ambitions hut it never take actions, it is even having a hard time starting while a tough mind will just do it, it doesn't need to to get loud, it doesn't need any exposure, it will just execute and endure the process.

How to have a tough mind:

1. Pursue a goal and never stop until you have it.
2. Exercise everyday, run for a minimum of one hour without drinking water or taking a rest.
3. Never ask for help, if you can do it alone then do it, even if it takes a lot of time finishing it.
4. Watch a lot of motivational videos.
5. Never watch any news, never entertain any negativity in your head.
6. Learn to love pain.
7. Meditate.

January 21, 2017


If you think that courage and swagger alone can save you or make you win... you better think again. We are living in a very competitive world now. Your connections or basic skills won't save you if you face a great competition. If you're not skilled enough or not ready then don't hope to get lucky because for sure you will be played by the greats. The great ones are the very experienced people who knows their craft very well and can easily play around if they saw that their opponent is just a rookie or simply trying to get lucky.

So if you will try something either about business, sports or arts then you should be very skilled so that you can also dominate and become successful. It's ok if you're not that great yet but don't ever compete or compare your skills to anybody because that will be the start of your falter.

So don't ever compete if you're not ready yet because the sharks will eat you alive. You will look like a milk fish that cannot even fight back. You need to prepare a lot and make dramatic improvement everyday so that you will gain a lot of confidence and trust in yourself.

You can start if you're not ready but don't aim too high very fast, you can aim high but yo have to get it gradually and slowly. You will get there, you just need to be patient and take your time building the necessary skills and knowledge to win the big prize. Because if you will try to get lucky and aim high quickly... you will fall down very hard and sometimes you cannot even stand up because of the brutal hit that you get.

Because you can become great too one day, you just need to wait, take your time and work consistently everyday. You will feel it if you are improving so don't worry about anything else. Just keep moving, keep grinding and make your way to the top.

You can't purely rely on luck and expect good things to happen even if you're not doing something. Luck is for lazy people, it is for someone who doesn't want to think and use his energy. The more you think about being lucky, the more you will become unlucky. Luck is very elusive to people who doesn't want to move.

Preparation and desire is what will bring luck into your life. You don't have to wait for it nor expect it. It will come if you are deserving and you put in the work to become successful.

Just dedicate your time to become a little bit better everyday. You will arrive at your destination if you will not stop. Stop thinking about anything else. Just set a a goal and pursue it no matter what.

Great people can never play you again if you are great too, you can compete with them and fight back. You can win games, win business, win anything in life if you are so much ready and willing to claim what you think is yours.

January 20, 2017


Being beautiful and wanting to become beautiful is widely recognized nowadays. A lot of people wants to become beautiful because they think it has a lot of advantage. Yes it is true that it has an advantage but it won't last for a very long time.

A lot of gold diggers will try their very best to become very sexy and beautiful. They will undergo a lot of operation just to change their appearance. They want to become very beautiful because their goal is to find a rich man that will marry them so they don't have to work anymore. That has been their game plan for a very long time and they really believe that they will succeed. Only few gold diggers succeed, do you think that a rich man will take a bitch seriously? of course a rich man will also look for a rich woman with class and well educated. Why would a rich man invest in someone that will only make him poor?

If you are investing with your appearance because you are looking for a job that requires beautiful woman, well at least you are looking for a job and you are not thinking about living well without doing anything. But the downside of this investment is you will only have a job while you are still beautiful and young. When times comes that you look old and not beautiful anymore, the company will dump you like a garbage. What a sad ending.

There is nothing wrong in trying to look gorgeous or handsome but the point here is if you will purely rely on your looks then you will not become successful. Look at those pit babes in a car race, they were treated like a bitch by many. Look at those sexy dancers in the nba, their job is not so stable, they can only keep their job while they are still young and beautiful.

The best investment is to develop a skill that will last forever. Because even if you grow old, you will still earn money because people will still be needing your skill. The more you grow old, the sharper your skills will become. Unlike the appearance, the more you grow old, the more you become ugly. Even a very expensive operation won't save you.

January 20, 2017


If you are looking for quick fixes then you better be careful, you might be doing the wrong thing that will lead to permanent damage. You can fix everything but sometimes you need time, you have to be patient and carefully examine what will really work. Be meticulous and don't let some fake news fool you.

If you are trying to fix your body never trust liposuction. Some doctors are not good and will not give you a perfect operation, some people died in that kind of operation. They want a quick fix so they get a permanent damage. Sometimes shortcuts will lead you to nowhere, it will lead you to darkness and you can never go out.

If you are fixing your life you must not aim to get rich right away. Because there is no such thing as overnight success. Some poor people will try to gamble their money because they want it to multiply, this kind of method makes them even poorer because no one ever gets rich through the process of gambling. They lost and lost until they were completely in huge debt. Some people will even try investment funds that promises huge interest for just a few months only to find out that it is only a scam. They were so lazy to work so they invest their money into an unproven company that will never give their money back. The result is double poverty, double suffering. Their laziness and impatience lead them to a terrible position. They want to fix their problem right away without having to undergo a long process so the result is permanent damage.

Some people are dependent of sleeping pills because they are having sleeping problems. They don't know that sometimes it is really difficult to sleep especially if you are thinking about a lot of things, it is normal to not be able to sleep right away, there is nothing wrong with that. And because they want a fast solution, they drink sleeping pills that is never helpful in many ways. If you got addicted to it, it will no longer have an effect in you, sometimes it will lead to psychosis. The best solution to fall into sleep is through reading or making yourself very tired. So it is better to do exercise as much as you can until you become tired and you fall asleep. Not only you make your body better, you also fell asleep without using medicines that has a lot of side effects in the end. It is a natural process and for sure it has no side effects, other than that you will also have a healthy body.

Some students will try to fix their failing grades by cheating in exam. It is good if you are not caught but the bad thing about this is you will not learn anything. When you graduated in college you don't have confidence to apply for a good position because you know in yourself you are not good and you know nothing but to cheat. You fix your grades quickly but the damage is in the end. That shit damages your confidence and self reliance.

So be patient if you wanted to fix something in your life. Everything can be fixed but you need some time, you need to undergo some process, you still need to put an effort.

Money cannot fix everything. It can give you a temporary solution but it will only last for a very short period of time. It is better to travel a long road that will lead you to true happiness rather than taking shortcuts that will only give you a temporary pleasure.

January 20, 2017


Anything you have be proud of it, don't be shy wearing it even if it is not that expensive or flashy. Everything you have comes form your hardwork or from hardwork of your parents so always be proud of it and never compare it with others.

Because it is not about the brand, it is about the work exerted to get the brand. It is all about the blood, sweat and tears just to buy the thing. So always be proud to wear it, use it, ride it and show it to the people because your hardwork needs to be rewarded by being proud of what you have or what you accomplished.

A lot of people cannot be proud of what they have because they are always comparing, they always see others having better than theirs. They belittle themselves especially if what they have is not too expensive or not on top of the line.

The rule is simple if you work hard for it and you work honestly for it then be proud of it. Forget about the beauty or the brand, just use it to the fullest without any shadow of ashamed or regret that it is the only thing you can afford.

Because if you are not proud of it then what will you use? it is better to use your own thing than to borrow the properties of others. Just be real and confident and everything you have will look really good. It is about how you rock your own shoes and use it like it is the most expensive shoes in the world. Feel good about it and let it become part of your body.

Because what you have is all you have, you don't have anything else. So you don't have any choice but to be proud of it and use it like its the most precious thing in the world. Because if you will become shy about it then it will look ugly.

You properties will become beautiful if you are proud of it and loving every second that you are using it.

If your car is rusty be proud of it, if your clothes are old be proud of it. There is no reason why you can't be proud of it because it is all yours and you didn't steal it.

January 20, 2017


Don't get mad if someone told you that you don't have the potential to become great or successful, it is nothing but a stupid prediction, there is no proven facts behind it. Don't get jealous either if you were not given too much attention and the other people around you were given appreciation because they have potential. Just focus on your grind, focus on becoming the best version of you. Don't envy people who are getting a lot of praises because they have potential. You are just beginning, you can become a lot better if you will commit to greatness.

There are lot of people who were so hyped in the beginning but didn't even become successful. Hype is just marketing, it is full of nonsense and fakeness. There are no. 1 drafts who are just busts. There are so called prodigies that turns out to be a bum. Potential is nothing, it is nothing but nothing until it produces great results.

But if you are someone who is labelled as someone who has a great potential... don't let your head grow big. You still have to work, you still have to show them that you are for real. Remember that hype is nothing if you can't perform and own the big stage.

So if you have an opponent that is full of hype, don't get overwhelmed because you haven't seen his real skills yet, you haven't feel his power yet so don't believe that he is stronger than you or else you will lose for sure.

A lot of people were predicting who is good and who is bad. They think they know everything about the real thing. You cannot label a person as good or bad until he show you what he is made of. It is not about how big the hype you bring, it is about what you can prove.

So if you have a potential... good.  But still you need to work hard and hone your craft until that potential becomes magical. You need to work everyday and don't believe in the hype that you are hearing about you may it be good or bad. Just work on your thing and you will be able to produce something.

Remember that nothing is permanent. A person can be dumb today but he can become great tomorrow if he put in the time and work to become great. If you are good now, you better not be satisfied because if you become lazy then everything you have will be taken away from you.

Potential is just a myth, it is not happening yet so don't ever believe it. Just believe in hardwork and everything will fall into your hands, continue to keep growing and evolving everyday. You don't need people to tell you that you are good, you just need to move and make a commitment that you will work hard everyday until you become successful. Words are nothing but opinions without facts, if you want to become the real deal then you must turn your potential into something phenomenal. 

January 20, 2017


If your main goal before you come to work is to finish fast and go home early then you better not come to the office because you will only have a bad day. Because you are suppose to go there to work and not to finish. Because the truth is your work will never end, it has no ending. You will work forever so why are you striving to finish your work?. Some parts or let's say portion of your work will be done, let's say chapter one is finish but chapter 2 will come so you better have a mindset that your work will never end so you will not be stressed in life. Even if you finish your work before the deadline, there are still some works that will come. It will never end, one work will be replaced by another work and that is the reality.

So don't give too much pressure on yourself that you have to finish fast because you will never reach the finish line if you are capable of working. If you are working then you have to work, you have to enjoy working, don't look at the finish line because it will only make you stressed and pressured. Because the point of having work is to work and not to finish. You still have to come to work tomorrow if you finish your work today so what is the point in pushing yourself too much? But it also doesn't mean that you can become lazy in your work, the idea here is don't get too hard on yourself if you can't have a momentum in your work. Don't be mad of yourself if everyone is fast and you are a little bit slow. Allow yourself to slowdown if you need to but don't ever get lazy, keep moving and never stop.

If you can love your work no matter how hard it is then you will never be stressed in life anymore. Of course you will experience some problems in your work but it will never make you cuss your work. Some people can't even appreciate their work that is why they can't improve their lives. They keep on complaining about it, they keep on whining and bitching around that is they their situation cannot get any better. Appreciate it and just work it, that is how to enjoy it.

Some people go to work and will wait for their paycheck everyday. Even if it is still 14 days remaining before their next paycheck, they will still always look at the calendar and count how many days left before getting their money. This is a bad thing to do because it means you are not working, it means you are waiting.

Working is about the journey, it is about movement and not always looking to finish so you can rest. It is not about waiting for paychecks and then feeling good on that day only. It is about working and working, it never ends, it is about appreciating that you are moving and doing something good for the economy.

January 20, 2017


You can't accept that something in your life is not functioning anymore that is why you can't replace it with a better one. Accepting that you are weak, accepting that something is malfunctioning will make a specific situation better.

If you are not popular anymore, if people were not interested with you anymore... accept it. Don't fight it, don't feel bad about it, just accept it. Accept that you don't have it anymore, accept that popularity is not on your side anymore so you can move on and do some other things that are better and will make you even happier.

If one of you property was taken by the bank because you have debts that you can't pay... accept it. Accept that you don't have those things anymore and be humble. It is not hard to do it, just accept it so you will feel better and lighter. Accept it so you can move on to the next chapter of your life. Accept it so you will be able to work harder and think smarter next time, you will have a fresh start. You can buy some other properties if you will take care of your money very well next time.

If you're athleticism is already gone, if you can't jump high anymore and dunk the basketball... again, accept it. Accept that you are weak is some areas of your game so you can develop another skill where you can be good at. Accept that you can no longer fly so you will have the idea of practicing your shooting and becoming good at other areas where athleticism is not so much needed. It is just a matter of accepting that you are becoming weak at something and being open of becoming strong at some other thing. Acceptance will set you free, it will give you better opportunities.

A lot of people cannot accept that they don't have it anymore that is why they were so trapped in the past and they cannot move on. They cannot figure out how to do some other things, they don't see the pattern that was offered in front of them. Just because you are weakening in something doesn't mean you cannot become strong at some other things. It is just a matter of perspective and welcoming other opportunities that may come into your life.

If you can't accept that it doesn't belong to you anymore then you can never attract some better things that may knock on your door. You will remain bitter and chained in the past. You will become depressed, sad and weak. All you will think about is the glory that you have from the past that doesn't belong to you anymore.

Life is always changing, sometimes you're on top and sometimes you're at the bottom. It doesn't matter what position you have, what matters is you are open to change and committed to improving your life everyday. If things are not going well today it doesn't mean it can never become better tomorrow.

January 20, 2017


There are millions of bashers online, lots of critics, lots of foul words that will be attached to you and if you can't deal with it then you're in big trouble, you will go crazy, you will get upset for a long time. Not only on online, you can even hear a lot of backstabbing from your neighbors, co-workers, classmates and even frenemies.

But how to deal with it? how to deal with negativity? how to survive a big blow to your personality? The worst kind of negativity is lies, if they were talking about you that is not real, if they were fabricating stories about you just to bring you down. It is very hard to survive it because you wanted to prove them that they are wrong.

The best thing to do if you want to beat negativity is just ignore it. Because you don't even have to deal with them. Those are just nonsense false ideas coming from people who were only in this world just to pull down other people who were succeeding. They were jealous broke people who cannot even do something good with their lives so what is the point in dealing with them? you don't need to prove yourself, you don't need to deal with negativity because it is not worth dealing with. You are just wasting your time if you give it an attention. You will lose focus if you deal with it so the best thing to do is just keep moving and become better everyday.

Because negative people will become even happier if you give them some attention, they want to make an argument with you because making you feel bad is their goal, if you got fed up, if you got frustrated then that is the time they will feel victorious. Your frustration is their motivation, they keep going stronger once they see that you feel bad.

So don't deal with it because you don't have to, you know who you are, you know the truth so you don't need to explain yourself. There are more better things to come into your life so that is where your focus should go. Because if you will fight those negativity... you will never win. You will only feel bad, your day will be ruined and your concentration in your job will be destructed. You will only look like a loser.

Because those people who a have a crab mentality will never accept defeat. They will do everything in their power to make you look bad. They will become loud and vulgar, they will humiliate you because they have nothing to lose. Their lives were already destroyed so they don't fear anything anymore. They knew you have a lot to lose so they will have a lot of fan making you feel bad.

Any form of negativity becomes stronger once you give an attention to it. If you feel bad about something, if someone makes you feel bad, if someone say something bad to you... don't deal with it. It is not that you can't protect yourself but you have some other things to do, some better things to do, you have a big goal and your future is so bright so there is no point in dealing with those negative things and people.

January 19, 2017


No matter how you deny it, no matter what excuses you made, no matter how you act like you're brave and you're doing your best, the truth is you are scared of what you want that is why you can't get it. It's true, because if you really want it then you will do everything to get it. You want it but your heart is not fully committed.

You wanted to be a star player of your team, you practice everyday, you are doing everything to reach a different level but when the opportunity comes to show your talents... you shy away, you are afraid to lead your team, you are afraid to take the last shot because you are afraid to take the blame. The conclusion is... you are afraid of what you want. You know what you want but you are scared to touch it, you are so close but still you let the opportunity escape from your hands. You almost hold it but you didn't hold it tight. You are so scared that if you hold it with all your strength then you might not be able to handle the big responsibility. You are so afraid of commitment and stress to maintain what you want if it is already on your hands.

You wanted to become rich but you are so scared that you will work hard everyday and you will not be able to do the things that you love. You are also scared that you might fail. You want it but you are scared of it that is why you will never get it.

It is all about facing the fear that is paired with your dreams. If you really want it then don't be scared of it. Face the fear and try to do the best that you can do.

Many people are dreaming but they are so scared of their own dreams. They know what to do but they are not doing it. They are almost there but they are satisfied of just being near. And for the record, "almost" is in the vocabulary of losers, it is on page one, it is even bold and capitalized, it looks like this: ALMOST. So don't be satisfied of the word "almost". Push through until it is in your hands. Almost is unacceptable, it is disgusting, it is paired with regrets.

If your dream is too big and scary then don't dream about it, if you are scared then don't dream at all. Treat your dream as an ordinary dream because it really is. There is no big nor small dream if someone is willing to pursue it. Every dream is possible to reach so don't look at your dream as something big and cannot be achieved. Treat it as nothing and very easy to get, treat it like a bitch and you are never scared to come closer to it and grab it with your hands.

Because if you will just become scared when you are closer to it the my advise is don't even start because you will just fail in the end. It is ok to feel fear but it is not ok to become scared, being scared means you already submitted, being scared means you already let fear control you and the situation.

Don't be scared of what you want, embrace it and bring it home, it's all yours.

January 19, 2017


If you want to become successful then you will miss a lot. You will miss a lot of things especially the things that you like, you will miss a lot of activities, sometimes the most important ones.

You will miss your best friend's birthday because you need to keep working. Don't worry because your best friend will understand it. If he is really your friend then he will support you no matter what you do. A real friend is not demanding nor making you feel that you are worthless, a real friend will be all out support with you.

You will miss a lot of TV shows if you are pursuing great things, even your favorite tv show... you will miss it because you need a lot of time for your goals and ambitions. You have to sacrifice a tv show that in truth is really useless and is only making you slow. You will be more committed in making your dreams come true and taking actions that will take you one step closer to victory.

You will miss your hobbies like playing video games, playing sports or music and any other things that serves as your past time. You will make your goal your number one priority and nothing else. And that is ok, you know that you can have a lot of time for those things once you become successful. You don't mind missing the fun because for you... winning and becoming successful is a lot more fun.

You will even miss your lunch, breakfast or any meal. Your schedule will become very random and you don't mind skipping meals because you were so focused and determined to reach your goals. And you won't get sick because your willpower is healing your body. It may sound odd but it is true, look at those people who have big goals in life... even if they were old they never die because they keep going. Their body and mind is one, they become stronger and stronger everyday because they were so motivated. And motivation alone will make you very strong.

You will even miss the time you spend with your loved ones. You will have more time for yourself, you are alone most of the time because you are very serious of succeeding. But that's just the part of it, you need to focus. Those sacrifices are not forever, time will come and you will be able to do the things that you love again.

In life, you will really miss a lot of things that you are doing before if you wanted to succeed. The more sacrifices you made, the bigger the rewards. You cannot expect huge success if you are always doing the things that you use to do before. You will become uncomfortable, you will become lonely and alone but those feelings will not remain forever. Once you become successful then you can come back to your old life and become even happier than before. So don't be afraid of missing a lot because the exchange of it is you will get a lot.

January 19, 2017


I don't know why there are lot of people who are having a difficulty in starting. You will just start and that's it. Maybe they are looking at the finish line already before they start that is why they get overwhelmed with the different and multiple steps that they have to take.

Starting is difficult if you will always think about the difficulty of the task, it becomes even harder if you want to finish right away or take shortcuts. That is why people who were working at the office were always stressed because they are always looking at the clock, they wanted to go home early, they don't live with the moment. They are always thinking about the future and that is why they can't become happy with their work. They always wait for their paychecks, their cycle never ends, they were caught in a rat race.

There is no convenient time for starting, you will always feel heavy if you were about to start. It is very difficult to step in the gym, it is very difficult to start washing the dishes, it is very difficult to start a conversation with your kids especially if the topic is too sensitive. It is very difficult to start all over again after failing, it is very difficult to find your first job. Starting is the second hardest part, the first is finishing.

If you are one of these people who are having a hard time to start, what you need to do is forget about producing a magnificent result, forget about having a smooth ride, forget about making it perfect and fast. Just find what is it that you can do and do it. Do it until you find your momentum, and once you are moving, never ever take a break or do something else. You are only allowed to take a break if you've already worked for hours but if not... stay on your work and keep doing it. Discipline yourself to keep taking actions until you produce results. Yes, your mind will fly away and think about something else, it is thinking about excuses and comforts especially if you are lost. But if you want to get things done then you better stay on your task and never ever think about doing something else. That is the only way to keep the momentum going.

Just jump in, regardless of how you feel, just go there and do the first step. Forget about your emotions, pain doesn't count. You need to start and produce results in your life. It doesn't matter if you have a stomach ache or toothache or headache or something. The more you entertain excuses, the more you are unlikely to start.

You need to act faster than your brain, you need to act quickly and start making movements. Have you ever experience where you need to go to the comfort room but you can't even stand up from your bed because your body is so heavy. The truth is your body is not heavy, it is just your thoughts dominated your head and it is controlling your body. There are thoughts running inside of your head like: you want more sleep, it is ok not to use the comfort room because you can still hold it, it is cold, it is dark, you need more sleep, your dream will be cut, you can stop peeing by sleeping again and any other thoughts that avoids you from standing up and going to the comfort room. It feels really uncomfortable right? but that discomfort will only go away once you move fast and go to the comfort room to take a pee. It feels good after you discharge that waste material right? So why do you keep on allowing yourself to hold on to that laziness that is only punishing you.

The art of starting happens when you fight that negative emotion that is stopping you from taking action, it happens once you decided to be courageous and take actions despite of how lazy you feel.

Yes, procrastinating will give you a little comfort or breathing room but that thought of taking actions keeps running inside of your head and it is even painful. The pain will only go away once you take actions and stick with it until you are done.

Starting is the key to your freedom, it will give you joy and peace of mind. You should master it so that you will have a good life, but of course you also have to master following through. If you can start fast then you can finish fast, you can feel good right away. So just start even if it feels really bad.

January 18, 2017


Are you always saying yes even if you wanted to say no? Are you saying yes because you are afraid that the person you rejected might get mad at you? If you are easy to convince then you have a problem in rejecting people. You are part of the YES MAN SOCIETY and that is very bad. You will never life your life to the fullest, you are always following others even though you have something else on your mind.

Disadvantages of being a part of the YES MAN SOCIETY.

1. You can never follow your own schedule. Whenever your friends ask you to go out even if you are doing something important... you will still say yes because just like I said, you are very easy to convince. You don't want them to get mad so you will still go even if you have a very important thing to do. Your schedule will be broken, you will become stress later and you will have hard time following your own schedule, your life will become very random. If there is an invitation, you will always go. The result is you are always rushing and trying to run after your schedule. You will always miss deadline, your work and career will be affected.

2. You can never become rich. How can you become rich if your money always go to the money borrowers? They know you can't say no so they will always borrow money from you. Sometimes your money is not even coming back to you. But it is ok with you because you are stupid and you will not stop it until you are broke.

3. You can never express yourself. When somebody says you are wrong, you will agree with them even if you feel like you are right. They will dictate your actions and you will not make any move without other people's approval. You were so afraid to express yourself because you are afraid to make mistakes and get judged.

4. You will never know who you really are. You always listen to other people's suggestions and comments that is why you are completely lost and you can't decide for yourself. You don't know who you are anymore because you always agree just to avoid confrontations.

5. You will never know what you really want. Anything that they want, you want it too. You will lost your identity, you will just follow the crowd because you think that it is the right thing to do. When someone ask you to join them, you will join without hesitation because you love answering yes.

6. You will never become successful. A successful person knows how to reject a person or an opinion. And because you always say yes... you don't know how to reject a bad idea or a bad proposal. You just allow something to happen to you because you can't block what is happening or what is being offered. You feel like you don't have any choice but to say yes to what is in front of you.

7. You will always be a follower. Your attitude is your altitude, and because you have a habit of always saying yes then people will look at you as a slave. They will command you and tell you what to do. You don't give yourself an option to disobey them because you love saying yes and following people, you will agree even if you don't want to do it. You will agree even if you can't do it or doing it will put you in an uncomfortable position.

8. You will have a lot of fake friends. And because they know that you are easy to persuade and it is easy to ask you a favor... they will befriend you because they can get something from you. They will take advantage of your weakness. They never look at you as a kind person, they look at you as a soft person with no ability to say no.

9. You will become scared for the rest of your life. If you can't say no now, you can never say it forever. People will always bully you because you are so afraid to protect yourself. You just agree and agree because you think it is the safest thing to do.

10. You will get what you don't really like. Because you have the habit of always saying yes to people, you will get what you don't like. For example if a salesman sell something to you that is somehow not appealing to your taste... you will still buy it. If your friend sell a second hand shoe to you because he needed money... you will buy it because you wanted to help even though the shoes looks ugly to you. You will not get what you want because you always prioritize other people.

January 18, 2017


If life has dealt you four aces and one king then you have to use it very well. It means your card is strong, it means the universe is in favor of you right now so you must not squander your opportunity to win big time, to succeed big time.

If you have a good parents who were able to send you to a good school and they can provide you everything you need... make the best out of it. Grab that opportunity to win in life even more, become the best as you can be. Not all children were given a good life, some have bastard parents and they cannot go to school. They don't even have food to eat on their table so you are very lucky that you have everything you need.

Don't be like others who were so unappreciative of what they have and living like a bum. Yes they were rich but they are not doing well in life, they are failing in school, using drugs and taking their time for granted that is why they end up doing nothing significant in life, they live their life being spoiled brats and they can't stand on their own feet.

If you were given a good cards then you should play it very well and never squander it for no reason. Not all people were given a good cards so you should be appreciative of what you have and try to grow more as an individual. You should make a move now and do what is best for you while the fortune is still on your side because a good life is not guaranteed forever. You may have a great life now but if you will become complacent and lazy then you can fall down at the bottom.

If you have the tools then use it. If you have a good height then use it to your advantage, if you have the good looks then use it to make your life better, if you have the brains then think right to put yourself on a better position. If you have the athleticism then use it to have a scholarship so you can help your parents. A lot of people were so blessed but they don't know how to use it. Of course it doesn't mean you will become successful fast if you were given a gift. You still have to hone your skills and make an effort to succeed in life. You still need to work and sweat, it is not an easy road but the good thing is you already have an advantage.

If you were given a good cards then there is no excuse for you not to become successful. You have to secure your success because just like I said you already have an advantage. Don't just sit there and wait for success to come, go for it, reach it, grab it, own it, be it. Don't waste an opportunity of a lifetime.

Because your cards can fall from your hands if you will not take care of it, others can steal it and use it for their own good. So you have to use it now and do your very best to succeed in life. Time is running out, no one is waiting for you. Make a move and make it happen.

January 18, 2017


Your latest performance is not your last performance. So if your latest performance sucks and you feel like you can't show up to the public anymore because you're so humiliated... stop that thought right away, trash that thought and focus on your next performance. Your next performance is all that matters, not yesterday, not last week... it is now that matters.

The catch here is nobody else would remember your last performance if you suck, nobody will talk about it. If you think that they are talking about you then it is just in your head, it is not real. So forget everything and start a new day, head up and work harder than yesterday. Yesterday is not evident anymore, it is completely irrelevant so you better bring your confidence back and try to kick their ass for one more time. Do everything to bring your A game, it is never too late, you can make a great comeback.

And even if your latest performance is good... forget about it too. Don't think too much about it and feel comfortable, don't allow your head to grow big because that will be the main reason of your failure. Try to be humble as you can and try to break your own record.

Your latest performance will not be the basis of your greatness, you can perform better than that if you want to. So if you were not able to put on a best show then it is time for you to give your best now. You can always erase the past by giving your very best today and showing them your true skills and greatness. Erase the part in your brain that is giving space to the past, especially the bad past, it will only destroy your confidence. Today is a new day, you can always do better and reclaim your throne.

Having the ability to forget the past easily is a great skill so you should master it. Always try to live in the present so you will be able to embrace the better opportunities that are waiting for you.

And so what if you fail? so what if people laughed at you? You know there is a lot more left in you and you can show them next time who you really are and what are your capabilities. Your latest performance doesn't define you, erase it in your mind and focus on the better things ahead of you.

There is always a next try, there is always a chance for redemption. Chances never ran out so cheer up and expect great things to happen to you.

The best way to forget your latest performance is to prepare very hard and sharpen your skills to the point where you feel you cannot make mistakes anymore. Work harder than yesterday so you will feel more confident. Don't be so hard on yourself after failing because failing doesn't mean you're a failure. You always have the chance to succeed, there are millions of chances to clean your name and show them what you really got.

January 18, 2017


1. Admit that you're an addict. You have to admit that you're an addict so you will be able to entertain change. A man who will not admit his disease will not cure his disease, admit that there is something wrong with you so you can cure it and find a way how to remove it in your system. Don't be shy if you're addicted at something, whatever your addiction is... admit it and commit to changing it.

2. Replace it with a more productive activity. If you find yourself wanting to smoke again, then find an alternative way how to replace it. It can be reading a book, doing a 5 minute walk or even just chewing a gum. The key here is to entertain yourself of another activity so you will refrain from doing your addiction again.

3. Destroy the source of addiction. If you are addicted to playing video games and you want to get rid of it because you can't do something good anymore and your life is out of direction then simply destroy the source of your addiction. Smash your playstation, burn your games, block the websites of video games that you regularly visit.

If you're addicted to pornography then block the pornsites where you're addicted at, block it for years so you will never be able to visit it again. Request your internet service provider to block it so you really can't visit it even if you wish to. Stay away from the source and you will never think about it again.

4. Seek for medical help. If you're addiction is already worse and you can't find a way how to cure it then it is time for you to seek for medical help, consult some professionals that will help you and will understand your situation. They are the best people that can help you cure your addiction.

5. Just stop it for one week. Make a declaration to yourself that you will stop it for one week and you will shot yourself if you don't do it. Desperate times comes desperate measures, you have to do anything just to stop your addiction. Try to force yourself to avoid your addiction for one week, if you surpass the seven days then there is a big chance that you might not come back to your addiction again.

6. Scare yourself. Think of the worst things that may happen if you don't stop your addiction. Make your mind believe that your life will be in danger if you don't stop now. Think of the worst case scenario and keep it in your mind forever. It is easy to stop an addiction if you are always aware of the pain that it may cause you.

7. Engage in hobbies that will prevent you from your addiction. For example if you wanted to stop your drug addiction then pursue a goal that will make you focused, disciplined and positive. If you want to stop smoking then join marathon or any other sports. You will feel guilty smoking because you're trying to become healthy and fit. Engaging in productive activities will make you forget your addiction or even stop it naturally because you are seeing the better things in life.

January 18, 2017


Thinking about quitting is part of the journey. Every great person, every successful personality has think about quitting before. But the difference is they were able to find what motivates them and keep going that is why they succeed. It is normal if you are thinking about quitting, you're just a human being and you will experience a lot of emotional breakdowns.

1. Slow down. If you are doing something that is related to your goal, slow down. Don't stop but slow down, keep it slow, have a relax pace so you will be able to think clearly if you will really quit or not. Slow down and keep working. You are just tired and stressed that is why you are thinking about quitting. Just keep moving in a relax pace until you find that energy again and that urge to continue. Slowing down will make you realize that it is nothing but a feeling and you are just being too emotional because you want to succeed but you can't. Slowing down will make you remember who you are

2. Remember all of your challenging experience from the past. Remember all the obstacles that you destroyed, remember all the things that you went through, all the storms that you endure and all of the difficult situations that almost killed you. What you are experiencing now is nothing new, it is even easier than the past challenges that you faced. You were already hardened so you can't bend easily because of simple problems.

3. Detach yourself from the results. It is like you will do it even if it takes forever to get it. You will do it even if you are not getting any results. Forget about the results because it will really slow you down, you will feel bad if you are not seeing any progress. Detach from it and just continue taking baby steps that will make you move forward. Detaching yourself will make you move faster because you will never check how far you've got every now and then. You're just like a robot that keeps on working and working until the results show itself naturally.

4. Remember your purpose for doing it. Remember what is really your purpose for pursuing our goal, if it is about your wife or parents or siblings then try to remember all of them. If you are not doing it just for yourself and somebody is hoping that you will succeed then you will find that extra push to keep going. You will never quit because you know someone is waiting for your glory. You will be inspired and you will regain the strength that you have once before.

5. Remember that you will go back to zero if you quit. You will have to face the similar sufferings again if you quit now and start a brand new journey. Nothing is different, you will have to undergo a long process again and it sucks because you will have a longer time working before you become successful. You've done a lot now so you need to finish it because you're already too far to quit.

January 17, 2017


Life, success and being top is all about staying longer and doing your job for as long as you can do it. It is not about a person who is talented and making hype for himself but will not stay on the journey whenever things go wild or hard. You've got to have the mentality to stay longer or even stay forever if you can.

But you can only stay longer if you are willing to suffer. You have to face the pain of growing, face the pain of toughening yourself. This can be achieved through thousands of hours of training, practicing and working until pain is nothing new to you anymore.

If you're a marathon runner, of course the prerequisite is you have to stay longer on the course, you have to stay until the end. But you can only do that, you can only win if you are willing to suffer in training. You can't just join the marathon and expect to become a champion right away, no one has ever done that. Your body and mind should be conditioned first to surpass the pain in running for long hours. Winning is all about preparation, you have to suffer if you want to stay longer. You have to feel the pain so you won't be stunned once you feel it in the real competition.

Same as other professional athletes who were getting paid very high. They need to suffer if they want their career to stay longer. They have to work extra hard if there is no game, they have to invest in themselves because if they don't do it... they will be left behind, someone will take their position. A lot of budding athletes are willing to suffer more and take their place.

A lot of people, once they become successful a little bit... they don't want to suffer anymore. They are happy with the little success they have, that is why they can't stay longer in the game. They were easily washed away by their laziness, they fall down easily and they can't stand up anymore.

That is why a lot of businessmen and any other successful personalities still work very hard even though they already have a lot of money. They knew that relaxing and being complacent will only make them fall down, they knew they need to grow and sustain all the hard work that they did from the past. Because that is the only way to stay in the game, that is the only way to stay on top.

So if you find yourself getting lazy and not doing anything to improve... you better be alert, you better have a sense of urgency because that comfort that you are experiencing now will be discomfort in the end if you keep on keeping your lazy habits.

It is all about who can work more, train more and grow more. It is all about who can take massive actions and make his situation a little bit better everyday. You have to suffer if you want to stay longer.

January 17, 2017


If you know yourself then you don't need to prove anything to other people anymore. You are completely powerful, you can command things for your own good and you will attract the situations that you truly like.

A lot of people were lost and don't know what to do because they don't know themselves, they don't know what they want and they are not willing to know themselves deeply. They were just going with the flow, which is bad, they agree to what the majority is saying, they don't have identity. All they know is how to say yes.

If you know how strong you are and what are your capabilities then you will become unstoppable. You will never give up, you will keep moving until the situation becomes better again. You will not follow other people that you know are just using you. You are completely in control of what is going on with your life. You will find opportunities on how to win, you will play your own game and you will never enter a world that you didn't like.

Knowing yourself is like carrying yourself. You will do what you wanted to do. You will even break some rules but you will get away with it. It is like imposing your will and never letting anyone destroy your momentum. It is like making a name for yourself and getting recognized without trying hard too much.

It is very easy to know yourself, you just ask your heart what it really wants and then you follow it. No questions ask, no hesitations or doubts... you just follow it. Knowing yourself is what will truly make you happy, it will give you an ecstasy that you will never find on other things. It gives you complete freedom and it feels like you are the king of your own domain.

So ask yourself what you really want, ask yourself what you wanted to be and go for it. Everything will submit to your will, every pieces you need will fall into your hands. You don't need to force anything, you don't need to beg for anything. Just know yourself and you will be alright.

Knowing yourself will give you confidence and higher value. You will be able to do great things. You will feel like invincible, you will become very independent and trustworthy.

You will be able to master yourself, master the skills you want and even create your own destiny. You are the ruler and the follower, you can face any pressure without crumbling and panicking. You know you can come back, you know you can make the best out of the moment.

Knowing yourself is all you need to thrive in life, your direction is very straight forward. You don't need to please people, you don't need to use people. The path is already laid out and all you have to do is follow your heart. Your actions will become very bold, your confidence will soar. It is like you have your own world and anyone who steps on it will be conquered.

January 17, 2017


Sometimes you will wonder if what you are doing now still makes sense because you are not seeing a result yet. Sometimes you will think if you are just fooling yourself or are you really taking the right actions. You will come to a point where you will wonder if it is still logical to continue. Sometimes you will think that you are just making yourself tired and getting nothing, it is normal to think that way. You're just a human and frustrations will really come, doubts and fears will come especially if you can't make a momentum.

But you have no choice but to keep going. You have no choice but to believe in yourself if you want to become successful. There is no other way around but to keep moving forward. Never think about going back, just one step at a time and you will be there for sure.

Just do something positive even if you think that it is not making an impact, well at least it will make you closer. It is better than just whining in your bed and wondering what could happen if you take actions.

If you can't think of something to do then just do the easiest and simplest task first. You will be able to figure out what is next if you keep on taking actions. Action will make progression, it is the cure for stagnation.

Unlike someone who is stuck in a mud, that person will just wait for the opportunity that will never come. He will complain, he will blame the government and people around him why he is not being able to do some positive things in his life. The conclusion is.. the more you allow yourself to rest and avoid taking actions, the more you will become negative.

Don't be shy if you are just making little progress, at least you are going closer towards your dreams. Life is not a race, it is a matter of who can take actions until the end.

Being closer to what you want should be your goal and not the goal itself. This kind of mindset will keep you going and motivated. You will keep on taking actions even if that action has less contribution. The more you see yourself moving and making little progress, the more you will become determined to reach your goals. Little progress is very addictive, it will give you strength to carry on.

So keep getting closer and closer until you reach it. There are millions of ways how to get closer, you don't even to think at all. Just commit to taking actions and the rest will take care of itself. Never mind if you are tired, you can rest all day long once you are finished. Thinking about resting is already quitting so keep going and keep the fire burning.

It is very simple if you want it. It may not be very easy but it is very possible and doable. Just do something that will make you closer, do something that will make your situation better.

January 17, 2017


Time is gold, time is money, it is true yet you are still taking your time for granted. You think you have a lot of time only to find out in the end that you don't have it anymore. Saving time is a must if you want to have a more successful, organized and balanced life. A lot of people are making excuses that they don't have enough time and they keep using that praise why they are failing. If that is true then why are there some successful people in this world who has the same number of hours in a day as yours? It is because they know how to use their time very well and they never waste any of it. They can manage their time even if they have a very busy schedule.

1. Do more. You can save a lot of time by doing more. Trust me, it sounds odd but it is true. A lot of people will never do more because they are afraid of getting tired, they think that they need to get paid an extra if they have to use more of their energy which is a bad philosophy. If you will do more then you can attract a lot of good opportunities that will lead you to a better life. For example in business if you spend more time selling your product then you will be able to meet a lot of clients, granted that your product is nice and effective. If you find a lot of clients now and they become happy with your service then they will recommend you to another client and that will make your work easier, you will be able to save more time.

2. Stop using the snooze button. If it is already time to wake up then just stand up and start moving. Always hitting the snooze button will make you spend 20-30 minutes a day for nothing, the worse is by using it you will form a lazy habit that will reflect in your work. The point here is you will still stand up regardless of the time you do it so stop using it and face your work. Your dizziness will go away once you force yourself to move even if it is really difficult.

3. Have a super focus in what you are doing. Always stay focus and be super sharp if you are doing something. You will be able to save more time because you will not make mistakes, you don't need to repeat your work. You will move on to the second phase of your work without hustles.

4. Enjoy any activity. You will be able to finish your task very fast if you can enjoy it. Even if it is a boring task, find ways how to enjoy it. You can have fun in anything that you do if you will appreciate every movement of your body. Enjoy any activity so you can finish fast and have more time for other activities. If you are angry doing something and if you are cursing your work, the tendency is you will exert more energy doing it and the result is more time being wasted. Look at the people who were very passionate in their work, it looks like they have a lot of time and

5. Do something in advance. Always being in advance will give you more time. You will not rush, your life will be in good harmony. You are in control of everything and sometimes you don't know what to do with your time because you have a lot of it. You have a lot of free time to do some other activities. For example, make advance studies so you will have more time for doing some other things that you love to do in the future. Make advance studies even a topic will not be discussed yet so you will not study anymore in the future. It is like putting some money in your bank. You save some money so you can have more money later.

6. Be early. Having the attitude of being early will save you from troubles. For example, you go early to work to avoid traffic. Traffic will eat a lot of your time, if you can go to work very early then you can prepare for your work gameplan, you will be able to plan for your day so you can go home early again and avoid traffic again. It is like staying away from rush, you are relaxed, at ease and never in panic. You feel like you have a lot of time because you were so calm and you are not reaching for something. If you are always in rush then you will attract rush, that is why people who are not early to leave their home to go to work attracts traffic even more.

7. Avoid engaging in activities that makes the time fly so fast. Activities like watching tv, playing apps in your cellphone, staying on social media. avoid activities that are not productive but fun, those activities will eat a lot of your time and you won't be able to do more important things. Yes, it is fun but look at the stress that it will bring into your life. You won't be able to make a very good management of your time, you will be stressed even more because important tasks were always in pending.

Saving time is very easy it is just a matter of prioritizing the most important things and being discipline. Yes, in the beginning you will have a boring life but wait for a few weeks or months and you will see how your life has completely changed.