July 16, 2017


The special skill of successful people is.. they work well on chaos. They never crumble during pressure times, they can still think clearly when things are not going on their way. The are ok with randomness and they are not easily bothered by anything. Look at Floyd Money Mayweather... he is so comfortable with chaos. He can train even though there are lot of cameras on his face, he can train even though there are lot of distraction. He is so focused even though there are lot of social obligations, his mind is always on the price, he never lose his focus despite of many things happening around him.

The same as Michael Jordan, he plays very well during pressure times. He never crumble, he never commits a mistake. He is so calm like he knows what is going to happen and that is why he always hits the winning shot, that is why he is the greatest basketball player in the world.

Successful people are very good in handling their emotions, they never freak out in stressful situations, they can weather any kind of storm. They were so composed and always confident. They can handle random situations and adapt to their environment easily.

Just develop handling pressure and randomness and you will become great one day. A lot of people were quitters, they shy away from the moment the moment they feel the pressure and uncertainty. But the saddest thing is... you will never become great if you can't handle a lot of stress. It is what separates boys from men... the ability to play under pressure.

It applies to any aspect of life. If you can push further despite of feeling bad... you will achieve great things in life. You must learn how to love chaos, you must learn how to feel happy during stressful moments because you still need to move despite of feeling bad if you want to become successful, you still need to take actions and make things happen.

A lot of midgets in the game will never move anymore once they are stunned, their feet were lock on the ground once pressure is very high.

If you want to become really great...learn to adapt to any situation, learn to just enjoy the moment even if it is not enjoyable. That is the key to success... always having fun, always feeling cool when everything seems to fall apart.

The conclusion is... successful people are not skilled nor talented, they are just mentally tough and will do whatever it takes just to win.

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