July 17, 2017


Visualization is true, it is shaping your brain to become successful, what you always think about will come into fruition, what you always think about will be yours if you will always think about it, see it on your mind and of course feel it, feel that it is already yours, feel that is  becoming a reality.

But some people visualize because they want to get it right away, they will just visualize for a few times and let go of that momentum. In other words... consistency is missing on their visualization process. They thought that it's just a matter of doing it once or twice, what they don't know is that they have to do it everyday. Because your mind will not change in just a blink of an eye, your mind will not change in just one week. You need to do it for as long as you can. Visualize until your get the prize, you still need to put in some time because it is not a magic... it is a process.

Another piece missing.... BELIEF. Once you visualize... you must believe it 100 percent, you must really believe that it will happen, you must never worry that it will never happen, you must have full faith and trust with it and never let any negative circumstance affects your belief. Belief is the fertilizer of your dreams, it is the base and foundation. It is better to believe it rather than not to believe it, you're a winner if you're a believer.

Another missing ingredient.. WORK. You must work like hell right after visualizing, your dreams will not come to you if you will not work. Work is the most important part so you shouldn't miss it. A lot of people keep visualizing, keep dreaming but will never work, so they are just wasting their time. Every work is easy work, there is no difficult work, all you have to do is enjoy every action that you execute and never rush for the outcome.

It is fun to visualize, you can visualize anything, you can have fun with your thoughts. You can become really creative, it is just a game, the more you have fun with it the more it will become effective.

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