July 18, 2017


It's a very unique way to live life. A lot of people were so soft, they were making a lot of excuses when things are bad. They will not even go to their business appointment when there is a typhoon. A lot of people were so scared, when there is a big pressure... they crumble, they don't want to make things happen, they don't want to shine.

Don't you know that the best time to shine is during rainy season? the best time to shine is when people are counting you out, when all of people doesn't want to move because they already quit. You can shine, you can become successful when everything in your world is falling apart.

It's all about simply having the courage to move, defeat your negative emotions and giving your best... as simple as that. People were so blinded by the discomfort, they can't act when they feel powerless, they can't make decisions and make a stand when fortune is not on their favor.

Great success were built during hard times, have you ever heard a great story that was so easy? when it is hard... that is the time you should shine because you can make a very good story out of it. You can do it even if it is hard if you are willing to suffer and stay calm during the storm, it is all about weathering the storm.

A lot of people were so scared, they will not move, they will remained frozen during times of discomfort. People were so scared by recession, pressure, economic fall down, scarcity of jobs, heavy competition, strong competitors and any other things that scares them.

You need to fake courage to create courage. Just move and do something, never think about losing... ever.

Because that is the best time to move... when people doesn't want to move. You will standout from the rest because you did something and make something happen even if it is scary and the risk is too high. Rainy season, shiny season doesn't matter if you have to courage to act and forget about the results. Forget what might happen just do something and never regret what you just did.

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