July 10, 2017


For you to change results, for you to make things happen... you must push through. Even if it hurts so bad, even if you are so stressed, even if you feel like you can't do it anymore.. you only have one option remaining and that is to push through.

Don't you get it? you've been trying a lot of times but you can't win in life because you are not pushing through, you just accept that you can't go on anymore, you just accept that it's all you can do and a little bit of luck might change the outcome of your life. No, no, no... you can only get lucky if you will push through. You must have the ability to accept pressure, pain and fears and move forward no matter what. You have to accept that the only way to get things done is to force yourself to move and don't wait for the right time to come. The right time is now homie, if you keep on acting like a lazy bitch then nothing will happen to your life.

Look at the people who survive a serious illness... they survive not because they get lucky, they survive because they do everything in their power to beat the disease that they have. Miracles happened to their life because they push through. They strengthen their beliefs, they try every possible medication that will help them to get better and they succeed because they are relentless and they use all of their power to live longer and be free of illness.

In anything that you are doing, may it be about sports, business, school or any goal... if you are struggling and having a hard time... keep pushing through, you will only win and change the outcome of your situation if you push through.

Because if you keep on doing the same thing, if you keep on being a soft and fragile person... nothing will happen to you, you will keep on getting mediocre results over and over again.

Yeah it is hard but it is only mental, it is only on your mind, once you get your head right, once you decide that you will go all out no matter what.. you will be able to create miracles too, you will get results that you don't expect.

When it is hard, when you wanted to quit... it means you are very near to winning, it means the victory is in the air, you just need to persevere more and endure more. Just do what you can do with all your might, give your best and never stop until you win.

Because what else can you do if you will not push through? just wait and pray that you will get through it? it will never happen. You have to use your willpower, you have to push yourself to do what you thought was not possible before. You have the power to create, you have the power to move. Just push through and win in life no matter what.

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