July 14, 2017


To have an easier life, you must enjoy flowing, you must enjoy working without any resistance. You must love everything that you're doing because that is the only way to make life very easy... you need to flow, you can force it but you still need to flow by forcing it.

You don't need to drag life, you need to go with the flow, but make sure you are picking the right flow, make sure you really like the flow that you're into because if not... you will not be able to flow correctly. You will flow but you will drown.

Just like in writing... just write the words that enters your mind, just let it flow, let it go. Don't hold back, don't think if the words are right.. just write. Because once you let go, once you let it flow.. you will become more creative, you will become more effective. You will become loose and more words will enter your mind, you will be in the zone.

It' all about taking actions, doing the things that you must do in order to attain something great, in order to finish tasks. Don't complain, don't ever look for an easy way out. You can flow anytime you want, just live with the moment and free yourself from the outcome.

It's better to flow rather than to become stagnant. If you are flowing you are progressing, you will achieve something, you will go further and you will be able to reach a place that you thought was not possible before.

Because life is all about flowing. You set up yourself to flow for something then you just flow, you don't need to think, you don't need to worry, you just flow and you will arrive at your desired destination. It is easy as 1 2 3, it is easy if you will let go.

It's not hard if you will enjoy every moment, you should treasure life and enjoy every second because life is so short. You are just wasting your life if you are worrying, live it like it is really yours.

If you're doing something and you find yourself having a difficulty in doing it... just flow, just do it, just do what you can do, keep moving even if you are slow and soon you'll see that you already finished it. It is just a matter of sticking with it and finding the joy in every challenge, find the happiness in every step that you take... that is how to flow on something.

A lot of people can't flow because they are holding themselves back, they are complaining and whining, they are worrying, they are not letting things happen, in other words... they are blocking their own way.

You should not rush the results if you want to flow, you must enjoy the process and never look back, never focus on what is wrong, focus on what is making you flow. It is very easy if you will try, it is very easy if you will trust yourself and trust the flow.

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