July 01, 2017


A lot of people hates to admit that it is their fault. A lot of people have strong egos and feel like they are always correct that is why they can't correct what is wrong with their lives. And even though they knew deep inside that they were wrong.. they will still act like their right and will never correct themselves. Their pride is not functioning right, they are acting childish and feel like they were always good.

If you can accept that it is your fault that is why you fail then you can make corrections in your life so you can win next time. You can make the necessary adjustments, you will know the reasons for your failure. Did you become lazy? did you take things for granted? did you waste a lot of time? did you stick with the process or not? If you will accept that it is your fault then things will open up, you will discover what you need to conquer. You need to stop being arrogant, you need to tune down your ego and accept that everything that is happening to you was produced by your decisions from the past.

Accept that you didn't do well in the past, accept that you made a lot of mistakes and you need to correct all of it now. You can only take actions if you knew that there are somethings that needs correction. You can improve your life if you accept that it needs improvement.

I know it is hard to admit your faults but it is harder to live in lies that you are doing well and you don't need any corrections.

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