July 06, 2017


I know you hate your job that is why you are reading this, I know you want to kick your boss because he is too abusive and not treating you right. The truth is... you can always quit your job anytime you want, you can find a money making activity that is right for you or look for another job that pays well and can give you more happiness. A lot of people were talking about how, much they love to quit their job because of several reasons but they can't do it, they can't even make their resignation paper. They're just good in talking about resignation but they can't do it for real.

Here is how to quit your job:

1. Save money. Save money as much as you can before you quit your job. Save at least something that will enable you to survive for at least 8 months. Save an amount that will survive you and your family without getting hungry. I am pretty sure once you resign in your present job... you can look for a new one in lesser than 8 months, actually that was a long time. If you didn't find a job within 8 months, it means you become lazy or you didn't take the job hunting seriously. Save money before you resign, don't try to get lucky thinking that you can get a new job so fast, it may happen but what if not? you must be realistic and don't be just a dreamer.

2. Do your very best for three months and then pass a resignation paper to your boss. Your boss might think twice before he let you go because you are doing well in the company. He might even offer you an increase that will also make you think twice if you will go or not. If the offer is high then don't go and give your company a second chance, you might have a good career there. But if the offer is just like giving you an extra rice in your meal, pack your bags and just come back to that company for your back pay.

3. Pass your resume for a minimum of 100 companies. It is what it is, before you resign... you need to pass your resume to 100 companies so that there will be a lot of companies who will call you, it will make you very busy while you're unemployed. Just make sure that you will come to every interview that was given to you. Don't waste any possibility.

4. Look for an idea and die with it. Whether it is a new business or any kind of money making activity... execute that idea and make sure you will make it successful. It is an all or nothing. What do you want? being abused by your boss or building your own empire? once you have an idea on your mind... don't hesitate to try it and die for it. If you really want it then you can make it very successful. Remember that hardwork is the only capital to success.

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