July 13, 2017


You are being destroyed little by little, you don't know it because you're still having fun at the moment but wait until the damage is so big and you will see how terrible your position was. You know what is destroying your life or maybe you're just pretending that you don't know it that is why you keep on doing it. 

Destroy what destroys you, whether it is give you a temporary pleasure for the moment... destroy it because you will not get any benefits from it, what is the use of doing it? NOTHING RIGHT? 

Anything that wastes your time a lot, anything that is holding you back, anything that is making your life miserable, anything that is making you super lazy... do it.

If your playstation is destroying your life because you've been playing it for 8 hours a day... destroy it, smash it, throw it on the swimming pool. Even if it is expensive, it needs to go because you need to change your life. Don't feel sorry if you lost it because the moment you started to let it go is the moment you change your life. Yeah you will feel sad a little bit, you will feel regrets a little bit but it is what it is... it needs to go so you can have a better life. What do you want a better life or a bum life? the choice is yours, you need to make a little sacrifice if you want something good to happen to your life. 

If drinking too much is destroying your life... let it go, break all the wine bottles in your cabinet, throw all the beers inside of your refrigerator, give it to your friends, give it to others who wanted to destroy their lives. Don't feel sorry and think that you just wasted your money, you never wasted it, you just do something that will stop you from being alcoholic. 

If your relationship is destroying you because your partner is treating you like a garbage... destroy that relationship, have the courage to break up with your partner, set him/her free. Live your own now because someone better out there is waiting for you, someone who will treat you special. 

If your cellphone is making you unproductive at the office or in any work that you are in... destroy it too, if it is making your life miserable then why don't you destroy it? destroy it now or it will destroy you forever. If it is the best solution then you should do it, never mind about your contacts because you can always find a way how to communicate with other people. The most important thing now is to destroy what destroys your career. The most important thing now is you should start.

Destroying something means the beginning of something new. A lot of you folks are afraid to let go, you are afraid to lose someone or something because you think you can't be happy anymore without those things. Don't be afraid to lose something because happiness is waiting for you, a more better version of you is waiting for you. Destroy it now so you can have a new life. 

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