July 03, 2017


If you want to change, if you really really want to change... you must be aware that there is something wrong with you, you must be aware that you need to change something. A lot of people can't change because they thought that they are perfect, they thought that everything is going to be alright or maybe they were just lying to themselves and pretending that they are ok and there is no need for a change. Let's accept that change is hard and it will not happen in just one night but if you are aware that there is something wrong with you and you are fighting it... there is a big chance that you will change.

It's ok to waste time, it's ok to procrastinate but if you want to change that habit, you must be aware that you are procrastinating. You must feel guilty that you are wasting your time and you must feel a little bit uncomfortable while doing it, you must feel a little guilt while procrastinating. That will be the start of change, knowing that you could have done better and wanting to stop that habit the moment you are doing it. But of course you will not be able to stop that bad habit right away, there will be battles that will happen on your mind. Part of your mind will say that it is ok to procrastinate and the other part of it will tell you to stop and do the right thing.

Be happy if you are having your own mental battles, be happy if you are getting confused because it means change is happening. Remember that the choice is always yours and will be yours, you have the power to choose what is best for you. Yeah, it is hard but it is really that simple... choose what will give you benefits in the future. Never expect that change will happen that fast, you need a lot of patience here, you need to make the right decisions everyday, sustain that right decisions and let the change happen. It is really slow, for the change to take place permanently... you need to be ok with a very slow pace.

Because if you are rushing change... it will never happen, you may change for a little but you will go back to your old habits again. Change is something to endure, it is not a one time pain and you already changed, you need to experience discomfort over and over again. Again, awareness is change, if you are aware that you are feeling discomfort it means you are also aware that change is happening. So just live with it and try to process what is happening, try to make the best choice to change your life. You know in yourself what is the best choice to turn things around. Don't pretend like you don't know what is going on, don't pretend like you can't do something about your situation.

Be mindful of your actions, always be aware of what you're doing. A lot of people can't change because they were in the auto pilot mode. They just follow their routine and they can't get away from it. Sometimes they don't even know what they are doing, the just follow the pattern that they've been following for years. Be are if you are wasting your time, be aware if you're doing useless things, be aware if you're destroying your body, be aware if you're really doing bad. Accepting that you are not doing the right things is the start of change. You don't necessarily need to change right away, just keep on fighting the temptation, keep on making the right decisions one day at a time.

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