July 01, 2017


1. Jump in. Don't think, don't worry... just jump in. Remember that life is a process and if you are ok processing any kind of task ahead of you... you will have a better life. Don't worry about time, don't worry about your skills, don't worry about the results. Just jump in and see what is possible for you.

2. Be ready to lose. A lot of people will only start if they are guaranteed of winning. If you don't want to hesitate then you should accept that losing is part of life. Don't be scared to lose, don't ever think that your effort will only be wasted. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, that's just the part of it so don't every think that everyday is winning time because there will always be losing time.

3. Stop looking at the clock. You think that it's already too late to start and you should just start tomorrow, this is a wrong mindset again. You should start anytime even if it is already 12 am. Once you need to start... start, forget about if it is too late and you don't have time anymore. It is not about the time, it is about the willingness to start. Some people can even start their day at 2 am. Don't use time as an excuse for your laziness. Throw away your watch and start regardless of what time it is.

4. Find the easiest step. In any kind of task..always find the easiest step and execute right away. For example, if you are looking for a job... it is hard to start right? the easiest step will be wearing your clothes and shoes and then go outside... forget about the harder parts. Just do the easiest step at the moment.

5. Slap your face. Make sure to do it in a hidden place. If you are so scared and stunned... you need to wake yourself up. Slap your face and realize that there is nothing to be afraid of. Slap your face and remind yourself that a good life is waiting for you if you will push yourself to do the right thing.

6. Don't talk just move. People can't start because they are using their mouth instead of the other parts f their body. Talk is cheap, talking will never get the job done. Stop talking and start executing. If you are about to run and exercise, stop telling it to everyone, just move and start. Do you need their approval before you start? of course not.

7. Surrender to the moment. Don't think, just start and surrender to the moment. The right moves will be executed naturally. Don't think about making mistakes because it is part of the process. Learn to let go and always stay calm and composed no matter what happen. What will happen will happen, the most important thing is to start and keep moving until the end.

8. Think about the people that relies on you. Think about your son or your daughter or your wife or even your parents. Think about the people that supports you and trust you, are you willing to disappoint them because of your chickenship? don't be a chicken, stop running away from the challenge, just start and do your best.

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