July 01, 2017


1. Do it again. Do it over and over again until the love comes back. Not all the time your passion is strong, it will become weak sometimes, you will feel so lazy an unmotivated sometimes but the key here is to do it again, do it even if you don't like it... that is how to bring back the passion burning again. Repetition will revive your passion.

2. Compete quietly. This is just another method but don't take it seriously, look for someone with the same passion as yours and try to become better than him without telling it to anyone, compete quietly but don't get mad if you see yourself losing.

3. Enjoy boredom. Sometimes you will get bored, sometimes you will think about doing some other things but always remember that any passion has down times, even if you pursue another passion, time will come and you will also get bored with that new passion. Just enjoy boredom, enjoy feeling the pain while doing it. You need to master your emotions if you want to keep your passion alive.

4. Survive it. Just survive it, don't let it die. Do it even if you don't love it anymore, never stop doing it, don't think about hiatus or any form of excuse to avoid doing it.

5. Look for improvement. See yourself improving, appreciate yourself, praise yourself and record all the improvements you made. Whether it is just a small improvement... be happy about it. Progress creates happiness so if you see yourself improving just for a bit... your passion will get stronger than ever.

6. Experiment a little bit. Try to incorporate some new techniques in your passion. Doing something repeatedly will make you bored but if you are doing something a little different then the excitement will go back.

7. Look for a rookie. Find someone who is just beginning and see how hungry he is, see how excited he is even though his works are not that good yet. You will see how far you've come and it is just a waste of time to stop your passion. You will realize that someone is just beginning and struggling but still enjoying the process. You will see the younger version of you from other rookie and that will make you appreciate how blessed you are and how good you are already.

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