July 04, 2017


1. Laziness. You know better but you're not doing better. You can push harder but you choose to be softer. You can do it now but you keep on telling yourself that you will just do  it tomorrow and the cycle keeps repeating, you are getting frustrated but you keep on being lazy and you feel like there is always a chance that your life might change even if you don't do something about it. You're a big fan of laziness because it gives you comfort but what you don't realize is that comfort will give you more discomfort in the end, it's just a temporary comfort that will make your life even miserable in the long run. If you don't want to be stuck in a mud forever... do the right thing, work hard a little bit until you find a little progress into your life.

2. You don't give yourself the authority. You always ask if what you're doing is right even though you knew that it is right. You're always hesitant, that kind of mindset makes you slow, it makes you wondering all the time, you're wasting a lot of time, you're making yourself look not confident to the eyes of many. And that avoids you from being promoted, is there a boss who's going to promote someone who is not confident with himself? You need to give yourself the authority to speak and try something new. Express your ideas, make a big decision even if it is too risky, let it go, let yourself fly and shine. Allow yourself to step on the big stage.

3. You're unappreciative son of a bitch. You have a bad attitude. You're so unappreciative, if someone gives you something and you don't like it... you will not be thankful, you will ask for more. You feel like you're entitled of something great even if you don't deserve it. It will make you stuck in a mud because you will not see small opportunities that are coming into your life, you will ignore small things that will produce a big thing. Be appreciative and treat everything as an important ingredient to your progress.

4. Lack of confidence. You're so scared, you always ask for someone's approval before you make a move. You always look for a company so you will not be the only one who will look bad if something goes wrong. You need to step up your confidence level, the key here is to be ok taking the blame, don't be afraid if the world is against you. It is better to disappoint them than to disappoint yourself. Not following your own instincts is already killing your confidence, go all out, set yourself free, break the chains that is stopping you from making decisions.

5. You keep on repeating the same mistakes. You know that it is wrong, you know that it will not do good in your life but you keep on repeating the same mistakes. I don't know why you keep doing it, you already knew from the very beginning that it will not work but you keep on doing it. You have to try something new or else you will be stuck in a mud forever. Strike out the mistakes in your check list and avoid doing it again.

6. Lack of patience. Sometimes you think that you're not progressing but you only need some time to see the progress, you need to stick with the process for a long time, have some patience, if you're working hard then you're already progressing. Great things takes some time so never get frustrated if you're not progressing, if you will start something new again then you are only putting yourself in a deeper and worse situation.

7. Listening to different suggestions.You're entertaining too much information from other people that is why you always get confused, you don't know what to follow anymore. People thinks they're better than you so they will tell you what to do , it is your duty to stop listening to them and listen to your heart instead. Gathering a lot of information and following them all will only make you slow, just pick one information that is best for you and stick with it.

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