July 03, 2017


A lot of people's main problem is they lack the energy to do more things. They said that their energy goes to work that is why they can't do some other activities when they're at home. They said that they don't have extra energy to pursue their dreams and improve their lives.

The truth is... energy is unlimited. Your energy may weaken a bit if you're tired but it will come back so fast once you have a little rest. I repeat.. little rest not proper rest. Sometimes you get addicted to too much rest that is why your energy is not coming back. Lying on bed and sleeping at your sofa for so long will not regain your energy. There are some ways how to have more energy:

1. Do your task on time. Doing things late will make you tired even more. The stress will be doubled because it feels like you're always running after something. You're rattling and panicking which results to more energy drained from your body. Do your task on time, be disciplined, stop procrastinating and doing things that are not important.

2. Jog for 35 mins a day. Exercise will make your body stronger. It will make your system function well. You need to stretch your bones and use your muscles because if you're not moving physically... you will become weaker and weaker. You need to keep your motor moving so that more energy will be produced by your body. Starting now, make a commitment that you will jog for 35 mins a day and see the benefits from it.

3. Refrain from negative things. Negative things will create negative thoughts and negativity is the number one energy drainer. Stop engaging with gossips, news and any other things that will pollute your mind.

4. Learn to be more patient. If you are patient you will be able to work longer. If you'r not hot headed then solutions will enter your mind faster than anybody else. Be patient so that everything will go smooth. If you are patient you will never tired fast because your mind is committed to finishing a work. Your endurance will become stronger.

5. Don't drink energy drinks. Energy drinks will not give you energy... it will drain your energy. It will give you a burst of strength that will only last for an hour and after that you will feel like a vegetable that cannot even move. Drink more water instead of energy drinks.

6. Meditate when you're pressured. Take some deep breathes, you don't necessarily need to be an advance meditator or some kind of a monk or something. Just take some deep breathes when you're pressured, clear the mind, you will have more energy if your mind is not clogged with different thoughts.

7. Associate yourself with energetic people. Of course if you will join a company that is lazy and almost deadlike... you will absorb their energy, you will become lazy and slow too, associate yourself with energetic people so that you will be able to copy their energy and become energetic like them.

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