January 03, 2017


Create habits for success. Successful people have the right habits and they are not wasting anytime that is why they are very successful. Time is more important for them than money. They knew they can do a lot and achieve a lot with their time that is why they value it too much. They don't wanna squander it nor use it for unproductive things.

It is just a matter of setting yourself up in a correct auto pilot mode. Everyday you are in an auto pilot mode but your mode is not right or beneficiary that is why you can't produce the results that you want.

What are you doing the moment you wake up? is it about making yourself better or making your business better or simply doing nonsense things that will make your progress slow? be honest with yourself and don't feel mad if what you are doing is wrong or useless.

If you wanted to become rich then the first thing you should do after waking up is being thankful, appreciative and having a little reflection in life. The habits of poor people after waking up is simply finding what is missing in their lives and complain about it. They will focus on their problems and amplify it with bad thoughts and actions. You should set up your mind in a correct auto pilot mode if you wanted to become rich. Think about happy thoughts, think about being successful and producing huge numbers, think about yourself working and making things happen for your dreams. That is the correct auto pilot mode of your brain if you want wealth. Don't entertain negative thoughts that will make you feel bad and hopeless.

If you wanted to become successful in something, you should do something for it everyday and fully trust that activity. For example, if you wanted to become a champion in chess... you should play the game everyday and do something to make your skills on a very high level. You don't need to think about it, you don't need to hesitate if you are going to do something to make your skills better... you just do it like automatic. You're like a robot who doesn't feel emotions, you move fast and progress fast.

Look at the people suffering in a an obesity, they knew that eating too much is bad but because they were already in an auto pilot mode for eating a lot... they still eat even if their stomach were already full, they never stop eating even though they knew it is bad for their health. It is already an addiction because they do it everyday. They knew it is bad but they can't do something about it because their minds were already program that they have to eat a lot, it becomes a very bad habit.

So it is just a matter of what kind of an auto pilot mode you want yourself to be in. You have to choose something that will make your life better and will make you attract success. It is very easy to do, it is just like being an addict in a video game. Look at those video game addicts, they play everyday for long hours and they can't even imagine themselves not playing, they feel like dying if they will not play video games.

The only difference is you will become an addict for the right things, you will become an addict for the right habits that will make you very successful. It is up to you how will you setup your life for the correct auto pilot mode.


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