January 04, 2017


Invest. Invest your time at something for a very long time. May it be about business, sports, knowledge or anything that catches your attention. Invest your energy and fully commit to it. Choose carefully where to invest your resources because this will be the turning point of your life.

The question is where will you invest your time, money, energy and focus? Some people invest their resources to useless things like drugs, alcohol, gambling, crimes and any other stupid things. And look at their lives... totally wrecked and miserable. From the very beginning their investment is bad that is why they end up being in a bad place. Investing is the starting point of your journey so you have to choose carefully what to invest.

Survive. Once you choose where to invest, you now need to survive. Survive your investment because there will be a lot of adversity that will hit you. Sometimes you would wanted to give up but you can't because you wanted to become successful. Survive what you have for as long as you can survive it. You can't give up even if there is nothing more left to you. You just need to survive another day and another day until you become stable and strong. Surviving is the hardest part but once you survive... everything will become very easy for you.

Succeed. You've already defeated any adversities, you've already passed the hardest stage which is to survive and now you were already successful. You can have what you want, you can do what you want. You are more flexible and you have a lot of resources to do some other things. Your can now enjoy the fruits of your labor. You are more confident now and you can easily get the other levels of success. You now have all the money, time, etc. to help others become successful too. You can build your own empire and make it big as much as you can.

Maintain. Don't be arrogant after succeeding because you still need to do a lot of responsibilities. You still need to do a lot of hardwork or else your business will fail. You need to maintain your habits and never take a long rest if you want to be on top forever. A lot of people succeed in life but can't hold that success for so long because they became arrogant, complacent and over confident. If you want to become successful forever then never change any habits that made you successful.


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