June 09, 2017


If your life from the past is dirty like a garbage that is full of stupid mistakes and unacceptable bad decisions, use that dirt to clean another dirt. Tell your story to other people so that you can clean their dirt. So that they will use your story to change and not follow your path. Don't be scared to expose your dirt because it can help other people, it can be very useful.

Not all dirt are useless, you can use it to inspire people, you can use it to scare people so that they will know what will happen if they become dirty like you. Dirt can be used to clean another dirt.

Instead of using your dirt again just make it as an example for other People. Tell your story and scare people that you want to correct. Tell them the possible outcome if they follow the same path as yours. Don't use your dirt again and make mistakes again, use it to make people open their eyes and change themselves before it's too late.

Some people need stories or examples so they will know what kind of life is waiting for them. And your dirt is the best reference to make them avoid the same mistakes as yours.

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