June 01, 2017


The best way to begin is just begin, just start right away. The best way to begin is when you're feeling lazy, when you don't want to move because you are so sleepy or something, the best way to begin is when you're uncomfortable, worried or confused. To make the long story short, the best way to begin is when discomfort is taking control of your body.

Most people are waiting for the perfect timing, for the most comfortable situation and that is why they can't even get started. They were always looking for the perfect feeling, they were like babies who likes comfort so much. But guess what? you will never feel comfortable in life, discomfort is the partner of success so if you always wanted to feel good before you start... you will never start, you will just wait forever. You will grow old accomplishing nothing, your life will be full of regrets.

There is no such thing as perfect timing, the right timing is now. Not tomorrow, not later, not next week or next month. If you want to begin something... do it now. And even if you feel like your timing is wrong the moment you started because everything is not clicking... don't think about it, what you need to do is adapt and improvise. Just make the necessary adjustments, don't shy way from the process. It is what it is, if something went wrong it is because mistakes are normal, it is not a big deal. What you need to do is move forward and forget the past, focus on what you can do and make your situation better each day. Once you begin... follow through, never stop, never look for what went wrong, don't feel any regrets because that thing is stupid. Once you begin, there is no more turning back, once you begin... your ship was already burned. You can't go back anymore and start something else again.

So start even if you suck because once you start... you will get a momentum, you will discover things, you will get a feedback that you needed for the next action. Start even if it is really uncomfortable, just start and give your best, hope for the best and always stay positive and patient.

Stop making plans, just start and make plans while you are moving. Sometimes you don't need to make plans at all, just embrace any single situation and try to make changes if needed, just live with the moment because the right action will be unfold if you have dedication. You will always find out what to do next if you are committed to being successful.

If not now when? how many times you said to yourself that you will start tomorrow or next week? aren't you getting tired of fooling yourself and lying to yourself? you said you will change, you said you will start building your dreams but how can you do it if you can't even get started?

Keep moving even if your beginning is ugly. If you started ugly..., don't get frustrated, everything will run smoothly once you dedicate yourself for taking action. You will find your momentum and right timing once you started and keep taking actions.

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