June 27, 2017


Your neighbor just bought a brand new car, you feel jealous, you feel like maybe he is doing something illegal that is why he manage to buy a brand new car. Your focus was already destroyed, you are focusing on other people again that is why you can't win too.

You saw at facebook that your enemy is winning in life, he bought a brand new house, you immediately felt bad and got jealous. You think that he is not deserving to have those things and you are more deserving of it. That is why you can't focus on your work, that is why you are having a hard time winning is because you are so focus on negativity. Forget if your enemy is winning, it's his life, you have your own life. It is your duty to win in your own life and you can only make it happen if you are focused on yourself. Your focused will be destroyed if you are so concern about who's winning or losing. It doesn't even matter if the person who annoys you the most is winning, you will be annoyed even more if you will get mad at his victory.

Same as who is losing, you're so happy if the person you dislike is losing in life. Is that how low your confidence is? you're happiness is based on someone's failure, is that how low you live your life? If you're a real winner then you shouldn't care if your enemy is losing because that won't even help you, it won't motivate you. You will become even lazy because you became satisfied after hearing that your enemy is losing, you feel somehow victorious with that happening and that won't force you to take actions. 

ANOTHER SCENARIO: Your so angry because your idol didn't win the MVP award or your favorite actress didn't win the best actress award. You are bleeding their case at the social media and making a protest about who is the more deserving. Another useless move by you, you just wasted your precious time again, you are trying to prove that your idol is the more deserving but he won't even do the same for you, he didn't even know you.

Only losers care about who's winning or losing because they don't have time for themselves, they don't even have the idea how to win in their own world so they are focus on other people's victories and failures. They can't even take actions so they just watch other people's lives.

If you really want to win in life... stop being updated about who is winning or losing because that's a complete waste of time. You will only get mad, you will only get jealous, negativity will rise, you will lose focus on your own journey.

Just put yourself in the best position to become victorious in your own definition. It doesn't matter if you are winning big time or small time, what matters is you are winning and you are so happy succeeding in your own life.

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