June 27, 2017


Emotions plays a big role into your life. So if you continuously feel a lot of negative emotion.. there is something wrong with you, your life is not in balance and you better do something about it. It is how you feel at the moment that defines you, if you feel bad towards something even if it is just a small thing... you are just wasting your precious life,

The main goal everyday is just to feel good, excited and motivated. The rest will happen naturally if you are pumped up and ready to go. You can always choose to be happy even if you are feeling tired, sick and scared. You can always overwrite a negative emotion and replace it with good ones. And it is true, most people are so bothered by the negative feeling that they have, they don't know that sometimes you don't need to force to feel good, you just need to feel the negative emotion, don't cry about it, don't complain about it and it will go away sooner than expected.

You can summon any emotion that you want, it all starts in your thoughts. If you can just think about the good things in your life, if you can remember the happy moments of your life... then you will feel good a little bit, your negative emotion will start to weaken.

Any negative emotion will not help you, you must realize it before it's too late. If you were always being controlled by a negative emotion then you will have a miserable and ugly life. You must develop the ability to create a state that you needed in order to make your life better than ever. It is possible, you can summon a state that will make you think clearly and move calmly, if you can summon the best state available... you will be able to make better decisions in life, you will become more free and enjoy life to the fullest.

Run your emotion, don't let emotions run you. It is your life, it is your thought, it is your body, it is your spirit. You have total control of your life. You're just too lazy and unaware of the things that is going on around you. You must have the ability to feel and choose the state that is best for you.

Do you think that anger and impatience can get the job done? if your answer is no then why the hell are you still engaging with those emotions? do you think that being hotheaded will make you successful and live a better life? You always knew the answer, you always knew what to do but you're not doing it... that is your biggest problem.

The state of laziness, the state of arrogance, the state of being passive and taking things for granted... those shits will never help you, you can always do better, you can always think the right way. You can always create the emotions needed to become successful.

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