June 19, 2017


There are thoughts that are coming out when certain things are happening. Thoughts that are automatically flowing inside of your head and if you are not aware that these thoughts are happening... it will control you and make you do things that will not give a good outcome. You are entering an auto pilot mode that doesn't serve you and make things better. In other words, you are reacting in a way that is not giving you any benefit.

When things gets hard and the pressure is rising... the thought that will usually run inside of your head is you can't do it or you need to quit, sometimes you will even be stunned or freeze, you can't move and make the right decisions. Everytime this weak thoughts come out... you should have a counter thought ready, it is like an antidote to weak thoughts, you will use it whenever you find yourself being dominated by the weak thoughts that is making your situation worse. For example, if your mind is telling you that you can't do it... that is the time you should use the counter thought. You should prepare it before the negative thoughts start to play inside of your head. For example, if you feel pressure... your counter thought should be summoned, it should be positive and should bring calmness to your body. A good thought is something like "I can do this", "this is nothing", "it can't kill me", "Why should I be scared?", "life is short, I should just enjoy the moment".You should use a thought that will make you feel better and stronger. Of course, it will not be erased right away, the negative thought will still remain but at least there is a counter thought that will give you hope and courage, it is up to you which thought you will feed more... is it the positive thought or the weak thought that is weakening you.

A counter thought is very helpful, it will give you a chance to win in life, it will make you move and remove you away from being stuck in fear. It will give you the strength to fight and win the battle that you are facing. Because let's face it... life gets tough sometimes, life is full of challenges and when you're mind is not prepared to take all the negative and energy sucking thoughts... you will lose hope, you will be defeated easily, you will crumble and sometimes you will not even move, you will just let the situation eat you.

It is better if you will reserve at least a minimum of five counter thoughts, something that you will use whenever you feel bad, scared or overwhelmed. Counter thoughts are very effective, it is like whispering yourself some mantra that will give you a different power that will enable you to do the right things and make yourself move despite of feeling scared or overwhelmed. It will save you from danger, it will make you feel that you're under control despite of feeling the pressure.