June 16, 2017


Ignoring something is a very good skill and if you were able to master it... you're totally on a different level, you can achieve something great. You will be able to dominate your emotions and focus more on the bigger things.

If you are competing and you are working so hard... if it comes to a point where you think you can't continue anymore... look for something to ignore. Ignore the voices in your head that is telling you to quit, ignore the thought that you're already tire. Just focus on moving and you will see that you're getting closer and closer to the finish line.

If there is a pressure, ignore the crowd, ignore the people around you. Just focus on your feelings and look for the thought that will give you good feelings, ignore the loud voices, ignore the cheer of the crowd. Focus on what matters and that is winning, if you can ignore all the elements that disturbs you then you will become more effective and fast. You will be able to think clearly and you are putting yourself in a best position to win. It's all about placing your eyes where it needed to be placed upon.

Ignore your enemy at the party. If you see your mortal enemy at the party and he is making you feel bad for no reason.. just ignore him, pretend that you don't see him because it is the best thing to do to avoid destroying your night. You are there to enjoy and you will not be able to enjoy the party if you are focused on the not so good side of your life. Just ignore him, if you can't ignore him then just ignore the feeling, ignore your feeling bad towards him, kill the negative emotions that his face gives to you.

Ignore the obvious lack of progress. In anything that you do, if you are pursuing something of course you will feel bad and devastated if you work hard and see no progress everyday. But that is what it is all about... big goals takes a lot of patience, just ignore the lack of progress and keep moving, pretend that you are gaining something even if you don't see it. Just keep working and you will soon see the progress that you are looking for.

It is your duty to conquer the negative thoughts and feelings inside your system, sometimes it's not the lack of effort that makes you fail... it's your focus on something that doesn't even help you. Master ignoring everything that doesn't help you at all... all the thoughts, feelings, critics, people etc. that doesn't take you one step closer to your goal.. ignore all of it,

So if you are feeling bad now... look at what makes you feel bad and ignore it. If you're not making any move now... look at the thoughts that makes you stuck and ignore it. If you don't know what to do, look for something negative to ignore and later you will be able to figure out what to do in your life. Sometimes it's not all about the focus, it is also about the ability to ignore... ignore what doesn't serve you at all.

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