June 10, 2017


It's easy to become successful, just learn to love the simplest things. Success is just a state of mind, it has nothing to do with money, fame, cars, houses, friends, clothes or even achievements. If you can learn how to love the simplest things then you will be alright, you will never feel envy again, you will never feel the scarcity again, you will never feel incomplete. It feels like your life is perfect and you don't need anything else other than your life.

It's all about conditioning your mind to appreciate what you have, it's ok to ask for more and work for more but the most important thing is to love what you have at the moment and never feel that there is something that is lacking in your life. If you don't have it then work for it but if you really can't have it then don't ever feel bad about it.

Super rich people can no longer the simplicity of life, they always compare, they wanted to be the best, they wanted to look super rich and famous and that is why they can't find the true happiness. The truth is... you can still become happy even if you're just living in a simple house. There are even some people who live in the street who are happier than rich people. It only means that happiness comes from appreciation and simplicity. Happiness and success is just a state of mind. This kind of approach will only take place into your life if you will not compare yourself to others. If you will not watch other people's lives then you will be alright, you will be happy in what you're doing... as simple as that.

Learn to love your small house, your simple car, your simple knowledge, your small money. Learn to love the simplest things in your life because if you can't appreciate the simplest things in your life then how come you will be able to appreciate the big things in your life?

Some people would love to have what you have, some people are dying to have what you have so if you are bitching about your life and not appreciating it... you're just wasting your life.

Even if your food is not delicious... learn to love it. Even if your business is not successful... love it. Even if your life is not perfect... learn to love it. The truth is you can choose what to love no matter if it is successful or not. Sometimes loving is all you can do, you need to love every piece of your life so you can experience another new chapter of you life. Because if you will hate your life... you will be stuck, you will not be able to move on.

Simplicity is the key, simplicity is the name of the game. People wants to become rich because they want to be better than other people. And that is why if they can't get what they want... they feel broke and hurt, they feel unhappy.

If you will learn to love the simplest things then there will be less pressure on your side. You will experience more abundance. You will have no pressure to get bigger because it's alright with you if you only have small things.

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