June 21, 2017


Weathering the storm is all about waiting, sometimes you don't have to do anything, you just need to wait for the problems to go away by itself. But of course it is much better if you will take positive actions, the storm will go away faster if you will take actions that will put you in a better position.

A lot of people quit because they are not patient, they think that the problems will stay there forever, the truth is... no problem can destroy you if you don't let it to. Just endure it, enjoy it if you can and just laugh at life. Tough times never last, tough people do. Make solutions and take actions. Problems are there to strengthen you and not to weaken you.

Stay positive and keep moving forward, life is a roller coaster. It will surprise you, it is full of randomness and if you don't have the ability to adapt... you're in big trouble, you will lose your power and you will be lost.

Don't let emotions ruin you, just feel it but don't dwell on it too much and make it a big deal. It will pass, any storm in your life will pass, anyone can survive any problem if he is not willing to give up. A problem may it be small or big is still only a problem, don't make it a big deal, it is part of your life. You need to process the pain and do something about it, you can even just ignore it if you like to.

Don't try to escape the storm, just let it pass, don't try to force it to go away because the more you resist the more it will persist. Just find the little things that will make you appreciate life even more. Keep entertaining yourself with small activities that will keep your mind in check. Guard your mind, don't let too much negative thoughts enter it because you might go crazy. Don't dwell on dramas, don't look for sympathy. Just maintain a strong image and be mentally tough for yourself and for other people that is counting on you.

It's ok to get sad, it's normal but never let your problem destroy you and put you in a dark room that you can't escape. Destroy your problems by simply feeling it and reminding yourself that it will pass in just a matter of time. Stay hopeful, stay active.

Sometimes even if your problem is there, if you don't feel anything about it anymore... it's like it's gone. Have you ever seen someone who has a big problem but can still afford to smile? maybe they don't feel about it anymore, that makes it very easy for them to forget their problems.

If you are always positive and you know that any storm in life is just normal... you can cope up easily, you can move on so fast and you can let the better things in life visit your door again.

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