June 18, 2017


You can build greatness in your house or even in your small room. Just pick something that you love and do it everyday for so long. Pick a guitar and make music everyday, pick a drill in exercise, pick a drawing canvass and pain everything you want, study programming and till your mind explode, study a software and escalate your skill to another level, make some you tube videos and do everything to gather a million views, put a bench press and lift weights everyday, buy a tread mill and be the best runner that you can ever be. See... there is no excuse in building greatness, you can do it in your small room, you can do it anywhere. The key here is repetition, repeat till you become fast and furious, repeat till you become the master of your own domain.

Greatness doesn't need to be complicated, it needs simplicity and consistency. It only needs dedication and perseverance. If you will do something for a very long time then you will be great even if you're just a normal guy that only knows how to read ABC. Some people thinks that being great needs support, great coaching stuff, great equipment, rich background etc. There are thousands of examples about greatness that starts from garbage. Those are true stories and if you will study their whole story... you will only learned that success was built through hardwork, determination and belief. There is no other ingredient to success. You only need to dedicate your time and that's it. It is very simple but of course it is hard.

So don't worry if you don't have anything in your life, just look for something that you will enjoy and make it reach the highest level that it can be. It doesn't matter what kind of passion you choose, what matters is you are enjoying doing it everyday and you are growing everyday. Just give it a time, be patient and soon you'll see that you're already great. Never underestimate the power of time, consistency and patience. You may look like a novice now but after a few months or years of practice... you will never look the same.

Just keep in mind that you have to just enjoy the process and forget about making results. You will see the fruits of your labor one day. Work the hardest and let's see if you will still be ignored. If you can do something that they can't do then people will notice you, you will become rich, you will become very successful.

So pick something, start it now and do it forever. Do it until you become the best at it, do it until you can play with it and experiment with it. Do it until people are asking you how did you do it. You can start in a very small place, you can start with nothing. All you need is imagination, hardwork and belief. Do it now, start from scratch and enjoy your journey.

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