June 21, 2017


What you feel is what you are, what you are feeling right now plays a major role on what is happening right in front of your face. If you feel good the the results will be good, if you feel bad then the results will look bad, as simple as that. Look at a team struggling to cut the lead... they look frustrated, they look very tired and that is why they cannot manage to cut the lead until the game ends.

When you say you wanted to win, that should be congruent to your feelings, you can't say you wanted to win but all you fear inside is fear... that will only create confusion and chaos, you will never achieve the result you wanted. You are allowed to feel fear but you should be able to tame that fear while the competition or your journey is going on. Anything that you say should be sincere with you heart or else you will never succeed.

Because your heart knows if your mouth is lying, if you are saying something half heartedly... you will never attract what you want, the manifestation will never happen. If you want to attract something, you should feel good, confident and sure. You should have no doubts, fear or hesitation. Your mind should be free from fear and worries.

What you wanted to attract will only come into your life if you are so confident, happy and sure. So program your mind to think positively and forget all the fears and worries that you maybe feeling right now.


1. Don't force it. Just ignore the negative feelings because it will subside, don't force to get confident because it will never happen, just wait for a few minutes, you must direct your thoughts to things that empowers you, go to your strengths. Remember who you are and what you want. Go to the smallest thing that you can do for the moment that gives you happiness.

2. Focus on what you can control. What you can control is your thoughts, emotions and actions. Forget about what other people are doing and thinking. Focus on giving your best and let the other things take care of itself.

3. Take it slow. Always be in the moment, forget about the next sequence, take it slow because you will be able to think clearly and make the right actions if you are not rushing. Always stay on your own pace and forget about the people that might get mad at you because you are slow. Remember that you wanted to feel good at the moment so it's your emotions that you should be worry about.

4. Gather some fresh air. Learn to breathe, breathe deeply because breathing is life, it will give you good feelings. It will make your body more loose, your body language will become better if you breathe. A lot of people almost forgot to breathe that is why they are panicking and stressed, breathing alone can give yout negative emotions. The air is free, have as much as you want.

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