June 17, 2017


Ask yourself what are you doing why you can't have money... answer honestly and you will see that the problem comes from you and not from others. Make an assessment of your activity, the movies you watch, the time you wasted and the people you associate yourself with. If you can answer honestly then you will know the source of your poverty.

Money is just a state of mind paired with hardwork and belief. I am not a millionaire but I can create money by myself without having to work for a company. I work by myself, I create money by myself, I have my own personal economy and strategy. I may not look rich to the eyes of many but I really feel that I am rich because my money keep growing and growing little by little. It may not be big as what you think but I work for it and I am confident that no matter what happens... I can create money for myself and family. All I do is work, all I do is look for money and that is why I can find it.

Ask yourself now, what are the thoughts inside of your head? what is your primary activity? what are your habits of spending? all you need to do is become completely honest with yourself and make a conclusion why you are not having enough money.


All you have to do is think about it, think about growing it, work for it and be wise in spending it. A lot of people... once they earn something they will immediately use it. It is not a wise thing to spend your money right away, it is better to keep it and try to make it grow as much as you can. Once you have the strong momentum and you already keep a lot of money then you have the luxury to spend your money but not all. You still have to keep something for business purposes or emergency purposes. You have to feel good so that you can create money easily. You have to feel secured so that you can earn money faster.

Look at the people who were stuck in poverty... the can't escape it no matter how bad they want to escape it. It is because they feel poor, they can't feel better, they get those feelings by the thinking habits and spending habits that they have. If you are always complaining about money then you will never get it because the feeling of lack is there. You must always feel abundant to get a lot of money, you must feel that you don't need it that much, you must feel that you are always ok with your money no matter how small or big it is.

Just do something that is connected to money and that's it. If you are doing something that has no chance to generate an income then for sure you will never have some, but if you are doing something that will give you a chance of earning something then you are in the best position to create money.

MONEY WILL BE ATTRACTED TO YOU IF YOU ARE WORKING FOR IT. Even if you can't find a work or you have no work at all... you can attract money if you are working for it, in other words just do something that will give you money in the future. Just do something for the money. Again don't spend your money if you think you will feel bad after spending it, don't spend it if you have worries while spending it. You must always feel secured and free... that is the secret for creating wealth in life.

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