June 19, 2017


You have to abstain happiness in order to get more happiness. Not so wise judgement in order to become happy will give you misery in the end. Example is early pregnancy, young couples were irresponsible, they love playing fire, they were happy at that moment and when the girl gets pregnant... they don't know what to do, they were so scared to death that their parents will know what happened. If they only abstain from making love and finish their studies first then they will become happier in the end because they can take care of themselves and build their own family.

Another example are fighters who didn't make the weight before the fight. It happens because they can't refrain from eating delicious and unhealthy foods. They lack the discipline that is why their paycheck was cut by a huge percentage for penalty, other than that, if they are fighting for a title match.. they will never get the belt even if the won the incoming match. If they only abstain from eating unhealthy foods then they will be happier in the end. The problem is people want happiness right away, they want to experience the temporary pleasure right away even though they knew that what they are doing is wrong and it will cause them big trouble in the end.

Sometimes if you are not spending your money because you want to save it, you will feel that you are hoarding it, you will feel that you are not spending what you deserve. But that is ok, it is better to abstain yourself from spending because that will secure your future, you will become happier and more comfortable because you know you can pull something when things go wrong. You will feel more free, you can become more flexible when it comes to making important decisions because you are safe. Unlike someone who has no conscience in spending his money... he will become happier for just a few minutes, he is just happy while spending but when things go rough and he needed money... he will panic and wouldn't know where to get some money.

If you are postponing happiness, especially temporary happiness and sacrificing a little bit... you will become happier in the future, your happiness will doubled and that happiness will stay for a very long time. Because you paid the price for being happy, you sacrifice and you choose being responsible other than being reckless for no reason. It's all about making the right decisions, it's all about enduring a little bit to make your life better.

So if you need to abstain to secure your future and have a better life.. do it. You're just going to wait for just a short period of time. Time is fast, sometimes you don't even have to wait. You just need to postpone the instant pleasures like spending for no reason, impregnating your girlfriend while still young, drinking all night long even if you have an important business tomorrow, choosing fun over studying etc. You must abstain while security and stability is not there yet. Abstain and you will never regret it.