June 18, 2017


1. Don't talk to people with problems. Even if it is not your problem, if you talk to people with problems.. you will feel what they feel, their dramas will suck your energy. You will also feel negative, you will absorb their pain. Just listen to people with problems that are close to you and not just a random guy in facebook sharing his problem. Don't talk to your office mate who has a problem, don't talk to your neighbor who is drowning in problems. If you listen to other people's problems, you will feel that you have a problem too. You will feel a negative energy, your vibration will become very low.

2. Stop watching news. What news does is explore the world's problems and embed it in your brain. The crimes, the robberies, economic problems even the simplest problem that makes no sense... they will show it. Your brain will become polluted, you will absorb the negativity of the world. Even if you don't have a problem... you will feel the pain from other people, the hatred, the panicking and fears. All the news does is give you worst emotions.

3. Start working on your own problems. Instead of focusing on other people's problems, why don't you solve your own problem first?. You can help people if you can help yourself first. Work on your problem and never stay away from it, deal with it until it is solved. Because if you will keep on pretending that everything is alright.... your problems will multiply, you better start working on it now while it is still small and not yet damaging your life.

4. Don't think about it. Solve it but don't think about it too much, overthinking will build more problems. Be serious but don't take it seriously, Don't think about it but do something for it. Treat it like a normal situation and not a big deal.

5. Work on one problem at a time. Your problems will continue to grow if you will not solve it one at a time. You will get overwhelmed if you will think about everything at the same time. Work on it simultaneously, be patient because you cannot solve everything in just a short amount of time. Take your time and just enjoy the process of solving it. You can solve everything but you need to take one step at a time. Little by little all of your problems will evaporate.

6. Focus on the brighter things of life. You will feel better if you will just focus on the bright things in your life. Be appreciative, you can have a lot of problems but if you can still feel good and see the best things in your life... your problems will go away one by one. Focus on your blessings, focus on being happy. Never let problems ruin the best moments that are about to happen in your life.

7. Just breathe. If you don't know what to do.... just breathe, breathing will make your chest lighter, you will feel happier and more secured. You will be in the moment. You will begin to appreciate life even more and solutions will start to enter your mind.

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