June 30, 2017


Are you sick and tired of being lazy? do you want to change your life and see what is possible for you? The truth is... being lazy is harder than working hard. If you are lazy you will feel bad, you will feel even tired, you will feel useless and worthless. A lot of people who were lazy wants to end their life because they don't know what to do. They want to do something but they can't because the habit of laziness already ate them for a very long time. Laziness will destroy your life, you think it was fun in the beginning but in the end you will find out that laziness is already controlling you and you can't do anything with your life anymore no matter how bad you want.

1. Wanting the finish product right away. This will make you lazy because you want to finish fast, you want to become successful fast but once you learned that it takes a lot of work... you will not commit with the process anymore, you will lost motivation, you're thinking about how long the time you needed to get the results that you want .Stop looking for an ending so fast because it will make you very lazy, you will think about the hard challenges and boredom. Remember that it is not the destination that will make you happy, it is the journey.

2. GETTING INTERESTED WITH OTHER PEOPLE. You want to know what is happening with the celebrities, well know people, politicians, your friends and even your enemies. You are so interested with the life of other people, you study them, follow them and that avoids you from taking actions that you needed to make your life better. You are more interested with other people than your own life. That results to laziness and a lot of time being wasted.

3. DOING THE THINGS THAT YOU ARE NOT PASSIONATE ABOUT. That is why there are lot of lazy workers in this planet... they are doing the things that they don't like just for the sake of money. They go to the office doing something that they don't want and that leads to laziness and poor production, they just want the payday, they don't want to work, they were only forced to move so they can earn something. If you want to become a hardworker... choose the job that you want and you will see the difference. You will work harder if you are happy with what you're doing so stop doing things that doesn't give happiness to your heart.

4. STRIVING TO BECOME PERFECT will also make you lazy because you will have a lot of plans, you will use your imagination a lot because you don't want flaws in your work, you want a smooth sailing and that will avoid you from taking actions and risks. You will be stuck in your fantasy that everything will become perfect and you will not even take a single step.

5. DOING THINGS THAT HAS NO BENEFITS IN THE END. You know what are these things, these are the things that will give you instant pleasures but will ruin your discipline and work ethic. Things such as gossips, TV, drinking, gambling, reading useless materials etc. These things will only make you lazier because it is hypnotizing you, it is controlling your life, eating a lot of your time and then you will see that you are not progressing, you will feel bad about your life, you will become lazier even more.

6. EXCUSES. Excuses will avoid you from taking action, it will create a belief that it is alright to not do things on time, excuses will give you a lot of reason to become lazy and it is all lies. Excuses will never get anything done, it is only making your situation worse.

7. BELIEVING THAT YOU CAN DO IT LATER. You will prioritize unimportant things first because you believe that you can do it all later. You will waste your energy for unimportant things and then later you will feel sleepy, you will feel tired so you will decide to just do it tomorrow.

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