June 25, 2017


1. It is because you are building the habits of laziness. People who makes excuses are the laziest people in the world. They are delusional and they are making themselves believe that they are right. Never make excuses, it is either you do it or not. It's all about priorities, you need to choose what you need to do and that choice must be the best for your life. If you will keep on making excuses... you will never become productive, you will always be last on the line.

2. Excuses creates worries. "What if my excuse was not accepted?", "what if my boss got mad?". You will feel like a psychotic if you are always making excuses, you will never have a peace of mind. You will never be in the moment because you are always thinking about something. If you don't want to have worries in life... never make excuses. Just do it, taking actions will destroy your bad thinking habits, making a move will kill all your worries. So if you want to erase all the problems in your life... keep taking actions. Problems are all in your head, the only way to forget your problems and solve it is by keeping yourself busy.

3. Your mental toughness will become weak. Your ability to push will fade. Just a little discomfort will control your life, you will feel weak, you will feel like there is something stopping you everytime you want to take actions. In other words, you're already a bum, you become so lazy and confused.

4. You will become stressed even more. You are not enjoying your life anymore because you simply don't want to take actions. You wanted to do something but you can't do it because there is a war inside of your head that is going on. You wanted to do it but your excuse making ability is thriving in your system, it is controlling your life and there is nothing you can do about it.

5. You will get sick. Excuses will make you sick, everytime you need to exercise... you will just invent excuses such as... it is raining outside, your stomach is aching you're not feeling well, you have other things to do. Part of you wants to do it but your excuses is stopping you, you will get stressed, you will become sick because you are not moving. Inaction will make your body weak, it will make your body malfunction.

6. Your relationship with other people will be affected. A lot of people will get mad at you because you keep on promising something but you will never do it. People will lose interest in you because your credibility cannot be trusted. Even your closest friends... they knew that you cannot be trusted so they will never ask something from you anymore.

7. You will lose confidence in your abilities. You know you can do something but you know in yourself that when things gets difficult... you will make excuses to not continue anymore. You always knew from the very beginning that you can't finish something because you will always make excuses to not finish strong.

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