January 07, 2017


Where are your emotions coming from? what makes you happy? what makes you angry? what are the emotions that makes your life effective?

You need to feel something from something in order to do something about it.

You've got to have some emotions so you can make a decision and take action. If everyone is having their own business and someone is persuading you to do the same... you can't make it if you don't feel anything for it. If doing a business is not something that you like or passionate about then for sure you will not succeed. You are just wasting your time.

Emotion is a very strong medium for taking actions. If you can use your emotions very well then you can do well in life.

That is why you do everything for the one whom you love, it is not because you are in love, it is because you are just following your emotions.

So find something that gives you strong emotions and pursue it, for sure it is the right path, for sure your decision is right.

Because if you don't feel at something anymore, you won't be able to do great things about it. You are just wasting your time, you are just setting up yourself for failure.

Q: What if my feelings for something died?
A: It didn't die, the passion is just lost. Don't worry about it because your feelings will come back. Just look at the old memories when you are so passionate about that thing, remember the times when you are feeling good and you will be able to bring that passion back. Do the things before that made you successful, remember the thoughts before where you are really excited about that thing.

Q: What are the right feelings to make me successful?
A: Good question, emotions are a good source of motivation but not all. You must only entertain positive emotions such as excitement, happiness, joy. Never engage into emotions like anger, jealousy, envy, hatred, bitterness because those kinds of emotions will give burden into your heart. You will always think about negative and you won't be able to take actions and made the right decisions. Negative feelings are coming from the outside so if you keep on feeling negative it means you are thinking about someone or you are anticipating an event that hasn't happened yet.Positive feelings comes from the inside, you can choose whenever or wherever you wanted to be happy, happiness is a choice, you just need to appreciate everything and you will be happy in an instant.

Emotion is a great source of motivation but don't get too high with it because sometimes you will be able to do some stupid things if you are too emotional. Learn to control it and direct it in the right approach.


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