January 29, 2017


Just do what you know with your very best and that's it. No worries, no second thoughts, no hesitation. Some people can't do something because they were expecting to be perfect. They don't want to make mistakes and that makes them stuck forever. If you strive to become perfect then you will always have a hard time progressing. Just do it anyway even if you feel like there is something wrong. Because at the end of the day, when it's all said and done, all you can do is give your best to avoid the feeling of regret.

The word perfect doesn't exist, you can become close to perfection but people will still find flaws in your outputs and inputs. People will still judge you in different ways. People are good in judging other people but they can't see the mistakes in their own lives.

If you have an idea, express it. If you have something in your mind and you want to do it... do it. The idea here is to make actions so you will be able to know the next step, answers will be revealed if what you did is right or wrong once you execute actions. And the good things is... you can always correct your mistakes, but how can you correct your mistakes if you are always avoiding one? how can you have mistakes if you are so afraid to start?

It is better to execute wrong actions than not to do one. If you can't express how your feel and try your ideas then your life will be completely miserable. You will feel like you're jailed and the key to freedom is lost.

You will find the right answers in the middle of your journey, not in the beginning, of course not in the end. You have to make a lot of mistakes to learn a lot of things. Don't be scared if you can't figured out what is the right move, you will be alright if you keep moving forward.

It's ok to strive for perfection and work really hard to be close to it but don't ever feel sad or disappointed once you didn't get it. Even the wisest man makes mistakes, even the miss universe has a lot of flaws so who are you to ask for perfection?

You're just a human and one of your privilege is you can make mistakes without someone executing you. They can humiliate you, they can laugh at you but at the end of the day... you still learn something.

You can become a better person from making a lot of mistakes if you are aware enough that you have to chat down the lessons from it. You can lose but don't forget the lesson, ever.

So stop thinking if what you are doing is right or wrong. Just give your 100 percent best and you will be alright. Start now and keep on paddling until you reach your desired destination. There is nothing wrong for being imperfect, what is wrong is you are trying so hard to become one.

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