January 28, 2017


The number one reason why you are not happy because you don't know where you are good at. Or maybe you want to be good at something but you are so afraid to try. Or maybe you were already good in specific skill but that is not the skill that you want to be good at, you only become good at it because your boss forces you to do it. Skills like photocopying a bunch of papers, you were good at it because you've been doing it for years, you are so fast in doing it but you hate it because that is not the skill that you are dreaming of to have. Another skill like cutting the grass, you can cut the grass perfectly and evenly, you can cut very fast but the only question is do you feel great about it?

Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with those skills if you really love doing it but if not... then there is something wrong with your life and you need to fix it.

Find a skill that you love and want to develop and be very good at it. It doesn't matter what kind of skill. A popular or unknown skill doesn't matter for as long as you want it. Some people even love fixing broken appliances, there is nothing wrong with that even if it is not earning too much money. If you love what you are doing and you are doing great then you are already successful. A street sweeper can become happier than a millionaire if he truly loves what he is doing. A lot of millionaires out there are spiritually broken because they don't love what they are doing, they just do it for the money, and that kind of approach will make you die fast. You will become stressed, depressed and unmotivated.

If you have something that you are good at and you keep on striving to become better everyday then you have nothing to worry about anymore. You will have a direction, you will not be bored, you don't need to socialize with people that you don't like anymore. It's like you are having your own kingdom and you own the highest position at it. Your life will become amazing because you know how to amuse yourself by simply doing what you love and exploring some areas of it that you still don't know. Your growth will become unlimited and you keep getting better and better everyday. Nothing can me you feel inferior because you know you are an expert in something.

So if you don't know where you are good at... stop doing what you are doing and look for something else. Look for something that will make you do it forever. Look for something that will make you happy and grow, that is the real purpose of life... being happy in your activity.

A lot of people have a great potential, they can become great but they don't pursue what they want. They end up doing something else that they don't really like. The result is misery and feeling unfulfilled. They always complain at their job, they were always stressed and angry.

You can only become happy by being passionate and giving importance to your work. So stop doing your job if you hate it because it will never make your soul happy. You will just live in anger and misery, you will never taste the real meaning of life.

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