January 04, 2017


Why are you scared? was it really bad? are you going to die? are you going to get broke? Being scared is normal, you can't stop it nor prevent it but you should learn how to neutralize it. You should learn how to tame your fears. Because if you can't control it.. it will control you.

The more you are scared of something, the more it will come to you. What you resist will persist. You will attract what you are thinking. Fear is a very strong emotion, it can break someone's will, it can make someone go crazy.

The best thing to do if you are scared of something is to accept that you are scared of it and deal with it. Don't run away from it, don't try to avoid it. Just face it and relax once it is in front of you. Just think about this... are you going to die once you face your fears? of course no. Just be yourself, try to act normal, accept the discomfort and learn to enjoy it. It is like you are laughing silently inside your head and playing with your fear. Always try to breathe slowly and deeply. Never try to escape the situation because you will only look scared even more.

I am telling you once you confront your fears and be ok with it even if it feels uncomfortable... you will feel really better after a few minutes. You will feel awesome, your confidence will reach another level. The fear will start to go away. But if you were so affected with your fear and you want to get rid of it right away... it will never go. You have to accept it and make it part of your system, you have to be ok feeling it and learn how to calm your mind and relax.

There is no point in panicking, what is the worst thing that could happen for facing your fears? nothing right? so treat that emotion as an ordinary emotion, treat it as normal and part of your life. Fear will never stay for long once you welcome it to your life, the only way to kill it is to ignore it and don't make it as a big deal. Always remember that you will never die for facing your fears, yes you will feel a discomfort but everything will still be fine.

Don't think about your fears, instead always be happy that you are still alive and you can do some other things. You will make your fear even worse if you will always think about it and worry about it.

And the truth is... fear is not even real. It becomes a reality because you give power to it. You think about it, you think of it as a big deal and you always try to avoid it. If you are really desperate to get rid of it then just don't think... be still, don't move, don't move your eyes, don't be concerned in your surroundings, just breathe slowly, don't be in a defensive mode, be aware of how you feel, just be super slow, don't process any information, stay with the moment and focus on your breathing.... in a moment you will realize that it is not a big deal and you are really ok being in a state of fear.


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