January 14, 2017


Don't think too much about your flaws because you will only get bothered by doing it, you will only have a difficult day if you focus on it. You know it but other people don't know it. So don't feel insecure because they will notice it if you keep on hiding it. Just act natural, just act like there is nothing wrong. Because people will feel if you are hiding something.

People will detect if you are insecure, it will show in your reactions, actions and diction. So forget about if there is any mistake, imperfectness or irregularity. Just behave like an innocent man.

So if you are selling something like bike or anything that has a little scratch, don't say it. Let the buyer discover it naturally, because chances are he may not see it. All buyers were excited to buy, they were full of excitement so their focus is to see the best on the items being sale.

If you are competing, let's say you have a minor injury or something. Don't every say it to people because chances are your opponent will attack you, they will have more confidence because you have an injury. Just keep your injury a secret because nobody will learn about it unless you revealed it. And also, don't act like you're hurt. Try to focus on using all of your strengths and strive to still give your very best. Because if you will believe in yourself then your injury doesn't matter anymore, you will be able to forget it and still show your 100 percent performance.

Your flaws can only be exposed if you are focused on it, if you are so insecure about it. A popular hollywood artist can even perform in front of a camera with a pimple on her face but most people will not notice it because she's so focused on her acting and not on what is wrong with her face.

Another example is a collection of toys. If a collector will have an exhibit and show his toys to the public, no one will able to determine what is still working or not, no one will also know if there is a toy that is fake, the owner is the only one who knows the flaws and imperfectness. No one can see it other than him. The truth is people won't know your secret unless you reveal it and admit it. You are the owner of the truth and you have to take advantage of it.

Your flaws will only have an impact if you are ashamed of it and you are not accepting it. It will become bigger once you give it a focus. Just don't give it an attention and it will not even affect your life.

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