January 04, 2017


You can train while competing, if your preparation is not enough then you can prepare while competing. You can practice while the game is going on. And this is real, all you need is a little time and feel for the game. You also need to  have a thick face because the game will almost revolve on you. But it is what it is, it's a game, you need to enjoy it, play it and win. You have to do everything you can do to become victorious.

For example, if you are in a game of basketball and you haven't practice for a very long time. You feel rusty, slow and you are out of rhythm. All you need to do is practice while the game is going on. It is like training while competing. Take shots as many as you can while you are on the court. It doesn't matter if you miss a lot of shots. You have to feel the game and you can only bring your confidence back once you start making your shots. The only way to bring back your game is to keep taking shots as many as you can. It is like practicing, never mind if your coach or teammates are getting mad at you. Just keep taking shots until you feel good. Run so fast, run as fast as you can until your bring your cardio back. Don't be afraid to get tired, just keep running until you bring your rhythm back. It is all about being active and doing things as much as you can, you hustle, you compete and you help your teammates. You treat the game like you are just practicing so you will be able to enjoy it and there will be less pressure on your side.

Same as in business. If you just started a business and you don't know what is going on... all you have to do is keep going. Keep marketing your business, keep making products. It is like practicing while competing with others. You don't care if your business fails, your mindset is taking actions every now and then. You don't care if they laugh at you or mock your business. Your game plan is to keep going until you find the right path on how to handle your business. Just trust your instincts and your business will become very successful. Be relentless and hungry to succeed, never stop until you make your business rise.

The idea here is to treat everything like it is just a practice but you still have to take it seriously. Never care if you fail, forget about the outcome. Your main goal is to find your rhythm and make yourself better. People can't get the results that they want because they were so pressured, they want to get it right away which is very impossible especially if you are just starting. You need a lot of practice. Treat every competition as a practice but you are still competing. That kind of approach will take away the pressure in you.


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