January 14, 2017


here are loud voices from the crowd that are telling you to just give up and go home. There are loud voices from your family or even friends that are telling you to just give up your impossible dream and  just do some other things, something that is realistic and achievable.

Those voices from other people will make you weak, discouraged and hopeless. If you listen to them and believe them then you are done.

They don't understand you, they don't know what you are made of and they don't know what is really inside of your heart that is why they are making negative comments that will not help. Of course it is hard and heartbreaking but you shouldn't believe them if you want to succeed.

It is hard to focus especially if those voices from other people were too loud and annoying, you will lose your focus if you listen to them too much so once you hear them, immediately go back to work and pretend that you don't hear anything. Pretend that you have cottons on your ears that are blocking their negative comments. Pretend that you are deaf and you can't understand what they are trying to say.

But despite of those loud and negative voices, there is also a tiny silent voice that is coming from nowhere that is telling you to never give up. It is very silent and you cannot even hear it. Maybe it is coming form your heart. It is telling you that you can do it, it is giving you hope and motivation. This voice is called the voice of hope. You will only hear this voice sometimes, during times when things are really hard for you. You better listen to this voice because it is the right voice that will give you strength and determination to keep pushing.

It is the voice that is telling you the right path. It is the voice that represents your dream and telling you who you really are.

There are lot of loud voices that are playing in your head, most of them are negative but you should listen to the tiniest voice because it is the only one that is offering you happiness.