January 15, 2017


The only reason why people can't be happy with their life is they keep on looking for what is missing in their life. They never get satisfied, they always search for what they can have even though it is not that important.

You already have a set of friends who were loyal and kind but you keep on looking for more people whom you can impress with your properties or skills then in the end you will find out that your new friends were fake, what is the result? bad emotions.

You already have a food on the table but you don't want to eat it because it is nothing new to you, you want some other food that you can munch, something that is more delicious. And if you can't get it you will not eat, what is the result of having that bullshit attitude? hunger and feeling bad again.

You already have a hot girlfriend who's kind, smart and funny but you feel so handsome and you think that you can find someone who's better. You experiment and look for other women, you entertain a third party, you end up with the new girl but later you find out that your new girl is full of shit. You want to go back to your old girl but it is too late now. That is what will happen if you will look for more but you already have more... busted.

Look at those government officials, they already have a lot of money but they can't get enough. They want more so they will participate in illegal activities and when their selfish behavior was exposed... they will end up in jail or they will be terminated. Did they become happier?

You already have a car but you still buy a new car because your excuse is your present car is already 3 years old and it is not modern anymore. You only put yourself in a difficult spot because your salary only goes to the monthly payment of your cars. Sometimes your budget is short, you don't know what to do anymore. You're going crazy because bank is calling you every now and then for being late in paying the 2 cars, what a life!

The main reason why people can't be happy is because they can't appreciate what they have. They want to get more even if they can't have it.

It is ok to look for more things or experiences if you have the means to get it, it is ok to dream, there is nothing wrong with that. But if you can't have what you want for the moment then be truly satisfied for what you have. You are truly blessed, you just can't see it because you always look for what is missing in your life.

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