January 13, 2017


You're in pain now homie? your muscles were aching and you're heart is about to explode? your brain is really aching and your hands can't move anymore?

Sorry but you have to sustain the pain. If you want to become successful then you should make it painful even more. The more you endure the pain, the closer you will become to success.

Just like in marathon... the closer you are to finish line, the more pain you feel. But you have no choice but to sustain the pain because if you will stop... it's over. All of the hardships from the past will end up to nothing. You will not get anything, you should have give up before when you have a chance, you shouldn't have start your journey because all of your efforts will be wasted if you stop.

If you're a writer and for so many years you've been writing but there is no money entering your life... just sustain the pain, yeah it is really hard to write if you can't get money from it but what can you do? do you know anything else? do you have any other passion? all you can do is sustain the pain. Write and write until an opportunity knocks on your door.

I don't know but success is playing a game too much, it will only come into your life if you will almost die. I think success wants to see you suffer before it gives up itself to you. That is why no great person has escape suffering. Every big time person experienced a lot of pain before they become successful. Tell me one big personality who never work so hard before he become successful? I bet you can't name one.

If it is really painful, if it hurts so much then that is the only time you will become successful. Maybe because success wants to see that you really deserve it before it gives itself to you. Maybe you need to prove to the universe that you really put in the work before you will be rewarded.

Another great example are the body builders. Why they keep on going and lifting weights when it hurts so bad? It is simply because success can be seen in pain. If there is no resistance then there will be no growth. If their muscles don't sore then it will not grow.

So you really have to feel it, you really have to sustain the pain until it can't be felt anymore.

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