January 22, 2017


You don't need a specific skills to become successful, you don't need to be a genius or something. You don't even need to worry if you master these two skills... it is called MOVING AND RECOVERING.

Just be good in moving, be fast in taking actions and you will be able to reach some heights that hasn't been navigated yet. It's forever movement that will never stop until you reach your goal. You will climb a mountain and you will keep on climbing and climbing until you reach the top. And when you become successful in some level... find another goal and pursue it relentlessly again. That is how to live life. Goals will give you directions, it will give you happiness, challenge and a purpose in life. You will never be lost because you know you are doing something that is giving you life.

You need to start right away, no thinking, no doubting, no more ceremonies. Just start and make momentum, forget about being tired or feeling something. Remember that you are mastering movement and your focus is to make a move every now and then regardless of the circumstances.

Just let go of your body and thoughts. Make your system work and don't worry about anything else. The next step will always be revealed if you are taking actions consistently. A lot of people have all the skills, talents and support but they can't move for whatever reasons, they were thinking too much and they were very poor in making decisions. The logic here is if you can just move right away and enjoy the moment then it means you are in the right place, you have the right thought process and you are on the right path. Because you can never go wrong if you are taking positive actions in life, you are always right if you are taking steps to satisfy your needs.

But it also doesn't mean that if you can always move then everything will be alright. Of course you will experience some rejections, failures, heartaches and defeats. But if you can recover fast, if you can heal your wounds and forget the bad memories from the past then you can pretty easily go back on track and try again. You have to take very steps seriously but don't take defeat seriously. Look at defeat as another day in your life, it is nothing special so don't give too much attention to it.

Master recovering fast. Heal your wounds like it is just some kind of a scratch. Recovering fast will make you accept the lesson easily. A lot of people, after experiencing some serious obstacles in life will keep on making dramas everyday that is why they can't learn the lesson from that experience.

Recover fast so you can move fast again and go back to your journey. Make a run again, make your life better again and always try improve as an individual. It is very basic, just move and recover, mover and recover, don't forget to learn the lesson, always strive to improve.

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