January 28, 2017


Let's talk about starting, a lot of you lazy people can't get started why? because you always think about finishing even if you haven't started yet. You always love shortcuts, you always love the easiest ways and easiest process. If that is your kind of mindset then you just better accept that you will not achieve anything. Anything great requires a lot of patience and determination.

It's very hard to start especially if you're thinking about the next step already but you haven't finished the present step yet. It's like you're thinking about the future even though you haven't live in the present yet.You will be stressed and confused. Your peace mind will turn into war of mind.

Whatever it is that you want to start... just start, it's all about committing to the present action that is required. Forget about the next step, forget about making it fast. Just start, stop thinking about what could go wrong. All you need to do is execute the first step, don't stop and that's it. It is not hard if you will not rush. Don't ever try to escape the uncomfortable feeling that you have while you are taking the steps, stay with the process and never pause just for a second.

Because if you will not start now then you will never start forever. You will always wonder what could happen if you take actions, you will be guessing, doubting and of course a lot of regrets will be felt by you.

Once you started and you make little momentum, keep that momentum rolling, keep the fire burning. Never look back and never wish for an easy way out. You're already on that journey, stick with it until you reach the finish line.

How to make the momentum rolling:

1. Just keep on taking actions even if you are not sure that your actions were right. You can correct your mistakes along the way as you keep moving, you will find out the right actions if you are committed to finishing what you are ought to finish. It will come naturally, greatness will find a way. And the only way to be great is to be committed to movement and improvement, very simple... Dedication is the only requirement.

2. Forget about the progress that you have. Stop looking for results, stop checking if your progress were already big because if you found out that it is small... you will be discouraged and unmotivated. Success is not the finish line, success is the journey, if you can find the love in what you are doing then that is already the success. The prizes and rewards were all guaranteed if you don't stop taking actions.

3. Stay hungry. Make yourself always hungry to perform, it can be done by visualizing and seeing yourself on that winning stage already. Imagine the things, situations and opportunities that you want falling into your hands, condition your mind for achieving and winning. Do this everyday, make yourself hungry like a wolf. If you stay hungry, you will find ways how to keep moving.

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