January 30, 2017


Even if someone mocks you and tell you something disrespectful and unacceptable, if you don't feel anything about it... it has no effect on you. You will still continue your day without being disturbed or affected. You will stay strong and keep your focus alive and laser like. You will not worry about what they say because you know who you are and you will continue being yourself. You will just smile at the way they treat you because for you it is nothing and cannot even harm you physically and mentally. Even if they throw the harshest words at you, if you don't feel anything about it then they are just wasting their time, they are only making life difficult for them because you don't feel anything about it and you don't even bother arguing with them.

If you are in big trouble right now because your business is not doing good and you are in the middle of being broke... if you don't feel anything about it then it is also nothing, it won't affect you. You will still be able to make good decisions for your business and climb your way back to the top. Not feeling about it, not worrying about it simply means you are still confident that you can still make it, you are still motivated and has the power to turn things around. It is not about forgetting the reality and being lazy to solve your problem, you will still move and do what is necessary, it's just that you don't feel anything about being broke because you are not going to get broke. You are in danger but you are still cool under fire.

If your opponent is bigger than yours (this applies to any kinds of sports) and you don't even care about his size then you can beat him. It is not about acting or pretending that you are brave. You are just allowing yourself to stay calm and do what you can do despite of having a bigger opponent. Some people will not even try to win once they saw that their opponent is too big, they will submit from the very beginning. But if you have a different mindset and you don't care about anyone's size then you can still win because your focus is mainly to your actions, you are still yourself despite of having an intimidating opponent which doesn't intimidate you. You are very free to do execute your natural actions and be loose while competing. Nothing is stopping you, nothing is freezing you. You're like a bird that is free from a cage.

This applies to any aspects of life. If someone is criticizing you or bashing you, if you don't feel anything about it then it can't do anything about you. You're still the same person as before. You know who you are and you know what you can do. You don't need to get bothered by the outside forces in your your life. You can stay calm despite of having a lot of destruction, you can still focus even if something is disturbing you.

And truth is you are the only one who is hurting yourself. You easily get affected by the small things, you are easily scared. You worry a lot, you don't know that you are in charge of your life and no other else.

How not to feel about something:

1. Be appreciative. Just appreciating that you are still alive will make you see the brighter things in life. Appreciate that you are still breathing and you can do a lot of things. If you have a mindset like that then you will thrive in any difficult situation. Be happy with every movement and every pattern that is happening to your life. Just look at the simplest things that you have and learn to appreciate it, you will see how blessed you are for having those things.

2. Always go to your roots. Know who you are, remind yourself what you can do and what you need to do. Don't focus on the things that bothers you, focus on the things that can make you win.

3. Remind yourself that is normal to have destructions. Life is not perfect and it is not supposed to be perfect. If you can accept that sometimes people will disrespect you and sometimes they will take advantage of you then you will never expect that everything will go smooth. Everday is a new day and random things can happen, all you need to do is stay relax and give your best. if someone is not treating you well or if something bad is bound to happen then just accept it. Let it go and it will go.

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