January 20, 2017


There are millions of bashers online, lots of critics, lots of foul words that will be attached to you and if you can't deal with it then you're in big trouble, you will go crazy, you will get upset for a long time. Not only on online, you can even hear a lot of backstabbing from your neighbors, co-workers, classmates and even frenemies.

But how to deal with it? how to deal with negativity? how to survive a big blow to your personality? The worst kind of negativity is lies, if they were talking about you that is not real, if they were fabricating stories about you just to bring you down. It is very hard to survive it because you wanted to prove them that they are wrong.

The best thing to do if you want to beat negativity is just ignore it. Because you don't even have to deal with them. Those are just nonsense false ideas coming from people who were only in this world just to pull down other people who were succeeding. They were jealous broke people who cannot even do something good with their lives so what is the point in dealing with them? you don't need to prove yourself, you don't need to deal with negativity because it is not worth dealing with. You are just wasting your time if you give it an attention. You will lose focus if you deal with it so the best thing to do is just keep moving and become better everyday.

Because negative people will become even happier if you give them some attention, they want to make an argument with you because making you feel bad is their goal, if you got fed up, if you got frustrated then that is the time they will feel victorious. Your frustration is their motivation, they keep going stronger once they see that you feel bad.

So don't deal with it because you don't have to, you know who you are, you know the truth so you don't need to explain yourself. There are more better things to come into your life so that is where your focus should go. Because if you will fight those negativity... you will never win. You will only feel bad, your day will be ruined and your concentration in your job will be destructed. You will only look like a loser.

Because those people who a have a crab mentality will never accept defeat. They will do everything in their power to make you look bad. They will become loud and vulgar, they will humiliate you because they have nothing to lose. Their lives were already destroyed so they don't fear anything anymore. They knew you have a lot to lose so they will have a lot of fan making you feel bad.

Any form of negativity becomes stronger once you give an attention to it. If you feel bad about something, if someone makes you feel bad, if someone say something bad to you... don't deal with it. It is not that you can't protect yourself but you have some other things to do, some better things to do, you have a big goal and your future is so bright so there is no point in dealing with those negative things and people.

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