January 13, 2017


Don't look at your weight after running for 30 minutes, don't look if your weight goes down because you will only get disappointed if nothing changes.

Don't look at your muscles in the mirror after lifting a couple of weights. You will not see the improvement yet, it takes time so be patient and don't look for the results right away. You will only feel bad if you can't see your muscles growing while your gym buddies were progressing. Always looking yourself in the mirror is just a waste of time. Instead of doing it, pick another dumbbell and lift it as many as you can. I'm sure it can do better than just looking yourself at the mirror.

Don't look at the wall clock if it is already time to go home. Time will become very slow if you are waiting for it. Just do your work and enjoy what you are doing. You will only get stressed even more if you want to go home right away. Time will pass so relax and enjoy your work as much as you can.

Never check if you already reach your quota. By doing that you will lose your focus in your work. Just keep on working because you will reach it in just a matter of time. Whether you can reach it or not, just give your best and push your hardest. Always looking for how many more work you need to do will make you tired even more. If you saw that you have a lot of work remaining then you will feel bad, you will feel that you cannot finish it. So just keep on taking actions until you are done.

People cannot finish because they want to finish fast so they can rest and do some other things. How many times do you need to hear that life is not a destination, it is a journey. You can live life very well and enjoy it more if you are not fast forwarding. You have to play it in slow motion because if you always rush in life, you will regret the things that you didn't enjoy when you grow old.

You should build happy memories while struggling. You should cherish every second that you are breathing because that is the only way to make things easier.

If you're a runner, don't look for the finish line instead enjoy every step of your feet. Enjoy the pumping of your lungs, become one with the moment so you will be able to move faster. You will arrive at your destination, you will be able to achieve it, you can finish it you don't need to look at the finish line because it is only slowing you down.


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