January 14, 2017


A lot of people believe in dates so much that is why they don't have control in their lives. They give importance to the exact date of a specific occasion that is why they are forced to celebrate it even if they don't have the means to celebrate it.

If it is mother's day, all people will go to the mall to celebrate it. Of course it is hard to eat there because the length of the line for each restaurant is very long. The result is you will get hungry and your head will go hot the same as your co-family members. You only stressed yourself out because of wanting to celebrate the mother's day on its exact date. I know it is an important date but you can even celebrate at your home or you can celebrate it on other days so you will avoid the stress of having too much people around. You can even celebrate mother's day on any day, you should show love to your mother everyday and not just on mother's day.

If it is your 21st birthday today, of course it is special and you want to celebrate it. But what if you have no money? what if your money is already allocated for more important things? are you still going to celebrate? A lot of men will still celebrate even if they don't have money, they will make a way, they will borrow some money from other people even if it will cause difficulty in their life in the future. It is a stupid move because they will put themselves in debt just for one night. And the truth is they can still celebrate a lot of birthdays in the future, 21st birthday is not special, it just happens that many people believe that it is special because of tradition.

How about your son's 7th birthday, are you going to celebrate it too and throw a party even if you don't have money? are you going to borrow some money from others just to make your son happy for just one day? I am sure you will do, but also keep in mind that if your budget was busted, your son will not be happy for the next few days because you will force him to eat the food that he don't want just to pay the people that lend you the money.

People were so fooled by the dates, they will sacrifice their time, financial status and future just to celebrate an event because all of the people were celebrating it. Even if they don't have money or they have some work to do, they will still celebrate a family or worldwide occasion because it is too important for them.

The reality is there is nothing wrong if you can't celebrate a popular occasion because what you need to do is do the right thing that will put you in a better position for the future.

Don't celebrate an occasion if doing it will only make you suffer. You have to become practical if you want to live a better life.

Some people say that they will completely change their lives after new year because it is a great date to start a new life. What a stupid idea again, what is special about new year if you can start changing your life at any given date? You can even start changing your life in all saints day or valentines day.

Some people will only become romantic with their partners on valentines day even if they can show love everyday to their partners. Some people will only become kind when it is Christmas even if they can do it everyday.

People believe in dates so much, they give it too much importance and they were forced to celebrate even if they don't have means for celebration. If you want to become free and have a better life then don't believe in dates. Work in Christmas if you want to, postpone your son's birthday celebration if you don't have money. It is ok not to follow dates. You should make your own perception about celebration and have the ability to not get too emotional or sad if you didn't celebrate a particular event.


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