January 02, 2017


A lot of people doesn't want to admit their age because they can't accept it, they don't want to talk about it because they don't want to be told that they were already old. They want to feel young, they want to look young but they are not doing anything about it. They even lie to other people about what their real age was. I don't what they get from it.

You should not be ashamed of your age, you should be ashamed of your weaknesses. There is nothing you can do about your age, you cannot change it anymore but your life... you can change it. Yes, it is true that you will feel a little weaker if you are getting old, you will look uglier because wrinkles will start to show up but there is something you can do about it.

You can still look young by forming healthy habits and building a healthy lifestyle. You can look young by cutting weight, making your body strong and looking great.

If there is a high school reunion, you should make your batch mates look older than you because you were slimmer, you feel healthier, faster and stronger because you are taking care of your health very well.

You should be ashamed if you are only at you thirties but you look forty because you have a very big belly and you look very stressed. Time managing and engaging with the right activities will also make you look young.

Be ashamed if you seen a person older than you but look younger than you. It simply means you are not taking care of yourself very well. It means you are abusing your life and you let time make you look old.

Be ashamed if you're just at your late thirties but you already feel like a grandpa. You can't move fast, you can't run fast and you can't even compete because your lifestyle sucks and you are full of vices. Your body is infested with the side effects of cigarettes and alcohol. Be ashamed if you feel week even though your're still young. It means you're not doing the right things in life.

It is your responsibility to look younger and feel better, Don't worry about your age because you can't change it, you can't stop time to add something to your age. You will grow older every year but the good thing is you can do something about your looks, strength and career. It is how you handle life, it is your decisions that reflects the way you look and live. Do the right decisions and you will feel younger and prettier.

You don't need operations or medicines to look younger, just live a healthy lifestyle and try to exercise everyday... that's it, very simple. Trusting operations and plastic surgeries will make you look younger but it won't make you feel better. You will still feel weak and old. Unlike doing it naturally, doing exercise and just eating healthy foods will make you look younger, fresher and the most important thing is you feel stronger. It is a win win situation for you because you don't need to waste money, you just need to move and you will stay on the groove.

The more funny thing about plastic surgeries is it will only give you temporary fixes, wait for a few more years and you will see your wrinkles again. Unlike being active and facing the pain of exercise and diet... you will be able to retain your young look for a very long time and it can make you very strong even if you were already old.


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