January 26, 2017


You don't need to sacrifice a lot if you want to become disciplined. You don't need to face a lot of pain or make things really difficult for you. All you got to do is simply think about what you want, think about it and you will do something for it.

Think about it everyday, think about having it, becoming it and touching it. You will be directed towards it, you will make actions for the attainment of it. Everything will become easy and natural.You will wake up for your dreams, you will be able to make decisions fast.  You don't need even need to think a lot, you just simply do it because you want it. You will not care if your actions were right or wrong, you will become disciplined enough to do what is needed.

If you're thinking about what you want and not about anything else then you will become super focused. Especially if you are optimistic and always hoping for the best. You will become very discipline without knowing it. Everything will come at the right place. You will do things automatically, you will be able to produce little results and little results until you produce some greatness in your life.

So if you want a certain amount of money then think about it everyday, think about having it and holding it. Don't entertain thoughts that will avoid you from getting it, thoughts that are making you discouraged and stuck. Only think about thoughts that will make you motivated and take actions.That is the simplest way to do it. There are no tricks to become successful, all you need is tremendous focus and dedication.

Discipline will be formed, habit swill be formed if you simply think about what you want everyday and do something to get it. Do what will make you closer, do what you think is right. You don't need to know a lot how to get it. The right information will be revealed as you keep on taking actions.

A lot of people can't become disciplined because they thought that it is hard. They keep on restricting themselves of the things that they don't need to do in order to become successful. They will hold on for a very short time and will give up once they can't take it anymore.

For example, a man who decided to cut his weight thinks that he needs to do a lot of sacrifice in order to produce some results. He is thinking abut what not to do, he is thinking about the suffering instead of the thing that he wants. He will restrict himself of eating a lot but it will only take a few days to last. The right action here is keep imagining yourself with that kind of body and take actions instead of inaction. You should focus on what you need to do and not on what you don't need to do. So the best thing to do is simply walk and burn calories. Just walk and walk everyday and don't look for results so fast. Keep on walking until you made it a habit. You will see that once you mastered walking for 30 days you will already look for a more challenging activity and that is jogging. Keep jogging and don't stop doing it until you made it very easy, once you got bored in jogging then you will find yourself already running. And those healthy eating habits will also start budding up because you're already on a healthy grid, of course you will feel guilty if you will eat a lot because you think that all of your efforts will only be wasted. It becomes natural, you are not forcing anything, you just think about what you want, make small actions and then the discipline will be formed.

If you can't become disciplined it only means you are not thinking about what you want, you are thinking about how hard it is to get there, you are thinking about the difficulty and not the activity.

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