January 23, 2017


You believe in something but you don't believe it enough that is why it is not happening. There are some thoughts that are making your belief turn into doubts. You are a little bit scared and guilty by dreaming so big which is not healthy for your journey to become successful. 

You don't believe it enough, you want to believe it but you are thinking twice. Other people's comments are making you confused, you are believing them instead of believing yourself. If you will not fully believe yourself then stop believing at all. You are just wasting your time and life. You better follow some wannabes and kiss their ass. 

Because what is the use of your own belief if you will not believe it and make it real? Anything that you want you can have it. You just need to be patient and make your belief stronger than before. Harness it to make your dreams come true. Remember that your present situation is not your destination, you can always change, you can always turn things around. But you have to be committed and determined and never change directions once a strong adversity strikes you. 

Don't believe other people's belief. You have your own belief and you need to stick with it if you really want to experience living. 

You don't need to ask for their approval if your belief is realistic or not. If you believe it then believe it to the fullest. No more overthinking, no more mental lapses. 

Because if you will not believe in yourself then you will not get what you want. Success starts with belief, it is the foundation of all of your actions. Your decisions comes from your belief and it is the only thing that will guide you to your next move. 

It is normal to doubt yourself, it is normal to become scared but if you can remember what you truly believe then those fears will all go away. You will be able to summoned an energy that will make you move until you become successful. 

It is hard to believe yourself and it is easy to believe what other people say. But if you can reject their ideas and fully commit to your belief then your life will become pretty amazing. You will be able to defeat hard challenges. This is not a gimmick or something but the size of your belief is the size of your success. It is true. Because nobody who has ever become successful doubted himself when the pressure times are there. If the pressure is higher your belief should become stronger. 

It is your choice what to believe in, is it the belief of others or your own belief? It is your call. 

No matter how unrealistic your belief is, you should still believe it because it is part of who you are. It is an idea that comes deeply from your heart. You will only find true happiness if you will believe in your own belief. 

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